Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How I Seduce the Opposite Sex?

Yar Yar, I am blog hopping during office hours! So what, I worked hard and play well. I know what is important and work smart. Prioritize and make sure that things get done on time (or even better, ahead of time!). I think out-of-box to ensure that things are done more effectively and efficiently. So what if I slack off for awhile during office hours? hehehehe....right! Enough that should be enough excuse for myself to justify me being lazy today! bluek!!

Anyway, I came across survey that help to categorise ones seduction style! Couldnt resist it. Have not been doing this for awhile! hahaha (Another excuse!)

Your Seduction Style: The Coquette

You are a pro at playing the age old game of hard to get. (Jenjen: hhmm..never knew tis!!)

Your flirting style runs hot and cold, giving just enough to keep them chasing you. (Jenjen: ok! This ties in with the above, being HOT and COLD. So long out of the flirting game. Cant remember!!)

Independent and self-sufficient, you don't need any one person to make you compelte. (Jenjen: hei, got spelling mistake! compelte? Anyway, I am definitely independent and self sufficient. Some friends even wonder how I can stand eating lunch alone at the cafe/restaurant/fastfood joint. But it is a nice way to unwind mar!)

And that independence is exactly what makes people pursue you. (Jenjen: wahhh....!!! I guess people like things that are hard to get? that is why I had so many secret admirer? hahaha! Just kidding!)

Home Alone

Going to send babe to LCCT tonight. He is leaving on the 10pm flight. So, we have to leave house by 8.30pm. Luckily AirAsia have online check-in or else we would have to leave even earlier since travel time is about 45-60minutes from where we staying now. His friend that we are staying with going to follow us so that I wont have to drive alone back alone after dropping babe off at the airport.

I was feeling rather glad and gleeful the last week because babe will not be here for the next few days. But today, dont know why, suddenly feel sad and melancholic that I will be alone here. My hormon must be still going crazy from the move, weather and environment change. Seems to be bumping into things too. I am starting to get big black ugly bruise on my arms and legs! I was telling my friends back in Kch that I am even walking into walls! DONT LAUGH! This is serious!

Babe say it is because I drink too much coffee but I will only take 1 cup per day and sure that is not too much right? Ok, so the coffee is Ipoh White coffee that is super strong and rich without sugar but then, it is still coffee mar! Maybe the coffee have those fake sugar in them. I know that if I have any of the fake sugar such as equal, I will become very clumsy and start to bump into things or fall down without much reason! I guess I better switch to the normal nescafe with coffeemate just to be on the safe side!

On the high note, babe and I finally applied for Streamyx. Was told that I will only be able to use them in 1-2 weeks time. The phone line application will take about 7 days and streamyx 3-7days. So, only have internet to use in the 2nd week of May!! Initially, we thought that I will have the internet to occupy myself for the next few days. But looking at things, I think I better stock up on books or something. Or else I will be bored to death and when babe come home, he will find pak chi (idioto and stupido) at home! hahaha..

But I never expect applying for internet to be so expensive for the first month. I was told that I will get 2 bills, one for streamyx and one for phone line. The streamyx bill will be inclusive of 2 months advance billing, ie. RM110 x 2. Also RM75 for streamyx deposit and RM10 for stamp duty. Then for phone line, RM75 for deposit and RM26 for phone rental which will only be charge for the first month we do not have the Streamyx yet until AFTER we got the phone line. If you ask me, I think it is stupid because it is suppose to be no rental for fixed line promotion, so shouldnt streamyx and telekom be working together???? I know, it is not alot of money but it is the concept mar! No wonder we never prosper.....

hhmm, I can always go WINDOW shopping at Sunway or 1U (those are the only places that I dare to drive to at the moment!!) but that would be putting temptation right in the way. Especially since my salary this month will be just enough to pay for everything plus my car servicing. Been putting off servicing my car for abit too long I think. The car start to grunt and seem really hard when it climb even the smallest hill. On top of that, the pick up is really slagging! Actually, I am worried that something is seriously wrong with the car. I guess I can only pray.....

OK! I will be a good gal and stay at home for the next 4 days and NOT go on a shopping spree! (YAH RITE!!)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Can I BITE Someone???

I am so so so so sick of my vendors! I never remember treating my customers this way, ie. with much irritation and rudeness. Of course, behind the customers, we will grunt and complaint like crazy about their ridiculous request and remarks but we never do this in front of them. After all, no matter how small the order the customers place, they are the ones that indirectly (or rather directly?) pays our salary. If it was not for customers, we would be have our jobs in the first place, right? So, I truly cannot comprehend when the vendors are so rude! Imagine that the moment you start to questioned him about delays and so forth, he will start to give you a big sigh and then explain to you like you are an idiot.

Or worse, simply choose not answer your calls! WOW! I have yet to meet such horrible service before. I find it hard to believe that this company is so big that they dont care what their customers think? Or perhaps it is the problem with engineers not having any EQ or customer service skills? If this is the case, then it is really too bad because all employees that deals with customers must have some sort of EQ or customer service skills! OR at least is POLITE! OMG! The more I think about it, the more angry I feel.

Imagine having one delays after another and each time after one delivery and guarantee that the similar reasons for delay will not occur, the following week, they will provide you with the very same excuses! To top it off, my boss expects me, someone who is just starting my third week of work to make sure that the mistakes or mis-planned by my predecessor done are cleaned up! Really really really ridiculous and unreasonable! OK, so it makes me try harder and check more aspect of things but I am new, I have no ideas those things were not done.

As someone that is new, I am suppose to take my colleagues word that things are done, confirmed and approved. And not checked and double check everything once again right?? GGGGGRRR!! I am getting gastric because of this people. Sigh! I need to be less of a perfectionist or else I think I will cause myself super duper stress! Ok lar, go home. Already 7.15pm. Wonder what time I will be home today...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Monday?

My muscle ache! Specifically, it is my leg muscle that is aching. Nope, I have not start jogging as I have intended to previously but rather this is from the shopping marathon with babe during Saturday and Sunday. Imagine on Saturday we went to walk around 1 utama from 5pm to 10pm. And only finally arrived home around 10.30pm! And on Sunday babe said go to IOI at Puchong for a short while only. And end up we walked from 3pm until 8pm. Ouchh!!! I asked babe he is not tired meh? He say he legs feel like giving up because walked too much but since I didn’t say I was tired, he also pretend to be manly and keep quiet lor!

AIYEH!!!!! So kek tiok! I actually prefer to stay at home during weekend if possible ler. I purposely went out on Saturday morning to the nearest supermarket and did some grocery shopping while babe was at work so that we don’t have to go out in the hot sun after that mar. And perhaps only go out around 4.30pm to meet up with the agent that will show us an apartment at Pelangi Utama Apartment! Instead, after looking at the apartment, babe said that since we are so near to 1U, then we go there for a walk and see if can find his windbreaker/jacket.

So, at 4.30pm, we went to look at the apartment. We actually went to the wrong place and droved to Pelangi Utama Condominium instead of the apartment. The moment we drived in, babe immediately said that he don’t think this is the apartment because the security is so tight at the place. To go in, the tenant must have a swipe card. And visitors must register at the guide house stating the units that they want to visit. So we called the agent and he redirected us and told us to drive further in.

