Monday, June 30, 2008

Short Talk: Sitting in front Hello Kitty in TIA

Hi! Just short short one! It is 10.31pm and I am sitting in front of the Hello Kitty at the Taiwan International Airport blogging and chatting! Well, u can say partly it was because I am addicted to my blog but mainly was because wanna chat with my babe mar! And chatting on yahoo is one of the cheapest ways bah!!!!! BLUEK!

So, I am here, after 4.5hrs on the plane and I am DREADING my connecting flight to San Francisco, 14 hours!~ OH MY GOD! What AM I GOING TO DO FOR THAT LONE IN THAT SMALL CONFINE SPACE! I hope no one sit next to me! I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE!!

Oh yah, I also spent US$6 on a cuppa of latte! So, as you must be able to sense, I am FULLY AWAKE and hyper now. I am expecting myself to crash like crazy when I reach the hotel later tonite. YUP, later TONITE at around 10pm US-TIME. But I DONT CARE! I need the kick to help me survive the 14 hours journey! OH MAN! I will have super dark black eyes when I go meeting and do my presentation on 1 Jul!!! And you people envy me?!?!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Short Talk: I am going to US!!!

Just a short one. I am going to US on Monday and back on Friday. Tomorrow and day after will also be busy moving most of the stuff to the new apartment. Not sure if I have time to go online to do much posting! But I promise to update you all when I am back and post lots of photos!

Am not looking forward to the trip actually but also excited at the same time! Am I confusing you? Oh well, nevermind. Will explain more when I am back. Feeling a little surreal now because so many things are happening: going to US, moving house and someone said that I don't look like in my 30s! She said I look like I just graduated! hahaha!!! Happy!!!!! BLUEK!

hhm..but it can mean 2 things...either I really look young, i.e. babyface OR I am immature! Jiak lak, which one ah?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Before saying "I DO"

There are two big important questions that every girl need to as themselves at least once in their lifetime. If the questions are not asked to oneself, the oneself will be jumping into the deep sea of unknown. For the lucky ones, there might be no regrets at all because the life is as imagined or seen through rose tinted glasses. For the rest of us (yes, me included), might not be so lucky and get the most shocking experience for the first time in their life!

What in the world am I babbling about you asking? Well, I am talking about life after marriage! As most of you know, my recent relocation to KL was because babe and I will finally tie knots after dating for more than eight years. I know most friends (and some relatives) are breathing sigh of relief that we are finally doing it. I am looking forward to it as well because life as husband and wife will definitely be different than just being a couple. For one thing, we will be legally bound to each other in the eye of law. So, the next time someone asks who is this man/woman next of kin, then, our parents/ siblings will not be the first to stand up and say they are.

Instead, it will be the person that we choose to live the days of our lives with. This might sound very romantic but the fact is, things will be totally different and might not be as rosy as we saw in films, i.e. happily ever after on a daily basis. So, things will be different and there will be things that we only discover when we start to live together but no matter what there is obviously a reason for the church ceremony to add in the part about ‘for better or for worse’!

So, what are the questions that you (or I) should ask before saying “I DO”. Oh yah, the main reason I thought of this was because RK and I was talking about things to consider before deciding how many kids to have! I thought I better not jump the gun (and frighten babe and myself in the process when he read this posting! WINK! ) and take a few steps back to marriage instead. I think at this point of time, it would be too late for me to chicken out of the matrimony but I can at least prepare myself mentally and psychologically right?

So, I guess the first thing to consider is sharing the bed with someone for the rest of my life (Don’t get dirty ideas or thoughts ok, especially SK!!) I am talking about the space available on the bed lar! I don’t know about you but sleeping on a nice big bed all alone is really one of life most enjoyable thing! When I was in Kch, my bed is a single bed but I used to love to drag the queen size mattress to the living room and fall asleep on it while watching tv. I also love having lots and lots of pillows, bolters, stuffed animals and at least one blanket on the bed with me, even on the single bed! Obviously, when sharing a bed, even a queen or king size one, cannot have all those lor.

Secondly, household chores! As I start to live independent life here far away from my parents, I only just realized how much household chores there are daily! There is the floor to sweep & clean every other day. Laundry to put into the washing machine, hang up to dry and then folded. There is cleaning after each meals, buying groceries and so on! Sometimes, there seem to be hardly any time to sit down and rest especially on a work day. This of course means that you will be too tired to go anyway, and hence the freedom & social life also affected!

What else arh? Oh Money! Of course when just married will have a lot of spending especially if moving house and so on. But actually, I think I managed my finances better because I plan for the future. Cannot go back to mom and dad (as often!). So, must make sure plan all the things properly and put certain amount aside for savings lor. In fact, babe and I just agreed to save at least RM100 each per month. Might not seem like a lot but if one year, will have RM2,400! So, this is a good thing that I can think of lar.

And of course, have someone to share everything with (not only bed lar). I mean share our worries, joy, happiness or simply chit chat and be ourselves. I ever asked babe before who am I to him. He said best friend. At first I felt insulted because I want him to say love of his life (HAHA!) and then he explain, best friend because I am someone that he can share all his thoughts and worry comfortably with! Best friend because he knows that he say do whatever and I will not judge him. Best friend because he knows that I will support him no matter what he decide. Touched or not? No wonder I will say “I DO” to this man.

Hot Wings Hot Wings Hot Wings Hot Wings Hot Wings

I know I should read the agreement/quotation that my boss asked me to verify and confirm but I am so sleepy that when I set my eyes on the thing, my eyelids automatically drop! How? How? Luckily today don’t have the usual group meeting or else I sure will fall asleep like one of my colleague yesterday. Yup, he was sitting behind the boss bah, and I saw his eyelids closed and then when he finally opened his eyes, it was reddish, i.e. the eyes of someone that just wake up suddenly from sleep. Luckily the boss din realized!

And since I am on the mission to reduce the cup of coffee I drink from 1-2cups daily to 1-2cups per week for health reasons, I better find something interesting to do or else I will succumb to either the temptation to doze off or go for my cuppa coffee. I already over limit by 1 cup this week. I wonder if I can survive on 2 cups per week when I am in US next week. Or maybe since I am not in home ground, it does not count and I can have as many cups as I want? You know, similar to the Muslim not compulsory to do their prayers if there are x km away from home. Or did I get that wrong? Hmmm….

Anyway, as I said yesterday, I went home last nite to cook hot wings that I marinated the night before. It didn’t turn out as I hoped it will be, i.e. sourish and spicy. Instead, it was rather sweet although I used lots and lots of vinegar to marinate it! On top of that, the oil that I used to deep fry the chicken was really black after that and the wok, sigh…the wok bottom has a thick layer of blacken sauce on it! I don’t even want to remember how I managed to scrub everything off. My poor skin!

But the chicken wing did turn out rather yummy though. Sweet and sticky on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. But I think in the future, if I marinate it this way again, I will bake them instead of deep fried. Much healthier and CLEANER kitchen! I am still wondering how in the world did Hartz make the deep fried hot wings. What did I add wrong or not add in? I know vinegar and chilli is one of the key ingredient. Maybe it was not chilli sauce but chilli powder, and hence the red color! Eureka! I think that was it! Chilli powder, corn flour, salt, pepper and white vinegar! Going to wait till we move into our new apartment before I try anything again. OBG giving me black face still!

Anyway, back to last night dinner. OBG’s hubby sms babe to let us know that they are not cooking and not eating at home last night. I was rather glad because that mean that I will have the kitchen to myself without someone hovering behind me and checking everything after I finished cooking. It would mean that I don’t have to sit at the dining table to eat dinner and can eat alone alone with babe. So, got back from work, cooked rice over slow fire, deep fry the chicken wings, fry the lettuce and steam egg soup. Simple but satisfying meal. We finished everything! Well, actually got abit of leftover lar and I bring with me for lunch today. So, pictures to share:
The chicken wing

Steam egg soup

Stir-Fry lettuce

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Friends are Forever! So is GOOD food!

