Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Babe's Pet Project

Guess what we did after work yesterday? Nolar, not THAT or whatever *something* that the senget brain is thinking. Babe and I went to Carrefour Subang lar! Yap, all the way from 1U. To do what you ask? Babe want to buy aquarium there because it is cheap, 2feet aquarium for RM45 (But end up we buy more than that....*roll eyes and shake head*).

I actually have a meeting at 6pm yesterday but due to my colleague R ingenuity, the meeting was over in 10minutes. But I cannot go back yet ler. I told babe to leave his office late so that he dont have to wait too long for me mar. How I know the meeting finished even earlier than his usual pick-me-up-time. On top of that, when I called him at 6.15pm, it was raining really heavily and he cant leave his office without getting soak.

So, I went to 1U lor to walk around searching for more ribbons while waiting. I was hoping that Kee is still around since she mentioned that she wanted to go shopping after work as well but she was already almost at her car when I called. Anyway, didn't buy anything at all. The ribbons are so darn expensive. 2 meters for more than RM10! That is what I called insane and cut-throat. Also, wasted quite alot of time at Coldstorage queuing to pay for the drink that babe ordered me to buy for me...

By the time he picked me up, it was already 7pm and we hear on the the usual rush hour jam is still happening at LDP and the road to Subang. We decided to go for dinner at the nearby economy rice shop while waiting for the rush hour jam to subside. By the time we arrived Carrefour Subang, it was closed to 8pm but no problem there since not much people is around on weekdays! Blissful! hahaha.

Walked around checking out the electrical stuff first. Hoping to find water heater or combination microwave at bargain. But nothing lor! Then we go straight to the aquarium section. As I said, initially we planned to go there to get the 2 feet aquarium and JUST the aquarium which cost RM45. I thought, why not. That is cheap and he just need to find a cupboard to put the aquarium on and I can USE the cupboard to store some of the stuff at home.

I should have known that things will never go as plan when it comes to shopping for hobby and interest. We end up buying a full set of fish rearing equipment, a 2 feet aquarium that comes with the plastic cover, a filter pump and a stand for the aquarium to sit on. Total damage, RM190. Oh, plus sponge for the filter and anti-chlorine. So, total is RM193. We paid and went home immediately after that. Babe wants to go back and set up his new toy!

All the way back, he keep asking what fish to keep! He cant make up his mind lar. Awhile ariwana (sp?), then changed his mind and thought of goldfish and then changed his mind again back to ariwana. Goodness! Like little boy! hahaha! But I am happy he is happy lar. Then keep mumbling that we should have at least gotten a small small fish to put in the aquarium first. I stopped him from buying the fish at Carrefour because (1) We are gonna be in Kch for 2wks. Who take care? and (2) The aquarium needs to be clean and water need to be filtered first lar or else the fishes all die lar!

Does this mean that I have an excuse to get a small toy dog as pet????

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My new project

Yap, another one. I just installed photoshop in my pc and thought I play around with it for awhile and do something simple like an invitation card. Babe was suppose to help me make an e-invitation so that I can send them to my friends and colleagues. But since I am not sure my colleagues will welcome the e-invitation, I decided not to send to them lor. Those that matters to me has already RSVP and confirmed they wont be able to make it. Wish they can come though. Would be great to have them there.... (Is it too late to hint?)

Ok, let me get to the point... tried doing some e-invitation on photoshop and this is the result:

I think it is too simple and plain but my friends said it look ok. Most of them said the bride and groom looks cute! I agree. That is why I included them! HAHAHA! I guess I need to practise more and try out other things that photoshop can do. Would love to design more stuff with the photoshop ^_^. Good way to be artistic without knowing how to draw! BLUEK!


My colleague and I finally went to the swimming at the pool at my apartment yesterday evening. I was suppose to have a meeting at 6pm yesterday but after dialing in and waited for about 15minutes, the moderator has not dial in yet (turn out he couldn't wake up! He was 5am his time and 6pm our time. Guess cant blame him lar). So, we dropped the call and decided that since still have time, we might as well go back to my place for a swim.

It was actually pretty dark by the time we finished changing to our swimsuit and go to the pool. Dark but still can see lar because the sun has not fully set. That was around 7.30pm. always thought that the water will be warm because the pool would have absorbed the heat from the sun the whole day and is suppose to release it slowly in the evening. But the water was so cold last night! Super duper cold. Kee, my colleague was actually shivering! I know I can feel EVERY part of my body tensed from the cold.

But after moving around in the pool for awhile, we felt better lar. There was another girl in the pool. One of the people staying at the apartment too. It was the first time I see her. When she wave and say hello, we thought she was just being friendly at first. Then suddenly, she ask do you know what is , I actually rolled my eyes in my brain, OH NO! ANOTHER DIRECT SALES! I have nothing against people that do direct selling but please lar! We went to the pool to swim and have fun. Not to listen to the nonsense about EXPERIENCE SHARING GATHERING or whether we are interested and if yes, she can invite us! As if that is such a previlege thing, to be invited..sheesh!! GERAM!

But me and K being super nice people, we just dont have the heart to tell someone direct to the face to shut up and leave us in peace. So, in the end, we were trying really really hard to change the topic a few times without much success and when she asked if we are free this Saturday, that was the last straw and I immediately told her, sorry, I wont be around. Will be going away for a long trip. I think she finally got the hint lar and left the pool without saying goodbye or anything! HEHEHE!

Anyway, we had a good peaceful swim after that. Looking forward to doing it again. Maybe we go to Jusco later and check out the swimsuit on 50% sales? ALAMAK! Errr...maybe not. Need to save $$$ ~>_<~ Or I bring Sum there and ask her to buy her swimsuit & googles??? PPsst, Kee, what u think?

After the swim and bath, we went to the mamak for dinner around 8.30pm. Ate thosai telur again with chutney that is white (coconut I think) and brown (er..this I am not sure what but really nice mix with the white one). Kee also ate thosai but hers was plain one. Babe at nasi pattaya and we ordered chicken tandoori. Super full after that but we were glad because we ate super light throughout the day and finally go swimming. Dinner was not too heavy. So, all in all, it was a good day yesterday.

p/s: *singing and humming* SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!!! Going back the day after tomorrow!!!! No need to work for 16 days!!!! GRIN GRIN GRIN GRIN!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Some Theory.....

Dunno what to update today. All I know is it is after 5pm and I am feeling super blur after a long day. Morning was super fast with meeting at 8am till 9am-ish. Then we had our short breakfast and back to work. Didn't even realised it was already 11.45pm until I saw my colleague went to the pantry to heat up his food. I brought lettuce, leftover bbq chicken/lamb with salad dressing for lunch today. After we are done with lunch, we went for a walk at 1U. Didn't buy anything lor this time except some wrapping paper to wrap the kids Xmas presents.

But trust me, it was not easy to resist! All the sales! Good thing I am practising/testing a new technique to save money. I am trying not to withdraw too much cash from the bank. That way, everytime I am short of money, I will have to wait and hunt for a ATM before going back to buy it again. Of course, most of the time, I will be too lazy to walk all the way to one end of the building to withdraw money and walk back again to the store, i.e. a clear sign of impulse purchase right???

Feeling extremely tired actually thinking of 6pm meeting. Something that had to be done every Tuesday! How I wish today is Thursday already. Then I will not only be skipping and jumping with excitement and joy but also dancing, irritating and bugging everyone else since they are not taking long holidays or anything like that. But I know lar, they are also excited and happy for me. Drats, this reminds me that I have to update my colleagues and start to past down pending items to them. Was suppose to do it today but somehow, there are just too many things to do.

Somehow, somewhere, it always seems that the week before I go on leave, there are pending items that need urgent confirmation. Seems that people suddenly realised I am going to go on leave for 2 weeks and start to close any action items. Babe also having the same problem. He has been super busy since last Friday. Even when he was working halfday on Saturday, he was super busy. Not like usual, where on Saturday will be less productive. I remember someone tell me that there is this theory. Something about when you want it, it is not there. When you dont want it, somehow it just is there!

