Friday, August 29, 2008

Used Furniture

I got my sofa! I got my sofa! neh Neh neh~!! Hahaha! Yah, babe and I finally can collect our sofa from the apartment nearby and bring it to our house. Actually, we were planning to collect it since last weekend but it has been raining almost every evening (yar, me and my God of Thunder and Rain, I think we need to talk.) We initially planned to wait till tonight and collect it. But the lady owner said since it was such a clear and beautiful evening, we better collect them yesterday. Just in case in rain again tonight.

Her new sofa are coming in Saturday morning. So you can imagine how anxious she was to make sure that out with the old and then in with the new! We reached home around 6.45pm and was planning to leave for her place at around 7pm but then it started to drizzle. WAH! How the lady owner worried. Luckily, the rained stopped at around 8pm. And off we go, dragging the trolley noisily onto the road to the next apartment.

And man, was it noisy! I bet as we pass the apartments, people staying in it must have wonder what stampede just gone thru! It was that noisy. The kind of consistent kling klang kling klang that gives you the beginning of a headache. And when it finally stop making the racket, we actually go AH and sigh with contentment! Anyway, the lady owner turn out to be a super super nice lady. Helped us move the sofa all the way back to our apartment.

She even start donating her stuff to us and throw in freebies for the sofa! GOSH! I never thought I will find someone so nice nearby. She even offered to donate her old curtains and another set of sofa cover to me when she or her maid can find it. She gave all those small pillows she have on her sofas and initially intended to give everything she used to decorate to sofa to me. She said she even bought a big plastic bag to cover the sofa for us so that it won't get dirty when we transport it!

Oh, and she promised to bring me with her to the nearby wet market the next time she goes! I am abit overwhelmed and surprised as I always thought West Malaysian are super busy people that does not care much about social ethics? OOpps! Did I offend anyone? What I am trying to say is, I understand that the phase of life here is super fast and everyone trying to make the most out of their day. And hence, have not much time to build relationship such as friendship with new people.

But I am glad to report that so far, from work place to neighbors, everyone is actually friendly! And super nice! Alamak! I just realised that the lady owner was at our apartment for quite awhile but I forgot to offer her any drinks! HAHAHA! But we did have a good chat!

Oh yah, anyone looking for a rather unique custom-made coffee table, please let me know. The lady owner want to let it go. The coffee table is dark brown with custom-made glass-top. In the table itself, there are actually some rather nice miniature stuff. So, it is actually rather nice which need to be seen to be appreciated. Babe and I am not very good at appreciating such things but anyone that is looking for collectibles, this is a good piece!

The lady is also selling other pieces of furnitures as well, dining tables, cupboards, fridge and so on. Her stuff are all very well kept and love. Really well taken care of. There is hardly any scratch on her furnitures eventhough she have one kid! So, if you are interested, click here.

So, I have my sofa!! YAHOO!! And I must say, it looks bigger than I initially thought. It is now dominating almost one whole site of the wall in the living room. And the computer monitor looks rather small and weird next to it. So, next month quest? A TV and TV rack perhaps but need to budget properly first. For now, we are still happy with our monitor and computer tv ^_^.

WAH!! Cant wait till the day is over. I want to dash out of the office promptly at 6pm today! I don't care if I have to wait in the lobby for babe for half hour. Just want to get the weekend started one way or another. In fact, we are already planning for lunch today. We were planning to go Izzy at Uptown but not sure if we can since there is not enough cars to transport us at the moment.

I as usual, no car and the girl colleague that usually drives, not driving today. So, we might just have something nearby but still pricey stuff! Some Italian food or something like that! Stuff ourselves silly and then come back to the office to nod off in front of the computer after that! But then, again, who cares! It is Friday! YAHOO!

Oh man~! This is definitely not healthy. Every week looking forward to the weekends. Jumping up and down (literally!) when it is finally Friday and can say THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Subsconciously CLEVER!

This is going to be a short one! SUPER BUSY TODAY! I am so blur now that I don't even remember what my colleagues and I were discussing 15minutes ago! Yup, short term memory lost. Actually, it was more like temporary file away somewhere in one brain synapses that if I ever want to retrieve back, will most likely take ages or a re-snap by constant reminder from my colleagues! That is how blur I was.

I know I am super stressed when I am even dreaming of my work last night. The only good thing that came out of it was that I got the solution to some formulas that I was working on. So, I guess my subconscious is more rested and intelligent than I am? Sometimes I do wonder perhaps if we all let our subconscious mind take over what we think, how will our world look like! Upside down and people standing on the ceilings with anti-gravity boots? Utilising every single space perhaps?

AIYEH!! I am babbling incoherently although my English vocab seems to be growing longer. Noticed that my over-active brain is actually using super-long multi syllabus words? Ok OK! I promised, short posting and short it will be. Time to go home, rest and relax.

p/s: Hei, Mr Dream-guy/man or whatever, please let me dream of work again!! :(

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Short Talk: Sick....

No updates since last Friday. Gosh! That is five days without any updates. Weekends usually too lazy to update. Monday was super busy and yesterday, was on MC. Been sick for more than one week but been putting off seeing the doctor till yesterday. Finally got too tired fighting the flu and sorethroat without help from medication. Fever starting Sunday evening but stubborn me, went to work anyways because there are just too many reports to prepare and write. (Also started to feel worried because I see abit of blood in the greenish mucus!).

Monday evening, saw the doctor, she gave me super strong medication I guess. Tuesday slept the whole day! So, here I am back to work again today, Wednesday. Still tired and exhausted but tomorrow is Thursday! I am halfway through the week. And on top of that, will be taking 2 Sept off! WOOHOO!! Looking forward to the super long weekend, 4 days!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Nonsense

I know what you are thinking. ANOTHER ONE? I know, 4th posting of the day. I didn't lost track of time or anything. Just that the previous 3 posting was not consider real postings. You know, my usual long winded narrating my whole life to you as if you are my walking diary. So, stay tune for JenJen's daily update in life-showcasing: joy and dilemma!

Footnote: Please note that the below are copyright by JenJen's Place. Any plagiarism will be required to pay JenJen a sum of royalty stipulated.

OK OK, enough nonsense rubbish from me. Lets get on with it yah?! Can't believe I can be so loso and actually write one whole paragraph of junk! Anyway, did I tell you that it is FRIDAY TODAY???? OOpps, more junk. Sorry~! BUT I CAN'T HELP IT MAR!! Been looking forward to today since Monday. And even more look forward to next weekend when we have three whole day off! Am already planning with babe whether to take 2 Sept off as well or not. Then we can whole four days to laze around.

But was also thinking now if I should take on the 5 Sept since SK is coming on 4-6 Sept with her hubby and bb. Then on that Friday, I can bring them go round and eat till our tummy burst! In fact, was already planning that the first night we go to Izzi Cafe at Uptown or the Shogun, the Japanese buffet at 1U. Aiyeh, my DIET!!!!! Wah..really hope will win that Celebrity Fitness contest. Then at least I can actually do something about losing weight!

It is not that I didn't think of doing some exercise or something lar. But usually when I go back, already after 7 at night. And somehow, somewhere, sure got something to do that is more interesting and distracting my attention from exercising! I also did think of joining yoga classes or something but cannot find one near us lor. If want to join fitness centers, so expensive and if don't go, wasted!

ANYWAY! Today is FRIDAY!!!! Oh, I said that already? Sorry. Super duper excited about the weekend. Not planning to go anywhere special but sure am glad not having to get up early and go off to work. Dragging my feet through the week. We were suppose to go collect our sofa on Sunday but the owner sms last night and request if we can delay that since her own sofa only coming in on 30 Aug. We of course are ok since not in a hurry anyways.

Other than that, perhaps try and bake the brownie cheesecake, IF I can find all the ingredient. I finally am able to accept the reality that the cost of cream cheese has gone up 40% in less than a year. And babe also been giving very not subtle hints about long time not eating the no-bake cheesecake. Yes, hinted again! So, with the initial shock of the price over, time to bite the tongue and just go it! Babe, this is only once in a blue/green/purple moon only ok! So, better appreciate it. (Yar, he reads my blog occasionally now! Very eager to sit near me whenever I am online at home! HMMPF!)

It is raining rather heavily outside now and I hope it will rain as well tomorrow and the day after. Somehow, I realised that it almost never rains during the weekend. I guess the God of Rain and Thunder must have exhausted his supplies of water and spears during the week. Or maybe he is just tired from pouring all those water onto earth? Oh NO, I am imagining things and talking junk again! But what if there is really a God of Rain and Thunder looking down at me while I am typing this (yes, he have x-ray eyes) and smiling away because someone acknowledge his hard work? LOL!

