Friday, March 14, 2008

Can I Cry?

Woke up at 6.15am this morning and yah, you got the time correct. Not working today but had to run some errands and get the paperwork done to ship my car to KL next Friday. Based on my bro advice, I thought I will drop in nice and early at PUSPAKOM to have my car tested before going to the bank to get my greencard and so on. Then my babe called me around 7am and said that I better get my car tyres changed instead of waiting to go there and change it. Reason, the tyres are threadbare and PUSPAKOM might fail it. We initially thought to ship the car there and then change. But we forgotten all about the testing thingie.

That was around 7.20am and who in the world open so early in the morning to sell you tyres!? After a rather unpleasant exchange with babe, ermm..more like me voicing my dissatisfaction at him for changing his advice lat minute and got the feeling that I might have the whole morning wasted now. My bro basically told me to get my butt to PUSPAKOM nice and early or else I will be waiting in the queue for the whole day. So, you can understand why I was rather angry at babe at that point. But after a nice breakfast of pork dim sum, small dragon pau and rich hot Nescafe, I actually feel guilty about being unreasonable with babe. hehehe..yar yar, I am soft hearted. So, I sms him lor to say I am sorry.

Good thing babe also feel guilty and he replied every sms that I send him this morning till just now. He usually just hate to send sms because he say it is a waste of time and it would be faster to call and talk. So, yap, he is definitely feeling guilty. Anyway, I end up changing all four tyres, plus alignment and balancing, total came up to RM730! Big big dent in my savings but I guess since it is a matter of safety, not willing to take any risk. Plus the uncle guaranteed me that the tyres are of good quality and long lasting. I trust him since he is SK's dad! Friendly man! Younger than I thought he would be!

So, after that, went to PUSPAKOM. Got lost along the way which wasted me petrol and toll money! Once there, all the confusion and everyone is so so so so not friendly! I asked a simple questions and the answer I get is, Please sit down and wait. Yah, I know I need to wait but what the hell am I waiting for? I would like to be reassured that I am doing the right thing according to YOUR procedure! Geez! Paid RM50 for the testing. Waited from 10.30am till 12.30pm before I received the final report and can finally get out of there.

In between, I had to tear the tint on the front windshield of the car as requested by the tester. sigh! The tester was a rather nice (not to mention good looking) man. I guess I must have looked so lost when he asked me to remove the front tint. I asked him, HOW? He took my car key and told me to use that to scrap and tear a small section of the tint. Apparently, you are not suppose to tint the front windshield at all! There goes my expensive UCOOL tint. More money down the drain. Now my shield has one ugly tear at the passenger side. Babe say no need to do anything to it first. Just get the car over there and will tint it again when its there. Sigh..more money.

Overall, for today, I have already spent RM780 on the car. Expecting some more at JPJ later when I need them to endorse the greencard for transfer from Kuching to Selangor. Then will need to pay the shipping company RM1600 and another RM80 for delivery of the car from Port Klang to the door step. RM2460 even before I started anything. Transporting my car cost more than transporting myself over to KL! Hopefully, once I settle this, there wont be too much other unexpected expenses rolling along.


Rose said...

Wow, never expect that they so particular in those things! Some more u sending ur car over!!

Jen's Place said...

haha..alot of paperwork but thank god it was fast n simple @ jpj

Rose said...

I went over to JPJ on Mon, to get my new license. Very efficient I have to say. Thank god not lots people queueing up that time!

Nick Phillips said...

Wow, that's a lot of money spent. I hope everything goes as planned without a hitch. JPJ can be a little efficient at times, so I think you shouldn't have too much problems with with them.

Happy weekend.

Jen's Place said...

Will be asking u to be my sifu soon on getting paid for reviews, etc.

Dav DiDi said...

Jen .. so much money ?? wow .. 780 .. a lot !!

Jen's Place said...

hehehe, they are reli getting more and more efficient:)

Jen's Place said...

Yalor, my heart still pain but what to do. It is time to change the tyres liaw or else later the car skidded, then it would be even worse lor..