Monday, March 24, 2008

I live in a Tree House?

GOOD MORNING! Just 2 weeks to go before I start a new chapter of my life. Can hardly believe that slightly more than one more ago I decided to accept the job offer and submit my resignation letter. How time flies! I mean, it seems that it was only yesterday that Rose told me she has started blogging. At the time, I hardly paid any attention to it at all except to visit her blog. If you have told me on the same day last year that I will be a avid addicted blogger, I will most likely give you a puzzled look and wonder what the heck are you talking about. Some more, making money via blogging! Never in a million years! haha

And of course, I have always wanted to go somewhere outside of Kuching to work but never had the opportunity or reason to do so. When I start dating babe, I basically put that idea behind me and plan for a long future in Kuching. I guess life is very unpredictable and things happens for a reason. I remember Didi telling me this when I told her how disappointed I was that I was not the one that will be going to Germany for the staff exchange. I mean, I am very happy and excited on behalf of my good friend, SK but at the same time, I wish that I was me. I know, I am so mixed up! hahaha..

At the time, I was already had more than 3 phone interviews and was basically aware that there is a high possibility that I will get the job offer. Of course, there was also the 2 days training in KL which I stretched to one week using my annual leave. That was basically the seal of the job offer as I went to visit their office and get to know the team better. The process of getting this job was rather an interesting experience. Got interviewed first by a guy that is suppose to be my new immediate boss. That took almost one hour!

Next is interviewed by his boss who is based in US. This was rather pleasant. I think he just want to make sure that I have all the necessary dots, commas and dashes. This was abit awkward as I was still at work and some miscommunication about the best time to go. I said my 6pm and his 10am but he got it the other way round. Anyway, it was ok I guess since there was not many people in the office at the time. Only my good friends:P

And then another phone interview by the Senior VP of Operation who is a lady. This one was longer. She called me around 10 at night and we had a really long chat, I think more than an hour. Other than just interviewing me, I think she was also trying to convince me to join the company. Of course, by then, I was all hyped up and was pretty excited. But there were one thing that she said that is still very fresh in my mind. It goes something like this:

Lady: Have you ever stayed in KL before?
JenJen: Nope but I studied in Nilai for about a year for my degree.
Lady: I see. Reason I am asking is because we had some experience with candidates from Kuching. It was rather interesting and a shock to us.
JenJen: Oh, why interesting and shocking?
Lady: I guess it is the pace of life in Kuching and KL. People in Kuching are generally more relax and it is a shock for them when they come here and face the jam and arriving home late in evening.

Alamak! No wonder some people still think Kuchingnite lives in trees!

Ok, enough babbling from me this morning. Dont know how I can be so loso!

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