Babe just sms me that he is on the way to pick me up. Guess I better keep this short and sweet. Hopefully there is not too much jam for him to drive all the way from Klang to here. But I heard that the nkve is usually pretty clear at all times unless there are any major problems. Seldom jam eventhough when it is raining.

Anyway, I am glad babe is driving my car to work instead of riding his bike. Or else I will be worried sick again with the slippery road and his tendency to drive super fast! I can only thank god that it is not one of those big bikes with super big engines that he has been telling me how cool about! I think I might even hide the bike keys if he does have one of those! Oops, better stop here if I want to make it short and sweet (AND CUTE!) :P

Please Let Me Win!!

WOW! I am starting to think that God finally remember me and start smiling at me, showering me with good fortune and luck! Not only have I managed to find the sofa set that I want at really reasonable price, the location is just 5 minutes walk away from my apartment. On top of that, I also found someone that would like to give up their dog for adoption. The dog is one of those easy to take care, short hair and friendly little thing! Just right for us and the apartment. Now, all I need to do is convince my babe the same thing too! LOL~

Anyway, today, while I was checking my blog, the advertlets banner on my blog caught my attention. You see, I am on the quest to loose as much weight as possible in the next four month! And it so happen that my colleagues and I were discussing that the Celebrity Fitness Center that the mall near our office is open really early in the morning. In fact, some of our female colleagues did go there previously for morning exercise, shower and then come to work. A few of guys here will also usually go after work. I am actually super new to gym and abit reluctant to part with my money for a whole year membership because I know myself very well. I might just decided to quit halfway thru.

I did hear from my colleague that going to the gym can be addictive. Once you get started, it would be rather hard not to go for a long period of time because your body will be craving for exercise. I know that is true for yoga. I can’t hardly believe how much I sweat when I go for yoga. I always thought that it is a gentle stretching exercise! I guess that is what you call HOT yoga? So, gym! Lots of my friends tell me tonnes of benefits they get from going to gym. Not only does it helps to build and tone the muscle, also at the same time, can help to increase your metabolic rate. So, whatever food taken will burn away before it can turn into fat.

Having said that, I know it would not be easy in the beginning, most likely will get bodyache and so on, but my quest to achieve substantial weight lost before my wedding day motivates me to try it out. So, the opportunity that the contest to win gym membership is hard to let up. Usually, I will not participate in such contest. Too lazy to write about things that I am not passionate about no matter how attractive the price were.

But for this Celebrity Fitness contest, perfect timing! The grand prize being one voucher for six month free membership and three months for runner up. I can already imagine myself going there every morning before going to work. After all, since I carpool with babe to work daily and actually reached the office before 7.30am eventhough my actual work hour starts at 9am, might as well make good use of the one half hour right?

So, why do I deserve to win? I guess it will be the push that I need to get started and to try out new things. I desperately need to push and motivate myself to get started on my health regime. Even a three months membership will be better than nothing. Not only to lost weight in time to look good for my church and dinner reception on 29 Dec but also for health reason. I know, I know, people will say fat people can be fit and healthy too. In fact, sometimes overweight people have better fitness level compared to those skinny ones. But I can wish to be healthy AND SLIM at the same time right?

Actually, I can already imagine myself going there every morning, i.e. in my exercise clothes and a knapsack filled with my office wear, towel and shampoo/soap, ask babe to drop me off at the entrance to the mall instead of to the office building. Walk to the Celebrity Fitness Center and do some threadmill and weight lifting. They even have yoga from 7-8am and 8-9am! So, maybe go for the Yoga on Wednesday and Power Yoga on Friday in the morning, belly dancing 6-7pm on Tuesdays and Energy Aerobic on Thursdays 6-7pm. So, four times a week alternate between mornings and evenings.

WOW! I can’t wait to get started. So, I really really hope that I will win!

Himalaya Anti Dandruff

I finally had it with the dandruff! No matter how I wash my hair, somehow, the very next day, I can see dandruff and the hair get super oily by evening too. I was using Rejoice Anti-Dandruff shampoo but it seems to have very little effect. I was already thinking of going back to the medicated super expensive shampoo (don't remember the name. The bottle is blue!). Then, DD told me that her friends the Himalaya shampoos are good for dandruff and pretty cheap too, RM18+ per bottle.

By chance, I happened to passby a Himalaya shop while walking to Giant supermarket on Wednesday. I told my dilemma to the lady there and she recommended a few items and the price tag added up to RM50.

This is actually packed in a transparent zip bag. Handy to bring along if you are travelling.

Need to rub this into the scalp and leave it for a few hours. Instruction at the back says best to leave it overnight but I cannot stand the smell. Wash off with the shampoo after one hour! Pretty hard to remove. I need to lather the hair with shampoo two times before it is completely gone.

Not unpleasant smell from this shampoo. In fact, it smells abit like Johnson baby shampoo.

Have not used this yet. But was told to apply to the tip of the hair once or twice a week after the hair is dry from shampooing.

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the product so far. I washed my hair on Wednesday after applying the oil. Washed my hair too yesterday but this time no oil. So far, no visible dandruff (yar, it was that bad) and no itch! I am glad to say that this is RM50 well spent money!

p/s: This is not a paid ad. Just sharing what I feel about this product.


Just a short one. Since SK was here the other day and since mooncake festival is almost here, SK has kindly agreed to help me bring back mooncakes for my parents. The mooncake is from Baker's Cottage and I really like the packaging. But the box is pretty big. And since ask SK to bring back, not nice to ask her bring big box mar. Hence, I took out the mooncake from the box and put in a nice paperbag instead.

Mooncake wrapped in nice transparent wrapper. This really impresses me. Very beautifully done.

The box with sunflower motive. It is actually abit sponge-like and very pretty! I fell in love instantly with the box.

Empty box that hold 8 mooncakes. All wrapped in the transparent wrapping.

The words on the mooncake. Engraved on metal but I don't know what it mean *blush*

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finally, a life!

YES! I finally got it! It was hard to believe that I am actually that lucky! I was online the day before yesterday hunting adpost as usual for any interesting bargains. Was especially keeping an eye out for sofa, or more specifically Ikea sofa which has the 10 years warranty. Previously, I did find one but by the time I managed to convince babe to go to Ikea and see the brand new thing AND agree to buy the used sofa, it was too late. The owner sold it already and removed the ad. I have actually lost all hope of finding another one like that. Instead, I talked to myself to settle for something simple but good quality used sofa. Failing that, we will just buy the actual new sofa from Ikea for RM549 *GRIN*.

But two days ago, I saw this ad that stated some furniture for sale, including sofa, sofa and fridge and the address happens to be at the apartment near ours! So, of course immediately I send a sms and hope that I am not too late because the ad was posted four days ago! Then yesterday, the owner called me and we had the usual chit chat of a stranger, awkward! Anyway, at the end of it, I found out that the sofa is actually the Ikea sofa that I been eyeing on and the tv is a 29inch one! Wah imagine my excitement. So, we made arrangement for me to her apartment that night to view the ‘goods’.

Babe of course have a thousand and one questions that I can’t answer such as: why she selling? Is she single? What race is she? How much she want to sell? She have anything else not?She have children? and so on! How I know the answer lar? I not interview her mar. Plus the moment I know what sofa it is, nothing else matters! I just want to go and see and negotiate a price! And also, I am not looking to BUY her, I want to buy her furniture mar! Why do I want to know if she is single. CHEH! Hhmpff!

So off we went last night and I am glad that it was really easy to come to an agreed price! And she even throws in a freebie for us, modern rocking chair that is almost new. Apparently, she is changing her furniture for bigger ones since the family is growing. She actually already ordered the new sofa but have not request the shop to deliver them since no space in the apartment. Hence, she wants to sell off the old ones urgently. She also happens to be a very kind and nice lady with kids by the way. She even offered to find some guys to help carry the sofa with us back to our place this weekend! So, I will be able to post a picture of the new sofa & rocking chair soon! At least, with that, the apartment will look abit more homey!

The next thing on the list is the tv and tv rack. I am also thinking of a long coffee table but that can wait. Also need a water heater in the bathroom but since we can boil water to take bath, for now, that is onhold first too. Still waiting for the confirmation letter from the company and also the increment. Then will go ahead and subscribe to Astro. Babe is dying to watch normal football! Hahaha! We also feel like living under the coconut shell because no updates on world events since no tv to watch news and only get newspaper on weekends.

