Friday, January 30, 2009

Hair, Food and Feast

FINALLY (!!), it is Friday! Has been a slow week so far eventhough only have 3 work day. Most of the colleagues are still on leave and will only be back next week. Even the road are super clear as most people are still on their vacation or in their hometown. Nothing much going on last few days since almost all my customers and suppliers are off for the CNY too. There are some work pending but I cant do much since the person that needs to issue the orders are on leave too. As I said, it has been a super slow week.

In fact, so slow that I actually take the time to put on the make up once I am at the office. Hopefully K remembers to bring the curler and I can play around with it this weekend. Since it is temporary curls, I dont think babe will object to it. He is usually pretty liberal with how I dress as long as it is appropriate. He dont even mind if I wear low cuts as long as I am with him (to protect me konon-nya! :P). But when it comes to my hair, he prefer that I keep it long and straight without any colors in them! Yah..I know...BORING!!!!

Which is why I am going to try and create some temporary curls. Gonna make those body perms, ie. big curls at the bottom half of the hair. Truth be told, I also dont really dare to go for permanent perm. I mean, what if I dont like it? And what if I like it at first and diligently maintain it but one day decided that I am sick of it? Does this mean that I go to the saloon for straightening? And how will all this effect my hair? Will it damage the hair? And so on and so on...

Lots of questions. In the end, still go for the temporary perms is the safest! Yar yar, COWARD! hahahaha! Dont care lar. At least my hair is natural straight and soft. So, didnt have to spend much on haircare. Only need to use normal anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner. Hhmm, just suddenly ter-thought of something. Does this mean that I need to go get myself hairspray to keep the temporary curls in place? Need to ask SAR later.

Right, enough about my hair! Lets talk about FOOD!!! (GRIN(. I still have lots and lots and lots of titbits and cookies at home. I packed some for babe to bring to work today but again he decided not to bring them today. Instead, will bring them on Monday when another guy come back from his vacation. That way, he can share it with more people. His office now only have 2 other people and there is also not much to do.

I think the house still have 3-4 types of cookies. All store bought. The melting moments aka momo aka ghee balls are gone on the 2nd day of CNY itself. Still plenty of peanuts. Guess they can have another round of beer drinking session with that. Cakes, still have some chocolate cheesecake and no-bake cheesecake. I dont really like either but babe say he wants to eat the no-bake cheesecake. Keropok, I didnt fry since I dont have any container to keep them. So, those can keep. Soft drinks and beer still have plenty too but those can keep for another round.

Babe is already thinking about hosting Chap Goh Meh (i.e. the 15 day of the Chinese New Year which marks the end of the new year celebration). I am having a hardtime to decide whether to have simple steamboat, bbq OR to cook again like the CNY eve feast. Frankly speaking, I am super lazy and might just tell babe to go for the steamboat. Actually Chap Goh Meh is suppose to be simple dinner to mark the end of 15days of food binge and procrasination. But it is nice to have friends gather around and basically just have fun. Maybe I ask babe to have it 1 day earlier on Sunday so that I can recuperate on Monday, 9 Feb which is a public holiday here in Selangor.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Feeling super super nostalgic now. Been looking at this website on wedding videos and this people are making me wish that I can do everything all over again! Almost...want to do it all over again. Now I can't wait to see my own videos that my bro's friend help us to take on the day. Yah, I have not seen the video. No time bah after the wedding while we were in Kuching till the time we come back to KL. And also forgotten to ask my bro to burn us a copy. So, will have to wait till my parents and sis come next month to stay with us for about 2weeks.

I heard my mom said that they had a good laugh when they view through the video. K called it romantic comedy! LOL! I am just anxious to see what happened during the dinner. I understand that I missed pretty alot of the happenings on the stage. Our friends and cousins were singing for us and calling us from stage but we unintentionally ignored them. Of course, there was me tipsy (err..drunk but conscious and able to comprehend what is going on but only one thing at a time). I remember the dancing with babe though.

Hhmm, never ceased to amaze me how much I can love a person and still am so much in love with him eventhough after more than 8 years together. Of course, only been his wife for less than a month (although it felt as if we been married for ages because we understand each other so well but having said that, we never stop to surprise each other somehow with our quirkiness and own ways)! I realised after watching all those videos that the key essential that leads to a marriage is not just as a partner or lover in life but the most important aspect, best friend, i.e. someone that you can share laughter, sorrow, success and jokes (yup, jokes!) with. Someone that you know you can just call up anytime of the day for 'rescue' and he/she will be there for you no matter what.

EIKS! Sorry!!! I better stop this mushy stuff or else you will start to vomit all over your monitor and keyboard! HAHAHA!

Anyway, some of the videos makes me wanted to tell babe that do and feature it as part of our romantic story for our kids. One that I particularly like is the Answers to Love Questions (Jeff & Ann) where the couple writes out a list of questions they have for each other and each answer them separately. They do not know the answer until the wedding dinner! I wonder how must that feel. As I remember it (or not remember :P), most of the time throughout that day went by in a haze. Only remember bits and pieces of it and even then, I think it was through rose tinted glass.

What I am trying to say is, if anyone of you are getting married soon, dont forget to get someone to record the whole day event on video. It does not have to be a professional such as those from Wedding Story (although it would be great if you can afford to hire the professionals) but most important is to have something to look back. Trust me, you will not remember much of the day no matter how careful it is planned. You also do not have eyes everywhere. So, definitely a good idea to have videos taken. If possible, get 2-3 videos with 2-3 friends (or 10 videos and friends if you have) to help records different parts of the wedding. 1 person just cant cover everything.

p/s: This is not a paid advertisement for Wedding Story lar. I am just feeling stupidly nostalgic and wants to share what I thoughts derived from my experience ^_^

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


ARGHH!!! I am so stupid! How I wish I am took leave and at home now, happily sleeping the morning away. Or even better, at home and watching astro, lazing around whole day with nothing much to do! Instead, I am at the office, at my desk, not knowing what to do since most of my vendors and customers are off for the whole week too! Here since before 7.30am and none of the colleagues are here yet. So, this morning decided that if there is not much going on today, I will sms my boss and let him know that I will be taking the 'force' leave after all...

Right now I am just sitting around and waiting for others to come. The office sure feel lonely. Even the road outside are so empty with the occasional car driving through to come for work. Most people took the opportunity to take 3 days leave this week so that they can have the whole week off I guess. (Feel like slapping my forehead again for my stupidity!) I feel like singing at the top of my lung right about now just to make the office more festive?

Maybe I should go back after half day, i.e. take a taxi and just go home? I have the spare house key with me. So, I might as well do that? Or maybe I should persuade my colleagues to come over to my place for lunch later and drive me there. But what to eat for lunch ah? Hhmm..I can heat up some of the food leftover from CNY eve feast, lamb and prawn. Just need to cook the rice. I wonder if cooking the rice will take how long? And dessert would be the choc cheesecake, no-bake cheesecake and the CNY goodies!

EIKS! Suddenly remember, the apartment is in a mess because we have not clean up much since the first day of CNY. Not allowed to sweep the floor mar. And also, yesterday, both babe and I just laze around and not do much. After 2 days of hecticness especially for me, I rather just stay at home and sit around. Both babe and I woke up at around noon (me later than him for once) and had our lunch. Then we basically watched Astro till around 6.30pm. Then we went for a swim. Dinner after that. And bed at around 11pm.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CNY Eve Gathering & CNY Day 1

CNY Eve and CNY Day 1 has been a super busy day for me. I am still feeling the ache in my feet after standing for hours and hours in the kitchen stove and sink. But I can say that it is all worth it. All worth it when I see babe preening and pride showing when our friends enjoy the food that his wife cooked! :P

So, on the eve of CNY, since we didn't go back to Kuching and my parents cancelled their plan to come over till next month, we decided to cook and invite the friends over for a gathering. As I said, my day on CNY eve started just before 7.30am and finally end at around 2am. I cooked what I planned, i.e. pork leg pak lor (soya sauce pork leg stew lar), mixed vege, mix pork soup, lamb stew, bake chicken with bacon, savoury prawn, fried fish (instead of steamed fish since I cant find any white prompet at the wet market) and half a roast duck (bought this from a coffee shop near the wet market) and of course, white rice (6 cups! :P)

Almost everything is gone except for some mix pork soup, pork leg (which I purposely cooked more), prawn and lamb. How many people were at the gathering? Let me do mental calculation, ermm...12 people with a few kids that is under 5 years old. That mean that everyone eat at least half cup of rice and I know I cooked enough for maybe 20 people? HAHAHA! I hope it is because everyone really enjoyed the food that was cooked that night.