I don’t know if this is a blessing or a curse! I cannot even finish McD Big Mac (medium) value meal set for lunch! I can’t believe it. In fact, after the first few munch, I totally had to force myself to finish the rest of the food (don’t want to waste bah!) and trust me, it is not enjoyable at all! I used to be able to gobble up the large value meal set at McD without much problem at all. I mean, I will feel very stuffed after that but I get great satisfaction from stuffing myself silly.

I was telling RK, SK and Didi that I seem not to have much appetite since I moved to KL. RK of course teased and said that it is because I miss them too much to eat or am simply homesick? Well, some parts, I guess might be true that I miss our lunch date, full of laughter and easy to just simply be myself. The colleagues here are fine but it is not so easy to find people that you can actually click with. I mean, when I go out lunch with the gals (as we call each other), I know that I can just relax and be myself. I know that if I am not in the mood to talk, I can just sit there and listen others talk.

But with new colleagues, sometimes lunch time can be a chore. I am not sure I know how to explain this. It is not because they are not nice. In fact, sometimes I feel that they are trying too hard to be nice to the extend that I feel uncomfortable if I don’t reciprocate in kind. Other times, they will talk in Cantonese which I am still lost sometimes since Kuching people rarely converse in Cantonese. I can understand 70% of the time but it is very hard for me to join in the conversation that I am not able to understand! So, rather than sit there like a dungu (idiot), I sometimes prefer my own company lor!

I guess I will slowly adapt (this is for friends that are starting to get worried reading the above!). I am making friends, slowly but surely. There are 8 girls in this place of 40+ staff. Yup, the rest are guys are all are engineers, some young and some not so young. Some married and others are not. So, we girls need to stick together? The girls here are nice but I can see that there are basically three groups, (1) the young and hip, (2) the not so young but modern and (3) the normal girls (the group that I am in).

So, this group of normal girls now consist of 3 of us, age is 30, 31 and 33. There are actually 2 more girls newer than me (one just joined yesterday) and they are 28 and 29. So, if all 5 of us go out together, we will be between the age of 28-32, like playing do-re-mi. We went out lunch two days ago. Initial plan was some Chinese food but the shop was closed for the week for renovation. So, we went to a shop selling authentic Penang food. I have to admit, it was fun. We talked freely and tease each other. I feel almost like back to the old times when I was in Kuching with my gals!

OK, enough sob story for now. So, let’s go back to the topic, i.e. FOOD!! I have already marinated some chicken wings last night and plan to deep fry them tonight to try and make hot wings! For those of you that frequent Hartz, you will know exactly what I am talking about. It is those hard-to-grab chicken wings that taste slightly spicy and sourish that it makes my saliva drool in my mouth just thinking about it. I am not so sure what the recipe is but since babe and I both craving for hot wings, I thought I might as well experiment.

I cut the chicken wing into three parts, i.e. cutting them at the joints. I marinate them with chilli sauce (for the spicy taste), a little tomato sauce (for the sweet & sour taste), black & white vinegar (because I don’t know use white or black, so use BOTH! LOL), pepper and salt for taste. I am marinating the wings overnight and will deep fried them later after work. Hopefully I remember to take pictures and post them here tomorrow! If I forget, I will update you all whether the experiment works. Either way, babe is going to be the guinea pig, taster! Nice or not nice, he also needs to finish them.

Anyway, I am sharing some pictures from RK. She made roasted bacon chicken, recipe she grabbed from one of the blog! She damn kiasu and taken so many pictures and email to me! So, I hardworking and post her work-of-art for her in my blog.....(SK, keng or not????)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Short Talk: YAWN and FLY FLY FLY!

ARGGHHH!!! I am so sleepy! YAWNNN! I thought I would have gotten used to the life here, i.e. sleep late at night and wake up early. I usually would sleep around midnight and wake up at 6.30am. Late nights due to household chores, watch internet tv and catching up with babe. Woke up 6.30am because need to leave the house at 7.30am to fight the jam that is forever going on the LDP. I will be glad when we move to the new apartment which is just 10-15minutes drive from my work place. But I still have to wake up at 6.30am because when I told babe that I plan to wake up at 8am since I only need to leave for work at 8.40am, he complaint like crazy!

He asked who will make him breakfast and say bye-bye to him when he goes off to work. Then he gave me the most pitiful excuse that if he don’t have breakfast, the drive to work so long, on the bike some more, later fainted half way, how? Jiak Lak or not?! So, since he put it that way, I meekly gave in to him and say no more lor. Secretly, in my heart, I thinking this will be my ammunition to shoot him back when I come back in the evening from work and during weekend to get him to help with the household chores.

Actually, I did shoot him once lar when he said that the alternate Saturdays when he is not working is his day of rest and that he don’t have every Saturday off like me. So, I shoot back lor and say weekends are also supposed to be my days of rest. How come I have to do most of the household chores? I guess that must have hit him pretty strongly because a few times, he actually started to help me with the household chores without me asking. So, now, he put the laundry into the machine and I hang them to dry. He will accompany outside when I am hanging the clothes and slowly help as well. Slowly but surely! Hahaha…

Well, at least there is one advantage of waking up early with more than an hour to spare. After babe goes off to work, I plan to go to the pool for a swim as often as possible. It is either that, or I go back to sleep, or prepare the food that I want to cook for dinner! So, I think I choose the first option. More fun for me! Haha! I wonder if the water is going to be cold (Brrr! The apartment no water heater yet!). Good thing I remember to bring my swimsuit and googles from Kuching.

WAHH! Am I daydreaming again? I think my posting this few days turning into daydream post.

Dinasours and Elephants

The sky looks really gloomy from my office window. Maybe it is going to rain again. The weather in KL has been very unpredictable recently. Without any sign at all, it can start to pour elephants and dinasours. And then equally without warning, the gloomy sky can turn into sunshine hot day. No wonder I can hear cough and sniffles everywhere I go this few days. I guess we human are just too vulnerable to sudden weather changes. I wonder what the weather is like at the place that I am suppose to be at next week.

I know, I should have gone online to check but feeling rather lazy to do that. I have not even go around to check for the exchange rate to get my US dollar yet! Thought will only do that this Thursday or Friday. Anyway, not planning to bring much since will only actually be US for 2 days. The remaining days will be either on the plane or airports. I actually calculated that if I wake up at 10am on Monday, by the time I reach San Francisco airport at 8pm US-time, I would have been awake for more than 27hours!

Need to phase myself and sleep during flight or else I will end up either sleeping too much and cant sleep when I reach the hotel when everyone else is sleeping. Or not getting enough sleep and feeling extremely tired during the meeting the next day! Either way, already bought 3 books for me to bring along to occupy myself. Also, will ask babe to upload some of the series we downloaded into the laptop. Then if the in-flight movies are boring, I will watch my own series! Clever or not?

Too bad can’t go online or else I will be able to post and go blog-hopping. I heard Taipei airport do not have free wifi unless you go to places like Starbuck or Coffee Bean. But those places would mean that I have to pay for something and then sit to use the wifi lar! Hmm, maybe will do that if my bosses and colleagues don’t mind. After all, can claim! To tell you the truth, I am not looking forward to the trip at all because I know that it will be extremely tiring.

Also, if not because of this trip, I would have move in to the new apartment by this weekend and start having our own life. Instead, the actual move need to be postponed for two weeks. Anyways, this Saturday, after babe get off from work around 1pm, we are going to move some of our stuff that we are not using now to the new place first. Before that, on the way, plan to go Carrefour at Subang first to get a few essential items such as knives and so on. Wonder if we should get the kitchen top for the stove there too.

