Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WHAT THE F5ck!!!!

WAHH FEELING SO DAMN KEK TIOK!!! Finally came back to work yesterday after the dengue-like fever and symptom miracalously went away during the weekend. Then I saw this email from management that basically is the lady boss of this company asking me am I ok since I was on MC for almost a week. And of course, her top most question, am I pregnant. At first, I was touched. After all, one of the top bosses is showing her concern for your health right?

Then today, I received another email from her after I explained to her that the doctor has put me on suspicion of dengue. The email really makes me mad! Imagine getting this:
Good to hear you are well now and no major health issue. Your work performance was slackened by the series of MC but now that you are ok, hope you will get up to speed again.

WAH SEH! It is not as if I intentionally fell sick. I mean, I even came in on Monday morning to try and get some work done despite feeling unwell. Then came in again on Wednesday eventhough I was really aching and dizzy because I know that if I dont come, no one else will be able to do the work! Even go online and call the vendors from home on Thursday because I know some things just cant wait! Only finally pengz on Friday and slept thru the day. And yet...this is what I get??

So demotivating! From now on, everytime MC, will not even bother to go online or do anything. Sheesh! And will work strictly from 9am-6pm only??? Yar right, as if can! This job is a one lady show. If I dont do it, the work will still be waiting for me when I get back and priority will be escalate to the next level. Some work just cant wait. But then, come one la, what have I done or not do that deserve that blardy comment????

Definitely gonna respond to it but need to wait till I am more calm and think it thru. It will be a super crisp and professional response that leaves no room for doubt exactly what I am thinking! Really felt all the hardwork not appreciated at all. So what if I did get pregnant! Is it illegal or against the company rule to get pregnant? Do you think I am irresponsible enough that I will hands-off when I go on maternity leave??? I cannot even hands-off when I go on leave for short period of time. What more to say if it is for 2 months!! GGGRR!!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The dreaded d-fever?

Wow! Can't believe that I was on medical leave 3 out of 5 days last week. And the 2 remaining days, I actually only worked half day. Simply cant go on. On Wednesday night, I suddenly start to developed mild fever and by Thursday, the fever has gone pretty high. By the time babe got back and drive me to clinic, the doc recorded fever at 38~39 degrees and I was practically shivering. The body was aching especially the back it felt as if it is going to break. The head was pounding so hard that my eyes were actually in pain too.

The doc start to get worried because there were not reason for the sudden fever and decided to put me on alert of dengue fever. Told me to come back on Saturday for blood test. And to be sure that it is not some mysterious infection that looks like dengue fever, he gave me some super strong antibiotics with strict instruction to take it at the exact same time for the next three days. Also gave me ponstan for the bodyache (or I should say bone ache!) and headache. He also told me to continue taking the paracetamol (or panadol) for the fever.

Also gave me actacid pills because at that point, with my lost in appetite, my gastric problem is manifesting itself again. For the last few days, been drinking milo and eating plain white bread. Even having to force myself to finish 2 slices of white bread so that I can have the medicine without gastric. Even babe noticed how little food I am taking. I am telling you, this is when I know that I am seriously sick!

Anyway, went home, took everything one-go at around 8pm-ish and snuggle under 2 thick blankets in the living room. The blankets was not much help because I was still shivering with cold but I can feel my head, breath and mouth burning. I only felt slightly better after a couple of hours with the wet towels over my head. I really start to get worried at around 11pm-ish when I start to sweat like crazy. Definitely sympthoms of dengue fever!

To make matter worse, my right eyes start to swell up like the goldfish! It seems that I am allergic to one of the medicine that the doc gave. Seriously suspected ponstan. By midnight, no other choice than to swallow one of the allergic pills that I keep with me in my purse at all time. Yar, I have problem with some medication and seafood. And last year, realised that I am super sensitive to cat's fur too. So, yah, the allergic pills go everywhere with me.

The night was really horrible for me and it is a good thing that I decided to sleep in the living room instead of bedroom with babe or else he for sure will not be getting any sleep. I was awake half the night running to the loo, suffering from diarrhea and nausea. The other half of the night, I was either shivering under 2 layers of blankets or throwing everything off sweating like crazy! By the time babe is awake, I know I must looked really bad because babe looks relunctant to go to work.

Friday, sleep almost the whole day. No food and I am force feeding myself as much liquid as possible. Took paracetamol to ward off the fever and go back to sleep. I cannot even bring myself to think or worry about work. All I want to do is sleep. The whole day too, the chills and sweat cycle continue. Then suddenly, at around 6pm, it seems that it is all over. I can even get up to clean the dishes which is left piling up everywhere! (felt like kicking babe for this..can I??)

