Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Morning

Very very bad jam this morning from Kota Sentosa to work. Road work there better finish soon or else I can predict more and more road accident. Saw a car this morning with the front driver door completely shattered at the roundabout that is in the process of being 'renovated' into traffic light junction. Actually, when they started to change some of the direction of the road, I was already telling out loud to my family that this place is an accident waiting to happen. The contractor has changed the direction of the road without giving much regards to the safety of the user. It seems that all they care about is for their own convenient.

Dad was complaining that the roadwork is taking a long time. If another the famous TPK contractor has been doing it, the roadwork would have been done weeks ago! No wonder Sarawakian have the reputation for procrastinating and taking things slow & easy. But I have to admit, the phase of life in Kuching is definitely much slower compared to other places. People do tend to take things easy here and that includes work. So, if someone is a go-getter and gung ho, then he or she will definitely be outstanding achiever. However, the same person in other places such as Selangor will just be an average person.

I guess that is why most Sarawakian that I know who have relocated to somewhere for whatever reason dreamed of coming back to Sarawak eventually or to retire here. Babe actually have plan to come back in 5 - 10 years time. When he told me (even now), I sincerely dont think that it is possible lor because it is human nature to NOT want change mar. So as much as possible, we like to stay at one place as long as we can. After all, not everyone can be a nomad.

Mumbling mumbling mumbling~ I am so sleepy and bored actually. Officially passed down my workload to my other colleagues. So, this few days will just be sitting around, clearing old stuff and making sure that the colleagues are able to handle the workload. Of course, when I sent the email out to a few key group in the company announcing the re-assignment, alot of them were surprised. Not sure why though. After all, no one remains in the company forever. I guess they just were not expecting me to leave so soon. Just three years in the organisation and I like to think that I been doing well here:P

I am definitely much more relaxed today and start to think about my weight lost plan again! Been neglecting them for more than a month now with the resignation and relocation and stuff (yar yar, giving myself excuse). Must start to go back on track. I guess when I go to KL, I need to start my exercise regime again, i.e. jogging or powerwalk in the evening. And of course look for center that offer yoga. I heard from Didi that there is turbo jam that might actually speed up the weight lost process. Maybe I will try that out but first need to find my way around.

Aiyeh, I miss my sport shoes! hahaha..I ship it together in my car. I have started my packing yesterday and realised that alot of the stuff should have gone together with the car so that I can travel light. But as usual, I forgot this and that. No wonder babe always ask me the same questions over and over again nowadays to remind me and I didn't like it one bit! hhmmpff!! Babe, stop nagging lar. So loso one!!!

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