Friday, February 27, 2009

Wishing for a big big big big car!

As I was telling Headsteadi, I totally forgetten to ask my dad what time his flight on Monday. Just sms him and got a replied back that the flight is at 8.50pm. Mean that they need to be at the airport by 7.50pm? And we need to leave the house by 6.50pm? Still thinking how to go about doing this.

If we get a taxi to come and pick them up, not sure how much the taxi will charge and I don't feel nice about letting them go to the airport alone. I rather send them and help them check in together. Not nice bah to let 2 old people and my sis in the wheelchair to go airport on their own and the wrestle with the bags once at the airport. They have at least 3 bags on wheels, 1 box small box and perhaps another box. That plus the wheelchair! I am thinking again, this wont fit into my car lar. Time like this, I wish I have something big like the Estima or Innova!

Alternatively, we can call for the my usual taxi uncle and we travel to KLIA in 2 cars. Of course, this mean that babe MUST come back on time on Monday and be home by 6.30pm the latest. Hard to predict and very risky because one thing I learned since I moved here is that the traffic is very unpredictable. Haiyaaaaaa...why they book flight on Monday one!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am so blardy tired and simply too lazy to do much posting last few days. I think my last post was about a week or so ago? Well, parents and sis came on Friday evening. We left the house at around 7.45pm to the KLIA to pick them. Apparently, their flight suppose to arrived by 8.30pm but end up, they only came out from the terminal at around 9pm-ish. And since bro already called to warned me that they have alot of bags and for sure wont be able to fit everyone and the bags too into the car. So, got dad to buy the ticket for a taxi to go down with us too. (Yar, crazy just getting another taxi to carry the bags right?:P)

Anyway, we finally arrived home around 10pm-ish. After unpack and get the sleeping arrangements sorted out, we went to bed around midnight. The next day, Saturday, spent the day laze around during the daytime especially since it was so hot outside. Bring them to 1u for walk around dinner. By the time we reached home, it was already almost 11pm. So, again, get ready for bed and only finally sleep around midnight.

Next day, Sunday, we woke up and have Yong Taufu brunch at a shop in SS2. Cannot remember the name but the food was so-so only. Then we drove up to Genting. Took us almost an hour plus just to drive up and the experience was really scary. This is actually the first time that babe and I ever drive ourselves up to Genting. Previously, we will usually take the bus or taxi. So, I can imagine the car straining just to carry the 5 of us not-so-small-size people up the steep slope.

Once there, check-in took about 45minutes. After check in, dad immediately went to the casino while babe, mom, sis and I went for a walk and early dinner. We went into the casino too after that and spend our time there till around 9pm. Then, mom, sis and I went back to the room. After mom and sis sleep, I decided to go back to the casino to join babe lar. After all, it is not often that I come to the casino and end up get cooped up in the hotel room because fall sick! It was a good experience. Win some and lose some. In the end, lost about RM200.

Babe and I only went back to the room to sleep around 4.30am. Dad was even more terror! He only came back at around 6am-ish and didn't even sleep. Mom, dad and sis went for breakfast after that while babe and I continue our sleep in peace. They came back around 9am-ish. Parents decided to go to casino again. Babe was still sleeping. So, I stayed in the room with sis and him. After babe woke up, parents still not back. So, we decided to go and search for food.

Mom called me around 11am-ish and we ate at the KFC. That was really a horrible experience. I think the KFC there no quality control! The taste was abit weird and even the hot & spicy does not look like the usual ones! I for one will never go to KFC there ever again. I rather bring bread or something if we go again! We went back to the room again after that to pack up and check out. Dad came back to the room around 12.30pm.

Babe and I decided we want to go for a short round at the casino again. Something about testing a theory that we have. Wont tell you guys what it is or else you will call me crazy or something. Maybe one day, I will tell you guys and see what you all say. But for now, it is a secret. Anyway, we finally left Genting at around 3pm and reached home around 5pm. Unpacked, rest and then we went out for dinner.

