Sunday, May 30, 2010

Short talk: Business Idea....

Just a short one.. Babe said something really getting to my head since then. Got me thinking seriously about things but at the same time still climb that career ladder. Oh, before I continue babbling, let me tell you what babe said. As usual, we were thinking of where to have our dinner after window shopping at the new mall near Subang Parade. We were talking about German Pork Knuckle for awhile and we were thinking of going for it last night. But after driving around and not knowing where we can find one near Subang, babe said: Dont know what to eat. We can do nicer at home on our own.

I went: HUH? Oh, so you mean the food I make is nicer than most people?

HAHAHA! That is really nice compliment coming from your husband dont you think?

Anyway, got me thinking, perhaps I should start selling the Special Crispy Pork Log and German Pork Knuckle online. Then I only make to order. The person can then collect or deliver for a small price. Just thinking how to go about doing this.

If I am still in my old company, I can just bring some to office and share but current office, 90% are Muslim (and I am the only Chinese in my department), so, that idea is definitely out! Maybe facebook????? Any1 have any ideas?

Friday, May 28, 2010


Just look at this animal cruelty! I was almost in tears when I watch the u-tube! How can people be so sick? The beautiful magnificent creature...

Who they trying to cheat when the Formasa representative, Eric Ong, responded by saying the tiger was simply “lazy” and that it was in the tiger’s “nature” to behave inertly. He also denied any possibility that the tiger was sedated.

Do they think we are so stupid that we can't see?

Video :

Go join the Facebook Page “Stop Animal Abuse at A' Famosa!” that is created by concerned Malaysian to raise public awareness.

These concerned Malaysians are planning a “Public Awareness Campaign” day-trip to A ‘Famosa Resort on 29 May 2010 at 10:30am to advocate better treatment for wildlife living in captivity. They strongly believe that the livelihood and dignity of wildlife living in captivity is the collective responsibility of all Malaysians.

Page :
Event :

Go to the 'Famosa Resort' this weekend and support the Public Awareness Campaign. If you cant make it, blog about it in your blog. Tell the world about the animal cruelty that is going on. Every little bit counts!

What to do today?????????

zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzz!!! YAWN!!!! Sleepy but not sleepy. Hmm.. I guess that sounds more like bored than sleepy huh? Woke up around 10am today and just lying around the living room not doing much. Watched some tv and then babe came downstairs too about half hour later. That means time to move the butt and makes some breakfast for the 2 of us. Simple stuff today, coffee & half boiled eggs. Now he is sitting at his computer and me at my office laptop, each doing our own stuff. The Astro is on to channel 735.

We been asking each other the same question since he is awake. The same famous question everytime weekend is here or any public holiday. The question: WHERE WANNA GO TODAY? Never seem to get answered somehow because either we have no idea what we want to do or one of us is feeling lazy and wants to stay at home. Last weekend were movie-catch-up marathon at home. So, not so sure what to do this long weekend.

The thing is, babe had to work half day tomorrow. So, we cant go anywhere far. Was hoping to pursuade him to go Penang initially but as I said, that is not possible la. So, need to think of another to do. I wonder if babe wanna have a gathering at our place since its Gawai (Harvest Festival) 1 Jun. But that would involve money, money that I really should be saving up in case I need them for my business trips this month.

So, basically, we need to decide where to go for window shopping/ people watching. Or would we rather stay at home and watch movies again. Or is there anything that he need to get from anywhere. I am tempted to bake something but babe as usual, throw cold water at me and told me not to do it la because there is only 2 of us and for sure we can never finish the cake.

Last time, when I bake, I know I can bring some to the office to share because the geng would enjoy them. But it is kinda hard to do that now because, well, for one thing, most of my colleagues are Malay and I really am not sure if they would eat the food I cook/bake because they might feel that it is not halal. Sometimes I got this feeling that they eat the home bake I bring just so as not to upset me? So, no joy in sharing there.

And also I dont want to add to the 'stock' in the fridge now...the fridge is so full of cooked food la. Babe la. Everything also want to eat and ask to cook this and that. When I do, he just eat abit. And sometimes, I try to cook in smaller portion so that we dont have leftovers but babe would ask: How come only cook like that? And he will look as if the food is not enough after we finished eating. SHEESH!

Hhmm..which reminds me, I still have lots kee chang in the fridge too! AIYOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Short talk: NAUGHTY DAY!

I did something naughty today! HAHA! Should I be telling? Let me think first..HAHA! OK OK! I went to work really late today. I only reached the office at around 11.30am today. Reason, well, I got called for a job interview. SSHHH..

And guess what, I will be going for a 2nd interview on Monday. LOL! Unexpected but something that I did wish for. So, again, LOA is working ^_^

Dun wan to talk too much abt this yet till I got the job offer. So, wish me luck!! ":)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday & Sunday......

Good morning! Oops, should be good AFTERNOON! HAHA! Didnt realised it is already 1pm. Just finished having brunch with babe and now sitting in front of the tv, me surfing the the internet and updating my blog. Babe busy flipping channels as usual which I sometimes finds really irritating but since I am not watching now, I don't mind ;p

Breakfast was simple American-style: Bacon, egg, sausage & bread with coffee. Yah! Very very very very unhealthy but since we only does this once in a few weekends, then should be ok right? Anyway, we usually had it for brunch, so save us a meal.

Had done lots today actually before babe woke up. I woke up at around 10am. Wish I could have sleep in longer since I went to babe 2.30am this morning. But no matter how, I cannot seem to sleep longer than 8 hours nowadays unless super tired or sick. So, I woke up and look around the messy living room and kitchen, decided to build that Ikea rack that babe and I bought a few weeks ago.

