Thursday, July 31, 2008

Short Talk: RM3.4m for Merc in Terengganu?

Just a short one! I was reading Patrick Teoh block about the RM3.4m that our govt just approved for Terengganu state to buy.

I THOUGHT we cut down the subsidy on fuel because we want to save money? Then what in the world are we doing spending RM3.4m on LUXURY cars for state officials?

QUESTION: That is where the money save FROM THE FUEL SUBSIDY will go to har? 'PUBLIC TRANSPORT' for government officials/ executives??????

What? HUH!? WHAT?????

Guess what? Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! hahaha! I truly live for the weekends and am looking forward to every Fridays because I know the next two days I will not have to wake up to the blaring of the loud noisy alarm from the handphone. I know that I can wake up early if I want to and laze around the living room doing nothing much. Of course, I will have more time for my books and take my time to cook/bake or whatever! Yeah! Definitely looking forwards to weekends.

It is not because I don't enjoy the work I am doing now. In fact, I am starting to really enjoy coming to work and looking forward to meeting up with my colleagues. After three and half months working here (gosh! It been that long! Quarter of a year!), I have starts to be more open and makes friends, know what people are talking about when they discuss certain work related items. You know, basically adapting and assimilating the new surroundings.

So far, I think it has been ok. Although I do still get calls from headhunters on and off, I am not looking to move from this job anytime soon unless a super good and irresistible opportunity presents itself to me! In fact, I am even lazy to look at the job vacancies page in The Star which we buy every Saturday. Babe is also that way although he do glance at it abit just to see if there is anything interesting. Hhmmm..does that mean that we are finally settled down from my relocation? I sure hope so!

So, now, would be looking forward, enjoy private time with just babe and I. Actually we are looking to fill the house with some furniture and I am all into getting second hand stuff like sofas and dining set. But babe, as usual, prefer to get better quality NEW stuff. But my argument is that why spend more on something that we can pay half or less of the original price and yet still get the same good quality items. Although it is used items, but then, frankly speaking, I really do not see the problem.

Of course, if it hygienic reason such as mattresses, I will totally agree that it must be new. But things like sofa with washable covers and dining table, well, why not right? Actually, I did find a used sofa on The advertised items description is something like this:

1 year old Ikea sofa - Klippan model
Beige color - washable cushion covers
Hardly used - in bedroom
Free - Ikea dark brown sofa blanket

I managed to get the price negotiated to RM300 but exclude delivery of course. Intend to go to the house to view the item and check the condition. The original price in Ikea catalogue is RM549 and it comes in black or beige. The catalogue also provide the dimension as W180×D88, H69cm. And if I do decide to get it, how in the world am I going to transport the thing back to my apartment from Damansara Perdana (which I have no idea at all where it is!).

Gosh, need to show babe the picture first and then ask him if he want to go see it this weekend. No way we can go at night to have a look especially since we are both not sure of the place. I hope there are some miracle and babe will agree to go with me. So lazy want to argue with him lar. Or maybe I should tell him after I got him his surprise? Hhhhmm.. I won't tell you guys what it is. *GRIN*

Only RK and SK knows for now. It was actually RK's suggestion or else my confused old brain might not have thought of it at all. Actually, I was confessing to RK that in our busy-ness and so many things clogging my mind, i.e. for my relocation, find our own place, obg and settling down, not to mention being engaged and living together now, I guess we forgot about pampering us and each other.

I am so excited! Can't wait to see his face when he see the surprise I prepare for him! Sssshhh! Not going to tell you what.....yet! Maybe will tell you guys more next week! bluek!! Ok, I better stop now, almost time to start work. MUCKS!!! and HUGS!!!!!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shall I? Can I? Should I?

Shall I or shall I not? If I get, it will mean that I will need to allocate a lot of time and energy to my little babies but could I really afford to do that? I mean, I am already feeling so tired after work, cook & clean after that big panda of mine. Even last night, I was feeling dizzy for no reason at all but I still keep doing whatever I am doing as I am not the kind of person to fuss unless really sick or pengsan (faint) :P Yar I am stubborn! And I have not even mention the financial burden, the responsibilities, restriction to freedom and so on.

