Thursday, April 22, 2010

Am I???????????

GOSH! All I seem to wanna do recently is SLEEP! I mean I even feel sleepy driving back to work from lunch! Okay, Okay! I know, you guys are thinking, of course la sleepy. Heavy lunch. Well, the thing is, I had only thosai and a cuppa of ice tea. So, definitely NOT a heavy lunch. Already went to the doctor as well because got worried since it has lasted more than 2 weeks already, this tired energy-less feeling. 

After I explained my symptom, the first thing that the doc say is, I would like to do a pregnancy test if that is ok with you. I was like, okay, sure. After all, he is the doctor. The test was NEGATIVE but he still insist this could be wrong if it is early stages. So, advised me to come back for 2nd test if I dont get my period on schedule this month. Soooooo....see la. Seriously, I doubt I am pregnant la. I dont have all those other signs such as tender boobs or soreback! Okay, so I am burping alot and nausea but then this could be because of gastric due to stress bah!

So, end of the month, if I dont get my period, mean time to go buy my own pregnancy test kit la. Yar, I discover it is cheaper if I do my own test. I had to fork out extra RM31 to pay for the doctor fee that day. The bill come up to RM71 which RM40 is covered by my company and balance I need to pay my own. IF I didnt do the test, then I dont even have to pay the extra because consultation and medicine is less than RM40! If I get my own kit, it only cost RM20, i.e. saving me RM11 which is enough to pay for McDonald Value meal at lunch time. 

This is not call stingy la ok. This is call being money smart! BLUEKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Short talk: More on slob vs sob

So, I guess most married women (and ladies that stays with their dad and brother) understand what I meant when I said men are slob? HAHA! I thought its just this particular man that I married! To be frank, I NEVER EVER knew he is so messy la! I mean, we date for almost 9 years before we got married. And out of those 9 years, stayed together for almost a year. Although we stayed with a friend, I seriously never ever thought he is a slob.

Reason? Well, for one thing, when I know him in Kuching, he takes more shower than any other guys that I know. Shower when he wake up in the morning, shower before we go out (which can be more than once a day) and shower before going to bed. Err..I only shower in the morning before going to work and at night before bed. So, you can imagine why I think he is a clean-freak.

Oh well... as you all said, just close one eye and pretend not to see (more like close BOTH eyes and become no-eye-see). I just have to keep reminding myself that Love is blind, i.e. blind as in close BOTH eyes to all his faults, weaknesses and bad habits... Sigh!! Just wish some1 told me when I was still single how men are! BLUEK!!!

Okay okay..lets just pretend not see and gaze at the moon below! Hubby took this when we were at Genting that day..time was 4.30pm :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Slob vs Sob?

The weather is really really hot here this 2 days. Worse still, it is the weekend with nothing much planned. So, staying home and just sweating myself silly. We actually have 3 fans on in the living room and the air still feel so so so humid and hot. Even sitting in front of the fan is not working because all that does is moving hot air around.

Right about now, looking like the seal in the photo below show looks great! Cacoon in a layer of ice and lying on ice! ARGHH!! Sheer bliss... But other than staying upstairs where the aircon is or sitting in front of the fridge with the door open, guess just have to bite and bear with it...

Have not been blogging much for a few months now. Not that I am abandoning my blog. Its just that, well, with work, work and more work, the only energy I seem to have nowadays after coming back from the office is a stint of facebooking just so that I am up-to-date with every1 progress.
Other than that would be cooking, cleaning up after my slob of a husband and watching whatever that is on Astro. Life is getting pretty tedious and tiring actually. Feeling rather frustrated because I feel so tired at the end of the day. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy doing what I am doing now but I just wish I have more energy and time after work to do something else, baking for example.
Sad to say, I seems to have more time to bake and experiment with cooking when I was back in Kuching. I guess back then, I need not worry about whats for dinner or doing daily routine stuff of keeping the house in order. I just cant imagine how things would be like if (err..when) we have little ones running around. Just makes me sigh in horror imagining cleaning up after 2 slobs instead of just 1...bbrrr...
Sometimes, I am just wondering, am I being too much of perfectionist and controlling freak? Is it wrong for me to want things back to where it suppose to be? I mean, it is so wrong of me to expect the bottle of soya sauce to be on the rack instead of the table NEXT to it? Or am I mean to request for the bottle of syrup to be put back at the original place on the table instead of being left wherever on the table? I dont know...sometimes..I wonder...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No Bake Cheesecake

Nothing to talk about. Or rather too lazy to talk about anything. Want to watch Leverage new season on AXN. So, I let this cheesecake photo talk for itself :)