Saturday, May 31, 2008

Short Talk

OK you guys! I made a decision and it is rather important to me. So, I will put it out here for all to read. The last few days I have forgotten the most important principle in my life that I always believe in, which is: The only way someone can get to me if I DECIDED to LET it get to me.

So, this thing with OBG, I have DECIDED that I will not let it get to me. Instead, I will take everything at face-value and IGNORE hints. I will not be paranoid. I will not try to get back at her and most important of all, I will not post mean things about OBG! So, from now on, if I do talk mean things about OBG, will someone remind me and SLAP me hard~! Promise you that I wont press charges! hahaha

(Yeah yeah, I can hear sign of relief because you guys dont have to read my rant and rave about OBG until we move out)

Why I wake up at 7am today!

Do you ever have that cartoon feeling when the lightbulb suddenly lights up on top of your head like in the cartoons? Well, I did yesterday, I had one of those lightbulb-realization episode and finally realized why things is the way it was for the last few weeks with OBG.

#1 Why OBG keep asking me if I have found a suitable place to move to so often?
At first, I thought it is just friendly conversation or motherly concern for babe & I. Or if not that, perhaps just the curiosity of a cat. Or even if not that, just polite conversation. After all, whoever knows that we are hunting for our own place would ask just to make conversation. However, sometimes I do I feel slightly irritated because she asked the questions SO OFTEN!
Realization: OBG is anxious to get rid of us because SHE HAVE RELATIVES COMING (auntie+hubby+kids) and she wants the room that we are paying RENT for.

#2 Why OBG been showing her super black face?
Her super black face is even worse than the original obi face. I know friends in Kuching simply cannot imagine that but it is true. Imagine coming back from work, open grill/door, she is sitting there with her black face as if I owe her the world, not even smiling when I smile at her or tried to be friendly. After all, we are staying in the same house, so I am the happy-go-lucky and open type of girl. So, I tried to be nice & friendly. I really did. In the end, it is simply too tiring and just give up.

#3 Why OBG been showing her super black face ,part II?
Well, I think she thinks that I should be helping her out with the household chores and cooking in the evening. Generally, I would agree with this and on weekends or holidays, I have gladly help her out. Friends would know that I enjoy cooking VERY much but after a full day starting at 6.30am and only arriving home at 7pm something almost every day, I am just too tired and want to laze around in bed for awhile. However, with her black face, sometimes I just feel oblige to go into the kitchen and cook something. So, what happened? Eat at 8pm something.

#4 Why OBG rush thru dinner last week to finish first?
I thought she just want to go on diet because she been mentioning that she want to lost weight. Then lightbulb realization came to me. I think it was because she thinks that she cooks, I should be doing the dishes, which is fair if you look at it that way. Usually, I will the one that finish eating first and wash up my own plate. Then sit in the living/dining room and watch the news. Main reason is of course to wait for the rest to finish eating and help clean up. If not, I might as well go into the room directly and watched the internet tv. But usually she will wash the dishes and I clean up the table and store the leftover. I don't mind doing the dishes but come on, am I expected to wait at the kitchen sink like a housemaid for dishes after I finished eating?

OBG is a fulltime housewife with a 2-3yr old gal by the way and I NEVER expect her to cook for babe & myself. Not that I am being ungrateful, but given the choice, I think I would rather just eat dinner at the coffeeshop every night and cook occasionally only.

#5 Why OBG been showing her super black face, part III?
Yesterday, babe sms me and said that OBG is asking money for electricity. He forwarded me the sms because I asked him how and when she asked because I didn't hear it the night before. I was so mad after reading the sms that I felt like asking babe to move out immediately if not considering babe's friendship with OBG's hubby. Reason for being mad, well, first of all, why sms? We see each other every day. So, why not tell us directly to our face but this is not the main reason I was mad.
Actually, before I came here, babe & I discussed where to stay for the time being. At the time, babe was already staying here and OBG hubby told babe to just continue staying there even when I am here and to slowly look for our own place to stay, which he thinks would take 2-3months. For payment, out of friendship, the hubby said RM150 is sufficient. When babe asked about other payment for the utilities such as water and electricity, he say it is alright, no need. So, of course, when people said that, RM150 is all that we paid. But imagine my shock when OBG sms to request for the money because she say we have not been paying for the electricity bill to HER for the last two months!
OMG! Are we so cheap that we can't even pay RM15-20 per month for the electricity bill? Why does she have to make it sound as if we PURPOSELY do not want to pay HER! I was so angry yesterday that I was actually hyperventilating. Thank god I have friends in Kuching that I can chat online to release the frustration at! Sigh~!
p.s: I am wondering now if this is her last attempt to get us to move asap?

#6 Why OBG always check on me whenever I am cooking?
I remember Thongs was saying that perhaps she just curious and want to learn how I cook. At first, that is what I thought too. And at first, I believe that was her intention too. But the last couple of weeks, I seriously doubt it. I think she just want to check to make sure that I am cooking using HER food! Sigh~! With OBG mentality, I am able to understand why she felt this way but I never realized how bad it was until she start to hide the EGGS! For godsakes, friends that know me will know that I do not like to OWE people anything, not even a favor. I am extremely uncomfortable to use or eat things that does not belongs to me. If I want to eat something, I will rather buy it myself. If I can't afford the thing, then don't eat. It is just the way that I am brought up.
I am thinking perhaps it is my fault because I set a trend which OBG expect me to maintain. In the first month that I was here, I bought in total 2 big trays of eggs, i.e. 60eggs. The eggs finished in less than a month time. This mean that we practically eat eggs almost every day. And this is true, she would cook soup with eggs, vege with eggs, scramble eggs, omelette, boil eggs and so on. After finishing the 2 trays of eggs in less than a month, I decided to take a break and not buy eggs for a while. Not because I cannot afford but because of high cholesterol and with doctor reporting babe having highblood, it is definitely not a good idea to eat eggs everyday.
So there was a break of one week without eggs in the house. I guess OBG took this the wrong way? She bought one small tray of eggs, 12eggs. Babe did eat a couple of it to make softboil eggs. Then, one fine day, I decided that I want to make french toast, so I BOUGHT a 12egg-tray too. That is when OBG start to hide her eggs. Sigh~! I also don't understand the logic. Don't ask me.

#7 Why OBG likes to come into my room when we are not around?
I don't know about you guys but I like my privacy and to me, my bedroom is the most private area of the house. And my parents always remind us as kids to always respect other people's belongings and privacy. So, going into someone bedroom (even when invited) is a big no-no. However, I discovered that OBG would go into our bedroom when we are at work to CHECK and make sure that we off the electricity. OMG! Are we kids that we don't even know how to make sure that we off the lights and fan when we want to leave? It really got me wondering what else did she do in the ROOM!

# Why OBG put cherry tomatoes and sandwich cheese in the freezer?
This I seriously don't know and is the main reason why I am here at this crazy hour of the morning on a Saturday when I am not working today. It is now 7.57am on Saturday by the way and I started this posting at 7.11am. Woke up as usual to make babe's breakfast before he go off for his half-day work today. Then when I look in the fridge for sandwich cheese which I put together with the cherry tomatoes, I can't find them in the normal place that I left it. So, I thought perhaps OBG moved it to make more space for other things. I looked in the vegetable drawer first but can't find it there. Then I looked at the compartment at the fridge door. Neither can I find them. So, last resort, I look in the freezer! That was when I really want to scold the f-word in front of mother-word.
Either she is extremely kampung-gal and didn't know what is cherry tomatoes and sandwich cheese OR she is just being mean. Which one do you think it is? I am so angry that I will not even tell you what I think because that will mean that I am sinking myself to her LOW LOW LOW level of mentality and HIGH HIGH HIGH level of selfishness and meanest. She makes the devil look kind!

p.s. I am having doubt whether I should post this because she might stumble here and read this. But in the end, I decided to post it anyways because there is not a single lie in what I said above. As you can see, I am very frustrated and give up already. But for the sake of babe's friendship and because I don't like confrontation, I will continue to act-blur and make-dunno. Must find our own place ASAP!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Sarawak Food

All this discussion with Melancholy Thongs about kolo mee and Sarawak laksa makes me start to feel homesick again. I never thought that I would the one to miss food from Kuching as much as this. In fact, I was rather surprised that I drool when I think of kolo mee! When I was in Kuching, kolo mee is usually the very last dish that I would order no matter which coffeeshop I go to. But coming here, to KL, the wantan mee is so different than the one that we have. No offense intended but even the wantan taste very different than the one in Kuching. Perhaps it is the ingredient that was added to the pork for the stuffing. Or perhaps it is just different because it not from Kuching!

The quest of all Sarawakian residing in KL seems to be to find stalls that sell dishes from Sarawak. Of course, via word of mouth, we find the so call Sarawak laksa, kolo mee and so on. Somehow, the dishes does not taste the same at all. I was craving for kolo mee a couple of weeks ago and made babe bring me to this place in Puchong which his said to sale not-to-bad kolo mee. Suffice to say that it is not even close and I utterly regret eating it. Didn't even finish half of it! It looks like kolo mee with the red char siew and red coloring but the taste, ugh!!! I still feel yucky thinking about it.