Tuesday, I was still on leave but had to wake up at 6.30am as I need to send babe to work so that we can use the car for the day. Dad have a few appointments set. Left the house at 7am and I only reached home at 9am. And then left the house again at 10am. This time with dad, mom and sis. First destination, somewhere near Mines Wonderland. Nope, we didnt go to Mines but some shop lots behind it. Dad had his busienss appointment and then the people he met up bring us all for lunch.

Then next appointment is at Jln Perubatan. So, drove all the way. Took about an hour to reach the place. Waited while dad have his meeting till around 4.30pm. Then we drove all the way to Klang to pick babe up. That took another hour because of the traffic jam caused by the rain. Got babe to drive us all back home from his office and I sat at the back and promptly fall asleep. Babe said I was snoring :(

Reached home at around 6.30pm. Everyone shower and change. Then we went out to Shogun at 1u for dinner since it was mom's birthday. After dinner around 9.45pm, we went to Jusco to get some groceries because I will be working the next day. Need to make sure they have food at home because they wont be having any transport to go around while we are at work. Again, we only finally reached home around 11pm and sleep around midnight!

Really really really tired!!! But it was fun lar seeing my parents and sis enjoy themselves. But I only realised yesterday that I did a miscalculation. They are going back this coming Monday and I somehow thought they are going back the following Monday. Mean that I still have this week and next week to bring them around. But instead, only left Friday, Saturday, Sunday and part of Monday. DAMN! If I know, I would have applied for Friday and next Monday off together with the last Friday to Tuesday.

So now, understandably, boss did not approved my leave for Friday (tomorrow) but ok for Monday. Instead, he said I can go back earlier tomorrow once I finished up all my work for the day. So, that is something lar. Maybe I can go back around 2-3pm. Then at least can spend more time with them. I am wondering if I should send babe to work tomorrow and Saturday morning too so that we will at least have transport to use. But that would mean I have make the 45min drive to send and pick him from work.

Hhhm..need to think about it first. I could ask him but we are having our silent war again today. Dun feel like talking about it on the blog. For the sake of my parents, I will maintain the peace for now. But next week, he cant blame me if I do something drastic and 'disappear' to destress and not tell him about it! Yar! That is how geram I feel right now....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Your horoscope for February 18, 2009 
This would be a good day to stay home and putter about the house, Jen. It is not a good day to travel or to begin any major projects. This could be just the excuse you have needed for taking a day off from your life! If you can, don't answer the phone or fulfill any obligations whatsoever. Simply stay put and tackle some minor household chores. If even that is too much, then curl up with a cup of tea and a good book.

SIGH!!!!!! I wish I saw this YESTERDAY and then I would have applied for the leave or just simply work from home. As it is, I have really really alot of stuff to do today and it has been a really good day so far. Good as in time flies by and boss listen to what I have to say and so on. Everything is smooth except for....sigh..silent war! Not going to bore you guys by mumbling about it. Instead, will stay focus on doing NOTHING except curl up with a cup of something and read a good book! 

I finally complete my Stephanie Meyer collection! Yup, got all 4 books: Twilight, Breaking Dawn, Eclipse and New Moon. I also got one of her new book, The Host. Have not started reading it yet. Want to save it for the trip to Genting this weekend with my parents and sis. Not sure babe will go or not in his present mood and I am not in the mood to be the one to give in again just to pursuade him to go. So, a good book in a cool cafe at a refreshing misty location in Genting is definitely something to look forward to.

Have not been doing that for awhile. Everyday has felt like a marathon of no rest and non stop repetition of sleep, office work, housework, eat, sleep and the cycles go on. I remember that I used to love 'dissappearing' somewhere with a good book and simply indulge. Used to just take leave from work without telling babe or my family. And then will go to one of those air-conditioned cafe (usually Coffeebean laaa) and indulge in a cup of ice blended and super rich chocolate cheese cake. Then imagine myself in some unknown foreign place having some me-time with my books!

Of course cant do this too often lar. I dont think my purse or stomach can take so much abuse! haha! Anyway, since coming to KL, although there are many more places better than Coffeebean, somehow, just never got the time or opportunity to do this. I mean, I can just apply for leave and go to 1u to do what I want to do. But somehow doing that, I feel as if I am cheating on babe. Am I silly? Perhaps I am. I mean, surely I deserve some me-time too?

