Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pleasantly surprised

First day of a wonderfully long weekend is almost over and I didnt even spent a single part of the day since 6.30am this morning sleeping! Yes, that was not a typo. I woke up at 6.30am this morning eventhough I didnt have to go to work. Decided to sent babe to work so that I can have the car for the day. So, after he got ready, drove him all the way to Klang and back. Then I decided to go to the wet market to get crabs and frog legs (one is alive and another is nicely slaughtered, guess which is which*grin*). 

So, by the time that I am home, it is already 10am. Put the stuff that I bought from wet market away and slaughtered the crabs. By the time I am done, it was around 11am and sat down for some well deserved R&R while having my ginko barley soya drink that I bought from the Menjalara wet market. Decided yesterday that I will pick my colleagues up for lunch at Damansara Uptown. So, 11.15am, left home and pick them. Thanks to Ray for helping me get the duty free Otard on his way back from his business trip to Shanghai. (Yar, another reason for the lunch la but also because long time didnt see this fella la. Catching up time!) 

After lunch, decided to get the income tax submission over and done with. But it took me more than 2hours to actually try to complete the whole thing. I am not sure whether it was really I have the wrong password or simply because the website was too congested. After 3 tries to enter my password, I was blocked because the system said it was error! I called the hotline in hope that they can help to unblock over the phone but no matter how many times I tried calling, it will either be engaged or not connectable. 

Thank god I was able to find one number for the income tax office branch at Kelana Jaya. The lady was surprisingly super friendly and helped to unblocked my account within 5minutes. Initially I thought I might actually have to go down to their office and get myself stucked in a congested office with super slow service. So, I was pleasantly surprised. Anyway, after she reset my password, I still couldnt log on and this time was definitely because the website was congested. 

To cut the long story short, I finally was able to complete and submit my income tax return about 10minutes ago. I have definitely learned my lesson and will never ever do this last minute again! SHEESH! Not worth all the worrying and hassle. I cannot imagine how some people can actually wait till tomorrow though...SIGH Typical SOP for Malaysian?

Alrite lar, enough la for now..logging off...wana go disturb babe! :P Oh by the way, did I tell you that I am on leave starting today till next Monday? I did? Sorry, just want to make sure that you are aware :P

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday 'breakfast' menu

Sunday, 10am. Been awhile since I login during the weekends. Just can't help it today since I woke up at 9.30am and cant go back to sleep despite the fact that we both only went to bed at around 3.30am. Babe was watching his football and I just dont feel like going to bed alone. So, sat (or rather lie down on the sofa) in the living room, me reading my book and he, watching his football. I still couldnt get what is the big deal of 22 grown men chasing after a ball in the field. They have 2 of their own already right (EIKS! Football fanatics, dun kill me ah!)

Anyway, dont know what to do such early in the morning (early for Sunday la). The sun outside is shining really brightly now and promise to be another super hot day. No need for me to go to the wet market since the fridge is still so full. Need to clear out some of the stuff in the freezer. Was thinking of trying to bake an apple pie. Never made one before and since the fridge have some granny smith apples (green apples) and babe dont seemed to be interested in them, thought of doing that and testing our the microwave baking function. I think I have all the ingredient except for cinnamon.

But I am procrasinating. Lazy la just thinking of the cleaning up required after that. Yup, I have not re-organise the kitchen yet as I intend to this weekend. Decided that deserve a well earned weekend to rest after having no weekend at all last week. I bought some baskets couple of weeks ago and thinking of reorganising the kitchen rack and make it looks much more neater. Well, guess that will have to wait till next weekend when I have a long 5days-off-weekend! Yup, that is not a typo, 5 days!! My leave for 30 Apr and 4 May was approved. So, that means that I will not be working starting Thursday till Monday! WOO HOO!!

Gonna use that time to destress and catch up on some housework. Need to get the people to come in and fix the fridge door which seem to lost it stickiness. Something wrong with the dvd player too. So, need to get maintenance people to come in on that day. Also want to go and pay the water bill for the management. The landlady called me and reminded me to pay on time or else the management will charge late payment interest. She REMINDED me that the bill now have late payment interest of RM0.69 and please make sure to include them when I make my payment. SHEESH!!! That really makes me irritated. So calculative one.....