The moment we arrived at the place, babe and I immediately wanted to get out of there. It is definitely NOT an apartment. To us, it should be under the category of FLAT. True, it has many floors and lifts. But there is absolutely no security at all and basically, you will need to park at your own risk. However, since we already made the appointment with the agent, we decided to might as well just view the unit. Babe didn’t even want to go in! hahaha! So, right out, we inform the agent we are sorry but this is not what we wanted.

Actually, I think the moment the agent saw us, he already know that we will not be interested. The disappointment on his face was so obvious and after we left, babe and I can’t help but laugh at our own silliness. Guess we must be expecting too much and when any deals seem to be too good, it most likely is. But hard to resist when we heard that there is apartment that is 5min from 1U with rental charge of RM600+ per month. Still keeping our options open. We don’t really need to be 5min from 1U. I mean, we both have transport. So, somewhere abit further is ok as long as convenient for both of us!

Gasp! Was just telling my friend that we spent approximately RM300 during the weekend. This is including food and stuff. Grocery was RM100 and meals was RM50. Not sure where the rest of the RM150 went to. Need to start digging out the receipts and do some accounting. Need to sit down with babe and discuss how much each of us should contribute to the household expenses such as groceries, rental, food, etc. I always believe that it is good to do this when both of us are earning incomes. That way, no one can say that it is unfair or whatever later.

I have the excel table all drafted out already actually just that, when go home, lazy to take out the laptop and on it! Must make sure I do that before babe goes to Kuching on 30 Apr. By the way, MERDEKA!! Hahahaha….glad to have some time for myself for awhile. Don’t get me wrong, I love my babe but sometimes just need time for myself to do my own things. Which reminds me, I must start looking for a Toastmasters club to join if I want to continue my progress there!

OK LAH, enough of my mumbling! Oh yah, I finally applied for my Streamyx yesterday. Phone line plus Streamyx application will take about 1-2 weeks! Sigh! So slow but better late than never!! hehehehehe!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

My Addiction and Paranoia

I know I should have updated something in the blog yesterday but was feeling really lazy to do it. Perhaps this is the next phase of blog addiction? I mean if I forever feel high about blogging, don’t that make me kind of insane later? Ooppss, did I offend some bloggers out there? I am not trying to say something idiotic like our politician that made some rather idiotic comments about bloggers ah! I am just trying to understand my blog addiction, that is all.

I mean, when I was here 2-3 weeks ago, Roy’s friend’s house does not have wifi or internet at all. I was not even able to find any unsecure wifi around for me to ‘borrow’. In the beginning, I made babe promised that he will bring to places with wifi so that I can update my blog, check emails and complete any of my assignment. But in the end, I didn’t lor. Only managed to check my blog after more than a week and that also at another one of his friend’s apartment that thankfully have internet. Wah, really online till song song (satisfied) ler! Hehehe

Anyway, I am very pleased that the office have wifi round the clock and no matter what time I come in or leave, I can access the internet. Of course, being new and all, I don’t really have that much time to blog more than once per day. So, I usually make the most of it and try to cram everything into one posting! And hence, sometimes the super duper long posting especially after a long weekend.

I arrived at work really early today. Not intentionally but somehow when I parked my car, I realized that it is only 8.05am! I left the house at the usual time but I noticed that on Fridays, usually the traffic is not that bad. I actually breeze through the Sunway toll. Usually, I will be stucked there for minimum 20-30minutes for the 1 km stretch of road but today, I think it was less than 10minutes and I am through to the LDP highway. I was in fact able to drive about 70-80kmph all the way to work.

Rather pleasant way to go to work but not sure if it is a good idea to arrive at the office so early. This would be the first time I arrive here and all the lights in the office are not on yet. The central aircon only comes on at 8.30am but that is ok because the office has not warmed up yet since still early in the morning. Then I proceed to make myself a cuppa of hot chocolate and help myself to the cream crackers in the pantry. Really relaxing but I don’t think I want to do that again. After all, no point coming in so early and your boss don’t even know about it.

The company actually does not have a specified person working as HR. So, there is basically no attendance report. Of course, if you were absent, your superior will know. But if you come in late or early, or leave on time or stay back, unless the boss comes in earlier than you or leaves later than you, there is no way for him to know that you are actually here and working more than the required hours!

But I am happy tomorrow is the weekend! Didn’t realize how happy I am on Fridays until my ex-colleagues in Kuching laughed at me for being so happy. Tomorrow babe and I will be going to one of the low cost apartment near here to have a look. It is on the 9th floor and rental approx. RM600. The current tenant will move out after May and so just nice for babe and I since we plan for Jun or July to find a new place.

But I am actually having 2nd thoughts as some of my colleagues here commented that the place is abit complicated because there are a lot of complicated people staying there and nearby. I understand that most of the tenants are students or foreigners. Two of our foreign colleagues that stayed nearby and walked to work everyday actually got robbed once when they were walking back around 6-7pm. And also stories of cars being stolen and so forth.

Frankly speaking, after having my car window broken once, I am abit phobic whenever I woke up in the morning. I always imagine me walking out of the house and the car is not parked outside the house where I left it! Or I imagine that I cant find my car when I go to move it during lunch time although that possibility is very slim since I parked in the mall parking bay. However, you never know mar! I am thinking of locking the car with the brake lock no matter where I park the car from now on. Abit troublesome but better wasted a few minutes on that than having the whole car gone!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I did something really stupid this morning. I forgot that my boss ask me to sit in a conference call meeting at 8am so that I can understand more about what is going on in the company. Actually, I did remember that the meeting is at 8am but I forgot that I have to LEAVE EARLY to get to work at 8am! (That is how blur I am lor!) Didn’t do that on purpose lar. I only managed to sleep around 1am last night. It rained again around 7pm, the time that I left office to go home. So, naturally got caught in the jam again and only reached home around 8.15pm! By then, I was numb, tired and just wish to go to bed.

It was still drizzling then and when I reached the front door, I realized that I left the house key in the car (car parked outside the house under the rain). Instead of running to the car under the rain again, I shouted and call babe to open the door for me. But after 5 minutes, there is still no response. So naturally I thought he is not home. Perhaps went out with the friend since the friend’s car is not parked outside the house either. So, ran back to the car with my laptop bag, handbag and everything, retrieved the car key and ran back to the house again under the rain WITHOUT umbrella.

Once I let myself in and walked into the room, discover my irritation when I saw babe sitting nicely in front of the laptop which is on the new table that we bought from IKEA on Sunday, enjoying his computer game! EGAD! And he said that he didn’t hear me calling him to open the door for me. How can??? I think the next door neighbor must have heard me calling him because I can hear someone walked to the front door and open the door to check if anyone is there. GGGGGRRRRR!!!!

So so so so so tired and angry but when I see babe pitiful and guilty face, I straight away become not angry already (yar yar, I am so softhearted!) No wonder he always bully me! Next time must be meaner to him so that he will appreciate me more. Hhmm..but I don’t want him to feel frustrated and irritated too because I always get angry or nag right? But if I don’t, then he will assume everything is fine! Aiyeh, dilemma!!!! Do also not right, don’t do also hard!

