Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I miss my CAR!!!

SOOOOoooooo RUSH! I had to send my car to Tabuan Laru this morning so that the shipper can pick it up and send my car to the port. The shipper only tells me yesterday that I need to send my car to them today! Gosh, I have not even pack the stuff that I wanted to ship together with the car. So instead of going to aerobic after work as promised to Didi, I went home to pack.

And then when I come back to work this afternoon (took half day leave mar), there are tonnes of emails and work waiting for me. And some of the work did not have to wait for me mahh!! I mean I have already start to passdown some of my workload to the others so that they can actually start and I help them along the way. Or else they will never get familiarised with what I do. If they want to wait for the new staff, it is too late!!! So angry in fact that I actually scolded the other two guy colleagues like little kids...sigh...

Anyway, all in all, I have 2 big boxes, 3 small boxes and 2 big bags! What did I bring? Let me list them down for you:

1. Electric steamer - good for steaming rice and other stuff! Got timer. So no need keep checking on it
2. Comforter and cover - babe ask to bring this
3. Tikar - babe's mom ask to bring
4. Pyrex bowl - babe's mom ask to bring
5. Plates- babe's mom ask to bring
6. Bowl- babe's mom ask to bring
7. Spoons and fork- babe's mom ask to bring
8. Pillow - babe wants this
9. Watson stuff dog - this is mine! so nice to hugggg!! My dad laugh at me when he see me put this into the car
10. Books - work related lar. The rest will get from paylessbook!
11. Soft boil egg pot - this must have lar! Dont remember seeing one in KL supermarket....
12. Pots and pan - babe's mom ask to bring
13. Bedsheet & Pillow case - babe wants this
13. Kitchen towels- babe's mom ask to bring
14. Floor towels- babe's mom ask to bring
15. Rags- babe's mom ask to bring

Err..noticed that most things is babe's mom asked to bring? Actually, she not only asked but insist. When I say no need to bring some of the stuff especially the spoons and forks, she say nevermind, just bring or else next time you people move your own place dont have anything to use. Alamak! I can only think of two things at the time, either she really sayang babe and I, so want to make sure that we have everything. OR she thinks that we cant survive without help....

LOL~! I am not sure if either one is a good thing lar. Do I look so vulnerable, naive and young? Or does my babe? Or maybe because we look CUTE! HAHAHA

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Simon Schempp said...

You brought a lot! That amounts to 7 all in all! Anyway, why was the shipper late in updating you? They should've said it earlier so you'd have time to prepare. Well, what's done is done. :D