I mean, does she have to purposely not pay that and remind me to pay. After all, RM0.69 is actually from 3months management water bill. Dont ask me how come we are paying that in the first place. It was stipulated in the tenancy agreement that we need to pay that. I didnt realised at the time that the tenancy agreement was actually talking about the management charges for the water bills because I always thought the owner will be the one that pays them and the tenant is responsible to pay the waterboard bill or in our case, Syabas.

Oh well, this will teach me to be careful next time with the tenancy agreement. It is not that the amount is alot. Usually about RM10 per month but the hassle of finding time to go to the managment office is really not worth going every month. Usually I will just accumulate them and go once in every 2-3 months. Didnt know about the late payment interest charge la but I think I did pay it off the previous time ler. That lady ah..really..sigh! I am pretty sure if I have not pay it off the previous time, the landlady will not hesitate to let me know as for the measly payment.

Haiyaaa...what to do. We really like this place alot. Babe was even talking about looking around at the newer phase condo to see if anything is for sale next year. The newer phase is slightly bigger than what we have now. So instead of 2+1 rooms, it will be a real 3 rooms condo. I wonder if we will also have new addition to the family next year..hhmm.. No no! I am not pregnant la. Just thinking if next year is a good year to start a new family for babe and me. After all, we are both not getting any younger. Or maybe I should just get a puppy!! HAHAHAHA!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Obssessed and Desperation!

Hi Folks! I am back. Yar, I know, one week of no updates in my blog seems unusual? I admitted it but it has been a super long week so far especially with the weekend being a working weekend. And on top of that, was having 'crisis' at work. I can actually feel that I am at the point where I will do a career choice switch again but I am just working and holding on to whatever sanity that I might still have. So, I agree with my colleague when he say that he thinks I am at the point of no return.

After a year of keeping silence and being badgered, even if big abg is willing to change, I dont know if I can erase (like a computer, delete) everything and rejuvenate myself. Create my self-esteem and confidence level again. All this I know I can do. But the thing is, I think it is very true that it is hard for someone to change their habit no matter eventhough the person have every intention in the world to change it. I am not saying that it is impossible and actually, with practise and over time, if the person is serious enough, it can happen.

But the thing is, I am so emotionally drained and tired. Eventhough I try very hard to convince myself everyday that I love my work, I enjoy doing what I do and I am good at what I do (which I know I am), at the back of my mind, I am giving a big 'sigh' for every task. obstacles and roadblocks. I no longer consider this as challenges to overcame. Rather, it has become bothersome and irritation like a thorn at the side. The sinking feeling and heavy heart just refuse to go away.

All that I can do now is visualise and work hard to make the thoughts come true. I guess what I need now is a change. A big big change. Might even decide to switch totally from what I am doing now to something totally different. I am not sure what but I am sending out applications to almost everything that I think is suited to my experience and qualification. Hopefully, this will bear fruit in less than a month. Then, I can decide where to go on from there.

Sorry folks, giving such a grime depressing picture to you all but the fact is, I think I am going into depression because of him. So, either I breakdown totally or I run as far as I can before it starts to effect my personal life (which it has already somehow did in some ways). So stressed out on Monday after a 'talk' from him that I actually cried when I talked to my babe when we got home. I cried again in his arm at night when we go to bed.

He has been very understanding and all but he is pushing me to lay it all in the open. Tell the management what I said above. I was only brave enough to say half so far, that I am very demotivated and lost self-confidence because of him. I should have also said the other half, where I think I am at the point of no return and need a career change. Perhaps she might have something in place for me (a transfer perhaps)? But for now, it would be too late for that. I think perhaps that would be phase 2 (if there is a one).

I am basically just waiting for calls for interview to jobs that I applied actively in the past 1-2weeks. I really hope something good will happen and materialised out of all the positive thinking and visualization. Seriously and honestly and passionately need this!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Time for changing...