On the other hand, when I see others with their babies, will it be worth it? Seeing those cute adorable little faces starting up with their huge adorable little eyes. Everyday going back from work seeing them greet you as if you are their world and God. Listening and trying their best to please you so that you are happy because they are happy when you are happy. But silly little babies doesn’t know that you are willing do to almost anything to make sure that they are happy too because you are happy when the babies are happy!

So, shall I or shall I not? Shall I get us a little pet? What were you guys thinking? Real life human babies??? Geez! As if! I am engaged but not married yet ok! Am thinking of those tiny toy dogs, shih tzu or chiwawa or pekingnese. They really don’t need much space and don’t eat that much and yet, they are so affectionate, naughty but obedient at the same time. But dogs will need more maintenance and cleaning up. Since the dog will be staying in door, then they need to be bath every 2-3days. And dry and comb their fur.

Or maybe I should get a cat, you know those Persian long hair type? Those are very affectionate as well but cats will require less maintenance since they are cleaner and don’t need to take bath so often. But cats are more ‘gentle’ compare to dogs. I really prefer those cuddly and nice to hug type. ARGGH! Babe say no dogs or cat as pet. Just get fish or tortoise! I ask him those two pet can hold and hug? Can I pet the fish or tortoise and get a affectionate and cute reaction from them? Can I chase them around the apartment? Can I bring them for walks that I know we will both enjoy.

You know what he said? He say CAN!! Fish, take out from tank give it a pat and put it back! Tortoise even easier to pat and got reaction some more he say, they lean to one side when you rub their shell. Want to bring them for walks, of course can. Put the fish in a cup and bring for walk lor!! Race them around the apartment? Tortoise, no competition, because you will always win! GGRRR!!!!!! KEK SI!!!

But I understand why he don’t want a pet and eventhough I am so tempted, I know I have to control myself. Especially since we plan to get married end of the year, then have babies (real human babies lar ok!) in a year or two. In my mind, cats or dogs don’t really mix well with babies or young children. Not very hygienic especially with all the fur flying around from the animal. Some more, what if we need to relocate again, or go back to Kuching, what will happen to the cat or dog? We can ship them back with us but all the hassle, paperwork, quarantine and not to mention the cost!

I guess for now, I will just have to be satisfied with the big panda that I have at home and pamper him instead. Or borrow someone’s dog to play with and return to them when my craving is temporarily satisfied? Or perhaps I can offer to babysit their dogs when they have to go travelling or vacation? Free of charge. Just need to provide me their dogfood and leash! Eh, of course, the dog must be house train one ah then I will babysit. Or else the owner will need to clean my apartment at the end of the day! OMG! I do sound desperate don’t I??

In the meantime, share this cute cute panda pic that RK send to me via email:

Pandas say: Play time

Panda says: Don't hurt me

Panda says: That is soooo funny!

Panda says: This dqmmn strin.g wun break

Panda says:Does the milk taste funny to you?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Habits & Reincarnation - Power of Love!

Yesterday, while we were shopping at Tesco, I was checking out the price of a certain brand of ladies pad that I bought at warehouse sales at the ground floor of our office building the other. Just want to make sure that we got our value for money bah. It is a brand that I have never used before but my friends told me that it is not bad. Plus, it was really cheap apparently, so I thought, since cheap, buy lar. (I know I know, girls. Buy anything even if don’t need as long as cheap and at a bargain!) Anyway, this is not the story I want to tell you lar.

While I was looking around, I realised that there is a guy is looking up and down, with a trolley, a list in his hand and speaking very softly into his handphone. Normally, this is nothing surprising since we are at a hypermarket and there are men that shops for groceries. But what caught my attention is the guy is actually shopping for pad! Yup, he was checking the brand name and so forth in the same aisle as me, trying to look as ordinary as possible I suspect while discreetly as whoever it is on the line which type to get!

