Saturday, March 15, 2008

Connecting With Food

Chinese New Year seems like ages ago although in truth, it was less than a month ago. There are still some goodies left over though. As usual, those homemade pineapple tarts, cheese cookies and melting moments are the first to be devoured. Mostly, left untouched are those preserved fruits that was only purchased just becacuse it is the unspoken rule of the celebration, that is to symbolise the sweetness for the new year. And as usual, every year I will be looking all over the place for my recipe collection. I have this folder that keep all my recipe collection with handwritten notes from me whenever I made any changes or new experiment.

And of course, every year, one or two weeks before Chinese New Year, I will be getting phone calls from my friends asking for recipe especially the cheesecake and melting moment cookie recipe. Others would call to ask if I think it would be a good idea to experiment and add other ingredient into the cheesecake. Apparently, I have become a cheesecake expert. Not sure how this happened. Sometimes, I would be so busy with last minute prepacration that I missed some of the calls. Rather embarrassing since the friends will definitely mention it when I go visiting!

So, it is really cool when I found this website that is like a facebook for foodies! It has so many fantastic feature that I don't even know where to begin. For those that is health conscious or check on all nutritional values of everything they consume, then it is definitely worth signing up with them. I mean, they can actually do a nutritional analysis. All you have to do is sign up and submit them. Best of all, it is FREE! Yup, absolutely no charge at all. Didi, I think we should start doing that especially for that melting moments cookie (momo) that we love so much!

And look at what I found when I search "Cheesecake" in the website! Coconut-mango Cheesecake, Bailey Cheesecake, Ginger Honey Cheesecake and the list goes on and ever growing!
If you look at the left corner of the screen capture below, you will realised that this place actually allow you to share your recipe online so that your friends can just login and retrieve the recipe that they need. How amazing is that??

And if you do not have enough time to do your shopping list, all you have to do is follow the simple instruction on the webpage, "To add recipes to your shopping list, click the "Add to shopping list" button on any recipe or menu page." There is simply too many amazing features on this website. Best of all, it is all for free! I am very excited about this. I am going to start upload as many recipes as I can to Food Connect so that I do not have to bring all those heavy folders when I go to KL in three weeks time!


Patrick said...

Well, I guess that's really the unspoken rule of CNY. And I never know that I actually miss pineapple jam tarts worse than anything else until I am here in Aussie for 6 years.. I WANT JAM TARTS.. any left overs for me? Wahahahahah..

Jen's Place said...

Hi Patrick,
Good thing I can bake the pineapple tart myself so even if I go KL early next month, I can still satisfy my cravin:P

Took me a few tries with different recipes before I found the perfect one! Ermm..leftover..erm, next year lar ok?

OR you can always try making your own tart from my recipe.ppstt..or ask ur gf/wife to bake them for you:) hehehe..