But need to budget properly first especially since we have big plans for end of the year. Well, actually not our big plans. More like our parents. Got a distinct feeling of being manipulated into it! Remember I was saying that babe and I planned to register first and then push our actual church and dinner reception to next year. Well, babe’s mom called one day and told him the church is booked on 29 Dec, 10am! OMG! That is less than four months away? And nothing is planned or agreed on yet! And the next call was actually to tell babe that there will be 18tables from their side. Need to ask my parents how many from their side. *BREATH HARD!!*

WOW! Steamrolled! Hahaha! But I guess she knows us better than we know ourselves. If it were up to us, we would have just gone back and sign at the registrar office so that we are official husband & wife in the eye of the law. Church and dinner reception will most likely be pushed out indefinitely or until we decided to have children. Talking of children, right after the mother informed us she booked the church on 29 Dec, the first thing that I said to babe was I do not want to have children immediately! I know that would be the next thing our parents will be asking! Like babe’s sis said, they can ask but they cannot plan it for you when to have babies! LOL~ So, no babies for at least the first year of marriage and that is including not getting pregnant. Maybe (big MAYBE) pregnant during the second year (or maybe third year).

Seems like Dec is a long time away but have absolutely NOT prepared anything on my side. We will leave the church and dinner reception arrangement to the parents. As this is a mix-marriage, I have no idea how they will do it. Do we have tea ceremony? Or just go church and then go back home? Do we have specific time for the groom to come pick the bride? Or as long as we get to the church before 10am is fine? What other requirements? I remember when I was sort of helping out with friends wedding Chinese style, there seems to be so many things to prepare for the day itself. So many things to buy for the bride & groom bedroom too. And the car and the things the bride need to bring when the groom come and pick her up and so forth! Oh well, I will leave all this to the parents.

Like I said to my friends, we will go back to attend only! Hahaha! But I am planning to rent the wedding gowns from KL and take wedding photo here. Budget not more than RM2,000 for gown rental and photo, enough or not? My colleague say not enough. At least need RM3,000. But I don’t plan for elaborate wedding photo bah. Just something simple so that I can show my kids in the future that this is your mommie and daddie. Maybe one big one for the wall and then a few small ones. As for gown, one for church, and maybe two for dinner. Should be more than enough right? Also don’t want those big bulky fluffy gown with skirts that you can hide 2-3 people in with room to spare. Am I being to simplistic?

Then, there is the issue of corset, undies, jewelry, shoes and any other items that might be needed. For now, I am trying real hard to keep my head above water and BREATH! Not get me wrong, I am happy and excited but also nervous and worried. After all, it is a once in a lifetime thing. If you have been a frequent reader here, you will know that I am not good at waiting (often looking for the phantoms magic remote control!). I will the day will come and go but while waiting, I just can’t help getting hyped and worked up thinking about the preparation! Oh yah, did I mention how much all this will cost!! *GASP!*

BREATH!!!! DEEP BREATHH!!!! See how crazy I am getting?????

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chocolate Brownie

I saw this delicious recipe at The Kitchen Snippets and it looks absolutely tempting. I converted the measurement to gram so that it is easier for me. Have not tried baking it yet but I thought I better keep the recipe here instead of on a piece of paper! Going to bake it when I overcome the shock of the super high cream cheese price! haha! So, here goes:

The Brownie
120gm – Butter
120gm – unsweetened baking chocolate
180gm – sugar
1 tsp – vanilla
2 – eggs
240gm – flour
1/2tsp – baking powder
1/4tsp –salt

The cream topping
240gm – cream cheese
1 – egg
80gm – sugar

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degree F.
2. Melt butter and unsweetened baking chocolate and remove from heat.
3. Add in sugar and vanilla to chocolate butter mixture
4. Add in egg one by one to the batter.
5. Sift flour, baking powder and salt together. Add to batter.
6. Grease baking tray with butter.
7. Pour the mixture into the tray.

8. Mix cream cheese, egg and sugar together to make the topping. Gently pour over the chocolate batter.
9. Bake for about 25-33minutes or until the brownie just starts to pull away from the side of the baking tray.

Why So Like That One?

Again, I am in a dilemma! Shall I have a pet dog or not? One weekend, we went to Carrefour Kepong and we purposely went to the petshop first before going to Carrefour or else we can’t both go in to see the pet there. Just look see only. A little surprised that babe want to go see pets also because he was saying that we shouldn’t have pets. Although he loves dogs and cats too, he feels that it would be too much responsibility for the both of us. Before going to the petshop that day, I agree with him 100%. But I can only say that it was a big mistake of his to bring me to the petshop.

We went into the petshop and immediately we walk to the puppies section. There have a few puppies such as shih tzu, cocker spaniel, mini pinscher, chow chow and so on for sale. NONE of the price tag is below RM1000! Even for the shih tzu, it was on sale for RM1050! I was looking at puppy breed called chow chow, and trying to get its attention the usual way, i.e. gently tapping on the screen separating us. Then suddenly, the petshop owner opens the cage and take out the puppy! And then she hands the puppy to me!

Sufficient to say that I was in love with the puppy after that. If it were not for the out-of-reach price tag (RM3,200), I would have taken the puppy home that very moment. But like all good things, it all had to come to and end. After a few minutes of holding and hugging the puppy, I gave it back. And then I proceed to stand there, looking at the puppy for the long time after she is back in her cage! I must have look pretty upset and sad not to mention WEIRD! There I was, standing and staring at the puppies with tears swimming in my eyes! I am so glad that I manage to get a control of myself and not shed any! Gosh, that would have been embarrassing.

I went home with a sad and heavy heart that night, thinking about my own little doggies that I had to give away when I relocated to KL. I wonder how are those little babies are now. I know those that are with my cousin (2 of them) are doing well and are very happy. They still remember me in fact and jump all over me when they saw me at my cousin house before I came to KL. Another two, I gave away to a friend of a friend of a friend. I was told that they are dog lovers too and have a few of their own. I am more worried about this two because one of them is 12 years old and has cataract. He has been with me since I was in college and almost all my college mate knew and remembers him.

I actually went online to search for more information about chow chow the next day. And the cheapest that I can find online is RM1,800 for locally breed chow chow without MKC (Malaysia Kernel Cert), no microchip or vaccination. WOW! I never knew dogs here are so expensive. Even the shih tzu is sold at around RM600 and again without MKC or vaccination! I do not really mind about the MKC but the puppy must at least be vaccinated! After all, you never know what kind of people owns the puppies. Some unscrupulous people just keep dogs for breeding and profits! They do not care about the health of their dogs. So, it is better to be careful than getting upset if the dog didn’t survive after purchase.

So, I actually almost gave up hope again because of the price tag. But I stumble upon a website ( which allows people to advertise whatever things they want to sell or buy, including pets for adoption. I was actually looking for used furniture online and saw that there is a category for pets. Of course, I cannot resist just having a peek! And I saw a few advert with dogs for adoption! WOW! One is a 7 year old shih tzu but I was too late. Another was a 1+ year old mini pinscher. The dog is really tiny and is only about 2 or 2 half palm size at adulthood. It looks like a miniature Doberman actually.

So, this lady advertised that she is looking for someone to adopt the dog. Upon more conversation, found that she actually moving from a condo to renting just a room near where I work. And since she is renting room, she simply can’t keep any dogs no matter how tiny they are since the owner doesn’t allow it. Yes, I am very excited at the prospect but can’t make up my mind whether to keep or not. On one hand, I miss having a dog in my life. I feel as if something is missing and listening to my friends with dogs tell me how their dogs greet them when they came home from work, how their stress all gone the moment they see their happy eager pet. I would have preferred something bigger and meatier so that I can hug and hold the dog without fear that I will break it. But big dogs mean bigger maintenance and responsibilities. So, a tiny dog such as the mini pinscher would be perfect. Furthermore, it is FREE! A dog like that at the pet shop will cost around RM600-1000.

On the other hand, would I be able to handle the added responsibility? Will I have the time for the little fella? Will giving it bath, food, cleaning up and so forth equal the benefits and happiness I get from it? Later, when we decide to have a baby of our own, will we be able to handle having a kid and a dog? Do I have time for both and the big panda???? Also, the little fella need to be house broken, where will I be able to find the time? So many questions, no answer. I think those with a dog or cat will be able to understand what I am trying to say.