Oh gosh! I wonder how much is buying a new tong of cooking gas going to cost us. And then need to get wok, cooking utensils and so on. Maybe I can persuade babe to get the toaster oven this weekend too. LOL! I am day dreaming again! I better stop this or else the post is going to be very long. Let me end this post by sharing the photo taken by babe of the swimming pools at our new place. We mms the pic to his nephews in Kuching and they got so excited that they ask their mom when they can come and visit us! Haha..Kiddie pool & normal pool

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lunch Delivery: Green Bento

Just some pictures that RK, JY and myself had for lunch some time back when I was still in Kuching. This is one of the few lunch delivery service that is available in Kuching. I am not sure why there is not more of such services in Kuching but perhaps it is more convenient for those in the office to go eat at the nearby cafe and coffeeshop than ordering lunch boxes. Apparently, in PJ and KL area (or anywhere with lots of offices), lunchbox delivery is pretty common and there is nothing fancy about them. It is just the normal average chap fan (economy fastfood).

Abyway, the one in Kuching have a blog and call themselves Green Bento and nope, they are not paying me to post this. I am just sharing with all what I think of them and the food they serve. This was not the first time that we had tried ordering from Green Bento, it is the second time. The first time we tried was because it was something totally new in Kuching and out of curiosity, a few of us colleagues tried them. Frankly speaking, I am not sure why we ordered the second time because it was nothing to brag about.

Yes, the food did come in a rather special recyclable lunchbox but those are totally meaningless to us except that it add up to the cost that is charge back to us (Yah, ok, I admit, we are not environmentalist! So what! Need to feed hungry tummy first ok!). The content of the food that was delivered to us the first time was not the same as the one listed in the blog! One of the packed food stated it has eggs but when it came, none was there. For a egg-lover like me, totally unacceptable and disappointing! The taste was too bland and dry.

But I have to admit, they do have excellent customer service and after sales follow up system. In fact, they gave us one of the lunchbox for free because the food was all jumbled up, looking really yucky actually. Delivery man overturned the lunchbox when he was driving the delivery to us and he immediately told us when he handover the food to us. So, that is a point up. Secondly, someone from Green Bento called a few hours later to ask for feedback and comments (which we did! Of course lar! Need to do our civic duty mar!)

Anyway, the second time we ordered from Green Bento was in hope that they have actually improved their food from all the feedback and comments! So, this is what we ordered:

Potato Salad
(Super disappointed with the portion. Even a small kid wont be full eating this)

Ceaser Salad with Chicken
(This is actually not bad except for the boiled ugly egg!)

Roasted Chicken Wing
(The best and cheapest of the three! Worth ordering again if they improve their other dishes)

Pictures courtesy from RK!

Sherperd Pie

A few weeks ago, I was thinking of making sherperd pie but babe was having his first gout attack in more than a year. So, had to scrap the idea since the base of the sherperd pie is either mince beef or lamb. Some how I don't think chicken sherperd pie will taste the same at all. I was sharing with RK about this and she came up with the brilliant idea of making it instead. Of course, she had to call me SIFU first before I was willing to pass down my secret recipe to her! (LOL!).

Anyway, I teased RK mercilessly that she knew her MIL (mother-in-law) will be in town for a few days and staying with them, and hence, wanted to impressed her by making sherperd pie! She of course deny and say the reason is because she will be taking a long leave to take care of the son while her mom who is also nanny, take a vacation. She say she will be bored because nothing to do at home and since she just inherited a oven from her sister (her sister got a new oven and so gave her old one to RK. Hei, RK, anytime your sister want to off-load any of her second hand, I am most willing to take it off her hand!LOL)

Anyway, she promised me lots of photos and so, I am leaching it from her to put in my blog so that I can share my recipe to the world now (and nope, you don't have to call me SIFU. Only RK need to. But if you want to pay me royalty, I won't say no!) OK Ok, on with the recipe. For the recipe, I will cheat some and use readily available pasta sauce instead of making from scratch. The sauce are damn cheap now anyways.

1 bottle of Prego tomato based pasta sauce (You can use any brand of course so long as it is tomato based)
2 stalk of celery -diced
1 stick of carrot - diced
2-3 Fresh tomatoes - cubed
3-4 cloves of garlic - chopped
beef - 450g (follow the weight recommended on the ready-made pasta sauce)
Cheddar cheese -grated (for topping. Grate it finely like those dessicated coconut)
1kg Potatoes - boiled & mashed with butter (250gm)

1. Boil the potatoes and mashed it with butter. Leave aside to cool.
2. In a wok, heat up some oil.
3. Add in garlic and stir till golden brown
4. Add in pasta paste, beef, celery and carrot.
5. Leave the mixture to boil and simmer for a few minutes until the beef is cooked.
6. Add in the cubed tomatoes.
7. Turn off the fire and leave to cool.
8. Pour mixture into a baking tray and fully cover the beef mixture with mashed potatoes.
9. Sprinkle the grated Parmesan cheese on top.
10. Put the tray carefully into the oven.
11. Bake at 250-300 degrees for about 10-15minutes or until the cheese is golden color.

DONE!!! When you eat it, be careful because it will be hot! Of course, the beef mixture is actually similar to the one used for pasta or spaghetti sauce and it can be use for that purpose! So, pictures from RK to share. Go try them! If you love the spaghetti sauce and mashed potatoes, you will love this dish! Trust me! I think RK was already thinking of making her second batch!

The cheese is supposed to be grated finely but I guessed I forgotten to tell her that (blush!)

Bottom layer is the beef mixture, topped with mashed potato

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I am Blown Away~!

I can hear the wind whistling outside the building and the sky as dark and gloomy as if it is already 7pm-ish or 8pm. It is actually whistling really loudly and sounded almost like the spooky noise that most haunted/horror movie will have. I am beginning to look at the clock constantly and wonder if the rain will stop at 6pm so that I can drive home peaceful without too much jam. But I guess should ok even if it rained until after 6pm since I planned to go to the new wing to look at the LG fair after work. Want to see if any cheap washing machine and fridge or not.

I am stucked actually. Don’t know what to write about. I guess will just go straight to the point and thank Spiff for the award he gave me! I was really surprised because I never thought I will receive an award from Spiff, i.e. Nick altered ego! He has always been sort of my role model, Nick I mean, not that alien Spiff! LOL! So, I hereby, solemnly accept and thank you, Spiff aka Nickfor the Daily Blogger Award although I think I been lazy recently and running out of ideas what to write.Hard to believe that I start blogging about six months ago and I am still blogging. In the pass, if anyone tell me anything about blogging, it will just fly through my head and I will ignore it totally since I do not have any interest in it at all. I was wondering why in the world anyone would want to post their deepest thoughts and feelings so that whole wide world will know. Now, if even the news of bloggers unknown to me being sued, I feel upset because I am in the blogging community too!

I will say the ability to blog DAILY comes with a burden because it shows the world how ADDICTED I am to my blog! Sometimes, even if I don’t post anything, I will just login too just to see if there is anyone leaving comments here. And of course to check how many visitors I have for the day. Although I do not have as many comments and visitors as Spiff or Nick, I am happy to say that I have met many wonderful bloggers online whom I am proud to call my friends. (Hope they are calling me their friends too).

So, I would like to give this award to two dear friends of mine, one introduce me to the world of blogging, Rose and the other is Didi whose blog I always enjoy reading.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Itch, Block, Blow! Itch!!!!!!!!!

I think I am going to get sick. Suddenly my nose itch and I start sneezing. And then, suddenly start to have headache, like want to get fever. Actually, I been having slight sorethroat since last week but managed to buffer it off with lots of liang char (herbal tea) that the shop are selling here. I think maybe I need to get another one later after work. Get the bitter type and maybe ask them to put some medicine inside to make it stronger. Just hope that I wont puke it all out because too bitter! Sigh, the running nose is turning into blocked nose.