Anyway, I can't help myself and go online to search for some pictures of Sarawak food to put here. So here goes.....
Kolo mee

Sarawak Laksa

Wantan, Sarawak foochow style

Oyster Omelette, Sarawak style

OK, enough. Stop drooling all over your keyboard! Will post the pic of big pork pau that Rose will be bringing for me this Sunday! YAHOO!! Rose coming!! YAHOO!!!!!!!

About ST and OBI!

Just a short one. I really pity SK and the rest of my friends in Kuching that is under Obi. Not only have they not solved the obi-problem, now they have added another someone to the obi-list. I guess I can’t really blame obi since it is only natural for her to hire someone that is very similar to her in terms of personality, outlooks and work attitude. Too bad she did not take into consideration whether ST can work with the others in the TEAM or not. I also pity ST because she is thrown into a job that she is struggling to comprehend and understand.

I understand that after one month, ST is still not trying to understand the ways things work there and the standard operating procedure (SOP). All she does is complaining and finding faults. For example, one day when SK had lunch alone with her since the others all have other engagements, SK told her that occasionally they might have to do overtime especially when there is high volume of order or any issue. However, ST responded that she does not like to do overtime. Geez, as if anyone out there enjoy doing overtime especially since no cash is involved. But any responsible-centric person would know that sometimes this is unavoidable. So, is ST trying to say that she would not stayback to settle her urgent work eventhough it must be done immediately and completed that day? Gosh! What will happen to ppcs then?

Secondly, ST is always checking the answers given by one ppcs with another ppcs. As if to find faults? If she don’t trust the person that is trying to guide her, then how she expect them to be their friends or trust her? Seriously speaking, I really doubt she will be able to adapt and absorb herself to the team. Not sure what is going on but really feel sad because the cs team used to be very strong and always support each other no matter what. Even when we merge with pp, we are ppcs, we are still strong and trust each other. Now, I just don’t know. I am pretty sure that as soon as SK, JB and CK find better opportunities elsewhere, they will jump ship without a second thought.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I did it my way....

I received one of the best news yesterday in the email! Rose is coming to town and I am so happy and excited! I think I might even be more excited than Rose herself. Rose and I known each other since we were babes (as in babelicious kind of babe, get it? ~LOL~Bluek!) Although we both do not really meet up that often when I was in Kuching, but we keep in touch via msn and blogs! In fact, she is the one that got me started with my blog addiction. So, I guess I can call her my blogger sifu (teacher)? Oh gosh, I sure miss my friends in Kuching very much.

Not to mention the food in Kuching! My friends were telling me that they have dinners to attend and so on. So, they get to eat all those big fish big meat (direct translation from mandarin: ta yu ta rou! Haha) and while here, I only get to eat at coffeeshops and homecook food. I know, I should NOT complaint. After all, I am far away from home but still have homecook food to eat. But sometimes it is nice to be gluten and stuff myself silly with all the nice rich food right? And trust me; attending dinners at Chinese restaurants cannot be compared with having Japanese buffet dinner at Saisaki. It is two totally different things.

To tell you the truth, I actually miss cooking for my family too. When I was in Kuching, whenever I have the urge, I will go to the kitchen and start to cook up a storm or experiment with some new recipe that I saw. In fact, it is a normal occurrence for me to bake cakes or cookies on a whim and I know people will appreciate it no matter what without caring how much mess I made in the process because in the end I will clean it up anyways. Here, staying at other people house is kind of tough especially when the housewife hover over your shoulder while you are cooking. Perhaps she thinks that I will burn her kitchen? Or perhaps she thinks that I am like one of those young ladies friends of hers that do not know how to cook?

It irritates the hell out of me when ‘suggestions’ and ‘comments’ are given to the way I cook. If I need help, I will ASK! And no, I do not like to put sugar in my food especially not chicken curry. Sigh~! Eventhough I explained the reason why I don’t think it is a good idea to put sugar, she keep on insisting. Then in the end, I just be firm and say no and repeat again that babe do not like sugar in his cooked food unless it is dessert.

Oh yah, by the way, I cooked chicken curry my style yesterday, i.e.chicken+potato+dried beancurd skin+evaporated milk+curry powder+water. Turn out ok but the curry powder is the pre-mixed type that I got from the night market near the place we are staying. So, the taste is abit off and slightly too spicy for me compared to what we usually get in Kuching. But then, it is still the type that babe and I like. I ate so much of the soup that last night I keep complaining I am so hot to babe. ~LOL~. I guess it is because the curry I cooked was very different from the ones that housewife usually cook. Housewife curry is just fish/meat with curry powder and water. Maybe she is just surprised by the way I cook it yesterday….

I am already planning what I want to cook this weekend but not sure if it will happen or not since housewife’s aunt is here. Normally that would not be a problem but since the aunt is Dayak-Islam, food wise, going to be abit hard because she might not be comfortable eating what we cook. Of course, pork is out. Babe and I was planning to go to the wet market nearby to check out the pork there. The pork sold in the supermarket is just ridiculously priced! Imagine RM29 per kg for pork! I think if in the wet market should be RM10-15 only depending to which part of the pork. By the way, the supermarket here even sells the huge big pork bones for RM7-8 per kg! I was so shocked because in Kuching, those are given away for free by the butcher and we will let the dogs chew it for fun 0_0!!

Anyway, so excited! Very happy it is Thursday already and Rose is coming on Sunday! Yahoo!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spark Your Life (and Blog) with SocialSpark

I have finally found it! Finally a place that allows me to do the things that I love and make some mullah without having to worry about the page ranking. I don't know about most of you but no matter how hard I try to browse the internet and try to understand the definition of page ranking or how it is calculated, I will always end up with more questions than I begin with. Of course, sometimes along the way, I got sidetrack and start to look at other more interesting.

SocialSpark cannot be bothered with such nonsense. Instead, they have created their own ranking which makes it more reliable in a way . Trust me, this people is here to stay and I can foresee that it will be here to stay for a long time. I for one is definitely in need of a place that allows me to do what I do and at the same time make my little place here into a money machine and more blogger friends while increasing the traffic to the blog.

Of course another great feature of socialspark that will help me with this is that is actually allows you to socialise with other socialspark's members. This is rather smart if you ask me because not only the socialsparkers communicate with each other to make friends but also it can be a community that helps each other as we all have one thing in common, we are all bloggers!

SocialSpark code of ethics includes:
-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
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-100% Real Opinions
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So, when you have registered yourself at SocialSpark, do remember to add me to your list of friends!

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Away from home & sick......

Really not feeling well today. It started with me having neck pain yesterday morning and it got so bad by evening that I am starting to have excruciating headache which in turn developed into mind numbing migraine. Once the migraine started, I basically start to feel dizzy and having cold sweat. Guess I must had look really pale because babe was so worried and told me to go take a shower and sleep. So, we slept around 11pm last night, which is early for us since we seldom sleep before midnight. Actually, by 10pm I was already lying around in bed taking a rest.

It was definitely most uncomfortable to sleep with a neck and head pain! I can hardly move or turn without sharp pain shooting throw my head. It feels like someone is taking a hammer and pounding my head constantly. At times, it felt like the brain swells and is too big for the skull. This morning, the migraine is pretty much gone but the neck pain has escalated to shoulder and the shoulder blade. Each turn and move will send me wincing. Imagine trying to turn to look at the side to make sure there is no car before driving out.

I am seriously thinking of going to the pharmacist later during lunch break to get painkiller. Generally, I would not take painkillers unless absolutely have to because I suffer from rather bad allergic reaction to some types of painkiller. My eyes will be swollen like the goldfish and I will be so blur that I can hardly do anything. Of course, the allergic medication does not help much either because it basically a sleeping pill that makes you super drowsy and like it or not, you will doze off after taking them.

Today, had to wake up earlier than usual so that I will arrive at the office by 8am for our weekly conference call with our offices in US and Taiwan. I was seriously considering calling up my boss and tell him that I am just too sick to come to work or perhaps come in late. At the end, decided that I might as well come in and if I feel really bad, as to go home earlier. This way, it would not be considered as MC. To get MC, I would need to go to the clinic to see the doctor and I HATE doing that. With this discomfort, I will most likely growl and spit at the doctor! But if it does not get better after the medication from the pharmacist, might not have a choice I guess.

To make matter worse, I absolutely lost my appetite and just don’t feel like eating anything. All I had for breakfast this morning was some bananas and I am pretty sure my stomach will be thanking me later by giving me a big dose of gastric and nausea! I have not been suffering from gastric for a long time but ever since I been to here, eventhough I eat 3 square meals a day, I am still getting it. I am eating smaller portions than usual but I feel full after each meals. I don’t think it is stress though because the work that I have now is pretty relaxing compared to my previous one in Kuching. So I really don’t know what the cause is. I guess I need to start eating small meals throughout the day instead of just 3 meals.