I actually asked 2 friends for their opinion. One strongly disagreed that I adopt the dog but one suggested that a dog will help to train for future heavy responsibility of having a kid. Then again, when I actually have a kid of my own, will this craving for a pet go away? The feeling that something cuddly and lovable is missing go away? I seriously don’t know. I guess I will let babe decides? At least if he say yes, then he will also be responsible to help me with the dog?! Hahaha…

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Household Tag

La did dum da da dum…*hum*~! Yes, I am happy. Nope, it is not Friday, no need to double check your calendar. Happy because my boss is on leave and I do not have to feel so stressed whenever I sent out any emails. Happy because SK is here and we met again for lunch just now. We went to Shillin and as usual, chat non-stop catching up for about an hour! If you ask what we chat about, I honestly cannot recollect and narrate back to you. Sufficient to say that, we talk about anything and everything! I guess that is how we know that we can be good friends. RK & SK, correct or not?

Lucky RK not here too because I think 1 hour would not have been enough. I can just imagine the fun if all three of us are on vacation together! I think we will talk and talk and talk with each other. Most likely if our hubbies is with us, we will completely ignore them and just chat among the three of us! HAHA! Gosh! I sure miss them a lot! At least SK, I have seen here twice since I been here and I know she will be here again early next month on her way back from her holiday with her hubby and kid. But RK, so many times say want to come because have cheap AirAsia fare, in the end, she change her mind. Sigh! RK, I am still waiting ah!

I got a big surprise from a colleague today. And this has made me realised that I finally can say that I am well and truly settled down here now. After more than four months here, I am glad. Although my apartment is still bare, only filled with bedroom and kitchen essentials, but life is less hectic now. Yes, I still have long hours during workdays, wake up at 6.30am and only reach home around 6.30pm if I am lucky. Most of the time, only home around 7pm. And then rest for awhile, cook rice and dinner. Eat around 8pm. By the time finish and clean up, already 9pm. Watch tv for awhile, already 11pm! Then go ironing and other house chores in between ler.

I am the type that cannot stand seeing mess and having things all over the place. Babe on the other hand, he can just leave him things wherever he goes! In the beginning, I will pick up after him and put the things back to it place. It is so frustrating actually. I even buy basket n boxes just for him to put his stuff but somehow, the things are never where it suppose to be. Now, I give up! I just leave the things where he left them. And when he start asking me where they are, I will say I don’t know since I didn’t take them! I think he cannot tahan also last weekend because he actually took the vacuum cleaner out and vacuum the WHOLE apartment!

Then hor, yesterday he go back, ask me how come all the glasses missing from the kitchen rack. I ask him where he last left it lar and ask him to check the living room. I expect him to bring the glasses to the kitchen and leave them in the sink as usual. Wah! Imagine my surprise when I hear the water running in the sink and he start to wash the cups AND the rice cooker! Either my nagging works or babe suddenly realised that he left most of the household chores to me and that he should be helping out too? I think most of you know that I hate household chores. Not sure how long this will last but I will definitely enjoy it!

And to answer Nick and Rose tag on the household chores that I hate most? I will say that the one thing that I absolute hate and dislike doing (among all the dislikes!) is IRONING! I know a few ladies out there that didn’t like them too. When I first relocated here, babe expects me to do all his ironing for him! Boy oh boy! Did he find out how much I hated it. Whenever I am ironing, he will make sure that he either stays far away from me and not ask me much questions because I turned into a super grouch when I am in front of the ironing board. To top it off, that time we were still staying with his friend and I think some of you will remember some of my posting complaining about the heat.

The house basically is an oven. All windows closed all the time. The door (a very small door) hardly opens at all. The fan is seldom on! So, when ironing, it is like standing in front of the burning stone in the sauna room! To make matter worse, the iron is the old type that does not help much is making the ironing job any easier. It seems that no matter how hard you press or the number of times you press the pants with the hot iron; it seems to still look ugly and rumbled! Sometimes, I just couldn’t be bothered and just let those few lines stay where they are!

After we moved to our apartment, although the temperature in the house is definitely cooler, I still hate ironing. Eventhough we bought a pretty good steam iron, which definitely makes the job a lot easier, I still hate it. Especially during weekends, just got back from walking miles and miles at the mall, come back, still need to stand there and do ironing! Gosh! That is when babe make sure that he avoids me and not ask me for anything at all or else I will definitely snap back at him or show my super sour face! I know SK actually enjoy ironing and I ask her for her secret! She say, she wants to feel proud when her hubby wear those wrinkle free shirt to work. Ermm..I don’t think that is not my kind of motivation!! I don’t care bah! Hahaha!! So bad! BLUEK!

Not going to tag anyone though but if you are interested to play, feel free to join in ^_^. Just copy the list below and add in your blog at the end. Don't forget to include the pic!

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh mY GOD!!!

Gosh! This is embarrassing! Here I was, announcing to the world on Friday that I want to make tiramisu this weekend and guess what I did in the end? Sleep, shop, watch tv and eat! Well, actually, I did think of making the no-bake cheesecake instead but when I saw the price of Anchor cream cheese at the supermarket, I decided to forget it or wait till payday! RM31.50 at Jusco and RM32 at Tesco for 1kg of Anchor cream cheese! OMG~! I can still remember when it as only RM23 when I bake the cheesecake for Chinese New Year early this year! Is this a joke by the supplier but proportionally increasing the price equivalent to the petrol hike??? 40% in less than a year!

It is no wonder those bakery are hiking up the price of their cakes. I am still in shock! I used to help my ex-ex-company (my first job with a college in Kuching) during their charity sale by baking the cheesecake. We used to sell them for RM20 for 1kg-size no-bake cheese cake AND still make enough to cover the cost and donate the profit! Now, I don’t think I can even cover with RM25-30. There goes my ambition to sell cakes as my part-time income. I wonder how much would a layer cake cost now.

The Horlick cake that I never fail to make every CNY is one of those rich layer cakes that I love to make. The ingredient call for an entire small packet of Horlick, eggs and butter. Steaming a cake will take about 3-4 hours and another hour of baking in the oven. So, it is a time and money consuming cake. But I don’t mind baking them because I know we won’t be able to find anything close to it in the market. But I think this year, I might just decide to order if it is cheaper! You know lar, some of the commercial bakery actually use substitute to reduce cost. (Oops, did I let out a trade secret?). SIGH!!! Enough about this!

Let me see, what I did during the weekend besides sleep, eat, shop and watch tv. Friday night, babe and I went to Cineleisure right after he picked me from work. The initial plan was to get the 9.45pm movie ticket for Dark Knight but full except for the first row. So, decided to watch the midnight show, 12.15am! But instead of going back after getting our movie tickets, we went for a walk at Ikano AND we actually walk to Ikea for dinner! Yup, two crazy people went to Ikea just to eat at the cafeteria there. I actually bought Ikea karipap first at the counters near the cashiers because I always see people eating them but usually I was too full to think about getting any. One piece is for RM1 and if you get half a dozen, it would be for RM5.50.

It comes in a paperbag and still warm to touch. Freshly oven bake or deepfried. And let me tell you, it was definitely worth the money! The filling was simple potatoes with curry but they added a twist by including a quarter hard boil egg and this was not spectacular. What was amazing was the pastry! The karipap is so light, fluffy and crunchy, when you bite into it, I was so surprised that my eyes actually open wide and I stare at babe. DELICIOUS! And definitely value for money.

After that, we went to the upper floor for the meatball with mashed potato and chicken with potato. Oh yah, and unlimited refill of soft drink for him and cappuccino for me! I was a little surprised that I can’t even finish the 10 pieces of meatballs (9pieces actually since babe ate 1). Guess I am bored of it already. SOB SOB! By the time we are done and actually got home, it was close to 10pm. Shower, eat junkfood, relax a short while and did some chores around the house. We left the house again at around 11.40pm.

Decided to skip the popcorn since we are still full from dinner. Anyway, was already planning to go to the mamak near our place after the movie! *GRIN* The Dark Knight was really good! If any of you have not watch it, I definitely recommend that you do. I still shivers when I remember the joker evil crazy grin! Definitely planning to buy the unsensored dvd version. Oh yah, the movie was rated U by the way! To me, it should be PG18 or something like that since some parts of the movie are rather disturbing! Really don’t understand our censor board!

Anyway, after movie, it was almost 3am! The movie was two half hour long by the way. And as planned, we went to the mamak shop for supper/ breakfast? There are actually 3 mamak shop near our place or rather 4 if you count the one that open at the sidewalk of this dingy shop that never seems to be open for business. Anyway, we decided to try the one that SEEMS to be more popular than the rest. And oh boy, did we regret it! Not only was the food not nice, something happen that re-affirm my decision to never ever go there again.