The weather outside is not helping at all. From the window, I can see that the sky is dark and gloomy although it just rain. Meaning that it might rain again. I wonder if I can go back abit early today around 5.30pm. After all, I came in at 7.45am to attend the weekly conference call. Or perhaps I should just go back now. Tell my boss I am not feeling well. One look at my face and he can see that my nose is all stuffy and head is about to explode! (Can’t believe I can talk about me being sick in two paragraph! That just how talkative and loso I am!)

Babe just sms asking me what to eat for dinner tonight. Chicken parts in the fridge but don’t know how to cook it. Usually will cook with soya sauce or ginger or oyster sauce but tired of it already. Maybe I will steam it tonight since only the two of us eating. OBG’s hubby not around. So, she usually eat earlier and don’t join us for dinner even though we invite her to eat with us. So, I took opportunity to buy expensive stuff such as white prompet (bawal putih) yesterday and steam with ginger and soya sauce. RM12+ per fish! Want to faint when I see the price but since want to eat, what to do. Just get. Maybe I will steam the chicken parts again. Eat something light since babe’s doc is telling him to lost weight.

He gained 7kg in 2 months! So, no more supper for him and trying to force him to do more physical activities. When we move to our on place, going to cook just enough rice for one meal so that he won’t over eat. He really rice tong lar. Can eat up to three plates of rice if the dishes are the one he like. I am happy he likes the food I cook but I also want to make sure he is healthy lar. We both not young already. Must take good care of ourselves if we want to see our kids grow up and get married and have their own kids! Of course, price go up, so need to tighten the belt and eat less too! ~LOL~

Ok, enough from me today. Need to control myself from babbling non-stop and creating super long posting again.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Shopping List

I wonder when the wind whirl will stop spinning and let me settle down properly! I feel as if I am in the tornado spinning round and round without a moment to slow down and breath. It felt as all things that I always wanted, i.e. challenging job, change of environment, independence, commitment, marriage, travel and so on are all happening at once. So much so that I am actually starting to wonder all the good things come now, when will the bad ones be here and will it come at once too? Yar, I am a pessimist when it comes to good lucks since I always believe that there is always balance in life and counter effects. Oh well, maybe I shouldn’t dwell on it too much and take it as its face value and as it comes along!

Am I confusing you guys? Actually I am feeling rather embarrassed at the moment because yesterday was the first time since I start work that I had to ask my parents for a loan. Ever since I start working more than 8-9 years ago, I always make sure that I never had to ask for money from my parents. And so far, I had managed to do so. But with expenses when I moved myself here, settling down, paying deposit for the place we are renting, paying the car insurance and roadtax as well as the business trip to US, I think I am almost drowning in the sea of bills!

Of course the business trip is claimable and we will be getting the RM625 rebate. And the money for the deposit will be refunded when we finished the contract and decide not to renew it. But all those will only happen in due time and most of the bills are due NOW. Of course, babe shares the expenses but the keyword here is share and I am finding it getting harder and harder to keep my end of the bargain. Sigh~ So as last resort, going back to my parents with my tail between my legs and asking for help. My parents of course do not mind helping us out. In fact, mom been asking for more than a week if I have enough money for the trip to US as well as deposit for the apartment we want to rent.

So, I guess I am happy with how things are turning out. But at the same time, I am also depressed and upset about it. The fuel price hike is creating havoc to my budgeting that I done before I decided to accept the job and move here. I only hope that when the company confirms me next month, they will give me a big fat increment to counter the crazy inflation that is going on now. I am only glad that at least I have babe with me to go thru this. And that we are still very much in love although we have been dating for more than eight years!

It is actually kind of scary to see the inflation rate after the fuel hike. I went to Jusco yesterday after work with the intention to buy vegetable to cook for dinner. And thought that since I am there, might as well buy some eggs and other groceries too. The first thing I noticed was the price of eggs. Previously, you can still find 10eggs for RM3.20 but yesterday, there was not a single one with priced less than RM3.50. Then when I went to the vegetable section, Jusco use to have this cheap non-organic vegetables for RM0.60 per bunch. Yesterday was RM1 per bunch. Rice that was selling for RM37 two month back is selling for RM50 per 10kg bag! I dare not look at the price of other stuff after that.

This just confirmed that we need to write out the shopping list and go shopping twice per month only. And must remember to stick to the list, well, at least 90% of the items bought is from the list lar. Must allow oneself some luxury and pampering also right? Or else what is the point of all the stress and getting scolded by customers? So, I think I will put down the list of things that I will be needing for the apartment in three categories, a) must have immediately, b) buy in next few month, c) good to have when can afford. And the list are:

Must Have Immediately
Two door fridge – saw one Samsung RM999, still thinking.
Automatic washing machine – Saw one Samsung 7kg for RM699. Pretty sure will be getting this.
Iron & Ironing Board - planning to get Phillip dry & steam iron RM129
Electric Kettle – planning to get those around RM30-50 should be good enough
Things to clean and mop apartment
Folded table for kitchen – temporary solution till we get proper ones! Babe say no need proper one. Just use this but I think I will insist get the proper one for kitchen eventually lor.
Ikea wooden rack for kitchen – RM125. Don't care. MUST GET!
Cleaver, knives, chopper – need to go to hardware store and find good knives.
Wok and cooking utensils – this one also go hardware stores. I think I saw one near the wet market where I bought pork last week.
Plastic Chairs – temporary solution till we get proper ones!
Cooking gas – this will be expensive since need to pay for the tong too (sigh)

Buy in next few months
Mirror for bedroom and bathroom – thinking of the 4 pc mirror that Ikea selling for RM19.90.
Rack for bedroom and bathroom – thinking of getting those DIY mount on the wall type from Ikea
Vacuum Cleaner – not yet survey. Don’t know the price is like
Dining Set – Saw one nice table at Ikea but babe say not nice.
Sofa set – still looking. Maybe at a garage sale?
TV – saw a Samsung set 29’ selling for RM799
Microwave – must have microwave, convention and combination function.
Astro - RM199. Should be ok but for now, since have internet tv, this can wait
Phillip intelligent rice cooker – babe want this lar but so expensive. RM229! For now we will use fire and pot to cook rice.

Good to have when afford
Kitchen table – this is I want lar but not necessary to have lor.
Dreamland mattress - babe wanted this lar! Don’t ask me why. I also not sure.
Bedroom set – still debating with babe. He say got mattress enough liaw but I prefer sleeping on proper bed!
Blender – in case want to make sambal bah! Don’t want to pound till I faint using those traditional stone type lar
Cake Mixer – maybe wont buy lor. Wait for mom to bring when she comes here. She say have a new one at home, free gift! haha
Oven – of course lar must get or else how am I going to make my baking? Saw decent ones below RM300. So wait first lar.
Toaster Oven – this is dual purpose, can use to toast bread OR cook something simple. Price below RM100

GOSH! Didn’t realized that the list of things that must get immediately is so long already! Luckily our parents forced us to bring a lot of stuff from Kuching when I was shipping my car here that time. So, I already have plates, eating utensil, corningware, steamer and a few other items. I wonder if I can get my mom to send us the extra curtains since there is always someone coming over to KL. Then can save up from having to buy curtains for the living room and bedroom! Pretty expensive you know. Cheapest also RM60 for two piece which is just enough for either living room or bedroom window. Anything else that I missed?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Missing In Action (MIA)?

Oh dear, can’t believe that my last posting was so long ago. I think this was the longest I go without posting anything eventhough I have access to the internet and laptop. I was attending training on Thursday and Friday as well as busy catching up with SK, my ex-colleague and good friend that is attending the same training as me. How did we managed to somehow attend the same training at the same time? Well, sufficient to say that there are ABSOLUTELY NO conspiracy going on! We are just doing what we think that is best able to ADD value to our job by attending the training. And if that happens to come with perks such two good friends meeting up, then even better, right? Hahaha!


