Monday, March 31, 2008

Animal Calls

Is cat whistling at a girl considered a compliment? As a girl in my midteen and being well endowed in the front part (blessing or not, that is another topic entirely), I have always dreaded walking pass construction sites. I know for sure that I will be hearing 'psstt pssttt' or 'wooowit' or 'moi moi'. At first, I was really terrified (young girl mar) although it was broad daylight. Then after that, it got irritating and embarrassing. Even worst, when the animal noises is accompanied by lewd remarks. It got so unbearable that I start to take another route to take the bus to school. The other route was not much pleasant either because some inconsiderate owners let their big gigantic dog roam freely to munch on whoever they fancy. But I guess I rather fend off ugly dogs than human being. (bluek!!!)

Really cannot understand what guys that actually make cat calls at girls were thinking. Do they think that they will be able to get the girl that way? Or it just their natural instinct to act like baboon to make a fool of themselves on purpose? If anything, that would be the worst pick up line ever if you considering making funny noises sexy?! Geez, no wonder men have no clue when it comes to woman if they think that is sexy. Unless you are breathing hard and sighing from exertion from making love, then, other noises is definitely not sexy! that I got that out of the system, I can continue with other things...hahaha..

The weekend was a rather full one. When I got back on Friday night, mom promptly informed me that there would be no electricity on Saturday from 8am till 6pm because SESCO would like to do some upgrading work in our area. The upgrading is good but the timing is not. Why cant they choose a working day where not many people will be at home to do the upgrading work.

After all, they do not have to go into our houses to do it. Basically, what they did was make increase the height of the pole. I guess some big lorries been knocking them down or something. So, I am pretty sure they do not need to be in any of the houses. If that is the case, why not give less inconvenient to most of us and do the upgrading during working days? And also, I thought SESCO do not work during weekend? So OT claim? And we are wondering why we do not prosper?

Hhhmm...I sure sounded grumpy today huh? By right I should be feeling very happy today especially since I am going to be on leave tomorrow and day after to clear my leave. Will be going to Sarikei with my parents. Dad have an appointment there, mom and sis following. So, since I still have leave, I might as well take. Also, Obi will be on leave starting 3-13 Apr. Pity the guys lar or else I initially planned for Thurs and Fri so that I will have a long weekend before coming back to clear the paperwork on 7 Apr. (Another reason to be happy! No need to see obi face after today!!! hahaha).

Monday Morning

Very very bad jam this morning from Kota Sentosa to work. Road work there better finish soon or else I can predict more and more road accident. Saw a car this morning with the front driver door completely shattered at the roundabout that is in the process of being 'renovated' into traffic light junction. Actually, when they started to change some of the direction of the road, I was already telling out loud to my family that this place is an accident waiting to happen. The contractor has changed the direction of the road without giving much regards to the safety of the user. It seems that all they care about is for their own convenient.

Dad was complaining that the roadwork is taking a long time. If another the famous TPK contractor has been doing it, the roadwork would have been done weeks ago! No wonder Sarawakian have the reputation for procrastinating and taking things slow & easy. But I have to admit, the phase of life in Kuching is definitely much slower compared to other places. People do tend to take things easy here and that includes work. So, if someone is a go-getter and gung ho, then he or she will definitely be outstanding achiever. However, the same person in other places such as Selangor will just be an average person.

I guess that is why most Sarawakian that I know who have relocated to somewhere for whatever reason dreamed of coming back to Sarawak eventually or to retire here. Babe actually have plan to come back in 5 - 10 years time. When he told me (even now), I sincerely dont think that it is possible lor because it is human nature to NOT want change mar. So as much as possible, we like to stay at one place as long as we can. After all, not everyone can be a nomad.

Mumbling mumbling mumbling~ I am so sleepy and bored actually. Officially passed down my workload to my other colleagues. So, this few days will just be sitting around, clearing old stuff and making sure that the colleagues are able to handle the workload. Of course, when I sent the email out to a few key group in the company announcing the re-assignment, alot of them were surprised. Not sure why though. After all, no one remains in the company forever. I guess they just were not expecting me to leave so soon. Just three years in the organisation and I like to think that I been doing well here:P

I am definitely much more relaxed today and start to think about my weight lost plan again! Been neglecting them for more than a month now with the resignation and relocation and stuff (yar yar, giving myself excuse). Must start to go back on track. I guess when I go to KL, I need to start my exercise regime again, i.e. jogging or powerwalk in the evening. And of course look for center that offer yoga. I heard from Didi that there is turbo jam that might actually speed up the weight lost process. Maybe I will try that out but first need to find my way around.

Aiyeh, I miss my sport shoes! hahaha..I ship it together in my car. I have started my packing yesterday and realised that alot of the stuff should have gone together with the car so that I can travel light. But as usual, I forgot this and that. No wonder babe always ask me the same questions over and over again nowadays to remind me and I didn't like it one bit! hhmmpff!! Babe, stop nagging lar. So loso one!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

CC10: Speak to Inspire, Topic: Silver Lining

Nov 17, 2007, the nation is in shock. The news of a 12-year-old committing suicide. Found by her sister with her hanging by the throat with a blanket from the window grill. It is unimaginable to me how can a 12 year old decides to take her own life. I mean, when I was that age, all I know was that I will be sitting for my UPSR and going to start to go to secondary schools, wear those light blue and white uniform. What in the world is going through the little girl's mind which push her over the edge.

A little girl that just received her UPSR results the day before. She was expecting to get at least 4As but instead, when the results were out, she was devastated, according to the father because she only obtained 4Bs, 2Cs and 1D. The father when asked by the reporters, informed them that he has not scolded her. Instead, he told her that he was proud of her and asked to try harder next year. He said he even promised her daughter that he will give him a gold ring for every As that she obtain in the future. Then if it is not family pressure, what indeed has made her decided to tie a blanket around her neck and jump out of a window, hanging herself, ending her life?

I guess I will never be able to contemplate how someone so young can choose to end her life. How does life become so bleak that it seems like there is not alternatives? Actually, to me, no matter how hard a situation is, there is always a silver lining to it. There is always something positive on the other side of the coin. I know, sometimes it might seems easier said than done especially when in a the moment of crisis, depression, pain and anger.

I believe everyone have experience some kind of hardship one way or another and I mean everyone. I can still remember when I was in my previous company, first 3 years was beautiful because I was working for a most understanding and fantastic lady boss that really care for me. That being my first job and all, everything was just rosy. I enjoyed my work as the program officer, dealing with kids (bluek! All students are kids to me eventhough sometimes the matured students are actually my age or older! haha). I love the kids and truly care about them and it is rewarding when they shows their appreciation.

Things were so fantastic that I decided to continue with my education on a part-time basis and obtained my masters. And then, that is when things started to go down hill. I was given the opportunity to transfer to another position for a much more challenging post. And believe me, although it was a tough decision (as all change are), I was excited too at the prospect of doing something totally new. Little did I know, what a mental torture it will be and how physically stressing it can be. The only good thing that came out of the two years was me losing weight without much effort.

But that kind of weight lost was indeed dangerous because by the end of one and half year, I was suffering hypertension due to stress. The stress caused not by the heavy duty job schedule and requirement, but rather, because of my new boss. He actually moved me to five different departments within the two years. The reason? Well, it was not because I was insubordinate or not doing my work. According to him, he thinks that I have the knack to move into a messed up department and clean it up. So, he decided the moment I got cosy and happy on my chair, he will move me!

The last position that I held before resigning was as one of Head of Department. Again stupid me accepted this extra responsibility without any additional benefits. Yeap, no increment for the promotion. Just a miserable allowance of RM200 per month. The thing that finally pushed me over the edge was when he scolded me for no apparent reason after a management meeting. I think he must be power crazy and abuse whoever that he can especially young naive eager to please Head of Department reporting to him. Those two years were really hell on earth.

By then, I was phobic to anything related to education industry as well as being the person leading a group of people. I was so demotivated that I want to do it to do simple stress free job which allows me to deal with customers. But looking back, I realised that the experience actually made me stronger. I was able to think fast on my feet for out-of-box solution and on top of that, improved my customer service skills. It also helped me to decide that I want to make customer service my profession. So, there are silver lining after all in this.

I guess what I want to say is that, when a situation seems really bad, stand back, think for awhile. And remember the 10/90 rule, ie. in most situation, there is only 10% that we can control, the other 90% is beyond our control. So, if this is the case, might as well worry and work hard to improve the 10% that we can control and let the 90% of other things pass. Because like all things, this too will pass.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Secretly Admiring and Admired

How I wish things can be different. How I wish he had been daring enough to make the move earlier. How I wish situation is different. I guess I can wish all I want but situation will not change. I am no longer available. I will be someone wife soon and he is too late to do anything about it. But maybe it is for the best. After all, it has been more than ayear and if guy that cant reach out and get what he wants, might not be someone that is worth taking chances with right? Only my babe is true. After all, he is the one that went through thick and thin with me for the last eight years plus.