Anyway, this morning I finally reach the parking area around 8.05am. So I thought not too bad, 5 minutes late and walk 10 min to office, so 15 minutes late. Late is late but at least not too late lar. And clever me thought to save some time, I will parked near the lift at the top floor of the parking. Discover my horror when I discover that the lift is not functional yet because it is still too early. EIKS! PANIC BUTTON!!! After I calm down, I thought, ok, walk to the next floor and get into the mall. After all, I don’t want to be in the stairway where all the horror stories of girls being robbed and raped happens!

But another bad luck! The door is still LOCKED TOO!!! OMG! I end up walking from 4th floor to LG. Then went into the mall finally and walked up another floor to G before finally walking to the connecting door of the building that is next to my office building. By the time I reached the office, I was already 25minutes late and I really hesitate to walked into the conference call especially with the BOSS OF ALL THE CEOs in the meeting too! Good thing that my boss laptop is with him in the meeting room and I sent him a msg via skype whether I should still sit in the meeting. (By the way, I did join lar in the end. Meeting ends at 9.15am)

With that adventure of the day, I just can’t wait to go leave office at exactly 6pm. I am planning to drop by one of the supermarket to buy some green vege to cook soup for dinner tonight. After eating out so much last few days, I am craving for something more homey. Already sms babe to take out the pork from the freezer once he is home. But still thinking how to cook the pork. Lazy want to cook just cook with soya sauce (imported or shall I say smuggled from Kuching by the way) and ginger.

Oh yah, I have also started looking for a new place of our own. At the moment, we are keeping our options open and haven’t decide which area we want to stay in yet. But I don’t think we will stay in Puchong area especially with the daily jam to and from work for me. So, if anyone can recommend any good place in between Damansara and Klang area, then I would greatly appreciate it. Preference would be if apartment, must have lift and house is fine. Price range: RM600-800. Damansara area is pretty hard to get anything less than RM1000. So, no choice but to stay further I guess…

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CS at Public Bank

Didn’t cook last night. Lazy! Babe also say no need to cook mar. Just go out and eat. So of course I listen to him lor! Bluekk!! Anyway, I ate fried loh su fun, SOOOO NICE!! It is abit wet wet one and fried with soya sauce, pork, liver, prawn, cuttlefish (YUP! Amazing rite?) and beansprout. After finish cook and plated, the helper will add one big spoon of deep fried pork fat bits on top. Wahh sehh, I been looking for this type for so long ler! As far as I know, only Jln Alor serve this kind of fried noodle, i.e. top with crispy pork bits. After babe tasted my fried loh su fun (he ate almost half of my share), he straight say tapau (pack) a packet for supper. His fren did the same after tasting the fried pork bits! I think babe will for sure gain weight lar!!:P hahaha..

Yawn!!! Can’t believe that I am still yawning although I slept at 10pm last night and sleep like a pig (according to babe lar) until this morning almost 7. Didn’t even hear the alarm go off before babe switch it off. Only managed to wake up when I hear the water running in the bathroom! Can’t believe how well I slept actually. Took my sweet time to get ready this morning since I only need to leave around 8.30am to go to the bank and open my savings account for my salary bank-in.

Actually managed to sit in the living room and watched channel 703 on Astro and have my breakfast. Even made my lunch before that. Nothing fancy lar. Just simple egg sandwiches only. And breakfast was coffee and condensed milk on 1 slice of bread. Am eating my lunch now actually in front of the laptop. Given the choice, I rather have bread and/or salad/fruits for each and every meal but I think babe will pengsan from not enough food and craving for rice! Hehehe..

The Public Bank only opens at 9.30am and since I left house around 8.30, I reached the place and parked before 9am. I thought it open at 9 mar because I thought most banks does. So, there I was, getting rather irritated with myself for not calling first. Instead, there I was wasting time waiting for the bank to open. When the bank finally opened, I was the kiasu number 3 in the line! Hahaha.. The customer service being customer service was rather efficient and fast.

But once I was redirected to the teller to get my passbook and atm pin number, I started to get really really pissed off with the gal there. The girl took my forms and instead of proceeding with whatever it is that she needs to do, she CHAT WITH THE TELLER NEXT TO HER FIRST! And the whole time, I was standing in front of her and trying to be patient and nice~! I was even smiling at her but all she does is IGNORE me and continue chatting. JEEZZ! Not only that, she was really taking her sweet time to pass the form to her superior for final approval and issuance of atm pin number.

In fact, I actually asked her how long this will take because I was in a hurry. Instead of telling me nicely, she rudely tells me to wait for the atm pin number! That got me glaring at her and little good did that do because she proceed to IGNORE me some more. I mean, she could have explained nicely to me and tell me how much longer I need to wait and why I need to wait. By the time I finally got the atm pin, passbook and my IC back, it was already 10.20am! (At this point I really feel like cursing but since I am a lady, I have deleted them! Hahaha). Can’t believe it took me almost an hour just to open a new savings account.

So, I end up getting to work at around 1045am-ish lor this morning. Just sit for awhile nia oredi 12 something and time for lunch. Can only go back around 7pm ler tonight to replace this morning. Hope that this place not so lonely at the time or else sure I will scare myself for no reason one! Bluek!!!!!!! OK ENUF from me. I promised not to be so long winded in my posting! short short nia ok……

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend and Monday

I officially HATE Monday. Oh, I use to dislike Monday because it means having to go to work and face the idiotic obi. But then, it is only dislike and tolerable because I will be able to catch up with my colleagues/friends, get out of the house and go online. However, this morning I positively absolutely HATE Monday! I have not had such strong feeling since I fell in love with my babe. So, friends, you know how seriously I feel about this hate thing today!

How I wish I can wipe off Monday from the face of the earth but then it would mean that I will hate Tuesday instead. I am even wishing that I can be a fulltime housewife for a change. How I envy those ‘tai-tai’ that can wake up at anytime they want, take their sweet time to pamper themselves and getting all the sleep that they want! Yah, I feel so sleep deprived that I was actually getting the dizziness this morning accompanied by pounding headache.

This of course makes me regret the outing during the weekend but there is nothing I can do about it because my eyes and brain simply refused to let me sleep longer than it feels necessary. And this mean about 7-8 hours of sleep, MAX. After that, no matter how much I toss and turn in the bed, I just fall back to sleep. Mind you, we slept around 3am on Friday night (ermm..Saturday morning) and woke up at 9.30am. And then around 3am on Saturday night (Sunday morning:P) and woke up at 11am. Babe seems to be having the same problem. We used to be able to sleep thru the day until the sun is shining brightly at our butts.

Perhaps it has something to do with age? Or maybe because there is something about the room that we are sleeping that does not allow us to sleep without a care in the world? Or maybe it is because babe was so excited about our first weekend after the first week of me working there that his excited vibe rub-off on me and hence, unable to sleep? Am I confusing you? I am confusing myself.

You see, on Friday, babe informed me with a straight face that we will not be sleeping early tonight because we will be going out for supper around 11pm-ish because he do not want to waste the weekend sleeping early. Before I am here with him, he will usually just stay in on weekend nights and sleep rather early since there is nothing much for him to do.