Well, today is Saturday and I am actually feeling alot better. No more headache or fever. No more diarrhea or nausea. Minimal bodyache and some of the appetite has returned. Actually ate some fried bihun and told babe that I want to go out for a walk today. I am still sweating but no more chills. Drinking plenty of water. We decided to hold off blood test for another day to see if it is really just really viral infection because I read somewhere that dengue fever will subside on day 3-4 and then come back with vengence with rashes all over the body. So, if tonight, thing turn for the worse, then, tomorrow will be doctor and admission to hospital?? SIGH!!!

p/s: Friends (you know who you are), thanks for your concern! I am definitely feeling the love here and really appreciate if especially since I am so far away from my mom & dad. Didnt tell my parents about any of this since I dont want to worry them. Mom & Dad might actually take the next flight here if there knew! *Sniff sniff*

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Under the CUACA

Sick!!! Sigh! Went home early on Monday afternoon and went to the doctor that night itself. Got MC for Tuesday and spent the whole day sleeping! Imagine, wake up @ 2pm, sleep again at 4.30pm till 6.30pm and then can sleep again at 10.30pm till 6.30am this morning. And yet, I am still sleepy. My colleagues say I looked stoned and blurred. I concur with them because I feel 'floaty' and out of this world. They keep bugging me to go back and rest. At the end, went home also la at lunch time after settling most of my stuff. Luckily have kind colleague that sent me back.

We drop by one of the kopitiam for lunch and then they drop me off before they go back to work. I slept almost immediately after that. Didn't even bother to get out of my work clothes. Just remove the essential items to get comfy and sleep right on the living room floor after putting down a thin mattress. But it seems that I woke up at every hour thinking of work and doze off again when the body protested. Finally, at 5.30pm, I cannot take it anymore and woke up to check my mails and call the vendors! So kiasu dont you think? But no choice since if I dont do, it will still be there waiting for me and become even more urgent!

Anyway, logging off now. Just log in to tell you all that I am still alive but under the weather. So, wont be blogging consistently for awhile. (Yar, as if I have been consistent for the last few weeks!).

Monday, March 23, 2009

What does the dream mean?

YAWNN!! How come weekends always seem to be shorter than weekdays? Oh hang on, it is shorter, 2days vs 5days. Sigh! No wonder my brain is protesting and telling my eyes to close itself and go back to sleep! Yah, I know. I amaze myself too. Moaning and groaning about sleep when I just woke up about 1.5hours ago but cannot blame me la. Ever since moved to KL, I hardly ever sleep before 11pm. And the next day is usually wake up at 6.20am the latest. Last week was worse since my brain refuse to shutdown and rest at night. So, been having office related dreams! Luckily, some of the work stuff was settled before the weekend or else I will be having another crazy weekend.

Last night had a dream too but it was really weird. I dreamed that we came back from a trip to somewhere. We being some of my college friends and I. We went back to my old house in Kuching and somehow, the place looks so abandoned and totally different. The house actually is a double storey semi-detached house with a big glass sliding door at the side but the sliding door was missing leaving a big gap in the wall where it was suppose to be. The house was super bright though as if all the lights were turned on. Weird considering that it looks abandoned. The inside was totally empty except for some abandon furnitures, sofa and rusting stationery cycling bike (a hint from my subconscious mind to get my butt moving??).

I was really not sure why in the world did we ask the driver to drop us there. I mean, that is my OLD house and if I want to get drop off, wouldnt it be better to dropped off at the current house? And why did my friends follow me to the house and asked to be dropped off there too. To make things weirder, my parents would come in their brand new viva to pick me up. Weird because I am pretty sure that my parents would not buy viva in the real world because they already have a humagous Toyota Innova.

Anyway, I started to notice that the mist was building up outside the house. In fact, it was starting to turn into a foggy evening with the sun going down rather rapidly. I can hardly see 10feet in front of me! Of course, at that point, me in the dream realised something was not right and starting to get goosebumps and racing heart! I can feel that something bad is coming..

Then..I woke up! Phew....

I realised that whenever I have dreams about my old house, somehow, the dream will involved being supernaturally trapped in the house or the outside is spooky and eerily foggy. I dont know why this is so though. I mean, I never had any weird experience when I was staying there for more than 10years. The house was brand new when we moved in. So, there should not be any history or anything like that. We moved out of the house about- years ago to a single storey semi-detached for my parents and sis convenience. Somehow, everytime I think of my old house, I will feel a racing heart coming though.

Ok..I am freaking myself out now. I think I will stop here now and get back to my work or else I will never be able to stop thinking about that!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Is tomorrow Saturday????