Wah!! I really envy the lady on the line that he is talking to (I assume it is lady lar!). I mean how many guys out there will willingly go to the store and help his gf/wife get pad???? I think not many. I can see many gals head bobbing and nodding agreeing with me on this. I bet you all, well most of you, will agree with me that you will sayang (love) your hubby/bf even more if he willingly agrees to help you go to the store and buy your pad/ tampon!? Haha! But alas, there are not many such men out there! I am not even sure my babe will do that for me. I won’t even bother to ask him lar. Waste my time to ask and hear him say no.

I am really having a hard time getting my babe to help me around the house actually. What more to say go to the store to buy that! In fact, was comparing notes with RK about his hubby and my babe. We found out that men are generally the same, soooo MESSY!! He never put things back to where he takes them from. For example, house key, we come back wherever, he will open the door, goes in, lock the door and dump the keys on the table instead of hanging it at the hook designed for the purpose of hanging up the keys! And sometimes, he don’t even remember where he puts them and of course, I will be the mangsa (victim) to be asked to look for it! Geez! How not to nag like this?

And then hor, they seems to like to leave their used cups and plates wherever they like, specifically, where the tv or computer are. When there are no longer any cups or plates in the kitchen, only then, they will remember to bring it to the kitchen. And when nagged about it, they will bring it to the kitchen and proceed to dump it in the kitchen sink. Wahhh! Where is the housemaid? Usually, when I complained about this or nag, he will say, “You didn’t ask me to do ler”. Geram or not???? Kek si or not???? Of course, he will say this while grinning his goofy grin and makes all my anger melts away! At times, I just too frustrated and lazy to nag some more. So instead, I will do them myself lor!

So, now, my apartment toilet is super dirty and messy. The living room have so many things lying around on, under and near the coffee table. Recently, I simply cannot tahan already and dump all those things into a basket and each time he leave the things OUTSIDE the basket after use, I will sigh super loud and take the offensive item, and put it back into the basket. So far, he seems to take the hint. So, perhaps, I shouldn’t nag anymore. Instead, should use reverse psychology? But at times, it is really hard not to nag lor! What to do, who ask me to sayang him so much that I am willingly turning two blind eyes at his fault? Sigh….

Eight years plus wor! Some people actually asked me, not boring so long already. I will always say nope, not at all. Actually, we still feel like we just start dating but minus all the nervousness and worry of rejection. In fact, I think even the next 50 years together might still be too short. If there is such thing as reincarnation, I would willingly reincarnate back many lifetime as long as each lifetime is with him. Silly hor?

Nasi Lemak Headache & Overdose

Woke up at 6.15am as usual today since babe is still using my car and will send me to work first. We actually left about 5minutes earlier than usual today as I am on my quest to get nasi lemak for the gang. Usually, when I drive myself to work, I will passby two stalls selling nasi lemak. One is the one that is really near to my place and is just by the side of the road. Another is nearer to my workplace. And usually when I pass them, there will still have lots of tiny little packets standing there waiting to be bought. And even last Thursday and Friday when babe was driving me to work, the stalls are there!

But yesterday, when we actually wanted to get some, the first stall is closed and the second stall has finished selling it first batch and still cooking the second ones. Then I thought, nevermind, it is just one of those days and will get some for them tomorrow, which is today, Tuesday. And guess what, the first stall is still closed and the second stall only have three left and is not even cooking more! Either the nasi lemak is damn nice or it is just not my luck. So, bought the three packet and quickly sms my colleague to buy more from where she is.

The three packets will need to be shared out among the 6 of us (haha!) plus whatever quantity that she is able to get for us. Geez, this brings a new meaning to the saying, not there when you need it. So, I guess the only thing to do next time is to order first the day before and pick it up the next morning? Gosh! So, here you are the nasi lemak that is causing me this entire dilemma:
See the oily part at the bottom of the packet? To me, that is the indication that it is great nasi lemak!