Sometimes, he will go out with his friends but cant do that every weekend mar. And some more, most of his friends not crazy enough to go out with him to supper at 11pm-ish eventhough it is weekend. Some more, his friends don’t stay that near. With me, we can teman (accompany) each other to go wherever we want at whenever we fancy lor. So, he say like that, how can I say I don’t want because very tired and sleepy ler. Like RK said, he really really miss me! Hahaha..

So, Friday night went to supper around 11.45pm. Went to this mamak shop that serve fantastic tandoori and roti naan. I had Maggie goring ayam (Egad! FAT! Haha). Drank teh tarik halia. Then on Saturday we woke up around 9.30am, did the laundry and then we went out around 11am to try and find a public bank that open on Saturday. But cant find lor. Then we went for our brunh at Puchong area. I ate fish head beehoon again. Cant seem to get enough of that stuff. So nice! After that we went to Sunway Pyramid.Babe wanted to look for a windbreaker for him to use when he ride his bike.

After walking round and searching for more than an hour, babe cant find the windbreaker that he likes (or he found some he likes but don’t like the price! Haha). So, in the end we decided to look for Shilin Taiwan Snack House for the oyster mee sua and XXL Fried chicken fillet. We found it among a few other Asian food stalls in the new wing. And trust me, we WILL NOT be eating there again. So stingy!!!! Usually when we have the oyster mee sua, the bowl is filled to the brim with mee sua, and then topped with oysters, lots of chicken bits and parsley. But the one at Sunway Pyramid look so pathetic that I just lost my appetite. So, in the end, only babe eat lor and we share the fried chicken. RM6+RM6+ RM5 (for soya milk, the only thing that they cant destroy by being stingy since it is bottled drinks!)

By the time we got back, it is already almost 4pm. Babe and the friend that we are staying with left for a IT mall near PJ. I was just too tired to follow and decided to stay at home and try to nap. Haiyah, ‘auntie’ visiting mar, very tired! The next day, we woke up around 11am. I made American breakfast (omellettes, sausages, beef patty and toasted bread). After that I did the ironing while watching The Incredibles.

Then around 3pm, we went to Ikea to try and hunt for a small desk for the room to use for our laptops. Ate the Swedish Meatballs and drank 2 cups of coffee with milk. The coffee is RM3 with free refill by the way and taste like cappuccino. Last time have a few different type of coffee lar, espresso, cappuccino, coffee with milk, etc but because Ikea wants to cut cost, so only one type. Total damage at Ikea (not including food), RM88+. Tried really hard not to buy much lar since no place to put yet mar. Wait till babe and I get our own place!

After that we went to Coldstorage and Branded Outlets. Babe got a bolster cover and sitting pillow for RM40.40. Went to coldstorage to buy some vege for dinner. We also bought 6 pieces of sushi (2 unagi sushi and 4 salmon sushi) for total RM7.80. Rather cheap and the salmon very very nice and fresh! You can really taste the salmon and the rice is abit on the wet side but goes really well with the salmon. The unagi is also not bad but I find it abit too much sauce/gravy (?).

Rushed and reached home around 8pm. By then, the friend must be starving! Hehehe! The friend’s wife went back to Kuching that morning and we promise the friend that I will cook dinner. The poor fella must be extremely hungry but then I found out that he don’t really eat chicken. AND almost everything I cooked that night is chicken! Chicken with ginger and oyster sauce, ginseng chicken, curry chicken and broccoli with chicken sausage. Kasihannya! Luckily there is eggs and he end up cooking some omellette!

WAHH I AM SO LOSO!!! Soooo soooo sooo long this posting! Hehehe. But just want to share how I spend my first weekend here after working for one week. I will try not to write such long posting in the future (TRY LAR, not promise! Bluek!!!!)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Car Is Spending More Money than ME!

So having shipped my car to KL, the next thing to think about is how to renew my car insurance. I guess it will not as easy and convenient as in Kuching where everything is near compared to KL. The first thing that I will need to do is to find a reputable car insurance provider to give me some auto insurance quotes. After that, will also need to check the service charge that this provider gives. I actually asked the RHB Delta Finance in Kuching before I came here on how I can renew my insurance and road tax if I continue to use them as my auto insurer. I was rather surprised how convenient and cheap it can be.

All I have to do is, bring my original green card and go to the RHB Business Center, make payment for both the insurance and roadtax. They will only charge RM10 for service charge and courier. The roadtax can be collected the very next day. There is only one problem though, the business center is located in the heart of KL, ie. near the Bukit Bintang area! And I definitely do not want to even imagine going there just to pay for my insurance and roadtax, what more to say about actually going there!

So, guess I will just start to shop around for a new auto insurance and change again. After all, the NCP points can be transferred from one insurer to another without much problem. Hopefully, this people do not see me as the country pumpkin and try to charge me crazy crazy high price. All I know is my car is definitely costing me more than I am costing me. Babe and I am already planning to send the car for its normal check up and servicing since the mileage is way pass it time. Furthermore, the car seems to be sulking because the pick-up is not as good as it used to be. Sigh! I only hope that God gave me enough patience to handle babe's friend's wife that we are staying with now. (But then that is a different story for another day!)

Dreaming On A Saturday Night

I can now understand and appreciate the joke about being gloomy and having Monday blues and being the perky cheerful person once Thurs and Friday approach because that is exactly how I feel yesterday on the way back from work. I was so happy that it is finally going to Saturday tomorrow. Because this would mean that I can sleep as late as I want at night without having to worry not able to wake up the next morning to go to work. It would also mean that in the event that I do really sleep late and woke up early due to the blasted body biological clock that acts as the alarm to wake up at the god damn wee hour in the morning, I can relax and not drive anywhere if I dont want to! hehehe...

In fact, babe and I actually went out, just the two of us, to have our supper around 11.30pm last night. Went to this mamak shop that is famous for its tandoori chicken and roti naan. After rushing around for a week, learning the route, calming my nerves, fighting the traffic jam and trying to proof to my boss that I am capable without being a show-off, I finally am able to relax and chit chat with babe. One of the things that I truly miss was the us-time that seems to have been pushed aside in the hectic life. Somehow things like doing the laundry, ironing and rushing seems to be our main focus during the week. So, was really glad to catch up with babe.

And of course, while chatting and discussing our future plan, the talks will turn to our hope of moving out from his friend's house into our own. As I mentioned previously, it is not that we dont appreciate the kindness of his friend to put up with us and let us rent a room in his house for a while. But rather, babe and I like our privacy too much and hence, we respect the need of privacy for others too. So, with the mortgages that I currently have for the house that my bro and I bought for my parents in Kuching, guess the only alternative for us would be to rent a place.

Although sometimes I feel that it is better to just buy a place and pay the mortgages every month. If you think of it, you will realised what an irony it is. After all, the renters are the one that is giving money to the house owner to pay for the house that he or she will own in the end. Of course, if the renter the problem with having enough money for down payment is one of the biggest roadblock for those that wish to own a house. Oh well, I can dream can't I.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I have Survived!

The time is 12.46pm and I am counting down to 6pm today! The weekend is finally going to be here. It has been a rather long but short week for me. Long for obvious reasons, traffic, new job, new environment and meeting new people. I have never been very good at meeting new people actually. I guess in a way, I am kind of shy! And if it is avoidable, I would not ask to join any social related activities without being asked first. On top of that, I most especially do not want to look upon with pity as the naïve new girl that does not have any friends. Hhmm..pathetic ain’t it? But I can’t help it lar! That is the way I am mar….