Don't get me wrong, I love my babe very much or else I wont be overcome with joy when he proposed. I know he love me very much too and this is the reason that I can trust him totally when he decided to go to KL to work. I want to spend the rest of my life with my babe. I want to share every joy and happiness with him. People say that when you can see yourself having children together and smile at the idea of the kids calling him daddy, then you are hooked to him! And I can see him carrying out daughter/son in his arms, failing asleep together with the baby on his chest. I remember thinking to myself, gosh, 30-40 years in the future together, is that enough?

But can a gal that will be marrying someone soon still have crushes on someone another guy? I mean just harmless admiring from afar. Well, maybe not so afar since we still meet and chit chat because of our responsibilities. I guess I am just asking for trouble for entertaining this kind of thoughts. After all, nothing can come out of it. Even if he did make his move now, it is too late. This kinda remind me of the song by Michael Learns to Rock! hahaha..

Aiyaiyai, this is getting too dangerous. Must stop this! Stupid stupid chi sin crazy idiotic me! ARRGGH!!! I need coffee! I am not thinking rationally without coffee. Cant even make proper sense of what I am talking about. So tempted to delete this whole posting! Nothing can come out of this ....right? GGRRR..someone SLAP ME!!!!!!

Dream Dream Go Away, Dun Come Again Anyday!

I have the most horrible and terrifying dream last night. I dreamed that I was at a building, I think a shopping mall or something similar. Or maybe it is not because I think I was there for a function or something like that. Everything was jumbled up and all fuzzy as most dreams are but the most vivid memory I have of the dream was that I was trying to look for my car in this huge carpark but I just couldn't find it. I walked round and round, up and down the entire carpark but I just cant seem to locate my car. Then, I even start pressing my car key so that the car alarm will go off so that I can try to locate the sound it comes from. But no matter how many times I did that and I thought I heard my car alarm going off, it turn out that it is not my car at all. Or I was just not able to locate the source of the car alarm!

On top of that, I also suddenly realised that I left my handbag on one of the table in the function room. By then I was starting to hyperventilate and start to wake up from my dream. I woke up finding myself breathing really fast and in distress! When I look at the time, it is on 5.45am but I just couldn't go back to sleep. Instead, I just toss and turn in my bed analysing my dream over and over again in my head.

I realised that whenever I feel uncertain about my feelings, I will have similar dream, i.e. losing my car, my personal belongings and feeling all alone, helpless, hopeless and without anyone to turn to. And I definitely know what bring on this dream last night. God, you just have to punish me for having those feelings huh? Sigh...

After that dream last night, I am feeling terribly melancholic today. Even the prospect of the new gal that will be here today to replace me does not excite me as much anymore. Or the fact that I have completed my Toasmasters Competent Communicator manual yesterday when Idid the project 10 brings me much joy at all. To tell you the truth, I am very confused, tired and not in good mood at all this morning! So watch out!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Laughter The Best Medicine

What a great way to start the work day, fill with laughter! As usual, my colleagues and I will go to the pantry in the morning to refill our water bottles and make drinks before settling down to do the actual work for the day. One of the colleague, J is going to be papa soon and he has been talking excitedly about this and constantly keep us updated on the progress of his wife. We know his wife as well since she used to be our colleague too. J was complaining that his wife is eating too little for a pregnant lady. And that the wife is even eating less than him on average! He say he thinks his wife is worry that she will get too fat and can slim down after giving birth. So, limiting her food intake even while she is pregnant. He is worried that the baby cannot develop properly because of this. (Geez, so it is the baby first now instead of the wife?)

Anyway, after chit chatting about this for a while, I suddenly remembered an incident during our group weekly meeting yesterday with obi. Actually, not incident really but something that our superior did that really shocked us (me at least lar). You see, during the meeting yesterday, I think J was molested by obi! hahahaha!!! Ok, maybe molested abit too strong but in America, i think she would have been sued for sexual harassment? We were sitting around a long table in the meeting room and obi was sitting on the right side of J, while I was on the left side. When we all turned to face the projector, then obi will be in front and me behind J (understand?).

Anyway, while discussing something halfway about J's account, obi suddenly slap J's thigh before commenting something to him. She did this more than a few times! I might be wrong but I always thought the a guy's thigh is his most sensitive part? I mean, if a gal does that to my babe, I will definite look at the gal with my killer glare for daring to touch my man that way! Ok, fine, sometimes when people talk, we do touch each other arm or hand and that is a natural body gesture to show some warmth while talking. BUT when it is touching the thigh part, definitely a big NO-NO!

Anyway, we laughed so hard and loud after seeing J's disgusted face after being reminded of the incident! He said he actually paused for a long time when she did that before he continue to speak. He also said who does she thinks she is, his wife? And then he say how can a gal adjust bra strap in public by lifting the blouse and putting the hand under the blouse? EGAD!!!! We say maybe she want to show-off her bra or something else? J said, show off what, nothing to see! haha..we burst into laughter again at that comment! What a social misfit! I wonder if we send obi to the school to groom her to be a lady, would that work?

What a nice way to start the day:)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

YAWN! God, please let me sleep well tonight!

Obi reminded us again that the new gal that will be replacing me will be here this Friday. She again reminded me to passdown this and that customers to the gal. And reminded me ALSO and AGAIN teach her this and that. Jiak lak! I mean what is she expecting out of the poor gal? I do not expect her to know everything in one week time. She been pushing me as early as one month ago to passdown to my other colleagues especially my backup and the staff exchange gal. The problem is, she seem to be unable to make up her mind. Whenever I request her to draft the email to send to customer to inform them of the change, she will dilly dally. The icing on the cake is when one day she say no need to passdown first, wait for new person. And then, the next day asked me how come not yet passdown...GGGRRRR!!!!!!! SIAW CHAR BO !(Crazy Woman!)

Even the fastest, cleverest and smartest person would not be able to settle down and learn everything in such short time. She thinks it is like passing down kung fu like in the old chinese movie ah? Just need to huff and puff and put my hand behind her and somehow the kungfu power will be passdown to her?How loso (naggy) can a person get especially in work place as the superior? Geez, this woman! Really cannot stand her. Good riddance I say to her!

I am starting to feel very excited about going to KL in less than two weeks. Even imagining my car arriving and parked outside my babe's friends house makes me feel the excited butterflies flying around in my stomach. Yeah, I was THAT excited! Oh yah, I also discovered accidentally why I was not able to sleep properly the last few nights (aside from the power failure on Sunday night of course). Sleepless nights caused by nothing other than the extra cup of coffee I had last few days.

Usually, I will just have that one cuppa in the morning with my breakfast and the rest of the days would sip on plain water. But since Monday, my usual lunch dates are in Taiwan for business meetings. So, I thought after all the binging last week, I will slow down on the food a little especially since I will be eating again tomorrow night at one of the Toastmaster EXCO house and again on Friday at MyRestaurant for a farewell lunch. And with this in mind, I packed sandwiches and fruits for lunch. With sandwich of course a cuppa of coffee is a must!

Hence, I stupidly, without think of the consequences, made myself a second cup of Cafe21. Cant blame me for that right? I mean who in their right mind would want to have egg and cheese sandwich with plain water? That is so boring (not to mention TASTELESS!) So, that is what I did. The light bulb on lit in my head that the extra cuppa was the reason when babe start nagging at me for being so dependent on coffee! (I was telling him that I cant work without at least one cup of coffee in the morning and he starts nagging! Served me right for telling him everything).

Anyway, I am watching American Idol now. One of my fav idol, Michael Johns just sang and WOW! I agree with Simon, that is one of his best performance so far. I am still waiting for David A. and David Cooks! I am really rooting for this three. Initially, it was David A. but his last few performance abit...ermm..dissappointing. But Michael Johns and David Cooks is really really improving. Michael Johns have the classic singer good handsome charming memerising (ok, ok! Enough!) lo The girls still has not impress me so far.

Micheal Johns
(pic from

Obnoxious Men!

I am still feeling some fuzziness in my mind today especially after a gossiping session about a good friend of ours. Yap, I admit that, that is what girls do when we get together or start chatting. We start to compare notes and opinion about what we think about other people especially our friends' partner or newly found gf. But we also talk about other stuff as well such as what we will be doing, our plans, our future, our job (the frustration of it anyways). And of course, we share our happiness as well. But we do know where to draw the line when it comes to sharing intimate information about our spouse/partner or other half.