Monday, December 15, 2008

A long long long post ...I think...

YAHOO!!! GO BACK KUCHING ON FRIDAY!!!!!! Can I dance? Can I jump and skip while I am walking? I think I will have a big big smile etched on my face today and for the rest of the week. Truthfully, I really feel like skipping and float! I guess I will be irritating my friends/colleagues like crazy this few days with my insane happiness. Right, I think I better try to stop irritating you guys with my non-stop happiness. The keyword here is 'TRY' but I cant promise that I wont suddenly burst into songs of joy! Hahahahaha! :P

So, what have I been doing during the weekend? Oh did I tell you that I went back @ 3pm on Friday? Yup, send K to KL sentral as she needs to catch the 5pm bus to Penang. Well, it is actually more like I follow her in her car and then drop her off and then drive the car back to my place. She told me, go out and turn right at the traffic light and then turn left. Follow the sign that says Bandar Sunway and you will come to LDP. And that is how I managed to drive ALONE from KL to my home! I am damn proud of myself! hahahaha...crazy oredi..dont mind me..

Anyway, reached home around 5pm, had suddenly inspiration to cook japanese tofu with the leftover prawn from the night before. Also cooked kangkong with belacan since babe complaint before that it is hard to find kangkong here. That just goes to show that he dont really shop when we go get the vege! Then, preparing all the things to cook at last minute just as he come back, I sat in front of the tv and watch astro.

And I waited and waited and waited....sufficient to say that I was glad that I drove K's car that day instead of waiting for him because turnout he had to stayed back late because of audit. He only reached home around 8pm! That mean that if I had waited for him, I would have waited stupidly in the office for almost 2hours :(

Sigh! Anyway, Saturday, nothing spectacular happened. Babe worked half day. He dozed off till about 6.30pm after we had our lunch. It was a perfect day to laze around the house actually since it rained almost the whole afternoon well into the evening. I, of course, just couldnt resist curling up in bed with a new Stephen King book, Duma Key that I bought from MPH sale. (Super cheap by the way, RM19 for a 600+ pages hardcover!). That is also how I end up dozing off for an hour in bed. Damn nice lar! *imagining this is how it be starting next week for more than 10days!)

After he woke up, we had dinner. We had sliced pork which was cooked in water that double up as the soup. A very simple dish that save time but still nice because it is babe's fav. Actually, a good dish to prepare when you feel like having something simple that is not too oily! After dinner, we went to Ikea in hope of finding another roll of ribbons but it was in vain. After Ikea, we went to The Curve because babe want to look for shirt to wear for Xmas to church (Dont ask me why need new shirt, I also dont know). End up, we only left the place around 10pm when people are starting to close shop for the day.

Went to mamak, shared thosai telur. Went home and watched tv till around 2am. Babe was watching his football of course. Sunday, woke up around 10.30am. I cant seem to sleep pass 11am nowadays no matter how hard I try. Somehow, my internal body alarm clock will ring and wake me up. So, woke up, did the laundry. Babe woke up at 11am. We went for brunch at a nearby coffee shop at 11.30am and rushed back as babe want to watch the UFC finals on the internet tv.

Went out around 4pm to Sunway Pyramid. Wanted to walk around to look for babe's shirt and also toys for the kids. Cant find any, so we went to Subang Parade and Carrefour Subang. Bought 2 mosquito helicopters. Then rush to Kelana Jaya LRT station to pick up K at around 10.10pm. She had to wait for about 15-20 minutes. Damn! Was hoping to reach there before her so that she didnt have to wait alone so late at night! We went for dinner at mamak near my place and I had thosai telur again. hahaha!

When home and babe of course have to 'test' the helicopters. End up, the both of us played around with it and watch Kyle XY until 12. Bath and watched a documentary on Astro about a man in Indonesia who is half man and half tree. I think I will flashes of the guy's image for a long long time. Glad that I was too tired last night to have any nightmares!

EIKS! OK OK! I will stop now. LALALALAALALALALA...OOPS! Sorry..did I just burst into songs? KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEEKEKK

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cherry Tomatoes Anyone?

Here we are , on Sunday, 12.30pm and I just finished having brunch with babe at one of the chinese coffee shop nearby. Nothing is better than a bowl of noodle topped with soya sauce and a big bowl of pork and inert soup for RM3.80 only. Babe had a plate of fried kueh teow with clams and prawn. Not bad too. But the most important thing is, I do not have to cook and clean up afterwards~! HAHAHA!

Anyway, feeling rather dissappointed today because we were looking forward to collecting our wedding photos and album from the bridal but somehow the lady there screw up and got the date mixed up. Instead of writing down collecting the photos today and the gowns & coats on Thursday, she wrote down to collect everything on Thursday! Damn! That was just 1 day before we fly back to Kuching. They better make sure that everything is ready and nothing is wrong with it or else it will be too late do to anything about it!

And here I was, looking forward to showing the photos to my colleagues and everyone else on facebook! Guess they will have to wait till either we are back in Kuching or back in KL when I can upload all the photos (touched up ones only - 45pieces) to facebook. I am already thinking where to put the big framed photos of us. Cannot really remember which one we chosed for the wall. Anyway, Thursday, will be rushing to the bridal right after work so that I can be there by 7pm to do the last fitting for my gown. The seamstress work till 8pm only although the bridal closed at 9pm.

Hopefully, my boss will allow me to work from home on Friday. Then, I can take my time and make sure I have everything packed before going off to the airport in the evening. Later today, going to go and look for toys for the kids. Still thinking what to get for them. The boys are 9 and 11 I think. Babe thinking of getting them a t-shirt each and one of those light weight helicopter that can actually fly. Wonder the helicopter is for the kids or him hor? :P

Anyway, since moving in here, I have a small little project which I almost give up on until yesterday! My cherry tomato finally flowering! So, this mean that, it will be bearing fruits soon!I know, I shouldnt count my chicks before they hatch but I am so happy that I did not chopped off the plant and discard it! I was actually planning to do that before I go back to Kuching. But last night, when I was doing my nightly survey of the plants, lo and behold, it is flowering! I feel like dancing just about now. Silly right? It is just a plant but I never have much of a green thumb and even cactus can die on me. So, yap, I am super happy!

The itsy bitsy yellow flower blooming

Friday, December 12, 2008

BBQ Chicken @ 1U

We went to BBQ Chicken @ 1U on Wednesday for a early birthday celebration. We initially thought the place is really pricey because the be frank, the photos on the posters outside the BBQ Chicken restaurant just dont do the food justice! We went there at around 12noon and we decided to order the lunch set which comes with a soup, a drink and plate with fried rice, coleslaw, 2 pieces of bbq chicken stripes and another piece of whatever type of chicken that you are interested in, either fried, grill or charboiled.

I will only say, the food was so good and filling that we simply cant help melting the moment the meat melts in our mouth! Yah, I am not exagrating, the food was that good. And the best thing, the fried food is fried in olive oil. Surprisingly, the fried food does not taste like the usual freaky oily stuff that you usually get when fried with normal cooking oil (think KFC chicken and the oil at the bottom of the skin when you peel it).

In fact, we are simply amazed by the fact that there is hardly any oil stain on our plate at all despite the fact that we have fries, fried chicken pieces and chicken strips! I really don't know if it is because of the olive oil or simply because they blot away all the access oil after frying. Either way, it definitely works for me and judging from the empty clean plates after the lunch, my colleagues definitely concur with me.

Charboiled boneless chicken, chicken strips with mustard, coleslaw and fried rice (RM12.60+)
This is really really really good. Dont get discouraged by the name charboiled. In fact, the chicken was actually grilled to perfection that it actually tasted slightly smoked! I will definitely order this again.

