Friday, May 29, 2009

Something unexpected happened!

I am in a hotel in Penang now. Waiting for 2pm to check out and go to the airport to go back KL. Yap, I am on business trip, again. Anyway, it was a last minute decision for the trip and a one day trip. So, thought it would be super rush 2 days trip. We (yar, we, boss and I) left LCCT on at 6.55am flight on Thursday and arrived Penang airport around 7.40am. When we got out of the departure hall, the driver was already waiting with a sign that writes our name on it. Since it was still early, he asked if we want to have some breakfast first. Boss said ok, so we went lor.

He brought us to a road side shop that serve mainly roti baker (toast) and soft boiled eggs. Later I found out that the shop is more than 30years old already, pass down from generation to generation. Frankly speaking, I don't taste anything different with the toast and eggs. (Sorry if I offended anyone yah!). Anyway, we left Penang at around 8.40am and reach the fab around 9.40am. Then the whole day was meetings meetings meetings and more meetings. Tiring and not much achievement from the meetings. The only thing that I am happy about is that my boss also finally understand that it is not me not working to get more capacity from the fab but it is really the fab cannot (or dun want to) give more capacity because they have orders 2x of their capacity!

We actually left the fab 2 hours earlier than the 6pm that we planned. 1 hour trip to reach our hotel, check in, then we went for early dinner (had assam curry fish head! YUMMY!) and walked for about 1km to look for atm machine. Then walked another 1km back to the hotel. Stayed in for awhile then I got bored and decided to venture out along gurney drive to see if I can find any durian! hehe..I saw a shop selling some when I was with boss walking to our dinner. But sad to say, I cant find any stalls at all after that. I keep seeing people eating durians along the seaside but no matter how hard I look, I cant find anyone selling durians! Anyway, plan to venture out again later to see if I can get some. But..ermm..will I get banned from boarding the plane from smelling like durian?????

Anyway, something rather interesting happened yesterday at LCCT. Since the flight was so early and we both have no check in bags, we have checked in online the day before. And I thought can go into boarding hall straight away since oredi check in online n me no check in bag. Who knows, when I tried to go into the boarding hall, the security guard therenicely informed me that I must go counter 68 to get the print out chop. Sheesh, like that might as well no need to check in online right? Still have to queue also!

Frustrated but no choice since I only have half hour before boarding, I went to the counter and queue..long queue. Suddenly I realised that this African young guy was staring straight at me, into my eyes in fact. First thought that came to my mind was that this guy was a student at the college that I used to work in last time. But as hard as I tried, I cant place him anywhere. So, since I dont know him, I break eye contact thinking he must have mistaken me for someone else. Or he is actually looking at someone behind me. Then he suddenly, he came close to me and say: ni heng piaw liang (That is in mandarin: You are very pretty). I think I almost fainted when I hear that and again, I ignored him because number 1, I am already very late and number 2, I dont entertain strangers. Again, I looked away and I heard him telling his friends she must be mongolian. (SHEESH!)

I think he somehow realised that I can speak English because suddenly he asked: Excuse me, do you speak English. Me being a nice kind person, thought maybe he wanna ask for help or something i say yes. After all, he was obviously a kid in foreign country and I was thinking perhaps he dont know what he just said in mandarin or something like that. But I think I should have continue to ignored him because the moment i said yes, he say oh good!! And started to ask me where I am from...I of course replied Malaysia. Being polite, I asked back, where he from, michigan, US.Tthen he say he is going to Indonesia to work and transit in LCCT, before that, he was working in China (which explain his attempt to speak Mandarin).

He also explained that he actually want to complain because AirAsia tells him he have to pay for his baggage again when he tries to check in at LCCT but his school tell him no need. And that he called his embassy for help and was promptly informed by his embassy that AA soldhim ticket illegally because apparrently he must have a ticket back to US from Malaysia tooor else it would be illegal. Intridging and I wished him all the best of luck to convince AA personnel that.

Then suddenly he say, If I have known Malaysia have such pretty girl like you, 1 would have come sooner. (OMG! SO CHEESY!!!). I have no idea how to respond to that and just smile and looked away. It is just such a lowdown cheesy pick up line that I just refuse to dignify it by answering. Then he continued again a minute later and said you are really a cute lil girl. ARGH!! Where in the world did this kid come from? Jiak lak!! And he just have to continue and say, being so cute, you must have lots of bf. By then, I was not only super late but I was really lazy to entertain a kid, so, I told him, I am married and that I am not lil anymore, I am >30 years old. And guess what was his response to that? An attempt to look cute by giving me a puppy eye look! GAWD!!!!!!