I got really upset when I found out that one of our guy friend is actually sharing intimate things with the guys. I mean, although I do not know his gf that well, it still erk me to think that this friend can be so obnoxious and totally have no respect for his gf at all. Gosh, how would he like it if his gf tells us about how he perform in the bedroom!!? There are something that should always remain private not matter how close the guys are to the buddies. This is call RESPECT!

Ok, so we girls do gossip as well about the guys but never in a million years would we think to share any private intimate details with the girls. You want to know what we talk about when we get together? Sigh, hope the girls out there wont kill me. We talked more about emotions and feelings. Most of time, we are just sharing opinions, ideas and suggestions. For example, whether we think A and H has changed after getting married, i.e. more mellow. We also share the happy happenings in our lives. But never in a million years would we think to share intimate intimate information.

To me, telling the guys when he made his conquest and whether the girl is a virgin or not is DEFINITELY A BIG NO! And why in the world would he want to share such information with the guys anyway? Not only does it show big big disrespect for his gf but also sounded boastful! Is he trying to show-off that he were able to seduce the gf and make conquest? This might seems like juicy gossip but frankly speaking, it changed the way I look at this guy. If want to be blunt, I would say he is a big color wolf seducing innocent girl. And what if the gf found out what he did, how would she feel??????

I really wonder what the guys talked about when they get together especially during their drinking session. I wonder if I asked babe, he would tell me or not. Hei, all the guys out there, you want to enlighten me what is the normal topics that you guys talked about?

The Last 2 Speeches

OMG! Today is Wednesday and I have not prepared at all for my Toastmasters competent communicator project 10, Speak to Persuade! This is the last project in the Competent Communicator and after competing this, I will be receiving a certificate, a letter will be sent to my employer to inform them that I am a competent communicator now and I believe I will be receiving a pin. And for those that complete their CC by 31 Mar 2008, also will be given a soaring eagle pin (a very handsome pin I must say).

CC 9 was nothing spectacular as the objective was speak to persuade. So, I being the VPM (Vice President of Membership), of course I have to talk about Toastmasters and try to persuade people to join. So, me being super loso and talkative, was able to talked for almost 7 minutes. Points for improvement were to give more punch to the closing. So far, I believe this is my main weakness!

ppstt..tell you a secret, for speech 9, I actually on prepared the draft the morning of the meeting itself! hahaha..I know I know, I am crazy! But I realized that as long as I have a TOPIC in mind, the purpose of the speech, i.e. WHAT message I want to carry forward and also HOW to present the speech, the rest of the things will fall in place. Another trick that I do is to run thru the speech in my mind and improve them along the way. After that, to put the points in words. The most important part is the get a attention grabbing opening, a strong conclusion AND 3-4 points as the body!

Ok lar, enought about that. I am going to have my breakfast, complete my work for the day and then go surf the net for the ingredient for my speech tomorrow....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I am feeling so so so lazy today. Finished up all the long outstanding things at work today and finally am able to relax for awhile now. Take a short break only ok. Not long long ones (in case g-man reading this! haha). Can reward myself right after working so hard yesterday. Hardly had anytime to take a breather at all. The moment I put down the phone after one call, almost immediately another call came in. And email nonstop! What to do, backup my colleague that is on leave yesterday and today. Monday usually is the busiest day for us especially in the morning.

My brain feel like it is growing mushroom today actually. Feeling so fuzzy and my contact lense are blurring alot too from dryness. I think must be because two sleepless nights. Main reason cant sleep on Sunday night? No electricity since 6pm ler! It was raining and lots of lightning/thunder. Dad thinks one of the transformer got zapped and died. We actually heard a loud exploding sound from the house before everything die out. Electricity only came back around midnight. So, no TV to watch, no computer to play, no internet to go blogging, what we do, SLEEP LAR! But even that also hard to do, so stuffy!

Then last night also sleep around midnight. I actually tried to go to bed around 10pm but after half hour tossing turning and making my bed into rojak, I decided to give up on sleeping and watch House on Astro. I even drink some Baileys Irish (yummy!) last night but that didnt help either. Not sure why cant sleep lar. Maybe too excited (or worried) thinking about my move to KL in less than 2 weeks.

Hhhmm.. I dont even remember what I want to blog about. Got lots of idea while blog hopping just now but now that I am actually doing my posting, I cant remember what I want to talk about especially after the 3 paragraphs of mumbling above. Aiyeh, Didi, your blurness is infectious ha?? Now feel so sleepy but later go back sure can't sleep liaw.

Am I Normal??

I was blog hopping (yar yar yar, I was doing that:P) and this test to check how normal am I. So, since I am bored out of my skull today, I thought, why not take the stupid test and have fun. After all, the worst it can say is that I am 100% and BORING but who cares. After all, being normal is good right? Without normal people around, there is no one for the abnormal people to measure themselves against. Without the boring people around, those with exciting life (like mine! hahaha) wont know the meaning of excitement and fun! So, here goes, this is how normal I am:
You Are Very Normal

You scored 75% normal on this quiz

You are normal in practically every way. Yes, you're average.
(JenJen: Geez, as if I dont know that already. If I am not average, I will be a movie star or Msian astronaut that get to experiment on making roti canai & teh tarik in space.)

But average definitely doesn't boring. You just fit in well with the mainstream.

Why You Are Normal:

You think fishnet stockings are trashy
(Jenjen: well, there are!)

You think glasses can make someone more attractive
(Jenjen: I thought this is a fashion statement now????)

You prefer fiction to non fiction
(Jenjen: No wonder I never get As in history tests!)

If you had to, you rather live without music and still have laughter
(Jenjen: Well, I had to choose a freaking one and I don't mind not having music esp those trash they are showing on AF!)

You rather be screwed over than screw someone else over
(Jenjen: What can I say, I am nice mar!!!!)

Pictures from Potluck

Just sharing some pic that was taken on Saturday night (22 Mar) at a friend's house. We had a potluck gathering on the day. The gang consist of old college mates . Couldn't resist taking picture of lil J and another friends' son! Ain't they cute??Look at the cheeky boy! Ain't he handsome! He will smile like that everytime he sees me taking his pic. Lil J look so innocent!

See what I mean? So adorable that you just feel like giving both of them a big big tight hug!

The boy's mommie, pregnant with #2.

Lil J Mommie and our friend's gf (Finally have a gf after so long lar. I think we are starting to worry if he will be an old bachelor!)

That is all the pic ler! I already eaten earlier at Phaw-Phaw and was so full. So, when I arrive, last thing on my mind was food. So, no pic lor! hahaha... I arrived rather late and can see that the gals are low on energy already. And the guys being guys, outside at the car porch, smoking and talking about politics!

Authentic Food From Philippines

Ok, so finally able to find time to download, compress and upload the photos that I took for our family dinner at Phaw-Phaw Padungan. It is my first time there although the place belongs to my uncle & wife (dad's bro).

Deepfried Pork Knuckle
(chef recommended dish. Big portion, i.e. the whole pork leg! )

Deep fried 3-layer pork
(Suitable for smaller group as portion is smaller than pork knuckle)

Stuffed fish (My fav dish.
Apparently, the fish was imported from Philippines when they started the restaurant but they found someone that rear the fish locally now.)

Claypot Sourish Chicken
(Sorry, pic not so good but the only one I had. The dish looks like kurma but the taste is totally not like kurma at all. Sourish taste with thick gravy)

Brinjal Omelette
(I like this dish too because the dish have both of my fav item, eggs and brinjal!)

Claypot lamb

Our long long long dinner table. Roughly 20 of us from my grandma to the grandkids! no great grandkids yet! hahaha..

My hungry barbaric cousin with a big piece of pork leg!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Homemade Potato Salad

Pic taken from Rose blog (bluek!!hehe)

The potato salad is actually a request from dad to go with the BBQ that we had on last Friday. The potato salad that I made this time is actually very different from the ones that I made long time ago. Reason, one of the ingredient for the other type of potato salad is very difficult to find. I think I have tried a few supermarkets such as Everise, H&L, Boulevard and Nguikee but I cant seem to find the Salad Cream Sauce from Heinz. All they have seems to be the one for fruit salad (which is too sweet for my taste for any kind of salad).