Didn't see any action yet from the security of the building for the pervert peeping tom that I reported last Wednesday. So, on Tuesday, my colleague decided to take things into her own hand. She printed in large font "BEWARE OF PEEPING TOMS" and pasted the A4 size paper on the door leading into the toilet. So, it is definitely very prominent and I hope this itself will deter then pervert repeating it again, well at least not on the floor that I am working in anyways.

However, having said that, I am now always feeling un-safe when I go to the ladies. I mean, if this pervert is daring enough to do this during office hours, what is there to prevent him to do it at anytime of the day? Meaning no time is safe time to take a leak! Actually, since Monday, I been going to the ladies at the hotel that is linked to our office building during lunch time. Once, when I am on the way to the mall by going through the hotel. Then another time when on the way back to work again. SIGH!! WHERE AM I GONNA HIDE NOW WHEN I NEED A BREAK AND TIME TO MYSELF AH???

Anyway, its Friday but I am not shouting in joy. As I said, meeting tomorrow at the hotel that is linked to our office building, our quarterly staff meeting, from 8.30am to 5pm. And then another full day on Sunday for motivation training. Yah right...coming to work on a Sunday after working on to get motivated ah?? Can I ask if will get 2 days leave added for this 2 days? I got this feeling that every quarterly meeting will be like this until someone in the management made super loud 'sound'.

Sigh..I am still looking for alternative job by the way but jobs in semiconductor industry is not so stable now. Really scared wanna change to similar industry also. So, alternatively, lecturing or other industry that requires a planner. I guess one option is the oil & gas industry but it is so so so hard to get into one!! Nevermind, I still have 31 Dec 2009! That is my goal :P

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Raving Mumbling Groaning about the MAN

OK OK!! I am updating my blog. Not that I dont want to la but been busy since got back from my business trip to Penang. Some more, this weekend will be our quarterly staff meeting on Saturday and on top of that, the lady boss organised a motivational training on Sunday! Of all days...sigh.. This mean that the weekend is basically gone and this week will be super duper long week. Combine with next week, will feel even longer than that. Cant wait till the labour day holiday come, then we have 3days long break. Tempted to take Monday off, then can have 4 days off!

I am seriously in need of a long break to spring clean our home. I feel so depressed when I see the home in its current state but I am just too tired do much spring cleaning and simply procrasinating. I think it has something to do with the fact that my monthly should be due in the next few days. Initially thought I will be able to do it this weekend. Just take one day to clean up the whole place, vacuum, mop, wipe, etc. But looks like not possible.

I told babe that perhaps we should ask someone to come in this weekend and clean the whole place up. I mean I dont mind paying RM50 to the cleaner to do it as long as she does a good job. After that, perhaps will ask the cleaner to come in every 2 weeks once or something like that. But babe disagreed because he felt that RM50 per visit for our tiny place is too expensive. He even jokingly said that I give him the RM50 and he will do the spring cleaning.

Well, if he is serious about it, I definitely dont mind. But knowing him, he will not do it lar. I mean, he dont even put the things back to the original place after using. And he dont put his stuff at the designated place. He prefer to just leave everything on the dining table or coffee table. Initially, I will actually clean up for him and put the things back to its original place. But after doing it for a while and nagging, I just decided to forget it lar. I mean, I am not the only one staying there, so, why in the world do I need to make sure that everything is clean?

I got so upset the day before yesterday and compounded by PMS, I actually said to babe: I never know that when I marry you, this is what I have to do everyday. Then he asked me: So, you mean you regret marrying me la?. Which I responded: Yah!

Mean of me but I want him to know how serious I am about this lor. But I know it wont work because I give in too easily. Usually, I would rather just do it instead of waiting for him to decide to do. Like our place now, most likely I will be the one doing the spring cleaning next weekend.

This morning, on, Pedro and Serena C' s topic of discussion was: Man turning into woman when in relationship. According to Pedro and Serena, when man in a relationship, they will usually become more girlish in term of household related stuff. I think they have not met my hubby :P

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh chocolate, where are you??