I think of myself as a extrovert or else I wont be able to be a planner/customer service and be really good at it (Or maybe I pretending to be?). But sometimes, I like to be a introvert too. Meaning just wondering off and do what I want and buy what I want and eat what I want. I dont even mind going to the movie alone occassionally. Or just stay at home and do absolutely nothing and not worry that there are still housework to do. Sigh!! No kids and already worry like this. How to have kids?

WILL SOMEONE TEACH ME HOW TO RELAX??? Life is too short lar!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fishes Nemo Fishes Nemo

This posting is babe's special request (more like demanded lar) that I upload his new aquarium photos with the guppies that we recently acquired. We bought the 1.5 x 1.5 x 2 aquarium from a shop at the Old Klang Road two weekends ago. The whole aquarium set with the stand and top cover, light and pump comes up to about RM180-200.

And yes, we still have the other aquarium with the mixed koi in it and yes, both are in our tiny apartment living room. So far, I think we must have spent more than RM500 just on aquarium and another few hundred on the fishes and accessories. I dont really mind them lar because they are pretty and there were even baby guppies. Last night, babe even managed to get the koi to eat from his fingers (UGH!). But I really dislike cleaning fish tanks lar!!!

Actually, that was one of the condition that I set with babe when he decided to get his first aquarium, i.e. he will clean the fish tanks and take care of it himself. I will not help him clean it or anything lar. But me being the softhearted idiot, of course cannot just sit there and let him do it alone when he actually cleans it! end up, when he decided that his fishes need a major cleaning up job, I will also be busy with him! HMMPF!

Anyway, enough of my rambling. The photos:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Why I Hate Valentine's Day

Am I or am I not? Maybe yes but then again, maybe not? But then how can that happened? So sure it wont happen but now it seem it might. Shall I test it out now or next week? Any point to do it now? Am I confusing you? Nope, not going to tell you what it is until I am sure about it myself. No point telling the whole world and then it didn't happen right? After all, if it is true, everyone will know pretty soon enough! Oh, I am confusing you further? GOOD! Friday mar, good to be abit crazy!

By the way, for those of you that have been living under the coconut shell, tomorrow is VALENTINE's DAY! Although I seriously do not know what the big deal is about. I understand that tomorrow is actually a day for lovers to show each other their love or so call reaffirm their love for each other..but..but...aint we suppose to be doing that everyday? Remember the song "If tomorrow never come'? We are suppose to live each day as if there will not a tomorrow and tell the people that we love how much they mean to us!

So, why in the world need to go for super duper hiked up expensive dinner? Noticed that even the places that you will usually go to for a more expensive meal has become even more expensive just because there is a tag that says: VALENTINE SPECIAL. The menu will of course unavoidably be something like this: Starter: Lighting the Passion (which turn out to be fruit or vegetable salad with strawberries?) and Dessert: Love Boat (which of course will turn out to be ONE plate of banana split ice cream?).

I tell you, I really must 'kawtow' (bow) to the creative marketeers that initially comes up with this idea of commercialising Valentine's Day. I mean, can you imagine the marketeers waking up one day and decided, 'Hei! Why don't we rip off the vulnerable guys by telling the girls that if the guys don't get them flowers, chocolate, presents and expensive dinner on Valentine's Day, their husband/boyfriend do not love them' And WHAM!!! the culture of giving flowers and chocolate is created!

Yar, I think you can see that I really dislike the commercialised meaning of Valentine's Day. It does not mean that I dont think you should celebrate the love but rather, I believe there are ways of doing it. Yes, it is good to have a day to remind everyone to cherish the people that their love for in this hectic world, people tend to forget and take things for granted. It does not matter what you give to the person that you love as long as it is given with the heart and not just following the trend. What is the point of doing what everyone else is doing? If that is the case, then it is no longer special right?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane....

Guess what I did early this morning? *GRIN* No, it is not what you think especially you SK! (Yar, I know EXACTLY what you think when I asked that question). I booked my ticket from Kuching to KL via the AirAsia free seats promotion. So, fly from Kch-KL on 2 Jan 2010. Err..but we not yet book the ticket from KL to Kuching because we can't find any free seats promotion for 23 or 24 Dec 2009. So, we decided to wait for next promotion just in case it can be cheaper.