Some of the dishes after we have eaten. I forgot to take the photos before we start eating. I think everyone was super hungry by then and cant wait to attack the food:)

Playing cards and watching tv after heavy meal

Babe and I went to bed at around 2am-ish. I think it was later than that because after everyone left and I finished cleaning up, both of us just sit around in the living room and laze around for awhile. CNY Day 1, I woke up at around 9.30am and started to prepare the ingredient to cook Sarawak Laksa. And also mix a batch of no-bake cheesecake and leave it in the fridge to chill. Also did the final ingredient for the chocolate cheesecake. (I know, wonder woman!!HAHAHA!! I still have time that day to go out with babe after cooking and preparing all the stuff to go look for ice cubes at 7-11 and Shell. Don't ask me how I did it. Everything is in a blur now...)

Laksa Gravy without the coconut milk. Since I cooked such large batch, decided to mix the coconut milk in separate pot according to how much to consume or else the gravy might spoil.

Beehoon blanched with hot water and cooled with tap water to prevent further cooking. This prevent the beehoon from becoming too soft

Shredded Chicken

Egg omelette cut into strips


Beansprout - blanch

Prawn - blanch

Scrimp paste


Goodies & Titbits

Chocolate Cheesecake

No-bake cheesecake

All in all, it has been a great 2 days. I am glad that we decided to go ahead with the gathering on CNY eve. Although I still miss my parents, brother and sister in Kuching and wonder how their CNY eve was like, at least this helps to reduce some of the homesickness. But it also makes me more determine that next CNY will be near my parents, either they come over to KL or we go back to Kch. Sigh! Miss them so much. Am looking forward to them coming here next month. Eiks! Need to clean up the spare bedroom!!! HAHAHA!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Early morning in CNY eve

10.09am, sitting in my livingroom in a daze. Thinking whether I should go back to sleep or chop up the stuff and prepare them to cook later in the evening. At this moment, I am tempted to just sit here and do nothing. I might be more awake and myself in awhile after my hot tea and crackers, I hope. Can't blame me for feeling so blur. I woke up at 7.30am. I know I know, you might say so what but I only went to bed at 3.30am! So, that is about 4 hours of sleep?

Actually, I woke up 10min before 7.30am. How I know? Because I set the alarm to wake up at 7.30am but before the alarm goes off, I am wide awake! So, off I go to the wet market at bandar menjalara. Bought whatever I need. I thought by going super early, I can (1) avoid the car traffic jam and easier to find parking, (2) avoid the human jam and have more leisure in buying the stuff and (3) more choice and hence better choice. But guess what,it is only true for number 1.

By the time I arrive the wet market, it was already 7.45am. At first, there were not as many cars around as last week. And so, I thought, ok, this is good. The entire population is not awake yet. OK OK, not entire population but at least 99% is not awake yet right? Little did I know how deceptive it is. People must have either walked from their house nearby or something. The place is so crowded that people are actually pushing each other to get through. The air was so humid and hot that I actually feel like screaming!

So, instead of taking leisure walk through the wet market, I went in, got what I need, and went out! At first, laden with all my shopping list, I wanted to leave the things in the car and then go back for a walk. But after thinking of what I need to do back home today, I thought otherwise and just got into my car and drive home. (Of course, the urgent call to go to washroom helps to make up the mind!! hahaha)

Anyway, babe still sleeping and I still have lots to do. I guess I better get started and chop the garlic, ginger, onions, etc.

p/s: Watching Anthony Bourdain on 707 and he is talking to this guy, a tattoo artist in KL who claim to be a full pledge Iban from Kuching. He enlighten me that Iban is one of the oldest tribe in Malaysia. this is the reason the Ibans or Dayaks are under the category of bumiputra (direct translation prince of land) because they are basically the first few people to be here. And this include the orang asli (direct translation original people). They are the natives of the land. Now I understand better. But this got me thinking, why is that OTHER race (I think you know which one?) that we have here being called bumiputra???? Not being racist lar but just my 2-cent-worth-of-thoughts.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finally! First baking for the CNY

Saturday, 1.35pm, sitting in my living room waiting for babe to come home. He sms around 12.30pm saying that he will be late today. Usually, he will be back just before 1pm if he works on Saturday but he need to handle something at work. So, I am here with the tv turned on to channel 702 Oprah. I am not really watching it, just something as background noise while I sit here and check through my mail, facebook and blog.

Woke up pretty early this morning actually. Just cant sleep long when I think of all those work that is waiting for me. I never can sit still when there is work still waiting. I prefer to get everything over and done with and then sit down and relax. So, I re-arranged the storeroom and cleared the spare room. So, the spare bedroom now is habitable although there are still some bags and curtains on the floor but all those are in one corner. So, still habitable :P

Did two loads of laundry and hang them up to dry. Also watched the bathroom in our bedroom but just couldnt bring myself to clean the bedroom outside! I think I will either leave that for babe or maybe later. Just too tired. Although, I did have the energy to bake my favourite cookie, MELTING MOMENTS! WAHAHAHA! I finally cannot tahan anymore and just have to bake something. I need to bake the chocolate with the rice cooker but was planning to do that later after we eaten the rice in the cooker. And the no-bake cheesecake is not really baking! It is just throwing the ingredient together into a baking pan and dump it into the fridge.

After cracking my head, I finally thought, what the heck, lets try baking melting moments in the toaster oven. After all, the flour for the melting moments is actually cooked already. To my amazement and relieved that it actually worked! In fact, it is actually much faster than using the normal conventional oven. I did this in under 2hours.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy CNY and Happy Holidays!

Dear Friends and fellow bloggers,

Wishing you a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year and happy holiday!!!!

Choices In Life

I got this from email in my mailbox today and I just couldn't resist sharing the humanity story with all of you.

Two Choices
What would you do?... You make the choice. Don't look for a punch line, there isn't one. Read it anyway. My question is: Would you have made the same choice?

At a fundraising dinner for a school that serves children with learning disabilities, the father of one of the students delivered a speech that would never be forgotten by all who attended. After extolling the school and its dedicated staff, he offered a question:

'When not interfered with by outside influences, everything nature does is done with perfection.

Yet my son, Shay, cannot learn things as other children do. He cannot understand things as other children do.

Where is the natural order of things in my son?'

The audience was stilled by the query.

The father continued. 'I believe that when a child like Shay, who was mentally and physically disabled comes into the world, an opportunity to realize true human nature presents itself, and it comes in the way other people treat that child.'

Then he told the following story:

Shay and I had walked past a park where some boys Shay knew were playing baseball. Shay asked, 'Do you think they'll let me play?' I knew that most of the boys would not want someone like Shay on their team, but as a father I also understood that if my son were allowed to play, it would give him a much-needed sense of belonging and some confidence to be accepted by others in spite of his handicaps.

I approached one of the boys on the field and asked (not expecting much) if Shay could play. The boy looked around for guidance and said, 'We're losing by six runs and the game is in the eighth inning. I guess he can be on our team and we'll try to put him in to bat in the ninth inning.'

Shay struggled over to the team's bench and, with a broad smile, put on a team shirt. I watched with a small tear in my eye and warmth in my heart. The boys saw my joy at my son being accepted.

In the bottom of the eighth inning, Shay's team scored a few runs but was still behind by three.

In the top of the ninth inning, Shay put on a glove and played in the right field. Even though no hits came his way, he was obviously ecstatic just to be in the game and on the field, grinning from ear to ear as I waved to him from the stands.