Babe ordered Maggie goreng and when it came, the noodle was still raw! You know, when the noodle not cook long enough and still got the crunch factor? That is still not too bad because for all we know, that might be their specialty and some people like it that way. But while I was happily enjoying my roti canai, I actually saw that while the mamak was pouring what looks like soup noodle from the pot into the bowl, he spilled some of the noodle onto the table. Then I saw him use his hand, sweep the spilled noodles onto his palm and throw the noodle back into the bowl!!

I was so amaze and couldn’t not believe what I saw! I mean, when I saw him sweep the noodles to into his palm, I thought he would throw it away! After all, that is what a normal sane hygienic person would do right!? No, he throws it back into the bowl, put in other ingredient, stir it around with a spoon and proceed to look for his waiter to serve the bowl of contaminated soup noodle to the customer! It makes me think what is in my roti canai kosong and the tarik halia! UGH!!! Can feel the stomachache coming just thinking about it. HORRIBLE!!!

That sure teaches babe and me a lesson. If the place looks dirty and yucky, no matter how many people are there patronizing the place, LEAVE or risk getting food poisoning! *shivers!*

Friday, August 15, 2008


Mellow soothing calm and peaceful! Why am I feeling so wonderful today? ( I sound like someone suffering from maniac depression to you? One moment all stressed up and another all bubbly and happy?:P LOL~) La di dum..di di dum *singing, waltzing* Its FRIDAY!!! YAHOO!!! And boss going away for the WHOLE week next week. Fantastic or not? Great or not?

So many things planned, so little time! We are even planning for pre-weekend fun already tonight! haha! Going to finally watch Dark Knight. I think there are only a few more shows left. Oh well, I guess if all fails, we will just have to download and watch or something. I am also keen to watch The Mummy. Anyone seen it? Any good? The thriller sure looks exciting. But Puteri Gunung Ledang thought me, never believe all the reviews, critics and thriller you seen or heard!

Am also thinking of making tiramisu during the weekend. An experiment actually because I have never made one. Babe been talking about it on and off ever since he tasted one and been asking me to try and make them. It is not that I don’t want lar but when I read the recipe, so complicated! But I did some research the other day online and decided that I can take some short cuts and experiment! Instead of making the sponge cake from scratch, I will just buy them! GRIN!

That way, all I need to prepare is the filling which consist of some Italian cheese which I will substitute with cream cheese (according to some bakers that recommended them), cream, egg, sugar, coffee liquor and brandy! I think the most difficult problem for me now is to find a small bottle of brandy. Not sure where to get them and I am not willing to buy one big bottle lar! You know how much those big bottle cost????

Anyway, if all fails, then I will just turn it into a cheesecake lor! One of those no bake cheesecake. Haven’t bake a cheesecake in a long time. Didn’t realised how much babe miss the cheesecake until he start showing me pictures of cheesecake in recipe books when we go to the MPH sales that day! (What a ‘subtle’ hint! LOL!).

Well, actually I been rather reluctant to bake much eventhough we moved to our own place already. The main reason was of course because not enough time. On top of that, of course, the raising cost of things makes me more careful with my spending. Buying cream cheese will always takes a backbench except for occasional treat or special occasion. So babe, better treasure the tiramisu ah!

Then there was the cleaning up after that of course. The actual baking part is fun but I absolutely hate the cleaning part of it. We actually bought a book that say cook-in-30minutes. The recipe book basically give simple but creative recipe that can be ready in 30min, include preparation and cooking time. However, there is no cleaning time written at all. I am pretty sure the cleaning will take another 15-30minutes~!

Actually I have not been feeling very well last few days. Still having sorethroat and bodyache. I think it is a start of a flu or something. Even when I swallow the saliva, my throat will give me piercing sharp pain just to remind me that it is still there. I can also feel my tongue think with a layer of whatever and not much appetite at all. Even last night, had to basically make myself finish my few spoon of rice as I can feel my gastric starting up again.

So, I might just end up sleeping thru the weekend instead of baking as planned! But I think baking is a good therapy to de-stress and have some good fun. I mean, nothing is better than knowing that you have baked a great cake/cookie. Of course, the best is seeing people enjoying your hard work! At one point in life, I was even thinking of starting a bakery to satisfy my baking passion.

There is nothing more rewarding if the job that you do to earn a living is something that you love and is passionate about. The looks and faces of the people enjoying the food. I can just see it, the face brighten up when they have the first bite. Second bite, surprised that it really tastes so good. Third mouthful, sink into blissful satisfaction and sigh with pleasure! LOL! But alas, my baking will remain a hobby for now. Perhaps when I retire, I can consider this again. Or maybe I can start it as part-time business, i.e. based on case-to-case order? Hehehe!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Three shocking news in one day but 2 out of the 3 I cannot say it here or else a lot of people will take the next flight to KL and kill me! So, instead, I will settle with this: THE EFFECTIVE WAY TO COURT A GIRL! Just have a few rules actually:
Rule#1: She is the QUEEN of your world

Rule#2: Always pay for EVERYTHING. (Even if she insists she wants to share, don’t let her. Kidnap her purse/handbag/etc)

Rule#3: Buy her presents! (Even when she says no need, in her heart, she will be very happy!)

Rule#4: ALWAYS pick and send her home when going on a date (Borrow/Steal a car if you don’t have one!)

Rule#5: CALL her more than once a day and everyday! (Even if you have no specific reason, tell her you call her to listen to her voice!)

Rule#6: Be yourself! (Please make sure be yourself mean that you includes rule#1-5!)

Ladies (or gents), feel free to add on!

Note: You might not agree with me but I don’t care! I think it is a rule and if you want to follow, mah si follow lor. If not, the ignore me lor! Not as if you are my hubby or bf pun! :P hahaha!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lend Me Remote Control?

Feeling abit depressed today. Don’t feel like talking much about it here as it is too personal. Anyway, I think talking about it will make me even more depressed. I know that all things will pass and most times, I abide by that principle but how I wish I have a remote control that I can press ‘fastforward’ and things will pass faster and in a blur. Which reminds me, I have not watched the movie ‘Click’. That is where I got the idea of fastfoward time by the way.

I actually sms babe just now to ask if he want to watch Dark Knight after work today. We initially planned to watch it this Friday but since I am not in the mood for anything else, I thought might as well go tonight so that I won’t affect others with my depressing mood. What better way to hide them than sitting in a dark room with lots of other people and watch something from the world of fantasy! But turn out there is only one showing tonight after 6pm, i.e. at 9something. By the time we finish, would be midnight already.

Maybe that is good too. Then we can go buy our ticket first and have our dinner somewhere nearby after that. Walk around a little and then should be just nice to go for the movie. Or else, we can always buy the ticket, go back home for dinner and then come out again around 9pm-ish! But I only got ‘See 1st' sms back from babe wor! Hence, don’t know will go or not! Babe use that phrase so much (see first) that I get very irritated with him sometimes. Men! Never can make up their mind! Hhmpf!

Aiyah, enough lar for now. Will write more when I am in a better mood! I write too much now, you all more depress than me!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I wish to wish on the wishing star!

Today is officially I worked in this company for 4 months and I am waiting for my confirmation letter, which is one month overdue! I just hope that this means that my boss is fighting for my right to get higher increment than usual! LOL~! Wishful thinking perhaps but I am definitely working hard here now. In fact, this company does not believe in honeymoon phase at all. We prefer to hire people with a lot of work experience and can just come in and start work right away. We do have a few fresh graduates but 90% of the people here have many years of work experience behind them.

I guess, being a small but growing company, this is how it gains its competitive edge. By making sure that it human resource are of the elite group, the know-how is already there. In other word, the company strategy is to ‘purchase’ knowledge and implant it into the company. Of course, eventually, the company would have to split its strategy to start hiring people to train them up as getting the best-of-the-best might eventually be too costly or saturated the breakeven benefit! Of course, being one of the first few in this company does have it perks and benefits. Smaller company means less redtapes, less procedures and also more chance of being recognize and promotion! All we need to do is make sure that the company is profitable!

WOW! Reading back what I have typed, it is a mindful for me too! So, feel free to scroll down immediately and just leave me a comment already! *BLUEK!* My head is actually filled with things that I need to do, i.e. what is expected of me but at the same time, I can’t help but think of ways to try and improve the ways things are done here. My ex-colleagues in Kch will tell you that I simply cannot sit and wait for things to get better if I can or know how to improve it. Of course, in Kch, I had a great team of IT people to support me with some of the ideas that my crazy mind can think up.

But here, there is not IT team at all to help me. And me, half tank (or rather, half full) on matters related to programming, am really stucked. I have a few reports that I know I will be able to make more efficient by automate it but with no programmer to help, I am basically stucked! I mean I can do simple macro but that is basically the limit of my knowledge. I was contemplating to take up some program language courses and even went as far as to suggest it to my boss.