AND I also checked MAS for CNY ticket since AA still cannot book that far away yet. But MAS also can only book 1 yr in advance. So, I can only check the flight to go back Kuching from KL on 12 Feb. Still not too bad since the ticket is RM260 for 2 pax one way. Meaning that RM130 per pax?

So, I was thinking, if I am lucky enough that the ticket from Kch to KL is also RM260 for 2 pax one way, then that mean that return ticket for 2 pax is RM520. And since the company still owe me a one way ticket, then RM520 - RM130 = RM390 all inclusive! Not bad hor??? The plan is to go back Kuching on 12 Feb 2010 and back to KL on 20 Feb 2010. In total, we take 3days annual leave only since CNY falls on 14 Feb 2010 which is a Sunday!

This time, no matter what babe say, must go back for CNY! I miss having reunion dinner with my family and also visiting relatives and friends. Somehow, celebrating here is just not the same as being back in hometown. Dont CARE!! Babe say must go back for Christmas. I say must go back for CNY. So, fair right? Go back Christmas because of him and go back for CNY because of me. Any other time, we go vacation lar! Let me see, 3 days for CNY, Christmas might need 4 days, so total 7 days annual leave.

Am very excited thinking about this although it is still about one year away!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Exhaustion without reason...

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SOOOOOO BORED!!! I dunno what to do. Need to motivate myself to do my work ler. Simply not in the mood. I rather stay at home and sleep! So so tempted to tell boss that I need to go home early and then just go back! But I worry after go back, see the apartment so messy, will start cleaning the apartment up instead of sleeping. I have work to do but not super urgent stuff but still work lar. I want to finish them but wahh..someone KICK me!

Feeling really tired and legathic this few days. Perhaps it is almost that time of the month. Feel really really like sitting down and do nothing at all. So much so that last night, I told babe that I dont think I got the energy to cook dinner and can we please go out. I hope I will feel more up to it tonight. I really feel like eating homecook food but the thought of going home and doing the damn clean up after cooking is just too mind tiring! And of course, there is babe's work clothes to iron. I know I should have done it during the weekend and get it over with but as I said, just too tired lar.

In fact, I feel so tired that I actually stopped halfway while I was updating the blog! Now, all those that been reading my blog will know that I usually post something almost everyday. Sometimes more than once a day. I will definitely post something unless I am too occupied or am travelling. So, for me to have free time on hand and yet not post anything, definitely abnormal for me!

I actually feel tired just thinking of the cleaning up that I am planning for the apartment this weekend. So much so that I actually tell babe we should get a cleaner in at lease once a month to help do spring clean and thoroughly clean the apartment. But as usual, since not him the one that does it usually, he said no need. Sigh! A long time ago, I decided that since he cant help to keep the place clean, I will not bother as well. It is only when I cannot stand it anymore, than I will take the vacuum and mop up. That is when I will show him my sour face and wont bother to cook him anything.

But I guess I will be extra good this weekend since Saturday is Valentine's Day. Not sure yet what we want to do on that day. Not even sure that panda will be getting me anything but I did hint to him that I dont need anything monetary. Just him promising to take over the household chores like ironing and washing up after meals for a week is sufficient for me. Yup, I am a simple gal! Babe, if you are reading this, this is a very very DIRECT HINT!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

No need topic lar

Guess what? It is FRIDAY!!!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Then we will be having a long weekend since Monday is public holiday. And then the following week will also be a 4-day-week for me because I took 20 Feb off. Parents and sis is coming that night bah. So, I thought I better take leave to clean up the apartment that day and cook babe a super delicious meal for agreeing to go pick them up from KLIA. I got this feeling that not everything will fit into the car. Sigh! Maybe need to split into 2 cars and take a taxi down too.

Then the week after that is a 3-day-work-week for me because I took Monday and Tuesday off. Bosses already approved the leave. I am wondering if I should apply for the whole week off seeing that there is not much happening anyways now. Then can really spend more time with my parents. Most likely when I am off, I will send babe to work and then go back home so that we have the car to use. Not comfortable for babe to ride his bike so far to work. If short distance like mine, then it is not so bad.