Thank god it was finally my turn at the counter. Geez, in a million years, I will never imagine myself in a situation being picked up by a young African-American. He must be what, in his early 20s? Simply not interested at all. If he had been a more matured, that would be another story! HAHA! But it was a good laugh and definitely a good way to start the day of battle with the fab! Good for the ego you know! HAHA!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Randomly mumbling and updating

WOW!!! SUPER super super sleepy! Hardly ever feel like this in the old job. I mean, of course sometimes do feel tired and sleepy la. But never till like this lor. I feel like taking a toothpick and prop the eyelids up just like in the cartoon. My brain also feel fuzzy and super blur. And this mean that I have to force myself harder to make sure that I am concentrating on what I am doing. Maybe this is a sign of getting old? I remember the good old days decision making seems to be much easier and straightforward. OK, maybe not so straightforward but definite easier.

And mind you, I am not the only one feeling this way. Keebo and Sumo is also saying that they are feeling super tired and falling sick alot since working here. Maybe it is the air that we are breathing that is making us sick? Or maybe the office have some hidden toxic that we cannot see? It can happen right? People been breathing asbestos for centuries before realising that it is a cancer causing agent.

Not that I am saying that the office have all this lar. I am just analysing and trying to figure out why we get sick so often. It could be the hardcore whacking that we been going on. Eating all the unhealthy food! Maybe its time for me to go back to my salad and fruit diet again. Eating little or no rice. Small and light meals throughout the day. No pastries, cakes or ice cream. Raymond, wanna join me on this quest? No sundae ice cream! HEHE!

Anyway, I baked a cake during the weekend. Its a buttercake with creamcheese topping instead of normal icing. Then I sprinkled with cocoa powder to make it look nice la. The cake didnt turn out the way I thought it would, i.e. fluffy and soft. Instead, the texture is more dense and like some cakes, after one day, it turn more moist as the butter start to soak up the flour. Babe didnt really like it. So, didnt left any for him. Brought almost the whole thing to work to share (Share, NOT SABOTAGE OK!).

And just been informed by my boss that we will be travelling to Penang on Thursday,5am-ish flight to visit our vendor in Kedah on the same day. Spend the night there and then if need to, Friday morning go there again or else will go to another vendor on Friday morning. Then take the Friday 4pm-ish flight back to KL. Again, another rush trip but since boss is coming with me, I dont mind the trip being a short and quick one. Hopefully, we are able to get some good news out of the trip! (and hopefully I will be getting a happy news call soon too from my lil project)

Oh Yah!!!!!!! I also applied for my leave to back to Kch in Jul and it has just been approved! Will be going back on 2Jul 7pm-ish flight but my leave is only from 3-9 Jul. And I will start back work again on 10 Jul.. For those of you trying to figure out which day is that, it is a FRIDAY! And yes, I know its Friday when I applied for the leave. Purposely did that simply because it is a Friday! hahaha!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shopping and Plans!

Go or not? Go or not? Haiyaaa..I am so lazy la!! Big J-card sales here at 1u today and the crowd is really crazy. It seems that everyone is taking leave to go shopping. The place is super crowded. During lunchtime just now, after a quick lunch (so that give chance for other people to sit la), we went for a walk at the departmental store lor. It is the floor with all the kitchenware, bedroom stuff and electrical goods. Wahh, really scary la. Want to see something also keep get knocked around by other people there.

The worse is the queue to pay. There are many counters but hor, the queue is so long that it is actually snaking around all the goods on display. And for half hour, the line just moved about 2meter! Imagine that. The line can easily be 20meters! So, you can understand that why I am feeling lazy to go after work for shopping. Babe want to go. He say want to see the watch and men's wear! Can I tell him I wait for him outside with my book! HAHAHA! Yar, world upside down. Guys more interested in shopping than girls.

Well, the thing is, I know I have nothing that I absolutely need. So, whatever things that I get later would most likely be what I want. If it is something I need, I would have a shopping list for it right? The only regret I have is that I shouldnt have bought the microwave so soon la. Or else I could get at least 7 pieces of the RM10 vouchers from Jusco. Guess I know better la. Next time when want (note the word is want and not need) to get any electrical goods, wait for the J-card sale. (Am I confusing myself with the need and want? haha)

My next want is a stove. One of those modern ones, cant remember what they call them. But since I am not staying at my own place, i.e. still rented place, no point to get that and revamp the kitchen with cupboards and stuff. Although I really mengidam (dreaming) a really nice kitchen that some of the apartment at my place now have for rent. But the rental is easily RM100-150 more than the one we are renting now lor. So, not worth paying more just to get more storage place.