I sure hope that I can last until after our usual meeting at 2pm……

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Act Blur/Stupid end Conflict

WOW! What difference it makes when the school is out. The road is practically empty and even the Sunway toll which is notorious for its jam before AND after the toll is not as bad. Almost no jam at all before the toll plaza and just slight jam after. But this morning there was slight jam at the cable bridge though. At first I thought must be because everyone want to get to work and some how leave at the same time since they all take into account that it is school holiday now. But after a while, noticed that the highway patrol pass by and the cars start to move abit. Halfway through the cable bridge, saw this guy sitting and leaning on the wall of the bridge with a bike nearby. He looked like he was in great pain and there was a car stopped in front of his bike.

The highway patrol was trying his best to redirect the traffic away from him. There were also the highway maintenance people there and they placed road cones around him to make sure that the cars do not get to too close. Really pity the guy. He must be on his way to work because he was dressed rather smartly. Of course, this made me send a little prayer to heaven again asking God to keep my babe safe! As I said previously, I was never very comfortable with the idea of him riding bike to work although the bike is not those small bike that people normally use. Not a big bike either. If it was, I would have forced him to buy a car! Damn expensive those big bikes! Anyway, it is one of those fancier versions of the normal scooter bike. Don’t know what the brand is. Never bother to find out! (How ignorant of me!).

After the short stretch of jam, the rest of the road was pretty much clear and smooth. I even managed to reach the parking at around 8.15am (left house around 7.45am). So early but nowadays, with a big company moving into the same building as us and occupying the 6th to 11th floor of the building, another jam to fight would be at the lift. I usually catch the lift at level G but instead of pressing the up button, most of us will also press the down button. Yup, I actually catch the lift, follow it to the basement and then go back up again to the floor that I need to be at. If I don’t do this, basically, when the lift open to go up, it will be so full and you are not sure if you wan to squeeze. Guys of course don’t mind but we girls don’t like to have our bits touched even accidentally ok! (Unless you are a super handsome model/singer/actor..bluek!)

As I was daydreaming, am thinking if I should proceed with my plan to bake shepherd pie this weekend. One of my colleague who also bring food from home for lunch brought homemade shepherd pie yesterday and I been itching to make them since. I even sms babe yesterday to tell him I want to bake it this weekend. Of course, that was before I know his left leg is in pain because of gout. Actually, this is almost a year since the last time he suffers from this. It used to be so bad that that he actually had to use the crutches to walk around. Usually, things like century eggs or super rich food such as imported beef will trigger his attack.

I am not sure what trigger this attack though because we have not been eating those stuff at all except maybe 1 small piece of Australia beef. Really really small piece lar. Of course, he did eat more than usual when I am here. And of course, he has been gaining weight since the last one month plus especially since he is also ‘stealing’ food off my plate whenever we go out for our meals. Previously, before I was here, he was actually losing a lot of weight especially when he was staying with a bachelor friend of his. Then, about one month before I join him, he moved to stay with this friend and his wife, so have home cook food almost everyday. Then when I come over, sometimes when I am in the mood or he is craving, I will cook and he will eat A LOT of rice. I call him the rice tong actually. Like yesterday, I cook one half cup of chicken porridge since the housewife and friend is not cooking or eating at home. And also since babe have gout, so thought cook something light.

End up, I also cook some fried chicken and salted fish. Babe actually ate 3 bowl of porridge! I want to faint see him eat so much. I have not even finish half bowl of my own porridge, he already started on his 3rd bowl. On one hand, I am happy that he likes the food that I cook, on the other hand, worry also because he really gain a lot of weight in the one half month that I am here. Even the colleague that have not seen him for one month commented that he is getting big now. I wonder if I can make him go on a diet with me too and eat less rice! Worried about his health mar!

Anyway, I found out his pain was that bad yet because he can actually tell me he initially planned to have lamb curry for lunch!! HMMPFF! Don’t want to pity him after that. If he can think of eating lamb curry and ignore the pain, then that means that he was not in that great of a pain. Don’t want to entertain or pamper him already! So, shepherd pie plan needs to be onhold first. At first I thought I will go get those little paper cup to use as the mold since I will need to put it into the microwave. No oven at the place I am staying. Still having second thoughts also because the housewife might not be very happy with me tinkering around in her kitchen and make a mess.

Of course, I clean up the mess after that but somehow, she seems to always go into the kitchen and check. Sometimes, she even re-wash some of the things I used. I think we might have overstayed our welcome? I don’t know. Perhaps I am being over-sensitive but to avoid further conflict, I think I will act blur/stupid and make don’t know and start to look for our own place more actively.

Will be going out this weekend to look at a friend place to see if any apartments there are for rent. Going to start cold-calling those advert in the newspaper again too and see if we can get the place that we want. When we did that early this month, most of the agents expect us to move-in June the latest. But babe and I actually planning to move in only in July due to financial reasons. But I guess by this weekend, it would be June already and so when we tell the owner/ agent we only want to move in NEXT month, it should be not too far off?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dare Devil and Me

When I was in my late teens and 20s, I would say that I am a dare devil. I would try anything and everything without giving much regards to the consequences. Well, maybe that is not true, I do give regards to the consequences, for about perhaps ten minutes and proceed to do it anyways. In those days, it is as if I am invisible and nothing could harm me. And if something did harm me, I have the regenerating power and am very sure that I am able to bounce right back on my feet. Of course, those are the naive thinking that I believe most of us gone through in one stage or other stage of our lives.

As for me, the dare-devil-syndrome disappear silently without me realising it until I actually caught myself thinking about alot of what-ifs. For example, when listening to accidents reports on the radio on the way to work, the mention of motorcycle related accidents will make me send a prayer to heaven to keep babe safe. Kinda silly since I know that babe is a careful driver but then, those things cannot be predicted! Or if I do not get calls from my mom for a few days, I will start to worry and wonder if something happened. And if I do get calls from her at odd time, before I pick up the call, my heart will skip a beat and wonder if something has gone wrong.

I am not sure when all this what-ifs syndrome started. It seems to creep up on me slowly but surely. I don't even drive that fast anymore eventhough with the highways in KL, it is perfect place to let go and zoom all over the place. Instead, I will usually keep to about 100-120kmph at the most. For Kuching friends, just give you an idea how slow that is, those in KL will honked me if I drive like that on the most outer lane on the highway! Although I know my car is able to handle the speed and corners, I am just not comfortable driving at maniac speed whereby if I need to do emergency braking, then the car might slide or skid or worse, turn over.

See what I mean? My imagination is going wild again. When I was younger, my parents will always nagged at me and tell me to be careful and of course, for being a rebellious teenager, most of the time I will say "OK" and then proceed to do it anyways. I actually promised myself that I will not be this way with my future kids but of course, now that I am the grown up, I think I will be a nagger to my kids too! Well, at least I am better than babe! He was going to lock up the daughters in the house and no going out late at nights until they get married~!

Of course, I just had to asked him how about his sons? He said, sons are ok to do whatever they want as long as it is not against the law. After they finish their form 5, they can go out and come back at any time they want. Talk about being unfair huh? But I know where he is getting at especially with the society being so crazy nowadays. Imagine how scary it is when a snatch thief can jump over the fence of the house, tackle a old lady watering the plant in the garden to the ground and proceed to snatch her gold necklace off her and run off? Yup, that happened in Kuching, a supposedly peaceful place to retire to.

I heard that it has not gotten much better since I moved here. My parents are even seriously thinking about installing alarm and CCTV. I told them to install an auto-gate as well so that they dont have to get out of the car to open the gate. Only need to get out of the car when they are in the house with the gate firmly closed. Mom & Dad sounds reluctant and feels that the alarm and CCTV is sufficient. Thank god we moved to a place that is not consider high class or else I would have been more worried with the thieves targeting bungalows in high end areas.

I just hoped that when babe & I get our own place, we will be able to find somewhere that is relatively peaceful, low density and safe. Right now, looking at Subang, Kelana and Sri Damansara area. Still looking and not sure yet since the price are all beyond our budget of not more than RM700. Some looks promising in price but the location is not very convenient to get to LDP or NKVE for both of us to get to work. So, still sourcing. Hopefully can move by July or Aug the latest....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sexy School Uniform?

Nick posting today got me really really hyped up. I have just changed my opinion of The Star. I mean, previously I have always thought this is one of the most one-sided newspaper I know. Now I changed my mind. It is not only biased but also STUPID!!!! 22 May 2008, The Star online published an article with title:

School uniform sexy, says group

Management of The Star need to seriously thinking about firing their chief editor and hiring new ones! This is the type of articles that helps your readership to drop and people start to boycott your newspaper! OMG! How the chief editor did not immediately throw this article into the bin the moment the super dumb journalist submits it for approval.

Of course, the person that commented this is equally idiotic, narrow minded and stupid! I really wish to know what drives this woman, who is the vice president of National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia to make such an idiotic statement such as this. “It becomes a distraction to men, who are drawn to it, whether or not they like looking at it,” she said, calling for a review of uniform policy so that it did not violate Islamic ideals.