So, SK arrived late Wednesday evening, around 10.30pm. She was supposed to arrived at the hotel by 10pm but her MAS (yup, MAS!) was delayed for about half hour due to bad weather condition (but SK say no rain ler!). SK was hungry since she only had Maggie at 3pm and the really disappointing MAS meal box, babe & I pick her up at the hotel and we went to Bangsar in search of food. Was abit surprised by the sight there because Bangsar used to be a happening place even on weekdays. Instead, we see a few restaurants and mamak open only. Even SK was surprised by this. Apparently, the new mosque nearby was complaining about the noisiness (immoral??) of the pubs at Bangsar! So, most pubs moved or closed down due to the pressure I guess.

In the end, we decided to try the nasi kandar mamak stall. Babe & I was still full from our Shillin Snack House dinner, so decided to have roti naan kosong with condense milk. SK ate Maggie ayam goreng. Both dishes were not spectacular and nothing to boast about. I think SK took pic of the roti naan. I as usual, didn’t bother lar! (Wait till I get my new digital camera that babe & I been eyeing to get before my trip to US in two weeks time! Then I will post so many pic that you will beg me to stop! LOL!). After dinner, babe drop SK and me at the hotel and drove himself back. YUP! I am going to spend 2 nights with SK at the hotel since it is walking distance to the hotel we will be having our 2 days training.

SK and I were so excited to meet each other after more than four months that we talk non-stop the moment she got into the car! And we actually continue talking in the hotel room, in our beds until 2am in the morning (and we had to wake up at 7am to go class!). I can tell you, by the next night, we were so tired that after we watch some tv, we both promptly fall asleep without saying much around 12 midnight. I think it was because we both didn’t get enough sleep the night before, good food (or shall I say too much food!) and the few hours walk at the mall.

Friday went pretty much the same except that night babe came and pick us up and we went to have our dinner at SS15 (yup, again!). SK didn’t eat much though. I think she was not used to having her dinner at 9pm! But having said that, I think we were pretty good eater! Let me see what we have, pizza Bavaria (small), oyster omelette (medium), fried mushroom (small), salmon, cheese crab and fried bread, pasta, 2 large water melon juice, 1 large green apple juice and 1 medium sugar cane (SK had 1 large watermelon juice and 1 medium sugarcane! I think she was so filled with water when we leave that she can hardly walk!) We drove SK back to the hotel around 11pm and I went home with babe.

Saturday, picked SK up from hotel at 9am-ish so that we can arrived at Ikea by 10am since we want to save as much time as possible. SK going back on Saturday night. So, she need to be back at the hotel by 6.30pm to catch the cab to KLIA. We estimated about 45min to reach Ikea but instead, we arrived there around 9.30am! So, since Ikea not open yet, we went to the cafeteria at Ikea for breakfast. Was hoping for the meatball and the others was thinking of having the chicken chop. But no such luck. The cafeteria only serve pastries and fried noodles for breakfast but the fried noodles was rather cheap, RM0.99 per plate, plus tax RM1.03. And of course, we need to have our coffee with free refill. I think I had 3 cups of cappuccino that morning! LOL! Babe said I will start to act stupid if I have anymore. So I stopped. Or else I could have had more!

After we finished making our rounds at Ikea, we went to the cafeteria again for our lunch. SK had the herb chicken leg which was not bad. Babe ate poached salmon which I thought was tasteless. And I ate the special of the day, BBQ chicken leg with corn on cob, which I is the tastiest of the three dishes. I drank another 2 cups of cappuccino. Babe and SK took softdrink. (Nope, I didn’t become stupid from coffee overdose! In fact, I sleep rather happily that night! Haha)

Then, we went to 1U after that to hunt for watch for SK’s hubby and some hard-to-find Chinese magazine for her mom. In the end, we couldn’t find both item but instead I think SK bought two singlets and we had our teabreak at Shillin Snack House. SK was surprised by the size of the XXL crispy chicken but not very impressed with the oyster meesua because the oyster was too fish/raw for her. I guess it was because she don’t really eat raw food unless it is salmon! After a few more walks, we finally drove SK back to the hotel at 5pm to catch her taxi. Poor gal was limping by then and I think she was glad to just sit down and not walk anymore!

Babe and I went home of course after that. Didn’t even contemplate going anywhere else! All we want to do is go home and laze around in bed. Watch internet tv in the room and do absolutely nothing. Actually, we were very excited about going to meet up with the landlady & hubby and agent the next day at noon to finalized the renting of the place that we wanted. We also wanted to have a one-time overview of the apartment again to make sure that it is all in working order and that there are no leaking.

Babe actually saw some dark patches in the bathroom the last time we visit. We just want to make sure that those are not caused by leaking from the above bathroom. Actually, it was because of leaking from above bathroom. But I told babe that since the both bathroom are dry despite the stain and that there are someone staying above us, the situation must be not too serious. And we both do love the area due to the peacefulness and low density. So, we signed and handover the one month advance as booking fee. Will be meeting up with them again this Saturday to sign the tenancy agreement and pay the rest. After which, the landlady will handover the key to us!

We are very excited because it will be the first place that babe and I will be renting together. We are already fantasizing on the a) must get immediately list, b) next need to get list and c) good to have list. In fact, on Sunday, after meeting at the apartment, we immediately drove around to look for Carrefour, Jusco and any other hypermarket to hunt for affordable fridge and washing machine. We found the washing machine that we can afford which should be durable since it has five years warranty on the motor but we are still hunting for a good size fridge at the price we can afford. Seems that all two-door fridges are more than RM900! Sigh!

Everything going up in price. So, with additional responsibility of paying rent, must make sure save where possible. Not trying to be stingy but I think better to put some aside for rainy days than struggling to make ends meet later. I am telling babe that we should consider visiting garage sales for bargains! But he seems reluctant. I guess I will try to convince him again this weekend to at least visit one garage sale just to see if it is worth going to others. I won’t mind getting stuff such as electrical goods and furniture at a bargain as long as it is value for money.

So, that was what I did during the last few days without posting. Today back to work and there are plenty of work waiting for me to follow up and complete. On top of that, my boss from US is here and is expecting a presentation on Wednesday. So, I already sms to babe to tell him that either I will OT in the office or I will bring work home today. So, he must make sure that he cannot bug me! Hhmppf! Haha.

Oh yah, RK, we didn’t bring SK to look around at our new place because not enough time. So, she didn’t have pictures to show you. I will make sure that I remember to take before and after pic and share to you and the rest. Then you can tell me what you think! And I finally received my passport back. Got my US visa. Will be leaving on the 30 Jun and only arrived back here again on the 4 Jul. 5 days with 2 day minimum on the plane. Actually will only be US soil on 30 Jun and back to airport again on 2 Jul because 3 Jul 1am something flight and lost somet time and will only be back in KL on 4 Jul afternoon. Will transit for a few hours in Taipei, Taiwan each way. So, need to find ways to kill time. I guess as long as there is internet, I will be ok. But on the plane how ler? I bought a couple books from PayLessBook at 1U branch. I hope the in-flight movie is interesting!

ALAMAK! OK! Enough for now! I can see some eyes getting smaller while reading this! HAHA!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Short Talk: SK is HERE!!

SOOO lazy to do my posting these 2 days. Don't have much to say lar (yar, shocking rite?). So, just making short talk! Just receive sms from SK tat she is at the airport already and waiting for boarding. Will meet her at the hotel later and bring her for supper at SS15 (yah, go there again! I wonder they give discount card for regulars!) And then I will be staying with SK at the hotel for the next 2 nites while attending training on Thursday and Friday. So excited! Hope we will remember to stop gossiping/ chatting and SLEEP! bluek!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Eureka!! I have FOUND the ONE!

