Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CC8: Getting Comfortable With Visual Aid

I won the best manual speaker out of five other speakers for this but I am not very proud of it because this was a rather fun and entertaining topics to do. And hence, humor has played a major part in being voted the best for the night. However, as for the content and deliver, it could have been improved more especially for a 8th project. Definitely more thoughts should be put into this instead of just preparing the final draft the day before and presentation slides on the day it self. Oh yes, one note to remember, for those using the Competent Communicator manual, please note that the objectives is to use TWO OR MORE VISUAL AID. So, if you only have powerpoint slides, better look for some props or some other things to help you. It can be anything, even a tea cup or human being to stand still as statue or posing for you.

METHOD: Narrative & Informative
PURPOSE: To share the secret of getting the girl that a guy desire from a girl’s perspective

2 colleagues in a pantry chatting about their wives especially on how they win fights.
One guy said, “ The last time I had a fight with my wife, I had her on her knees”.

The another guy said, “Wow, what did she say?”

The first guy replied, “ She said, come out from under the bed right now!

Today, I am here not to share about how to win fights with your wives/spouse but rather, I am bringing you back to the very beginning, how to get the girl that you have your eyes on. I mean, guys, who better to learn on how to win the girl that you are eyeing over than from a girl.

Believe it or not, this is such a popular idea and apparently lucrative business that a couple of guys in US offer courses on how to woe gals and charge US$3000 for it. I will only be sharing tip of the iceberg, i.e. How to Get Started And since this is such as short one, I will not be charging you. Guys, you can thank me later *wink*

Actually, for us girls, it is really simple. The most important thing is FIRST IMPRESSION! The guy don't even have to be very handsome or look like a Italian Greek Model or God. He just need to impress us the first time that we see him. And I can tell you immediately that those corny pick up line does not work! What makes the guy think that saying something like "Have I seen you somewhere" or "I think I just saw an angel" will work? Girls are not stupid or brainless you know.

Remember to speak loud enough so that she can hear you. I am not asking you to shout, mind you! That is a no-no too. Just talk in loud audible volume so that she don't have to strain her ears to hear you. Trust me, she will not ask you to repeat yourself if she can't hear and chances are, she might just tune out or pretend to hear. This is no good too because she might be missing some important information that you might like her to know about you. Also, if you mumble, then we will perceive you as weak. So, speak up.

Once you get her attention, remember to BREATH! LOL~ I know it might it nerve wrecking and the possibility of being rejected is painful but that is LIFE. Slow down and don't talk like chipmuck! LOL!~ I know you suddenly have so many things to tell her but do it slowly. After all, you need to captivate her and not shock her! And guys, don't use your whiny voice. There is nothing worse than listening to someone with pitchy high voice especially from a guy. It might works on Franny from The Nanny but unless you have a body like hers, practice and train yourself to speak from your chest.

On the other hand, don't talk like a robot either! Gasp! You don't want to bore her with emotionless flat voice too. It always helps if you talk about a topic that you are passionate about but for godsake, I am pretty sure the girls am not interested in how you clean your socks yesterday.....

Oh yes, don't forget about your body language. Sit up or stand straight in your most natural posture without hunching or curving your back. Not asking you to be stiff like a statue lar! And try to take up more space. Don't withdraw into yourself. When sitting, sit as comfortably as you can with your legs spread comfortably across. I remember there is this really tall guy that I met once before sitting across from me with his super duper long legs stretch across the small tiny round cafe table towards me. There were no physical contact at all but the vibe at the time could have lit a bonfire. Sadly (or rather fortunately), I found out that he is a player. So, no thanks.

Next is the eyes! Remember how you know a couple just start dating when you see them staring gooey eyes at each other? When you are trying to attract a girl, eye contact is very very important. General rule is 50% when you are spoken to and 90% when you are speaking. This will show sincerity and interest. Girls are not used to being looked in the eyes by someone that is interested in them. So, this will come of as both attractive and show of confident and at the same time surprise the girl. Of course, it will help if you have sea blue eyes with long eye lashes that a girl simply can't stop staring and get lost in....

Last but not least, no matter how nervous you are feeling at the time, DO NOT SHOW THEM! Trust me, the moment the girl sense that you are nervous, then it is sayonara to you! We like our man to be strong, kind, wonderful, great eyes, great butt, great smile, humorous, entertaining, sensitive, cooks, clean and the list goes on! hahaha...

1. Too many points. Listener cannot recall all five points if didn't jot down. Suggest to keep to three points
2. Example, can use the Three Monkeys, See no evil (for eye contact), hear no evil (for vocal, volume and tone), talk no evil (slow down, relax, calm down, think before talking,etc).
3. To add more oomph to the opening, say something like, PPSSTTT, I have a secret to tell you.
4. Dangerous to use English related joke. Some people might not get it. So, unless really good, keep away.
5. To add more oomph to closing, say something like, Go forth and be a Toastmasters! (Note: Toastmasters members out there SHOULD know what this mean!)

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