Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I am feeling so so so lazy today. Finished up all the long outstanding things at work today and finally am able to relax for awhile now. Take a short break only ok. Not long long ones (in case g-man reading this! haha). Can reward myself right after working so hard yesterday. Hardly had anytime to take a breather at all. The moment I put down the phone after one call, almost immediately another call came in. And email nonstop! What to do, backup my colleague that is on leave yesterday and today. Monday usually is the busiest day for us especially in the morning.

My brain feel like it is growing mushroom today actually. Feeling so fuzzy and my contact lense are blurring alot too from dryness. I think must be because two sleepless nights. Main reason cant sleep on Sunday night? No electricity since 6pm ler! It was raining and lots of lightning/thunder. Dad thinks one of the transformer got zapped and died. We actually heard a loud exploding sound from the house before everything die out. Electricity only came back around midnight. So, no TV to watch, no computer to play, no internet to go blogging, what we do, SLEEP LAR! But even that also hard to do, so stuffy!

Then last night also sleep around midnight. I actually tried to go to bed around 10pm but after half hour tossing turning and making my bed into rojak, I decided to give up on sleeping and watch House on Astro. I even drink some Baileys Irish (yummy!) last night but that didnt help either. Not sure why cant sleep lar. Maybe too excited (or worried) thinking about my move to KL in less than 2 weeks.

Hhhmm.. I dont even remember what I want to blog about. Got lots of idea while blog hopping just now but now that I am actually doing my posting, I cant remember what I want to talk about especially after the 3 paragraphs of mumbling above. Aiyeh, Didi, your blurness is infectious ha?? Now feel so sleepy but later go back sure can't sleep liaw.


Nick Phillips said...

This happens to me quite a bit, the not knowing what to blog part. I always have no idea what to post but in the end, I end up writing an absolutely long winded post ... LOL!

Jen's Place said...

I noticed but I love your posting anyways even when you don't know what to write about. Today is an extremely slow and sleepy day for me. Gona be like tis for another 2 wks I think.