Monday, March 31, 2008

Animal Calls

Is cat whistling at a girl considered a compliment? As a girl in my midteen and being well endowed in the front part (blessing or not, that is another topic entirely), I have always dreaded walking pass construction sites. I know for sure that I will be hearing 'psstt pssttt' or 'wooowit' or 'moi moi'. At first, I was really terrified (young girl mar) although it was broad daylight. Then after that, it got irritating and embarrassing. Even worst, when the animal noises is accompanied by lewd remarks. It got so unbearable that I start to take another route to take the bus to school. The other route was not much pleasant either because some inconsiderate owners let their big gigantic dog roam freely to munch on whoever they fancy. But I guess I rather fend off ugly dogs than human being. (bluek!!!)

Really cannot understand what guys that actually make cat calls at girls were thinking. Do they think that they will be able to get the girl that way? Or it just their natural instinct to act like baboon to make a fool of themselves on purpose? If anything, that would be the worst pick up line ever if you considering making funny noises sexy?! Geez, no wonder men have no clue when it comes to woman if they think that is sexy. Unless you are breathing hard and sighing from exertion from making love, then, other noises is definitely not sexy! that I got that out of the system, I can continue with other things...hahaha..

The weekend was a rather full one. When I got back on Friday night, mom promptly informed me that there would be no electricity on Saturday from 8am till 6pm because SESCO would like to do some upgrading work in our area. The upgrading is good but the timing is not. Why cant they choose a working day where not many people will be at home to do the upgrading work.

After all, they do not have to go into our houses to do it. Basically, what they did was make increase the height of the pole. I guess some big lorries been knocking them down or something. So, I am pretty sure they do not need to be in any of the houses. If that is the case, why not give less inconvenient to most of us and do the upgrading during working days? And also, I thought SESCO do not work during weekend? So OT claim? And we are wondering why we do not prosper?

Hhhmm...I sure sounded grumpy today huh? By right I should be feeling very happy today especially since I am going to be on leave tomorrow and day after to clear my leave. Will be going to Sarikei with my parents. Dad have an appointment there, mom and sis following. So, since I still have leave, I might as well take. Also, Obi will be on leave starting 3-13 Apr. Pity the guys lar or else I initially planned for Thurs and Fri so that I will have a long weekend before coming back to clear the paperwork on 7 Apr. (Another reason to be happy! No need to see obi face after today!!! hahaha).


Rose said...

Wow! 2 days leave to Sarikei? Buying any pineapple back?? Bluek!

I have a terrible day today as to finally accept that I cant access some websites and also been blocked from accessing mine! So much for my big mouth last week, when i said that i still have access to my blog, but not my chat box! ;p Never mind, not the end of the world for me! hahaha!

Jen's Place said...

But u can still read blog and leave comments? At least they didnt block entirely?

Nevermind, think of the positive side. This will make u concentrate on meeting your target?

Mariuca said...

Hi Jen, I think wooowit is better than "Apa khabar kak long!" He he he...have a good day! :)

Jen's Place said...

Hi Mariuca,
If you compare it that way, yup, definitely better:P