Wednesday, March 26, 2008

YAWN! God, please let me sleep well tonight!

Obi reminded us again that the new gal that will be replacing me will be here this Friday. She again reminded me to passdown this and that customers to the gal. And reminded me ALSO and AGAIN teach her this and that. Jiak lak! I mean what is she expecting out of the poor gal? I do not expect her to know everything in one week time. She been pushing me as early as one month ago to passdown to my other colleagues especially my backup and the staff exchange gal. The problem is, she seem to be unable to make up her mind. Whenever I request her to draft the email to send to customer to inform them of the change, she will dilly dally. The icing on the cake is when one day she say no need to passdown first, wait for new person. And then, the next day asked me how come not yet passdown...GGGRRRR!!!!!!! SIAW CHAR BO !(Crazy Woman!)

Even the fastest, cleverest and smartest person would not be able to settle down and learn everything in such short time. She thinks it is like passing down kung fu like in the old chinese movie ah? Just need to huff and puff and put my hand behind her and somehow the kungfu power will be passdown to her?How loso (naggy) can a person get especially in work place as the superior? Geez, this woman! Really cannot stand her. Good riddance I say to her!

I am starting to feel very excited about going to KL in less than two weeks. Even imagining my car arriving and parked outside my babe's friends house makes me feel the excited butterflies flying around in my stomach. Yeah, I was THAT excited! Oh yah, I also discovered accidentally why I was not able to sleep properly the last few nights (aside from the power failure on Sunday night of course). Sleepless nights caused by nothing other than the extra cup of coffee I had last few days.

Usually, I will just have that one cuppa in the morning with my breakfast and the rest of the days would sip on plain water. But since Monday, my usual lunch dates are in Taiwan for business meetings. So, I thought after all the binging last week, I will slow down on the food a little especially since I will be eating again tomorrow night at one of the Toastmaster EXCO house and again on Friday at MyRestaurant for a farewell lunch. And with this in mind, I packed sandwiches and fruits for lunch. With sandwich of course a cuppa of coffee is a must!

Hence, I stupidly, without think of the consequences, made myself a second cup of Cafe21. Cant blame me for that right? I mean who in their right mind would want to have egg and cheese sandwich with plain water? That is so boring (not to mention TASTELESS!) So, that is what I did. The light bulb on lit in my head that the extra cuppa was the reason when babe start nagging at me for being so dependent on coffee! (I was telling him that I cant work without at least one cup of coffee in the morning and he starts nagging! Served me right for telling him everything).

Anyway, I am watching American Idol now. One of my fav idol, Michael Johns just sang and WOW! I agree with Simon, that is one of his best performance so far. I am still waiting for David A. and David Cooks! I am really rooting for this three. Initially, it was David A. but his last few performance abit...ermm..dissappointing. But Michael Johns and David Cooks is really really improving. Michael Johns have the classic singer good handsome charming memerising (ok, ok! Enough!) lo The girls still has not impress me so far.

Micheal Johns
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Ratu Syura said...

I gotta agree with you on Michael Johns! Apart from his hot sexy looks hehe.. his performance today was awesome! And the girls.. urghh.. i really want that kristy girl to get booted!

Jen's Place said...

Ratu Syura,
The gals on AI was so not impressive that I cant even remember their names! hahaha..but I think Kristy is the sexy blonde?
He was the best last night when he sang We Are the Champion! I never liked that song but after AI last nite, I am a fan!! hahaha

Rose said...

I totally lost touch of this season AI! So sorry, no comment on this guy! But he looks hot! hehehe! (oh boy, now i sound like young student go crazy over a hunk! ;p)

Believe me, Jen, nearer to early next month, you totally wouldnt be able to content your excitement, that you hardly dont wanna sleep! hehehe! Ok, when we gotta meet up before you "cabut".

Nessa said...

Hi Jen :)

Michael Johns totally blew me away when he sang 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. last night, he almost did. He's 'huge' on stage compared to the other contestants, personality wise I mean :)

I really wish they could eliminate 4 people instead of 1 tonight. I'm getting bored with most of them! LOL

Jen's Place said...

Hahaha! Then I better stop drinking coffee completely starting next week. I need my sleep! I have pimples popping up all over the left side of my cheek :(
I am so tempted to korek it!

Jen's Place said...

Actually when I watch AI, I will be multitasking as I did when I did this posting, blog & watch AI. And I only really tune back when either David A, David Cook or Michael Johns sings! The others are just background noise! hahahaha

Nick Phillips said...

Yeah, I think both Michael and David Cook really stood out last night. I'm with Nessa on this, they should just eliminate the rest of them ... LOL!

Jen's Place said...

I think the rest will be eliminated eventually including David A *SOB SOB*

I think I will faint if Michael Johns stands in front of me now!