Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Headache..real actual Headache AFTER shopping

Just got back from 1U to get some stuffs to bring back to Kch on Friday. After walking less than 3 hours, I am already feeling tired and having a headache. Stamina is just not like what it used to be! Tmrw evening will be going out again. Have some errands to run before going back hometown and also need to send Ginger to the kernel. Poor gal, she is gonna be there for 10 days! Hope she wont be siaw dog when we finally come and get her on 2 Jan.

So, seems my days are all planned out for my Kch trip.

24 Dec - Arrive Kch around 11.30am! What to do first??????????

25 Dec to 27 Dec - Go sri Aman.

27 Dec, PM - Dinner with the gals @ The Junk.

28 Dec-29 Dec - Gonna stay @ parents place and let myself spoiled silly!Knowing dad, he will most probably get the both of us up and go to bak kut teh that his son-in-law likes...sigh..

29 Dec,PM - Our wedding anniversary..Wonder babe got anything planned this year or not :)

30 Dec to 31 Dec - Planning to sleep 2 parents place again and my turn to spoil them :P

31 Dec, PM - Should be going to babe's friend's house for bbq, same as every year. Almost a tradition already.

1 Jan - Go back to KL lor..

Hhmm..feel like not enough time ler...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ginger Ginger Ginger.....

hhmm..523post. And nothing in almost 2 months. Gosh, I am getting really lousy at this updating my blog stuff ever since I changed to my job (over a year ago). Too much things to be pre-occupied with after work and during the weekend, just too lazy to do much. Let me see, what have I been doing in the last few weeks.

To be frank, nothing much happened that I can blog about. Maybe that is what tamed my blogging addiction? Or maybe because of the new baby Ginger that is taking up alot of my time? But I really didnt mind because let me tell you, all the tiredness and stress from work just dissappeared when you see unconditional love leaping up & down at you as if she has not seen you for months when in fact, only lunch time you came back to feed her and let her out to wee-wee.

But she is the closest to my babe. When babe comes back, it is as if she sees God coming home! HAHA! That is the only way I can described how Ginger acted. Even now, she is sleeping next to babe napping. When babe is at the computer playin game, she will go to the door and sleep there. But the moment babe stopped with the computer and comes to the living room area, she will walk over and plop herself down next to babe. AND part of her body must touch part of babe. Does not matter whether its her paw touching babe's finger or wat.

Just touching would be enough to make her sleep like a baby. I guess she just feel safe with hubby? But but but.. I am the one that feed her ler! AND she bullies me! Yarp, will bite my fingers if I dont give her what she wants but with babe, she will lick him no matter what! GGRR! HAHAHA!~

Ooops...babe just tip-toe away to play his computer. She is still sleeping. Must be extremely exhausted because she has not sleep the whole day! :P

Oh did I also tell you that she is extremely intelligent. For the right reward (FOOD la what else), she can learn sit and shake hand within 2 days. And cant trick her ler. She will know if got any treats or not. If got treats, just soft request for her to sit and shake hand is enough. But if nothing, tell her till pengsan also she pretend not to hear until she decided to pity you and do what you ask.

Now we are trying to teach her lie down & stay. Need to get her new treats first because that is the only thing that works.

Okay la..enough about Ginger. Dont want to bore you all! :P

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake (from Delicious Asian Food) :-

10 oz. Butter
10 oz. Castor Sugar
7 ½ oz. Flour
1 oz. Cocoa Powder
8 Eggs (separate egg yolks from egg whites)
2 ¼ teaspoon Baking Powder


Beat butter and sugar for 8 minutes (or until white).

Add egg yolks one by one and continue beating for another 10 minutes.

Fold in flour sifted with cocoa powder and baking powder (sifted 2 to 3 times).

In a separate bowl, beat egg whites until stiff and add it to the butter mixture.

Pour mixture onto a baking tray (8″ inch, square tin)

Bake in a 300°F (or 150°C) oven for about 1 hour and 10 minutes.


Geez..I really never thought I will ever say this but being home alone SUCKS!! Sigh..

Babe is back in Sri Aman because his Grandpa just left us yesterday.  He left on the 955pm flight last night and my emotion has been on a roller coaster down-ward ever since. No idea why because I used to love the idea of having the house to myself because then I can do anything I want. But instead, I am counting down the days and trying to occupied myself with something so that I wont cry myself silly! I wonder if this is what they call hormones!

Anyway, what I did today? Hmm.. woke up at 7.30am- let Ginger out for her morning business. (She has been very good a holding it till we let her out so far) and then I put her back to her cage at 8am and proceed upstairs to continue sleeping till 11am. Came down, feed Ginger her lunch (Babe, I feed her your cornbif fried rice leftover! :P)

I made my own brunch - cornbif sandwish. Then it was tv and tv and more tv. I think even Ginger is missing him because she keep going to the stairs and the door as if waiting to see babe coming down or home. She even stop eating halfway and rush to the door because she heard motorbike passing. I think she thought it was babe coming back. 

Anyway, finally I cant stand seeing her sulking around the house waiting for babe, so I brought her for car ride. She was much more happier after that but after awhile, she start to sulk and wait at the door again. It was more tv for me after that. And I fed her dinner at around 6.30pm and I went out.

Went to the new Burger King joint that just opened near here and had my dinner with my book. Havent done that for awhile because babe was never much into reading or sitting at cafe to read. So, this is a treat actually for me. I was having a hard time to decide between Starbuck and Burger King actually but in the end it was those beefy burger for me. I am starting to remember to switch my soft drink to either Milo or juice. HEHE!

Anyway, now I am home..thinking if I should go out again to go to the night market 10min from here. I need a new pair of slippers since Ginger destroyed mine yet again. But the idea of walking in humid human infested place just for a lousy slipper...lazy la. Maybe next week when babe is back we can go? But we will be going to Genting next Saturday for one night. Maybe I should just go. It would be good way to make the time fly faster? SHEESH!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My name is Ginger

FINALLY!!! My lil girl is home! Aint she the cutest thing you ever see????

You can check out more photos of her in Ginger's Own blog here.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cant waittttttttt

We are getting more and more excited about our new pup coming home next week. Well hopefully can be next week because we are still worried that maybe 6 weeks is still too small for her to be separated from her mom. But we will see.

We have bought her bowl, prepare her place to sleep and her pen. Now, just need to get her lightweight leash, collar and dog food. Babe is even more excited. Already talking about getting another type of pup, blue eye siberian husky. I been checking the net for him but super expensive la those pup. Minimum RM1000.

I myself am looking at australia silky terrier! So damn cute and tiny but also damn expensive. Also around RM800-1000 depending on how pure and with cert or not. I dont care about the cert but I do want healthy dog. Sme places, they keep dogs in the cage 24hours and almost never let them out. No purpose except for breeding. Should get the sspca on them!

ANYWAY, I can foresee that there will be more doggies being added to the family. HAHA~! Okay la..sharing some super cute photos of the labrador puppies online. Mine have the same coloring and cuteness! :P


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New family coming....

YAHOOO!!! Cant wait! Going to go collect her in 2 weeks! YAHOOOO!!!!!!! Wonder if we should bring her brother back too. Still debating if we can coup! But either way... YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!! Just smiling away thinking of the little gal...she is going to be so cute and great addition to the family. Hehehe... babe is already talking about where to put her and that she will definitely be staying indoor! Will upload photos of her when we get her later. Babe can teset his camera skill on moving object for a change :P hahahaahahah

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Short talk: Sneaky Lunch

Was being naughty today. Decided to snuck off for lunch break on my own with my book at KFC. I used to do that at my old job when the office was just next to a mall but since starting this job that is far far far away from everything, pretty hard to go sneaking lunch on my own with a book. I know, sound rather lonely and introvert? But to me, sometimes this is the best way to take time out and unwind.

I am pretty sure if I go out on my own in Kuching with my book, people will sure think I am crazy or pity me because they think I am lonely.....but I dont care. I still do it anyway...hehehehe

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Under the Bridge Bak Kut Teh

Saturday morning, babe and I actually woke up at 9.30am eventhough we only went to bed around 2.30am. Guess we just excited about our plan for the morning. The previous weekend, when we were going to Jusco at Bukit Tinggi, we happen to see the signboard for the famous bak kut teh under the bridge, as it is so well known for. We were caught in a jam while crossing the bridge and that is the first time we noticed it. Hence, you might say it is a blessing in disguise.

