Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Authentic Food From Philippines

Ok, so finally able to find time to download, compress and upload the photos that I took for our family dinner at Phaw-Phaw Padungan. It is my first time there although the place belongs to my uncle & wife (dad's bro).

Deepfried Pork Knuckle
(chef recommended dish. Big portion, i.e. the whole pork leg! )

Deep fried 3-layer pork
(Suitable for smaller group as portion is smaller than pork knuckle)

Stuffed fish (My fav dish.
Apparently, the fish was imported from Philippines when they started the restaurant but they found someone that rear the fish locally now.)

Claypot Sourish Chicken
(Sorry, pic not so good but the only one I had. The dish looks like kurma but the taste is totally not like kurma at all. Sourish taste with thick gravy)

Brinjal Omelette
(I like this dish too because the dish have both of my fav item, eggs and brinjal!)

Claypot lamb

Our long long long dinner table. Roughly 20 of us from my grandma to the grandkids! no great grandkids yet! hahaha..

My hungry barbaric cousin with a big piece of pork leg!

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