Short because I can hardly believe that I am already in KL for about one half week and worked for a week. Luckily, we have unlimited access to the internet in the office and I do not have a boss that is constantly breathing down my neck (SK – bluek!!!!) Having said that, although I have unlimited access to internet, I do not have unlimited free time. I am not sure if this is the norm here but my boss seems to be expecting that I know EVERYTHING from the start.

This is my first week and he is already asking me questions and for updates as if I been working here for ages. But I guess this is good because it prompted me to prepare a tracking file immediately. This way, I will not be caught off guard. I never like to reply a question asked with “I don’t know”. If possible, I like answer at my fingertip. My ex-colleagues in Kch will know very well the way I work. I tend to be little pushy sometimes (OK OK! MOST TIMES! BLUEKK!!) I just want to get the work done as soon as possible mar so that I don’t have worry or think about it after that. Is that wrong?

Anyway, back to my current boss. In this five work days, I have seen him scold, or maybe not scold because that word is too strong. He didn’t shout or anything. I guess more appropriate is reprimand? But he does not do so without reason or simply scold without knowing the details (unlike someone that I that I know called OBI!) He is also very willing to share his knowledge and make sure that you understand. Sometimes engineers can forget about communicating effectively and starts to talk in jargon. But he did not do that and that is one more point up in my book. Perhaps it is too soon to tell but I think he is alright lar! At least definitely 100% better than that someone!~

No food catering here today. So, I decided to go and move my car and try to find the Shilin Taiwan Snack House for the oyster mee sua. I was pretty lucky because I just happen to parked my car at the right side of the building and the moment I got out of the lift, I was able to find the shop almost immediately. At first I was abit worried about eating alone (yar yar, eat alone cannot ah? Bluek!) but there are plenty of people sitting by themselves and eating alone too. Plus the waiters are super friendly and nice. And most important, the oyster mee sua is so DELICIOUS and as good as I remember it. Only one thing though, the price has gone up by RM0.50. So paid RM6 for the bowl of oyster mee sua….

Thursday, April 17, 2008

4th Day and Going

YAHOO!! THURSDAY! Finally! I think I will be even happier tomorrow when it is FRIDAY! Really looking forward to the weekend so that I can sleep as long as I want and only wake up when I feel like waking up. Starting to feel really tired with the daily commute to and from work. I don’t think my friends and colleagues in Kch can imagine how tiring it is. So, do allow me to describe them in detail my daily workday activities.

I wake up around 6.30am (eventhough my office hours is 9am-6pm) and went to the kitchen to boil hot water, layout 2 cups and a bowl. The cups are milo for babe and coffee for me. Now even more so, I don’t think I can survive without coffee. Need that to survive the nerve wrecking jam which I will describe to you later. So, the bowl is for oatmeal breakfast that babe and I sometimes share. If I don’t feel like it, then it will be for him only and I will just have my coffee. While the water is boiling, I will take my shower, brush my teeth and wash my face.

Babe also wakes up at the same time too and immediately went to do the washroom to do his morning business. A habit that he acquire don’t know since when. Must go early in the morning. As for me, unless I really really have go, I would rather wait till I get to the office and go to the washroom here. Much much more comfortable and less cram! And I can SIT down on the toilet seat to do my business instead of squatting over a toilet bowl at the house. Hei, can’t blame me for being choosy about the toilet ok! I simply simply cannot stand 2 types of toilet, i.e. DIRTY toilets AND the squatting type.

Ok, enough about toilet. After shower, changed to office clothes. By then, water boiled, so make oatmeal, milo and coffee. Bring all 3 to rooms and leave on the floor in front of the fan to cool the drinks down abit. Babe also finished his shower around that time too. So, we both sit down to have our quick breakfast. Babe will leave for work around 7.15am. And I will only leave around 7.45am. After babe goes to work, I put on my make up, do my hair, check my stuff to bring to work and then go also lor.

Then of course there is the jam. The worse one is at the Sunway toll. This is where you either have to be very very brave or crazy when you drive or else you will be stucked for a long long long time. There is 2 lanes for smart tag user (this is a machine that you buy a device with pre-loaded amount which of course you can reload and attach to the car. Just drive thru the toll and the amount will auto deduct. No need open window to pay,etc). 2 lanes for touch and go system. (A card similar to pre-paid card concept which you can buy from anywhere. This one have to open window and waive the touch and go card at a panel. And then the palang will lift and you can pass thru). And many many cash lanes. Don’t know how many. I didn’t count them.

Anyway, the smart tag lanes are suppose to be the fastest for obvious reason and then logically, the touch n go should be pretty fast too compared to the cash lanes. However, somehow, it is the complete opposite. I think perhaps because everyone taught the smart tag lanes is faster, so they all use that lanes and cut few lanes when almost at the toll to either touch and go OR cash lanes. Really really really irritating ler. But cannot really blame them also because once you are about 500m from the toll gate, there is absolutely no more guiding lines on the road. So basically, it is free for all.

Then of course, on the way, if lucky, pretty smooth all the way. But you never know. Some days, you might be ever so lucky and come to work much earlier than usual and other days, you are lucky if not half hour late! Once here, need to find parking. Then walk about 10minutes to office lor. During lunch time need to walk 10min to the car to move it and then park. And another 10minutes back to work. Then finish work around 6pm and another 10minunute walk to the car. So total, 40minutes exercise daily!

Ok lar, enough of my rambling! Not going to bore you with anymore of this boring stuff:P Time to get back to work!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2nd Day

My worst fear has come true. I am so bored! Not sure if it is because today is only my second day at work and hence the boredom OR the workload here is really a lot less than that what I had previously? All I know is I keep on looking at the clock and the time seems to be on stand still at 1-something-pm. ARGGH!! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed as much as the next person the chance to goof off once in a while but I am not the type that can sit still and not anything. For me, there is nothing worse than not having anything (or much) to do.

First day of work went a lot faster than this since that is the day that the boss briefed me on the company portfolios, goods, customers, etc. And of course, more time spent getting the system set up on the laptop. That ate up most of the morning. The afternoon I rushed out to move my car and re-park it again. Of course, silly me forgotten to note down which floor I parked. All I remember is that I went down one storey and parked immediately near the entry point. Sounds like my nightmare coming true! Luckily I was able to find it after about 15min search.

By the time I am back to the office at 2pm, the whole team is already waiting in the conference room for meeting. Very paiseh (embarrassing) lerrrr! Luckily they understand and start the meeting without much delay. Meeting ends at 3pm with me trying really really hard to concentrate and NOT fall asleep with all the technical jargon. Not their fault lar. Mine because I slept at 2am the night before. Why? Because babe want to stay at his friend house to watch his football match between MU and Arsenal. Luckily MU win, or else he will be sulking (Should be me sulking ler).

Cham lar. Keep on waiting for one of the colleague that is suppose to starting handover to me to give me all the necessary files but so far, I have not seen them lor. I think she must be very busy lar. After all, she is the only administrator in the company who does all the paperwork including HR related things. So far, have not communicate with any of the customers yet. Only with the suppliers/vendor. I am feeling so damn bored and sleepy. Hopefully it wont show on my face!!!