We arrived around 11.30am. Yah, I know entire 2 hours but not because the place is that far but rather because babe likes to take his sweet time during weekend morning to drink his coffee first, check the internet before we go out from the house. (oh, not forgetting his toilet business!) WAHAHA!

Anyway, not sure how to order, we looked around and decided to try 2 bowl first, i.e. medium lean meat with small intestine (big) and pork knuckle (small) with 2 plate of red onion rice. We are abit surprised because this is the first time we have bak kut teh that is served in bowl instead of claypot. Babe really love the taste because he say the soup tasted almost like the one we had in Kuching. We end up ordering another big bowl of pork knuckle with large intestine because the portion is rather small. Babe ordered extra serving of rice and also yau cha kueh.

The medium fatty pork with small intestine. Lots of meaty part and the small intestine have those yummy insides.

Pork knuckles - Super soft and the tendon have just right consistency

Pork knuckles with big intestine - err..or what is left of it! :P

Big big big thigh bone...err..actually not on our table..we didn't order this because I don't know how to order it. This is the bone from our neighbour table. I curi-curi take photos and then zoom in..kekekekekeke

This are the bones left by babe!

The bridge we are sitting under... Babe say the Red Chilli Pepper was here at the Bak Kut Teh, that is why the name of the shop is called 'Under the Bridge' (ROLL MY EYES!)

See the cook... big big banner everywhere that tells everyone the shop is in business for 70 years already and is apparently the first bak kut teh shop in Klang.

In case you are interested, the opening hours and telephone contact

The famous people that been here


Total paid RM29.80, not inclusive of tea because I brought my own. All in all, the bak kut teh was okay la. I tasted better ones I think. Only thing slack is it is not hot enough after a while because its in a bowl. Also, really alot of msg!! Was really really really thirsty the WHOLE day eventhough I drank gallons of water. So, will I go back again? Probably not. Got equally nice bak kut teh ( or better) near where I am staying now.

Friday, August 13, 2010


YAWN! So bored. Babe downloaded UFC from the internet and is watching it on the tv. Never liked watching bloody sport like that. I am actually surfing jobstreet! hahaha! Yar yar, I know, I am a JOBFROG. Hubby also complaining how come I am looking for new job after just 1 year. As usual la, he will have lots of comment la. But seriously, I am not the only one thinking of changing okay.

I mean people that have working at the company since it started was also leaving. Turnover in the company is so high now that the HR hiring person is so busy all the time. Lots of interview and even new hire left after just a month or two and some even just after a few weeks. The worse is when one of our colleague just suddenly dont turn up for work and not contactable at all.

I was asking my colleague today, what is the definition of time management because whenever we cant find time to finish our work (because we are OVERLOADED) and when we explained to our boss we simply couldnt find the time, he will say manage your time or learn to manage your time. So, my question to you all is what is the definition of time managed? Does managing time mean that working till 10pm or 11pm everyday? Or doing work that requires 20 hours in 10hours?

I mean, okay, we have 24 hours in a day but does that mean that I am suppose to send 20 hours of it to finish the work EVERYDAY? If this is just occassionally in order to finished up urgent work or handle crisis, then I can understand. But here, it is almost everyday. And to make matter worse, the list of responsibilities keep piling up. I realised that in this organisation, the more efficient you are, you are not being rewarded in kind. Instead, the boss will make sure to give you more responsibilities because you have idle time now!

When in actual fact, there is not idle time because there are other daily activities on top of the extra projects that we need to complete.

Anyway, time to get out or else I will become the most inefficient person and start to make sil unexplainable mistakes simply because we are rushing for time.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

1 day only? GAWD!

Oh dear! It seems that everytime I update my blog nowadays, I start with apologizing for the infrequent update nowadays. Simply too lazy to do it. Sometimes, I do have the sudden inkling to want to share my current life with everyone but somehow, the urge just passed by. It seems to be much simpler to just type a few words in the facebook to let friends and families know what I been up to nowadays. But once in awhile, mind you, very occassionally, I do just am able to sit my butt down in front of a laptop or PC to type one of my super duper long posting.

So, let me what has been happening first. After the trip to Jakarta, my next trip was actually to the Batam Island for a day trip via Singapore! Yah, you read right, DAY TRIP. Basically, what this means is me waking up at ungodly hour of 5am and left the house on a taxi at 5.30am to go to LCCT. Catch my flight to Singapore and from Changi Airport, fight my way (err..not really fight la but it does feel like a battle when venturing into unknown alone)..fight my way to the Habourway Jetty to take my ferry across to Batam Island.

I, of course, thinking to safe company some money (and with great sense of adventure), decided to take the train from the airport to the jetty! Thank god at the airport, there is the traveller center where there are friendly people to provide maps and precise instruction which train to get on, station to get off and reboard on another train and where the final stop. I had to change train twice (!!) before finally on the right train bound for the jetty.

At the jetty, unknown to me, the counters are actually in a shopping mall and so is the departure counter AND custom since I am basically going out of Singapore into Indonesia. Anyway, I landed at Singapore airport at around 9.30am and only finally reached the jetty departure hall at 11am, i.e. 1/5hours later. (Later, I found out that if I have taken the taxi, I would have been at the place in 30min!!)

Jetty took 1hour to reach Batam Island(Left at 11.30am Singapore time, reached at 11.30am Indonesia-time. Cool huh? But my bodyclock all screwed up!! HAHA!). Despite the heavy downpour, the ferry was relatively smooth ride. Reached Batam jetty, my colleague and customer picked me up and we went for lunch before going to the customer office (NOTE: Lunch in Indonesia). The meeting was until 2.30pm and we race back to the jetty so that I can catch the 3.30pm ferry back to Singapore so that I can get to the airport on time to catch my flight back to KL.

I reached Singapore jetty at 5.30pm (I lost 1 hour due to time zone difference) and decided to walk around the shopping center for awhile to see if anything interesting. Then feeling super tired, follow the sign to the taxi stand at 6pm. I finally reached the airport at 6.45pm because it is the traffic peak time in Singapore and traffic jam (but trust me, the jam is nothing compared to the one in Jakarta!)

Checked in and then my silly stomach complained rather loudly. I remember a sign pointing to foodcourt when I was walking around like an idiot this morning looking for help to get to the jetty. Anyway, I found it and am super duper happy! Why? Because it is non-halal!! And I also found pork bun in a bakery! WAHAHAHAHA! A big big big happy thing for non-muslim Malaysian because basically almost EVERYWHERE here is halal food!

I finally home at around 11.30pm that day. And as I described my trip to hubby, I suddenly realised that I had my breakfast in Malaysia, lunch in Indonesia and dinner in Singapore. All in less than 20hours! This is definitely something that I wont ever forget.

Next trip? 29-30 Jun will be in Pekanbaru, Indonesia. 17-21 Jul will be in Kuching (Yeahhh!!!). 5 Jul on leave because want to clear the leave in lieu (we are awarded 1 day off for public holidays that fall on Saturday but we need to clear it within 1 month from the holiday date or else burn). 9-11 Jul will be at a camp half way up Genting for teambuilding. 2 Jul will be having dinner at KLCC for the customer appreciation nite organise by Sales and Marketing. 7 Jul is dad's birthday. And I think I am suppose to arrange a trip to either Surabaya or Medan (or both!) in Jul too. 

Not sure if I can survive it but I sure hope my new staff will be on board soon. I am up to my brain with all the work. DROWNING DROWNING!!!! Ashame to say that lots of work behind schedule but I just cant find the time. I mean, at the end of day, by 8pm, after having worked for more than 10hours, how the hell want to think and concentrate ah?? 

MY GAWD! The long posting and it is only talking about 1 day trip! Wait till y about I post my 2 or 3 days trips! HAHAHAHA!!

p/s: They finally remembered not yet give me my confirmation letter and I am expecting to receive it from HR anytime soon. Frankly, I dont know if this is good news or not because it means that once receiving the confirmation letter, I will need to provide 3 months notice if I ever got a better offer elsewhere vs the 2 weeks now :P

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My weekend.......

AIYEHH!! The Jakarta air must really not ngam with me la. Been sick since I was back. My flight delayed 2hrs and I only finally reached home at 3am on Friday morning. And the very next morning, I start to feel unwell and sms my boss and tell him I dont think I can come in today. Went to the doctor that evening with running nose, sorethroat and slight fever. Oh, and sweating like crazy. Was worried that it could be H1N1 but the doctor take one look down my throat and told me my tonsils are both swollen and red!

