Thursday, March 20, 2008


Something happened last night that is totally out of my expectation! Few days ago, obi sent out an email to the 3 of us and the germany gal plus another girl (from another section) from another department asking if we are free on Wednesday night to go for dinner. Since the email didn't explain why we are having the dinner, none of us responded until obi verbally asked us. Actually didnt feel like going one but Didi and SK say, FREE FOOD, just GO! hahaha..terrible lar that two. Didi worst, say no need to worry about your diet plan, just order and eat puas puas (until satisfied).

So, I thought, ok lor, what is the harm. After all, it is not a one to one dinner (if it is, I will reject out-right since I know I wont be able to enjoy myself anyways). Initially, the plan was to go to BlaBlaBla @ 7pm but when we arrived, the place is closed for one week due to the holidays. Good thing The Junk was opened but it is really jam packed. If we had arrived later, we might have a long wait.

For those of you that have been to the junk, you will know that the place is famous for serving super huge portion at very reasonable price. And unless you have someone to share your Fisherman Basket with, do not order it because trust me, you will never never finish them alone. And if you somehow did manage to finish it, I can guarantee that you will not want to see another piece of fried seafood or fries for a long long long time! That is how big the portion was and guess what, our Germany gal ordered that although we have given her ample warning. I guess she must be feeling really hungry or do not really believe us.

I can still remember the expression on her face when her fisherman basket arrived. Let me give you some indication of how big the plate is. The plate is 30cm by 45cm and all the fried seafood and fries are piled together into a big mountain that filled up almost the entire plate! The fried seafood consist of calamari, prawn, fish, softshell crab and of course there is the fries, oh yah, and onion rings. So, trust me. If you have not tried the fisherman basket from The Junk and is tempted to, make sure you have someone to share it with you.

I ordered lamb rack which was kinda disappointing because although it is plated on a rather large round plate (I think the diameter about 30cm), but there is only 3 pieces of lamb rack with very little mean on each one. Good thing the side dish of mash potatoes and green salad is very filling. Or else I will resort to sneaking some food from our German gal plater (ermm..actually I did that:P Took a few calamari).

My colleague, CK, had teriyaki chicken and JB ordered sirloin steak. JB's wife ordered lamb shank, which is chef recommended dish. Obi ordered salmon steak. The dinner was rather fun I guess since I can catch up with JB's wife and get to know the Germany gal better. We laugh alot and I can see that obi was trying really hard to join the conversation. And me, trying really hard to be When we all FINALLY finished (or give up) eating our food, suddenly obi tell CK to ask the waiter to bring out the cake.

What the heck? Cake? WHAT CAKE? OMG! No wonder obi invited the girl from another department too (she cant make it) because I happened to share the same birthday date with her. ALAMAK! Err...frankly speaking, I am in shock and have no idea what to think or how to react about this. For those of you that have been frequent reader here, you would know that obi and I do not have the best of boss-subordinate relationship. In fact, if you want me to be very honest, I cannot stand her!

G-man ever suggested to me that perhaps the damages was so deep that I have prejudice in whatever that obi does. Meaning, no matter what she does, natural response from me would be, OH NO!!!! And guess what, I admit it. So, if I had known earlier that there is a plan to celebrate my birthday yesterday, I would have not gone to the dinner at all. Some of you might think that this is too much but sorry, that is how I am.

Anyway, still dont know what to think about the surprise birthday celebration......


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my friend.
31 lor. hehehe.

Jen's Place said...

Aiyeh! I wonder who is tis anonymous that disclose my age to others...haha
Nevermind lar, age increase but looks still the same cute baby face:P

Mariuca said...

Happy birthday Jen! Hope it was a good one! :)

Jen's Place said...

Hi Maurica,
Thanks! Lots of unexpected things happened but I guess so far so good^_^