Today lunch, we cater in again. Apparently there is this caterer that send lunchboxes to the entire building. The lunch menu was not bad, pretty large list actually. And so far, I am not bored of it yet lar. Just 2 days nia mar. But one of the lady colleague said that they will usually make it a point to go out on Wednesday for lunch. Then not so bored with the catering food. I don’t mind either way. Eat in can save since it is pretty cheap, around RM3.50- RM4.50 only. Of course, eating out, can get to know my colleagues better lar but they are all speaking in Cantonese lorrrrr..

Sometimes I feel the very nga-nga (blur) especially when they speak real fast. I mean, I can understand perhaps 60% of the time but if they start to get excited and talk really fast, I will just let it go over my head and not understand a single thing they said. So, dungu (stupid) me just sit there, fast fast finish lunch and go back to my place. Kolian (pitiful) or not? But sometimes they remember I am there and start to talk slower or in English or Mandarin! So, I am ok lar:P

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cold Turkey

Right enough for now. I am at another friend house and he has kindly let me use his laptop to go online.I am feeling so deprived! No internet, not much of Astro to watch and basically the four wall of my room most of the time. On top of that, I think my babe's friend does not like to open their windows. Not sure for what reason. The house is a single storey terrace house and super super stuffy because no movement of air at all. Dont get me wrong, I am grateful that they are willing to put us up in their house.

Eventhough we do pay some token to them as rent and as much as possible, contribute to the meals by buying food and so on. But I cant help imagine when we get our own place and able to turn on the fan and open all the windows to let the air in and out! But that would have to wait first to find a place that is most convenient to the both of us to go to work. On top of that, getting our own place would mean spending alot to get our own stuff and so on. Money, money, money! Really easy to overspend here. Imagine we went out for grocery shopping yesterday and spend more than RM100. Cant even remember much what we bought actually.

OK back to my internet dilemma, thinking of getting streamyx towards the end of the month. Babe is rather excited about the prospect of being able to go online again unlimited! And he has been playing with the laptop since yesterday, even late at night when I was sleeping. Guess he too am having withdrawal syndrome! Almost a year without all those things that I mentioned above. So, cant blame him for spending almost the whole afternoon playing Football Manager. Maybe I should do what Rose did, limit his usage of computer to just alternate days? (Better scroll down fast before babe starting reading behind me and see this!)

So, tomorrow will be the first of day of work at the new place. Babe went with me on Wednesday to try out the road from house to work and back again, once in the morning and then another time in evening. Then the next day went on my own in the morning to make sure that I can do this alone. I am proud to say that I was able to do it without much difficulties! YEAHHH!! ahahaha.. So the real test will be tomorrow whereby I will have to drive there AND find the parking.

Oh yah, the parking...sigh. I went to the office that Wednesday to ask my new colleague where is the best place to park. Apparently, there is seasonal parking but it cost RM150 per month for parking just between Mon-Fri. If for Mon-Sun, then it would be RM180! OMG! That is more than RM6 per day! Then she suggested parking at one of the shopping mall nearby where it cost RM1 for the first six hour and subsequent hour will be RM2 every hour. So, what she and most people will drive the car out during lunch time and drive back in again. Alternatively, can also park at the old wing of the shopping mall for RM1 per entry but that would mean a distance to walk.

I guess I will try the RM1 for the first 6 hours parking and check out the RM1 per entry thingie too. Definitely wont be able to afford to park right in the building at RM150 per month. I am not cheap but I simply am not willing to throw away good money just to park the car nearer. Might as well walk. After all, the exercise is good for ME! hahaha..Of course, if the company subsidise the seasonal parking thingie, I dont mind parking right in the building and not getting the exercise! BLUEK!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Landed @ KLIA

Just landed and waiting at the arrival hall of KLIA, waiting for my babe to come and pick me up. He said that most likely he will only be here around 7.30pm. So, when I caught a glimpse of someone going online, I just couldn't resist to post something on my blog. First of all, thanks for all the well wishes send via blog comments and sms! I can truly feel LOVE! As I said to RK via sms, I am already feeling homesick! Mom of course just had to cry and shed plenty of tears. Even when I called her when I just landed also can hear she has been (am still) crying! Sigh!!!

Dad, I know dad will not cry in front of me because he dont want to upset me than I am already am. I remember mom secretly called me to tell me that dad was crying and that was I went off to Nilai to continue my final year degree. So, yah, I know he will be upset. Despite his teasing, he is feeling sad inside. After all, I am his little gal mar! I almost felt like going into MAS ticketing office and take the next flight home and to hell with everything else. But of course, I didnt do that because I know I can be strong....

I have 2 big luggages, 1 backpack, 1 laptop bag and 1 sling bag! Only checked in the 2 big luggages though and total weight about 28kg! Luckily the lady only charge me 3kg overweight at RM8 per kg. So paid RM24. If it had been AirAsia, I am pretty sure they will charge me even more and most definitely more than RM50! Now that AirAsia going to implement charges per luggage, I am wondering how will that work. As if it is not enough that they are always pushing us, the passengers from flight to another, now they decided to charge if we are not good at planning what to pack for our trip. What would they think next?

Actually, this is not a very good start for my first day in KL. Babe called me just before I left to check in at Kuching International Airport that my car driver seat window is broken! GASP! He parked the car outside the house as usual and left for work using his bike. The wife of the friend he is staying with called him and told him that the alarm went off and the window is broken! OH MY GOD! Babe suspect that someone is trying to break into the car either to steal the stereo or the whole car. I can only thank god that it is the window that is broken and not the WHOLE car gone. Will be shopping for steering lock after he pick me up later.

I dare not tell my dad and mom about this. I do not want to upset and make them worry more than they already are. Need to show them that their daughter is all grown up and can take care of herself liaw so that they dont have to constantly think of me and worry mar. KL and Kch not far but it is not exactly a car ride away either. Still need to hop on a plane to fly one hour forty minutes. I only hope THAT is the only glitch in this trip. Really cant afford another thing going wrong. Don't know if my purse or emotion can handle anymore!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Last Day at Work

LAST DAY AT WORK!!! Am I happy? I dont know....

All I know is I feel surreal today. Abit melancholic but at the same time excited. Yup, I am a bundle of nerves today. Friends are making lunch date with me and now total lunch date count is 10 pax. Got this feeling that it will grow some more later. I have warned my friends cannot hug me lar! Later I cry! hahahaha.. But I think they will have their way and hug me anyways since I am so huggable (according to them ah, not me say one!!). I only have one request, dont flatten my boobs from too much hugging! (BLUEK!)

I am still doing some work today actually. My phone is still ringing, email coming in and so on eventhough I had already sent out notification emails earlier to redirect the emails to my counterpart. It got to the extend that even a manager in the room from another department is asking how come you are still so busy because I thought today is your last day~! hahaha.. I dont mind much lar I guess. Will try to help them as much as I can now because I know that when I go off tomorrow, chances are I might not remember much when they call to ask me things.

Not being mean lar but this is based on my previous experience when I left my previous company to this one. When they call me up a week or two later, I cant remember much as my mind was filled up the current job. Although I can multitask but I dont think my brainpower is so strong. So, I have already warned my counterpart, they can call me up to ask questions but I cannot guarantee that I will be able to reply or remember everything. Therefore, FRIENDS (You know who I am talking to lar) dont blame me ah if I tell you I dont know....