In the bottom of the ninth inning, Shay's team scored again.

Now, with two outs and the bases loaded, the potential winning run was on base and Shay was scheduled to be next at bat.

At this juncture, do they let Shay bat and give away their chance to win the game?

Surprisingly, Shay was given the bat. Everyone knew that a hit was all but impossible because Shay didn't even know how to hold the bat properly, much less connect with the ball.

However, as Shay stepped up to the plate, the pitcher, recognizing that the other team was putting winning aside for this moment in Shay's life, moved in a few steps to lob the ball in softly so Shay could at least make contact.

The first pitch came and Shay swung clumsily and missed.

The pitcher again took a few steps forward to toss the ball softly towards Shay.

As the pitch came in, Shay swung at the ball and hit a slow ground ball right back to the pitcher.

The game would now be over.

The pitcher picked up the soft grounder and could have easily thrown the ball to the first baseman.

Shay would have been out and that would have been the end of the game.

Instead, the pitcher threw the ball right over the first baseman's head, out of reach of all team mates.

Everyone from the stands and both teams started yelling, 'Shay, run to first! Run to first!'

Never in his life had Shay ever run that far, but he made it to first base.

He scampered down the baseline, wide-eyed and startled.

Everyone yelled, 'Run to second, run to second!'

Catching his breath, Shay awkwardly ran towards second, gleaming and struggling to make it to the base. By the time Shay rounded towards second base, the right fielder had the ball, the smallest guy on their team, who now had his first chance to be the hero for his team.

He could have thrown the ball to the second-baseman for the tag, but he understood the pitcher's intentions so he, too, intentionally threw the ball high and far over the third-baseman's head.

Shay ran toward third base deliriously as the runners ahead of him circled the bases toward home.

All were screaming, 'Shay, Shay, Shay, all the Way Shay'

Shay reached third base because the opposing shortstop ran to help him by turning him in the direction of third base, and shouted, 'Run to third! Shay, run to third!'

As Shay rounded third, the boys from both teams, and the spectators, were on their feet screaming, 'Shay, run home! Run home!'

Shay ran to home, stepped on the plate, and was cheered as the hero who hit the grand slam and won the game for his team

'That day', said the father softly with tears now rolling down his face, 'the boys from both teams helped bring a piece of true love and humanity into this world'.

Shay didn't make it to another summer. He died that winter, having never forgotten being the hero and making me so happy, and coming home and seeing his Mother tearfully embrace her little hero of the day!

We all send thousands of jokes through the e-mail without a second thought, but when it comes to sending messages about life choices, people hesitate. The crude, vulgar, and often obscene pass freely through cyberspace, but public discussion about decency is too often suppressed in our schools and workplaces. If you're thinking about forwarding this message, chances are that you're probably sorting out the people in your address book who aren't the 'appropriate' ones to receive this type of message Well, the person who sent you this believes that we all can make a difference.
We all have thousands of opportunities every single day to help realize the 'natural order of things.'

So many seemingly trivial interactions between two people present us with a choice:

Do we pass along a little spark of love and humanity or do we pass up those opportunities and leave the world a little bit colder in the process?

A wise man once said every society is judged by how it treats it's least fortunate amongst them.

You now have two choices:

1. Delete

2. Forward

May your day, be a Shay Day.

I seriously believe that everyone is created with a reason. Each defects and challenges in life has a purpose. Even those that are hard to bear and seems like end-of-world at the time has its reason. The main reason is of course to make us stronger and wiser than we are before. But another reason, less obvious ones I think is so that we learn to appreciate those that we have around us for if we do not suffer and feel sad, how do we know what is good life and happiness....

Friday: Dress Up Day

Last Wednesday, the girls decided that we should dress up to work today. At the time, I agreed wholeheartedly. After all, its not very often that we get to dress up when coming to work in this company. Most of us will come in jean and tshirt or pants and tops with cardigan. Of course, except for a few, we are mostly makeup-less too. Too lazy to be bothered with all this when your most of your colleagues, especially your lunch dates are also dressed down. Also, I hold firmly that the element of surprise. If everyday wear so nice, then when really need to wear nice, how to surprise people? :P

Anyway, since I was not feeling well, really not in the mood to dress up at all. Actually, last night was already thinking of which dress to wear and whether I will have the energy this morning to put those on and makeup. This morning itself, it took me a long time to decide that I just couldnt be bothered to cover myself with a layer of colors. So, I am here, dress as usual in my pants, tube and cardigan. I know I will be getting a scolding from one (or all) of my colleagues later. Guess I will make it up to them next week!

I was actually tempted to take MC today and just stay at home. When I woke up this morning, my head felt super heavy and I actually doze off while waiting for babe to get ready. But thinking of the work that is still pending, especially the shipments, I think I rather be at the office than at home. At least, I can disturb my colleagues when I am here. Yesterday, when I was awake around 3pm, felt so restless and just simply cannot sit still! But at the same time, no energy to do much. Terrible or not? This is one of the reason I decided to come to work lor today.

Excited to wait for time to go back today. For sure will be happy and feel ALOT better after that! Babe was already asking if we want to go anywhere to get anything tonight. I think we better go to the hypermarket tonight and get what we need. Or else tomorrow will sure be very crowded. In fact, I think tonight itself will be crowded already! Hhmm...shall we go Giant, Carrefour, Tesco or Jusco hor? Or maybe I should just go to the Jusco here and get what I need later during lunchtime?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sarawak Laksa

Was sneezing non-stop this morning, well almost non-stop. Sneezing every few minutes to the extend that the guys were starting to get worried although they were laughing at it in the beginning. I mean, imagine your colleague go achoo, achoo, sniff sniff and stop for 5 minutes and then start to achoo achoo achoo and stop for another few minutes. Then of course, start all over again. By 9.30am, I know I am basically a goner. The brain felt as if it will swell out of the head, the nose are all blocked and I was actually wheezing through my mouth, feeling extremely tired!

In the end, by 10am, I was all packed and went off to 1U to take the taxi home. Once home, all that I can think of is my bed in a dark room and get lots of zzzz. But as usual, my body refused to let me do that. I think I only managed to doze off around noon and was aware of my surrounding by 3pm!

Groggy but feeling abit better, I stupidly decided to put the cover back on my sofa instead of giving myself a big lazy afternoon to rest. So, after the wrestling with the big bafoon sofa, sitting on the floor, I realised that I cannot even hold a cup! GEEZ! That just goes to tell you that I do not know my own limitations! *SIGH!*

After a rest, went online and start chatting with some of my ex-colleagues in Kuching. They will be having a long long holiday next week since their fab will be shutdown for a week. Luckily they can consider that as part of their four-day-a-month-force-leave. Didi was trying to decide what to do to fill up her time next week (although if it has been me, I would just stay at home and be lazy pig!hahaha!) We chatted and she suddenly decided she want to learn to make Sarawak laksa. Guess the idea came to her after she read my previous posting about cooking the laksa for first day of CNY for my colleagues and friends.

Anyway, I decided to just post the recipe here lar. Easier! Before I came back to KL from Kuching end of last year, I bought a 10 packets of Sarawak laksa. Gave all except 2 packets away to my colleagues. That and with the 2 packets remaining from when I came over to work in Apr last year should be enough to make alot of laksa. 1 packet can make about 3-5 bowl depending to how much water you added to it depending on your preference on how dilute or thick you want the gravy to be.

How to prepare the laksa? Simple.
1. Boil chicken breast in 2-3liter of water. To enhance the flavor, you might want to add the prawn head and shells and discard them later.
2. Remove the boiled chicken breast meat. Shread to strips once cooled.
3. Add one packet of the laksa paste to the chicken stock and boil at medium heat for an hour. Filter and remove the solids.
4. Add about 250~300ml concentrated coconut milk. Do not cook too long or it will curdle. Turn off the fire the moment the gravy starts to boil a little.
5. Add salt and chicken stock according to taste. Add a little scrimp paste (belacan).
6. Soften the bee hoon (rice vermicelli) by cooking it in boiling water for a few minutes. Drain the bee hoon. (I would advice to get those bee hoon that is slight bigger strand for better taste with the gravy)
7. You will also need cooked whole prawns, omelette cut into strips, blanched beansprout and chopped chinese parsley. (Chinese parsley is optional of course).