Infection! PHEW! That mean just need to take antibiotics and lots of rest. Hopefully it will go away in a day or 2. The doctor did say in case fever continue after finishing the antibiotic, go straight to the hospital to be tested. Glad that it was not H1N1 (and even happier I got my MC), went home, took the medicine and within 5min, I was dozing on the living room floor. The flu medication was super super strong.

Next day, not feeling much better but not worse either. That evening, babe was planning for a catch up Gawai BBQ gathering at our place. So, we woke up around 9.30am to go market (Actually, babe woke me up instead of the other way round. that was my body telling me to slow down?). Anyway, bought 4kg of three layer pork slab and 3 pcs of pork knuckle. Went home, marinate the three layer pork and left it in the fridge to dry the skin slightly. And start cooking the soya sauce pork leg soup with bitter gourd.

By the time everything is done, its already 4pm-ish. Watch movie and some astro. Then went out to look for ice cube for the drinks in the coolerbox. Feeling abit sad because my geng cant make it. Hence, just babe's geng. Being Gawai, they brought some tuak (rice wine). One of the rice wine was 12years old and it is FANTASTIC! Super smooth and delicious.

The other is from Taee and was informed that there were no sugar added to it. Could have fooled me because it is really nice and smooth. Was informed the sweetness comes from the special yeast that is available only in Taee. Hhmm...I wonder if the next time I go back and purchase the yeast, can I make my own tuak here? HAHA!

Anyway, by around 12.30am, I decided to go for a shower. After shower, suddenly, I just feel extremely tired and exhausted. Again, I guess my body is telling something huh? Anyway, lay in bed for awhile and decided to go down. Told babe I need to sleep and he asked me 'The things how to keep'...can slap him or not? I ask him he cannot keep meh? He must have realised I am ready to collapse and say okay, go sleep. SHEESH! Still want to slap him or not?

So, I went up and guess what? I CANT SLEEP! I just lie in bed and just wouldnt fall asleep! Eventually, at around 3am, I decided to get up and check if everyone has gone home. It seems that I got up just in time to see the last of our guest left. And pleasantly surprised to see the leftover food and kept properly. Just a few last things to keep. Apparently, babe told me the next day that fren's mother help to keep most of the stuff.

By then babe is already tipsy and decided to crash in the living room floor, drunk! Kept the last of the leftovers and managed to pursuade babe to wake up to go sleep upstairs. Suddenly, after going upstairs, babe went to the toilet outside and start to VOMIT! EWWWWWW!!!!!! All the 'cocktail' liquor that goes into his not so young body is making him pay. It is disgusting to see him vomit but kinda funny because he keep telling me to go away because smelly! He even wanted to sleep in the toilet or the spare bedroom because he say he is smelly.Hehe!

Sunday, both of us only woke up around 12noon. Went out for brunch and then came back. Watch a movie and then babe sleep from 3pm till 7pm. Then we went out to ss15 for dinner with his friend and family because they plan to go I-city after that. Both want to play with their camera and was told that the light display at I-city is really pretty.

When we got there, the jam was at least 1.5km away and we had to park at least 1km away because the parking space are all full. All I can say is it is DISSAPPOINTING! Nothing much. Just a place the size of football field with trees made out of lights and some other animal shape made out of lights. Totally boring!! Not worth going and definitely wont go there again! But at least we got 2km walk out of it! HAHA!

P/s: Today is Thursday and I am still have some running nose and cough. My voice is still different but getting more myself. AND dont go to Klinik Araa at Setia Alam, SUPER EXPENSIVE. Just antibiotic, flu medicine and lorenzo cost RM65! CRAZY!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 1 & 2 in Jakarta, Indonesia

(WARNING: This is a loooooooooooooooong post. Dont say I didnt warn you yar!)

Today is 2nd day in Jakarta. Arrived yesterday at around 12noon Malaysia time, or rather to be exact, my plane landed at 12noon and I finally step outside the airport at 1.30pm! Yah, took almost 1.5hrs to get thru the custom! I guess it is really my luck for the day because a few planes from different countries landed at the same time as mine. So, of cos, everyone of us need to go thru the custom.

Imagine hundreds and hundreds of people of different color and language queue at 8 custom counters waiting to be scanned through. Well, okay, not exactly scanned but did had my face taken. So, the Jakarta/Indonesia custom have my face in their database somewhere.

Pity my colleague that is meeting me at the airport to go customer together though. He waited for almost an hour! Anyway, once we got me out of there, went straight for our appointment with the customer. That is where I was informed that everywhere in Jakarta, takes an hour if there is no traffic jam.

I tell you, after seeing the jam in Jakarta, I will never again complaint about our Malaysian jam. Gosh! I take my hat off (if I have one) to all the Jakarta driver! It really amaze me that there is hardly any accident at all! I mean, the way they drive, you would have thought something really seriously bad would have happen right in front of your eyes. I come to the conclusion that Jakarta driver are actually more skilled than us in Malaysia...better drivers!

Let me give you some examples:
1. A small mini van without any door but with small wooden seats inside, suddenly stopped in the middle of the street with cars in all direction and people start coming out from the mini van onto the middle of wherever the mini van parked and casually walked to the side. Again, let me emphasize, MIDDLE of a three lane road! Right where I dont know how many motorbikes and cars are trying to squeeze through.

2. A big huge truck in front of me, painted yellow stopped on the right side of the three lane road, and I see 3 primary school boys climb down and proceed to cross the road to the sidewalk! Again, with lots of cars and bikes squeezing thru each other.

3. Stopped at a traffic light, suddenly see a man with a plastic bottle (like the cola bottle la) going to a big truck in front of us and proceed to open the side gas cover of the truck. I was innocently thinking that the fella is cleaning the gas cover in hope of getting some payment from the driver. Guess what he is actually doing? Stealing gas from the big truck!! The area we are at is actually just a few km from the port. So, imagine how many of those trucks that goes up and down a day. Just a liter from each truck....wah lau. By the way, not much the driver can do because it will turn ugly if he tries to stop them..

4. Parking are hard to come by in Jakarta. So, there is basically not much choice but to park in such a way that the car will blocked other cars that is parked in the parking space. Guess what you are suppose to do if you parked your cars blocking others? Leave your phone number on the windshield so the people will call you to move car? WRONG!! Leave the car in neutral so that if you blocked anyone that wants to leave, they will just push your car away!! HAHA! I heard about it but seeing it in action was really something.

5. At every other traffic light especially those under a flyover, you would see really 'pretty' ladies shaking a small containers filled with coins going from car to car to collect coins. I understand from my colleague that it is better to just give the few rupiah than trying to do anything..

6. At almost every traffic light, there will be people selling something, mineral water, newspaper, magazine, keropok and so on. Also, really pitiful to see, at one traffic light, pregnant mother and a little boy (I think no more than 10y.o) carrying a baby walking from car to car begging for money.

7. Understand that kids/children also sit on top of the train (no need to pay bah) to get from place to place. Previously, some of them were really badly injured but there is not much can be done because even after the security tried to stop them, they will climb on the train the moment their backs are turned.

Really eye opener and makes me appreciate what I have more. I understand those lower income group earn only around RM300-400 per month. If I only earn that, I really dont know how to survive. I must be thankful for what I have and dont grumble too much about difficulties at work. (But that does not mean that I will not look for better opportunities la)

Of cos, there are wonder things to say about Jakarta as well. The people that I have met so far, really really polite, gentle and friendly. The place I am staying now, people are super polite. I dont know whether it is because I am a foreign gal travelling alone and hence, they try to make my stay as pleasant as possible. Or maybe it is just how the service of this hotel is. It is a 3-star hotel but the service I got, it felt much better.

Food...gosh...let me tell you about the food. I kinda regret not having thicker skin and just whip out the camera and snap the food! Lunch yesterday was simple noodles with wantan but (and I am sure its difficult to get this in Malaysia), the noodles so so so so delicious because it is mixed with pork oil! HAHA!! Yar yar, anything with pork is good? My colleague had mixed rice which turn out to be crispy pork, char siu and a few more pork meat.

Then dinner, my colleague, his wife and daughter brought me to have nasi uduk which is basically rice wrapped in banana leaf and lots of other food that is wrapped in banana leaf parcel and steamed. My most favourite is the tempe here. It really taste super different than the one we have in Malaysia. If I can, I would really like to buy frozen ones and tapau it back!

Breakfast this morning was in the hotel as breakfast was included as part of the room package (by the way, room is about RM200+). That is pretty normal hotel breakfast. So, no comment.