It is like blaming the sheep for being eaten by the wolves! Are you crazy woman! So, does that mean that those fathers that rape their own daughter are actually FORCED to do it because the daughters wear those SCHOOL UNIFORMS!???? What is the point of God, or if you prefer, ALLAH giving human being BRAINS if they cannot think and judge what is right and wrong? Why in the world are you creating excuses for rapist and incest!

Munirah said that “covering up” according to Islamic precepts was important to fend off social ills, including “rape, sexual harassment and even premarital sex.” And to proceed to prosecute herself further by saying, “This leads to babies born out of wedlock and, to an extent, even prostitution”. HA?????? I am so tempted to say the four-letter-word at the end of 'what-the' but I am going to refrain myself because God gave me BRAIN to control my emotions and thoughts. Munirah, you really need to keep your fantasies and thoughts to yourself.

“This is the source of the problem, where we can see that schoolgirls themselves are capable of using this to attract men to them,” Munirah said. OOOI!! STOP insulting the rest of us. Just because you are living in your own small perverted world, don't categorise the rest of us as one. Only dirty minded person like yourself, Munirah, can come up with the idea of innocent school girls using the white blouse to lure and attract man and in turn ASKED to be molested and rape!

Someone should tell this Munirah woman to resign before she lead all the students astray! Geez weez, how come someone like Munirah is always suppose to be the pucuk pemimpin (leaders)? How many times must Malaysian be the laughing stock because of someone like this? I won't be surprised if wars of the world are because of a Munirah saying empty talks just to shock sendiri (showing off) and lead others to doom!

Family Trip - Not FAIR!!!

Mom called this morning and the conversation goes like this:

Mom: Gal ah (yah, she still calls me that!) we are going to KK this Sunday and back on Friday. JenJen: Oh, ok. You all go isit?
Mom: Yalor. I want to go KL but your dad don't want. He want to go Sabah.
JenJen: Oh. Why go KK?
Mom: Your dad have meeting and your bro will be presenting the them the product. You want to follow?
JenJen: Cannot! No leave yet.
Mom: Want to follow, I ask your dad to book ticket for you.
JenJen. Cannot larrrr. Just start work. Where got leave?
JenJen: Ok lar... Nothing else talk some more tonight lar. Busy...
Put down phone!

AIYEH!! Family holiday paid by parents some more!! How come when I was in Kuching, we never had one of those. I only get to follow my dad for full packed business trip! And trust me, those trips are very packed! Although I do get see the most of Sabah but it is not fun at all because I will be too tired at the end of the day! And now that I am in KL, they are planning a 6 days family trip!! I am so jealous! What a way to start the weekend yah! Sigh!!!

I am going to stop here. You can judge how upset I am from this short short short posting ...~>_<~ hhmppff!!!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

From Sarawak, Am I Rich or Poor?

I promised myself that I will not post anything related to politics or remotely linked to it and been trying really hard not to do that. But it is becoming increasing hard not to say much especially when I read this:

Sarawak and Sabah is the state in Malaysia that is richest with natural resources but is among the poorest state in Malaysia.

Sigh! Coming from Kuching, Sarawak, this statement really hurts even though it is the truth. By right, as a state that is rich in natural resources such as oil, gas and timber, shouldn’t Sarawak be getting more percentage of the money back for more meaningful development? Of course, I am not saying that we do not have any development at all but who can honestly say that we have been developing rapidly? I think the only thing that is developing rapidly is the inflation. Most of us KNOW EXACTLY who is responsible for this but alas, no one DARED to do much. Non-Sarawakian might not understand how expensive it is to live in Sarawak, in terms of income vs expenses.

Average income for fresh grad degree holder in Kuching would be around RM1,500-1,600. If you are lucky, might get RM1,800-2,000. Few multinational companies offer engineers RM2,200. I heard my friends in Kuching told me that a glass of ice lime is RM1.80 and a bowl of Sarawak kolo mee is RM3-4. It was RM1.50 and RM2.80 respectively before I come to KL about a month and half ago. Of course, they also suffer the increase in staple food such as rice. Some of my friends are even switching to eating local rice instead of those imported one because it is getting too expensive. Although Sarawakian save on toll charges, but petrol price is just RM0.01 different from KL. This is for a state that produces oil and gas!

So, after counting here and there, let say:

Lunch RM8 x 30day = RM240
Petrol RM10x30day = RM300
Internet RM110 (1MB)
Handphone bill RM52.50 (postpaid with 5% tax)
Groceries RM10x30 = RM300
Utilities RM100 (water, electric and gas for cooking)
Maintenance RM100 (car maintenance averaged)
Insurance n tax RM100 (car insurance n road tax averaged per year
Car loan RM500

Wait a minute, already overspend! And not yet even add in entertainment, housing, household items like shampoo, soap, detergent, etc. Of course, I am assuming the person is staying on their own and not with parents or friends lar. That is also assuming the person have a degree and earn up to RM1,800. It is not uncommon for income earner in Sarawak to be SPM leavers that earn RM600 – RM800. How to survive?????

With price of everything increasing and it really feels as if we are paying double for groceries, household items and day-to-day necessities. A 10kg bag of rice that cost RM28+ a month or two ago has increased on RM35+. That’s 25% increase! Does this mean that our salaries need to shift up by 25% too? Of course, when that happens, the traders will have another reason to increase the price further and cause even worse inflation!

Before I took this job, my good friends in Kuching feels that this is a good offer. Based on my calculation on paper, I should be able to save plenty after deducting expenses and loans. But now, I am not so sure. But it is too late for me to turn back. Just need to be more careful with my expenses and not let it run away. (Already start to have the wind blown and tornadoes spinning sensation actually…sigh!)

I dare not tell my parents that I might be having difficulties making ends meet here. Do not want to worry them. I know the moment I open my mouth or if they find out, my dad will immediately jump to my rescue. But come one, that is too embarrassing and I think I will rather be almost at death doorstep before I let my parents help me out financially. And also, whatever extras they have now if for them to enjoy themselves after many years of hardwork.

I can only laugh at how young I was last time when I told my mom that I will buy her a BMW when I start working. How naïve I was. As I said, life being an independent grown up is no fun at all. Kids that is reading this, enjoy and cherish your life now!

Sigh! I hope SOMEONE in the BIG G ORGANISATION will do something soon......

Training & Motivation

Whenever Thursday approach, I will always start to feel lighter and somehow the world does not seem like such a gloomy place after all. I guess it has something to do with the fact that it is Friday tomorrow or maybe it is because I am actually LOSING weight?!?!? (For the benefit of RK! Kek si bui?) Nowadays, I seem to have a love hate relationship with my new job. New because I only started working here 14 Apr. That mean roughly 1 month and 8 days ago? Again, hard to believe that it has only been one month since I am working here. It felt like I been here ages. Not sure why because there are a lot of things that I still need to learn. Or perhaps because I have too much spare time on my hand that I can actually blog and blog hop daily? Or perhaps it is because I am feeling tired of my boss constantly giving one of us ‘lesson’ during our meetings?

Whatever it is, as I said, it is a love hate relationship with this job. I can see the job have a lot of potentials and when the volume actually increase, all this system that I am working hard to set up now will actually pay off. But for now, I think I can only see 50% benefit of what I am doing. At times, I feel almost like an interloper that is just sitting here and watching/monitoring the going on instead of being an active participator. An audience, that’s the word that I am looking for. I know that being a matured and experience employee, I should be sourcing my own ways to improve myself as well as review on what other things that can be done to further improve whatever system or SOP that I am working on.

However, I find that due to my limited IT background, the first and foremost things is needed is a training. In the previous company, like most big organization, there is a specific IT team that is solely responsible for program writing to generate reports and monitoring system. There are so many things that I would like to set up for my company but with my limited knowledge, all those need to take a back sit first. Instead, the first priority would be to go for training. Not a whole year course for program writing but short courses that can help me to automate reports and tracking files.

Hence, last few days been sourcing via the internet for training on visual basic application (VBA) and Microsoft visual basic (VB6). At the moment, still can’t decide which one to take up yet. VBA might seem insufficient if I am really required to set up the whole system without professional IT help. But the Microsoft Visual Basic might be too complicated for me. Dd suggest that I might as well take up VB6 since VBA is part of it. This way, I will learn more and not be frustrated because confined to one small area of visual basic programming. After the fundamentals, then can consider if should go for further training for the level 2 & 3 advanced course. My boss has basically agreed to me attending trainings although I am not yet a confirmed staff. But of course, with training, I will be tied for certain period of time depending on the cost.

Too bad I won’t be able to convince RK and SK to join me for this class. Or else, sure will be fun for the 3 of us gals to go training together and have fun after that without the hubbies and kids! Hahahaha. RK and I also have started a new agreement between the 2 of us. We will start practicing our Japanese language with each other starting next week. But first, we need to practice and go through the lesson on our own during the weekend. As I said to her, 52 weekends and 52 weeks in a year to practice. By next year, we should be pretty good at this already! We did attend classes last time for about half year but after a while with RK pregnant, give birth and all, lost the energy to continue lar!

