Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The 500th!!

This is my 500th posting and I AM HAPPY!! YAHOOOO!!!!! MY LEAVE for this Friday has been APPROVED!! YAHOOOO!!!!!!! GO HOLIDAY!!!!!! HAHA

Only 1 blip though, I need to call in at 5pm on Friday for conference call.. but before and after that, I am a free bird! So, I have everything planned out (Cant help it la, I am a planner in my previous life I think or I am borned to be one????). ANYWAY, back to the topic, this is what I have mapped out in my head right now for this long weekend:

Thursday (Yarrr...starts the very night!)
Going to Klang parade right after work to get babe's camera hood (whatever that is)
Go supermarket to get some essentials for the trip (essential: mee-in-mug, sausages, cookies, junkfood & drinks)

Wake up & go menjalara for dim sum breakfast
Babe want to go to the bank at Sri Damansara after that
Leisure drive up to Genting
Check in and lounge happily in our room

Err...ok, not exactly the whole weekend planned out. Just going to enjoy ourselves, gamble a little, outdoor theme park, walk around, eat, people watching and enjoying the fresh cooling air! Babe going to have fun with his camera and his new lense.


Monday, March 22, 2010

10 years!!

Today is EXACTLY 10 years since babe and I started dating. Yep, it was that long ago! Let me see, that would mean I just turned 23 and he 25! Wah, a decade ago. HAHA! And yes, this is going to be a mushy romantic posting. So, if you are allergic to romance, please turn away now and go no further! I will not be responsible for any heartache due to overdose of lovey doveyness! *GRIN*

As I was saying, today is EXACTLY 10 years since we started out as boyfriend and girlfriend. It is rather funny actually how we started. It all started when I have a self declared God-brother. Those were the days when I was still so young and adventurous. So, when this godbro of mine said he knows someone that his gut is telling him is the one for me, I just couldnt resist. After all, what is the harm? No harm to 'adopt' godbro#2.

Anyway, as much as I like to say that it was love-at-first-sight, well, it of sort. Babe had this really goofy cute panda look at the time. Due to the nature of his job then, he has this panda eyes (nice way of saying puffy dark eye bag la!! :P) So, we chatted and talked. Then chatted some more after I go back.

I remember one really funny incident where he called me super late at night and I must be in my REM sleep because I do not remember it at all the next day until he told me when I complained why he didnt call as he had promised last night. That was we just started to get to know each other. Talk about embarrassing things yah!

Anyway, from then on, we actually went out a few times without my godbro or his friends knowing. (The first few times were godbro bringing me to join them at parties). We of course being sneaky and not everyone else getting a free show from our romance, decided not to tell them until one fateful day. By then, his cousin was suspecting something is up because he would dressed up (well dressed better than usual lar) when going out.

*Smiling & sighing contently* OK OK! Enough la. Later you guys start to vomit from all the sweetness! HAHA! Just want to share my happiness & contentment abit ^_^

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Not doing much now. Waiting for babe to wake up from his nap. He has to work today, half day. So, I took the opportunity this mornign to sleep and have the bed all to myself!! Maybe I shouldnt be saying this but sometimes it is nice to have that big king size bed all to myself! Not that I dont enjoying having my babe sleeping next to me. In fact, most of the time, if he is not sleeping with me, I just cant sleep. But occassionally, and rarely, I do feel like spreading my arm and throwing my legs all over the bed and have it all to myself! Gals out there, dont tell me you never had this feeling before! *GRIN*

ANYWAY, enough of me babbling about my selfish act. So, here I am, sitting downstairs on my own in the living room while babe is upstairs having his nap in the aircon bedroom. The sky outside is starting to look cloudy and dark. But the air is still hot and humid as it has been the last few weeks. Not sure what the world is turning to because the weather is extremely unpredictable. Hot one moment and then rain like crazy for less than half hour. And then starts to be superhot again! Thank God I do not have to work under the sun like some unfortunate people.

I hope babe will wake up early enough instead of sleeping till 7-8pm. We are suppose to go out for dinner at 1 Utama! Tomorrow is my birthday mar!! So, I told him my wish is to eat at Shogun for our dinner. At first, I thought we will go tomorrow but he say tomorrow have his team playing wor! Basically that mean he will be glued to the tv from dont know what time. And this will also basically mean I will have some time to read my book la! So, I dont really mind.

But but but.. I been thinking of going for Shogun for so so so so long but babe always say dont want to go because it is not worth the money. Normally I would agree but occassionally, need to pamper ourself la. On top of that, babe also love Japanese food. He never like raw fish last time but since he came to KL few years back, he developed a extreme liking to sashimi! Even more than me. He can gulp down raw salmon like it was nothing!

And at Shogun, I happen to think their sashimi are one of the freshest that I tasted. And also the range of choice of Japanese food, sushi, sashimi, tenpayaki, cooked food and so forth, really really really mind boggling. Trust me when I say you will not be able to try everything in 1 sitting :)

The sky is getting darker as I typing and air is slightly cooler now although still humid. I think I will sign off now and concentrate 100% on the tv now. Will post some photos later if we do get to go to Shogun :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kolo mee, Sarawak Laksa & Tomato mee in KL

Sarawakian are always and I do mean ALWAYS in search of Sarawak food when they are not at their hometown. Food like Sarawak laksa, kolo mee, tomato mee/kueh teow and kueh chap, if anyone is able to make it taste like home, then definitely the place will be swamped with Sarawakian and others that tasted Sarawak unforgettable food.

Anyway, a friend of mine from Sarawak actually open a stall here selling Sarawak Laksa & Kolo kueh teow. Until recently, he was not allowed to sell kolo mee because the owner son is selling wantan mee. Guess the owner didnt want any competition for his precious son. Anyway, the shop recently got renovated and the owner increase the rental (yar, no surprise rite) and tells them they can sell anything they want. My friend of course immediately start to sell kolo mee! After all, kolo mee are usually more popular than kueh teow or beehoon.

So, babe being babe, we went the first weekend that our friend sent us the sms informing he is also selling kolo mee now. And guess what, babe actually ate 2 bowls!! HAHA! And as I always say, good things are meant to be shared. Then the weekend after that, we went again and babe had only 1 bowl this time while stealing my share of tomato mee! Oh yar, for those who dunno what is tomato mee (or kueh teow), err..its hard to explain how it taste like only it is REALLY REALLY REALLY good. Go try if you dont believe me.

Frankly speaking, I dont even know why am I excited about kolo mee. When I was in Kch, I will NEVER eat kolo mee. Never like it at all. But since I came to KL, I even purposely go eat kolo mee when I go back for holidays! SHEESH! The power our hometown have on us :)

Alright, alright, time to share where the good stuff are. The shop is at ss24 or famously known as Taman Megah.



Picture speaks a thousand words yah?

Lobster anyone??

Not had much to talk about this few months. I thought what a better way to do it than blogging about food?!?

Was going through some photos and realised that I actually cooked lobster for the very first time a few weeks ago! When I was back in Kch for CNY, bro's friends have some ways of getting lobster for really cheap distributor price. No idea how and not about to ask too many questions. Suffice to say that I asked bro to help get a couple for me to bring it back to KL. Err.. Dont ask me how I manage to 'smuggle' those things into the plane and over the SCC. I only know that I brought so much food back that my bag was actually slightly overweight. Luckily I can take some out and put into my carry on.

Anyway, here is the lobster baked in the toaster oven. First attempt, not too good. In fact, very dry and tasteless! But I have another in the freezer. I think I will cook it another way next.