The one that I made this time is actually similar to something that I tasted at babe's sis bbq. I have always love it but the sister was guarding the secret very closely. So, I experimented and hope for the best. I think it turn out ok especially since my family whallop more than 1kg of potatoes already! hehehe.. So, let me share the recipe

1. 1kg potato - boiled and diced to bite size
2. 1 Large Onion - chopped
3. parsley - chopped
4. 3-4 eggs - boiled and mashed
5. 3-4 tbs mayonaise
6. 2-3 tbs olive oil
7. parsley - chopped
8. 2 tbs mustard (more if you prefer the tangy taste)
9. 3-4 tbs honey
10. Salt to taste

1. Mix the diced potato, chopped parsley and onion in a large bowl.
2. In another bowl, mix the rest of the ingredient (#3-10).
3. Pour the #2 above to the potato and mix well
4. Refrigerate for a few hours or until the salad is cold.

After boiling the potatoes till it is cooked, remove them immediately from hot wafer and leave to cool. This will ensure that the potatoes are fluffy and yummy.

Links Around the World Tag

I got this tag from Rose which is abit like the big bang I think but nevertheless, lets see how long this tag will go!

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I live in a Tree House?

GOOD MORNING! Just 2 weeks to go before I start a new chapter of my life. Can hardly believe that slightly more than one more ago I decided to accept the job offer and submit my resignation letter. How time flies! I mean, it seems that it was only yesterday that Rose told me she has started blogging. At the time, I hardly paid any attention to it at all except to visit her blog. If you have told me on the same day last year that I will be a avid addicted blogger, I will most likely give you a puzzled look and wonder what the heck are you talking about. Some more, making money via blogging! Never in a million years! haha

And of course, I have always wanted to go somewhere outside of Kuching to work but never had the opportunity or reason to do so. When I start dating babe, I basically put that idea behind me and plan for a long future in Kuching. I guess life is very unpredictable and things happens for a reason. I remember Didi telling me this when I told her how disappointed I was that I was not the one that will be going to Germany for the staff exchange. I mean, I am very happy and excited on behalf of my good friend, SK but at the same time, I wish that I was me. I know, I am so mixed up! hahaha..

At the time, I was already had more than 3 phone interviews and was basically aware that there is a high possibility that I will get the job offer. Of course, there was also the 2 days training in KL which I stretched to one week using my annual leave. That was basically the seal of the job offer as I went to visit their office and get to know the team better. The process of getting this job was rather an interesting experience. Got interviewed first by a guy that is suppose to be my new immediate boss. That took almost one hour!

Next is interviewed by his boss who is based in US. This was rather pleasant. I think he just want to make sure that I have all the necessary dots, commas and dashes. This was abit awkward as I was still at work and some miscommunication about the best time to go. I said my 6pm and his 10am but he got it the other way round. Anyway, it was ok I guess since there was not many people in the office at the time. Only my good friends:P

And then another phone interview by the Senior VP of Operation who is a lady. This one was longer. She called me around 10 at night and we had a really long chat, I think more than an hour. Other than just interviewing me, I think she was also trying to convince me to join the company. Of course, by then, I was all hyped up and was pretty excited. But there were one thing that she said that is still very fresh in my mind. It goes something like this:

Lady: Have you ever stayed in KL before?
JenJen: Nope but I studied in Nilai for about a year for my degree.
Lady: I see. Reason I am asking is because we had some experience with candidates from Kuching. It was rather interesting and a shock to us.
JenJen: Oh, why interesting and shocking?
Lady: I guess it is the pace of life in Kuching and KL. People in Kuching are generally more relax and it is a shock for them when they come here and face the jam and arriving home late in evening.

Alamak! No wonder some people still think Kuchingnite lives in trees!

Ok, enough babbling from me this morning. Dont know how I can be so loso!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Travelling at Warp 9 and Above

It is 11.32pm and I am at home in my bedroom blogging on a Saturday evening. I guess it might have sounded pathetic but I am seriously happy to be home actually. It has been a very tiring few days. And I thought holidays is for resting and napping! It all started since Wednesday night when we had our department dinner at The Junk. That is of course when I started my crazy ride on the super duper warp 9 Enterprise spaceship. Yap, it does certainly feel like I am running and rushing since that day. Actually, thinking back, 10 years ago, I would have no problem going out every night and coming back at wee hour in the morning. And then still have the energy and concentration to attend classes. After that, go back home to go chatting on IRC. I wonder if this is a sign that I am getting old and just time to settle down? hehehe (babe, are you panicking?)

Anyway, Thursday night was the night that we went to Sidewalk. That is also the night that the toilet at my house got blocked! I am telling you now, the next time you have a blockage in the toilet, be smart and call the plumber immediately as soon as it is polite to do so. I wish I was that smart. Instead, I let my mom talked me into letting her unclog the toilet. And guess what happened? I think I rather not describe too much but suffice to say that my bathroom and kitchen was not a pretty sight! You see, the toilet tricked us on Thursday night into thinking that it has cleared itself. In actual fact, it is silently plotting to get back at us at the next opportunity that it got, which happens to be Friday, 21 Mar 2008~

What is the significance of the date? Not much other than about 31 years ago on that day at 11am, my mom gave birth to me at the Sibu General Hospital. So, that day, 31 years later, my mom & I had to clean up the horrible.....ok..going to stop here. I promised I will not describe it. I will only say that I am so desperately in need to get away that I actually went online hotel reservation! Yup, that was how desperate I was. It was a good thing I did too because I might not have found this amazing sites that offers fantastic deals not only for resorts, motels and hotels but also car rentals services and so forth.

I was chatting with Rebeena the other day about her trip to Thailand and it really sounds very tempting to me. I mean, I felt like immediately going on line and book the next flight there. Of course, with the relocation to KL, getting married, etc, it might not be anytime soon. But then, there is no harm browsing around and searching for good deals. What I like about the website is that it is pretty user friendly and give me the flexibility to mix and match between the different activities and hotels/motels based on my budget. Not only that, I can actually compare the different hotels that the website have to choose the one that I feel is the most suited to my needs. Maybe I can persuade babe to go on a honeymoon there? Not to Phuket for romantic beaches silly, can do that anytime. I want to go somewhere I can shop till I drop...haha

Anyway, let me get back to the topic again. So, on Friday, got up at 7.30am expecting a call from babe soon. After all, although it is public holiday in Sarawak and I could have sleep in, not everyday is my birthday and it will be the first birthday I will be celebrating without my babe near me. So, I definitely expect him to be the first one to call and wish me happy birthday. But you know what? Not only did he only call me at 6 something in the EVENING, he had the gall to laugh when he found out that I am angry. How can I not be angry when his excuse for not calling me was because he was busy at work and he didn't call me early in the morning because he didn't think I will answer the call. GGRR! He can be such a jerk sometimes but what to do, who ask me to sayang him so much. Sigh~

So, Friday was almost ruined had my family did not decide to have a bbq that night. So, off we go for brunch at Ipoh Town Coffee at Boulevard. I been there once before for the nasi lemak and ice blended white coffee. Personally, I didn't think it is worth it but since dad want to try, off we go then. Dad had loh mee, mango juice and kopi O. Mom had nasi lemak special and iced white coffee, sis had chicken kueh teow and coke. Bro ate soft boiled eggs with garlic toast and hot kopi o. I ate curry mee and iced white coffee. The 2nd time there to affirmed what I said about the food there not so great but the portion for loh mee and curry mee are really huge! Total damage was less than RM50. So, price wise, not too bad considering that it is a franchise.

Saturday, today, marked the 20 years anniversary since my grandpa pass away. So, my aunts, uncle and cousins came from all over to visit grandpa graveyard. As usual, I didn't go. Only my dad and bro went at around 7.30am. I went out with mom to buy the stuff I needed for tonight potluck. Then mom got a call from dad saying that we are all invited to my uncle's shop at Padungan for dinner tonight at 6.30pm. Aiyeh! Double book liaw! Potluck with the gang is at 7.30pm. So how? Like any good daughter (Ahem!), I went with my family for dinner first and then arrive late at the potluck.

Better late than never right? The gang has of course eaten their dinner by the time I arrive around 8.45pm. Could have been earlier have I not went to the wrong house. I actually stepped into the house and open the front door already. Yap, the door was unlock and there was no noise at all from inside the house. And no, I did not step in because when I open the door a crack, I can see a altar and I immediately close the door back up and got out of there because I can sense that something is amiss. Turn out, Alan's place was a few house down. I can only thank god that no one was there and I was not stupid enough to just walk in despite the altar. Can you imagine how embarrassing it can be? My ears burning even as I typing this and imagining it!

