Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake (from Delicious Asian Food) :-

10 oz. Butter
10 oz. Castor Sugar
7 ½ oz. Flour
1 oz. Cocoa Powder
8 Eggs (separate egg yolks from egg whites)
2 ¼ teaspoon Baking Powder


Beat butter and sugar for 8 minutes (or until white).

Add egg yolks one by one and continue beating for another 10 minutes.

Fold in flour sifted with cocoa powder and baking powder (sifted 2 to 3 times).

In a separate bowl, beat egg whites until stiff and add it to the butter mixture.

Pour mixture onto a baking tray (8″ inch, square tin)

Bake in a 300°F (or 150°C) oven for about 1 hour and 10 minutes.


Geez..I really never thought I will ever say this but being home alone SUCKS!! Sigh..

Babe is back in Sri Aman because his Grandpa just left us yesterday.  He left on the 955pm flight last night and my emotion has been on a roller coaster down-ward ever since. No idea why because I used to love the idea of having the house to myself because then I can do anything I want. But instead, I am counting down the days and trying to occupied myself with something so that I wont cry myself silly! I wonder if this is what they call hormones!

Anyway, what I did today? Hmm.. woke up at 7.30am- let Ginger out for her morning business. (She has been very good a holding it till we let her out so far) and then I put her back to her cage at 8am and proceed upstairs to continue sleeping till 11am. Came down, feed Ginger her lunch (Babe, I feed her your cornbif fried rice leftover! :P)

I made my own brunch - cornbif sandwish. Then it was tv and tv and more tv. I think even Ginger is missing him because she keep going to the stairs and the door as if waiting to see babe coming down or home. She even stop eating halfway and rush to the door because she heard motorbike passing. I think she thought it was babe coming back. 

Anyway, finally I cant stand seeing her sulking around the house waiting for babe, so I brought her for car ride. She was much more happier after that but after awhile, she start to sulk and wait at the door again. It was more tv for me after that. And I fed her dinner at around 6.30pm and I went out.

Went to the new Burger King joint that just opened near here and had my dinner with my book. Havent done that for awhile because babe was never much into reading or sitting at cafe to read. So, this is a treat actually for me. I was having a hard time to decide between Starbuck and Burger King actually but in the end it was those beefy burger for me. I am starting to remember to switch my soft drink to either Milo or juice. HEHE!

Anyway, now I am home..thinking if I should go out again to go to the night market 10min from here. I need a new pair of slippers since Ginger destroyed mine yet again. But the idea of walking in humid human infested place just for a lousy slipper...lazy la. Maybe next week when babe is back we can go? But we will be going to Genting next Saturday for one night. Maybe I should just go. It would be good way to make the time fly faster? SHEESH!