Can you guess how stressed and tired I am after looking at the above photo? HAHAHA! I am really taking the few days off from my pass one month healthy eating and simply indulge in sinful food. That is a the 200gm bar of toblerone by the way. And nolar, I didnt eat the whole thing la. I took 2 pieces and kept the rest. Too sweet! Plus I am planning to bring it back to KL to tempt the rest of my colleagues to indulge too! :P

I just got back to hotel at around 10pm today after a meeting marathon. Sufficient to say that the outcome was not what I have hoped and by end of next week, I will know if I am going to be coming to Penang again to go Kulim and visit the vendor for delivery related stuff! SHEESH!!

Cant believe that when almost the whole world electronics is at a standstill, the company that I am working for and the vendors business are booming so much that they can only start a order they received today about 6-8 weeks later and based on the cycle time they have now, I will only get my product 2 months later. So, that is 4 months after order before able to get the product we ordered. That is not yet to the end customer! That is only part of the process. The remaining process can take up to 2-4weeks! That means customer have to predict 5-6mths away and give the PO today!

Understandably, alot of customers are grumbling. Well, not only grumbling but shouting and kicking up a fuss. Now, it basically boils down to who can shout the loudest and make the biggest ruckus so that the vendor will pay attention and do something just so that the customer will leave them alone! Imagine being told by the vendor that they are sorry but the reality is they cant make the shipment earlier because that would mean sacrificing other customers. So, it just shows you at what level of priority the different customers is at! I dont remember ever making a customer feel unimportant when I was working in my old company in Kuching!

Anyway, we arrived the vendor at around 3pm and the meeting started right away. Took almost 2 hours for the discussion. Then, it was more discussion with other planners that is not related to this customer that I am with. When we finally check in at the hotel, it was around 7.40pm. Went up, left the bag in the hotel rooms and off to dinner at around 7.50pm. We went to a small little cute cafe near the hotel. Ate curry fish head Penang style, steam prawn, sesame nut coated chicken, beansprout with salted fish and kailan. All that just for the 3 of us!! And we actually FINISHED everything!! Either we are too tired and just wanna finish eating OR we are all stress eating:P

So, now I am back in my room. We left the place at around 9pm and the 2 guys wanted to go for a walk. I took a raincheck and decided to go back to the hotel to check my emails just in case something need my urgent attention. Yar yar, workaholic! But what to do. If I dont check the email, I will for sure think of it the whole night and the next morning. Then I wont have nice and peaceful sleep! I am done with that now. Am watching the top American move on 8tv while updating my blog and checking the facebook.

OK! Logging off now. Want some R&R before I doze off for the night. Plan to wake up abit earlier tomorrow for breakie before continue to do some more work. Again, I know I am crazy but I cant rest in peace lar until I do!!!! STUPID RIGHT? :P hahahaha...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Scared and Shocking......pervert alert!

Am I looking forward to going for my business trip tomorrow? Hmm...not really but am glad to get away from the office for 2 days. Oh, forgot say first. I am going to Penang tomorrow to meet up with my customer from Taiwan and go to our vendors together. Purpose? To make sure that the vendors deliver our products earlier than committed. Will fly tomorrow at 11am and arrive the Penang airport around 12 noon. Then, I have to wait for them till around 2pm before going straight to the vendor fab which is about an hour drive away.

Tomorrow morning, the taxi will pick me at 8am for my 11am flight because he is worried about traffic jam! So, need to leave the house 3hours before my flight! :P In Kuching, if my flight is at 11am, I will leave the house at 9.45am and arrive airport by 10am! Thank goodness I have pretty much gotten use to the crazy timing here. After all, today is exactly 1 year and 2 days since I make that major move to KL. Officially, it is because the job opportunity here is better. Unofficially, it was because my then fiance and now hubby is working here lar...

Anyways, back to the business trip tomorrow. Expect to arrive the vendor fab around 3pm and will start discussion immediately. If we (the customer and I) cannot achieve the delivery schedule that we want, we will be 'camping' there till we get the results. So, god only knows what time that will be by the time we go for dinner and back to our hotel in Penang. My flight back to KL is the very next day. So, yes, super rush. Hopefully, I can reach my home by 3-4pm.

As I said before, I never know that I will one day say that I absolutely hate business trips! When I was in the old company, we always envy those that can go overseas for business trip and wondering when it will be my turn. Good thing that I actually had the opportunity to go Japan for business trip at least once. But ever since working here, there is no more excitement out of this. Even the possibility of going to China, US, UK or Korea does not excite me much anymore.