My colleague was already asking if we want to have nasi lemak again or roti canai for breakfast tomorrow. All I can say is, I think we need to break from taking nasi lemak for breakfast and give my tummy and digestive system a rest (not to mention my weight!). The initial plan was to only have such superb breakfast once or twice a week. Instead, I think we been having it almost every morning since last week. Not sure about you guys but I am really not used to having such heavy stuff for breakfast (yar, to me, rice is heavy. Steam rice with coconut milk, spicy prawn paste (sambal), eggs, fried peanuts and anchovies is super heavy). My breakfast is usually peanut butter kaya sandwich or oat with a cup of rich Nescafe 3-in-1. Sometimes it will be milo with cream cracker or hot milk tea. If I bought pastries the day before, then will be eating those instead.

Good thing that we managed some ‘exercise’ yesterday at Tesco! LOL! No, not doing another advertisement for Tesco but we went there to get our plastic foldable dining table. Yup, after almost one month at the new apartment and seeing so many different types of actual dining table, we finally decided that we will settle for those foldable type first since it is so cheap, only RM49.90 for 5 by 5 square (obviously!) table. We already have 2 sturdy foldable chairs at home but it is not those that you can lean on. So, all we need now to get another 2 chairs. Thinking of those Ikea Herman chair that cost RM30+ I think. Should be pretty lasting and still presentable if we decide to change to proper dining table.

So, yah, we walked at Tesco yesterday from 6.30pm till roughly about 8.30pm, 3hours walking (& exercising!). Then dinner at Madam Lim’s in Tesco building here. We had claypot tofu and kung pao (dry chillies) chicken fillets. The portion is really huge and worth the price, which was between RM6-8 per dish. The only discouraging comment that we have is the quality of the rice. I think they must be using the cheapest rice that they can find because even babe who eats lots and lots and lots of rice can’t finish his rice because he said it taste weird!

This got me thinking, perhaps we should switch to those cheap low grade rice too? Then, not only will I save money but babe will eat less rice too! Ain’t that a good way to reduce the intake of rice and loss weight? LOL! I think babe will start complaining and then proceed to go grocery shopping to buy the best rice he can find in the market! Then proceed to eat more than before? Nope, not a good idea. I think I will just let him control his rice intake himself and make him exercise more. Am thinking of starting up yoga again but need to find somewhere that is near to our home.

Ok, enough rambling from me this morning. Time to go back to work!

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Weekend I turned into a Tesco Fan

YAWN!!! MONDAY BLUES!!! Really having Monday morning blues and wish that I can take leave and sleep till the sun is shining high on my backside. I am feeling so sleepy right now that if I have the gut to lay my head on my arm on the table, I bet I will fall asleep in 5 seconds! Yah, that is how sleepy I am right now. Not so sure why because I sleep fairly early last night, around 11pm (yar, that is early for me ok!) and woke up at the usual 6.30am today.

Of course, last 2 days was sleeping till around 11am-ish. Perhaps that is why I seem to be suffering from the over-sleep effects from the weekend? I heard somewhere that if you sleep too much, you will actually feel more tired than rested. If this is true, then I know exactly why I feel so tired. On Saturday, after babe gone off to work around 7am, I went back to bed and promptly fell asleep till around 11am. Then I prepare lunch and clean the house abit. Babe got home around 1.30pm that day.

We had lunch and then both of us watch abit of internet tv and poor babe must be very tired. He fell asleep on the living room floor halfway thru the movie. I turn off the movie so that babe can sleep more soundly and went to the bedroom with my book. The intention was to read my book in bed, something that I always enjoyed. Instead, after a few minutes, I too doze off! I slept till about 6pm and babe only woke up at 7pm.

We had our dinner from the afternoon leftover food. Then decided not to waste our Saturday by staying at home. Since one of my colleague told me that we should try Tesco brand oat and blackcurrent cordial drink, we thought since that is the nearest to us, might as well. Of course, we forgot that it is Saturday and the place was really packed with people. But guess what, we didn't regret it at all. In fact, I think this might be one of those fruitful shopping that we both came back feeling rather satisfied.

Why? Because we found PORK at a reasonably ok price at Tesco non-halal section. Pork belly per kg RM16+ and if you prefer the organic type, RM23+. I think so far, this might be the cheapest pork that we find at hypermarkets. And the streaky bacon is around RM3.45 per 100g compared to Jusco which is RM4+. The pork choice here is not bad too, minced pork, lean meat, intestine, stomach, rib and so forth. Yup, babe was so happy that we decided to be faithful Tesco shopper from now on! He even talked about apply for Tesco member card now.