How to eat them?
1. Take some of the bee hoon and place in a bowl.
2. Garnish with chicken strips, omelette, beansprouts, prawn and chinese parsley.
3. Ladle the gravy over all the beehoon and garnish (must have enough gravy to cover everything!)
4. ENJOY!!!

The secret is all in the gravy. The more flavourful you can make the gravy, the better. I was told that the really good and traditional laksa gravy actually has pork bone cooked in the broth! But since I might have some Malay friends coming, I think I better keep it halal and just stick to chicken and prawn discards broth. And of course, the sambal (cooked dried scrimp paste) is the best condiment to accompany this dish!

p/s: Will update with photos when I cook the laksa on Monday :)

CNY eve List...

Ladeedum ..ladeedum...Thursday...lalalala...It has been a pretty lazy week so far! Except for Monday and yesterday morning, the rest of the week has been extremely slow. So slow that I actually become a big dragon and went to take walks for 'fresh air'. Actually spent alot of time in the office pantry as well yesterday. Not intentionally but somehow or rather, when girls start chatting, we just lost our sense of time, I guess. I think next week will be even worse because most of the colleagues will be on leave the whole week AND so will most of my vendors. I think I will bring some movies or books here!!

Hmm, found out yesterday that the friend whom we are suppose to be doing the cny eve bbq with is planning for the bbq to be on Saturday, i.e. the day before the eve of cny! This is the first time I hear that people can actually celebrate the reunion dinner the day before the eve of the actual day. I mean, the whole idea is pretty much similar to celebrating new year. When want to usher in the new year, you will do it on the 31 Dec of every year. So, when want to usher in the CNY, logical mind will say lets do it on the EVE of cny, i.e. the norm that everyone practises.

Anyway, since the bbq is not at our place, so, we have not much say in it. Babe and I am planning a simple celebration of our own at our place on Sunday. I need to plan what to cook. So far, this is what I have:
1. Prawn (either steamed or stirfried like I did previously)
2. Pork (definitely must have! Wonder if I can get roast pork at the wet market this Sunday morning. If dont have, I guess I will do pak lor pork?)
3. Mixed vegetable (lots and lots of brocolli and button mushrooms)
4. Steam fish (ermm..can get white prompet or not ah??)
5. Mixed pork soup (just throw whatever you want in this and wah lah!)
6. Roast/ smoked chicken (depend on whether babe want to fire up the bbq pit or not to make smoke)
7. Roast duck (I like roast duck but babe dont. So, we seldom have this)
8. Lamb (although I am not sure how to cook this yet! Might just go get lamb shank at Jusco)

I know, for the 2 of us, really alot but babe is thinking of inviting his friends over lar. I dont mind since other than celebrating valentine's day, I seriously believe that other celebrations should always be with family and/or friends. Whatever leftover, we will just store them in the freezer. Should be able to last for ages and still maintain the taste.

I have also invited my office colleagues to come over to the apartment for lunch on Monday. Planning to cook Sarawak laksa. One of babe's friend gave me an idea though. I might cook chinese red wine chicken soup with mee suah (i.e. long life noodles). Or maybe I should cook both just case some people dont take the laksa. Need to ask babe whether his colleagues will be coming. I might as well cook more on that day one go and clean up once after that. Much easier!

Yah, as you can see, started to get abit excited but not really also. The shopping mall was still very empty yesterday although cny was just a few days away. Perhaps people has not get their pay and the school not yet holiday? Or maybe most people took off the whole of next week, so not much time to go shopping this week yet. Then, this would mean that this Saturday and Sunday would be a very busy place at 1u. Perhaps I should just get my lamb shank first tomorrow from Jusco and keep in the fridge. Hhmm....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CNY is coming to town....

Another 3 days of work and it is CNY~!! Gosh! Have I got everything ready? Errr...actually, I also don't know. Am thinking of going to the wet market again this Sunday if our partner in crime for the bbq on Sunday night is short of things. We already have 3kg of pork and 1 whole chicken for the bbq. Planning to buy brinjal but if only to get that, no need to go wet market lar. So troublesome to find parking. I think this Sunday might be very crowded at the wet market despite what the stall lady said last Sunday when I was there.

She said most people would have gone back hometown already and got everything their need the day or week before. Might be true but am not going there unless absolutely necessary lar. Or maybe I can persuade babe to go there and see if there is any firecrackers? HAHAHA! Aidui aidui..abit homesick lar. Keep thinking what my parents are doing and preparing for CNY. Usually I will be the one planning everything from buying all the goodies to the dinner on the eve to open house. But this time, they have to do it alone with some help from my brother.

My brother, according to my mom, not much help lar. Ask him to look for restaurant for the CNY dinner, the price turn out to be close to RM1K because he asked places like Holiday Inn, Hilton, etc. So funny! HAHAHA! In the end, dad and mom went and ask Country Court. Full dinner for 10 comes up to RM288. So, they will be going there. I heard that dad already pre-booked roast duck, pork and chicken from one of the restaurant. And mom bought her favourite dried fig, 1kg!! Crazy!

As for me, I think I finally finished decorating the apartment. Yesterday, went and bought the bulb for the lamp that my colleague gave me. Bought energy saving bulb from Osram. Kinda pricey but since it is guaranteed to last for at least a year and tested to be able to last for 3 years, I consider it value for money. One normal bulb is about RM2 and from experience, last about 3 months. One Osram energy saving bulb is RM19and last 3 years. You do the maths lar. I am lazy :P

Anyway, can't resist taking some photos of the new lamp.

Very dark I know but basically just want to show how the lamp looks like when it is on. The house looks pretty bright and calming. The fishes in the tank were excited too with the extra light near them. Swimming round and round. And the fishes have a routine now. They know once their aquarium lights is on and the sound of plastic bag mean food is coming their way. And they will be so excited and swim around the aquarium in a frenzy. Too bad I cant put my hand into the tank and pat them. Or rather, I can do that but that probably mean I am giving them a killing touch? HAHAHA OK OK..enough!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

6 more days to go!

Haiyaaa...saw that the durian split abit already when I go to the balcony this morning. I hope still good to eat tonite. Wasted! But it was good yesterday. I reached my home around 6pm. One of my colleague has kindly offered to drive me back home before she goes home herself. So, didnt wait for babe to pick me up and go home. He was only hope AFTER 6.30pm. I think it was because of the rained quite abit although only for short while. Poor babe, he was wet when he got home. He say he cant find the umbrella in the car. Typical man. I told him before mar, it is next to the front passenger seat!

I am finally in CNY mood, abit lar. Just 6days away only. We bought some stuff already but mostly are titbits and cookies that babe and I want to eat. Let me see if I can remember what we bought. Happy nuts (pistachio nuts lar but we always call it happy nut, direct translation from Mandarin), peanuts (in case some of the guys want to drink beer or liquor and eat that), split beans, pineapple tart, peanut cookie, green bean cookie, ngaku (first time having this since I dont think Kuching have them. This are arrowhead crisps), choc chip cookies and few other types of titbits.

Am thinking to bake the steamed horlick cake, flourless chocolate cake (plan to use the rice cooker and try to bake it :P ) and no-bake cheesecake. Might even do the crispy seaweed but need to see have the time or not. Need to allocate and do abit of time management. Have to do spring cleaning especially the spare bedroom. Or maybe I will just keep that room under lock until after the cny? hhhmm..tempting tempting. Oh dont look at me that way! I need to prioritise mar! Still need to spring clean the apartment abit. Yesterday night we already took off the sofa cover, soak them in the washing machine for an hour with bleach and detergent. Now it is hanging outside in the balcony.