I think it is because of the long hours spent at the airport due to flight delays or waiting for the connecting flight. Or perhaps it is just the horribly uncomfortable seats in the plane where you have to glue your butt to for hours that at certain point, you are even willing to just lie down on the aisle between the seats! Yar, that was how I felt for my trip to US, The plane was so cramp and packed with people. Long hours in the plane and at the airport, inssufficient sleep, rushing hours and crazily long meetings. Thinking of it is enough to make me cry 'No-More!'.


OH MY GOD!!! I just encounter a peeping tom in the girls toilet just now! Went to toilet at around 3.45pm today and no one else in the toilet when I went there. I went into 4th cubicle from the door. As usual, busy sms-ing while doing my business. Suddenly, I see some dust dropped from above and of course, I looked up. Imagine my shock when I saw a guy’s head peeping from the 5th cubicle. Didn’t see the whole face, only 2/3 of the face but it was obviously a guy. Before I can scream, the guy took off. When I managed to get out of the cubicle, the toilet was still empty. Outside the toilet was also empty.

I don't remember hearing anyone coming into the toilet. I mean, usually when you go to the toilet, alot people go in and out of the toilet. Usually dont pay much attention to what happen outside your cubicle mar! But I do remember hearing the peeping door un-latch the door after I saw him! Meaning that he actually locked the toilet cubicle that he is in. If he is there for maintenance, why did he lock the door? Because that was the first thing that went through my mind, i.e. a maintenance guy.

But if really maintenance guy, why in the world did he lock the toilet? Also, how come only him alone and no one else or equipments? And if he happen to enter the wrong toilet, why in the world was he standing on the toilet bowl and looking over to the next cubicle? And more crazy, I even wonder if he is a tomboy-ish looking girl but again, if he is actually a she, why in the world was she standing on the toilet bowl looking over????? The cubicle wall is roughly 8-9feet tall I think. So, definitely have to stand on something for me to be able to see 2/3 of the person head!

I lodged an official complain to the building security already. Let see if they will do anything. The security head assured me that they can check the cctv to see anyone suspicious looking. But I doubt they will find anything because they will not be able to see from the cctv if the person went to the girl or guy toilet! The person can be working for one of the offices in this building!!! i also sent out an email to all the girls working here. Super scary ler! Some of the girl engineers work late or during weekend!

All I know, from now on, am not gonna go to the toilet alone or any other lonely places by myself. Eventhought the probability of the guy doing it again is slim since he was caught, better be safe than sorry!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Short talk: Horoscope...

My horoscope yesterday:

Your horoscope for April 5, 2009 You shouldn't work as hard as you do! You might have a lot of energy, but your body needs to rest from time to time. There is more to life than work! Try to take some time off. You will need to be in the best of shape pretty soon. The action is just around the corner and you will need all capacities pretty soon.

I wonder if this is true for today too!! :P


I know, I been missing for almost a week from the blog. Recently, with the depressing feeling I feel at work, just didnt feel like blogging much. No point in making every1 feeling down too by reading what I have to say about things that I do not think I have control over. Actually, last Friday morning, I was determined to have a chat with him to clear all this things that is hovering over my head. Based on advise I got from my colleagues, this seems to be the only way to go if I want to continue working productively.

Had actually decided that after lunch, I will invite him for the chat. But then, I somehow chickened out. I realised that I am not the most confrontational person that I used to be. He has changed me and caused my self-confidence to drop to the bottom of the ocean. So, before I can actually confront him, I need to gather my inner strength and talk to myself first. I need to bolster my self-confidence and self-worth that has been destroyed by him, intentionally or unintentionally by him. For now, I can only visualise the day that I hand in my special letter...

I guess I pretty much decided that the alternative would be to find alternative. When 2nd and 3rd chances were given to change and things revert back to the same again, then I think it is pretty much time to give up and look for greener pasture. Hopefully, the pasture is really greener on the other side of the fence but I will take this as a learning experience. Something to add to my list of portfolio and resume. Something that I hope I can take to my next level of opportunity.

Damn! I seriously pray the day will come soon!