Yes Yes..I am still here. Well & alive although barely. Taking a breather now since we finally finished our internal audit. Just need to write up those darn reports and sent them to the person-in-charge. Then, things will be pretty much back to the usual routine. Of course, the routine now is having customers shouting, screaming and begging top-left-right for earlier shipments. Which means in turn, I will be shouting at my suppliers. I got this feeling that I will be flying to Penang again soon to pay my supplier a visit and make sure that they dont put us as the lowest priority for earlier shipments.

Somehow, we are hearing news that there is a small boom for the semiconductor industry and everyone is trying really hard to cope with it. The queue to start the production now is actually 60days at my suppliers. Which reminds me, I better send the POs to my backend suppliers to book the capacity or else there will be another rush when everyone products goes to backend at the same time. Like I said, it is all about the survival of the fittest. In this case, the person that can shout the loudest and is the nastiest when asking for earlier shipments.

Hhm..I better stop talking about work. Lets talk about something else. We been talking about ..ermm....talk about what ah??? OOO!! Cannot think la! Braindead! I even forgotten to bring my laptop charger and mouse back with me. I think I better log-off for now. Ciao!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Can people get sick just by thinking about work too much? SIGH!! I am NOT looking forward to this week. Except for this Friday, Monday to Thursday are all packed. Monday is bad because there are so so so so many reports due and pending items from last week to follow up on. Tues to Wed is internal audit which out of the 10 audit that is scheduled, 6 of them involved me! So, you can imagine me going berserk just thinking about it!

Right now, I am having sorethroat, stuffy nose and a headache. Yah, headache at 8.04am and the real work has not even started yet. Just going through my action items for today and writing them down is giving me a headache. Or maybe it is the flu doing all this? Am so tempted to take MC and go home after lunch later. Assuming that I can finish my work by then of course! DARN!

Sometimes I feel so sick of this that I am even daydreaming about the day I strike the lottery and become instant millionaire. Then, I will really just up & quit on the same day itself! Or maybe I wont do that being a nice girl and all that. I should be nice and not burn my bridges. After all, you never know what will happen in the future. The person you choose to bark at now might be the one that you beg for help in the future. So, perhaps, a week notice then? OK OK..tto early for daydreaming.

On a more serious note. Babe took the car to change the timing belt on Saturday. He went straigth from work and pick up his buddy to go to the mechanic together. I decided last week before the weekend that no point for him to come home and then go all the way to the other side to pick up his buddy. After all, what am I going to do sitting at the mechanic shop for hours? Yarp, literally hours! They were there at around 2pm and only finished at around 6pm. He only reached home at around 7pm.

Guess how much was the total damage? RM840! Yap! Other than timing belt, they also change the aircon filter or something like that and the water pump. Of course, there were the small small things that needed to be changed with the timing belt as well. Cant remember the details but only know the bottomline is that RM840 flew into the sky. Somehow, I am not too surprised. It seems that everytime we do anything to the car, it will be a minimum of RM500! Even simple periodical servicing to change the engine oil will end up to changing a few other stuff.

But luckily, the mechanics says the new timing belt should be able to last 2-3years before the next change. And the car definitely felt more powerful and nicer to drive. The engine is not as loud and the stering wheel seems smoother (they change the power stering something..). Hopefully when the next oil change is due, it will just be changing that and paying for the service which should not be more than RM200!

8.17am, I better get back to my work. Need to update the weekly report!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Think Positive!!!

Looks like my prediction is wrong. I was saying before I went back to Kuching end of last year that I can predict that I will be so free for the first quarter of 2009 because of the economic slowdown. But it seems that some company are still gungho and running at full steam. Not only is our vendor fab is so full that the current queue is almost two months, our customers keep issuing orders and pushing so hard to get everything shipped earlier.

On top of that, were also preparing last minute reports for bosses which are ALL urgent! To make matter worse, in order to complete the report, need to trace back the customers and vendors invoices one by one. Silly? Yar, I agree but what to do. Our Finance department cannot handle the complexity or rather, they say their system cannot handle it! So, end up, I was requested to do and the person in charge of this now lor.

And now I am sitting at my office desk, still doing work. Still chasing for items and going bonkers. I think I must looked super tired because one of the colleague offered to get me redbull a few times! :P He say first time see my eyes so tired with bags! SIGH! What to do? I am worried about my work until at night also I was still trying to figure out how to complete the required reports in the shortest time and without any errors!