Then babe said this Friday want to wash all the floor mat. He can do that and I will vacuum and mop as usual. The apartment is more or less decorated and look more festive for the cny. One of the colleague gave me his old floor lamp. So gorgeous and looks perfect near the aquarium. Just need to go to the hardware store during lunch time to get a bulb for it. Babe was happy with the addition too although he is wondering how come I can get nice free stuff like that! He suspecting I buy ler.....Sheesh! MEN!

Mom keep asking if I want to go back for cny. Guess they are missing me because it will be the first year that their daughter not at home for cny. I know I am already missing them. Usually around this time, we would be busy decorating the house and buying more foodstuff. Mom told me yesterday that they will be having open house on Monday. Nothing grand lar, just cooked some food on top of the usual titbits and cookies. I am not planning much for next Monday and Tuesday. Plan to stay at home and catch up on sleep. Do a little blogging, watch astro, eat and sleep!

Might pursuade babe to go drive around KL since it should be pretty traffic-free. But then again, might be too lazy to do it. Sigh! This are one of those time that I wish we are married and living in Kuching. Then we can be near our parents. CNY eve can go to my parents place for reunion dinner, first day cny can go visit uncles and aunties. 2nd or 3rd day can go visit friends. Gosh! I better stop this or else I will end up in tears! Cant believe how much I will miss them especially during festive season. Next year MUST GO BACK! Must book ticket early.....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Nonsense Mini Rambling

Doing a little random rambling here since I am waiting for the time to go home. Took this picture at the 1 Utama new wing. They have very nice big decoration during Xmas, about 2 storey high I think. And then took everything down and make this for Chinese New Year. It was really nice and very creative. Something different than the usual stuff. I think they were trying to re-create the view from a palace looking out into the mountains?

Anyway, recently, babe and I keep forgetting to wear our wedding ring. The ring was actually abit too loose for the both of us. So, when we want to shower, we will usually remove the ring and leave it on the table. We dont want it ti slip from our soapy finger and then have to waste time to hunt for it all over the place bah. I think alot of our colleagues also not aware of the change of our marital status. Only those that we are close with knew. I wonder if I will shock people if they suddenly see I am pregnant next year! hahaha!!

I just can't resist taking picture of my 'occupied' finger just to remind myself that I am married. Seriously, I sometimes forget that I am actually someone's wife now. It seems that the first questions that most of my single friends ask me is, So? How is married life? To which I responsed, Same as before! I actually teased babe and say what is the point of getting married ah? No difference ler.... HAHAHA! But babe super naughty lar..He agrees and say dont know why this crazy woman follow him all the way to KL! HHMPF!!

OK! Sooooo here is the proof that I did actually get married when I go back to Kuching. Although I shouldnt need this as proof since I will 'feel' it the moment I check my bank account balance. I see the money grow wings and flying off into the sky!~

P/s: I TOLD you that it is nonsense mini rambling: :P

Good morning people..

I am feeling so lazy this morning. In fact, in the car just now, I almost fell asleep on the way to work. As usual, I am glad babe is driving. But then, if he was not driving me, I wouldn't have to wake up so early? On the other hand, there is this nice feeling of leaving the home together to get to work in the morning and coming back together in the evening. *Happy Sigh*

YAWN! Never very good with Mondays. Hope the weekend will come really soon and then can have a long stretch of holiday. I didn't apply for any leave this CNY since we are not planning to go anywhere. Might as well save up the leave especially in this economy situation. Never know what the company might decide to make us go on forced leave. However, the boss did say he do not mind us working from home. So, that is one good thing lar. At least if babe's or mine colleague decided to visit us during workday, I can have something cooked and ready.

For new year eve, as I said in my previous long long posting, we will be going to babe's friend's house for bbq. He is half Chinese too. Rather surprised that he and his family is not going back to Kuching for CNY actually because he mentioned that he was planning to go back since he didnt go during Christmas. Hence, we also planned for a bbq gathering at our apartment on the eve of CNY. But since he is having one too, we decided to combine and have it as his house lar. Better do bbq at a house with compound than at the apartment balcony!

So, I have already bought 3kg of pork and 1 whole chicken for the bbq. Still thinking how to marinate the pork. Might do what a friend suggested, i.e. with beer and chinese red wine! The chicken, going to keep it simple with salt, pepper and lemongrass since we are planning to bring our bbq pit there to do smoked chicken. I wonder if we can get brinjals or not to bbq as well. Need to suggest to babe that on that Sunday morning, must go market again. Hope that it is not super crowded but according to one of the stall owner there, it will be not as crowded as yesterday because most people will be at home and getting ready for the dinner already.

The whole apartment smell of durian this morning!!~ Cant wait to go home tonight to have them for dinner!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Super Busy Weekend

Hhmm...glad to be sitting down and resting finally. This has been a very busy weekend. Mostly is because we have not buy anything for the Chinese New Year that is just one week away. And it seems that most of the people has not done that as well. Babe and I actually started our shopping since Friday night, right after work. Initially, we wanted to go on Thursday night but was feeling lazy. So, decided to just go back and eat at home.

On Friday, we went to Ikea, mainly just to see what is available on sale there for Chinese New Year. We were there last weekend but the place was simply to crowded and decided not to join the the crowd. Babe and I was never very much a crowd-people person. In the past, we even take holidays during off-peak season and sacrificing our annual leaves just so that we don't visit places with crowds.

Anyway, I have digress. So we go to Ikea with the intention of getting some CNY decoration and perhaps cookies that Ikea been promoting. Babe was thinking of looking at the threee-sitter-sofa just to compare prices (although he should know very well that Ikea sofas are super pricey compared to out furniture shop). Then lo-and-behold, we see the Paong chair on promotion, usual price RM299, promotion price at the time was RM259. Of course, he have to get it immediately lar.

Actually, I was planning to surprise him next month and get him the chair for valentine's day. But since it was on promotion, I paid for it and told him, "For valentine ah!" hahaha.... But I can see he was pretty happy and excited about the chair. What more, 25 years warranty, not bad. There was also a dining table on promotion for member, i.e. Ikea credit card owner lar. Less by RM100 and been looking for a affordable dining table anyway. So, applied for the card and the people at the counter agreed to let us use the counter card since my card will take 2-3weeks to process.

Saturday, I woke up early, babe slept till about 11am. After that, I basically bully him into waking..oops, I mean seduce and persuade (?) him to wake up because we need to go Taman Megah to meet one of my ex-colleague in Kuching. He just got a new job in KL and came last Saturday with his wife and kids. So, I thought I better intro him to places to find Sarawak food!HAHAHA! Crazy me!

After that, we went to CArrefour at Subang. As expected, the place is so crowded that we basically have no mood to buy anything. So, after that, went to the Harvey Norman electrical warehouse sales. We were hoping that there is affordable microwave at superb bargain. Instead, there were ABSOLUTELY nothing interesting to us. The so call electrical warehouse sales were basically selling LCD tv and sound systems. Babe thinks they are trying to get rid of their old stocks. So, nothing interesting there except seeing a young lady suddenly fainting right in front of us! No idea why but since so many people around to help her, babe and I proceed to our car.

We decided to go to Giant at Kota Damansara after that. Told you we were crazy. From one hypermarket to another. We went to the 2nd floor first to scout for electrical goods. We were debating whether to get an oven or a microwave. In the end, we decided not to get the oven since will seldom use it. Most likely will only bake once in a blue moon! Instead, we decided to save up to get a good quality microwave.

Then, it was off to the supermarket downstairs to get the goodies. Since have decided not to get the oven, then no baking, which mean that we need to BUY the cookies for cny. Giant have pretty large selection but not in the type that I want. Bought plenty of titbits though and I am pretty sure babe will be having lots of fun with them!

Today, Sunday, again I woke up early, around 9am and decided to go the wet market this week instead of next week in hope that the crowd this week will not be too bad. I should have known that if I think of it this way, others will have the same idea too. The market was so crowded that at some part, you actually stand still for a few minutes just to wait for the human traffic jam to clear up. Since I was alone, I just got whatever that we needed and moved on.