I have so many projects actually before I come here. I thought that I will have plenty of time to kill since there is just me and babe. But end up, I have much less time here compared to when I was in Kuching. So, I must force myself and make time for all the projects. First thing first, start on the Japanese thingie. Hahahaha! So, wish us luck and make sure you all motivate us kaw kaw ok!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Budget Budget Budget

As you know, we been looking around for suitable apartment to move into and call our own. We are targeting to find something around July or August time. This way, we can save up first while living at babe’s friend’s house. Also, it will give us some time to look for suitable place with suitable environment, location and especially the rental price. So far, babe and I have seen a few places and sad to say, somehow, one of us will always dislike something about the place. Mostly it is babe lar!

There is a place that both of us like very much but it is really too pricey for us. It is about 15 minutes drive to work for me and pretty easy for babe to go onto the NKVE to get to work daily. The distance is not much different for babe compared to where we are staying now. On top of that, the unit is semi-furnish with aircons, heater, wardrobe, fan, kitchen cabinet, stove and hood. We really like the place very much mainly because it is on a hilltop and the atmosphere is so peaceful and serene. The air is cold as if we are in genting! On top of that, it is very low density and security is tight. However, the rent requested was really too expensive in our opinion, RM850.

I know, some might say that is actually the going rate but I doubt it because we found an agent that told us some of the units there are for sale at RM150,000 to RM160,000. Paying RM850 is almost like paying for loan installments on the apartment with some leftover to pay for the maintenance fee perhaps? And this got babe and me thinking (dreaming) that when we are both more settled down and financially stable, perhaps we can come back here again to buy one of the units. But alas, that remain as a dream for now unless I suddenly inherit lots of mullah from some long lost relatives perhaps??? Hahahaha..wishful thinking..sigh!

Growing up and being independent is no fun! Moving so far away from my parents made me realized how fortunate I was. Of course, I will eventually need to move anyways from the nest but that does not mean that I have to like it right? So many things to consider, plan, budget and worry about. I was just discussing with RK on how to budget for expenses and how she and her hubby share them. Yah, although babe and I not married yet and is just planning to do this maybe end of this year or next year, we are living together. This means that we need to share responsibilities and expenses.

So, I drafted a budget since a long long long time and included the few basic items that my muddled brain can think of. And with the help from RK, actually added a few more items into them. Mainly is to decide how much will be put into a joint account main this purpose lar. Of course, since it is a budget, the aim is to spend less than that and whatever extra will then become our savings. As I said, it is no fun at all being an INDEPENDENT adult. Can no longer go on impulse shopping spree without the nagging guilty feeling or just runaway and do something without thinking of others.

So, this is my list of things that we will jointly share. Did I miss anything????????
a. Utilities – water, electric, handphone, internet, astro
b. Food/ Groceries
c. Entertainment
d. Household goods
e. Maintenance
f. Car insurance & road tax
g. Rent

What do you consider is the best way to share the expenses? Open a joint account and one person become the CFO (chief finance officer), who is usually the wife to control and make sure all the bills are paid. Or delegate who pay for what as long as at the end the total amount is what both person agreed on. I prefer joint account actually because we put in certain amount of money and then we work together to make sure we don’t over spend. And whatever extra will be our savings. Of course, option two will be less hassle and straightforward. Any other ways to do this? Really need some help and advice here.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday Worse Than Monday Blues

Discovered that starting work on a Tuesday is worse than Monday blues! I am so not in the mood to work today. I think my subconscious must be thinking of the same thing too because I must have woke up at least half a dozen time yesterday. I am pretty sure it was not due to the high temperature that we usually face at night because last night was rather cooling for a change. Babe & I actually retire to bed earlier than usual last night and we promptly fall asleep the moment we turn off all lights and our head hit the pillow.

Woke up at 6.15am so that I can be the first to hit the shower and get ready to leave the house for work around 7am-ish. Need to arrive at the office by 8am for our weekly Tuesday conference call with our HQ in US. I don’t do much during the meeting actually since I am not required to do any reporting at all. Instead, I am just required to sit in so that I can understand what is going on in the organization, something that is very essential for someone new in the company like me.

Talking of being new comer, today is officially my one month and 6th day of working here. Sounds short doesn’t it but it definitely feel much longer than that. It felt as if I have been working here for ages. I used to look forward to going to work everyday when I was in Kuching. Ermm, rephrase, before obi was promoted/transferred to be our section manager. Even then, it was not as bad because I know that my good friends are around. And anytime that I feel like taking a break, I will message one of them and ask if they want to go pantry or cafeteria.

Always look forward to lunch with the gals too because that is the time we catch up, gossip, laugh and talk about whatever that comes to our mind. We are so comfortable with each other that we tease each other without any hard feelings. Sometimes, we even share our worries and brainstorms solutions for our personal dilemma. Or if anyone of us is not in the mood to talk, then the others will fill in the void and the silent one can sit back and relax without being worried about how others will think about her. I miss them so much and thank goodness we are able to continue our friendship and chat online.

Today I am also feeling especially homesick. I miss my mom & dad very much. Even though I am glad to be independent but I realized that whenever I am feeling tired, worried or broke (haha!), I will be extremely homesick and feel like crying. Just this morning, while taking shower, I felt like crying my eyes out but with much self control, I stopped myself from doing that. I don’t want to make my babe worry about me. Guess we human are like that, when we have those that care about us near, we take them for granted. Then, when we can’t see them everyday, we miss them terribly!

Sorry if I am making you all depressed with my melancholic posting. I am feeling so depressed that I felt like ‘disappearing’ for a while and be on my own. I do this sometimes when I was in Kuching. I will bring my books and go somewhere on my own to take a break from everything. Usually, after a very expensive meal or shopping spree, I will feel much better. But here, I am not sure what I can do especially with my tight budget this month.

Yar, maybe it is because of money worries that compounded this feeling? I don’t know. I just wish it is payday already. Really had to stretch last month pay since I was ‘jobless’ for one week while moving from Kuching to KL and trying to settledown. The cost of moving here, settling down and so on really drain my budget. I guess I must really discipline myself (and babe) to have a tighter budget especially when we move to our own place later.

The one half month also passed in a blur for me. It felt like I am forever doing house chores, one after another. Laundry, ironing, cooking, cleaning, etc. I am feeling so tired and drained. I know I should just let it be if I don’t feel like doing it but I cannot tahan (stand) see all the things piling up. And I discover that I have a very strong guilty conscience.

For example, after I came back from work, extremely tired, but the housewife is cooking in the kitchen, as much as I felt like lying down in bed and not move till dinner time or something, I will put my bags down in the room and go to the kitchen to see what I can do to help. Although I have told myself many times (babe did too) that she should be able to understand that since I work fulltime, I am tired. But knowing how she is, I really doubt that eventhough she is the fulltime housewife. Also, I feel that she don’t actually need to cook for babe and myself at all. It is out of goodness (????) of her heart.

OK, I better stop here or else I will go on and on and on about how depressed and homesick I am today. Dear Friends (u know who u r), don’t worry. I will fine later. Adios!

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Typical Day in JenJen's Life

This is mainly for the benefit of my friends in Kuching that for sure is wondering how I pass my time here in KL. After all, I been whining and complaining about long hours compared to life in Kuching. So, I guess for their benefit and so that they know how lucky they are to be staying in a slower phase life in Kuching, this is a typical day in my life.

The handphone start beeping, hand roams overhead to search for the blasted alarm and turn on snooze, 9 more minutes to laze in bed.

Babe's handphone beep and he turn on the snooze. Laze in bed some more too!

Babe got out of bed, morning business & bath.
I got out of bed, fill the kettle and turn on the electric to boil the water. Take out a small bowl, scoop 4 spoons of oat in the bowl, open a 3-in-1 tea in a cup. Went back to bed, laze around while wait for the water to boil.

Babe finish taking his bath. Give him his oatmeal and tea. My turn in the bathroom.

Babe with his helmet and jacket, ready to go to work. I just finish bath and sit on the floor, day dream abit and start to put on my face cream, make up, etc. Search for clothes to wear. So bored, everyday wear almost the same but no choice since 75% of my clothes are in Kuching.

Make myself coffee black with half teaspoon of sugar and peanut butter jelly sandwich to go. I usually have my breakfast in the car since it will be pretty slow in the jam or else I will fall asleep behind the wheels!

Check to make sure that I have all my stuff, laptop, charger, mouse, purse, handphone, car keys, house keys and etc. Locked up the house including the gate since the housewife and baby still sleeping. Oh, how I envy them. I told babe that I can understand why she let the baby sleep around midnight instead of earlier. So that she can sleep in also without having the baby waking up early in the morning mar!

Sunway toll. Jam as usual. Took out my sandwich and open the cover of my coffee flask. Breakfast time.

Reached the carpark, parked my cars and start my 10 minutes walk to my office. Debate on whether want to go McD for McMuffin. Reminded myself about my diet! Go to work. Walking thru the shopping mall and hotel.

Reached my office. Take out laptop, charger and mouse from the bag. Turn the handphone to vibrate mode. And daily work start.

The food menu for lunch delivery being passed around. If there is no menu by 10.45am, then we will be eating out.