Then, rearrange my kitchen so that the things on the new rack. Now I can display the nice pyrex and bowl on the top rack. 3rd rack is filled with cups and bottles. Then rd rack still empty. Havent decided if I should open the boxes of dinner plates and put it there or just leave it in the box. I think I will just leave them there for easier move in the future (since I doubt we will stay here forever. Aiming to get our own place but still searching for one that allows us NO downpayment! :P)

Still thinking of whether want to go out or not today. Yesterday we went out around 5pm to Carrefour to stock up some can food and stuff since we have not done that for a while. After that we tried to go to makan at the place that my customer brought me the other day but too dark to find. End up, we had crab and tofu near the chinese restaurant near our place.

After dinner, went to the night market because we wanted to get that mop that you can twist at the bottom to dry out the water. Luckily, we were just on cue because it was the last they have with them last night. Rather cheap too, RM10 for one. Almost the same price as the normal mop or it is cheaper than some? (Want to mop the house but I am waiting for babe to vacuum the floor first :P share share marrrrrr)

Oh yar! I also bought bamboo leaves and some glutinous rice. Want to make some kee chang today. The glutinous rice has been soaking whole night and after this, going to go check and see if the bamboo leaves are soft enough to wrap. I am still debating whether to make my version of bak chang or not, i.e. with lots waterchestnut, salted egg yolk, lean pork and mushroom. HHMM....I wonder where I can find salted egg yolk at this time?

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Okay okay..I should be more diligent in updating my blog or else people will actually stop reading one day? :P Just that sometimes I do not feel the urge to write as much as last time here anymore. Guess as more and more people know about this space, I am more and more reluctant to put down my personal thoughts and feelings that sometimes are not so nice at all. I know some of you will tell me that this is after all my personal space and I can do whatever I want and say what I feel like. But the deal is, well, I know this is where most of my good friends come to when they want to know what is going on with my life. 

SOOOOOOOOOOO, after much thinking and more thinking, I decided I will keep this space and perhaps keep another space for my more personal thoughts and feelings (BABE, dont even bother trying to find it okay because you will never find it :P)

Phew..Glad to have that out of the way.

I actually had been super busy since last Oct2009, yah, ever since I joined the company that I am with now. The work itself is actually not as stressful as the previous job but its all the paperwork and phone calls for last minute demand that took most of my attention. It has always been my passion to find ways either through enhancing the existing system or proposing new ones so that work are more efficient. Sort of like leaving behind a legacy when I am no longer working for the company (yah, I definitely dont expect to stay with a company forever..that is a fact la)

The thing is, my boss keep piling on new responsibilities on top of what I have now. I mean, sometimes it feels that it definitely does not pays to be more efficient or effective that those around me. I am after all hired to handle customer service but recently, the boss has start to ask me to travel and visit customers to build better rapport with them. On top of that, he is expecting me to go visit our sole distributor's dealers.

I mean, that involve alot of traveling and obviously, when I am on the road, in a plane or at the customers' place, I am not able to handle the paperwork required! Okay, so he approved to add headcount to the customer service (and I will say after super long battle) but that takes time. It is never easy to hire people that fits but worse still when the people that the resume HR forwarded to me really SUCKS!

And last Friday, went into his room to inform him of my itinerary for my trip to Jakarta the following week, instead, he told me to sit down. I knew immediately what he will say. I just knew it! And it is extremely frustrating because I never agreed but I am starting to get emails & assignments related to it. I am really not sure how will myself and the CS exec going to able to handle all the additional workload. Inevitably, some of the work will definitely gonna slide and standard drop and I absolute hate that! How to be efficient & effective when at the end of the day, you are simply to tired to think?

Oh, er..I better start from beginning?

When I was on my way back from my daytrip from Singapore last Wednesday (this is another story to tell altogether), while waiting at the airport, I got this sms from the logistics exec that he just tendered his resignation. I found out that he actually told almost everyone in the company. Anyway, at the back of my mind, I was wondering who will be taking over the responsibility of logistics area since the exec has not been confirmed and he only need to give two weeks notice, ie. much much too short a time to actually find a replacement. (come to think of it, since I have not gotten the official confirmation letter, it means that I am also only require 2 weeks notice????)

I guess at the back of my mind, I have already suspected what will happen because either its that or another colleague of mine will be asked to do it and frankly speaking, she is also super bogged down already.

Anyway, after I seat down, boss asked if I know the latest update & news. Of course I knew and I asked him when is the exec last day. AND I also asked my boss what is his plan to replace the vacancy (YAR, idiot right me?). The way he responded to me, I knew he was testing the water especially the way he beat around the bush. Bottomline is, Jen, I need your help to monitor and guide the logistics. 'A' will handle the operations but I need someone to take hold his hand and basically monitor and track to make sure that things go according to plan.

'B' will be sharing this responsibility with you. When 'B' is back, we will have a group discussion on how to share this plan. So, blur to whether I actually agreed and what exactly is the new responsibility, I got out of his office. An hour letter, got an email for the standard operation procedure in logistics for loading flow and processes. Guess who is the person-in-charge????  GGGRRR!!!

Sigh! I keep telling myself to see the positive side. For example, I will be getting a new headcount. So, can pass the paperwork that I am doing now to the new person and concentrate on strategic management of the team. And I am traveling again (LOA works!). Eventually I hope to travel to Paris, Thailand and other sister companies around the world. I am learning more, experience more, seeing more and hence, improving my resume and attractiveness to the headhunter. Very very good chance of promotion very very soon (YAR R, your J buffet coming reality nearer and nearer?).

All, in all, pretty good. I just need to hang in there. Just hope I can do this long enough till something really really good come along for both babe and I....keeping my finger crossed!!! PG PG PG PG!! :)