Ok, enough for now. I think I have mumble more than my share tonight. That is what happened after not blogging for a day! I will upload some pic from the dinner at Phaw-Phaw, Padungan where authentic Philippines food are serves. And also some pic from the potluck! But that will have to wait for tomorrow. Good night people! JenJen signing off at 12.22am!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Late Nite Companion

My jaws hurt! Hurt from too much laughing! hehe! Met up with some old college friends at Sidewalk today, roughly 9 of us and we were making lots and lots and lots of noise at that little place. Luckily Sidewalk was open air concept or else I think the owner would have shooed us out of the place a long time ago! We basically sit there from 7pm until around 10.30pm and were talking and laughing so loudly. This is what usually happens when we the bunch of us gather especially if Rose's hubby, Big J joined us. And today was especially relaxing for the both of them since Big J's parents is here and volunteered to take care of lil J!

Food at Sidewalk is nothing to brag about other than the convenient location and reasonable price. Other than that, if you are looking to eat something special, that is definitely not the place to go. The ambiance is not bad though. It is situated near a housing estate and not too far away from where most of us are staying. Plus there are amble parking space. Tonight, we basically have the place to ourselves for the first 2 hours. Seems that people only start arriving at the place at around 9pm. Not sure why though since it is not popular as a drinking joint either. Guess must be because it is near housing area and convenient for people staying nearby that have the sudden craving for western food.

But due to the company tonight, I am basically too hyped up to go to sleep. And what better way to unwind other than to blog and do a little blog hopping later. (ppsttt...I have not even call my babe after I arrived home. Only sms him that I am home liaw..hahaha!) Anyway, just wana thank Rose for being the organiser this time and get everyone together for this fun nite. Also, thanks for the lovely shawl *MUCKS!!* I am not expecting anything other than having a gathering before I go over to KL since I dont know when I will see this people again. But I love it!!! So touched. Also want to thank KC for the cute cute bear~! She knows how to touch my heart too. Going to miss this people alot...sigh~!


Something happened last night that is totally out of my expectation! Few days ago, obi sent out an email to the 3 of us and the germany gal plus another girl (from another section) from another department asking if we are free on Wednesday night to go for dinner. Since the email didn't explain why we are having the dinner, none of us responded until obi verbally asked us. Actually didnt feel like going one but Didi and SK say, FREE FOOD, just GO! hahaha..terrible lar that two. Didi worst, say no need to worry about your diet plan, just order and eat puas puas (until satisfied).

So, I thought, ok lor, what is the harm. After all, it is not a one to one dinner (if it is, I will reject out-right since I know I wont be able to enjoy myself anyways). Initially, the plan was to go to BlaBlaBla @ 7pm but when we arrived, the place is closed for one week due to the holidays. Good thing The Junk was opened but it is really jam packed. If we had arrived later, we might have a long wait.

For those of you that have been to the junk, you will know that the place is famous for serving super huge portion at very reasonable price. And unless you have someone to share your Fisherman Basket with, do not order it because trust me, you will never never finish them alone. And if you somehow did manage to finish it, I can guarantee that you will not want to see another piece of fried seafood or fries for a long long long time! That is how big the portion was and guess what, our Germany gal ordered that although we have given her ample warning. I guess she must be feeling really hungry or do not really believe us.

I can still remember the expression on her face when her fisherman basket arrived. Let me give you some indication of how big the plate is. The plate is 30cm by 45cm and all the fried seafood and fries are piled together into a big mountain that filled up almost the entire plate! The fried seafood consist of calamari, prawn, fish, softshell crab and of course there is the fries, oh yah, and onion rings. So, trust me. If you have not tried the fisherman basket from The Junk and is tempted to, make sure you have someone to share it with you.

I ordered lamb rack which was kinda disappointing because although it is plated on a rather large round plate (I think the diameter about 30cm), but there is only 3 pieces of lamb rack with very little mean on each one. Good thing the side dish of mash potatoes and green salad is very filling. Or else I will resort to sneaking some food from our German gal plater (ermm..actually I did that:P Took a few calamari).

My colleague, CK, had teriyaki chicken and JB ordered sirloin steak. JB's wife ordered lamb shank, which is chef recommended dish. Obi ordered salmon steak. The dinner was rather fun I guess since I can catch up with JB's wife and get to know the Germany gal better. We laugh alot and I can see that obi was trying really hard to join the conversation. And me, trying really hard to be When we all FINALLY finished (or give up) eating our food, suddenly obi tell CK to ask the waiter to bring out the cake.

What the heck? Cake? WHAT CAKE? OMG! No wonder obi invited the girl from another department too (she cant make it) because I happened to share the same birthday date with her. ALAMAK! Err...frankly speaking, I am in shock and have no idea what to think or how to react about this. For those of you that have been frequent reader here, you would know that obi and I do not have the best of boss-subordinate relationship. In fact, if you want me to be very honest, I cannot stand her!

G-man ever suggested to me that perhaps the damages was so deep that I have prejudice in whatever that obi does. Meaning, no matter what she does, natural response from me would be, OH NO!!!! And guess what, I admit it. So, if I had known earlier that there is a plan to celebrate my birthday yesterday, I would have not gone to the dinner at all. Some of you might think that this is too much but sorry, that is how I am.

Anyway, still dont know what to think about the surprise birthday celebration......

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I miss my CAR!!!

SOOOOoooooo RUSH! I had to send my car to Tabuan Laru this morning so that the shipper can pick it up and send my car to the port. The shipper only tells me yesterday that I need to send my car to them today! Gosh, I have not even pack the stuff that I wanted to ship together with the car. So instead of going to aerobic after work as promised to Didi, I went home to pack.

And then when I come back to work this afternoon (took half day leave mar), there are tonnes of emails and work waiting for me. And some of the work did not have to wait for me mahh!! I mean I have already start to passdown some of my workload to the others so that they can actually start and I help them along the way. Or else they will never get familiarised with what I do. If they want to wait for the new staff, it is too late!!! So angry in fact that I actually scolded the other two guy colleagues like little kids...sigh...

Anyway, all in all, I have 2 big boxes, 3 small boxes and 2 big bags! What did I bring? Let me list them down for you:

1. Electric steamer - good for steaming rice and other stuff! Got timer. So no need keep checking on it
2. Comforter and cover - babe ask to bring this
3. Tikar - babe's mom ask to bring
4. Pyrex bowl - babe's mom ask to bring
5. Plates- babe's mom ask to bring
6. Bowl- babe's mom ask to bring
7. Spoons and fork- babe's mom ask to bring
8. Pillow - babe wants this
9. Watson stuff dog - this is mine! so nice to hugggg!! My dad laugh at me when he see me put this into the car
10. Books - work related lar. The rest will get from paylessbook!
11. Soft boil egg pot - this must have lar! Dont remember seeing one in KL supermarket....
12. Pots and pan - babe's mom ask to bring
13. Bedsheet & Pillow case - babe wants this
13. Kitchen towels- babe's mom ask to bring
14. Floor towels- babe's mom ask to bring
15. Rags- babe's mom ask to bring

Err..noticed that most things is babe's mom asked to bring? Actually, she not only asked but insist. When I say no need to bring some of the stuff especially the spoons and forks, she say nevermind, just bring or else next time you people move your own place dont have anything to use. Alamak! I can only think of two things at the time, either she really sayang babe and I, so want to make sure that we have everything. OR she thinks that we cant survive without help....

LOL~! I am not sure if either one is a good thing lar. Do I look so vulnerable, naive and young? Or does my babe? Or maybe because we look CUTE! HAHAHA

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How Quirky Am I?

Rose tagged me with the question of how quirky am I. I guess quirky means that little things that we do out of habit? This is how the tag works:

The rules : Link to the person that tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Share six un-important things/habits/quirks about your self. Tag 6 random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. Let these random people know that they are tagged by leaving comments in their blog. Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

Six Unimportant things/habits/quirks about myself:-

1. I absolutely cannot stand people nagging. When someone starts to nag, I can feel my eyes start to roll up, my breathing become shallow and I will start to have headache! Yes, it is that extreme...

2. I will run and start to panic when I see frogs.

3. I must have one cup of coffee in the morning or else I will not be able to function at all. Even during weekends or public holiday, if I dont have my coffee for the day, I will feel so flat by noon time.

4. I have the tendency to say "I MEAN, bla bla bla"

5. I also have great imagination like Rose, I always have the feeling that the my handphone is ringing eventhough it is not.

6. I have the tendency to get excited about something but got bored half way thru. (I know, this is bad but when it matters, of course I will follow thru lar)

Not gona tag any1....