WE FOUND OUR APARTMENT! Yahoo!!! As mentioned in my previous posting, babe & I went to meet up with the real estate agent on Sunday at 12noon. She planned to show us two units at the same place. Babe and I have always love that place the first time we saw it a month back when another agent showed us a semi-furnished unit. But it was abit too pricey for us especially for a place that is only 850sq. Although, the place had lots of build in extras such as kitchen cabinet, stove and hood, bedroom wardrobe, 2 aircon, remote fan, heater and so forth, in the end we decided that we just couldn’t afford it. Thank god we made that decision because if not, we would have regretted it. Furthermore, the price hike further re-inforce our decision to keep to our initial budget.

So, the first one that we viewed was not impressive at all. It is on the ground floor but the place was designed in such a way that it looks like going DOWN 2 floor to the basement. The 3rd floor is the one that is same level with the parking. On top of the that, opposite it is an abandon unit of grocery/ tuck shop. Although this unit have a little extra and the price was RM50 more than the empty ones, we decided right off that it is a no go. I think the agent can sense it because we wanted to get out of the place immediately.

The second unit was much more pleasant. It is on block B which is more peaceful and family oriented. Cleaner too! The unit is on third floor but this is not a problem because the place have lift. When we got to the unit, instead of opening it up with her own key, the agent knocked at the door. It turn out that the landlord and landlady was there waiting for us! I guess they just want to see what we look like and make sure that we are decent people? (Who can resist the CUTE me!! Hahahaha!) Anyway, the place is rather surprisingly clean that babe even asked me last night if we still need to mop the place. Lazy bum! Of course lar need!

Anyway, after viewing it, we didn’t say yes or not yet because babe want check out the road to make sure it is convenient for him to get to work daily. Turn out that the distance is not much more different for him going to and from where we are staying now and the new place. And yes, I have confirmed with the agent we will take the place this morning. I waited till it is not too early, around 9am before calling! If not, I would have called at 8am when I was stucked in the stupid jam again this morning. Babe was so excited that he was actually talking about moving in middle of this month! Hahaha! But I was excited too lar. I didn’t even get grumpy when I was ironing his 3 work shirt and 5 work pants yesterday!

The place have 2+1 rooms, 2 bathroom/toilet, 1 unit aircon in masterbed and ceiling fans. Nothing much special about it except the environment of the place. As you are driving up the hill to the apartment, left side is the trees/jungles and right side can see the mountain far far away. So damn nice scenery. Feel like going up to some resort or something. And the other time that babe & I was there, it just stopped raining and the air feel so fresh and cooling! Almost like we are at Genting! On top of that, it is not congested and pretty low density compared to most places.

So, yup, we are glad we found the unit that we can afford. So, now just need to slowly start buying our own furniture and stuff for the place. Most important is of course washing machine, fridge, iron, iron board (ugh!) and kettle. Some of the household items such as plates, cups, steamer, pots and so forth already have! Our parents made me bring it when I was sending my car. At the time, it felt such a hassle but now I am glad because it can help to reduce the spending abit. This weekend going to there and view the place once more, pay deposit for 1 month rent and then wait for the tenancy agreement to be drawn up. In which case, at the end, will be paying 2+1+0.5. And of course, need to pay RM150 for the tenancy agreement too!

So excited and happy!!! Wish next month is here! So many things happening!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Authentic Sarawak Kolo Mee, Laksa, Tomato Kueh Teow

There seems to be less cars on the road this weekend. I guess everyone is trying to make their last tank of 'cheap' fuel last as long as possible. Well, it is all jolly good for babe & I , the less cars there are on the road, the better. Anyway, today woke babe up at 9.30am, well, tried to wake up the big panda lar but he only finally wake up at 10.15am and when we finally leave the house, it as already 11am. And I thought gals take long time to get ready to go out! hhmppf!

By then, I was already starting to think of what to tell the house agent the reason we are late. We are suppose to meet at the agent at 12noon but before that, babe promised me that we will go to our friend stall at Restaurant Megah Goodluck at SS24 (behind Fat Crab, near to Ming Tien). The friend is also from Sarawak but he moved to KL few years back and started a stall selling Sarawak Laksa, Kolo kueh teow/ beehoon, tomato kueh teow/beehoon/crispy noodle and lo bak noodle. As I said in my short talk previously, the Laksa is actually pretty good. Not saying this because he is my friend but it really does taste like authentic Sarawak Laksa.

So, for brunch, babe tried the tomato kueh teow and trust me, it really does taste like the one in Kuching too. The price is RM4.50 for normal and RM5 for large. I understand from my friends that KL people cannot comprehend eating tomato with kueh teow or noodles. The idea of mixing tomato sauce with kueh teow or noodle just sound weird to them. But to us, it is just a normal daily thing to us, just like the sun shining in the sky everyday. The price is RM4.50 for normal and RM5 for large.We tapau the kolo kueh teow for teabreak (oh yah, so kiasu! haha).

I really wish the taukeh of the shop allow my friend to do kolo mee. Kinda silly not to allow my friend to do any noodle dishes just because his own son has a stall selling wantan mee. I mean, I am pretty sure that the moment people catch wind of the fact that there is authentic kolo mee at the stall, not only Sarawakian will go there but anyone that have tasted Sarawak kolo mee in their life before will go there too! Then, doesn't that mean more business for the taukeh? I think his shop will be so full that he need to hire more helpers!

But alas, I guess blood is thicker than money? So, only kolo kueh teow and beehoon but let me tell you, it looks, smell and taste FANTASTIC (DROOL!) I actually finished the WHOLE packet of the kueh teow without giving babe any chance to 'steal' off my bowl! Even babe is surprised I finished the whole thing because usually I will leave at least one third for him (yar yar, that is how he gain so much weight in the last one half months, LOL).

Now as I am typing this, babe is bragging to his Kuching friends here that he tasted the best-est most authentic kolo kueh teow, tomato kueh teow and Sarawak laksa in KL. We are planning to go there again next weekend, bringing our friends there. I want to try the crispy noodle and lo bak noodle. Aiyeh, both nice, which one to choose? I know, I have the crispy noodle and babe eat the lo bak noodle, then I taste some! I will try to remember to take picture next week. This week was too hungry to remember taking pic until we are almost done!

Oh yah, we arrived and start eating at 11.20am, finished eating at 11.40am and reached Sri Damansara at 12noon. We are thinking very seriously about one of the apartment we view today. Most likely going to take it and move in next month after I am back from my trip to US. Wish us luck!

Friday, June 6, 2008

RM0.78 per litre Increase - Day 2

The hot topic of the day, increase of petrol price by RM0.78/liter making us consumer having to pay RM2.70/liter for something that is considered as daily necessities. And to suddenly raise the price so much overnight, I really don't know what our leaders are thinking. Do they think that the rakyat (people) will just accept it and not say much? Are they trying to give the opposition more bullets to shoot them with? Or just trying to commit political suicide? Needless to say, after experiencing a few times increase in petrol, we more or less can estimate what to expect. The prices will come tumbling and every traders and business will increase their price in the effort to survive.

I don't even want to contemplate what the outcome will be like. Even yesterday, just one day after the announcement of petrol price hike, I can already see the effect on price. The brand of rice that babe used to buy was RM28 two month ago, last month was RM35 and yesterday, when I look at the pamphlet front Carrefour, it was RM40! Even the lower grade rice are selling for more than RM25 per packet of 10kg. I wonder how much higher the price going to get for our staple food. Do we really have to resort to what the idiotic leaders are telling us to do? Switch to potatoes and bread!? I can survive on those but I think my babe will be too weak to think, what more to say work.

Amid all this, I came across a webpage that slams at me really hard the reality of how vulnerable humanity are. The comics from Paul Gravette's website reminds me that there are people that had and still suffer worse things in life than price hike in petrol and everything else. This are the people that risk their own lives to rescue those in need. It reminds me how great the love of a person is for another being. It reminds me how great the sacrifices our parents are willing to make for us.