Anyway, hope to check out some baking trays and stuff. If can, want to see if have anything that I can use in my attempt to make the Sarawak Kek Lapis (Sarawak Layered Cake). So tempted after seeing all those colorful photos on some of the website. Hopefully, I can try to make some simple design. Of course, this is just say only. Dont know if I will actually bake the cake! Very time consuming and I been feeling very tired recently. So, if you see the photos, then u know I bake it already. If not, it remains a plan only lor!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

What am I doing here? Who am I?

Who am I? What am I doing here? I think these are age-long questions that each of us asked ourselves at least once in our life. I know I asked myself this more than once especially when I was younger and more naive. Recently, I am once again asking myself these questions after watching a rather interesting dvd called "The Secrets" that some of my colleagues have been insisting that I watch as it will help me and most likely if I use the knowledge correctly, can change the situation that I am having now.

Of course, the keyword here is using the knowledge correctly. Hence, lots of reading and research required. Asking myself questions that I have never dared to ask before, i.e. is there such a thing as coincidence or luck? Or did I attract all those things to me? I have always wondered if I am slightly er to the supernatural side of things (DONT LAUGH!) because many time, I will am able to guessed exactly what some of my friends are thinking. And at times, have strong premonition about...well..things. I am not saying that I physic and tell you the future or anything but there is definitely something. (Gosh, did I just make myself sound more insane?)

So, you can understand the reason for my attraction when I read the book called "The Law Of Attraction" by Michael J. Losier. It starts like this:

Have you noticed that sometimes what you need just falls into place or comes to you from an out-of-the-blue telephone call? Or you've bumped into someone on the street you' ve been thinking about? Perhaps you've met the perfect client or life partner, just by fate or being at the same place at the same time. All of these experiences are evidence of the Law of Attraction in your life.

Have you heard about people who find themselves in bad relationships over and over again, and who are always complaining that they keep attracting the same kind of relationship? The Law of ATtraction is at work for them too.

The Law of Attraction may be definied as: I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative. By reading this book, you will come to understand why and how this happen.

Of course after reading this, it got me even more intridgue but with more questions in my mind than answers. In the back of my mind, I will still be thinking, what the heck is this cult? But as I read on, there is no disputing, The Science of the Law of Attraction which says that:

There are many forms of energy: atomic, thermal, electromotive, kinetic and potential. Energy can never be destroyed.

Matter are made up of atoms and each atom have a nucleus containing protons and neutrons, around which orbit electrons.

Electrons in atoms always orbit the nucleus in prescribed "orbitals" or energy levels that assure the stability of the atom. Electrons may be compelled to assume "higher" orbits by addition of energy, or may give off energy when they drop to a "lower" orbit. When it comes to "vibrations", if atoms are "aligned", they create a motive force, all pulling together in the same direction in much the same way as metal can be magnetized by aligning their molecules in the same direction. This creation of positive (+) and negative (-) poles is a fact of nature and science. Suffice to say, the science has shown that if there are physical laws that can be observed and quantified in one arena, there are most probably similar laws in other arenas, even if they cannot be quantified at this time. So you see, Law of Attraction isn't a fancy term or new-age magic. It isthe law of nature that every atopm of your being is in constant response to, whether you know it or not.

hhmm, I think I have said enough for now. Dont want my friends to start wondering if all the stressed has gone to my head and making me cuckoo. But think about it, if we are all matters or energy, then doesn't it mean that whatever we think will create energy too? In this case, affect and alter what happens to your life? Think coincidence and luck, what if it is not coincidence or luck but what you believe in?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A True Story?

Not sure how true is this but worth being careful lor:

Dear Friends,

I would like to share a life saving incident that all our loved ones needs to be aware.
Last Saturday, 11th April 2009, my girlfriend and I were in Mid Valley The Gardens for a movie. We finished around 8.40pm. I had parked my car just right above the GSC Signature Cinema on the 5th floor.. As we were getting into our car, we realized that the parking fee had not been paid. We decided to stop by the Auto pay station on the lower parking level to do the payment. We drove 2 floors down and couldn'tt locate the Auto Pay Station. We decided to park our car at 2nd floor wondering if there should be a pay station in the mall at the lobby area. My girlfriend decided to wait in the car as she was on the phone. was walking into the mall looking for an Auto Pay Station, failing to find one, I decided to walk 1 floor down. About minutes time, my girlfriend called me on my mobile phone and she sounded terrified . She was shouting for help. She told me that there is a guy who is trying to get into the car. The guy was trying to get into the car very calmly, pretending getting into his own car. He failed to open and refuses to continue trying as he noticed that she was on the phone calling for help. Luckily, she had locked the door just right after I got out earlier. I run up as quickly as possible to reach her. The moment I reached to the parking area, I saw the guy walking away slowly from the car. He was walking towards the ramp heading to the upper level. As I ran up the ramp, though I could still see him I realized that I was running away from my car again. It could be teamwork just to divert my presence from my car. I got back to my girlfriend quickly to calm her down. We made an official report to the Mid Valley security management to
investigate on the CCTV. It was a lesson learned for us to be more careful in the parking zones. Im happy that my girlfriend is still here with me today. Please be watchful in parking zones.
Tips that we should be aware:
Never leave valuable items or your family members alone in the car at parking location.
Thank you.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BEWARN: Looooooonnnnnggggg Posting!!!