Chicken stripes covered with yellow mustard. Surprisingly light and juicy. Hardly any oil and tasted super healthy. (I think this is RM11+)

Fries with errmm..jerk chicken (LOL! I cant remember the name of the chicken and neither can my colleagues except that is sounded something like jerk! HEHEHE). The chicken is so-so only. I think it was because the charboiled chicken outshine it. Or else it would have tasted perfectly ok as well. (I think this was RM16+)

Another 2 colleagues had rice, coleslaw, chicken stripes with fried chicken. The fried chicken tasted super fanstastic too!!! Very moist and yet the skin was crispy without the ugh factor due to excess oil. I might order this with the charboiled chicken next time we are there! Oh yar, the portion is pretty good too. Even the guys were feeling full and satisfied. The girls, no need to say lar, of course full but then, the fullness is the nice full feeling. Not those bloated super regretful type of feeling, you know what I mean???

Yap, definitely one of those must go again place. It is located at the LG of the new wing at 1U.

What to do....what to do...

This are some of the things that I will be bringing back with me to Kuching next Friday on top of the wedding gown, two dinner gown, 1 tea ceremony dress, 1 xmas nite dress, a jean and shorts from US for my dad, wedding photo albums and photos with frame and of course a few other small trinklets for my friends in Kuching. Mom is also asking me to see if I can find anything for her and my sis. I also dunno ler.

Hopefully wont be overweight lar! My friend is telling me that I must not check in the photo albums or gowns in case something happened! I should bring them on board but I am not sure if MAS will let me do that. Sigh!!! Or else I might have to ask some of babe's friend to bring some of the stuff back for us! Luckily, MAS allow 20kg per pax and that is 40kg for babe and me. Or else, I think I will cry myself silly lar. But that still leaves me with the problem of handcarry ler.

I asked babe if we should bring the laptops back since we are so short of space. It is not as if we will use them (much) when we go back right? But to my horror, I found that he is actually thinking of bringing BOTH his and my laptops back! Jiak lak! If he is bringing his back, I will definitely leave my behind.

Then there is the question of staying at whose house when we go back to Kuching. Shall we both stay at my parents place or his OR we both stay at our own place till the wedding day? This is actually a no brainer to me but everytime I mentioned this, babe sounds hurt that I will even consider staying in different place as him. But the way I see it, we will be married and staying in KL TOGETHER for a long long long time. So, for this trip back, I would like to spend more time with my parents and sister and brother. Sigh!! I guess I will need to talk to babe again...

Anyway, I am so excited about going back next week that I can almost literally taste Kuching air in my mouth. Yar, I am excited about going home but still not (yet) excited about the wedding. Sot (crazy) lar I know but I guess we will get excited once we are pulled into the tidal waves by our family. In the meantime, everytime my bridesmaid, Didi, asked me for details on the wedding, all I can say is "I will tell you more when I get back". BLUEK!!!

Ok lar..I share share some of the photos of the things I need to bring back with me:

Rings Pillow
A gift from my longtime friend. Ain't that sweet of her^_^
Seems that everyone is more excited than babe & I at the moment on our upcoming wedding:P

Babe's sister asked me to get ribbons to decorate the church. Found this at Ikea. The only roll left. I need another roll. Must try to go Ikea again this weekend and see if they have re-stocked

The bow tie for babe's nephews. They will be the ring bearers after much bribing from their mom. Now, she is having headache to find a black or grey pants for one of the son. He have size 33 waist and he is only 10...

I am ONE today

PHEW!! Hard to believe. It has already been a year since I started this crazy obsession of mine! Yap, my blog is a year old today. Ain't that the most amazing thing? I checked and realised that I have 350 posting in 365days. That is almost one posting per day. Of course, there were some some days that have more than one posting and some dry days with no posting for a few days. But then again, on average, one posting per day. WOW! I never know I can talk so much.

I initially started blogging because I was thinking of using this as another source of income. You know, blog for MONEY! But somehow, after awhile, I realised that I do not have the discipline or determination to do that. Of course, the fact that my blog's rating was not sufficient to get those assignments coming in steady flow, which further discourage me from going on. But then, this is another new year for my blogging obsession (yap, it is still an obsession even after a year) and I might just try to do something to increase those bambling rating to get more steady flow of assignments.

Back then, I was also planning to use blogging as a way to sharpen my story writing skill as it has been my dream to become a romance novel writer but again, those were derailed with my daily life and activities. I know I know, excuses but I just cant get the inspiration or motivation to sit down and start writing. I know what you are going to ask: How come you have time for blogging? Well, blogging and writing novel is completely different. To write the novel, I need to immense myself completely in my story in order to write a good one. But blogging, well, i just let my real feelings show! Cant do that when writing romance novel. No one want the real life reality love life. Everyone wants to know about the fairy tale part!

Then, when I relocated to KL, the blog is a way for me to tell my friends back home what is up with my life. This way, I dont have to repeat a few times to different people the same story over and over again. So far, it has worked because now, not only my friends in Kuching know I am getting married on 29 Dec, the world seems to know too! HAHA!

I have also makes friends, some really good ones through blogging. I found people that actually thinks like me. Like they say, great minds thinks alike! HAHAHA! Anyway, I am glad Rose introduce me to blogging. Although sometimes, I do feel lazy to update my blog but never in my mind did I actually ever thought I can stop blogging. Somehow, this is more addictive to me than even the world most delicious food!

So, happy birthday to me!!! :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


29 Dec 2008, just another 19 days to go. I am looking forward to it but at the same time, I am nervous! Am I crazy? I been waiting for this day and yet, it felt as if the time just flew and the date just loom closer and closer. The date that I no longer can definite my marital status as single. It will be the day that I will call someone my husband. And I am definitely having COLD FEET!

I mean I love him very much and definitely want to spend the rest of my life with him. And as I mentioned last time, I am not sure if the next 30-40years will even be enough. But at the same time, I am wondering, what will life be after the date. Will things change or will it remain the same as today? What will happen when we have kids? How will life be? I know, I know. I should just let it be and whatever happens, will happen. No point worrying about it now.

When I think about how close the date is, I just cant help getting butterflies in the pit of my stomach and felt like gagging! If something 19days away makes me feel this way, I really dont dare to think of the actual day. I just hope I wont faint ler. This makes me almost wish that we maintain the status quo now, i.e. living together in sin...almost but of cos wont lar! I think my parents and his mom will get very upset with us if we do that! HAHAHA!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rice Cooker Cake

I MADE IT THRU THE DAY!! YAHOO!! SUPER DUPER AMAZING! I seriously thought I will not be able to make it through today. I think those of you that have read my previous post will know EXACTLY what I am talking about now. I am still having a headache, the nagging type that is not too bad that stops me from getting up from bed (SIGH!) but bad enough to make me feeling depressed and wish that it is the end of the day already.

Babe is late today because I had a meeting at 6pm and no idea what time it will finish. And luckily also he didnt come early because the meeting finished at 6.35pm. If he had come the usual time, i.e. before 6.30pm, he would have to wait awhile for me to be done lor. Poor colleague of mine that is carpooling with me still waiting with me too. So, since I have to wait and definitely not in the mood to do more work, decided to update my blog and bore you guys with what I did during the weekend.

So, other than cleaning, cooking and ironing (yar, the usual stuff..sigh), I actually tried to bake a cake with the rice cooker! Reason for using the rice cooker to bake a cake? Well, I do not have a normal electric oven. And I am desperately in need to let my baking desire free. So, I saw somewhere that people can actually bake with the rice cooker. So, that is what I did. I bought one of those simple ready chocolate cake mix that claim to be super moist since I am experimenting.

And the result? I think it turn not pretty good. The cake is fluffy and yummy but the cake mix was not so great. Not enough chocolatey taste! Ok Ok..let me show off some photos:

How Come Fish so Expensive?

I been trying to write a post since this morning but somehow, always either get interrupted or simply lost the inspiration to write. Really don't know what is wrong with me today. My brain does not know what my mind is thinking. there such a phrase? I am so spaced out actually that all I want to do is sit around and stare at things. Even now, my work desk look like a junkyard with lots of paper scatter around it. Frankly speaking, I am not sure what I should do first.