Lunch was nasi padang. Again, the tempe. 3 of us, 2 plates of rice with tempe, vege and fried whole chicken leg. We shared a packet of deep fried beef skin. I had ice water and the other 2 had orange juice. Total damage = Rp45,000 (which is roughly RM18). Ok considering the portion! By the way, the deep fried beef skin is super addictive. Not as oily as pork deep fried skin. In fact, super light, fluffy and crunchy.

Dinner, I decided after 2 long days, the ppor guy, my colleague need a break from me. So, I told him that I would take care of my own dinner. Frankly speaking, I feel paiseh la because they wont let me pay for anything!

So, after much thought either to go out, eat at the coffee house downstairs or room service, I decided to have dinner at the coffee house. I am glad that I did because for RM48 buffet inclusive of tax & service charge, I have a selection of tender super juicy medium rare beef slices with mushroom sauce, bbq chicken, fish kebab & beef sausage, a variety of local dishes, salad spread, fruits and super rich tiramisu and chocolate cake selection. Back home, this would have cost me easily at least RM55 excluding tax!

So, here I am now, contented & full, almost 11pm Msia-time (10pm Indo-time), comtemplating what I want to do next. Watch one of the 30 channels available, read my book in bed, surf internet some more or sleep.... hehehe.. Dont you envy me? :P Haiyaa..dont lar. Exhausting okay business trip. At least, for vacation, the brain dont have to work much. Business trip is exhausting not just physically but mentally......

Ooops..okay, enough. Really long post already. I must develop really thick skin tomorrow and whip out the camera even in the car and snap more photos. Babe will be laughing because I carry his camera around but only capture photos of the hotel room! HAHA! OKEEE.. NITE NITE!!! MUCKS PPL!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Short talk: Business Idea....

Just a short one.. Babe said something really getting to my head since then. Got me thinking seriously about things but at the same time still climb that career ladder. Oh, before I continue babbling, let me tell you what babe said. As usual, we were thinking of where to have our dinner after window shopping at the new mall near Subang Parade. We were talking about German Pork Knuckle for awhile and we were thinking of going for it last night. But after driving around and not knowing where we can find one near Subang, babe said: Dont know what to eat. We can do nicer at home on our own.

I went: HUH? Oh, so you mean the food I make is nicer than most people?

HAHAHA! That is really nice compliment coming from your husband dont you think?

Anyway, got me thinking, perhaps I should start selling the Special Crispy Pork Log and German Pork Knuckle online. Then I only make to order. The person can then collect or deliver for a small price. Just thinking how to go about doing this.

If I am still in my old company, I can just bring some to office and share but current office, 90% are Muslim (and I am the only Chinese in my department), so, that idea is definitely out! Maybe facebook????? Any1 have any ideas?

Friday, May 28, 2010


Just look at this animal cruelty! I was almost in tears when I watch the u-tube! How can people be so sick? The beautiful magnificent creature...

Who they trying to cheat when the Formasa representative, Eric Ong, responded by saying the tiger was simply “lazy” and that it was in the tiger’s “nature” to behave inertly. He also denied any possibility that the tiger was sedated.

Do they think we are so stupid that we can't see?

Video :

Go join the Facebook Page “Stop Animal Abuse at A' Famosa!” that is created by concerned Malaysian to raise public awareness.

These concerned Malaysians are planning a “Public Awareness Campaign” day-trip to A ‘Famosa Resort on 29 May 2010 at 10:30am to advocate better treatment for wildlife living in captivity. They strongly believe that the livelihood and dignity of wildlife living in captivity is the collective responsibility of all Malaysians.

Page :
Event :

Go to the 'Famosa Resort' this weekend and support the Public Awareness Campaign. If you cant make it, blog about it in your blog. Tell the world about the animal cruelty that is going on. Every little bit counts!

What to do today?????????

zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzz!!! YAWN!!!! Sleepy but not sleepy. Hmm.. I guess that sounds more like bored than sleepy huh? Woke up around 10am today and just lying around the living room not doing much. Watched some tv and then babe came downstairs too about half hour later. That means time to move the butt and makes some breakfast for the 2 of us. Simple stuff today, coffee & half boiled eggs. Now he is sitting at his computer and me at my office laptop, each doing our own stuff. The Astro is on to channel 735.

We been asking each other the same question since he is awake. The same famous question everytime weekend is here or any public holiday. The question: WHERE WANNA GO TODAY? Never seem to get answered somehow because either we have no idea what we want to do or one of us is feeling lazy and wants to stay at home. Last weekend were movie-catch-up marathon at home. So, not so sure what to do this long weekend.

The thing is, babe had to work half day tomorrow. So, we cant go anywhere far. Was hoping to pursuade him to go Penang initially but as I said, that is not possible la. So, need to think of another to do. I wonder if babe wanna have a gathering at our place since its Gawai (Harvest Festival) 1 Jun. But that would involve money, money that I really should be saving up in case I need them for my business trips this month.

So, basically, we need to decide where to go for window shopping/ people watching. Or would we rather stay at home and watch movies again. Or is there anything that he need to get from anywhere. I am tempted to bake something but babe as usual, throw cold water at me and told me not to do it la because there is only 2 of us and for sure we can never finish the cake.

Last time, when I bake, I know I can bring some to the office to share because the geng would enjoy them. But it is kinda hard to do that now because, well, for one thing, most of my colleagues are Malay and I really am not sure if they would eat the food I cook/bake because they might feel that it is not halal. Sometimes I got this feeling that they eat the home bake I bring just so as not to upset me? So, no joy in sharing there.

And also I dont want to add to the 'stock' in the fridge now...the fridge is so full of cooked food la. Babe la. Everything also want to eat and ask to cook this and that. When I do, he just eat abit. And sometimes, I try to cook in smaller portion so that we dont have leftovers but babe would ask: How come only cook like that? And he will look as if the food is not enough after we finished eating. SHEESH!

Hhmm..which reminds me, I still have lots kee chang in the fridge too! AIYOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Short talk: NAUGHTY DAY!

I did something naughty today! HAHA! Should I be telling? Let me think first..HAHA! OK OK! I went to work really late today. I only reached the office at around 11.30am today. Reason, well, I got called for a job interview. SSHHH..

And guess what, I will be going for a 2nd interview on Monday. LOL! Unexpected but something that I did wish for. So, again, LOA is working ^_^

Dun wan to talk too much abt this yet till I got the job offer. So, wish me luck!! ":)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday & Sunday......

Good morning! Oops, should be good AFTERNOON! HAHA! Didnt realised it is already 1pm. Just finished having brunch with babe and now sitting in front of the tv, me surfing the the internet and updating my blog. Babe busy flipping channels as usual which I sometimes finds really irritating but since I am not watching now, I don't mind ;p

Breakfast was simple American-style: Bacon, egg, sausage & bread with coffee. Yah! Very very very very unhealthy but since we only does this once in a few weekends, then should be ok right? Anyway, we usually had it for brunch, so save us a meal.

Had done lots today actually before babe woke up. I woke up at around 10am. Wish I could have sleep in longer since I went to babe 2.30am this morning. But no matter how, I cannot seem to sleep longer than 8 hours nowadays unless super tired or sick. So, I woke up and look around the messy living room and kitchen, decided to build that Ikea rack that babe and I bought a few weeks ago.

Then, rearrange my kitchen so that the things on the new rack. Now I can display the nice pyrex and bowl on the top rack. 3rd rack is filled with cups and bottles. Then rd rack still empty. Havent decided if I should open the boxes of dinner plates and put it there or just leave it in the box. I think I will just leave them there for easier move in the future (since I doubt we will stay here forever. Aiming to get our own place but still searching for one that allows us NO downpayment! :P)

Still thinking of whether want to go out or not today. Yesterday we went out around 5pm to Carrefour to stock up some can food and stuff since we have not done that for a while. After that we tried to go to makan at the place that my customer brought me the other day but too dark to find. End up, we had crab and tofu near the chinese restaurant near our place.

After dinner, went to the night market because we wanted to get that mop that you can twist at the bottom to dry out the water. Luckily, we were just on cue because it was the last they have with them last night. Rather cheap too, RM10 for one. Almost the same price as the normal mop or it is cheaper than some? (Want to mop the house but I am waiting for babe to vacuum the floor first :P share share marrrrrr)

Oh yar! I also bought bamboo leaves and some glutinous rice. Want to make some kee chang today. The glutinous rice has been soaking whole night and after this, going to go check and see if the bamboo leaves are soft enough to wrap. I am still debating whether to make my version of bak chang or not, i.e. with lots waterchestnut, salted egg yolk, lean pork and mushroom. HHMM....I wonder where I can find salted egg yolk at this time?