Ok ok..I am back. I know I have been dragging this for too long but I need time to change my brain to the bubbly happy me la. Need to get rid of the phobia and go back to my old self la. I think from the posting, you can actually trace my mood like a line-chart that is on a rapid decline and now slowly picking up the upward trend. Not an easy thing to do but I am back!

So, let me see. What has been happening for the last 2 weeks...hhmm.. submitted my income tax return online on the 29 Apr, well actually it was early morning of 30 Apr. And I learned my lesson never ever do anything so last minute again. I guess I took it for granted that the form is so easy and convenient to complete online that I decided to procrasinate till the very last minute. In fact, I actually started trying to complete the online form in the morning of 29 Apr but I think because of the congestion, the system keep informing that my password is wrong. This is impossible because I used the same password to login a couple of days ago.

Of course, a little tiny voice in my head tells me perhaps that I remembered the password wrongly or typed wrongly. So, I tried again. And after 3 tries, the system told me that I am blocked and please go to the nearest LHDN to unblock my account! SHEESH!!! In my mind, I am cursing really badly because it would mean that I need to find where is the nearest LHDN and then drive there and then queue up with all the last minute rush just to unblock the online account.

But God must be smiling and taking good care of me because I managed to find the website online that provides all the LHDN branches and the numbers to call! So, the nearest being Kelana Jaya office, I called to ask for direction. Imagine my surprise when the lady that answered not only told me they have reset the password for me and I do not have to go down to the office. She can even joked that if I want, I can still visit the office to chit chat with her! Hhmm...either she was having really good day or our government offices is changing their culture.

Armed with the new password, I was still having alot of trouble logging in to the form to submit my tax return. After a couple of hours being stucked on the same page, I decided to just forget it and try again super late tonight, hoping that others not having the same idea as me la. Suffice to say, truly thankful that it was all settled and done with around midnight. The best part is, I didnt owe the government any money :)

30 Apr, I was still at home, having fun doing NOTHING! Just stayed at home and clean up the place abit since jlaw (one of my ex-colleague from Kuching that became one of my close friend) is coming down from Singapore for the weekend. Babe was teasing me saying that my friend should come down more often because that would mean I will do a minor spring clean without bugging him to help me out. Gggrr!!! I initial thought I would do some baking too but after vacuuming, mopping and wiping down everything, it was just too hot to do anything else other than shower and sit in the living room sipping cool drink.

Anyway, the long weekend till 4 May was spent pretty much doing the same thing, i.e. sleep, eat, read book, shopping, watch tv and chit chat. Throughout that 6 days, I only checked my office email once to make sure that there is no shipment during the weekend (because I need to send shipping documents to the customers to alert them of the shipment if there is any). Only was super busy on 29 Apr because one of the colleague that is helping me at the office to entertain the customer called a few times to asked for verification of things. But other than that, it was really a superb opportunity to relax my mentally exhausted brain and emotion.

Am I really ready to be back to work after that? Well, let just say that I am looking forward to my one week holiday early Jul09 when I go back to Kuching! Well, not relaly one week la. Officially, I am only applying for 4 days annual leave. I think I will submit my leave request within this few days. At least, the bosses are aware of my leave plan. I wonder if I should also submit my leave for the Christmas holiday! HEHE! We booked our tickets already, go back Kuching on 24 Dec and back to KL on 2 Jan (Saturday). WAHAHAHAAHAH!!!

ERrr...looks like not so long also this posting..nevermind la. Will update on other things in the next posting...lazy to type liaw!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Short talk: Short update

Feels as if it been ages since I update my blog, 10days to be exact. (WOW!) Well, maybe it has been ages. Just had nothing much to update recently except moan and bitch. Hence, the decision to just not do anything instead. Not going to say much too today. Just sufficient to say that the 'situation' is not over yet. I know it will be over one way or another and I just cant wait till the day is here. One way or another, I will overcome this and not let it defeat me! Then you will get the cheery happy cute Jenjen back! :P