At the moment, the only thing that is on my mind is I just spend RM14+ on 1 slice of cod fish bought from Jusco. Babe lor, since yesterday been talking about wanting to eat steamed fish and not just any steamed fish. Must be those super nice expensive fish such as the white prompet or cod or something like that. Since no prompet can be seen at Jusco just now, I bought the cod fish and also 2 'parang' fish. Also bought some washed potatoes. Want to bake them in the oven tonight for babe supper or tomorrow breakfast.

Really don't feel like working today. Can actually feel as if the eyes are swollen and super heavy. SLEEPY!!!! I guess I should be happy because this week is a short work week, just 3days of work since Monday and Thursday is a public holiday here in Selangor. By right, I should be very happy. After all, last week was a 4day work day for me because I took Monday off. And next week also will be a 4day work day because I am planning to work from home on Friday. But I WANT TO GO HOME NOW!!!!

But I can't! Have meeting at 6pm with our US vendor. We can't ask them to schedule it earlier because it is only 5am at their side when we are 6pm. So, if we ask for even half hour earlier, it will be 4.30am their side! So, have to take it as it is lor. Hopefully it wont be a long one today and we can be done in 15minutes. Should be nothing much to talk about anyways unless they ask technical stuff. YAWN!!!! Thinking about it makes me SLEEPY!!!

Oh yar, MPH @ 1U also have good value buy sale. Not sure till when but the books outside the shop are mostly selling between RM9-19. I am happy because I bought a Stephen King hardcover book for RM19. I enjoy buying this kind of hardcover book at value buy. Somehow, it is just much prettier and more satisfying compare to buying paperback! Dont ask me why. I dont think I have the energy to explain much to you now.

I want to go and get the Twilight book by Stephanie Meyer. There is another Stephanie Meyer book on sale just now called The Host selling at RM61+. Too expensive for me... If it was selling at RM30-40, would not hesitate to buy it. But I am not very willing to pay more than RM50 for a book eventhough we can get tax rebate for them.

I think I am babbling nonsense now and babbling just for the sake of talking. Still blur and fuzzy in the head.....

Friday, December 5, 2008

So, what is my resolution???

Ok! So back to my goals for the next few years. Let me see:
Immediately Goal (1 year time)
1. Get married (hahaha...obviously this will be achievable!)
2. Settle credit card with one of the bank. (I think the amount is less than RM4K. Plan to pay it off with my 13mth salary next year)
3. Start a proper budget and expense plan with babe & try to save as much as possible (economy not good. Better dont simply spend)
4. Lost some more weight (I have a number in mind but not going tell u guys! HAHA! Hopefully, this would be very easy because I might be traveling more and if 40hours flight and airport does not help, then, I dont know what else does)
5. Buy a good digital camera (Thinking of the new IXUS but if Sum willing to selling her G9, then I will definitely forgo the IXUS and get the G9)

This should be enough for the next one year. And what I wanna achieve before my next milestone, 35?
Short term (before I am 35)
1. Have my first baby
2. Climb the career ladder in my current company
3. Settle my another credit card
4. Settle my car loan

Damn, and now, the big four oh (40 lar).
Long term (before I am 40)
1. Second baby?
2.Finish paying for the house in Kuching
3. On top of the career ladder and be the highly demanded business planner in the industry

I think that should be enough for the next 10 years? I think babe has another plan for the next 5 years. He wanna relocate back to Kuching to work. But the way I see it, if he does get his license and then is bonded by his company, I doubt he will want to (or able to) go back in the next 5 year. Even the next 10years might be difficult because Kuching simply do not have the market for SHO. Alot of our friends are here and most of them said they similar things like he did, i.e. go back to Kuching within x-number of years. And most of them are still here!

Guess it is hard and difficult to up and go once especially if everything has settled down nicely especially for the kids.

p/s: I still have not book our ticket to go back during CNY! I asked my parents to come to KL for CNY holiday - Mom said ok but Dad don't want. Sigh.....How ah? Celebrate CNY here alone with babe? So lonely ler. Cannot imagine not with my family for reunion dinner..

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Resolutions...Do I need them?

Haiyahhhh...this Didi, now she got me thinking of my new year resolution and just so happen, my horoscope also is saying that it is a good year to set my resolution! Look at this:

Your horoscope for December 4, 2008 Today is an excellent day to set some new goals for yourself, Jen Lu. When's the last time you did this? Many think that New Year's Day and their birthday are prime times to make resolutions or set goals - yet this is something that can be done anytime. In fact, it's advisable to renew, rename, and revamp ambitions on a regular basis, as life brings constant change to circumstances. Pull out some paper and a pen and jot ideas down for yourself.

I think I have not been doing a firm goal setting for awhile already. The last time I did a goal setting was when I was in my early 20s. That was the time when I was still very excited about things and gungho about everything that I do. And of course, wants to achieve glory, success and power immediately! In fact, some of the goals were actually achieved. For example, I aim to buy my own house and car (well, on loan anyways but under my own name!!!) before I reach my 30th birthday. And I bought a house with my bro for my parents about 3-4years back when I was 27 or 28 years old.

To get my Masters degree before I am 30. (There are alot of things I want to achieve before I am 30, dont know why lar) I got my Masters in the year 2004, that was 3 years ago when I was 27 years old. Of course, the next was that I want to get my PhD before I am 40 but at the rate I am going, I doubt I will even get started. So, what more to say to complete it. Anyway, I don't know what am I going to do with it even if I do get it. I guess priorities changed with time.

The next goal was to climb the career ladder and reach the management level before I am 30 (Again, the big 30). At first, this seems so impossible because everytime my superior want to promote me, her superior will say, nope, she is too young and don't look matured enough to handle parents and students. Sigh, the trouble with having a babyface. Seriously, this is not a blessing in disguise. People thinks I am in secondary school when I was already 24 or 25! Not fun at all.

But that was beside the point, I have digress from the topic. I did managed to climbed to Head of dept but I only stayed for 3 months because the crazy boss has been transferring from one department to another to do 'clean up'! Imagine in the 2 years I was under him, I was transferred to 4 departments. Once he sees that I have nicely organised and clean up everything, starting to settledown, he will start to dangle the carrot in front of me, empty promises. So, I gladly took the first good job offer that I had which allows me not only to switch company but also industry! That was how bad it was.

Anyway, I also wanted to get married before I am 30 but then I miss that by about a year since I am getting married in less than 25days, that technically puts me at the age of 31~! Don't ask me how is the preparation because I really have no idea! I only know morning is church ceremony, then tea ceremony and then dinner reception, all on the same day. That is all I know lor! So, yap, I didn't achieve that but I don't mind because people do marry late nowadays right?

Of course, the next question would be, when to have the first baby. Sigh!At first, I die die also say first 2 years of marriage, no way pregnant and have baby. Must enjoy life a married couple first and climb the career ladder again. Surprisingly, babe also agrees with me. But hor, now, after seeing the difficulties that some of my friends have to concieve, well, it got me thinking. Some of my friends said, no need to wait. Try immediately after marriage. After all, babies take up to nine months before finally come out mar. Anyway, wont be so lucky and easy to concieve one. That is what some tells me.

WAH LAU! I don't think I can cope with that. Imagine, if really that LUCKY and immediately conceive after wedding night, OMG! I think I will go crazy with worries. How to afford a baby? Everything so damn expensive now. Even when the baby not yet out in the world, have to think about the cost to have it delivered. If natural birth, then not too bad. But what if have complication and need ceasarean! And then, after birth, there is the diapers, milk formulas, clothes, etc. As it is, spending for myself and babe also sometimes not enough in a month. What more to say want to spend for another living being.

So, for now, the plan (not goal!) is still in 2 years time but maybe after marriage, decide to cut short to half and start trying is a year time? OMG! Babe will either freak or jumping with joy when he see this.


Ok, so here is the thing, I initial thought I ask babe to do e-invitation to send to my colleagues and our friends since we are both in KL and that would be much easier. Why the hassle of asking our parents to send the wedding card here again? And we will just give the actual card to our bosses. I know almost all of my colleagues will not be able to make it since it will be in Kuching. But I am happy, I want to announce to the whole world that I am getting married! And I think it is courtesy to invite eventhough they might not be able to make it.