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Okay okay..I should be more diligent in updating my blog or else people will actually stop reading one day? :P Just that sometimes I do not feel the urge to write as much as last time here anymore. Guess as more and more people know about this space, I am more and more reluctant to put down my personal thoughts and feelings that sometimes are not so nice at all. I know some of you will tell me that this is after all my personal space and I can do whatever I want and say what I feel like. But the deal is, well, I know this is where most of my good friends come to when they want to know what is going on with my life. 

SOOOOOOOOOOO, after much thinking and more thinking, I decided I will keep this space and perhaps keep another space for my more personal thoughts and feelings (BABE, dont even bother trying to find it okay because you will never find it :P)

Phew..Glad to have that out of the way.

I actually had been super busy since last Oct2009, yah, ever since I joined the company that I am with now. The work itself is actually not as stressful as the previous job but its all the paperwork and phone calls for last minute demand that took most of my attention. It has always been my passion to find ways either through enhancing the existing system or proposing new ones so that work are more efficient. Sort of like leaving behind a legacy when I am no longer working for the company (yah, I definitely dont expect to stay with a company forever..that is a fact la)

The thing is, my boss keep piling on new responsibilities on top of what I have now. I mean, sometimes it feels that it definitely does not pays to be more efficient or effective that those around me. I am after all hired to handle customer service but recently, the boss has start to ask me to travel and visit customers to build better rapport with them. On top of that, he is expecting me to go visit our sole distributor's dealers.

I mean, that involve alot of traveling and obviously, when I am on the road, in a plane or at the customers' place, I am not able to handle the paperwork required! Okay, so he approved to add headcount to the customer service (and I will say after super long battle) but that takes time. It is never easy to hire people that fits but worse still when the people that the resume HR forwarded to me really SUCKS!

And last Friday, went into his room to inform him of my itinerary for my trip to Jakarta the following week, instead, he told me to sit down. I knew immediately what he will say. I just knew it! And it is extremely frustrating because I never agreed but I am starting to get emails & assignments related to it. I am really not sure how will myself and the CS exec going to able to handle all the additional workload. Inevitably, some of the work will definitely gonna slide and standard drop and I absolute hate that! How to be efficient & effective when at the end of the day, you are simply to tired to think?

Oh, er..I better start from beginning?

When I was on my way back from my daytrip from Singapore last Wednesday (this is another story to tell altogether), while waiting at the airport, I got this sms from the logistics exec that he just tendered his resignation. I found out that he actually told almost everyone in the company. Anyway, at the back of my mind, I was wondering who will be taking over the responsibility of logistics area since the exec has not been confirmed and he only need to give two weeks notice, ie. much much too short a time to actually find a replacement. (come to think of it, since I have not gotten the official confirmation letter, it means that I am also only require 2 weeks notice????)

I guess at the back of my mind, I have already suspected what will happen because either its that or another colleague of mine will be asked to do it and frankly speaking, she is also super bogged down already.

Anyway, after I seat down, boss asked if I know the latest update & news. Of course I knew and I asked him when is the exec last day. AND I also asked my boss what is his plan to replace the vacancy (YAR, idiot right me?). The way he responded to me, I knew he was testing the water especially the way he beat around the bush. Bottomline is, Jen, I need your help to monitor and guide the logistics. 'A' will handle the operations but I need someone to take hold his hand and basically monitor and track to make sure that things go according to plan.

'B' will be sharing this responsibility with you. When 'B' is back, we will have a group discussion on how to share this plan. So, blur to whether I actually agreed and what exactly is the new responsibility, I got out of his office. An hour letter, got an email for the standard operation procedure in logistics for loading flow and processes. Guess who is the person-in-charge????  GGGRRR!!!

Sigh! I keep telling myself to see the positive side. For example, I will be getting a new headcount. So, can pass the paperwork that I am doing now to the new person and concentrate on strategic management of the team. And I am traveling again (LOA works!). Eventually I hope to travel to Paris, Thailand and other sister companies around the world. I am learning more, experience more, seeing more and hence, improving my resume and attractiveness to the headhunter. Very very good chance of promotion very very soon (YAR R, your J buffet coming reality nearer and nearer?).

All, in all, pretty good. I just need to hang in there. Just hope I can do this long enough till something really really good come along for both babe and I....keeping my finger crossed!!! PG PG PG PG!! :) 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Am I???????????

GOSH! All I seem to wanna do recently is SLEEP! I mean I even feel sleepy driving back to work from lunch! Okay, Okay! I know, you guys are thinking, of course la sleepy. Heavy lunch. Well, the thing is, I had only thosai and a cuppa of ice tea. So, definitely NOT a heavy lunch. Already went to the doctor as well because got worried since it has lasted more than 2 weeks already, this tired energy-less feeling. 

After I explained my symptom, the first thing that the doc say is, I would like to do a pregnancy test if that is ok with you. I was like, okay, sure. After all, he is the doctor. The test was NEGATIVE but he still insist this could be wrong if it is early stages. So, advised me to come back for 2nd test if I dont get my period on schedule this month. Soooooo....see la. Seriously, I doubt I am pregnant la. I dont have all those other signs such as tender boobs or soreback! Okay, so I am burping alot and nausea but then this could be because of gastric due to stress bah!

So, end of the month, if I dont get my period, mean time to go buy my own pregnancy test kit la. Yar, I discover it is cheaper if I do my own test. I had to fork out extra RM31 to pay for the doctor fee that day. The bill come up to RM71 which RM40 is covered by my company and balance I need to pay my own. IF I didnt do the test, then I dont even have to pay the extra because consultation and medicine is less than RM40! If I get my own kit, it only cost RM20, i.e. saving me RM11 which is enough to pay for McDonald Value meal at lunch time. 

This is not call stingy la ok. This is call being money smart! BLUEKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Short talk: More on slob vs sob

So, I guess most married women (and ladies that stays with their dad and brother) understand what I meant when I said men are slob? HAHA! I thought its just this particular man that I married! To be frank, I NEVER EVER knew he is so messy la! I mean, we date for almost 9 years before we got married. And out of those 9 years, stayed together for almost a year. Although we stayed with a friend, I seriously never ever thought he is a slob.

Reason? Well, for one thing, when I know him in Kuching, he takes more shower than any other guys that I know. Shower when he wake up in the morning, shower before we go out (which can be more than once a day) and shower before going to bed. Err..I only shower in the morning before going to work and at night before bed. So, you can imagine why I think he is a clean-freak.

Oh well... as you all said, just close one eye and pretend not to see (more like close BOTH eyes and become no-eye-see). I just have to keep reminding myself that Love is blind, i.e. blind as in close BOTH eyes to all his faults, weaknesses and bad habits... Sigh!! Just wish some1 told me when I was still single how men are! BLUEK!!!

Okay okay..lets just pretend not see and gaze at the moon below! Hubby took this when we were at Genting that day..time was 4.30pm :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Slob vs Sob?

The weather is really really hot here this 2 days. Worse still, it is the weekend with nothing much planned. So, staying home and just sweating myself silly. We actually have 3 fans on in the living room and the air still feel so so so humid and hot. Even sitting in front of the fan is not working because all that does is moving hot air around.

Right about now, looking like the seal in the photo below show looks great! Cacoon in a layer of ice and lying on ice! ARGHH!! Sheer bliss... But other than staying upstairs where the aircon is or sitting in front of the fridge with the door open, guess just have to bite and bear with it...

Have not been blogging much for a few months now. Not that I am abandoning my blog. Its just that, well, with work, work and more work, the only energy I seem to have nowadays after coming back from the office is a stint of facebooking just so that I am up-to-date with every1 progress.
Other than that would be cooking, cleaning up after my slob of a husband and watching whatever that is on Astro. Life is getting pretty tedious and tiring actually. Feeling rather frustrated because I feel so tired at the end of the day. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy doing what I am doing now but I just wish I have more energy and time after work to do something else, baking for example.
Sad to say, I seems to have more time to bake and experiment with cooking when I was back in Kuching. I guess back then, I need not worry about whats for dinner or doing daily routine stuff of keeping the house in order. I just cant imagine how things would be like if (err..when) we have little ones running around. Just makes me sigh in horror imagining cleaning up after 2 slobs instead of just 1...bbrrr...
Sometimes, I am just wondering, am I being too much of perfectionist and controlling freak? Is it wrong for me to want things back to where it suppose to be? I mean, it is so wrong of me to expect the bottle of soya sauce to be on the rack instead of the table NEXT to it? Or am I mean to request for the bottle of syrup to be put back at the original place on the table instead of being left wherever on the table? I dont know...sometimes..I wonder...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No Bake Cheesecake

Nothing to talk about. Or rather too lazy to talk about anything. Want to watch Leverage new season on AXN. So, I let this cheesecake photo talk for itself :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The 500th!!