JJ & Rudy - Gotcha! @ Malaysia 1st Breakfast Show

What would you do if you received a call on your handphone from a total stranger? Would you let your guard up and be on high alert? Or would you scream and shout at the stranger?Or would you flirt with the stranger? I think even before we continue with the conversation, I would at least get the person's name and how the hell did he get my contact number. Unless he give me an answer that I am satisfied with, I will promptly stop the call. I am not sure what the girl must be thinking when the caller is obviously dilly-dallying and trying not to answer in a straightforward manner of who he is and how he get her number. And no, I would not settle for something flimsy such as "I got your number from a friend and who the friend is, it is not important". This is exactly what was said on for the Gotcha! program thingie that they air every morning around 7am.

The last few ones were rather funny as it was nothing more than pranks for laughs. But the one that I heard this morning got me thinking. One of the guys called a girl and proceed to flirt with her. I am not sure if it was JJ or Rudy that called but he was using his deep sexy voice which sounded like ah mo to flirt with this girl call Lavonia aka Lovey. And the girl, I believe was a more or less a party girl type was very flirty to the extend that I actually feel the hair on my arms stands because it is so ughhh~! I might be imagining it but the conversation sounded like a double edge sword with very suggestive suggestions!

When the conversation got really too much and too hot, the DJ finally asked if she is staying in Subang and that his dad's name is XXX. That is when Lovey started to get a little worried. And the DJ puts the father on the line! I can hear that the father sounded so disappointed that his 'little' girl sounded like a slut and lied about going to tuitions when she was actually hanging out with her friends, dancing and partying. OUCH! The father must be really heartbroken. I mean, you can actually hear his voice breaking up!

JJ & Rudy, it is fine to play pranks on people for fun and called to Gotcha! but when it comes to family relationship, please, I BEG you, please do not play with that. I know you think that you are doing some good and being saints with the aim that it might help girls such as Lovey/Lavonia to change for the better, but remember, you are not God and you definitely have no right to air and to me that is a very serious breach of privacy. Also, I really hope that you will not regret this one day when you are looking back because things ain't always what they seems.

Monday, March 17, 2008

How to Change An Attitude

I just realised, it is almost one month since I tender my resignation to g-man. And it is also almost one month since g-man and I had the two hour chat about our work environment. Like any good boss, he tried really hard to convince me to stay back and I was really touched. But as it was a decision made after really long and hard thinking (yah, my brain still hurts from it), and as I said to g-man, unless the company offer me super fantastic package that makes me change my mind, unless my babe is back to work in Kch too, in the end, I will still have to join him in KL. It is just a matter of time.

Of course, the volcano eruption in office that I thought will happened never did. I mean for the two hours beside trying to convince me to stay, he was also trying to understand whether the main reason that I am leaving is because of the..ermm..situation that we are currently suffering from in our team. I think some of you have been hearing me complaining on and off about obi. I actually have been stopping myself many times from blogging about her no matter how frustrated I am with her action daily.

I simply refused to let her make my life miserable just because I let her. I mean, why in the world do I get all hyped up and upset over silly inconsiderate irrational remarks from someone that I have no respect for at all? When g-man announce more than a year ago that obi will be leading the team from then on. We were skeptical and in shock. Frankly speaking, at the time, we do not know her at all and was abit upset that someone with no background in customer service and minimal knowledge of production planning is leading us.

But I guess she was the most logical choice at the time being that she has been with the company for a long time. However, whenever I think of this, I will equate it to a phrase that I heard one of my colleague use to describe this situation: She might be the most logical choice but is she capable to handle the task at hand? Well, after more than a year, I can sincerely tell you that she is not. I can sincerely say that because I mentally and emotional prepared and told myself to give her a chance. Listen to hear, give her opportunity to improve. I think a year is sufficient and give me the right to judge her?

It is not that she is not a hardworking person. I mean, from what I understand, she is ever willing to learn and work hard at it. However, sometimes when a person do not have the right attitude and aptitude for a task, no matter how hardworking the person is and how much training or guidance is provided to the person, it is just never enough. Reason? In college, we were always told that the hardest thing to change in a person is their attitude and habits. Unless the person have a suddenly enlightenment (which is highly unlikely to happen), he/she will NEVER change. Not in this lifetime anyways.

Sigh, although in three weeks time, she will no longer be my problem but I am worried about my friends working as her subordinate. To work in such an unhealthy environment is like a death sentence to self motivation, self development and career. Other than offering my ear to listen to their disgruntle, there is nothing much I can offer to them. I am not sure what g-man can do and I pretty much told him that. I understand the difficulty g-man is in. After all, he is not God. He cannot zap and change a person attitude just like that. All he can do is try to guide obi to change.

But I am not sure if that will work. And even if it does, how long will that take? Another year or two? Is it worth the risk of loosing a very efficient and effective team? Is the member of the team really that easily replaced? Honestly speaking, I would say g-man is very lucky that my new employer is willing to wait for two months as they were initially interested to buy out the notice. If I have left with immediate resignation, I am pretty the team will be in a mess because NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE OTHERS IS DOING!

I am not trying to be boastful or mean but rather I am being honest. There are four of us in the team and by right, we should know at least some basic of what the other person is doing in terms of reporting, systems and so forth. We are suppose to do knowledge sharing. I mean some of us might not have the technical knowledge or the IT background but after handling so many projects related to integration of a new system, we are more than capable to understand the fundamental of the system and logic of a program. I mean that is what a team is all about right??

Other than that, I can honestly say that after more than a year under obi, I do not learn ANYTHING at all. I thought being a manager mean you are suppose to guide your subordinates and help them to develop. Instead, all that I gained in this one year is rules and rules and more rules. Actually, that is not true. I also gain distrust and disrespect from her simply because she do not want to lost face in front of others. So, the best thing to do is to blame the subordinates even when they did not do wrong at all.

I think I will never forget a boss that tells me that I am RUDE in front of everyone in the middle of a discussion simply because I talked louder than normal when I am excited and trying to explain reasons to her! This does not only happen to me. She does the same to my other female colleague as well. I mean, this colleague is mine is super efficient and effective worker and is definitely someone that I would consider a great lost if she decides to leave. The only thing about her is that when she get excited, she talks really loud. But so what? Is it alright for obi to tell her that she is very rude in front of everyone? Or ok lar, call her to private and tell her that she is very loud? OMG! That is like KILLING who she is!!!!!! Obi is a big bully that does not know what she is doing at all. And worst of all, the try to act clever by asking stupid questions which she thinks makes her looks smart when in fact those questions only make people think of her as in incompetent fool.

I think I better stop because I am getting more and more pissed off while typing this. My original intention of this posting was because I am wondering (so is the rest of the team) what g-man is going to do........

Talking Nonsense Again

Another boring day with nothing much exciting happened. Don't get me wrong. It is not as if I am sitting here with nothing to do. I have tonnes of work to catch up on after going on leave for 1.5 days last week. But all those are boring stuff that is not worth mentioning or tell you guys about. I mean, why would you want to know that I had nasi lemak at the cafeteria for breakfast? Or why would you want to know that I am having such a heavy breakfast because there is nothing else to eat there?

Or actually, there was but not appetizing at all. The half boil eggs are most likely overdone and should be considered boiled eggs and not just half done. I always have phobia about the fried beehoon, kueh teow and noodle done by the cafeteria. Reason? It smelled as if it has gone bad! I mean, perhaps it is still ok but I am very sensitive about this kind of stuff. The moment I stand near the tray, I can whiff the unpleasant smell! Most likely it has not gone bad since lots of other people are eating them but I just am not interested to take the risk and stuff those things into my mouth.

So, I had nasi lemak for breakfast. The first mouth was rather unpleasant too because the rice is stone cold! I mean there is nothing yummier than a steaming hot plate of lard rice with coconut milk! *DROOL* But the one I had this morning tasted more like it was cooled in the fridge. But when I tasted the sambal, wowee! Super delicious - spicy and yet tasty with enough anchovies in them to make it taste super authentic! Add those to the rice and a small piece of the salted fish, OMG! Luckily I remember I am on diet and only finish half of the rice but whallop all the sambal, peanut, salted fish and egg.

Alamak! For someone that don't want to talk about my nasi lemak breakfast, I sure can talk!

In a rather good mood today actually. Maybe because I find out that mom has FINALLY accepted that I am going to KL and actually planning to visit me in Jun08. Although she still continue with her emotional blackmail by acting kolian ( to translate kolian to English, kasihan? nope, that is BM. Oooo YAH! PITIFUL). Dad bought me two bags and a backpack during the weekend. Said it is for me to keep my stuff and clothes to bring there. Babe's mom gave us a big box of pots & pans to bring. Also some pyrex bowl. Babe is asking me to bring his comforter, pillow and bolster. I will of course be bringing my Watson stuffed dog. *blush*

So, my car trunk is going to be super full when I ship them this Friday. Hope I don't forget anything big. Small stuff still ok since I can bring them with me when I go KL on 8 Apr but those big heavy things need to go with the car unless I want to pay overweight charges on the cargo! Lucky they dont charge overweight charges for passenger -_-|||

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Comfort Food Gone Wrong

You know sometimes you feel so depressed and all that you fell like doing is eat something rich like chocolate or cakes or croissant? After comfort eating, then you will start to feel guilty for eating? I think this happens to gals more than the guys because the society view slim gal as sexy. Well, to certain extend, I do agree that slim is beautiful (see how well the society is brandwashing me too?). If I do not believe them abit, I wouldn't have subscribed to SparkPeople and be receiving daily news and tips from them via email.