The thing is, I got this feedback from a colleague of mine that says, she also thought it is courtesy but some people assumed that it is because we want ang pau or presents from them! OMG! So, I am at lost about what to do. Shall I send them e-invitation card to them anyway or no need to send at all lar? Sum (kekekeke!I like this nickname) say if this is the case, no need lar because knowing our colleagues, some of them will think this way lor.

Oh well, nevermind. Just a few close friends and colleagues knowing my status changed from single but not available to married AND not available.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Business Trip

Some of you might remember that I had a business trip to Penang and Kulim middle of Nov08 AND I promised to upload some of the photos that I took. This is actually the second time in 2 months that I went there for business trip. The first time was on my own and since it was the first time that I was there, it was really really really really boring. I was really looking forward to coming back (but I did miss the hot shower at the hotel!HAHA!! Babe, time for us to invest in our own heater...)

Anyway, the second time was with another colleague and we left together with four other customers of our to visit the vendor for an audit. And as usual, since we are with customers (and big shots too :P), our vendor took really good care of us and bought us for yummy seafood dinner. Of course, all thanks to our customer special request for mud crab, I think I ate enough seafood in that two nights to last me pretty long time.

On the last day there, since my flight was in the evening and the colleague and his family is actually staying in Penang, they have nicely offered to bring me around Penang. I was relunctant at first as I didn't want to bother his weekend with his family too much. After all, he only get to see his wife and kids a couple of days every week unless there is a public holiday or he is on leave. But after some pursuasion that the kids will enjoy it too, I agreed (KEKEKEKE! Haiyaa..pretend to be shy mar, cannot ah????)

So, after having bak kut teh and yam rice for breakfast, we drove around Penang and we stopped at a cendol store by the side of the road. He told me that this is one of the most famous cendol in Penang and I had to believe him because I can see hanging at the stall, a photo of Phua Chu Kang having cendol too! A humble A4 size photo laminated with see through plastic. Of course, the moment I taste the rich creamy coconut milk cendol with the sweet gula melaka, I am hooked! Definitely need to bring babe here to try this.

After that, too stuffed to even contemplate or think about any other food (although the colleague promised there will be more to come before he sent me to the airport), we went to the temples near the hotel. And if I did not tell you that this photos were taken in Penang, I think you would have thought I went across the border to Thailand! Just look at this amazing photos took with my motorola K3 handphone. (WISH I HAVE A DSLR!A D60 would be good. Or even a secondhand well cared for G9<-hint!). I will not put any comments at each of the photos because I think they speak for themselves.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Since I Moved Here...

It had been a super busy weekend for me. With babe and myself taking Monday off, we are thinking of making the most of our 3-day weekend and make sure that we do what we have been talking about in the last few weeks, i.e. bbq some pork! HAHA! We actually bought a small bbq pit from Giant about a couple of months back just to test and see if we can have the bbq at our small balcony off the kitchen without drawing (too much) attention to us. We even bought those quick start smokeless charcoal just to be on the safe side. After the first trial on the day of purchase, there is no stopping us.

Since we moved here in July, ie. 5 months ago, we had 3 bbq. Once, we invited friends over, sort of like a mini house warming for our new place. Then 2nd time was because we bought a bag of hickory wood and on a spur of the moment we decided to buy some meat and do our tw0-person bbq. The meat turn out super yummy and the smokey hickory wood taste goes deep into the meat. The bbq pit allows the smoke to be captured in the pit while the meat is cooking.

Happy with this success, we promised ourselves that the next time we go to the wet market, we will stock up on three-layer pork just for the bbq. So,the 3rd bbq was actually last night! HAHA! It was sort of a spur of the moment but not really also because we been thinking of doing it but have not made up our mind to have the bbq or go out for a walk at the mall. End up, we did both because we both woke up before 11am, had our breakfast and went out early enough to be back with plenty of time to do the bbq.

The 2nd time the we had our bbq, we bbq alot of meat and stored them in the fridge and freezer. Some of the meat, we heat up using the toaster oven and eat with our meals. But the thing that I can still remember is the taste of the bihun fried with smoked chicken meat! The smell, the taste! OMG! I dun mind stocking up again if we are not going back in less than 3weeks.

The BBQ PIT and the charred packet of hickory wood at the side

One of the roasted item - whole chicken legs.
The color is so yummy and juicy. The first time I did this was using half a chicken and I simply fall in love with it after that. The chicken legs are only marinated with salt and black pepper and nothing else. Pretty amazing huh?

Of course, there were other stuff - pork, lamb and fish but I was too lazy to snap any photo of them. Anyway, they are all in my fridge now and should be able to last babe and I for at least 2 weeks, i.e. till almost the time for us to go back to Kuching. Really must control myself and stop buying more stuff to stock up in the fridge or else two weeks later, the food spoil lar....wasted.

Anyway, today, Sunday, we decided the night before to stay in and enjoy the Sunday at home. After all, we planned to go out again on Monday to KWSP and run some errands that people normally need to do during weekdays. So, today, after having breakfast/brunch/lunch at 1pm (babe lar, wake up 1pm, me lunch at 1pm lor. I woke up at 11am :P ), I decided to try my hand at making sambal. I remember making it a long time ago when a group of us colleagues went to one of the Malay colleague's house to make nasi lemak for sale during our annual charity open house.

So, she essentially teached me how to make the sambal and we all love it so much. It is spicy with sweet and sour savoury taste. The sambal goes superbly with the coconut milk rice, half boil egg, salted fish and timun. Today, I try to make it again and discovered that other than remembering all the grinding and chopping of garlic, ginger, shallots, belacan, assam jawa, ikan bilis and dried chillies, I cannot remember what else she put.

But I venture on anyways thinking if it really not edible, it will just go into the rubbish bin lor. That was how strong my sense of adventure was today. Anyway, I am happy to say that the sambal is not too bad BUT I think and babe also thinks, something is missing from the sambal. I think it is lemongrass because when I go online to do research, I found that most recipe calls for lemon grass. But babe thinks it is the ikan bilis (dried anchovies). I think tomorrow, I will go get a couple stalk of lemon grass, grind it and try to adding to the sambal. Of course will fried it again. Hopefully, it is ok after that.

But, I think it is still yummy though because I keep thinking about it when we were out to meet babe's sister and family at Port Klang.

The sambal with the super delicious and tempting oily oily stuff at the side. Damn, I am drooling and thinking of having some again.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Tea Ceremony @ Restaurant???

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 21days to go!! Then I can go home liaw!! YAHOOOOO!!!! HAHAHA But of course, that also mean that I am going to be a married woman in 31 days! *BLUSH* I am so looking forward to going back hometown. Miss my family alot lar! Also miss my friends and the food! So damn happy today.

As for the wedding day, er, I am not sure what my feelings are lar because like I said, most of the things were arranged by our parents in Kuching. Err...maybe I should not say most things but instead, should say EVERYTHING except the wedding photos and clothes for THE day is decided by them. Our parents had also set up all the invitation list and frankly speaking, we have no idea at all who was invited. So, hopefully, when we are back in Dec, we don't get too surprised.

I don't even know what is the plan for the tea ceremony. My dad is arranging everything. At first I hear they want to do at home on 29 Dec too, right after the church ceremony. Then, I hear mom say maybe better to do on 28 Dec, then more relatives can come but I think they will keep to 29 Dec. Then, yesterday, I hear my mom said, they are thinking of using another venue, The Magenta because my bro's friend is a chef there and most likely can use the place.

Want to pengsan I hear because first time I hear people tea ceremony not at the house but in a restaurant! LOL! It will definitely be a very memorable event ler. ALAMAK! This reminds me, I havent find the freelance photographer yet! Anyone from Kuching know anyone? I cannot afford to hire those professionals lar. So pricey!!! Bankrupt later. Just someone to take photos in the morning at church, the tea ceremony and then dinner.