This is my 500th posting and I AM HAPPY!! YAHOOOO!!!!! MY LEAVE for this Friday has been APPROVED!! YAHOOOO!!!!!!! GO HOLIDAY!!!!!! HAHA

Only 1 blip though, I need to call in at 5pm on Friday for conference call.. but before and after that, I am a free bird! So, I have everything planned out (Cant help it la, I am a planner in my previous life I think or I am borned to be one????). ANYWAY, back to the topic, this is what I have mapped out in my head right now for this long weekend:

Thursday (Yarrr...starts the very night!)
Going to Klang parade right after work to get babe's camera hood (whatever that is)
Go supermarket to get some essentials for the trip (essential: mee-in-mug, sausages, cookies, junkfood & drinks)

Wake up & go menjalara for dim sum breakfast
Babe want to go to the bank at Sri Damansara after that
Leisure drive up to Genting
Check in and lounge happily in our room

Err...ok, not exactly the whole weekend planned out. Just going to enjoy ourselves, gamble a little, outdoor theme park, walk around, eat, people watching and enjoying the fresh cooling air! Babe going to have fun with his camera and his new lense.


Monday, March 22, 2010

10 years!!

Today is EXACTLY 10 years since babe and I started dating. Yep, it was that long ago! Let me see, that would mean I just turned 23 and he 25! Wah, a decade ago. HAHA! And yes, this is going to be a mushy romantic posting. So, if you are allergic to romance, please turn away now and go no further! I will not be responsible for any heartache due to overdose of lovey doveyness! *GRIN*

As I was saying, today is EXACTLY 10 years since we started out as boyfriend and girlfriend. It is rather funny actually how we started. It all started when I have a self declared God-brother. Those were the days when I was still so young and adventurous. So, when this godbro of mine said he knows someone that his gut is telling him is the one for me, I just couldnt resist. After all, what is the harm? No harm to 'adopt' godbro#2.

Anyway, as much as I like to say that it was love-at-first-sight, well, it of sort. Babe had this really goofy cute panda look at the time. Due to the nature of his job then, he has this panda eyes (nice way of saying puffy dark eye bag la!! :P) So, we chatted and talked. Then chatted some more after I go back.

I remember one really funny incident where he called me super late at night and I must be in my REM sleep because I do not remember it at all the next day until he told me when I complained why he didnt call as he had promised last night. That was we just started to get to know each other. Talk about embarrassing things yah!

Anyway, from then on, we actually went out a few times without my godbro or his friends knowing. (The first few times were godbro bringing me to join them at parties). We of course being sneaky and not everyone else getting a free show from our romance, decided not to tell them until one fateful day. By then, his cousin was suspecting something is up because he would dressed up (well dressed better than usual lar) when going out.

*Smiling & sighing contently* OK OK! Enough la. Later you guys start to vomit from all the sweetness! HAHA! Just want to share my happiness & contentment abit ^_^

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Not doing much now. Waiting for babe to wake up from his nap. He has to work today, half day. So, I took the opportunity this mornign to sleep and have the bed all to myself!! Maybe I shouldnt be saying this but sometimes it is nice to have that big king size bed all to myself! Not that I dont enjoying having my babe sleeping next to me. In fact, most of the time, if he is not sleeping with me, I just cant sleep. But occassionally, and rarely, I do feel like spreading my arm and throwing my legs all over the bed and have it all to myself! Gals out there, dont tell me you never had this feeling before! *GRIN*

ANYWAY, enough of me babbling about my selfish act. So, here I am, sitting downstairs on my own in the living room while babe is upstairs having his nap in the aircon bedroom. The sky outside is starting to look cloudy and dark. But the air is still hot and humid as it has been the last few weeks. Not sure what the world is turning to because the weather is extremely unpredictable. Hot one moment and then rain like crazy for less than half hour. And then starts to be superhot again! Thank God I do not have to work under the sun like some unfortunate people.

I hope babe will wake up early enough instead of sleeping till 7-8pm. We are suppose to go out for dinner at 1 Utama! Tomorrow is my birthday mar!! So, I told him my wish is to eat at Shogun for our dinner. At first, I thought we will go tomorrow but he say tomorrow have his team playing wor! Basically that mean he will be glued to the tv from dont know what time. And this will also basically mean I will have some time to read my book la! So, I dont really mind.

But but but.. I been thinking of going for Shogun for so so so so long but babe always say dont want to go because it is not worth the money. Normally I would agree but occassionally, need to pamper ourself la. On top of that, babe also love Japanese food. He never like raw fish last time but since he came to KL few years back, he developed a extreme liking to sashimi! Even more than me. He can gulp down raw salmon like it was nothing!

And at Shogun, I happen to think their sashimi are one of the freshest that I tasted. And also the range of choice of Japanese food, sushi, sashimi, tenpayaki, cooked food and so forth, really really really mind boggling. Trust me when I say you will not be able to try everything in 1 sitting :)

The sky is getting darker as I typing and air is slightly cooler now although still humid. I think I will sign off now and concentrate 100% on the tv now. Will post some photos later if we do get to go to Shogun :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kolo mee, Sarawak Laksa & Tomato mee in KL

Sarawakian are always and I do mean ALWAYS in search of Sarawak food when they are not at their hometown. Food like Sarawak laksa, kolo mee, tomato mee/kueh teow and kueh chap, if anyone is able to make it taste like home, then definitely the place will be swamped with Sarawakian and others that tasted Sarawak unforgettable food.

Anyway, a friend of mine from Sarawak actually open a stall here selling Sarawak Laksa & Kolo kueh teow. Until recently, he was not allowed to sell kolo mee because the owner son is selling wantan mee. Guess the owner didnt want any competition for his precious son. Anyway, the shop recently got renovated and the owner increase the rental (yar, no surprise rite) and tells them they can sell anything they want. My friend of course immediately start to sell kolo mee! After all, kolo mee are usually more popular than kueh teow or beehoon.

So, babe being babe, we went the first weekend that our friend sent us the sms informing he is also selling kolo mee now. And guess what, babe actually ate 2 bowls!! HAHA! And as I always say, good things are meant to be shared. Then the weekend after that, we went again and babe had only 1 bowl this time while stealing my share of tomato mee! Oh yar, for those who dunno what is tomato mee (or kueh teow), err..its hard to explain how it taste like only it is REALLY REALLY REALLY good. Go try if you dont believe me.

Frankly speaking, I dont even know why am I excited about kolo mee. When I was in Kch, I will NEVER eat kolo mee. Never like it at all. But since I came to KL, I even purposely go eat kolo mee when I go back for holidays! SHEESH! The power our hometown have on us :)

Alright, alright, time to share where the good stuff are. The shop is at ss24 or famously known as Taman Megah.



Picture speaks a thousand words yah?

Lobster anyone??

Not had much to talk about this few months. I thought what a better way to do it than blogging about food?!?

Was going through some photos and realised that I actually cooked lobster for the very first time a few weeks ago! When I was back in Kch for CNY, bro's friends have some ways of getting lobster for really cheap distributor price. No idea how and not about to ask too many questions. Suffice to say that I asked bro to help get a couple for me to bring it back to KL. Err.. Dont ask me how I manage to 'smuggle' those things into the plane and over the SCC. I only know that I brought so much food back that my bag was actually slightly overweight. Luckily I can take some out and put into my carry on.

Anyway, here is the lobster baked in the toaster oven. First attempt, not too good. In fact, very dry and tasteless! But I have another in the freezer. I think I will cook it another way next.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Boring boring boring me..

My blog is being updated in longer and longer interval. Hmm...I seem to have lost my taste for blogging. There use to be a time that I cant wait to update my blog everyday. Sometimes, more than once a day! But recently, there are just so much other more important things to do in life compare to blogging. I guess at one point, I might start to get interested again but for now, I rather just enjoy life and only blog when I really have something to say...