By the time I am done with the marketing, my arms and fingers are sore from carrying so many kilos! So much so that I am starting to wish that I accepted babe offer to buy me those trolley that people use to go market with. Then I wish that I bullied babe to wake up and go to the market with me. But all those wishing was too late. Instead, I take a deep deep breath, stopped a few times to put the heavy plastic bags on the floor and take another deep breath, pick up the bags and move on to my car.

There were actually plenty of things to see at the market but instead of taking my time and checking out for good bargains, I just buy what I can see and breeze on home. Once home, I discovered that babe woke up a few moments after I went out. Geez, if I known that, I would have bullied him to wake up and go with me. More fun to go together than alone mar! At first, I thought I will cook us American brunch but babe have other ideas it seems. He wants banana leaf rice that I have been promoting to him!

After that, somehow, he managed to convinced me to go 1U. I cannot even remember why we decided to go 1U. All I know is that he wanted to go there but I was lazy. So, he found ways to convinced (tricked lar) me to go again! Sheeshhhhh.... Always like that. The reason I was lazy to go was because there were still alot of housework to do mar. And then there was his ironing to do for him. Where got mood to go for long walks at the malls lar? Anyway, didnt really go out super late.

Reached the parking at the apartment around 5.30pm. Saw some orang asli staying in the protected jungle near our place selling durians at the roadside. Since no reason to be on a super strict diet and not having durians for so long, bought some. And at the same time, ask the orang asli if she do not mind plucking me a bundle of tapioca leaf this coming Saturday. To my joy, she agreed! So, next week, I can cook the tapioca leaf with pork.

Will be having bbq on cny eve at one of babe's friend's place. So, will be bringing that and also pork for bbq. Am thinking whether want to bring some mixed vegetable as well. We will still cook some food at home to eat during lunch and mainly as a symbol of abundance for the new year. Planning to steam fish, mixed vegetable, some kind of pork dish, fried or roast chicken (maybe get one for 1u?), prawn, roast duck if if I can find any. Perhaps I will go to the wet market again in next Saturday just to get those roasted food stuff and fish.

Right, enough for now. 10.30pm already. Almost time to sleep :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday morning.....

SATURDAY!! Home and waiting to meet up with one of my ex-colleague from Kuching who moved to KL to work with his family. Was suppose to meet up at 11.30am but sms to say that they will be half hour late. When I call him, found out that they are still at the hotel. So, definitely NOT half hour. hehehe.. Guess he need to get use to the not-so-near distance between places compared to Kuching. It has always been a joke that no matter where you are in Kuching, you can get to your next destination within half hour.

Anyway, woke up at 8.30am today! Yap, Saturday and I woke up so early~>_<~. Found that nowadays I cant seem to sleep later than 9.30am anymore. No matter how hard I try or how late I sleep the night before, still wake up at 9.30am. I actually slept at 2-3am!!! SOOO SAD!! Used to be able to sleep till 2-3pm! That was of course during college years where somehow there is never enough time to sleep.

One week to CNY. Still not bought any goodies! Guess we need to go somewhere and get some. Or else later our friends visiting us will just be staring at our four walls! Tommorrow will need to go the wet market, alone if babe cant or wont wake up to stock up the freezer. Not willing to go next weekend when there will definitely be lots and lots of people around. Right, thats all for now. Wanna go cuci kereta (wash car!) :P

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Babbling for the Day

Aiyoo..CNY is less than 2wks away and guess what I have done only? Buy two deco for the door of the apartment and sticked it on. Then babe this morning asked me, this year is the year of the rat meh? ALAMAK! Err..I bought stickers with cute lil rat holding the banner. I forgot lar have the year of the rat. I bought it because it was cute! Damn! Does this mean that I wasted RM6.80 for nothing? Sheesh...

Dunno how else to decorate the apartment actually. Dont feel like buying things that will only last for the CNY and then have to keep until next year. I would rather get something that is more practical. Even if it is just a pot of plant, at least the plant will makes the place looks fresh and yummy all year round and for the rest of its life right? If I get those willow plant or then after a while, it will just die off. Even the fake ones, after the CNY over, it would look weird to remain in the living room.

Other than that, have not gotten any goodies at all too. Going to go shopping abit with babe this weekend. At first was planning to get an oven if it is cheap especially since Harvey Norman is having its electrical warehouse sales this weekend. But I am feeling half hearted about this eventhough my hands are itching to bake. Cant decide between getting and oven or microwave or both! But if I get both, how often will I use the oven? I know I will be using the microwave more than the oven but the fact is, microwave cant bake complicated nice cakes or cookies!

Also, since we are not going back to Kch this year, we didnt get any new clothes ..yet. But I think I might persuade babe to get himself a nice shirt, something that he has always wanted but didnt get because he feel the things are too pricey. Yar, we are both very careful with our spendings. Alot of things to take care and pay ler. Budget budget....

Sorry for sounding so money minded but my boss said something to me on Tuesday that really makes me wake up. If the current generation goes on as it is now, then, one day, our children's childrens who are university graduates might need to go to China or Taiwan to work as maid. Reason? We are having an economy meltdown with more than 10K people retrenched and out of which 8.5K are Malaysian. WD in Kuching, Sarawak can declare it will close down in Mar09 just like that. And yet, alot of people are still not aware and is not sensitive to the effect of this.

And instead of looking for solutions to prevent this from happening again, some people are still saying: 'No, we are not affected by the economy crisis. No, we are not going to retrench. Our economy is very strong'. Or even better, a call NOT to retrench Malaysian but to retrench the foreigners. Geez! I really shivering with fear at this prospect.

Can you imagine how things would be if one day we wake up and see on the news that our RM no longer have value. Lots and lots of factory shutdown and move to more productive and cost effective country to invest in? Where is the world would our children find job? Even university graduates?

Do you ever wonder how Malaysia can prosper from a third world country to a developing country? But in the recent years, the country development seemed to have stagnant? I have to give credit to my boss for this because I agree with him when he says that is because of the way we think, i.e. our mindset bought about by our culture and upbringing. Our parents and forefathers lives in proverty at the time and hence, they are programmed to work hard to earn a living.

Every cents count in their lives and their aim is to work hard at the best that they can so that the company that they work for will continue to prosper so that they will continue to have a job to do. Young people now are very fortunate because most of us have never endure the true hardship in life. Most of us have never suffer true proverty. We have so much luxury in life that we take things for granted.

College students drive a merc to work? In the pass, being able to go to college was a big thing. Being able to drive a motorcycle to college an even bigger thing. But now, a college kid driving a kancil will feel ashame because his friends will laugh at him for driving a cola-can-on-wheels. This is how insensitive the younger generations are to the situation around them.

Even people in my generations are insensitive. They are encased in their own little shell and thinking that if there is not them, then there will not be a product to sell. But if there is no buyer, even if there is a product, who is going to buy them? And if no one buys them, where will the revenue of the company comes from? Drop from sky? Perhaps lor since our government has been so kind to spoonspeed most of us.

Sorry for being so lenghty and talked alot about this. Like my boss, I am starting to worry not only for my own future but for my childrens and their childrens. If the country's mindset do not change, then, one day it will be true what my boss prophesized, i.e. one day, we will find Malaysian university graduates working as maid in China.....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Short Talk: Uhmmmmm....

Just a short one. Alot things happened but no mood to write too much about it here. Cant wait till the weekend is here though. Just am glad that it is Wednesday already and that mean that half of the week is gone. Time is moving fast but somehow this week feel slow....contradicting myself I know but that is how it is lar. Alot on my mind and alot of things to digest and think about. Maybe once I managed to digest them and spit out something fruitful, I will share the wisdom with you.........

Monday, January 12, 2009


YAWN!! I HATE MONDAY! I know I said this before or something similar to this but I can't help but say it again, I HATE MONDAY!!!! Not much motivation to come to work today except for the fact that it will help to make it another closer to the Chinese New Year holiday on 26 & 27 Jan, meaning that we will be having 4 days weekend. Not taking any leave since not going back for CNY. Just babe and me this year.