OK lar, enough for now. I better get back to work! By the way, YAHOO!! My leave on Monday approved liaw..kekekekekeekekekek

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am sick to my stomach....

I am still reeling and feeling sick to my stomach everything I think of what a human can do to a child (read here if you don't know what I am talking about). I told babe about this last night and his first reaction was, "Are you sure this is real?". He too felt that it is impossible anyone can do such things to a baby! And to make matter worse, no one seems to care enough to stop it! It just send chills down my spine how anyone can be so blind to all those injuries.

A social case worker and she is totally BLIND to what has happened to the babies. What in the world is the social worker doing house visits for then? Babe said that the social worker there is paid by govt, so they don't care and work like our gvot? If yes, then, that is sad because an innocent child have been suffering for more a year and half of his life at a crazy madman hand. That is the only way I can describe the stepfather. Even that description only say 1% of what I think he is. No words is enough to tell you how horrified I am still feeling about this.

Tell me your heart did not cringe and ache when reading thru the list of injuries that they found on the baby:
  • SLICED off the tot’s fingertips with a Stanley knife and wrenched off his little nails with pliers.
  • SMACKED his private parts with a shoe.
  • PRESSED down on his windpipe so hard he turned blue.
  • BIT the tot all over to ‘train’ the family’s vicious dogs to attack.
  • DROPPED him 6ft onto the floor.
  • GRABBED him by the throat and tossed him into his cot,
  • RAMMED a bottle into his mouth so hard it cut his lips.
I think I am going to stop here or else I will not be able to stop thinking about this and definitely will have nightmares tonight. Lets everyone in the world, no matter what religion, say a little prayer for the baby. May the baby finally can rest in peace and be happy in heaven.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Short Talk: OH MY GOD!

I am so disgusted with the things that a person can do?? To inflict such horrible things to another human being.....worse, a child!!

I am still in shock after reading it that I cannot write anything about it. Read about what I mean here:

Am I Blind? Or going Blind?Hhhmm....

Babe and I is forever teasing each other and say that we don't sayang (love) each other and that we have some affair here and there. But sometimes, when we talk seriously, I am trying to imagine the next 30-40years (or longer hopefully) of our lives together. It does makes me smile as I imagine in wonder and amazement that even a lifetime together with this man might not be enough.

Very often, me the kepoh (busybody) will somehow play the role of a love counsellor to some of my friends. They will often ask me, how do you know if he is the one? My answer is simple, look into yourself and ask, is the love that you have for the man is blind? I know, you are most probably asking me if I am insane for giving that kind of advice. How can I tell someone that is not sure to jump into with closed eyes? Well, actually, that is NOT what I meant. Alot of people have the misconception of the term "Love is Blind".

Perhaps it will make more sense if I add more words to it? Is your love for the man blind enough that you are willing to close your eyes and accept all his flaws and imperfection? Can you picture yourself living with someone that takes is for granted that you will be doing all the housework while he sit in front of the tv after work? Can he accept that you will be nagging him for this? Will he miss it when you decided to stop nagging? (LOL! Guys! Admit it. You miss it when your ladies stop nagging at you).

After dating this man for more than 8 years, I am still discovering things about him, some pleasant and others not so. Although we should never try to change someone from who he is but there are habits that I think we can help to get rid of or improve. Rarely, are things clear cut that it is split right down the middle. I realised that living together is all about taking and giving. There is always one partner that takes and another gives. In this way, harmony in the marriage and relationship will be maintained.

I guess I am lucky that after many years of dating one man (and him one lady), we are still very passionate and very much into each other. Although, sometimes we being human, we do take things for granted, we will always be able to find humor in things. To me, this is the key essential in a successful relationship, i.e. able to laugh WITH each other at our own or each other silliness.

Of course another essential thing in a good relationship is a ability to converse and communicate. I don't think I can stomach being lovey-dovey and stary daze eyes gazing at each other all the time. And just everyday talk in flowery terms. Ugh....So boring! It tickles me when sometimes, babe and I have interesting and heated discussion that we forgot we are not alone. Sometimes, our friends got pretty worried and thought we are arguing. It seems that suddenly everyone was so silent and only the two of us talking. But after awhile, they are used to this and even join in the debate! hehehe..

AIDUI! I am getting so errm..I also dunno what word to describe. Must be because been exchanging sms with babe's sis and getting hyped up by her for the upcoming big day :P

Ring..My PRECIOUSSSssssss...

(NOTE TO TOPIC: For Lord of the Ring fans, you will know what I am talking about)

*long long long long contented sigh* Dunno why but feeling rather satisfied with my life today. Not that I am totally happy with it but at least I feel contented. I guess I am still trying to digest the fact that babe and I am actually doing it and for better or worse, we will be considered as one single unit soon. So, in the truest form, what is mine is his and what is his is mine. (Sorry, in abit of a romantic mood now. Dun vomit okie :P)

Actually, the excitement is slowly building up lar. I mean, I have start counting down to the day that we fly back to Kuching. And of course, this trigger me counting down THE DAY. As of today, it is actually 24days to time to go back and 34days to the day lor. Looking forward to going back to glorified and enjoy the family showering us with their love. I miss my parents very much actually. Hopefully, I can spend alot of time with them before I go back to KL.

To tell you the truth, I also don't really know how to describe how I feel. I know, I am suppose to be excited, well more excited than now, about getting married in about a month time but somehow, I don't feel it yet. His mom and my parents are arranging everything in Kuching - church, tea ceremony, invitation cards, dinner, program, MC, band, etc. It feels more than we are attending someone elses wedding? :P

I know, I know, I will be more into it and more excited when I am back in Kuching and have to run around to settle last minute things. I know one of the first thing that we need to do when we go back is look for our wedding ring. Yup, we have not purchase them yet. We were hunting everywhere in KL actually for one that we like. At last, we thought we found a design that we like, a 3 in 1 intertwine ring. I think the original design was by Cartier.

We also actually found a goldsmith that sells it a price that babe and I can afford but the problem it, it is the last pair and the one that is intended for me, don't fit so right. So, the rings does not roll properly down the fingers. The goldsmith actually told us he can do something to ensure the ring will roll properly but we told him we will think about it. Actually, again babe don't really like the color of the gold here. It is actually a combination of 1 yellow gold, 1 rose gold and 1 white gold.

He decided to ask our relatives in Kuching to check if anyone there can custom made the rings for us. But after asking, the price is more than RM3,500 for the higher grade of gold. If we want the cheaper ones, about RM2,500, they can do it too. Just use a different grade of gold. His mom is not very keen on that as she said that the color will fade overtime especially since we will be wearing it all the time (ermm..should be all the time right? :P) Plus, after thinking, we decided that we just go for a normal simple wedding band and will check them out at the goldsmith when we go back to Kuching.

I was abit dissappointed because I really like the design of the 3 intertwine rings. I think babe knew how much I like them because he actually said that we should get one for me if I really want and get another pair as our wedding band. So sweet hor him! But I decided no lar, no reason to waste perfectly good money for jelwery right? There is other things that the money can be put into good use for.

OK lar. Enough for now. I better not bore you people with too much details (for now:P). Hopefully I will remember to load the photos I took while I was in Penang and show you some really nice scenaries. Hard to believe that those places exist in Penang right? :P

Monday, November 24, 2008

8% or 11%??

I got this off the an email that I received that further confirmed my decision to stick to 11% instead of reducing my EPF contribution to 8%. For some, the 3% might seem like alot of money at first but after seeing the below calculation, perhaps it would be a good idea to reconsider and fill up the form to keep the contribution at 11%?

Assume monthly basic salary is RM4000 for easier calculation.
- If your monthly EPF contribution is 11% ( RM440 ), taxable income = RM3560, income tax payable per month= RM77.
- If your monthly EPF contribution is 8% ( RM320 ), taxable income = RM3680, income tax payable per month = RM109.

