Monday, March 17, 2008

Talking Nonsense Again

Another boring day with nothing much exciting happened. Don't get me wrong. It is not as if I am sitting here with nothing to do. I have tonnes of work to catch up on after going on leave for 1.5 days last week. But all those are boring stuff that is not worth mentioning or tell you guys about. I mean, why would you want to know that I had nasi lemak at the cafeteria for breakfast? Or why would you want to know that I am having such a heavy breakfast because there is nothing else to eat there?

Or actually, there was but not appetizing at all. The half boil eggs are most likely overdone and should be considered boiled eggs and not just half done. I always have phobia about the fried beehoon, kueh teow and noodle done by the cafeteria. Reason? It smelled as if it has gone bad! I mean, perhaps it is still ok but I am very sensitive about this kind of stuff. The moment I stand near the tray, I can whiff the unpleasant smell! Most likely it has not gone bad since lots of other people are eating them but I just am not interested to take the risk and stuff those things into my mouth.

So, I had nasi lemak for breakfast. The first mouth was rather unpleasant too because the rice is stone cold! I mean there is nothing yummier than a steaming hot plate of lard rice with coconut milk! *DROOL* But the one I had this morning tasted more like it was cooled in the fridge. But when I tasted the sambal, wowee! Super delicious - spicy and yet tasty with enough anchovies in them to make it taste super authentic! Add those to the rice and a small piece of the salted fish, OMG! Luckily I remember I am on diet and only finish half of the rice but whallop all the sambal, peanut, salted fish and egg.

Alamak! For someone that don't want to talk about my nasi lemak breakfast, I sure can talk!

In a rather good mood today actually. Maybe because I find out that mom has FINALLY accepted that I am going to KL and actually planning to visit me in Jun08. Although she still continue with her emotional blackmail by acting kolian ( to translate kolian to English, kasihan? nope, that is BM. Oooo YAH! PITIFUL). Dad bought me two bags and a backpack during the weekend. Said it is for me to keep my stuff and clothes to bring there. Babe's mom gave us a big box of pots & pans to bring. Also some pyrex bowl. Babe is asking me to bring his comforter, pillow and bolster. I will of course be bringing my Watson stuffed dog. *blush*

So, my car trunk is going to be super full when I ship them this Friday. Hope I don't forget anything big. Small stuff still ok since I can bring them with me when I go KL on 8 Apr but those big heavy things need to go with the car unless I want to pay overweight charges on the cargo! Lucky they dont charge overweight charges for passenger -_-|||


Nick Phillips said...

Good to hear that your mom has more or less excepted that you're moving on :D And the 'emotional blackmail' part, well, don't worry about that cos that is normal in everyone's mom when they have to let go of their children. She'll get over it, that's for sure ...

Oh and half boiled eggs are my favorite, in fact eggs in any form is my favourite ... LOL!

Jen's Place said...

I am glad my mom got over it too!

I love eggs too but I just cant shallow hard boiled egg dry! Other than that, eggs cooked in anyway is fine, steam with minced pork, fried with chai por, scramble eggs, omelette,egg tart,etc

Rose said...

Kasihan? pitiful loh!! Glad that she finally accepted your decision! :) Nothing boring about your day today!

Jen's Place said...

I feel bored and hence been blog hopping since 11am after I update my blog! haha
Yar yar..I know pitiful. The word pathetic keep coming to my brain..

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Jen,
That's a great news. I am so happy for you. How exciting your mom already plan to visit you in June. :-))

Jen's Place said...

Billy's mom,
So cute the pic!!!

Yes, I am starting to feel excited my parents visiting too and also since am starting to pack my stuffs to ship some of them with my car this Friday, my relocation is starting to look more and more real each day. It was still a little hard for me to believe that I am actually going to move to KL to stay with my future hubby^_^