Initially he agreed but eventually he decided that perhaps I should seek our sister company help and see if they can help me. But the thing is, I know fully well that they will not be able to provide me with the support that I require. After all, why should they help me when this is added job for them of which they will not derive any benefit from at all. Hence, I am backed to square one! I have created a few reports manually or rather semi-manual since the macro takes care of half of the work.

But, I want to fully automate it. Let me tell you, it is really frustrating! On top of that, I have one project after another piling up. Of course, as time goes by, additional responsibilities, new projects, new reports requested and so forth. Sometimes, I simply do not know what to do first. At times, I am so blurred that I just decided that I need a breather! Which is why I am pouring myself into my blog here now! I know that I should start to be more organize in a way that I can prioritise each and everyone of my projects. But even thinking at the height of the mountains that I am going to leap over, I am already feeling blurred and stressed!

Gosh! I better takes things one at a time I guess or else the stressed might just start to eat me alive! I was complaining to RK, SK and DD that I am getting gastric for no apparent reason, i.e. pain even when I ate or not. At times, in my keenness to complete my report/macro, I even forgotten to drink water for the whole morning or afternoon! No wonder I start to feel the beginning of a sorethroat. Good thing babe and I managed to find a stall near our apartment that sells coconut drink. We bought 4 big packets from 4 coconuts! Cost us RM10 but it was worth it.

He is also starting to get headache caused by pain in his gum. I think perhaps because heaty due to not enough water and the weather. Or maybe because of the durian we been taking last week. But the durian was so cheap mar!!! 50% discount and there was even 2 pkt of super grade durian for RM20! *BLUSH!* No wonder we are getting sick huh? There are still some more in the fridge but I think I will make them into tempoyak this weekend and keep it. Rather not risk taking them unless I want to go on MC! *evil grin* LOL!

Of course, there is actually another reason that I am reluctant to eat the durian! Durian = FAT!!!! Some of you might know why but others, I guess I will tell you more on the news when it is more finalised and all parties are ok. For now, it is a big big big secret! So, people (you know who you are) you are sworn to secrecy!!!! GRIN!!!!

Woh Teah

Good morning~! Short one just to share the woh teah that I made during the weekend. Basically, it is just meat wrapped on wheat skin and then pan fried till crispy. For the meat fillings, typically, it would be minced pork, shredded radish and carrot. But since I wanted to add a twist to it, I stir fry chopped big onion till it is soft and fragrant, add in mince pork and mince mutton. Add seasonings such as salt and pepper to taste. Stir till cook and leave to cool.

Th skin is easy to make to. Just needs lots of patience! All you need is wheat flour and water. Typically, 300g of wheat flour, you will need about 1/2 cup of water. Add the water slowly to the flour and knead till it no longer stick to your hand or the bowl. Then roll it out using a rolling pin or if you have one of those pasta making machine that can help to flatten it, even better. Then use a round cutter to cut the pasta.

Then just panfried the skin that is already filled with the cooked cooled meat just now. Super yummy dipped in chilli sauce, especially Thai chilli sauce.

p/s: I know, should take pic of how to wrap them but forgotten to take pic! Next time yah :P

Monday, August 11, 2008

Lazy Weekend

Feeling abit blur this morning and can't wait till I reached office to get my cuppa coffee for the morning! Had not been sleeping well last night, keep on waking up throughout the night. I think I must have wake up at least 5-6 times last time and 2 times to go washroom. Its just one of those night where you don't feel comfortable no matter how you sleep. When the blanket is on, it is too hot but with it off, it is too cold. If only half on, then the uncover part of the body will be too cold. Arghh!

I wonder if this is because of the durian I ate yesterday afternoon. Or maybe because overdose on naps on Saturday and Sunday. Basically, on Friday night, I slept at around 1-2am. Babe went off to bed at around 11.30pm since he had to wake up early to go to work the next day (around 6.30am). Not that I didn't wake up early also on Saturday morning to make babe his breakfast. But when he left for work at 7am, I promptly went back to bed and slept until 11am!

Then I did a some spring cleaning on the apartment, so dusty although just 2 of u staying there. we are starting to keep the windows close when we are both not at home to see if the place is still as dusty. Then of course, cook for lunch. After babe got back, we ate and proceed to Sunway Lagoon hotel to pick up my aunt and cousin. We went to The Submit for sticky mango rice and tomyam noodle.

After that, we drove them to KLCC to meet up with their relatives for dinner there. We left Submit at around 5pm and only finally drop them off at KLCC at 6pm. Initially we though we will stop by too since it will not be often that we make the trip to city center. But as it was already 6pm, babe and I decided to just drop them and go back. Of course, we promptly got ourself lost and ended up using the long way back home.

After that, we basically didn't go out from the house except to get babe's ciggie. Babe slept pretty early on Saturday night (before 12midnight) and he only woke up at 2pm the next day! I woke up once at 9am and after checking the time, went back to sleep again until 12 noon. After that, I simply can't sleep anymore. So, woke up, took out the pork belly to defrost and watch internet tv. I am glad I woke up though because I managed to catch 'Monster Ark' that I though starts at 9am.

We had lunch at 3pm (LOL~!) and then watch some more internet tv and dinner at 8pm! And guess what babe did before dinner? He slept again at around 5 and only woke up when I start heating up the food for dinner. Of course, the ironing session started after I clean up the dinner. And football at 10pm and we go off to bed again at 12midnight right after his football finished!

That's my boring-nothing-much-happened-weekend. whatever you feel like doing, including sleeping or just laze around the house doing absolutely nothing. Well, not absolutely nothing since I can't stay still in one place not doing anything unless I am sleeping. But I think you got what I mean.

Oh, I forgot, I made minced pork + lamb woh teah but am too lazy to post any pic now:P Will do that in another post with the recipe later.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Lets shout about LUNCH!

I am so sleepy now! Must be all the carb and sugar that I had for lunch just now! It was a great fantastic lunch by the way but I think we ate way too much and laugh/talk even more than usual! But it was really fun and by the time we are done with all the food, we actually felt that some of the food had digested due to our non-stop laughter and chit chat!

Since it is Friday, we decided to go out for our lunch. We made of pact not to bring any food from home today! We were really spoiled for choice and can't decide what to have. It fact, we originally planned to visit Canton-i for our lunch but changed our mind when a colleague informed us that it is very pricey for local chinese food. Instead, she recommended this place called Izzi at Uptown.

So, as I mentioned this morning, we made up our mind to go there especially with all the great promotion that is happening for the month of August. The best is of course 65% off the ala-carte menu if you have citibank credit card. Even if you don't have citibank credit card, don't worry. You still can get 50% discount but promotion limited to this month only. But we have our eye on the promotion set lunch there this month which includes starter, main course, dessert and drinks at a mere RM12.99 or less than RM15 if include the service charge and tax. And the most important part, the place came highly recommended by our colleague and she was right!

Ceaser Salad - very nice and plenty of parmesan cheese on top!

Izzy dough ball - So-so only but bread lovers would love the warm bread which melts butter

Springroll - ok only to me

Mongolian chicken with rice - abit too spicy for me but my colleagues love it

Pizza - basically just tomato and cheese on very thin crispy crust. Very nice!! If plain pizza at Izzy tasted this great, what about those with meat or seafood...yummy!

Noticed that there is no dessert pic? Err, we were too excited when we saw the cakes that we just can't wait to get started and forgotten all about taking pictures! I had carrot cake which was simply yummy. It is filled with lots of carrot and nuts. The moment you bite into it, it just seem to melt in your mouth. The choc fudge is worth trying as well. It has a really rich smooth texture that will have you going at it again and again. The brownies are actually walnut brownies that is filled with nuts and dark chocolate.

All in all, it is definitely worth our RM15 per person. Definitely will be going back there again to try their other stuff.

Till Death Do Us Part

It is Friday I know, I know, my post this week seems to be start with reminding you all what day it is...). And it promise to be a great day! Not only it is the last day before the weekend is here, but my boss is on leave and our weekly conference call with our boss overseas at 9am today has just been postponed! Ate a wonderful breakfast that one of my colleague bought for us. And we are planning to go out for a great lunch later.

Planning to go to this place called Izzi Pizza ( that seems to have some great promotion ( One that stick to the mind is the 65% discount if you are using citibank credit card but there are of course terms and conditions that applies. However, I think those are reasonable terms and conditions though. We are planning to have the RM12.99 per person for starter, main course, dessert and soft drink for our lunch today.