So, 11% to 8% means that you get extra RM120 on your gross income, but after deducting the income tax payable per month of RM109, you are actually only getting RM11 extra monthly. In today high priced market, what do you get for RM11? A lunch meal at the economy rice corner for one and a drink perhaps.
The reduction in EPF contribution is suppose to boost up the slow-down market, but from this example we see that the money does not go into the market. Instead the money goes direct into the government's pocket through the greater amount of income tax that we will have to pay. Obviously this measure does not help the market at all. So, please tell me again what is the purpose of the VOLUNTARY reduction?

Dunno what topic to put...

Arrggh!! Really am not in the mood to work today and it is not just because it is Monday. Been sick during the weekend and especially bad on Friday and Saturday. Basically slept the whole of Saturday (almost) and didn't even follow babe to SS15 to meet up for his friends for dinner on Saturday night. Just not larat (able) to get up the energy to dress up and be civilise with people. Still feeling a little bit under the weather today. I think because I just couldn't sleep well last night. I also don't understand.

By right, with the rain pouring last night to early hours of this morning, I should be sleeping like a log but instead, I woke up so many times that I lost count. I am not sure why am I having a hard time adjusting here. After all, I do love the challenge and andreline high that this job gives me but somehow, each and everyday, coming to work is such a chore that I basically have to force myself to come to work. And once at work, although the time flies by, I look forward to the time to go back so much that I am actually feeling guilty about it.

Even in my busiest moment at my old company, I never felt so exhausted as I felt when I am working here. And I am not be whiney about this because some of my colleagues are feeling the same thing as me too. Our work hour is 9am to 6pm and lunch is pretty flexible as long as we did what we are suppose to do. There is no clocking in and out system here. Everyone is suppose to work responsibly and take charge of our own time management (although, I recently found out that someone was assigned to do spot check to make sure we practice the responsible-centricism).

Sounds like a dream job? I thought so too. So, why in the world do I feel exhausted all the time after work? Is this the norm of working in this place or is it just me? This is making me wonder if it is time for me to change to another line of job.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Stephanie Meyer - Twilight

Without asking her permission, I copy the Twilight poster pic from her blog. Sorry Thongs beb! But I enjoy the storybook so much that I just can't help be excited about the movie that will be released in Malaysia cinema soon, 12 Dec 2008 to be exact (My sis bday!). This is definitely one of those books that I feel worth buying the actual book instead of downloading e-book from somewhere. In fact, I bought book #2 and #4 first at the MPH warehouse sales awhile back. I think it was on 10% or 20% discount.

Oh yah, in case you want to know what is the whole book series:
Book 1: Twilight (The one that is being made into a movie)
Book 2: New Moon
Book 3: Eclipse
Book 4: Breaking Dawn

Suffice to say that, I have been savouring it to the last drop (oops, page). I started by reading book #2 as part of my light reading for my long wait on my way to Penang for my first business trip to Kulim last month. It is a super thick book with about 350 pages with decent font writing. I managed to finished reading the book on my second night in Penang while eating my Penang Assam Laksa at Gurney Drive.

And like all good planner *smirk*, I bought book #4 with me just in case I managed to finish book #2 in record time. I am sure glad I have the book with me on the haul back because I end up waiting more than 5 hours at the Penang airport. The time just flew by and I actually feel fantastic eventhough I had to sit on those hard airport chair in the freezing cold airport. Even 5 hours, I only managed to finish 2/3 of the book and only got to the ending at home during the weekend.

I guess I knew I am hooked when I actually start looking out for book sale and search for the rest of the books from the series. When I found that book #3 is on 10% discount, even the normally too-much-for-me price tag did not deter me. I look forward to experience the out-of-body experience while reading it that I actually had to force myself to save it for my next long business trip. The most recent business trip to Penang/Kulim saw me reading 1/3 of the book already. Now, I am trying hard to resist speed reading it but instead, savour each and every word that Stephanie Meyer churn out.

And thanks to Thongs, I have all the 4 books in pdf/txt format. Even have the 5th book draft that was somehow leaked out to the public. Thongs told me that the author decided not to continue with the 5th book because she felt violated. Really sad lor because I know when I finally finish all the 4 books, I will not be able to resist reading the half completed 5th book. Then, I know I will feel upset and in daze because wondering and imagining what the ending will be like. If I meet the author face-to-face, I think I will most likely embarrass myself for BEGGING her to tell me the ending of the 5th book *sigh*!!!

p/s: I truly recommend you read the book from #1 instead of doing what I did, #2, #4 and #3......

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Is it really Thursday already? It felt as if I just got back from my business trip to Penang and Kulim. Time seem to just fly by with hardly much time for me to breath or slow down. Babe is starting to hint that I am getting more forgetful. It is not that I purposely forget to do some of the stuff for him (like picking up his pants from the alteration shop), I simply had too much on my mind and somehow, that is last priority and is stored somewhere in my brain locker. Anyway, I guess I better go and get his pants for him today. Some of his old pants are getting too tight *GRIN*.

I think I am loosing my voice again. Yesterday at work, was still ok. Just some sneezing and abit of coughing. But today, the throat is very itchy and all stuffed up. I was actually starting to fall sick just before I leave for my business trip last week but I think I managed to hold it back with lots of vitamin C. So, now, I think it is back with a vengeance. Oh well, as long as no fever or headache, I should be able to work just fine. Worse come to worst, I will leave early from work today using taxi lor.

Meeting at 8am today and I have a report due for my boss this morning. So, I guess I will stop here. To be continue later or at another date! HUGS ppl!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is NOT MY HAND!!!

My colleagues decided to eat McD for lunch today but since I packed food from home today, I decided I better not waste them. I already have 1 container of fried bihun in the office fridge which was from yesterday lunch. So stressed out yesterday that decided that I can't stay in the office for another minute longer even if it is just to eat lunch in the pantry. So, we went out to the food court at 1U. Nothing spectacular but it was good because we can chat all we want in a neutral environment, i.e. basically relax and release the pent up frustration.

Today, my colleague must be feeling the stress because all three of them agreed to go and eat at McD eventhough one of them packed food too. Anyway, here I am, finished my lunch (which I took while catching up on blog hopping), giving myself a well deserve break before the craziness starts again in an hour or so. Actually, I really do need a break I think and hence, looking forward to going back to my hometown on 19 Dec (Hoorrayy....1 month to go!)

So, the reason I say I need a break? After I came back from my business trip to Penang and Kulim on Saturday, I realised that the muscle between my left index finger and thumb is twitching and pulsating. It was doing that so much the whole of Sunday and Monday that my fingers and wrist actually feel tired like being over-worked. So, worried, babe and I went to see the doctor last night. I was told that it was because excessive use most likely due to typing on the computer and when that happens, the muscle just refuse to relax.

Nothing much he can do about it at this point except to give me some vitamin B12 and told me to try to flex my fingers to do some exercise (I think I should go buy a tennis ball to do this). Anyway, he said it should stop by itself in few days. If it does not, then it is time to worry. He also asked if I feel any weakness in the hand or numbness on my fingers. My fingers do feel slightly weak and tired. The tip was slightly numb. Again, he said those should improve once the twitching stop. If not, go see him again.

I am glad to report that today, the twitching has stopped but I keep on expecting it to happen again. Really discerting seeing the index finger move by itself while the muscle pulsate. Brr...I am glad that is over. I can tell you that it is no fun at all. It is almost as if the hand and fingers does not belong to me. Instead, it is doing things by itself. I will faithfully take my vitamin B12, twice a day for two weeks.

Hhhm, I wonder if I can ask for compensation for this? I mean, this is consider a health hazard right? Or maybe I should go and get one of those ergonomic keyboard at my own expense? I seriously doubt the company want to purchase for us.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tesco near Ikea sucks!