To be frank (as I frankly told my boss also during our 1-to-1 performance review), I didn't realised that this would be my jobscope and hence, I have not make much preparation for it. However, since he officially told me that this is the additional added responsibilities which is under 'any other responsibilities that the company assigned'. Hence, no systems or database, mean that I will need to create the database and the system (and this is related to revenue and profit margin!!! hahaha! So you can see why I say I dont expect it to be in the jobscope of a business planner in a semiconductor company).

Anyway, since I am now responsible for this, I will do the best that I can to make my own life easier. Right now, as I said, it is purely manual and digging from invoices and typing in manually from the beginning. I am hoping that eventually I build up the database current enough that I will just have to update any new invoices or orders that we received. And guess what, if I am able to get what I want, i.e. make the stupid new software that they just purchase works properly, the database & system that I have created might be obsolete in a year! Good because it means that I dont have to be the data entry clerk anymore but bad because my hardwork basically goes down the drain.

Having said that, I rather I am in control in such a way that when boss ask for any reports, I do not have to rely on Finance to provide them to me. After all, what is the point. They will just say too complex and they dont understand. I can write here and grumble about how irresponsible someone is but that would mean this will be one of those super super super long posting! I think I will just look at the positive side of things and take this as something to learn from!

KUDOS people! HUGS!! Have a GREAT WEEKEND! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random-ness and Unromantic hubby!

ALAMAK! Was my last posting really last Thursday? This is going to be a short one actually... Am super busy with work and boss is asking for reports on various things. I dont mind doing it if the resources are readily available but it seems that everytime he asked for a report, I have to dig through tonnes of old emails because the person that is suppose to supply the information is not able to provide them to me...SIGH!!

It seems that I am getting lazier and lazier to update the blog especially since after I got married. Let me see, to-date, I am 2.5months married? Do I feel any different between living-in-sin and being married? Ermm..not much except now I have a legimate reason for being his next of kin! :P

Anyway, fantastic long weekend because did absolutely nothing except half day yesterday morning in the office to finish up some work. Gave babe his special present on Friday after he picked me up from work. Cant wait till Saturday, the actual day to give him the present! I think I must have really surprised him because I didnt get much reaction out of him except why get such expensive clothes for him and why get 2. 1 is enough. Err..I think next time I wont bother liaw. SIGH!!!!

And guess what he say he wanna get for me! Microwave!! It is true what they say about presents after marriage. Gifts from husband will be things for the house too! Well, ok, so I been eyeing to buy a microwave for awhile but...but...he cannot be more romantic meh?? He basically said, I will contribute RMXXX and if extra, up to you laa? ALAMAK! So the not romantic at all. Me being me, directly told him what I thought lar. Then he asked me what I want..pengsan!! No element of surprise at all! Are all husbands like that ah??

Right! As I said, short one. Just gonna share some photos of beautiful cupcakes that dad's business partners gave him when he was here last week and also the bak kut teh that we had at Klang.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Taking the fish for a walk!

GOSH! I woke up this morning with pain in my bone especially when I flex my hands and fingers. I think I better get the bitter herbal tea during lunchtime later to make sure that this does not get worse. Most likely the body is too heaty and went abit crazy because of the unpredictable weather, very hot and then rain and then very hot again. Weird weather we been having and that on top of the haze that I can see from the office window. Oh, of course, durian that I had with mom last week. But frankly, I didnt really take that much. Furthermore, babe already warned, dont eat too much durian or else he wont entertain me when (notice I said when and not if) I fall sick.

It seems that no matter what I take after that to try and neutralise the affect of the durian does not work at all. I tried drinking salt water right after eating durian. Even drink the salt water right out of the durian shell but to no avail. Tried taking rhino cooling water but that too seems to have little effect. (Personally, I think rhino water is just alot of crap by very good marketeers trying to re-brand their mineral water or something). Then, of course, there is the faithful herbal tea but me being me, although the bitter herbal tea works, I wont take those bitter herbal tea until it is ABSOLUTELY necessary. (Stupid right? Should have just pinch the nose and gulp it down to avoid all this discomfort!)

Anyway, babe actually came pretty early yesterday to pick me up from work. Usually, he will take his time and leave the office closer to 6pm although he finished work at 5.30pm. That means that he will only arrived here around 6.30pm or 6.45pm depending on the traffic condition. But yesterday, he was actually here by 6.10pm. Someone was rushing to go to the aquarium shop to get a new filter pump for his koi at home! The old pump went kapoot the night before. Luckily we have a spare airpump at home and temporary feed the koi air using those. (you would think as newly weds, he would be more excited to come and pick up the wife. Instead, the wife loose out to the koi! SIGH!!!)