Hhmm, going to start the farewell 'tour' around the company after lunch later. Need to get the resignation checklist signed off before I can leave for the day or else HR will deduct whatever I have not returned from my 7days worked paycheck! I wonder how long that will take. Need to go far far far away to logistics as well. Will start off with third floor and work my way down and last will be HR when I had in my badge. After that, I will be considered 'illegal' in the company, cannot go in and out without piggyback when someone else swipe their badge to go in.

Oh yah, I have also packed my stuff last Friday except for a few items. Cant believe that after 3 years working here, my life can be filled into a box. The box is not even full. I was expecting more things. After all, in the previous company, after working there for five years, I have two full boxes when I left. I think maybe have to do with the 5S that we practice here and that does not allow for much personal items. Even if I want to donate anything to other colleagues also cannot because nothing to donate! hahaha...

Gosh! I am really going to miss my colleagues!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Do You Go For A Guy's Brain or Body?

You Go For Brains!

You want a guy with a big... brain.

And of course it would be nice if he were a total hottie, but you're not counting on it.

What's on the inside is what counts for you. (Besides, you can always change the outside later!)

Hahaha!! Sounds just like me!!!

Going to Burst Soon

I am sooooooooooo FULL!! And I am an idiot! To write something about going on diet and the next thing I know, I stuffed myself silly at a steamboat buffet. But the steamboat buffet was simply amazing! It is a new place, well not so new but new concept at this restaurant at RH Plaza called Suan Teen Steamboat Buffet. They boasted having over 80 different items for the steamboat and at just RM18, the quality of food they serve is really worth it. Imagine mussel at buffet! Ok, so it is frozen mussel but who cares, it is still mussels! I had two and between mom, dad and bro, they demolised about 10 mussels total?

There are black pepper lamb and normal marinated lamb too. The lamb are marinated and cut into about 3 x 3 inch each and they are really tender and yummy. It does not have those weird smell that sometimes lousy lamb meat tend to have. The beef, let me tell you about the beef. Slices just think enough to cook quickly on the hot pan but it is so tender and delicious that we just couldnt stop eating them. And next, of course there are prawn as big as babe's thumb, crabs, clam, fish, calamari, and a few other seafood.

Other yong tau foo such as fish balls, crabstick, assorted dumplings, glass noodles, seaweed and so on. You know, the usual stuff. There are chicken too and bishop nose. Dad commented that at least they clean the bishop nose properly, i.e. cutting off where need to be discarded. And guess what else they have? Pork! Three layer pork sliced thinly, pork chop, pork liver and other high cholestrol inerts of the pig. This is the first steamboat buffet in Kuching that is actually non-halal. Even hornbill which caters to foreigners is halal. So, BRAVO! Too bad babe is not here or else he would have concentrated on the lamb and pork!

Actually, the main reason that I am so full is because of mom! I only made two trips to the food counter to collect the food that I want in the portion that I know I can finish. But mom, she just couldnt resist taking more than she could handle. And so, end up, I had to help to mop up some of the beef and lamb. No, I am not giving myself excuse for eating so much till my stomach is so bloated that a simple slap on it will make me feel like bursting! Ok, so I could have just leave it there for her to handle but I feel like being nice. After all, I will be flying off in just 2 days time.....

Of course, the moment mom sees me start packing, she will start to show her sad teary face to me. She has accepted the fact that nothing can stop me from going to KL to work now but she dont have to be happy about it. In fact, she been bursting into tears at the most simplest stuff and I am really feeling so stressed up. But just thinking about my babe, I guess this is the sacrifice I need to make. I know that if mom/dad start to show me their teary face at the airport, I will start too~! Yar, despite all this, I know I will miss them miserably and be terribly homesick. Airasia has not lost my business eventhough I have moved over to be with my babe! In fact, I think they might have gained more business because of me because mom is already planning a trip to KL to visit me in the next few months!

So, am I happy? Of course I am. I will be with the man that I love so deary. Will I regret this relocation? I do not know yet but frankly speaking, I know that no matter what, I will always be able to see the positive side of things. I am a lucky gal actually because I have fantastic support from people around me. Look at my family and my good friends. I know I can always rely on them no matter what.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

What is Low GI?

I was reading the Reader Digest from Oct 2003 on an article that caught my attention, i.e. "Hungry All the Time? How to turn off the switch?". Wahhhh so nice ah, can turn on and off like the switch light. When I want to feel hungry, just flip the switch to ON and when I want to lost weight, become OFF. Hhmm, does this mean that it works, I will be rich selling the secret formula? Didi & Shannen, want to know the secret? If want, must treat me super expensive meal. Erm, maybe not meal lar since suppose to be on diet, maybe a gold anklet? hahaha..

Ok lar, I be nice lar because I sayang you all so much, I share share with you. Apparently, the lower GI (Glycemic Index) a meal is, the longer you will feel fuller. GI is the indication of how fast a meal drives up your blood sugar. The faster the food that you consumed drives up your blood level, then the faster the blood sugar level will drop too. So, those drinks like cola will gives you fast energy and kick but you will feel like eating again soon. So, logically, food that releases sugar slower to the blood will help to curb hunger. Therefore, the lower the GI, the slower you will feel hungry. Anything under 50 GI is consider low, 50 to 70 is medium and above 70 is high.

So, the article states that there is 5 simple rules to beat the hunger and they are:
1. Be wary of White
Food made from white refined flour such as white bread(73), croissants (67), doughnuts(76) have high GI. There are also white veggies such as instant rice (72), baguettes (95), potato chips (75), baked potatoes (85). The exception to white rule includes item such as diary products (40 or less) and almost all pasta (40 to 50). So, get started on MILK and DRINK UP!

2. Eat Healthy Fat
We always know that olive and canola oil is good for you but it also have low GI. So, try cooking with those oil instead. Eat snack such as nuts, make sandwiches with cheese and peanut butter or avocado (using whole-grain bread of course). Eat lean protein such as fish, chicken, some lean beef and beans too.

3. Eat fibre
We hear this all the time but fibre helps you to feel full faster. That means eating food such as whole-grain bread (53), long grain such as basmati rice (55) and of course most vegetables and fruit score low GI as well. Same goes for unsweetened fruit juice. Be careful of dried fruits such as prune and dates (103) which have very high GI.

4. Snack smarter
Try snacking on Peanut M&M (33), Snickers (53) or chocolate milk (34) instead of jelly beans (80), colas (87) or other carbonated drinks. Another good choice would be soy beans (18).

5. Think balance
Last but not least, it is not a single food GI that counts but rather the overall of the meal. For example, if you are having salmon or chicken, a side dish of baked potatoes is acceptable as the total GI of both food divided by two will be in the low or medium range.

Personally, it seems too good to be true actually. Imagine snacking on Peanut M&M?? But I am willing to try it. Who knows it might work. If you are interested, click here for a list of the GI index for a few food items. And if you want to find out more about low GI diet, click here.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Arrived at work around 7.30am today. Yup, I know, crazy meh since I only start work at 8am. But purposely came in early lar to complete my e-BE form or else later when I go to KL, don't know whether I will have the time (or patience) to complete the form. Even worse, with all the hecticness to settledown, might completely forgotten about it. So, I better get it done before I go. End up, I still need to pay another RM160++ on top of those that were already deducted monthly. So taxing lar (pun intended!). I think for 2008 income tax, it will be even worse because we received a rather hefty bonus just before Chinese New Year. Hhhmm...have also complain, dont have also complain. Human being never satisfied.