I even worry when he drive the car because sometimes he can be pretty reckless. I know I should trust him lar but I have seen him doing something that I didnt expect him to do, such as driving too fast or too close to the car in front of him. I guess man being man, they just cant help driving like that? Not that the girls are any better driver than men but we are more cautious? Oopss! Now I insulted BOHT guys and girls. I think I better not say anymore about this and continue digging my own graves!

Change topic!! Later will be going to Tmn Tun Jaipur for banana leaf rice again. We went there almost every week to have the banana leaf rice. The food is great and variety is good. Best of all, free refill and all for RM4.50 only. Let me see, 4 types of vege, 2 types of chips, unlimited amount of rice, curry gravy, dhal, salted chillies, dhal cake, payasam (a sweet dessert) and chutneys. And plain water is free. Nowadays, where can find coffeeshops that do not charge for the plain water? So, eat till you explode! Definitely worth it! :P

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Secret Society & Gossip

Dunno what to write about today. All I know is I am so so so so sleepy. Our apartment for the last few nights was super cold. Imagine babe using blanket in the living room while watching Astro. And although we slept so early last night, around 10.30pm, we still feel so hard to wake up this morning. Been like this the last few mornings, so tired and still sleepy. Cant wait till the weekend is here and then we can wake up at anytime we want. Of course, somehow, when weekends are actually here, we just dont feel like sleeping! Human! Never satisfied!

Anyway, I am not sure I am allowed to say this but yesterday, I joined a secret society! I can't say too much about it because if I do, I think the other members will most likely send me to exile or worse, have me executed! Suffice to say that I will fourfold whatever I put in if I managed to lost the most! Am I confusing you? I think this secret society might work provided that all the members are dedicated and ensure that the secrecy is maintained!

After all, it is not easy to all the members having the exact same goal to gain and lost! If this works, at the end of six months, some of us would have gain and lost alot at the same time! (ppstt.. I know I will be the one!! CONFIDENT!! HAHAHA)WAHAHAHA! I think I just made you even more curious. I better not say more or else I will get plenty of msg or bribe:P (p/s: I can be bought!! HAHAHA)

Anyway, because of this secret society and pact, I think I will put my new dress and blouse onhold!!! I saw this dress at Blook when we went there with a colleague. Simply cant get it out of my mind. And there is this blouse that looks simply adorable. Ooo..and also this super blood red tube that I know will makes my *ahem* assets look even more enchanting! I think the dress might look good too because it is the kind that ..oops..errmm..again, enhance certain part of the body :P (SK, I know you are laughing your head off when you read this and wondering if it is possible to further enhance that part!!)

I think I better change the topic before someone start drooling all over the keyboard while imagining! Went to Canton-i for lunch with T yesterday. We ordered noodles with goose leg and a plate of crispy pork to share. And also a pot of chinese tea called pu-er to share too. As usual, after not seeing each other for so long, we have lots of things to catch up on. T and I have been friends forever! So, naturally, we talked about almost anything under the sun.

One of the topic yesterday inevietable turn to the economic situation now and naturally, it turned to our jobs, past and present and well as our bosses, also past and present. Sigh!! This is what people call a small world because after a gossiping, I suddenly realised that my boss is actually sitting 2 tables away from me with 2 of his friends! Shit!! EGAD!! DAMN! LOL! Plenty of unnecessary words came to my mind at the time. Thank god that we didnt talk too much about him or said his name at all.

Come to think of it, I think T talked more about her past bosses while I commented and said, yah, same as mine! LOL! I also said something like: 'While I think he is the nicest guy and have good intention, I do not agree with the way he discipline us!' So, even if he heard it, I doubt it will be too damaging right? This sure teach me not to gossip about people in public places. OR if want to gossip, look front-left-back-right to make sure the person you talking about is not nearby or within hearing distance!

