Sunday, March 16, 2008

Comfort Food Gone Wrong

You know sometimes you feel so depressed and all that you fell like doing is eat something rich like chocolate or cakes or croissant? After comfort eating, then you will start to feel guilty for eating? I think this happens to gals more than the guys because the society view slim gal as sexy. Well, to certain extend, I do agree that slim is beautiful (see how well the society is brandwashing me too?). If I do not believe them abit, I wouldn't have subscribed to SparkPeople and be receiving daily news and tips from them via email.

Imagine my joy when I see an email from them with the topic: 7 Comfort Foods that are Good for You. I am very excited about this because this mean that I can actually have something that after eaten, my body will tell my brain that it feels good. AND my brain wont tell my body that it is making you FAT! hahaha.. So, lets see what are the comfort food that is suppose to be good for you:

Yogurt - add you favorite fruits to it. Suppose to be an exchange for yogurt but less fattening since it has less calories than ice cream. Also, the more fruit you add, the more vitamins and minerals you get. Plus it can help with the sweet tooth that is causing your craving. So double whamy here.

Fruit Smoothies - another amazing alternative to the sweet stuff. Loaded with vitamin and mineral. Fantastic for a hot day.

Chicken soup - hhmm, not sure about this one but when I have stomach crammed whenever I have visitation from 'aunty', a hot bowl of soup always sooth the tummy. (A splash of brandy in the chicken soup helps too*wink*)

Oatmeal - again, not sure about this since I do not make it a habit to take oat no matter how many times I tried them. The only oatmeal that I can tolerate is when I add lots of milo to it so that it seems like I am eating chocolate! hehe

Angel Food Cake - I thought cakes are loaded with lots of sugar and carb???

Vegetable juice - ewww...this is definitely not a source of comfort for me. I wonder who came up with this list!!

Crack pot creation - sounds something like our chai bui teng (leftover bits soup) where we put in all the leftover and make a soup.

Ooopss, maybe I should call the above food that you don't feel like eating when you are depressed? I guess the most important thing is eat in moderation. No matter how good some things are for you, too much of any things will be bad for you in the end^_^


Windy said...

Yogurt, smoothies, chicken soup, oatmeal... wow! Thanks for sharing them Jen as I am trying to eat healthy, well, to get my tummy flatter and not like a ball every night! BTW, maybe you could try to make the sweet breakfast bar, which made out of rolled oat.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Windy,
You are most welcomed but not sure if those can be considered as comfort food other than yogurt and fruit smoothies. But I dun mind trying in order to lost weight and be healthy! hehe..
p/s: Thanks for the tip on sweet breakfast bar:)