Last night at home, a mini war happened between my dad and bro. Bro has been complaining of getting migraine in the morning and cant get up of bed. And hence, not able to go to work. Has been doing this pretty often to the extend that dad and mom are getting worried for his health. So, dad asked me to drive him to see the doctor lor last night after work. But hor, he hor, go shout at dad, I dont know say what lar, cant hear because I was in the living room. And then suddenly I heard something crashing like people shouting. Wah I really in shock lor.

Personally thinking, I would say my bro is being lazy lar about going to work. He been going out very often and usually come back 2-3am in the morning eventhough he had to wake up at 6am the next day to get ready for work. He has a group of friends that is constantly tempting him to go out for drinks, computer games and whatever else. I am not sure if those group of friends work or not but then, if he knows that he have to wake up early the next day, why in the world have so many late nights? Even dad is angry about that now. And he is not a young kid anymore. Already 28 years old and still acting immature!

Actually before this, he is the more responsible one compared to me. But after his gf broke up with him a few years ago, he started to change for the worse. I can only say one thing: GET OVER IT!! AND GROW UP! Geez! The world does not come to an end just because a girl left him. Yar, so he loved the girl very much and wanted to propose to her. But if the girl felt she is not interested, then bro, move on! Sometimes really so angry at him and want to voice out but dare not because my bro is a rather violent type and will just throw things. He pushed the tv off the rack once when he was arguing with mom. So yar, he need anger management!

When I am not in Kuching, he is the one that my parents will depend on to help them especially with my sister with special needs. I will be depending on him to take care of my parents and remind my workaholic dad to slow down. Yeah, I can hire a maid to help out with the housework and my sis, but he has to start to be responsible as well instead of just think of having fun and hide out in his room all the time. He is in his room so much that sometimes I dont even see him for a few days! Yah, it is THAT bad! Sigh...make me worried about my parents and sister nia.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I am Haunted

So, finally back and got the picture compliments from Apple Jul. We went to Mr Ho's on Saturday night just before the Toastmasters competition. Actually were planning to join the others from the EXCO for dinner at Causeway. But because of me being caught in bad jam at Kota Sentosa, we end up only arriving at the Crowne Square at 6.30pm instead of 6pm. The food at Mr Ho's, to me, was not really that great. Abit disappointed actually.

As I was still feeling full from having late lunch at RasaMas, Boulevard, I decided to order something light, beef balls. A big disappointment as the beef balls was really really small, diameter about 20 cents coin. And the sauce (in spoon) is just normal out-of-bottle kind instead of prepared by the chef. This cost me around RM10++ (cant really remember the price).

Next, I decided that since I ordered something so light, I must as well spoil myself and order dessert. The Pear in Red Wine caught my attention. And on top of that, Apple Jul said she ever had it before and likes it very much. Good thing I ordered because it is really nice. The pear is soft and has absorbed alot of the red wine. So the color is really beautiful and attractive (as can seen from pic below). The red wine is sweet as they add some sugar to it. Price: RM10.90 , kinda pricey but it is worth every cent.

After that we went to the Toastmaster District Competition. It was rather fun and learning experience because we get to see the six best of the best to speak on stage for 5-7minutes. From this, you can see and judge the difference between very good speaker and those that were not well prepared ones. At every kind of competition such as this, it always inspire me to achieve and to one stand on the stage and compete as well. But alas, I am too lazy to discipline myself into preparing and practising the speeches over and over again. Because I heard that is what it takes. One contestant for humorous speech competition ever told me that he practice EVERYDAY for at least ONE hour one to two weeks before the competition. Jiak Lak! I dont have the determination:P

Anyway, after the that, we went for round II at The Bing! Just sitting around, drinking non-alcoholic drinks, eat cakes and read fashion magazine. Then suddenly Apple Jul shouted excitedly while reading the magazine. Guess what she saw? See the pic below, do you see the word 'OBI'? OMG!!! I AM HAUNTED BY HER! CAN I have no peace even when I am out with my friends and be reminded of her? What the heck is OBI-STYLE?????? Apparently obi mean sash in Japanese language. And so obi-style is the sash type of belt. Like that also can

Three more Working Days in Kuching

Phew! Finally back in Kuching and back to work today. Dad sent me to work as usual this morning ever since I sent my car to KL. (SK DUN laugh and call me kindie ah...). My car finally arrived on Tuesday evening in good but not so clean condition. But I am not complaining (much) since it is just dirt and babe promised that he will send to carwash before I get there. I must say, this freight forwarder is rather cheap compared to others and the service is not bad.

At first, I was rather wary as I have never heard of the company before but as the price was really competitive, I was thinking that the worse that can happen is the things I ship together with my car does some disappearing act. Most of the shipping companies that I asked, to ship a car in the container range between RM2500-3000. But this shipper only charge RM1600. And of course, they also offer to send the car right to the doorstep, which I did for RM80. I am not sure but I think that is alright (from Port Klang to Bandar Kinrara area). At least I dont have to worry that the car cant start because the battery is dead due to long disuse when I collect them from port.

So, that is one thing settled before I go over. I have actually packed the rest of my stuff yet for my flight next Tuesday (packing as in putting all the things that I am thinking to bring in one place, i.e. my bed!). As the mountain grow bigger and bigger, I realised that some of the stuff can actually go together with my car. Oh well, no choice. If too heavy, then I will leave them here for babe to bring when he comes back for a short trip end of the month.

Yup, he is coming back on 30 Apr. Initially he was suppose to be back till 6 May since I have yet to get a job when we book the cheap ticket. That would mean he need to take 3 days leave. But now that I am there (wink!) he will basically be back just to go Sri Aman to see his grandma and grandpa. So no need so many days lar. Must remember to check the website later to try to change the date to fly back to KL. See how much that will cost. Better than the whole ticket burned mar.

Last two days was really tiring. Imagine waking up at 5am on Tuesday and start the road trip at 5.30am. Then we stopped around 7.30am at Lanchau (sounds like bad word doesnt it?:P) for our breakfast. The food was nothing to brag about but it was something to fill out hungry guggling tummy. Then off we go to a school that dad and mom had to cross the river using sampan (boat) to get there. The people there told us the boat fare is RM0.30 per trip which is reasonable. After all, that is how the boatman earned their livelihood right? But does that mean that they can take advantage of citydwellers that never been to such places and charge my parents RM10 for return trip????????? Geezz....

It is now 11.25am and I only managed to continue with this posting! G-man called for short chat at 10am and then invited the whole team for lunch later. Still thinking where to go but no matter what, dont want My Restaurant lar! Tomorrow going to go there again^_^. 10.30am had the out-terview (exit interview lar) with the HR boss. That went well, professional and yet bring across the point that I want to present without sounding like I am trying to stab someone's back. But I really really really hope that something will be done for the benefit of the team. The damages might be irreversible if nothing is not done soon.