By the way, we end up paying about RM30 each for our lunch @ Canton-i. I think T and I both agreed that the food was not as great as the praises we heard about it. Or maybe because we ordered the wrong stuff?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baking Blues and Craving

Sigh, finally decided Chap Goh Meh not going to have any gathering. Going to keep it simple and just between babe and I. Main reason was because I will be working that morning and the other reason was because I am simply too tired to even think about it! HAHA! At first we were thinking of getting the cosway multi-cooker @ RM110+ to do steamboat gathering at our place. Much easier than cooking a whole bunch of dishes like the cny eve feast. But steamboat also need preparations, go buy, clean, etc. Still need time that I might not have since I am working that morning.

So, in the end, decided that perhaps just cook simple chicken soup with mee sua or something like that. Or else we can always cook the mix pork soup with the hu pio again and eat that with bee hoon. EGAD! I just remember, I still have some laksa gravy in the fridge from the CNY Day1 mini open house. Hopefully it has not gone bad since I have not add any coconut milk to it. Me no more laksa paste at home. So, no laksa for awhile. But mom promised she will bring me some when she comes over on the 20 Feb (WOOHOO!)

Hhm, tempted to try baking some pineapple tart this weekend. I wonder if the toaster oven or rice cooker can do this. Keep of thinking of those traditional type of pineapple tart that is round with a dallop of jam on top of it. But instead of making it small like twenty cents coin, thinking of making it really big like the size of my palm! I had those a few times before when one of my ex-colleague's friend actually makes them this way for fun. Lazy way of baking but trust me, very very very tasty and satisfying especially with the super soft flaky crust and the jam that is not too sweet!

Maybe I should wait till Valentine Saturday and make them to suprise babe (assuming that it will cook in the toaster oven lar)! I think I will pan fry the flour first in oil free pan till it is cooked. Then, the toaster oven will be basically to brown them abit and to dry up the pineapple tart slightly. I think that might work! *GRIN* Dont look at me that way lar! I can almost see your one-kind-smile and wondering what is this gal doing. CNY junkfood binge not even over and she is already thinking of baking again.

Cannot blame me lar. I initially thought of getting an oven but after discussing with babe, we decided that to wait since most likely will only use the oven once in a blue moon. Instead, target to save up more to get a good high end microwave oven. The thing is, I have this baking-craving! Usually, I will bake like crazy once a year, i.e. just before CNY. But this year, the only baking I bake is melting moments aka momo aka ghee balls, no-bake cheesecake and chocolate cheesecake which was a no brainer since I use ready-mix chocolate cake from supermarket.

I didnt even make the crispy seaweed although I have the seaweed already because I can't find the popiah skin at the Jusco here. I also bought ALL the ingredient to make horlick layer cake but didnt do them in the end because there is simply not enough time. Stop shaking your head ah! I think only another baking enthusiast can understand how I feel now lor. It is an itch that need to be scratch no matter how hard one tries to ignore it, it is not possible! SIGH!

Must fast fast make babe finish the cookies and titbits at home and bring more to office to share. Then, after finish, I have excuse to bake some more! *GRIN GRIN*

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My day so far...

Ok...more sober now after having my first cup of coffee today. I reached office just around 7am today. Yar, earlier than usual since babe need to go for his 2-days training. He need to register himself by 8.15am and according to him, the drive will take more than an hour because he will be using LDP. Since we are not sure of the road condition, he decided to go early.

Pretty surprised that I am feeling ok now because right after lunch yesterday, I was actually feeling off and keep on feel like vomitting! Of course, the moment I mentioned this to my colleagues and friends, they will say, you are pregnant? Sheesh! Can I not be sick and feeling queesy without being pregnant? It seems that people always assumed once you are married, the next step is to have babies immediately. Haiyaa...babe and I am not planning one so soon lar. Economy situation like this, dont even know if our jobs are still here end of the year, how can have babies?

Nah, so babies need to wait till next year or something like that. I know I know..some of you are thinking, 'Jenjen, you are not getting any younger you know?' Of course I know that but that does not mean I will bring a child into the world without knowing how we will be able to support him/her and give him/her the best! Anyways, babe and I still want to enjoy our 2-person world. Better enjoyed it now or else the moment we have kids, go anywhere also difficult! Still have alot of places to go and things to see neh!


