Monday, March 17, 2008

How to Change An Attitude

I just realised, it is almost one month since I tender my resignation to g-man. And it is also almost one month since g-man and I had the two hour chat about our work environment. Like any good boss, he tried really hard to convince me to stay back and I was really touched. But as it was a decision made after really long and hard thinking (yah, my brain still hurts from it), and as I said to g-man, unless the company offer me super fantastic package that makes me change my mind, unless my babe is back to work in Kch too, in the end, I will still have to join him in KL. It is just a matter of time.

Of course, the volcano eruption in office that I thought will happened never did. I mean for the two hours beside trying to convince me to stay, he was also trying to understand whether the main reason that I am leaving is because of the..ermm..situation that we are currently suffering from in our team. I think some of you have been hearing me complaining on and off about obi. I actually have been stopping myself many times from blogging about her no matter how frustrated I am with her action daily.

I simply refused to let her make my life miserable just because I let her. I mean, why in the world do I get all hyped up and upset over silly inconsiderate irrational remarks from someone that I have no respect for at all? When g-man announce more than a year ago that obi will be leading the team from then on. We were skeptical and in shock. Frankly speaking, at the time, we do not know her at all and was abit upset that someone with no background in customer service and minimal knowledge of production planning is leading us.

But I guess she was the most logical choice at the time being that she has been with the company for a long time. However, whenever I think of this, I will equate it to a phrase that I heard one of my colleague use to describe this situation: She might be the most logical choice but is she capable to handle the task at hand? Well, after more than a year, I can sincerely tell you that she is not. I can sincerely say that because I mentally and emotional prepared and told myself to give her a chance. Listen to hear, give her opportunity to improve. I think a year is sufficient and give me the right to judge her?

It is not that she is not a hardworking person. I mean, from what I understand, she is ever willing to learn and work hard at it. However, sometimes when a person do not have the right attitude and aptitude for a task, no matter how hardworking the person is and how much training or guidance is provided to the person, it is just never enough. Reason? In college, we were always told that the hardest thing to change in a person is their attitude and habits. Unless the person have a suddenly enlightenment (which is highly unlikely to happen), he/she will NEVER change. Not in this lifetime anyways.

Sigh, although in three weeks time, she will no longer be my problem but I am worried about my friends working as her subordinate. To work in such an unhealthy environment is like a death sentence to self motivation, self development and career. Other than offering my ear to listen to their disgruntle, there is nothing much I can offer to them. I am not sure what g-man can do and I pretty much told him that. I understand the difficulty g-man is in. After all, he is not God. He cannot zap and change a person attitude just like that. All he can do is try to guide obi to change.

But I am not sure if that will work. And even if it does, how long will that take? Another year or two? Is it worth the risk of loosing a very efficient and effective team? Is the member of the team really that easily replaced? Honestly speaking, I would say g-man is very lucky that my new employer is willing to wait for two months as they were initially interested to buy out the notice. If I have left with immediate resignation, I am pretty the team will be in a mess because NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE OTHERS IS DOING!

I am not trying to be boastful or mean but rather I am being honest. There are four of us in the team and by right, we should know at least some basic of what the other person is doing in terms of reporting, systems and so forth. We are suppose to do knowledge sharing. I mean some of us might not have the technical knowledge or the IT background but after handling so many projects related to integration of a new system, we are more than capable to understand the fundamental of the system and logic of a program. I mean that is what a team is all about right??

Other than that, I can honestly say that after more than a year under obi, I do not learn ANYTHING at all. I thought being a manager mean you are suppose to guide your subordinates and help them to develop. Instead, all that I gained in this one year is rules and rules and more rules. Actually, that is not true. I also gain distrust and disrespect from her simply because she do not want to lost face in front of others. So, the best thing to do is to blame the subordinates even when they did not do wrong at all.

I think I will never forget a boss that tells me that I am RUDE in front of everyone in the middle of a discussion simply because I talked louder than normal when I am excited and trying to explain reasons to her! This does not only happen to me. She does the same to my other female colleague as well. I mean, this colleague is mine is super efficient and effective worker and is definitely someone that I would consider a great lost if she decides to leave. The only thing about her is that when she get excited, she talks really loud. But so what? Is it alright for obi to tell her that she is very rude in front of everyone? Or ok lar, call her to private and tell her that she is very loud? OMG! That is like KILLING who she is!!!!!! Obi is a big bully that does not know what she is doing at all. And worst of all, the try to act clever by asking stupid questions which she thinks makes her looks smart when in fact those questions only make people think of her as in incompetent fool.

I think I better stop because I am getting more and more pissed off while typing this. My original intention of this posting was because I am wondering (so is the rest of the team) what g-man is going to do........


Netster said...

Your post very long :)

well one thing for sure to be a boss or manager is not that easy. Bosses actions, if not careful, or wrongly understood it spells disaster like the one you say in the post. Your resignation are a great lost for the company :)

But I think your superior is afraid of losing and failing, that's why she mistreated her staffs.

Oh well, life goes on, don't worry about your friends, they will find their own way :)

cheers & thanks for visiting oh


Jen's Place said...

Hi Netster,
HAHAHA! I am one of the very loso person and talks a lot. And hence, most of my post are very long! But nevermind lar, I enjoyed pouring my heart out here and hope that you enjoy reading them^_^

U are right you know. Being a boss is never easy but some people just are not suitable to lead people no matter how much they want to show that they can. So, when that happens, the boss of the boss must understand and take the necessary action fast or risk loosing more capable people...

I am not saying that I am irreplaceable but if I am a boss, I think I rather keep my current good employee than having to go source for new ones since less effort, time and resources is needed....

Oops, I am getting emotional again! hehehe...anyway, thanks for dropping in. Please come again. I promise to write more long long long posting! haha

Dav DiDi said...

Hi Jen ..

Gonna post my 3 mth experience with Obi ... Read it later ...

All I can say, G-man decision to moved her to PPCS is my biggest hapiness after 3 mths suffering and torturing and insults I get from her until I totally lost self confident and not be able to do my work at all as she makes me feel that I'm useless and good for nothing .. I almost decide to QUIT because of her .. And lucky, before I started to think about writing the resignation letter, she is GONE!! GONE!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! That's my merdeka and my happiest moment in this company!! Even if I get promoted, I won't be as trilled as being far away from her..

Jen's Place said...

I am hepi for u but I kasihan our friends that is still under her ler. Good thing that we are strong people here or else we would have been gone a long time ago...

Amei79 said...

Being a Managers or leader is really a tough task, as their performance will direction influence the performance of other colleagues under their superviser.

well, i agree that no one is in the position to change obi's attitude, but as a boss, mayb g-man can promote other capable staff to replace obi? if he found that obi really not good in leading the group. this not only to avoid any unsatisfactory of other staffs but also for the company good.

Jen's Place said...


I totally agree with you that being a manager or leader is a tough job and whatever the action of the mgr/leader will directly influence the subordinates below them.

Actually, I can understand the dilemma g-man is in. On one hand, it is never pleasant to demote any1 but on the other hand, if he dont get his hands dirty, he can be assured that things will get worse here in terms of morale, motivation and of course performance. Guess it is up to g-man now.

By the way Amei79, WELCOME to my blog! Pls do come again and leave comments^_^