So, yes, due to the price hike, our lifestyle and the life as we know it before yesterday will change forever. But as most things, life goes on as this too will pass. It will be a learning experience for all of us and eventually, it will be a distant memory to share with our kids and grandkids. In the meantime, lets all pray for the lives that was lost in the earthquake especially those who gave their own lives so that others can survive. Perhaps our leaders need a big dose of medicine in humanity as well. Then they will know how the rakyat is suffering from the extreme price hike and indecisive directions from the leaders.

Kind Souls at MBPJ

Dear God, thank you for reminding me that you are taking care of me and ensuring that I get to where I want to go safely. I do appreciate this and can feel the love but God, next time, can you also tell me which am the right road to take to go home fast and safe especially with the petrol price increased so drastically yesterday. Really couldn’t afford to drive one big circle and go through two tolls as I did yesterday. Thank you God. Amen.

OK! That is done! Got you all thinking what is this JenJen talking about didn’t I? Well, I got myself a parking overtime summon the other day when I had to go to the bank to pay for my visa application fee. I had no idea that over here, when you put coupon for half hour and you parked longer than that, you will get a summon. In Kch, there is no such thing. If you put a coupon for half hour and parked for more than that, when you come back, you will see a slip requesting you to go to the nearest booth to pay the extra time, in this case it will be additional RM0.53.

But in KL, it seems that even if you have a parking coupon for half hour and if you park over half hour, you get a summon immediately. And my friends, the summon is NOT cheap. The starting fine is RM30 and the longer you take to settle the summon, the higher the fine will be. Of course, if you get to their HQ, you can make a plea to reduce the fine. And to make matter worse, Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) does not have online payment facilities yet. So, had to go all the way to MBPJ to make payment. Me being new here and everything, had cleverly search the internet for road map to find the best way to get there.

Of course, the super clever me did not bother to check how to get OUT of the place to the RIGHT road! Can’t blame me too much on this because in Kch, they don’t build road this complicated. In Kch, it seems that the direction to and from it is very clear cut. Where you go in, is usually where you go out as well. But not in KL! Oh no. You can go in from the south side and then having to turn many turnings and then you might end up going out on the north side, or maybe it was the east side or perhaps west exit? And each of this exits leads to different highways! FAINT! I think I need to take a deep breath even as I type this.

Back to yesterday. I left the office around 4pm. Thongs has actually kindly offered to call me around 3pm to explain how to get there. But last minute, can’t take her call at all because boss ask for a meeting. So, at 4pm, I quickly pack and leave and office and praying really hard that I will be able to find the building and not get lost. Of course, I FORGOT to pray so that the road is clear with no jam and that I will be able to get out of the place using the road going to the exits that I want to go. Initially, the there were only a slight jam on the LDP highway just outside Bandar Utama. Then the jam eased off until I reach the turn off near the cable bridge to the Federal Highway.

As I never been there at that time of the day, I was disappointed but not surprised to see a crawling jam there. I thought this is normal for Fedral Highway. In fact, after crawling for about 1km, I realized that the jam was caused by 2 car accident on the right lane. I was driving like a maniac by then because it was only 20minutes to 5 and of course, I was weaving from one lane to another as I was not familiar with the road and was not sure where the turn off is. When I finally parked, it was about 10minutes to 5 and I was praying really hard that for some reasons, the MBPJ cashier in the payment counter is still open. Wishful thinking I know because by the time I got there, it was 2-3minutes before 5 and not a single cashier was in sight!

However, as I was saying, God was taking care of me. HE make sure that there are two super kind soul at the other counters that is willing to help lost innocent me (blink blink! HAHAHA! I wanted to put ‘lost innocent cute me’ but I think I better not make you puke). Not only did the young man and uncle told me in a very nice way that the payment counters here are closed but the young man even call the HQ to see if the payment counters there are still open! Using his own handphone some more! I was already impressed by this but was happily shocked when he asked me for my summons and when I said it ‘melted’ in the rain (don’t laugh lar!), he took my car plate and print out a copy. AND THEN he proceed to ask the one remaining cashier that is packing up to put a stamp that says ‘ Reduce to RM10’!

While he was running around doing this for me, I chit chat with the uncle. He too was very nice and friendly. After getting the summon stamped, the young man proceed to tell me that I don’t have to go back there to make payment. Instead, I can just post the summon together with the money order or bank draft. He even proceeded to give me the payee name and posting address! I was all wide eyes and smile by then. Hardly know how to thank them except to say thank you again and again. I think I was even smiling cheerfully when I was waiting for the lift because the guys in the lift are smiling back at me too! (I told babe that it was because they can’t resist me! LOL!)

After the high, I of course came crashing down when I realized that I do not know how to get out of the place and back to the Federal Highway to LDP via the cable bridge underpass! I don’t even know where I drove to yesterday. All I know is that I follow the road signs that say Damansara or Bandar Utama or Puchong. I was thinking either I will end up at my office area or end up near the place I stay now. Turn out I went through 2 tolls and finally turn out to LDP just before SS2. Sigh, big big big turn. When I told babe, first thing he asked, you know how to go back? And when I say yeah, on LDP already but had to make big turn and pay 2 tolls, then the next thing he said, waste petrol. AIYEH!!! SO BAD!!! Hhmppff!

So, that was my adventure yesterday. And lesson learnt? Remember to check the map for the ROAD back out too! Hahaha…

Thursday, June 5, 2008

End of the World

It was really a crazy day yesterday. I left office with Rose at around 6.35pm yesterday. The plan was to go back to my house, pick up babe and then go to the hotel to pick Big J to go dinner together on their last night in KL. Usually, the most this will take is an hour. Instead, the whole ORDEAL took more than 3 hours. By the time we actually sat down for our dinner, it was already 10pm-ish! Even now I am wondering if I just had a nightmare instead of really going through that stupid jam. The jam was so bad that at one point, I can actually put my car in neutral and pull my handbrake and park! Non-moving traffic for at least 10min more than once.

At first Rose and I was really puzzled and wondering what is going on. Although some jam is expected because it was raining rather heavily around 5pm yesterday but by the time we left, the rain has eased off to tiny drizzle. This usually means the end of bad traffic jam and a good sign to leave for home. Instead, we discovered that the main reason was because some people got it into their thick thick head that they MUST fill up their car before the price hike of RM0.78/litre today! As if that would make much difference with all the huge jam this people are causing.

Initially, I have enough petrol to last me for another day. But after more than three hours plus jam, I have no choice but to join the queue to fill up or risk being stucked in the middle of the highway. Thank god the petrol station near where I am staying was not so congested and thanks to initiatives of the pump attendants, the line was moving rather fast. Of course, there are a few inconsiderate drivers that took their sweet time to get out of the way once they have finished filling up. One guy even leave his car at the pump and attempt to go to the kiosk to buy something! Luckily he came to his senses or else Big J would have given him a piece of his mind!

Even babe was complaining that he can’t find a petrol station to fill up his bike. Every petrol station he tried either have super long queue or the petrol station has dried up. Imagine that, dried up! Secretly, I do not believe that. I think they are pretending to dry up so that they can sell at a higher price at the stroke of midnight to get higher profit margin. It seems that there is jam everywhere in Malaysia yesterday even back at my hometown. Babe’s sis sms me and say that the jam is all the way form Choice Premier Supermarket to the BDC roundabout! That is really crazy because in Kuching, jam at those places and that long is not common at all.