Some more, if we can hussle seven people to go out for lunch today, the 7th person will eat free. this means that plus tax, one person pay about RM12.80 only instead of RM14.94. Thats RM2.14 savings per person. Not much but with inflation, every dollar and cents count. There are a few other interesting promotion as well, eg. buy one pizza, free one.

I am still listening to the, the Lie Detector Test program. Getting pretty hooked to the program. Yesterdays was abit boring because well, nothing happened! No drama, nothing. Yar Yar, very mean of me but the whole idea of listening in to this kind of program is because you want to hear about other people's woes, problems and drama right? (Gosh! I am showing my true colors and turning into a mean mean mean person??)

Today program has another husband and wife couple, married for 10 years with kids. Apparently, the wife felt that the husband has been abandoning the 3 kids and her, i.e. not doing his fatherly and husband duty as he should. She felt that there is very love in the relationship and the romance has died. So far, the program has been very tense and the husband is getting more and more nervous with each question. At one point, the DJs are even asking him if he is he alright because he was breathing really heavy and fast, i.e. nervous.

The answers he gave to all the questions are the 'correct' answers but the lie detector machines are seeing through him at every point and calling him a liar! The machine shows that he love his wife still be he felt very stress going home to the wife everyday. He rather be at work. He regretted marrying the wife and he has been unfaithful to her. DJs asked the husband 3 times has he been unfaithful and he answered no, but the machine found him to be deceptive.

Asked the husband if he wants to be with the wife for the rest of his life and he said yes, and for once, he is faithful to her. Then ask him, if the wife will stay with him for the rest of her life. He said confidently yes, machine say that this is the truth. And final question, whether he will improve himself after all this and he said yes, machine once again found him to be telling the truth. And it ended with that. Phew!

Through all this, I admire the wife because she basically also said that she will stay with the husband despite knowing the truth that the hubby has been unfaithful to her and regretted marrying her. The reason? For her kids~! I have mixed feelings when I hear this. On one hand, why should the husband be given a second chance if he is not even doing what he is suppose to do as a husband and father. On the other hand, 10 years is a long time to throw away.

It seems that in most cases, the wife will always think of the kids first before deciding whether to end a marriage or not. Where as the husband, well, I really don't know what they are thinking. Are the caveman gene so deep in their DNA that they just can't help their urge to conquer more than one woman after certain time? It seems that it is no longer surprising to hear a husband after x-time of marriage, somehow, have mistress at one point of their life!

Of course, I am not saying all husbands are like that. I am just saying that it seems to be turning into a trend. Anyway, as I was saying again and again, if you can't handle the truth, then, for godsake, do not register yourself and your whoever for the lie detector test. You might not like the truth as much. It is one thing to suspect something but totally something else to have your suspicion confirmed, especially on national radio!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Suddenly the world seems like a brighter place to live. Feeling floaty and almost light headed now because my boss has just left the office for the day and would not be on leave tomorrow and only back to work on Monday! (Or maybe lightheaded because of the prawn we took for lunch just now..hhmmm). So, with the cat away, the 3 little timid mice suddenly become great big rhino and grow horns! We were discussing that maybe we should all go back earlier too today instead of waiting for 6pm.

I was happily agreeing with them when I suddenly realised that I don’t have my car with me! Babe is driving my car. Darn! So, since I can’t reap the benefit by going back early, I must have something to make sure that at least I get something right? What I did? Tell my colleagues that if they want to go back early, they need to think of something to bribe me lar, OF COURSE! LOL~! Or else, only they enjoy, me ler??? I even sms my babe to tell him the news but no response from him at all! Hmmpff!

Oh perhaps I should go and walk around Jusco and see if anything look interesting? Eiks! I better not, or else might end up like this afternoon. I went to Jusco this afternoon with the intention to get some vegetable to cook for dinner tonight. End up, saw the big nice fresh prawn for sale for RM16.89 per kg. Those prawns are bigger than my thumbs although it says the size is M. Usually, places like Giant and Tesco, M would be half the size. So, I bought some about half kg worth since we have fridge in the pantry. Will just keep them in the freezer compartment till I am ready to go.

But on the way back to the office, suddenly had the inspiration to cook the prawn in the microwave! How did we do it? Well, first clean the prawn thoroughly. If you can wait, cut off the ‘antenna’ first lar. I can’t wait, I just cleaned them and put everything I want into a plastic container (Can use any plastic container lar as long as microwave safe. We improvise and use those round plastic disposable container that we got when we had our tofu fah yesterday). Added some water and was hoping that there is some salt in one of the cupboard, and then I can borrow a pinch but since none available except pepper, will have to make do with that. Microwave it at high for 2 half minutes.

By the time 2 minutes is up, the fresh smell of the prawn and pepper start to hit us. Thank god we only have another 30 seconds to wait before it ready. Even without salt and just pepper, the water that the prawn was sitting was taste sweet and great! That was how fresh the prawn was. I had some leftover salad sauce from yesterday, and my colleague agreed that the prawn very well with the salad sauce.

I seem to get the same compliments every time I made that salad sauce. It is a really simple dip. All you need is mayonnaise/yogurt, honey/ condensed milk and mustard sauce. Get about 2-3 spoon of mayo or yogurt (usually I will use half portion of each and mix them together) and about half spoonful of honey or condensed milk. Mix these together. And finally add about half teaspoon of mustard sauce. Mix well. You taste abit and depend to your preference, add more honey/condense milk or mustard.

Might make this for dinner tonight for our prawn! So, will take some pic and update it if I am hardworking enough tonight! In the meantime, you will just have to make do with your imagination! :P

Truth Pays?

Thursday *sigh happily*! It seems that I am living from day to day and counting down to weekend nowadays. Kinda sad if you think of it. I mean, what is the difference between weekdays and weekends? It is all in the head. I mean we still have to wake up everyday, eat, walk and sleep! The only difference is the timing. But I did have a very good night last night. Even babe was cheerful this morning. Reason? It rained while we were sleeping! Ain't that the most perfect thing?

Come to think of it, it actually seldom rain this since I move to my new place. But it always seems to be raining when I am in the office or just about to wake up to go off to work! If you ask me, I would tell you that nothing is more sad than that. Ahhh...I can imagine snuggling up in bed, under a nice fluffy blanket reading a good book and lying next to me, my big soft stuffed dog (what were you thinking?*wink*)

Anyway, there seems to be a lot of big hoo-hah about the newest program called the 'Lie Detector Test' where anyone can register and go to the studio and take the lie detector test. So basically, if you have some doubt about someone and want to find out the truth about the person, then it would be a good idea to register them for the program! However, be sure that you are ready for the truth because it might not be the truth that you are looking for.

Apparently, things got really hyped and hot yesterday when a wife asked the secretary about his husband so called work related activities. I am not sure what happened actually because although I have my MP4 with me in the office and told myself that I will turn it on to listen in, I simply forgotten about it. Can't help forgetting especially when I turn on my laptop and see the long list of emails in the inbox. You know the feeling that you can't wait to get started to attack the list of things to do for the day eventhough there is still a couple of hours before your official working hour?(Ok, I admit. I am abit of a workaholic!)

So, now here I am, in the office again early in the morning with my laptop and NEW 19 inch square flat screen monitor in front of me (yar I am showing off! haha), and the MP4 on to and waiting for the Lie Detector Test. Today, apparently, it will feature a husband and wife married for two years. I wonder what the wife going to ask the husband. I found out that usually it is the wife that wants to dig the truth out of the husband. Where has all the trust gone??

Well, actually, I did ask babe if we should register (evil grin). After all, the price gift is RM1000 just to tell the truth is just too good to be true right? So, why not right? But babe rejected right out. I even said we should set all the questions and just ask those. He said no. Even when I offer to that he asked me the questions instead. He still say no. I can see the RM1000 flying away! Of course, I just couldn't resist asking the question, "Why? You have something to hide?"

Poor babe. I think he really wish he was not driving the car with me at the passenger seat at that moment. But I was just teasing him about registering too actually. Not that I have something to hide but why in the world do we want to air our dirty linen in air? Also, I firmly believe that if the person do not tell you something, there must be so reason and logic behind it. So, might have wiser NOT to ask too much? Anyway, I don't know about you but I am not sure if I can handle that much of the total 100% truth!

But that does not mean that I am not interested to listen to other people's skeleton out from the closet though! LOL~!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Buzzz Buzzzz Coffeee Buzzz Buzzz

Hi!!! Am I in a good mood today? So far so good! I had a great breakfast, chicken pie and coffee. And since I had my coffee already, I am in a good mood. Am I making sense? Don't worry, I am not making sense to myself either! All I know is, I am wide awake from the caffeine kick now but I know I will most likely need another dose just after lunch. Hence, going to cherish this great floaty wonderful feeling for awhile.