This year CNY went by really fast. It was there I was, packing & getting ready to go to airport and the next thing I know, I am at the airport coming back to KL. I went back to Kch last Thursday morning and came back yesterday. Pretty short trip but not that short as well. Just 1 day shy of 1 week break. Will be going back to work tomorrow though.

Initially was thinking of taking this whole week off as well but at the end, decided to just take 1 extra day and go back to work tomorrow and Friday. After all, not much will happen since the customers are mostly still on vacation too. I am looking forward to having some rest and go back at 5.30pm! Alright, that is it for now. If I have more interesting thing to share, I will lar :P

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kek Lapis Cadbury (Cadbury Layer Cake)

Found this recipe somewhere and planning to try it when I go back to Kch for my CNY holiday but lazy to bring paper..sooo...gonna type the recipe here. Should be good as I found out, any layer cake recipe with horlick or kaya, sure nice!

10 eggs (grade A/ large)
2 cup caster sugar
1 can condensed milk
160z Golden Churn Butter (or any good quality butter)
1 tsp vanilla essense
3 cup Hong Kong flour
1 tbs Van Houten Cocoa Powder (or any good quality cocoa powder)
1 tbs browning
1 cup horlick
1 tbs ovelette
1 pkt cadbury chocolate

1. Separate the egg white & yolk, beat each till fluffy & separately. Set aside.
2. Beat butter & castor sugar & vanilla & ovelette till fluffy. Add condensed milk & mix well.
3. Add the egg & butter mixture together gently.
4. Add HK flour little by little till finish.
5. Divide into 2 portion:
- add horlick litle by little to 1 portion little by little
- add browning & cocoa powder to the other portion
6. Use 8x8 tray. Spoon in the white layer and use the top flame only.
7. Add chocolate layer on top and layer cadburry choc & bake.
8. Repeat till finish.
NOTE: Heat = 170 degree per layer. Adjust timing accordingly.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Please pray...

Life is really unpredictable and each of us should appreciate and cherish those we love because we never know what can happen the very next minute. The minute when you receive that dreaded phone call with the news that you never ever want to hear. News that you never ever believe can happen to those that you love, of all people. And at that moment, not that we are a mean person but we just wish that it happened to someone else! Anything is better than getting that call...

What am I babbling about? Last Friday, my close friend, someone who is almost like my older brother to K and myself because he is the one turn to when we have any dilemma. He is the strong one among the three of us. Last Friday evening, as R was on his way back to his hometown in Penang, he received the dreaded phone call.. A call to tell him that his 11-year-old son fell down the elevator shaft at the highrise that they stay...

It took me a long time to decide to write this or not because my heart hurt just to think...thinking of what the father and mother went through and is still going through. Even know, while typing this, I can feel tears threaten to start in the corner of my eyes...

Today is Wednesday, hard to believe that it has only been 5 days since K & I got that sms from R to pray for his son. 5 days since I hear R breakdown while talking to me on the phone. The last time I talked to R, which was the day before yesterday, I broked down and cry in babe's lap after I put down the phone.

The raw painful emotion on his voice... I know I will never comprehend or even begin to understand what R & his wife is going through. I hope to God that I will never need to comprehend it anytime in my life. I pray to God for miracles(something that some of my friends have never hear me say). It is just not fair for a 11-year-old to.... GOD, it is really NOT FAIR!

Really wish I can do more but nothing else I can do except to pray to God for a miracle.... Pls..pls...if you are reading this posting, matter what religion are you, pls, pray for this family.

SIGH!!! God give me strength not to cry when I talk to R later..he is in enough pain and do not need more reminder of it from others....

Friday, January 22, 2010


Row row row your boat
Mary heard a scream
Throw the teacher overboard
Then you hear a scream

hahaha..perverted rewrite of the script! :P

Woke up really early this morning at around 7am this morning and just go back to sleep already after making babe his breakfast. After lazing around in bed till around 7.45am, decided to forget trying to fall back to sleep. At first, I was thinking of mincing the pork that I have in the freezer after it thaw.

But then, was thinking, why not just go to the Klang wet market and buy 'kampung' chicken and cook that packet of Uncle Sun abalone chicken herb soup we bought a couple of weeks ago (damn expensive by the way, 1 pkt for RM9.50 and cook one time only). And since I am at the wet market, might as well just get the mince pork there and save me the trouble of mincing my own (Yaaaaaa, lazy la!!).

I also had a sudden craving. Havent had one in more than 1 month. Last time, while still working at the old place, I would have thosai at least twice a week for breakfast! And sometimes during weekend, even go with babe to the mamak shop nearby for thosai garing. Now, there is simply no nice mamak shop near our place here.

Anyway, had thosai telur and teh tarik and off to the wet market. The wet market was nice! Not as many people compared to during the weekends which makes it a rather pleasant experience, horrible smell aside! Also bought a tray of large eggs for RM9, 5 pieces of tauhu for RM1.20, 1 bundle of chives for RM2 and RM10 worth of minced pork. I find things generally are cheaper in Klang compared to Sri Damansara area.

When I got home, I think I went abit overboard because feel guilty for leaving babe to have lunch alone while I go meet my friends for lunch, I cooked 4 dishes:

Omelette stuffed with minced pork & chives


Steamed minced pork

Abalone chicken soup

But guess what, babe DID NOT come back for lunch eventhough I sms him and told him that I cooked lots of food at home. Sheesh...although not wasted because we can have it for dinner, I was dissappointed lor because I rushed to make sure I cooked them before I go out! Just goes to show that you can plan but...

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Lalalalala...Tomorrow not working! Tomorrow not working! No need to check the calender lar. Tomorrow is not weekend, only Friday. Not working because after the follow up with the doctor today, he decided to give me another day off and hence, the whole of 2 weeks not working since last Monday. Last week was no fun at all obviously because of the pain. But I must say, except from the sore back and thigh after walking or sitting for 2 hours or more, I actually had a pretty relaxed week.

On Monday, decided to pick up 'geng' and went for blr (banana leaf rice laaaa, not base lending rate *grin*) for lunch. Had been thinking of it for ages since moving to Setia Alam area. Finally decided not to wait for Friday in case the doctor says I am fit to go back to work on Friday. Normally we will go on Friday because then we can have Indian dessert called payasam. It is an acquired taste. Sort of like a combination between sweet bubur caca and spices. Drooling just thinking about it. I wonder if I can tempt the guys to go there tomorrow..hhmm...

Anywayyyyyyyyyy, let see la. By tomorrow I might not want to have them anyways. Babe has been making subtle hint about my weight. I think he is worried because of my recent tear and slipped disk caused by the 3 level disk degration (sp?) thingy. The thing is, the safest exercise for me now is swimming and I have NO IDEA where is the nearest swimming pool at Setia Alam here! Anyone out there have any idea? I dont mind paying each time I use the pool but I really do not want to join any club membership just to use it. Really a waste of money actually.

The next option would be yoga. Saw a banner near the shops today that there is yoga classes available. Run it through the doctor and he thinks it is actually very good but I need to make sure that the instructor are legit and remember to tell him/her about my back problem so that he/she can guide me on the proper exercise to do. Also, he asked me to looked up on Mckenzie Balkeln exercise (gosh, I hope I have the spelling right. The doctor handwriting *shake head*).

Oh yah, guess what he told me too. No amount of calcium or vitamin D will help with the 3 level disk degration as there are no blood vessel that goes to the disk and hence, no nutrient will go to it. And since it is also not a type of bone, calcium wont help either. However, I will continue to take Anlene though to help ensure that my bones are strong. Damn, I have this vision of hunchback when I turn 60 ~>_<~

On the positive note, I went for a job interview today! I know you will wondering didnt I just start a new job? Well, mind you, I didnt actively hunt for job. Just occassionally glance at the vacancies that jobstreet sent me via email if anything interesting pop up.Other than that, I was pretty intense on making this work and excel. After all, I strongly believe that all industries are really small and words will carry if you are good at things.

So, I actually didnt hunt for any vacancies. It hunted for me! Got a call awhile back regarding a position and was told someone recommended my name to this job agency consultant because the person think very highly of my ability (yeahhh dehh!! bloated ego!). Anyway, today was the first interview and (again bloated ego!), the interviewer (COO of the company) got so excited to get me on their payroll that he wanted to call his boss (the MD) to interview me because he is sure if the MD likes me, HQ will agree too.