We went to this aquarium near our place at Bdr Sri Damansara. We sort of discovered this place during the weekend when we bring my parents and sis for a drive. And we are glad that we did because the aquarium shop sells things at a reasonable price. Also, the owners are really friendly and even remember babe's name eventhough it was only our second visit yesterday. Also, you can clearly see that the aquarium shop was not just business but rather, a hobby and passion.

If you walk slightly to the back of the shop, you will a tank with 2 huge koi in it and one koi have a slight injury on its back. Aparrently, the owner of the koi actually bring the fish to the shop to ask the shop owner for help. Yah, sort of like a hospital for fish. The shop owner said that he actually sedate the fish and take it out to put medicine directly on the wound and leave it there for 5minutes before putting the fish back to the tank again. Now, that I what I call dedication.

I mean if you see how he put his hand into the tank to pet the koi! WAH LAU! It makes me want to try and pet them too. And of course, this makes me eat my own word about not able to pet fish and bring them for walks! But I feel shivers and my hair stand up whenever I see babe feed his fishes. He would hold a few food pellets between his fingers and dip them into the aquarium slightly. Then those fishes will actually swim near and take the food from his fingers! GOSH! No wonder he is thinking of getting a bigger aquarium for them. (People say the fish growth is limited by the size of their tank).

Note to babe: NOPE! I am not buying you the 4-feet aquarium for your birthday :S

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Money Honey Bunny Woney Housey?

Do you ever get the feeling that something is going to happen? Not sure whether it will be something good or not but something is just going to happen. I know, I am talking crap right now and must be confusing you. Dont worry, I am confusing myself too because I am having one of those nagging headache that refuses to go away and I know will get worse by end of the day. Of course, just thinking about ironing needed to be done for babe's clothes tonight itself is already making the headache worse! SIGH!!!

I was reading at Rose blog that she is now a temporary fulltime housewife, i.e. quit from her job. I applaud her bravery and envy her! I mean, I am pretty sure at least one in every two friends that I have wish that they can do that too. I know I wish I can be one. Although a year back, I was actually singing a different tune. I was saying that I will never ever be a fulltime housewife because I cannot stand just being at home and taking care of household chores plus the kids! I was saying that I need social life and interaction with others or else I will go crazy!

But right about now, I am actually wishing that babe will win the lottery (or I win it lar..either way, it is the same!). The daydream goes something like this: The moment we confirmed that we are instant millionaire, first thing, draft the immediately bye-bye letter and pay whatever compensation that the lopsided employment letter requires. Then, pay off all the loans and credit cards and the rest as they say, is history lar. Aaahh..sighh..beautiful daydream!

Anyway, let me get back to what I was saying. I think I might not mind being a fulltime housewife one day when babe is able to support us financially. Then I can actually quit whatever I am doing now and work from home. Perhaps doing some small business selling home-bakes or something like that. Work at my own time and leisure. Of course, if the orders get too large to handle, then time to reject orders or give waiting list? Err..dont know such thing will work or not but sometimes when something is hard to get, the more attractive it is right?

But then, I wonder if I will be bored. Everyday just the kids, husband and house! But that would mean I have more time for blogging? OOooo and blog for money! That would be another option. But...come to think of it, wasted also ler study till high high but stay at home, everyday talk to kids and hubby only, not bored meh?

OK LAR! Enough of my daydreaming and rambling. I must be making you bored to death! hahahaha

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meeting Marathon

OK! I have 21min before I have to go for my 3rd meeting of the day. Yup, 3rd one and I have another 2 to attend later after that. Meaning, meeting #1: 8-9am, meeting#2:9-10am, meeting#3 was suppose to be 10-11am but was cancelled. So, now meeting#3: 2.30-3.30pm, meeting#4:4.30-5pm (hopefully or else might drag till 5.30pm) and then meeting#5: 6pm till god-knows-when (but hopefully done by 6.30pm).

Tuesday is always a list of meeting marathon but today is worse because I was on leave yesterday and some of meetings from yesterday pushed to today. Of course, on top of this, I have about 100 emails from yesterday to go through and act on whatever needed. That is on top of whatever else that was still pending from last week and the emails coming in nonstop to my mailbox. I am sloughing through each and every task by taking a deep deep breath first (not that it helps much but habits dies hard!).


Damn! That didn't work.

Sigh!! If only I can win the jackpot and be an instant millionaire! Err.. wait a minute. Have not been buying lottery for a long while! Not that I have quit entirely but just that I have gotten to lazy to drive myself there and get down from the car just to 'donate' money to the lottery shop. After all, the odds dunno 1 to how many hundreds of thousands or was it millions chance?? Of course, there is saying that says, if you get RM1 worth, at least u have 0.0000000X% opportunity which is better than zero?