12 noon
Lunch time. I make it a point to only go out for lunch once or twice a week. Other days, I will bring food from home, i.e. whatever leftover from dinner.

Time to go move my car and park it again. Good exercise since it is 10min to the car and 10min back again. RK & SK, jealous or not??? hahaha

Time to go home. Officially office hour is 9am to 6pm but I seldom come in or leave on the dot. Not much point of doing that since will be caught in the jam.

Home! Changed to shorts and t-shirt. See the housewife need help or not with dinner. Depending to what time the husband come back, dinner might be at 8pm or earlier.

Finish cleaning up after dinner. On the internet tv. Either wash the laundry in the machine and hang them out OR fold the laundry. Sometimes if babe have nothing to wear already, iron....(I HATE THE IRONING!hhmppff!!)

Supper for babe if he wants them.

Take bath and get ready for bed. Watch some more internet tv. Blog and blog hopping. Check emails, etc. Bedtime usually around 12midnight or 1am.

So, long winded posting about my daily activities. Of course, weekend and public holidays is totally different. If there is no work the next day, we might even sleep at 2-3am depends to whether we go out for supper or stayed in the room to watch some interesting movies/ series marathon on internet tv. Nowadays with the internet tv, at least life not so mundane and bored. Not what lar, but the Astro in the living room is either on kids channel or Malay series or recently AF. Not my cup of tea but of course, not my place to say much since it is not my house. So, I am so glad we got our internet already although I dread the first month bill which will come to just below RM400!

Why we need to Sleep?

I am getting old~>_<~ !!! Why do I say that? Because my body simply refuse to let me sleep until the sun is high up in the sky anymore! No matter how late I slept the night before, 2-3am, I will still wake up latest by 10.30am. In fact, around 10am, my mind has also ready start to become conscious of the bright room and whatever sounds the early birds (pun intended) decided to chirp away about. Not sure what the birds are so happy about. Nothing is more blissful and sleep till unknown time of the day!

I remember when I was still in college, I even skipped my 8am classes just so that I can sleep in. My housemate taking the same course as me would knock on my door and try to wake me up. I will always make sure that I locked the door of course and totally ignore the knock. After a few more knocks that get louder each time, she would give up and went to wait for the bus that takes us to our classes on her own. I was pretty lucky because this kind soul willingly share her notes with me after she came back. Of course, that was after a short lecture from her about sleeping early and waking up early.

If I have my way, I would have NOT go for the 8am classes at all. But I guess the college administrators are aware of poor souls like us need some push to make sure that we discipline ourselves and come to class. I guess they figured that people like that that is away from home for the first time is in need of good guidance and nurturing. So, they set up the rule of must attending minimum x percentage of the class or else eventhough we submitted our assignments on time or get As in exams, we will still flunk the class. An extremely cruel punishment if you ask me.

I utterly believes that as a young active growing mind person like myself then, it is very important to make sure that a network is build with people from all over the world. After all, the wise ones are always preaching about broadening the horizon and so on and on and on. And what better way to do that other than going on the internet to one of those chat rooms for exchange of ideas and knowledge! Hence, how can they expect someone like me who sleeps at 3-4am the night before (ermm..morning?) wakes up again at 7am to go to an 8am class??? Some people, can be so inconsiderate~ (BLUEK!! hahahaha!)

Anyway, back to my dilemma. I really wish I can sleep pass 10am and wake up with the smile on my face, knowing with glee that I let my body rest all it want. I wonder if it is because the room is too warm for to contemplate sleeping in. I wonder if I can persuade babe to get an aircon immediately when we move to our new place. Ppsttt....we might be moving sooner than planned. Babe and I have a little secret project going on. Wont revel too much about it now since some of you actually know babe and I. Suffice to say that I am very very excited at the prospect of having a place of our own without the heartache related to money! *grin grin grin grin grin*

Friday, May 16, 2008

Fugu from Sarawak

As I was blogging last night, babe said why don't you blog about Sarawak blowfish? Yup, you read correctly and it is not a typing error either, FUGU FROM SARAWAK! Actually, I never knew we have fugu until I went with babe to Sri Aman once. One of the first thing that we did when we go there is to go to the local wet market. That is where I saw babe goes to the salted fish stalls and choose a few packets of ugly and thorny looking salted fish. It is the ugliest thing that I ever seen and I will definitely not imagine myself buying or eating it! But let me tell you, there is no other salted fish like salted fugu! The fish is basically cut open, flatten, salted and dried. The same way to make any other kind of salted fish.

Sarawak fugu is also exotic even in Sarawak. Alot of Sarawakian does not even know such fish exist. Actually it is found mostly can be found in Sri Aman and along the way from Kuching to Sri Aman. Eventhough there is a small fishing village that is famous for blowfish on the way from Sri Aman to Bintangor, it is hard to find anyone selling them along the way. I find it rather surprising actually. I wonder if the blowfish is really being commercialise, what will happen? Then fugu will not only be famous in Japan.

But before it can go through the curing process, need to remove the poison from the fish first. I am not sure how they did this as I have never seen the fresh kind before. Only the salted ones. Apparently, on the way to Bintangor, there is village on the way that specialised in producing salted fugu. I guess this is one of my to-do list when I managed to get back to Kuching next time. I wonder how fresh Sarawak fugu will taste like. I bet it will be very very silky and delicious! Dip in batter and fry to golden crispy perfection. (MORE DROOL!!!)

I am a fish eggs lover (yar yar high cholesterol!) and I have actually eaten salted Sarawak fugu egg once. And let me warn you, this is not for the faint hearted. The first bite, you will be able to feel tingling on your tongue. At first, I thought this is because of too much salt on the eggs. On 2nd bite, the tingling starts to feel sharper. And after eating more than 3pcs, basically, the tongue goes slightly numb and lightheaded. Of course, the sensation goes away after awhile. Again, I am swallowing my saliva while describing it to you! DROOL!!

So, how do you cook the salted fish. So, usually we will cut it into about the size of two fingers and clean with water. Well, the trick is to fry it as crispy as possible without burning it. This is essential as the best part of the fish is the skin! Yup, the sharp thorny skin.

Whole salted Sarawak fugu. 1 pack of 2-3 salted fugu cost
between RM5-10 depending on the size.

Close up of the fugu. See the sharp thorns?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wesak Day

I just realized around lunch time that this weekend is going to be a long weekend with Monday being a public holiday! Usually, while I was in Kuching, my colleagues and I would be looking forward to the long weekend and by Friday, most of us will be in a good mood and very relax. Although Friday is usually is a rather busy day for us because that is the day that the customers take into their head that today is the last day of the week and they must finished off whatever the planned to complete this week! That would me 100+ emails and half of those pending action and the other half are inconsiderate people working in the company that decided it is fun to keep EVERYONE in the cc loop!

Anyway, am not planning much for this weekend. Initially, last month I was telling babe perhaps we want to consider driving some where for the weekend. Maybe Penang or Malacca. But now the prospect of couped up the car for hours, romping all over the place and stuffing myself with heavy food just does not appeal to me. Instead, a quiet weekend with babe and maybe cook some food that we both enjoy eating sounds like a much more relaxing plan. Of course, I was hoping that there will be something juicy on the internet tv as well!

On top of that, I am thinking of rearranging and cleaning up our bedroom abit. Trying to make more space in this tiny room. Just to give you an idea how big (or small) is the room, just put one queen size bed and another single bed side by side and it will cover the floor of the entire room. I guess begger can't be chooser. Just have to make do with whatever is available until we move to our own place where we will have the freedom to use any part of the house and sit anyhow we want. As I mentioned to RK and SK once, the joy of walking around the house without a bra! BLISSFUL!!!

Sometimes we just take things for granted. I mean, while I was in Kuching staying with my parents, I never think much of lying around in the living on the sofa.Or take the pillows from the bedroom and lie on the living room floor. And switching tv to whatever channel that I felt like watching as long as mom or dad are not interested to watch anything special. Or even the wonderful feeling of eating whatever you want, whenever and wherever! Gosh! I talked so much about this and I guess some of you must be saying " Go get your own place already".

Well, we did go look around but so far we decided to wait first. I estimated we need at least RM5000 in the first month as rental deposit, rental, tenancy agreement fee, utilities deposit, fridge, washing machine and a tv. (SIGH!!) Babe and I is planning to go see his aunt's empty apartment that is near here. If the fridge and washing machine works, I guess we might decide to move there temporarily. I am not very keen to move there actually because the place have no lift and the apartment is on the 4th floor. Mainly not because of myself but because if our parents come to visit, then it will be hard for them especially for my handicapped sister.

But if we really can't stand it anymore, I guess at least we have the option of going there. Yawnn..ok..dinner time!!!!

Threshold and Me

Yawnnn!!! Feeling so so so sleepy today! Serve me right too. I was having so much fun watch marathon series of Threshold on the internet tv that I sat in front of the laptop for 4 hours straight! Can’t help it especially after not having the freedom to watch the ENGLISH series on Astro for more than a month. The family that I am staying with mostly watch either Malay movies, Malay gameshow, News in Malay.