Imagine my joy when I see an email from them with the topic: 7 Comfort Foods that are Good for You. I am very excited about this because this mean that I can actually have something that after eaten, my body will tell my brain that it feels good. AND my brain wont tell my body that it is making you FAT! hahaha.. So, lets see what are the comfort food that is suppose to be good for you:

Yogurt - add you favorite fruits to it. Suppose to be an exchange for yogurt but less fattening since it has less calories than ice cream. Also, the more fruit you add, the more vitamins and minerals you get. Plus it can help with the sweet tooth that is causing your craving. So double whamy here.

Fruit Smoothies - another amazing alternative to the sweet stuff. Loaded with vitamin and mineral. Fantastic for a hot day.

Chicken soup - hhmm, not sure about this one but when I have stomach crammed whenever I have visitation from 'aunty', a hot bowl of soup always sooth the tummy. (A splash of brandy in the chicken soup helps too*wink*)

Oatmeal - again, not sure about this since I do not make it a habit to take oat no matter how many times I tried them. The only oatmeal that I can tolerate is when I add lots of milo to it so that it seems like I am eating chocolate! hehe

Angel Food Cake - I thought cakes are loaded with lots of sugar and carb???

Vegetable juice - ewww...this is definitely not a source of comfort for me. I wonder who came up with this list!!

Crack pot creation - sounds something like our chai bui teng (leftover bits soup) where we put in all the leftover and make a soup.

Ooopss, maybe I should call the above food that you don't feel like eating when you are depressed? I guess the most important thing is eat in moderation. No matter how good some things are for you, too much of any things will be bad for you in the end^_^

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Connecting With Food

Chinese New Year seems like ages ago although in truth, it was less than a month ago. There are still some goodies left over though. As usual, those homemade pineapple tarts, cheese cookies and melting moments are the first to be devoured. Mostly, left untouched are those preserved fruits that was only purchased just becacuse it is the unspoken rule of the celebration, that is to symbolise the sweetness for the new year. And as usual, every year I will be looking all over the place for my recipe collection. I have this folder that keep all my recipe collection with handwritten notes from me whenever I made any changes or new experiment.

And of course, every year, one or two weeks before Chinese New Year, I will be getting phone calls from my friends asking for recipe especially the cheesecake and melting moment cookie recipe. Others would call to ask if I think it would be a good idea to experiment and add other ingredient into the cheesecake. Apparently, I have become a cheesecake expert. Not sure how this happened. Sometimes, I would be so busy with last minute prepacration that I missed some of the calls. Rather embarrassing since the friends will definitely mention it when I go visiting!

So, it is really cool when I found this website that is like a facebook for foodies! It has so many fantastic feature that I don't even know where to begin. For those that is health conscious or check on all nutritional values of everything they consume, then it is definitely worth signing up with them. I mean, they can actually do a nutritional analysis. All you have to do is sign up and submit them. Best of all, it is FREE! Yup, absolutely no charge at all. Didi, I think we should start doing that especially for that melting moments cookie (momo) that we love so much!

And look at what I found when I search "Cheesecake" in the website! Coconut-mango Cheesecake, Bailey Cheesecake, Ginger Honey Cheesecake and the list goes on and ever growing!
If you look at the left corner of the screen capture below, you will realised that this place actually allow you to share your recipe online so that your friends can just login and retrieve the recipe that they need. How amazing is that??

And if you do not have enough time to do your shopping list, all you have to do is follow the simple instruction on the webpage, "To add recipes to your shopping list, click the "Add to shopping list" button on any recipe or menu page." There is simply too many amazing features on this website. Best of all, it is all for free! I am very excited about this. I am going to start upload as many recipes as I can to Food Connect so that I do not have to bring all those heavy folders when I go to KL in three weeks time!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Smile for the World

HOME!!Thank goodness JPJ took less than 15minutes wait. They were rather efficient I must say, which surprises me of course (and I am sure most of you too). First thing when I entered, a guard is near the place to number counter to help people select the right number. He promptly direct me to customer service center the moment he glanced at my RHB letter. Then he politely tell me that the center will only open in 15 minutes and that I will need to photocopy my IC and documents. Even tell me where I can go and get the copied.

After I got back, a queue was starting up at the customer service center and I thought, oh boy, this will be a long wait. Again, I am surprised. When the door opens, each one of us were actually given our forms and enquiries answered in a very efficient method. Then I was redirect to collect my number to wait. My number was 2011 and in less than 10 minutes, it was actually my turn. The man at the counter stamped whatever needed, keep the copies that he need and return the rest in less than 5 minutes. And that was it. I was so surprised that I actually asked him, 'Itu saja? (That is all?)" hahahaha...

I guess I am not used to having efficient government services. Actually, I should known that it would be fantastic because even as I was parking my car, I realised that there are actually 2 booth for drive-thru paying. And once enter, almost 75% of the counter are open. There are even counter for OKU, i.e. orang kurang upaya (handicapped). If only all the government offices are this efficient, I am pretty sure it will go into world news and be listed in the Guiness World Record because we will be hail as the only country in the world with such efficiency in government sector.

Of course, it would be nice if they are taught to smile a little too. It would make the whole experience much more unforgettable and happier. Perhaps I am asking for too much?

Can I Cry?

Woke up at 6.15am this morning and yah, you got the time correct. Not working today but had to run some errands and get the paperwork done to ship my car to KL next Friday. Based on my bro advice, I thought I will drop in nice and early at PUSPAKOM to have my car tested before going to the bank to get my greencard and so on. Then my babe called me around 7am and said that I better get my car tyres changed instead of waiting to go there and change it. Reason, the tyres are threadbare and PUSPAKOM might fail it. We initially thought to ship the car there and then change. But we forgotten all about the testing thingie.

That was around 7.20am and who in the world open so early in the morning to sell you tyres!? After a rather unpleasant exchange with babe, ermm..more like me voicing my dissatisfaction at him for changing his advice lat minute and got the feeling that I might have the whole morning wasted now. My bro basically told me to get my butt to PUSPAKOM nice and early or else I will be waiting in the queue for the whole day. So, you can understand why I was rather angry at babe at that point. But after a nice breakfast of pork dim sum, small dragon pau and rich hot Nescafe, I actually feel guilty about being unreasonable with babe. hehehe..yar yar, I am soft hearted. So, I sms him lor to say I am sorry.

Good thing babe also feel guilty and he replied every sms that I send him this morning till just now. He usually just hate to send sms because he say it is a waste of time and it would be faster to call and talk. So, yap, he is definitely feeling guilty. Anyway, I end up changing all four tyres, plus alignment and balancing, total came up to RM730! Big big dent in my savings but I guess since it is a matter of safety, not willing to take any risk. Plus the uncle guaranteed me that the tyres are of good quality and long lasting. I trust him since he is SK's dad! Friendly man! Younger than I thought he would be!

So, after that, went to PUSPAKOM. Got lost along the way which wasted me petrol and toll money! Once there, all the confusion and everyone is so so so so not friendly! I asked a simple questions and the answer I get is, Please sit down and wait. Yah, I know I need to wait but what the hell am I waiting for? I would like to be reassured that I am doing the right thing according to YOUR procedure! Geez! Paid RM50 for the testing. Waited from 10.30am till 12.30pm before I received the final report and can finally get out of there.

In between, I had to tear the tint on the front windshield of the car as requested by the tester. sigh! The tester was a rather nice (not to mention good looking) man. I guess I must have looked so lost when he asked me to remove the front tint. I asked him, HOW? He took my car key and told me to use that to scrap and tear a small section of the tint. Apparently, you are not suppose to tint the front windshield at all! There goes my expensive UCOOL tint. More money down the drain. Now my shield has one ugly tear at the passenger side. Babe say no need to do anything to it first. Just get the car over there and will tint it again when its there. Sigh..more money.

