Thursday, March 13, 2008

Please help me to KILL

I suddenly realised how dependent I am on the internet after almost WHOLE morning without internet. It felt like a life sentence that is going super slow. Keep on looking at the time at the corner of my computer screen. First look, 10.29am. After replying a few emails, look again, 10.39pm. OMG! only 10 minutes gone? Alright, calm down. The emails was too short. Ok, reply more emails. Look at time again, 10.42am. AIYEHH!!! Is the clock not working also? At 11.02am, colleague sent an email, internet is back! Wahh, I immediately on my Mozilla and first url is HOTMAIL and then this blog.

And as I am updating my blog now, I am wondering if I have enough time to do everything before I have to go for my half day leave today. It is now 11.09am. I still have 51minutes to settle everything. LOL~ What a big different time move when I have access to the internet. I guess when you are having fun, time somehow becomes irrelevant. I always love this saying that it is not how many years of life you have to live but how you live the life in your years.

There is a colleague of mine that is constantly talking about earning lots and lots of money. Chasing money until it seems to disregard his own health. When Didi tried to talked to him about taking care of himself more especially since life is unpredictable and who knows he might die tomorrow, guess what he answered. He said, at least he will have die happy knowing that he have one million for his wife and kids. I am not sure about the rest of you but I think I rather have a healthy and average income hubby by my side than to be rich without someone I love. Especially since the someone I love died because he chase after money because he thinks that will give me happiness.

I know that we cannot survive on love alone and in this day of time, money is needed to buy basic necessities. I am not saying that I don't need money either. I mean, no one will say no to free money but when it comes to priorities, I think as long as my family and I can live a happy live, so what we do not have a million to our name. So what if I do not have a merc to drive around. And so what if I do not have a big gigantic bungalow with maids to take care of everything. As long as I am happy and knowing that if I die of natural death, sickness or accident tomorrow, at least I have tasted good life with the people that I love.

Everyone have a list of things that they wish to have. I mean, that is human nature, never fully satisfied with what they already have. That is why we have the saying that the pasture next door is greener. But having said that, what do we do to achieve those wish list. How much are we willing to sacrifice to make the wish list comes true. And after you obtain what you wish for in the list, what next? A new list and then a new chase? The cycle will never end. So, what is the point of chasing to the extend of risking your own health and happiness?

By the way, there is no such thing as get rich quick ok. So, if anyone approach you with scheme that sounds too good to be true, 99.99% of the time, it is too good to be true. So, DONT BE CONNED! If not sure about an investment, ask around and then decide. Do your research before trusting a scheme. Even if it is offered by someone that you thought is closed to you, he or she might have been blind sighted as well. So, be CAREFUL!!!

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