There are also wide choice of vegetables and fresh produce there. Although I think the fish and seafood section hygiene and freshness quality can be improved. The poultry section is pretty good and there were a promotion for whole chicken during the weekend. We bought the Tesco brand blackcurrent cordial drink at RM6.99 and it tasted absolutely like ribeena! Actually I thought it tasted better! Tesco brand Oat 1kg for RM5.99, which is almost half the price of normal Quaker Oat and there is no difference in taste and texture at all actually! Aiyah! I better stop or else you people will think I am being paid by Tesco to do promotion. (I am not lar but if they want to pay me, I wont say no :P).

Sunday, babe and I woke up around 11am-ish again since we both slept around 3am watching internet movie (what you guys think we are doing huh?!haha!) I actually woke up at 8.30am because babe was SNORING! Yup! He was snoring and this is actually the first time I hear him snore. I think it was because of the aircon we had on that night. It was so loud that I had no choice but to move my pillows and blanket to the living room and fall asleep there instead. Of course, babe denies that he snores when I told him the reason I had to sleep in the living room! HHMPF! Nevermind, next time, I will record them on my phone and use them as my ringtone for him! HAHAHA!

Anyway, Sunday, cook pork with leek, ginger and kicap (soya sauce). Pork intestine with mushroom and ginger. Huang ti mei with garlic(a type of vegetable which literally translates as king of sprouts). Chicken with salted vegetable soup. Didn't take any picture of the food though. Forgot plus the food are common homecook food. So, I didn't bother. Don't want to bore you guys with them anyways :P

After that, rest and watch more internet movie (Matrix, The Revolution! Hahahaha). After that, we went to Ikea at around 4pm and only came home at around 8.30pm. Heat up leftover from lunch for dinner, eat, laundry, ironing, more internet movie and then sleep at around 11pm. So, that was how the weekend went. Pretty routine but as you can see, we are settling down rather nicely at our new home. In fact, if I have the choice, I think I rather stay in every weekend or just go for walks instead of going to the mall. But babe cannot tahan stay in. So, we go out lor! Sigh.....

Friday, July 25, 2008

Rotten Vegetable

AIYAHH!!! *SLAP MY OWN HEAD - GENTLY* I forgot to take out the salad vege and sauce from the car! And babe is still driving the car today. Can't believe how forgetful I am these few days. I wonder if I am too tired or lack something. Maybe I should start taking some supplements or something. Been feeling extremely tired and impatient but not very sure why. At first I thought it was because my period is almost due but that seems not too be the case. So wasted! Babe for sure won't take the bag out of the car. He want to jaga muka (take care of his face) and avoid being asked too many questions by his colleagues. Don't ask me why. I also don't understand.

Today is the second day I arrive at the office before 7.30am. It is after 8am and no one is here yet. Most people here will arrive just before 9am and some even after 9. We are pretty flexible here in term of time as long as your boss are ok with it. Generally, most of the engineers worked pretty late and rarely am able to go back at 6pm sharp. Also, at times, some of them need to stay back and have conference call late at night due to the timezone differences. So, I guess, hence the flexibility.

Anyway, when I first join the company, the first thing that that Sr VP of Op told me was that they are time and responsible-centric here. They do not breath down people's back as they expect everyone to manage their time properly and ensure that deadlines for projects are met. But I can see that that the engineers really work hard here. Most times, even those just join, will work until after 7 or 8pm.

Where as those in my department, since we are handling products that are already in production phase, are more relax now since we are just only going into it. Most of the products that the engineering team were working on are only just starting to show results. So that means that for now at least, I still have time to go blogging and so on. Of course, when the real ISO certification starts and volume production increase, I am not sure I will still have the time or energy to do much blogging or even have time to go washroom! But for now, I pretty much go back just after 6pm and sometimes right on the dot!