Big J commented that all this jam and people rushing to petrol stations reminds him of a scene from Armageddon where everyone was trying to get out of the city to run for their lives. Yesterday, instead of people running away, it seems that people are rushing to join the jam and crowd! To be frank, I cannot really understand why people are doing this. After all, how much can one save this way? If you ask me, I think we are wasting more fuel when the jam is created than saving it! Just imagine, I had enough for another day drive to work and back before I need to fill up become I MUST fill up or else the car will stop! I think the world must be laughing at our stupidity!~

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Short Talk: Sarawak Laksa

Calling all Sarawakian in Selangor, I FOUND the best-est Sarawak laksa here!!! It is at Taman Megah behind Ming Tien cafe. I think it is call Megah Cafe, the corner one. Taste EXACTLY like the actual Sarawak laksa. It has just enough coconut milk and the laksa paste. Just thick enough without being over-powering. Only one thing though, the sambal (scrimp paste) abit slack. I think because he use local belacan instead of the one from Bintulu, Sarawak. But the laksa still very nice! DROOL!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Feeding Frenzy

Balitong, creamy cheese crab, spicy crab, spicy lala, grill chicken fish, oyster omelette, Italian pizza, Italian salmon pasta, Italian Bolognese, green pepper chicken, sashimi, unagi sushi, squid balls, prawn balls, 4 large watermelon juice, 1 large green apple juice, 1 large lime juice and 3 Heineken beer. That was the list of dishes that we ordered last night at SS15. Yup, we actually went back there again last night in Big J’s quest to taste ALL the food from all the stalls there. We were foolish enough to let Big J with his growling stomach to roam and order the dishes that caught his eyes. I think when the food starts to arrive; the tables around us were all in shock and staring. Imagine, 10-15 dishes just for 5 person which consist of 2 guys and 3 gals!

I am seriously wondering what the people around us must be thinking. I know what I would think if I saw something like that. Either the 5 person have been starving for a very long time or they are crazy! Oh, maybe they are from deep in the mountains and never seen so much food. And so, ordered and ordered and ordered. HAHA! I am not joking, the table was so full that even Rose was having problem fitting all the food into the camera. Hei, Rose, don’t forget to post all those pictures so that this people know I am not bluffing! Bluek!!!

Anyway, we had great fun. It has been a long time since I go out with my friends just to chit chat, relax and laugh. Not doing much other than catching up, gossiping, teasing each other and laughing. By the time we finally go back, it was only 10.30pm when we leave the place by the way. So early but our Kuchingnites are tired. So, TC whisk us all back to the hotel where babe and I left our car. I don’t know about the other 3 but babe and I were so full that we were having difficulty to inhale air. I couldn’t stop laughing when babe groaned loudly when he tried to put on the brake lock in the car. He complained that he can’t bend! So funny!!! We all made a pact NOT to go there again tonight no matter how tempted Big J is.

So, this morning, Rose and TC is again on the quest to invade the mall and shop till they drop. I guess they will be visiting another old friend of ours who have a laksa stall at Taman Megah. So tempted to play hooky and call in sick today so that I can join them. But alas, I am not so brave and like what Petro, Ika and Serena said in the, what if your boss caught you having fun when you call in sick! GASP! KL is not that big you now! So, nope, won’t want to take the risk. Anyway, I am never very good at lying or hiding my emotions. So, here I am, in the office, finishing up my ISO document flows that the team will review after lunch today and typing my post of the day! I don’t call this goofing off ok! I call it taking a short break from stress. Hehehe..

I will be so glad when my ex-colleagues are back to work tomorrow. Miss having someone to chat with on the net whenever I feel like it. RK will only be back next week though. So, my skype is for official matters only for the time being. But on the high note, SK will be coming to KL next Wednesday for 2 days training on Thursday and Friday. I am still waiting for my boss to give the go ahead to attend the same training. SK was planning to stay back for the weekend. So, I am looking forward to that too. And another high note, I am going to US end of month for our quarterly meeting at HQ. Need to go pay at Alliance, apply for visa and arrange for interview at the embassy.

I know, I don’t sound very excited. Not yet bah. Wait till it is nearer to the the time to fly, then I will be jumping up and down in my blog! Hhmm.. I wonder if I can find a digital camera to borrow. Can’t ask dad to send his all the way for me to use right? The handphone camera might be good for normal blogging on food but I don’t think it will do justice if I use my handphone to take picture of the scene in US. I wonder if the company will allow me cash advance especially with everything more than triple the price there. Imagine changing RM2000 will get you around $550 only! But I might not need the cash since will be going with a few guys more senior than me. Plus it is meeting at the HQ, so most likely meals are arranged. Just need money to buy personal stuff and souvenirs.

This weekend will be going to meet up with an agent to view an apartment at Sri Damansara. This is the apartment that babe and I really like but the price of the previous one was abit over our budget. But this time, it might be the one. The price is right and the location is where we want it to be. So, just need to go and view the place to make sure that nothing fishy with it. And babe also wants to try out the road to NKVE from there. Just to make sure that it is convenient for him to go to that highway to go to work daily. If not, we might have to consider a place in Kota Damansara. Similar price but the apartment is not as nice. So, wish us luck! (SK, who knows, when you are here in Sept, you can actually stay at my place because it is convenient to go IKEA? Hehehe!)

Monday, June 2, 2008

So near and yet so far...

As I was saying, so near and yet so far! Rose and another long time friend of ours, TC, is currently enjoying themselves shopping at the mall near my work place. Oh well, guess no choice but to meet up with them after work later. After all, I am sure those two gals will have to problem shopping for four hours while they wait for me. I think Rose was saying something about spending until she drops shopping! Rose, make sure you remember to ask Big J for his credit card and wallet! ~LOL~! I wonder what they are doing now. Can’t help myself and get distracted with my thoughts of them ok!

Actually, babe and I already met up with Big J and Rose last night for dinner. So funny because those two were so excited that they are talking at the same time and we actually have to remind them to talk one person at a time! Babe and I couldn’t decide where to bring them at first but in the end, decided to bring them to SS15 since there is more varieties of food there. Initially was thinking of having Vietnamese food at the mall near where I worked then in the end decided against it because they can go to eat at the mall when going shopping. But will be kind of hard to get to SS15 without someone bringing them there.

Big J was so excited and keen to try EVERYTHING. I think he was in a daze and not sure what to order. I think Rose were a little overwhelmed too and couldn’t decide what to have. Or maybe she was too hungry that everything looks appetizing? In the end, we ordered to share the Bavaria pizza, oyster omelets, fried bun crab and sashimi. Big J and I ordered baso and it was the most horrible baso I ever eaten. If you go to SS15, DON’T ever over the baso or you will regret it for the rest of your life! Rose also ordered a plate of nasi lemak. Oh yah, Big J also ordered a bowl of pork rib mee sua, I think. On top of all this, we also ordered tall big large cup of drinks. Big J, Rose and babe ordered watermelon juice each. And Big J also ordered ice tea (small normal cup, hehe) and babe ordered another cup of green apple juice. Mine was liong sui, small normal cup of course!

I am not sure about Big J and Rose but by the time we are done, I feel so full and bloated! I think that is the most things that I have eaten in one meal since I am in KL. Big J says he wants to go there again tonight, he want to try all the rest of the food there. Rose told him that even if he goes there every night until he goes back on Thursday, he will not be able to finish tasting everything. So funny! Hehehehe! Anyway, am still thinking of where to go tonight. At first was thinking of bringing them to authentic mamak food. Not sure yet because TC might be able to suggest something better since she has been staying in KL for many years. Either way, sure will be fun!

Oh yes! Before I forget, THANKS ROSE for bringing those Hock Hai big pau all the way from Kuching for us! Babe couldn’t wait and he ate one already last night after we got home. Don’t know where he has place to store them. Then he also ate one for breakfast today and only left 2 mouthfuls for me. And I had one for lunch today with Milo. Still have another one in the container and thinking of having it for teabreak later. So, only left 2 at home! At first we want to give one to Roy’s friend for his breakfast this morning but babe didn’t say anything, so I also keep quiet lor. BLUEK!

Sigh~! So happy to meet up with old friends, catch up and talk about old times! Miss having my own friends to talk to....