He actually took roughly 20minutes to try and search for his boss top and down but unfortunately, was not able to find him. So, he decided to call HQ directly to give me on the spot interview! Yar, insane huh? But rationality must have hit him because he realised it would not be a good idea because HQ did not have my resume yet. HAHA! So, we agreed to reschedule it to another evening to meet the MD.

I left the office after that. After all, what else is there for me to do there? But imagine my surprised because less than 10minutes later, as I was driving through the tol, he called me again and said he located his boss and asked if I am driving. (err..yar, of course la). HE actually tried to pursuade the boss that I should be still nearby and want to ask me to come back and meet the MD for an interview. In the end didnt la because I think the MD have something going on and that was around 1pm already. (LUNCH MAR!!)

So, next Monday going back to work. I was teasing babe, next week might be the week I tender my resignation (again). But we will see how it goes. Hhhmmm...never know I am so GOOD!!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHA! HAiyaaaaaaaa, let me feel proud for awhile la okie :P Ok..more calm liaw and humble.....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sarawak Layer Cake

Have not bake anything in more than 2 months! Did the usual cooking for babe & myself but nothing special enough that I want to post here. But looking through Sumuk blog on baking Sarawak cake lapis makes me tempted to bake again. As I was saying, I been tempted to try my hand on those really intricate and artsy layer cake that seems to originated from Sarawak. Dont the photos just tempt you to eat them?!?

I guess I just need to kick my ass and makes myself do it. But the thing is, most of the recipe requires at least 20 eggs to make a 8"x8" square trays. And not the whole of the 20 eggs are used. Some recipe require 20 egg yolk and just 4 egg white. What in the world am I going to do with the remaining 16 egg white? Make the no flour chocolate cake? Hhhmm, that is another thought. Let me sleep on that for a few days. HAHA!

Just this for now...yar..short now..hehe.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Ok! I have get myself in the I am return mode and start to talk nonsense again ^_^

Have not been to work since Monday last week *snicker & wicked grin*! Why you ask? Am I playing 'ponteng kerja' you ask? brave as I am and outspoken sometimes, I am not as brave as putting my livelihood on the line like that. Oh, did I mentioned that I most probably only going to start work this coming Friday if all goes well? Gosh, so that dash the thought that I am on leave to clear my leave does it not? Hehehe..this suspense is fun!

Actually, I am on medical leave till this Thursday and depending on the follow up with the doc this Thursday afternoon, I might or might not be allowed back to work on Friday. Of course, my boss is not happy about that but basically, nothing much he can do because MC is MC (but I do dread to think of my performance appraisal).

Oh, you are asking how come I have not been to office since last Monday yah?? Well, you see, the story is like this:

The weekend after we got back from our 'go-back-hometown' trip, just after New Year day, I suffered a sudden back pain. Went to the clinic nearby and all was well by Tuesday with the painkiller and 1 day of rest on that Monday. Then on last Saturday, while trying to get up, suddenly I was in this really really really horrible pain. I mean, if you sprained anything before, I can tell you, this pain is worse than a sprain!

On Saturday, it was still not too bad. Not too painful unless I bend to far and such. But on Sunday, I basically was in pain all the time, i.e. each step is the biggest torture in my life. Imagine I cant really sit because this would mean my back will send sharp shooting pain to my brain and my butt and leg literally start to feel numb! At one point, I was literally crying in pain and this really got babe attention because he realised it must be really bad. Damn, that really scare me.

That night, walking up the stairs took me 5 minutes because I had to keep stopping! The next morning, first thing was going to the clinic again. This time, doc gave me lots of medicine including painkiller, anti-dizzy pills (because the only painkiller I am not allergic will make me dizzy and feel like vomiting...sigh! Dread to think when I am preggie and I am not allowed any pain reliever because I am allergic to it!! GGRR), muscle relaxant, gastric pills and another one.. I cant remember. Basically, I remember I had to take 5 pills at a time, 3 times a day.

Doc must be really worried too because he wants me to be back at his clinic first thing next morning if the pain is not better because he will give me a letter of referral to a specialist. After another painful medicated drowsy haze, went back to the doctor on Tuesday, got the referral letter and babe took half day and went to the medical center with me. Doc actually tells me, if the pain is too much to bear, go straight to the A&E (accident & emergency). He actually address the letter to: "Orthopedic doctor, A&E".

Now, most of you would have thought this would have been warning enough to me how severe this is. Frankly, babe & I just thought we will see the specialist, got super powerful jab; do either MRI or x-ray and get send back with long MC and bags of super strong painkiller. Never in a million years did we thought I will get admitted! That is when we both realised, GOSH! This is really bad. Well, actually I was more like, oh..great....they can inject me directly to my spine and get me out of this torture!

Needless to say, they didnt do that but I did get a jab in the doctor's office because I cant get up from the examination bed/table! I am not joking. After the doc examined me and told us that he wants to admit me, I tried to get up from the examination table with babe's help but each time babe tries to pull me up, I just had to ask him to stop because I feel as if I am breaking into half at the waist! In the end, doc says refuse to let me get up until he gives me a jab.

Thank god he did too because the admission itself took more than 1 hour! Apparently, there is no 4 bedded room available (that was my request at first because I didnt know I am entitled up to RM200 per night room :P). Then I just cannot stand it anymore and told them to just get me to the 2 bedded room (which cost RM150 per night!). I finally only got properly admitted and in my bed at almost 5pm! (I reached the medical center at 1pm..which means 4 hours of hell...sigh).

Then at 6pm, I got a call to go to the physical therapy and I thought, huh? I have backache and I am gonna do exercise??? How the hell am I going to be able to get thru that without fainting when even lying in bed on my back is painful? Even more apprehensive when the nurse pushed me passed a whole row of equipments you normally see in gym! Then she pushed me through another door passed all the equipments and lo-behold, physical therapy as in infra heat therapy, ultrasound wave therapy and gentle massage therapy...that kind of physical therapy. PHEW!!! (Frankly speaking, I told babe that it feels like going for massage with different rooms and massage bed/table.)

I finally got back to my room where babe is waiting at around 7pm. Dinner is waiting at the table. Oh, I didnt tell you that the patient get complimentary meals? Hehehe! I was too exhausted by then and just had about 1/3 of the meal. Babe helped himself to the rest :)

2nd day, Wed, all alone in the hospital for the whole day. Babe wont be able to come and I told him not to anyways. No point for him to waste his leave just sitting around with me at the hospital and I can call him if something serious happens. So, me, ready to face the uncertainties for the day. Doc came at 8am to check up on me. He arranged for MRI and 2 more physical therapy for the day. By then, I am definitely better than the day before. At least I am able to get up on my own by pulling on the side of the bed railing.

Doc diagnosis from the MRI report shows that I have a tear, buldging & narrowing disc which is caused mainly by the deterioting condition of the disc where the fluid in 3 of the disc are all gone, i.e. dried up. Apparently, this is more and more common for people in my age group although it should only really happen to people in their 40s and above. (DAMN! I am old already!!).

AND the best news, since I am much much better by that afternoon doctor visit, I can go back the next day and recuperate at home! HOORAY! By then, I am very very sick of the place! UGH! Nothing much to do except SLEEP, EAT, PHYSICAL THERAPY and watch TV (Oh did I mention they actually have Star Movie, HBO, AXN and a few other channels. I think about 10-14 channels total).

Seriously, I really had no idea why the doctor admit me to be very frank. I mean, I can basically do my own heat therapy at home with a hot water bottle and take the painkiller at home and sleep and rest at home. Why admit me at all if there is no intention to do more than that? Babe had the same opinion. The doc could have just arrange for a MRI on the initial consultation itself and finds out the exact diagnosis instead of admitting me first.

We suspect it is because the insurance are the one footing the medical expenses incurred. And pretty hefty bill too for 2 nights and 3 days stay at the hospital with 1 MRI, 2 physical therapy & twice a day painkiller equals to RM1800+! Thank god for company insurance!

Anyway, I am home now. Much better. Back pain and right leg only starts when I sit or walk more than 1 hour at a time without lying down to rest my back. RK calls me old lady because of this! (BLUEK!). I also discover that I get tired really fast compare to before the injury. Start to recognise when I break into cold sweats, it mean time to rest. Started taking 2 scope of Anlene starting today. Was told that I should take Vitamin D too to aid the absorption of the calcium. Must find from Chinese physician what herbs I can take to improve my condition. I simply do not believe in the doctor's comment that there is no cure for disc deteriotion such as this! Wish me luck!!!!