Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Last 2 Speeches

OMG! Today is Wednesday and I have not prepared at all for my Toastmasters competent communicator project 10, Speak to Persuade! This is the last project in the Competent Communicator and after competing this, I will be receiving a certificate, a letter will be sent to my employer to inform them that I am a competent communicator now and I believe I will be receiving a pin. And for those that complete their CC by 31 Mar 2008, also will be given a soaring eagle pin (a very handsome pin I must say).

CC 9 was nothing spectacular as the objective was speak to persuade. So, I being the VPM (Vice President of Membership), of course I have to talk about Toastmasters and try to persuade people to join. So, me being super loso and talkative, was able to talked for almost 7 minutes. Points for improvement were to give more punch to the closing. So far, I believe this is my main weakness!

ppstt..tell you a secret, for speech 9, I actually on prepared the draft the morning of the meeting itself! hahaha..I know I know, I am crazy! But I realized that as long as I have a TOPIC in mind, the purpose of the speech, i.e. WHAT message I want to carry forward and also HOW to present the speech, the rest of the things will fall in place. Another trick that I do is to run thru the speech in my mind and improve them along the way. After that, to put the points in words. The most important part is the get a attention grabbing opening, a strong conclusion AND 3-4 points as the body!

Ok lar, enought about that. I am going to have my breakfast, complete my work for the day and then go surf the net for the ingredient for my speech tomorrow....


Rose said...

you very terror! I dont know what else to say about you! Bluek!

Jen's Place said...

u can say I am crazy, chi sin, siaw lang:P