Although, I do wonder if the company going to announce last minute that we shut down from 28 to 29 Jan. Then, I will have the whole week off! Babe of course, will only have the Monday and Tuesday. I doubt the company will announce any shutdown for maintenance or anything like that. They cant let the workers idle and nothing to do for a week. In fact, during CNY holidays, I think the factory is still in production.

So, if my company do announce shutdown, I will be by myself for three days without any transport since babe will be driving the car to work.Maybe I should start pestering him again to teach me how to ride his motorbike. At least I can still ride to the nearest shop for grocery shopping or something like that. Better than being stucked at home. Alternatively, I can always walked. I think it is about 20minutes walk from the apartment to the nearest shop. Going to the shop I am ok since it is all downhill walk, but coming back, going uphill with all the stuff I bought is not my idea of fun. But if desperate, I guess I will do it lar.

We went for mattress shopping during the weekend. On Saturday, after babe came back from work and rest for a few hours, we went out on a hunt. Saw a lot of advertisements in the newspaper on Saturday for mattress sale and warehouse sales. But we found out that most of the advertisements are gimmick! I guess babe and I should know that something is fishy when the advertisement say that a spring mattress and the headboard and bedframe is for less than RM1000.

Anyway, we end up not getting anything on Saturday. Just did some survey on the prices. We actually managed to get back early enough for me to cook and eat dinner at home. Err..that is if you consider dinner at 9pm early. We are just overwhelmed and still adjusting ourselves back to KL-pricing I guess. So, better to eat at home since we still have food in the freezer and fridge. I guess actually pretty tired by the time we finished dinner and clean up.

Time seems to fly because the next thing I know, it is already pass 12 midnight. The next thing I know, I actually fell asleep on the living room floor. Not sure what time I finally got up and go to the bedroom to continue my sleep. You would have thought that me being so tired and babe having to work on Saturday and sleeping late that night would mean the two of us sleep well pass noon. Guess what, we woke up before 9.30am! We didn't set the alarm or anything like that but somehow, we just automatically woke up.

Babe said it is because we do not have a clock in the room to tell our body that it is still early. But wouldnt that mean that our body have slept all it want and time to get up? If that is the case, how come I am feeling exhausted? Actually, I suspect we feel anxious because we were telling ourselves on Saturday that we have errants to do on Sunday. Hence, our body and mind conspire together and make sure that we wake up in time to the errants. SIGH!! Serves us right for not setting the alarm clock so that our mind can sleep in peace!

Anyway, we finally got our new mattress, a king size pocketed spring mattress. Yesterday, we also went to 1u and bought new bedsheets since the one we have now are all queen size. So, we are not approximately RM2K poorer. No choice lar. The mattress we have now is giving babe backache. He has been suffering for a few months already but because we worry that we do not have enough for the wedding, dare not spend on it yet till after the wedding.

I am debating whether to buy a oven or not. My hand is so itchy and want to start baking something especially the pineapple tart, melting moments and cheddar cheese cookies. I already bargain with babe and he said ok to get the oven! So, I am going to go oven hunting next weekend and start baking up a storm! Then babe can be my tester as usual lar! Yahoo!! Cant wait to get it started. All those cookies in nice see thru container, drooling just thinking of it!

Friday, January 9, 2009


WEeEeEeEeeeeeeeee FRIDAY!!!!! Looking forward to this day even before the week starts! After the long break from work going back to my hometown to get hitched, I am seriously thinking of switching my career and becoming a full-time-housewife (FTH). Of course, for now, that is just say say only lar. Even when my babe earn enough to support the both of us, I don't think I can tahan just sit at home without much social interaction. Even the idea of just socialising with other FTH or his friends sound simply too..ermm..depressing! I need more stimulation that babe *grin*.

Anyway, too early to think such serious thought today. Since it is Friday, I will tell you my activities after THE DAY. Although, Friday have absolutely nothing to do with why I am telling you what I did after being hitched, I just feel like making it sound as if it does! HEHEHEHE! So, if you are abit sick of me ranting on, I warning you, this should be another long post! So here goes....

We actually checked in a hotel on 29 Dec (THE DAY) and stayed for two nights. The first night was of course THE DAY night. I know where you guys are thinking and the direction you think this is going! Well, to tell you the truth, I drank a wee bit too much (ok! ok! DRANK ALOT!) and can hardly keep my eyes open that night. After we got back from dinner, all I can do is take off my fake eyelashes, contact lense and get into my oversize t-shirt and SLEEP!

I dare not even move my head too much because that would mean the room will start to spin out of control (or maybe that was me spinning???hhmm..) and whatever food that I managed to eat for the day threaten to jump out of my throat. So, we slept till 11am the next day. Then dad called us for breakfast/brunch. Cannot remember what we had. I think it was bak kut teh at Grandma @ Rock Road. Or was that another time? Geez, really cannot remember lar.

All I can remember is that after THE DAY, I remember eating so much that I thought I will not be able to fit into my work clothes when I come back to KL. In fact, there were so many dinners, party and bbq before the day also that I was worried I couldnt fit into my wedding gowns. But all the rushing around and stress must have burn lots of calories because the gown was actually slightly loose, which surprised me because I actually asked the seamstress at the bridal shop to make it really snug when I went for fitting in KL.

Let me see, I remember getting my bro to bring us for supper immediately after picking us up from the airport but I didnt eat because already ate on the plane. The next day was dinner at Lok Thian. The day after that was dinner at one of babe's auntie's place for his cousin's baby 1yr-old birthday. Then after that is bbq at my house because dad been wanting one but since I was not around, no one wanted to help him get it started. So, waited till I am back.

Then after that, it was all a blur. I remember I cooked dinner a few times at home, eating a few brunch and have a few plates of kolo mee. I remember having kampua with pork soup at Kota Sentosa's Jolly cafe and babe ate kueh chap but dont remember which day it was lar. Also, dad and mom bought live mud crab with we steam bake it for dinner! Err what else ah? hhm..I didn't have a single bowl of laksa because I cooked that the week before we go back to Kuching.

We had a few bowls of bak kut teh also when we were there. Also went to RH for bbq steamboat. Damn nice but super oily. His cousin say it is like eating oil! HAHA! Dad bought us to Akasu for roast pork, yap the whole piglet with its crunchy skin and tender meat! I know there are a few more meals that I missed but right now, just cant think of what lar. I think I should have taken photos hor? Then can look back at the photos and timestamp to recall. Oh well, nevermind. There is always a next trip. Already have a returned ticket booked for Jul when AirAsia was giving out the free fare when they remove the fuel surcharge.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Before THE DAY

Woke up at 6am on 29 Dec 08. Dad actually reminded me the night before to come back earlier as the makeup artist will be coming at 7am and we will have a long full day ahead of us tomorrow, church in the morning, tea ceremony in the afternoon and then wedding dinner. I think from the day I set foot in Kuching, babe and I have been busy with the last minute preparation till the night before the actual day itself.

Initially I thought since most things were already taken cared of by our parents in Kuching, there should be very little things to do when we go back. Little did I know, most days, our days start at 7am (mine anyways, babe wakes up at 10am! hhmpf) and usually don't end till about 1am. In fact, we were so busy that we actually eat less food than when we were in KL! A typical day back in Kuching before THE DAY would be have our brunch at one of the coffeeshop, then rush to wherever we need to go.

Turn out, we made a few trips to the restaurant that we were having our wedding dinner. The lady there really lar, take advantage of old people. Just because his mom didnt request does not mean that it is not required ok! At least should ask if we need it or not since it is the standard package and they have a standard form to fill out! Wasted a few trips there. And also, his mom added a few more tables to the already growing list!

Then we also need to find florist to get my bouquet, the corsage and car deco. I bought some ribbons back from KL but turn out it is not enough and requested one of babe's friend to help purchase but he bought the wrong thing. So, had to buy it in Kch which cost a bomb! Imagine paying almost RM50 for 19meters of ribbons!! GAWD! Really taking advantage lar this people. The ribbons was to decorate the church. Thank god his sister was able to help with that or else I will definitely say forget about it.