Of course, 75% of the time, the little gal age around 3 will be monopolizing the tv and watch the kids channel. Albeit, those are in English but I feel rather silly watching animated character going around trying to count one by one the items in the basket. If anyone of us decides to switch the channel, she will start to throw her tantrum, sit on the floor and kick around or cry at the top of her voice.

Basically, this is what she does for everything that she wants but can’t get because she knows the parents especially the mother will eventually just let her have it anyways. And most of time, this is without much fight at all. To tell you the truth, I can never stand kids that are spoiled ridiculously that it will definitely cause more harm for them and good. I can’t imagine how such kids will be able to socialize in the real world. Imagine a 7 year old in primary one screaming and shouting because the teacher told her/him that he/she can’t do some things.

I tell you, if my future kids are like that, they will definitely receive a padapap(smack) from me. Maybe not as serious as a smack but at least reprimand and punishment. But then again, I am saying this now when I don’t have any kids. Maybe when I have my own, I won’t have the heart to scold my kids and also will give everything they want. OMG! If I ever become like that, please make sure that someone kick and slap me to wake me up ok? Or..ermm..less painful, show me this posting because I intend to blog till someone buries me! Hahaha..I wonder if there is internet in heaven~ hhmm.. (kekekekeek)

By the way, Threshold is really nice! It is about a ship in the sea that saw UFO that transmit some sound wave that killed almost all the crew except 6. The sound wave caused the surviving crews' DNA to changed into alien. Anyway, the whole story revolve around a secret government team called Threshold that is suppose to contain the situation by capturing the 6 surviving crews. The 6 crews have imbedded gene in them that makes them want to infect the others with the same killer sound wave and change the whole human population to alien too. And the alien sound is intelligent too because it can duplicate itself on any electronics devices. So, with our world being very dependent on electronics, easy for the alien to infect each and everyone on earth.

The marathon was on a US channel called Sci-fi from 4am-4pm their time. I wish today don’t have to work. Then last night would have watch until the marathon ends. Unfortunately, I don’t have such luck as those lucky housewives, can sleep and wake up at anytime they want. How I envy those ladies. I wonder if I will ever have a chance to do this or not. I know babe’s have the intention but I doubt I will be able to stand staying at home and just take care of the house and kids. I will go crazy with boredom and almost non-existing social life! But I don’t mind the occasional leave to goof off at home while everyone is not in!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Doggie Tale

I been avoiding any movies that involve animals, especially those with sappy stories related to animals or about animal cruelty. I am even avoiding documentaries channels on Astro about Animal Rescue and so forth. I was not always like this. Usually, I will be the first to ask babe to buy (or download) latest animal movies. Now, some of you might be thinking how come I am so hard hearted? Well, actually, I am not! In fact, I am super duper soft hearted especially when it come to furry small dogs and cats.

But after I had to give away all my four dogs to relatives and friends, I don't think I will have the energy to resist and succumb to my emotion, i.e. cry my eyes out at every sappy animal related movies. Oh, trust me! I will definitely be bawling and crying unstoppable even when I want to. On top of that, there will be that heart piercing sensation with the heavy heart that makes me feel so depressed after every story about cruelty to animal.

One that leaves deep impression on me was during one of the Animal Rescue episode where the rescuer found the owner left their dogs chained up in the basement starve to death! Basically, when the rescuer found the ones that survived, they also found some dog skin and bones laying around! I am starting to have that heavy heart feeling even as I was typing this. I cannot understand how anyone can do that to cute helpless little thing. Sigh..the worse thing is the owner actually have the gale to say that it was his kids responsibility to ensure that the dogs are bath, fed and taken care of.

OMG! Don't the guy have any feelings? How can he just leave the dogs all tied up with no way of escaping in dark wet cold basement starve to death! I am even having images of the dogs gnawing anything that it can get to escape. Maybe those that survived did? I know, that is an image that you hope never to imagine, what more to say actually seeing. I only have one conclusion about this people, IRRESPONSIBLE SELFISH HEARTLESS devils! I was going to say pigs but pigs are too good for them.

Phew! OK! So, I am hyped up tonight. Can't helped it. I was looking through some pictures I taken using my handphone and found of my puppies and dogs. My babies! Oh gosh...I truly feel like crying!

Message for my darling doggies: Tommy baby, your mommy miss you! I hope you are happy with you new owner. Angel, please take care of Tommy ok! I really miss you guys! Should have gone over to visit you before I leave for KL but I just dont think I am strong enough not to cry in front of both of you. I don't even have your pictures to remember you by. Sigh....Hope both of you are happy and living a good doggy life..........*sob sob*

Some pics of Tommy & Angel's babies to share:

The first batch of puppies. All white with long white hair

More pic of the first batch of puppies

One of the more grown up puppy of Tommy & Angel

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Short Talk: Craving

I am craving for nasi lemak! Been craving it for awhile but have not found anywhere I know that I can find good ones....

Semi or Full Synthetic Motor Oil?

I am broke and it is only the 10th of the month! OMG! Babe & I took the car for its much needed service today as planned. We thought since this is the first time we change the gear oil, we better go to authorised service agents. After all, they are the one that know the car better than any other service center. Of course, we already expected it to be more pricey than others. In fact, we budgeted RM400 and that is already double of what I will usually pay to service my car usually.

However, little did I know, I will get the shock of my life. When we arrive, immediately this girl dressed in uniform and looking rather manly approach us with a clipboard, pen and calculator (I should have known when I see that calculator). In the car, before we got there, I reminded babe to asked how much everything will be first before we proceed to let them do their thing. Instead of telling us all this, the girl said, please give me 10 minutes so that my technician can check the car and we will let you know what we recommend.

I thought, hhmm..this is rather good. After all, how many mechanics will do that for you. All they will do is change whatever you ask them to without bothering to check if the rest of the stuff is ok. Of course, I was having some doubt already in case they start to give a long list of chnages recommended without having actually need to change them. True enough, that was what happened! At the end of the list, the total damage came up to RM630! Immediately I said, please ask him, I dont know anything about car. (CLEVER?)

Hahahaa..the reason is because babe is more fierce mar and better at saying no than me. So, he just right out tell them, please just change what I asked you to change and provide me with a list of what you recommend to change. So, instead of RM630 or the RM400 that we budgeted, end up paying RM500 for motor oil , filter , spark plug , gear oil , and air filter change. Inclusive, of course roughly RM50 for service & diagnostic charges! Geez

That was using Caltex semi-synthetic motor oil by the way. We thought we try the cheaper option and see if there is any difference compared to the full-synthetic motor oil. Price is RM93 and RM1903 respectively. The mechanics told us that it is recommended to change semi-synthetic every 5,000km or 3 months whichever first. For full, every 10,000km or 6 months whichever first. I think it all depend to how and where you drive the car to. And of course, different car will find different type of motor oil seems to be more effective for their car than others.

So far, after the gear and motor oil change, I am glad to report that the car is performing fantastically. Can hardly feel the gear change and pick up is much better. Before the change, the pick up was really sluggish and slowing down. It is worse when going up a hill and even a small slope will seems like the car is really struggling to move. So, I am glad to have done the necessary and I think maybe it is too soon to tell if the semi motor oil is good for the car. I will definitely let you all on the progress, if I remember....

After that we went to the IT Mall at PJ to shop for our wifi modem/router. Babe is starting to complain that I am hogging the laptop and internet. (Dont have ler! I let him use mar most of the time. I only use them for a short while only! Honest!!!) So babe paid RM225 for the modem/router and I paid RM40 for a USB port so that my blasted kuno wifi on my laptop can use the G type.

So, right now, we are sitting on the dining table in front of each other, doing whatever we want to do at our leisure. And of course gossip with each other in public using YM! Sitting right in front of me boh. Crazy or not? Cant believe that we see each other everyday and then talk everyday and yet can still talk on the YM when we are both online. hehehehehe...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Another Friday!

Ahhh….That was a happy contented sigh! Always am happy when the next day is Friday! I feel like going neh-neh-neh, tomorrow not working but I better not. Don’t want my new colleagues to think I am eccentric! I know most of you feel that way too! So, don’t laugh at me okie!~

Today was a pretty relaxing day. Since babe’s friend’s wife is back from Kch and cooks dinner, I decided that I might as well bring leftovers from the dinner for lunch the next day (if there is leftover lar!). This way, I can save money as well as know exactly what I am eating mar. Of course, occasionally I would like to go out with the colleagues to eat too but mostly, I prefer to bring lunch.

Our office here has lunchbox delivery service everyday except Wednesday. Usually around 10.30am, someone will pass around some papers with the menu for the day and another paper to write down the orders. Then based on the category ordered, and then pay accordingly. Pretty clever if you ask me. I wonder if this will work if done in Kch Samajaya free industrial zone. Maybe but the food is non-halal though. But I guess since Kch is so convenient to go anywhere, then maybe it wont work. It is only for poor people like us that find it too expensive to eat at 1U daily and too inconvenient to drive anyway.

