Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pictures from Potluck

Just sharing some pic that was taken on Saturday night (22 Mar) at a friend's house. We had a potluck gathering on the day. The gang consist of old college mates . Couldn't resist taking picture of lil J and another friends' son! Ain't they cute??Look at the cheeky boy! Ain't he handsome! He will smile like that everytime he sees me taking his pic. Lil J look so innocent!

See what I mean? So adorable that you just feel like giving both of them a big big tight hug!

The boy's mommie, pregnant with #2.

Lil J Mommie and our friend's gf (Finally have a gf after so long lar. I think we are starting to worry if he will be an old bachelor!)

That is all the pic ler! I already eaten earlier at Phaw-Phaw and was so full. So, when I arrive, last thing on my mind was food. So, no pic lor! hahaha... I arrived rather late and can see that the gals are low on energy already. And the guys being guys, outside at the car porch, smoking and talking about politics!

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