Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Headache..real actual Headache AFTER shopping

Just got back from 1U to get some stuffs to bring back to Kch on Friday. After walking less than 3 hours, I am already feeling tired and having a headache. Stamina is just not like what it used to be! Tmrw evening will be going out again. Have some errands to run before going back hometown and also need to send Ginger to the kernel. Poor gal, she is gonna be there for 10 days! Hope she wont be siaw dog when we finally come and get her on 2 Jan.

So, seems my days are all planned out for my Kch trip.

24 Dec - Arrive Kch around 11.30am! What to do first??????????

25 Dec to 27 Dec - Go sri Aman.

27 Dec, PM - Dinner with the gals @ The Junk.

28 Dec-29 Dec - Gonna stay @ parents place and let myself spoiled silly!Knowing dad, he will most probably get the both of us up and go to bak kut teh that his son-in-law likes...sigh..

29 Dec,PM - Our wedding anniversary..Wonder babe got anything planned this year or not :)

30 Dec to 31 Dec - Planning to sleep 2 parents place again and my turn to spoil them :P

31 Dec, PM - Should be going to babe's friend's house for bbq, same as every year. Almost a tradition already.

1 Jan - Go back to KL lor..

Hhmm..feel like not enough time ler...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ginger Ginger Ginger.....

hhmm..523post. And nothing in almost 2 months. Gosh, I am getting really lousy at this updating my blog stuff ever since I changed to my job (over a year ago). Too much things to be pre-occupied with after work and during the weekend, just too lazy to do much. Let me see, what have I been doing in the last few weeks.

To be frank, nothing much happened that I can blog about. Maybe that is what tamed my blogging addiction? Or maybe because of the new baby Ginger that is taking up alot of my time? But I really didnt mind because let me tell you, all the tiredness and stress from work just dissappeared when you see unconditional love leaping up & down at you as if she has not seen you for months when in fact, only lunch time you came back to feed her and let her out to wee-wee.

But she is the closest to my babe. When babe comes back, it is as if she sees God coming home! HAHA! That is the only way I can described how Ginger acted. Even now, she is sleeping next to babe napping. When babe is at the computer playin game, she will go to the door and sleep there. But the moment babe stopped with the computer and comes to the living room area, she will walk over and plop herself down next to babe. AND part of her body must touch part of babe. Does not matter whether its her paw touching babe's finger or wat.

Just touching would be enough to make her sleep like a baby. I guess she just feel safe with hubby? But but but.. I am the one that feed her ler! AND she bullies me! Yarp, will bite my fingers if I dont give her what she wants but with babe, she will lick him no matter what! GGRR! HAHAHA!~

Ooops...babe just tip-toe away to play his computer. She is still sleeping. Must be extremely exhausted because she has not sleep the whole day! :P

Oh did I also tell you that she is extremely intelligent. For the right reward (FOOD la what else), she can learn sit and shake hand within 2 days. And cant trick her ler. She will know if got any treats or not. If got treats, just soft request for her to sit and shake hand is enough. But if nothing, tell her till pengsan also she pretend not to hear until she decided to pity you and do what you ask.

Now we are trying to teach her lie down & stay. Need to get her new treats first because that is the only thing that works.

Okay la..enough about Ginger. Dont want to bore you all! :P