Anyway, I did thought of a question yesterday. A rather provoking one but somehow, I can't seem to remember it now! Anyway, I will just keep it for now. I am sure it will come back to me again and most likely when I do not have the time to go online or something like that. Oh well, I will end here then. Yar yar, short post. I don't want to crack my head and lost the buzzy effect from the caffeine I just drank! hahaha..mucks!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

After 1.5months, I am still HAUNTED!

The more I think of this, the more angry I am at the poor service that Streamyx/TMPoint is providing. Especially on one of the extra charges in bill indicating RM66 for lost of phoneset. In the first place, the phone set was not lost. When we move to the new apartment, we actually brought the old phone set with us because knowing them, we know they will charge if we don’t. And when the person came to install the phoneline, he didn’t leave a new set of phone with us. So, why in the world do we need to bring the original phone set and send it to TMPoint to request for a rebate. I mean, if I have an extra phone set, yes, I understand. But there isn’t any extra set.

I am going to record down here what has happened so far so that when I draft the letter, I can put down the sequence and write a clear, short, concise and sweet letter of complaint.

1. 30 Jun 2008, Monday
When to TMPoint Puchong. Completed the phoneline and streamyx relocation form. Was told that the new line and streamyx will be installed at the new location within 7 work days. Provided us with reference number (255 009 310 001)

2. 4 Jul 2008, Friday, approximately 4.30pm
When to TMPoint Puchong to enquire why the delay as no technician called so far to set appointment to install phoneline. (Do not understand why need to install phoneline at new location since there is already a phoneline there. But was informed that the technician need to check and this will cost us RM30).

3. 4 Jul 2008, Friday
Approximately 5.30pm Customer Service at TMPoint Puchong informed us that she has submitted the order to center to request for installation of phone line at new location but as it was already after office hours and they don’t work weekends, the center will only be able to process order on Monday. Technician will then contact us to install the phone line. Not very happy with this news. The customer service made us wait for almost an hour while she was in the back room sorting this thing out but still gave us bad news.

4. 7 Jul 2008, Monday
No calls received from TMPoint or technician. What is the point of asking for my phone number then?

5. 8 Jul 2008, Tuesday
Called the helpdesk to request for updates. Was informed that the order received and helpdesk consultant provided me the technician contact number. Requested that I call the technician directly. Called the technician but was informed that he has not received any instruction. He will check and call me back. Called me back and informed me that the address provided to him by the center does not match the address I informed him. Informed me to call the helpdesk to change the address. Called the helpdesk to request to change address. Spelled out the EXACT correct address to help desk. Helpdesk said it is done.

6. 9 Jul 2008, Wed
Technician called early in the morning and informed me that he has received the new instruction but the address is still wrong, same mistake. Call the help desk again and request change of address. Was informed by helpdesk that they will change the address. Helpdesk consultant informed me that she will call me upon confirmation tomorrow.

7. 10 Jul 2008, Thurs
No calls from anyone. Again, what for waste my saliva and ask me to tell them my phone number??

8. 11 Jul 2008, Friday
Called helpdesk again and request to talk to supervisor and request for name: Fadzi. Informed him of the situation. Helpful and promised to ensure that the correct address provided to technician and installation will be on Monday. Promised to expedite activation of Steamyx after installation instead of the usual 3 days.

9. 14 Jul 2008, Monday
Call from technician early in the morning to install phoneline @ 12 noon. Call helpdesk at 7pm to request activation of line (as required by standard procedure). Informed by helpdesk that they didn’t received order that the line was installed and hence can activate. Requested that I go down to TMPoint Puchong personally to find out more.

10. 15 Jul 2008, Tuesday
Called helpdesk and enquire once again. Was informed this time that they have received the order that line was installed and will activate Streamyx within 3 days. Requested helpdesk to expedite as I have already waited more than 2 weeks.

11. 16 Jul 2008, Wed
Tried to login Streamyx and discovered that phoneline activated. So it actually does not need 3 days to activate the line right?? I don't believe that they are soooo busy that a queue is there to activate the streamyx!

12. 17 Jul 2008, Monday
Went online to pay outstanding amount of RM396.40 via RHB online banking.

13. 2 Aug 2008, Saturday
Received TMNet bill dated 22 Jul 2008 amounting to RM608.50 with RM212.11 being the current caj .

14. 4 Aug 2008, Monday, 10am
Called the helpdesk to enquire and ask for explanation on the outstanding amount. Informed them that I paid via RHB Internet banking RM396.40 and requested them to check. Also requested an explanation for additional RM102.11 especially RM66 payment for lost of equipment (Bayaran Alat Hilang). Was promptly informed that it was because I didn’t return the phone set and would need to do so by going personally to TMPoint to return the phone set and complete a form. Outstanding amount will be adjusted after that. Have not managed to ask on the remaining RM36.11 as helpdesk consultant very impatient to end the conversation.

15. 4 Aug 2008, Monday, 7pm
Upon reaching home, found out from babe that the technician that came to install the phone did not leave behind any extra phone set. Instead, we are using the original phone set from our old place.

16. 5 Aug 2008, Tuesday, approx. 1.30pm
Called 100 to enquire about the outstanding amount and the additional unaccounted charges. Was informed that they have not received any payment from me for the outstanding charges. I informed them again that I have paid via RHB Internet banking for the total amount of RM396.40 on 17 Jul 08 and the transaction number. The person answering the phone informed me that the phone line will be activated within 24hours.

I am surprised because my line was still active. He confirmed again that it was terminated and he will proceed to activate the line. I requested more information on other outstanding amount. He directed me to another section.

17. 5 Aug 2008, Tuesday, approx. 1.45pm
As informed by the other guy, I called and connect to dispute on billing enquiries section. Again, was informed that they have not received any payment for outstanding amount. Again I provided details of the internet banking. And again, I requested for more information on the additional charges, specifically RM26 for monthly phone rental when it should be RM0 since I took the Streamyx combo package which includes the phone rental.

Also enquire on the RM66 which states in the bill as for payment of lost item. Informed the her, Ms Zuraini, that I didn’t receive any new phone set when relocation. She also asked if this Streamyx was registered to two phoneline. I was shocked because the previous line was terminated. I asked what was the other additional charges under kredit dan charge lain lain. She informed me this was pro-rated rental for previous phone line. AGAIN I asked her, shouldn’t this be RM0 since it is included in the streamyx package?

She informed me no, only for the new line. Since the amount was roughly RM10, I decided not to argue further with her. Instead, requested for action that will be taken for the RM26 and RM66. She corrected me and informed me that it should be RM25 only as RM1 is for the itemized billing charge. Frustrated, I decided to let it go especially since I am in the office. So enquire when can the investigation to the dispute for the RM25 + RM66 can be settled. She informed me that the investigation will take 90days, i.e. 3 months! I was so shocked. So I asked why should I be penalized for something that is obviously not caused by me? Do I still need to pay the full RM212.11 in the meantime? She said yes! (Can I start swearing yet?)

This is the service we get from the IDIOT TMNET and STREAMYX????? At this point, I don't even know which party to blame specifically. I only can summarise the root cause as this:
1. The person in charge in TMPoint Puchong FORGOTTEN to submit my request for relocation and hence, after 5 days, there are still no action. If I had not gone to TMPoint Puchong on 5 Jul, my request would still be lost somewhere. Furthermore, key-in the wrong address.

2. The helpdesk consultant (or maybe I add STUPID) DID NOT change the address when I informed them that it is wrong although she said it is changed and even read it back to me. Either she forgot to save or simply couldn't be bothered?

3. The helpdesk consultant is not well informed and does not know what they need to do or else there would not be a hassle such as this.

4. The system or standard operating procedure for phone relocation SUCKS and totally ineffective. The management should look into this and perhaps consider to hire themselves a consultant? A REAL CONSULTANT!

5. Their online payment system MESSED UP~! I paid more than 2 weeks ago and their system still cannot track it! But the moment I informed them my bank transaction number, they can immediately tell me that they will activate my account within 24 hours. So, they have cash received but unaccounted for because their system do not comprehend the purpose!

6. Finally (but not at all last, I am pretty sure), the dispute investigation team, 90days? I guess they have so many complaints on the billing that they are backup cases for 3 months in which case, I would suggest to the management again to rethink, replan and redo their SOP!

ARGH! Going to complaint draft the letter tonight!