Overall, for today, I have already spent RM780 on the car. Expecting some more at JPJ later when I need them to endorse the greencard for transfer from Kuching to Selangor. Then will need to pay the shipping company RM1600 and another RM80 for delivery of the car from Port Klang to the door step. RM2460 even before I started anything. Transporting my car cost more than transporting myself over to KL! Hopefully, once I settle this, there wont be too much other unexpected expenses rolling along.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What City Should I Be In

Still have another 9 minutes to go before I go off for the day. So I thought what the heck, might as well go blog hopping since the time is too short now to do much of anything. I stumble on this test at Didi's blog that tells you which city you belongs to. My itchy hand go a click and try lor. And guess what, I am a Rome gal! Italian...BEAUTIFUL EYES!! Maybe that is why my eyes are huge? hahaha Perasan!! I dont mind sight seeing on some gorgeous Italian hunk either!

Actually, not so sure why I am a Rome gal but perhaps it is because I selected that I prefer modern museum and clubbing? Or it is because Channel as fashion that I think is good. Actually, shy to say lar, I have no idea about the other three that was listed there. So, I mah choose the one that I ever hear and read about lor! hehehe

You Belong in Rome

You're a big city soul with a small town heart

Which is why you're attracted to the romance of Rome

Strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand

And gorgeous Italian people - could life get any better?

Please help me to KILL

I suddenly realised how dependent I am on the internet after almost WHOLE morning without internet. It felt like a life sentence that is going super slow. Keep on looking at the time at the corner of my computer screen. First look, 10.29am. After replying a few emails, look again, 10.39pm. OMG! only 10 minutes gone? Alright, calm down. The emails was too short. Ok, reply more emails. Look at time again, 10.42am. AIYEHH!!! Is the clock not working also? At 11.02am, colleague sent an email, internet is back! Wahh, I immediately on my Mozilla and first url is HOTMAIL and then this blog.

And as I am updating my blog now, I am wondering if I have enough time to do everything before I have to go for my half day leave today. It is now 11.09am. I still have 51minutes to settle everything. LOL~ What a big different time move when I have access to the internet. I guess when you are having fun, time somehow becomes irrelevant. I always love this saying that it is not how many years of life you have to live but how you live the life in your years.

There is a colleague of mine that is constantly talking about earning lots and lots of money. Chasing money until it seems to disregard his own health. When Didi tried to talked to him about taking care of himself more especially since life is unpredictable and who knows he might die tomorrow, guess what he answered. He said, at least he will have die happy knowing that he have one million for his wife and kids. I am not sure about the rest of you but I think I rather have a healthy and average income hubby by my side than to be rich without someone I love. Especially since the someone I love died because he chase after money because he thinks that will give me happiness.

I know that we cannot survive on love alone and in this day of time, money is needed to buy basic necessities. I am not saying that I don't need money either. I mean, no one will say no to free money but when it comes to priorities, I think as long as my family and I can live a happy live, so what we do not have a million to our name. So what if I do not have a merc to drive around. And so what if I do not have a big gigantic bungalow with maids to take care of everything. As long as I am happy and knowing that if I die of natural death, sickness or accident tomorrow, at least I have tasted good life with the people that I love.

Everyone have a list of things that they wish to have. I mean, that is human nature, never fully satisfied with what they already have. That is why we have the saying that the pasture next door is greener. But having said that, what do we do to achieve those wish list. How much are we willing to sacrifice to make the wish list comes true. And after you obtain what you wish for in the list, what next? A new list and then a new chase? The cycle will never end. So, what is the point of chasing to the extend of risking your own health and happiness?

By the way, there is no such thing as get rich quick ok. So, if anyone approach you with scheme that sounds too good to be true, 99.99% of the time, it is too good to be true. So, DONT BE CONNED! If not sure about an investment, ask around and then decide. Do your research before trusting a scheme. Even if it is offered by someone that you thought is closed to you, he or she might have been blind sighted as well. So, be CAREFUL!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CC8: Getting Comfortable With Visual Aid

I won the best manual speaker out of five other speakers for this but I am not very proud of it because this was a rather fun and entertaining topics to do. And hence, humor has played a major part in being voted the best for the night. However, as for the content and deliver, it could have been improved more especially for a 8th project. Definitely more thoughts should be put into this instead of just preparing the final draft the day before and presentation slides on the day it self. Oh yes, one note to remember, for those using the Competent Communicator manual, please note that the objectives is to use TWO OR MORE VISUAL AID. So, if you only have powerpoint slides, better look for some props or some other things to help you. It can be anything, even a tea cup or human being to stand still as statue or posing for you.

METHOD: Narrative & Informative
PURPOSE: To share the secret of getting the girl that a guy desire from a girl’s perspective

2 colleagues in a pantry chatting about their wives especially on how they win fights.
One guy said, “ The last time I had a fight with my wife, I had her on her knees”.

The another guy said, “Wow, what did she say?”

The first guy replied, “ She said, come out from under the bed right now!

Today, I am here not to share about how to win fights with your wives/spouse but rather, I am bringing you back to the very beginning, how to get the girl that you have your eyes on. I mean, guys, who better to learn on how to win the girl that you are eyeing over than from a girl.

Believe it or not, this is such a popular idea and apparently lucrative business that a couple of guys in US offer courses on how to woe gals and charge US$3000 for it. I will only be sharing tip of the iceberg, i.e. How to Get Started And since this is such as short one, I will not be charging you. Guys, you can thank me later *wink*

Actually, for us girls, it is really simple. The most important thing is FIRST IMPRESSION! The guy don't even have to be very handsome or look like a Italian Greek Model or God. He just need to impress us the first time that we see him. And I can tell you immediately that those corny pick up line does not work! What makes the guy think that saying something like "Have I seen you somewhere" or "I think I just saw an angel" will work? Girls are not stupid or brainless you know.

Remember to speak loud enough so that she can hear you. I am not asking you to shout, mind you! That is a no-no too. Just talk in loud audible volume so that she don't have to strain her ears to hear you. Trust me, she will not ask you to repeat yourself if she can't hear and chances are, she might just tune out or pretend to hear. This is no good too because she might be missing some important information that you might like her to know about you. Also, if you mumble, then we will perceive you as weak. So, speak up.

Once you get her attention, remember to BREATH! LOL~ I know it might it nerve wrecking and the possibility of being rejected is painful but that is LIFE. Slow down and don't talk like chipmuck! LOL!~ I know you suddenly have so many things to tell her but do it slowly. After all, you need to captivate her and not shock her! And guys, don't use your whiny voice. There is nothing worse than listening to someone with pitchy high voice especially from a guy. It might works on Franny from The Nanny but unless you have a body like hers, practice and train yourself to speak from your chest.

On the other hand, don't talk like a robot either! Gasp! You don't want to bore her with emotionless flat voice too. It always helps if you talk about a topic that you are passionate about but for godsake, I am pretty sure the girls am not interested in how you clean your socks yesterday.....

Oh yes, don't forget about your body language. Sit up or stand straight in your most natural posture without hunching or curving your back. Not asking you to be stiff like a statue lar! And try to take up more space. Don't withdraw into yourself. When sitting, sit as comfortably as you can with your legs spread comfortably across. I remember there is this really tall guy that I met once before sitting across from me with his super duper long legs stretch across the small tiny round cafe table towards me. There were no physical contact at all but the vibe at the time could have lit a bonfire. Sadly (or rather fortunately), I found out that he is a player. So, no thanks.

Next is the eyes! Remember how you know a couple just start dating when you see them staring gooey eyes at each other? When you are trying to attract a girl, eye contact is very very important. General rule is 50% when you are spoken to and 90% when you are speaking. This will show sincerity and interest. Girls are not used to being looked in the eyes by someone that is interested in them. So, this will come of as both attractive and show of confident and at the same time surprise the girl. Of course, it will help if you have sea blue eyes with long eye lashes that a girl simply can't stop staring and get lost in....

Last but not least, no matter how nervous you are feeling at the time, DO NOT SHOW THEM! Trust me, the moment the girl sense that you are nervous, then it is sayonara to you! We like our man to be strong, kind, wonderful, great eyes, great butt, great smile, humorous, entertaining, sensitive, cooks, clean and the list goes on! hahaha...

1. Too many points. Listener cannot recall all five points if didn't jot down. Suggest to keep to three points
2. Example, can use the Three Monkeys, See no evil (for eye contact), hear no evil (for vocal, volume and tone), talk no evil (slow down, relax, calm down, think before talking,etc).
3. To add more oomph to the opening, say something like, PPSSTTT, I have a secret to tell you.
4. Dangerous to use English related joke. Some people might not get it. So, unless really good, keep away.
5. To add more oomph to closing, say something like, Go forth and be a Toastmasters! (Note: Toastmasters members out there SHOULD know what this mean!)