After meal, it is the usual walk to the carpark to move the car and re-park to avoid having to pay RM2 for every subsequent hour after 6 hours. The first 6hours is RM1. So, come in to work around 8.15am, drive out around 1pm (that is about 5 hours). Drive in and parked again around 1pm and leave around 6.30pm (that is about 5 half hours). So, usually, parking will be RM2 per day. Unless I work OT, then it will be RM4. I bet this is something that my friends in Kuching can never imagine.

Actually neither did I. When I first accepted this job and came to work, I assumed that we will be provided free seasonal parking in the office complex itself. Instead, I found out that we have to pay for our own parking, i.e. roughly RM150-180 per month! So, you can understand why I am reluctant. Can do a lot of things with RM150-180 wor. Some colleagues here are actually parking at a parking that is about half hour walk from here but only RM1 per entry. So, no need to move car during lunch time.

But after witnessing the snatch thieves in action yesterday, it further confirmed my decision not to park there especially since I will be walking back there on my own in the dark if I do need to do OT. No point risking safety just to save a few bucks.

Oh yah, another advantage about having to re-park the car during lunch, I get to exercise without much pain. I can say that it is definitely working and I actually look forward to my daily walk to my car ^_^

p/s: Sorry sound so boring today. I am sleepy!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wake Up Call

YAHOO!!! I am blogging from home! YAP! My streamyx is officially life now and this is the first blog that I post from my brand new modem! Am I excited? Of course I am. This mean that I will be able to access the internet anytime I want, at work or at home. This will mean that I can start blogging actively again and use this much love activity to earn some extra income *wink*.  Of course it will also mean that I can actually watch tv online! yahoo!! All those series that I missed on Astro!! Ok, enough bragging and on to the real story.

Last night was a awakening for me that life is fragile (No! Dont get funny ideas!^_^). Babe and I decided to go out for dinner last night at one of the foodcourt at Puchong town. Nothing spectacular happen while we are having dinner. The food was not that great either but babe like that place because there is stall that serve pork soup with rice. We ate and left around 8pm to go to meet p with the agent that will show us a place for rent somewhere in Damansara.

As we were driving out of the parking, we suddenly realised that someone has fallen in middle of the road. At first, I thought it was a little girl fall down and babe thought someone's kid fall off a bike. Then we realised that it is actually the two men on the bike that just passed us before we got into a the car a minute ago just snatched that poor gal handbag! And I suspect she must have hanged on to her handbag because her slippers were 1 to 2 metres away from where she fell!

OMG! That could have been me! I have my handbag with me last night and I was definitely not paying particular attention to what is going on around me. The bike just passed us a moment ago and the only reason that they decided not to touch me could be becuase I was not was not alone or I just happen not to be in their path! I think babe was also in shock. He keep reminding me to be careful whenever I am alone. Today, when I told RK, she was also worried and start to remind me to be careful!

So, yah, it was definitely a wake up call to be more careful, alert and aware of my surrounding at all times. And I am calling to all of you out there too. Be on alert and make sure that you are aware of who is around you especially when you are outside. The snatchers can be anywhere! Even the most unexpected places, actually, ESPECIALLY those places.

ok lar, enough for now. Babe is getting irritated because he say it is his turn to use the internet! hahaha! I think we better get our wireless modem soon or else we will end up quarrelling with each other!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Short talk: We don't know what we don't know. So, we thought we know.

My Money have Wings

Alamak! My mind is totally blank! Don’t know what to blog about today. All I know is that the God of Thunder must be angry at something because I keep hearing him playing his drum and beating it so hard that lights are coming out of it. Luckily now is only 4.20pm and hopefully by the time I want to go home around 6pm, it won’t be raining or else I will be looking at reaching home after 8pm again.

Really must get back early tonight because babe & I had an appointment with a real estate agents (yup, with s at the back because will be seeing 2 places). The place is pretty near here but not within walking distance. Need to go and see the place to see how convenient it will be for babe to get to the NKVE highway to go to work. As for me, since it is near to where I will be working, definitely will save a lot on petrol. The agent quoted RM850 and the place have 2 units of aircon, 3 units of remote fan, build-in kitchen cabinet (top & bottom), stove, hood, bedroom wardrobe.

All sound rather attractive ESPECIALLY the aircon! I think I will be the happiest person and will sleep till my heart content the moment we move into a place with aircon! Last few nights has not been very pleasant for babe & I. It was so hot and stuffy in the bedroom although we turn the fan full blast and basically is letting the wind blow directly to us. But no matter what we do or how we turn, we can feel the heat all around us.

I can still imagine the discomfort because sweating and feeling sticky. And we cannot even resort to moving everything to the living room to sleep since it is not our own place. Not nice mar for the owner of the house and his wife to walk out from the bedroom and see the 2 of us in our pajamas (blush!). So, yap, even if we moved into a place without aircon, one of the first few things to buy (together with fridge, washing machine and tv), is definitely aircon!

YAWN!! I am feeling so sleepy. Wish today is weekend already. Or at least Saturday so that I can sleep in the morning while babe goes to work. I know I wont be getting any opportunity to nap this weekend as well as babe already planned that we sent my car and his bike to the workshop for servicing. My car especially is really overdue for am oil change and also babe suggest to change the gearbox oil. I am can imagine another RM300-400 growing wings and fly away.

Actually, we are still in dilemma whether to use fully or semi synthetic am oil. Previously, based on babe’s relative recommendation, we switched to fully synthetic and the car perform superbly but the am oil is really expensive. RM200 for 5 litre which can basically be used for 1.5 times only. But pro is the period is longer before the next oil change if using fully synthetic.

But now, babe’s friend who is crazy about car commented that it is not necessary to use fully synthetic. Instead, semi is good enough. So, I also don’t know lar. I guess we will have a look at the price of both and see which one is more cost effective. As I understand, fully synthetic, 5 litre = RM200, can use for either 6 months or 10,000km before next oil change. As for semi, not sure the price but can use up to 6 months or 7,500km before next oil change. So, I really don’t know. Any suggestions anyone?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Hero!

Simply can’t resist to login and blog a few words today. Babe said something that really touched my heart this morning. It was a simple matter but the thought reminds me why I decided to take the big leap in faith and relocate to KL. It was such a small matter that when I tell you about it later, I can guarantee that you will have either one of this reaction:

What!? Like that only


OOhhhh, ain’t that sweet?

So the story: This morning, had to wake up 15minutes earlier than usual so that I can be the first one to take a shower and get ready for work. Had to be in the office by 8am to sit in the usual weekly conference call. So blur blur me go take bath and by the time I am done dressing up, the water boil liaw in the kitchen. So, I go make babe’s tea and oatmeal for his breakfast (as usual lar). After that, bring both to the room and proceed to put on my make up. After awhile, babe also finish taking shower and changed lar.

We both sit in the room, relaxing before rushing off to work. Then suddenly I realized that my right hand is bleeding abit and quite pain lor. At first, cannot remember where I get the cut. Actually not just a cut. More like a chunk of the skin was ripped off. Ok Ok, exaggerated but it was really pain mar. Showed to babe and then I suddenly remember how I might have gotten the cut! It was when I was trying to open the condense milk can with the blasted can opener. I really really hate those type of can opener. You know, the type that instead of clamping it on and turn, this is the one that have sharp pointed tip that you basically use to cut the can open.

Well, I don’t really know how to use it mar! And always worry that I will cut myself somehow. (yar yar clumsy! Bluek!!!) But this morning since babe was still in the shower, I thought I give it a try lor. And true enough, my hand somehow slipped. At the time I didn’t realized a chunk of my skin was sliced off mar. I was just glad I managed to open the can big enough for me to dip the spoon in for some condensed milk for the oat. When I told babe, he say next time ask him to open lar, don’t open it myself. Wahh sehh!!! So sweet of my babe!!! Usually he will laugh and say me clumsy mar!!!!

There! Laugh all you want...hmmpfff!! Dont care:P

Right! Back to work now. Short posting this one because I can’t help myself and not blab about what happened this morning~! Hahaha…later ppl..mucks!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Am I Boy or Gal?

Couldn't resist ch. ecking if I am still a tomboy. When I was in school, I remember I was definitely a tomboy. Somehow, for some reason, I told myself that I hate wearing a skirt or dress. So, the only dress or skirt that I would wear then is the school pinafore. Other than that, it just shorts or pants. Oh, and at one point, I actually had my hair cut real short. I think my parents are secretly glad that I want short hair, save money on shampoo and hairclips! hahaha

So, the result of the test, I am more feminine than tomboy~!

You Are 30% Boyish and 70% Girlish

Even if you're not a girl, you're very feminine.
(Jenjen: Lucky I am 100% girl! I checked! bluek!)

You're in touch with your feelings, and your heart rules you.
(Jenjen: ALAMAK! I dun wan to let my heart rules me lar. Sure alot of heartache! No wonder I am so softhearted)

A bit of a emotional roller coaster, one moment you're up and the next you're down.
(Jenjen: I sound like someone with depression problem)

But no matter what, you try to be as cute and perky as possible.
(Jenjen: eeee..CUTE!! hahaha! I can never run away from that word)