Ok! Stomach starting to feel weird again. This morning itself after 1 mouth of cheesecake and I go 'woo..' because my stomach and threatening to turn inside out. Luckily, lunch has already decided to go light and have salad and fruits. Then followed my colleagues to mamak and I drink ice lemon tea while they have their lunch. Enjoyed chatting with them but with each moment passing, I grow more and more restless. I think it is because my stomach is threatening to lurch again! I wonder if I am getting stomach bug or something...sheesh

I really hope the meeting at 6pm today is cancelled. I dont think I can last till 7pm and not get really sick. I know I should go see the doctor yesterday but the thing is, after I got home and lie down for awhile, I am perfectly ok. After work, babe picked me up and then we went for dinner at a nearby coffeeshop. He ate economy rice while I pick at my food. Then we went home. I picked up all the cups laying around in the living room and dining area, clean the sink and took out pork to defrost for tomorrow dinner.

Then, I rested for a while on the living room floor. Around 9pm, suddenly feel hungry and perfectly alright again. So, we had softboil eggs. I took 2 with 2 slices of bread and he took 3 eggs. I was perfectly fine after that actually. Then this morning, again, I am actually feeling alot better and residue of the upset tummy from yesterday at all! But now, it seem to be progressing worse and worse. I can feel cold sweat coming from my forehead and to put it in simple language, STONED! So, Yap, I hope no meeting at 6pm later or else I might make a mess???

p/s: NOPE! I am NOT pregnant ok!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Comtemplating Life...

Having my 2nd cup of coffee since 7.30am today. I can feel migraine coming and whenever I try to concentrate and read anything, the pain seems to come in waves. The only different is whether the waves the small gentle one that will only makes you buoy slightly when it hits you or it is those that wham you off your feet when it slam down from over your head. At the moment, the waves feel mild and swaying me. I just hope that it don't get worse! So damn hard to be a woman! (I think only girls can understand what I am babbling about now).

Things at the office are pretty much back to normal. Bosses and colleagues are back from holidays and they are busy catching up after one week of not checking their emails. But I guess I can say that there shouldnt be too many emails last week except from internal people. I heard from some of the colleagues that their boss sent them emails to update them and remind them to do this and that. In other word, bham wham slam....

Sigh~!! Situation is definitely not looking up for the semiconductor business. It seems that at everyturn, we hear companies laying off their people. And this companies are not small companies. They are consider the giant of the semiconductor business. So, that means that there are plenty of people on the street now that is jobless and hungry for job. I guess I should stay put and be grateful that I still have a job in a relatively stable company. But I am itching again to look for something else.

A colleague was talking about switching to lecturing since the hours are more straightforward and life should be simpler. Prepare material, teach, mark the papers and go home. Of course, in reality, preparation and marking might run into personal time as well especially during the end of semesters when the students have finals and so on. But the again, this is a relatively stress free life if you enjoy teaching. I did some teaching once before and I must say, I definitely do enjoy it but the thing is, I rather not go back to education industry if I can help it.

My first job was in the college that I did my first 2 years of degree at. And after graduation with honours from the sister college in Nilai, was offered the position as the program officer and from there, after five years, finally achieved what I set out to do, climb the corporate ladder to the management level. So, did that, done that and saw all the dirty underhanded things that the management would do in order to get themselves certified and recognised by the government which goes against many of my principles.

Of course, the unreasonable boss didnt helped much either. I mean, imagine being called into his room after the management meeting and being scolded for asking questions during the meeting? Anyway, after I got out from education industry to semiconductor, I vowed that I will never ever go back to education again. Instead, I enjoyed and flourished as a planner and customer service in semiconductor. So much so that in the last year of my service in my old company, I constantly get called from headhunters. Of course, those were the time when the business was booming for semiconductor.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. I am looking again...Not necessary semiconductor industry since that would be asking for too much in the current economic situation. However, I do not mind going to other manufacturing industry. Perhaps tobacco or chocolate related since I read that this two industries are one of the most stable? Or perhaps if I am really tired and fedup, then lecturing since I have a masters degree. It would be good to go work at 10am back by 4pm with 2-4hours lecture in between. *GRIN* Daydreaming...sigh...