Sigh~ I am so tired today despite the fact that I actually slept till 11am yesterday and then took 2-3 hours afternoon nap at around 3pm. I got back from Penang on Saturday afternoon on the 3.20pm flight and arrived promptly at KLIA at 4.15pm. The flight actually took off on time for a change. The taxi queue was really long though and only managed to get on the taxi around 4.45pm and reached home around 5.40pm. I was very tired and babe was sure glad to see me, all huggy and kissy :P

Anyway, he also promptly told me that we are going to his friend's house at Puchong for BBQ and we need to leave by 7pm since we need to go to the Giant Hypermarket near the house to get softdrinks for the bbq. So, there goes my plan to laze around at home and take a nap or something like that. We only arrive home from the bbq at around 1.30am. So, after keeping the groceries and took bath, it was already 2-3am on Sunday morning. So, you really can't blame me for waking up at 11am.

Actually, I woke up once at 9.30am thinking that it must be super late already because the sun was shining so brightly through the bedroom window. But since we don't bring our handphone into the bedroom on weekends (generally unless we set the alarm) and we do not have a clock in the room, I only realised it is 9.30am when I went to the living room. Lazy to go into the bedroom again, I decided to crash on the sofa. Babe must have felt extremely lonely in bed because he actually woke me up at around 10am and basically dragged me to the bed.

Anyway, we decided to go Tesco near Ikea last night to check the price of rice there. It seems that the price of rice actually gone up instead of coming down. I was under the impression that hypermarket will reduce their prices in line with the government calling to reduce inflation? Or did I understand wrongly? Hmm... Anyway, we decided that since the normal AAA white rice is so expensive, we might as well do ourself a favor and try the healthier type of rice, i.e. brown rice. In the end, we bought 5kg of Jasmine sunwhite rice and 1kg of brown rice.

Around 9pm, we decided we bought all the things that we need and proceed to the cashier counter, i.e. the normal thing that you do right? Should not be something that is worth mentioning right? Well, last night, was the first time that I experienced this. Our groceries actually came up to about RM58.75 and I gaven the cashier 2 pieces of RM50, i.e. total @ RM100.

This is also normal but when the cashier receive the money, she actually only punched in RM60 and as usual, this cashier are pretty fast at this and I think nothing of it as I thought she will just calculate the difference in her brain and returned me RM41.25. Imagine my surprise when she only returned me RM1.25. I, of course, promptly told her that I gave her RM100 but imagine my shock when she insist that I gave her RM60, i.e. 1 piece of RM50 and 1 piece of RM10.

Normally, I might have doubt myself and thought maybe because I am tired, I might have made a mistake and gave her 1 RM50 and 1 RM10. But last night, I was very sure I gave her 2 pieces of RM50 because before she start barcodding the groceries, babe gave me RM50 and I promptly put it into my purse with my other RM50. I remember making a rough mental calculation in my brain to tally up the total of the groceries we bought and remember telling myself that RM100 is more than enough.

Also, just before we pay for our groceries, we went to the non-halal section to buy some pork and bacon. The total was RM24+ and babe took out RM20 and I contributed RM10. I definitely remember after that, my purse do not have any more RM10 (distinctively red color of the money makes it hard to miss), only a single RM50 and some RM5 and RM1. Anyway, I insist that I gave her 2 RM50 and she of course insist that I did not. After arguing a few times, I asked her to call her supervisor.

After explaining what happened, the supervisor promptly closed the counter and said that she need to do spotcheck. Babe asked, why need spotcheck. You have CCTV near the cashier, why waste time to check and count the cash in the register. It it faster if you just check the cctv. However, the supervisor gave some lame excuse about it takes longer to access the cctv and proceed to start counting the cash there. After counting once, she told me that the cashier is actually short by RM8. I said no and insist she count it again. Only after counting it again, she realised that the actually mis-counted the RM50 and without a word of apology, return the RM40 to me. It is as if I am the one making the mistake?

I was so angry after that. I know the cashier is human and human makes mistakes. Although I got my money back, I was still very unhappy because, 1. The problem could have been resolved faster if they just checked the cctv, 2. When doing spotcheck and counting the money, should do so more carefully and more than once before informing customer that no shortage and 3. APOLOGISE when discover error. The cashier did not even look sorry and the supervisor didn't say a single word of apology or look sorry. It is as if this is normal and routine to them.

I normally do not like to create a scene but last night, I did not say no when babe say lets go make an official complain at the customer service counter. We only finally got back on around 10pm when if there is no problem, we could have arrived home around 9pm-ish. Anyway, babe told me in the car that he suspect one of the guy actually when to take a peek at the cctv because he overheard the guy telling the supervisor that it is 100. I did not hear anything but did saw a guy go near the supervisor and told her something which caused the supervisor face to change slightly. Sort of like a mask going over the face when someone have something to hide.

When we analyse the situation in the car on the way back, I think the cashier realised her mistake when she open her cash register to show me that I gave her RM50 + RM10 because like all cash register, the slots to put different denomination of money are segregated. So, if the cashier got 2 different denomination such as RM50 and RM10, then she need to put the money in 2 different slots. Where as if only 2 pieces of RM50, then it is only in one slot in the cash register. Also, I think suspect they DID check the cctv but refuse to tell us what they saw on the cctv because that would mean that they have to write an official report to their manager?

So, all I know is that if there is a Giant hypermarket near where I stay, I will definitely not visit Tesco for my groceries anymore unless there is items that I really need on super cheap promotion. By the way, I think the things at Tesco are more expensive compared to Giant. I am not doing a promotion or advertisement for Giant but just stating what I observed.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Please DUN kill the messager...

I am so pissed off! I mean being blamed for pushing them when it is their fault for not keeping the committed schedule!? If I am the customer, I would not be as gentle. All we are asking for is for update and to please keep to the schedule. Don't they realised the chain effect whatever action they take will cause? After begging and shouting and struggling with the vendors to get the best support from them, it might all come to nothing because the commit cannot be met.

I admit that I do not understand what is the problem since it is all technical. I know that they are under crazy pressure to get the thing out, working and on time. But the thing is, SO ARE WE! We are the one that have to face the customers who are constantly asking for updates. All we want is honest answer whether you can or cannot meet the date. If cannot, then please tell me why and that you have done more than what is possible to meet the date.

We are human, if we really can't, I will go to the customer and tell them, I am sorry, we have tried but there is not way to meet the schedule. Or, let me know what is the next best date so that I can think of alternatives to try to pull some more strings. Do you guys think it is fun? Or that it is fun to say "SORRY" to customer? Or that it is easy to answer the customer and tell them cannot be done!? Do you think I enjoy juggling and begging from the vendors to give us more support??? No, it is not enjoyable at all.

I am trying to do my job. So, please go and do yours. If you are not happy or satisfied, tell your boss. Don't come and blame me for putting pressure on you. It is your boss decision to pressure you or not. I can only push and request your boss to deliver on schedule. But at the end of the day, if your boss decided that it is not do-able, then he will tell us so that we will tell the customer. If he decided to pressure you guys, then it must be do-able? So, don't blame me. I am just the liaison between the customer and internal people. So, don't shoot the person carrying the message!

Sigh! OK! I think I got that out of my system. I guess I should be damn proud of myself since I was extremely calm and polite (at least, I think that I am) and not let myself get into non-constructive situation. I almost damn near started arguing and wham back at the fella to give the fella a piece of my mind! It still irks me how some people can be so narrow minded. I guess this is all because they are so stressed? People that are stressed can say anything yah????

SIGH!!!!!!!!This job sucks! I know that I basically need to be the meanest person around when things goes wrong or do not meet the required schedule. I am basically the one that 'shout', 'scream' and/or 'beg' so that I can satisfy the customer requirement. I am the one that pull strings and pressure my colleagues to make sure that they meet the schedule. And can be extremely harsh when there is a potential miss in schedule. This is the cons of the work.

The pros? Well, in the middle of all the juggling act, the pressure, the challenges and craziness, there are something good that I can say about this job. Job satisfaction for achieving the required delivery schedule and quantity. The experience gained, the adreanaline rush and ermm...power I guess, does makes a lethally addictive thing. Why else do you guys think people like me stay in the same job (albeit different company). We just love the rush!! hahaha..