Also, we need to find beer and liquor. Dont even want to talk about it. His dad sponsored 10crates but babe decided that it is not going to be enough for 34tables. We search low and high for the brand of beer we want to get but somehow, it is out of stock! Luckily babe's bro-in-law volunteered to help us get additional beer. But to make matter worse, the Black Label babe thought of getting is out of stock all over Kuching! Something about so near to Christmas and the custom onhold a big shipment somewhere. So, we end up paying premium price for 4 bottles of black label and 4 bottles of absolut vodka.

We also need to scour the goldsmith to find our wedding rings. We have not decided on what pattern to get, only that we want to get gold wedding band. That alone took us more than two trips before our rings are found. I actually went to the same goldsmith 5 times in one week! By the 3rd time, the owner and employees of the shop actually know me by sight! Of course, there are advantage to that. Mom managed to get pretty good deal when she got some gold chains for me:)

There are other things and I actually cannot really recall much what. I only remember that everywhere we go, there is lots and lots of car. It is as if everyone is back in Kuching at the same time and all rushing around to do last minute shopping. Going to see this person, meet his dad, see his uncle/ cousins to be our storyteller/MC during the dinner, spending time with my parents, sis and bro, go dinner, buy stuff for the wedding and tea ceremony, church rehearsal (which only happens on Sunday afternoon!! Wedding was on Monday morning! They actually had one rehearsal on Friday for three other couples having wedding on Saturday but they forgot to call us!hmpf).

There are just too many things that happened between 19 Dec to 29 Dec that everyday when by like a breeze. I can hardly feel day turn to night and night to day except when my aching tired body tells me to slow down. But even then, my brain refused to slow down and stop the adreneline high that it is on! In fact, on 28 Dec, when babe was sending me back home to my parents place, it suddenly hit me: I AM GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW! wahahaha! Crazy gal or not?

But it is all done and over with. There are alot of people I need to say thank you but not able to until I am back in KL. There are alot of things that if I can go back in time (not do over again mind you!), I would like to change to make it less hectic and much more relaxing but then, I am glad it is over and done with. I am now officially MARRIED! :)

Talk About Small Talks

First week back to work on a new year is ALMOST over...YEAH!!!! Although this morning was not such a good morning as well. For the second day in a row, I fell asleep in the car while babe was driving me to work. I have never done that before especially since the distance between my house and office is only about 20minutes away. It was not just a shut-eye-for-awhile thing either. I really slept and jolt awake suddenly.

Then, I realised I forgotten to put on my wedding. Babe forgotten his too. We have a habit of taking off our rings before showering because the rings slips off easily when our fingers are slippery. Yar, it was abit too big for us. We realised that it is too big the day after our wedding but we were too stubborn to go back to the goldsmith to resize it. Anyways, like this???? Nevermind lar, we pretend we are singles for today:P

Sorry abit crazy early in the morning. Just finished having my oat breakfast and now sipping my rich steaming hot coffee with coffeemate. Wondering what else to blog about. I am actually fresh out of ideas. I am sure you all are not interested to know about the details of the wedding right? Oh you are????? Well, tell you about it next posting. I think I need some time to recollect and blow the clouds out of my head. Still fuzzy and surreal :P

Let's talk about something else for now *wink*. Wanna know what I am going to have for lunch? Nevermind, I will tell you anyway!! Taaa daaaaaaa:

Yup, it is what you think it is. Two raw eggs and indomee in a container. Going to cook all this in the microwave later. I wonder if the whole office will smell of the indomee spice after that? Hhhmm, never, the better for me to tempt people with.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Terong Assam and Salai!!

I am actually very very lazy to update my blog since I came back from Kuching. Usually, I will update once in the morning at office since I came to work before 7.30am but nowadays, so much work to do and not enough time to do it. The moment I reached my office, I have to force myself to go to the pantry and get a cuppa coffee first and have my breakfast before looking at my emails. Or else, the moment I get started, I will tend to forget about drink and food till maybe about 11am. By then, not much point to eat since lunch is in an hours time!

When at home, already lazy to take out the laptop and put it back again once done. So, rather not touch the laptop. In fact, I didnt even bring back the office laptop home with me nowadays except on weekends and public holidays. Babe is the one that is constantly reminding me to take photos to put in my blog. He say sayang (pity) because already do the blog nicely and for so long, why not continue to maintain it. So surprised when I hear him said that.

Therefore, since hubby already say like that, I be a good wife and listen to him lor! I bet he is getting a kick out of reading this statement! BLUEK!!

Anyway, we didnt managed to buy much stuff back from Kuching although we were back for more than two weeks. In fact, most of our time were spent doing last minute stuff for the wedding. Even on the night before the wedding, we slept at close to midnight instead of turning in early and get our beauty sleep.

But luckily on the day before we go to the airport to catch our flight, we went to Kota Sentosa wet market and got some topioca leaves and terong assam. I never seen this two items here in KL but one of my colleague told me that can find topiaca leaves at the wet market here. But terong assam is definitely not available here. In fact, unless the person is from Sarawak or been there for long duration, they might not even know what is terong assam.

The fruit is yellow is color and look almost like a tomato but bigger and harder. When sliced, the inside looks like a yellow color tomato too but the taste is totally different! Usually, Sarawakian will add this when cooking assam fish or in babe's family, they actually cook it with salai (smoked fish) soup.

So, when we came back to KL, I cooked this on Sunday:

The floating fruit is the terong assam. I have already cooked the salai till soft. So, the whole apartment smell fantastic...DROOL!!

The fruit and pieces of salai

Topiaca leaves cooked with pork rib, minced pork and ginger

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hermit Clan Living in Urban City?

Feeling slightly better today and abit more alive but sad lor because one of babe's fish died this morning. Don't know why but the aquarium water is getting cloudy. Both of us not much experience in keeping fish and hence, not very sure what to do. We are planning to take the remaining fishes out and keep them in a pail of water first while draining all the water from the aquirium. I think perhaps, this is the only way to make it clean. I suspect the small stones are the culprit that cause the cloudiness. Perhaps the stone were not cleaned or soaked long enough before we lay the aquirium floor with it.

Anyway, my task during lunchtime later would be to go to the petshop nearby and buy a small fishing net to get all the fishes out. The idea of walking 15minutes to reach it is not very tempting but I cant bear the thought of another fish dying in our home. So, after eating the lunch I packed from home later, going to go there and ask the petshop owner and see if they have any suggestions. Hopefully, they have some good constructive suggestions because not all petshop have much idea about aquariums. I can only say a silent prayer that we opted out of keeping those expensive ariwana!

Been trying to catch up with work since...yesterday! Was it only yesterday that I start work? right now, I have about 12 pending action items with half need to be completed by today or else I might not be able to get the items out to customers on time. So many companies are going to be closing down for at least one week during the Chinese New Year holidays including plants and factories. Our vendors has already starting to send out emails notifying us of this. Even my ex-company in Kuching have been informed of one week shutdown of the office and plant. Reason given, for fab maintenance.

Now, those from this industry will know that people do not shutdown the plant/fab or factories for 9days! This shows how bad the situation and economy is now. I am lucky because we do not have the heavy liability of running a fab but even we are experiencing the pain of the reduced in orders. I was told while I was on leave last week that the VP has instructed for 2 days shutdown, i.e. the day before and after 1 Jan 09. Only those with engineers with urgent projects need to come back to the office.

Babe and I are very worried actually. Trying really hard to be very careful with what we spend and things that we buy. Although we finally got the water heater for our apartment, we have decided to stop buying other furniture and the DSLR camera for the time being. Also need to be very careful with our annual leave in case the company implement more force leave like what is happening to other companies right now.

Situation is bad and I pity those that do not know how bad it is going to be. The news yesterday reported that we now expecting 1+% economy growth this year instead of the 5+%? The numbers might seem small but this translates to increment freeze, no bonus and worse, pay cuts or retrenchments and shutdowns. Hence, it really irks me when someone try or pretend to be 'clever' but in actual fact, making a fool of themselves. Hermit Clan......sigh...