Oh man, my right lower eye keep jumping! I wonder why lar! HAIYAHHHH! Very irritating because I keep on feel like rubbing the eye but resisting because I don't want to ruin my eye make up bah. Yar yar, vain but you wont say it is vain if it look like panda eye after I rub it ler! BLUEK! Yah, CHILDISH! But it is FRIDAY! AND I DONT CARE BECAUSE I AM SO HAPPY!!! Oooo..before I forget, I have one phrase to share:

Don't hate me because I am beautiful,
Hate me because I have.........


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Scam and Syndicates in Kuching

I heard the most disturbing news from my friends in Kuching this morning. Apparently there is a syndicate/scam going around in Kuching. Seems there are two different ones from the sound of it. One is the actually kidnapping kids and asking for ransom. Another are scam calling up people to tell them their love ones, kids/bro/etc are kidnapped and if they want their love ones unharm, to come to such and such a place. Of course, for this, no one was actually kidnapped but imagine the horrifying feelings when receiving such calls. I have alerted my brother in Kuching to remind my parents not to believe such things especially since I am so far away from home and not always able to catch their calls.

Babe’s sister also mentioned that their mom’s friend’s son, a primary five boy was kidnapped from his school at SRK stampin and kidnappers are asking for ransom money. Some more, another friend is also telling me that a kid almost got kidnapped after the kid finished tuition and wait for the parents at Hui Sing. The kidnapper just walked up to the kid and start to pull the kid by the hand. Lucky the kid was smart enough and didn’t follow. Instead, sit on the floor and refuse to follow but still the man continue to try and drag the kid. Luckily, another car came by to drop of their kids for tuition and the man ran away in fear!

Babe’s sister also said that the parents of a kid at Lodge School (a private school for the rich in Kuching) received a scam call saying that their kid been kidnapped and ask for money. Luckily it was just a scam and the kid was safe at school. I definitely think there are two groups of syndicate going around. Perhaps they are from one big crime group? Sigh…I seriously don’t know what is going on with Kuching people nowadays. Few months back, the city was plague with snatch thieves, break-in and robbery in broad daylight! And now, kidnapping! I mean the scam aside, kids are actually being kidnapped!!

Sometimes, going around in the hypermarket or the mall, I can see kids running around freely without any adult supervision. Besides the fact that they are causing nuisance to other shoppers there, they are also at risk of being kidnapped and snatched! I don't have kids yet but it really sadden me each time the information counter announced “Will ------- parents come to the information counter immediately” and in the background, you can hear a little girl or boy crying non stop. Most parents might just take it for granted that it wouldn’t happen to them but by the time it does, what to do other than cry, panic and regrets? It is better to take the trouble and make time to take extra precaution than regretting them later. It might be too late by then!

The bad economy situation must have gotten some people really desperate, desperate enough to do drastic and silly things like this even in a small peaceful city like Kuching, Sarawak. To be truthful, I am horrified but am not very surprised. Imagine rice cost as much as RM27 per 10kg bag just for a normal low grade rice. Even 1kg is already RM2.70 and how long can 1kg last for a family of 5 or 10? To make matter worse, vegetable, fish, meat and other groceries are also increasing like crazy. Items such as milk powder are increasing 10-20%. Even Milo has increased price again. Last Friday, it was RM29+ for 2kg bag at Giants Supermarket Kelana Jaya. Is it a wonder that some desperate persons are turning to drastic measures?

Of course, each individual are responsible for their own action but on the side, I am wondering what are the policemen and our government are doing about this? I always try my very best not to say unpleasant things about the people that ‘protect’ us and the peace of our country. BUT ARE they waiting for a well-known someone’s kid to be kidnapped before they decided that enough is enough? How about those normal middle class families with parents earning just enough for a small emergency savings? Don’t their safety and safety of their kids/family count at all? Why does it always have to be something happening to someone important before serious action will be taken?



Lunch Date?

Good morning. It is now 8 in the morning and I have been in the office for more than 45minutes. Yup, here since 7.15am. Nope, no meeting at 8am or anything like that. Babe finally starts work after EIGHT days of MC and since he has not send his bike for checking after the accident, we thought better for him to drive my car. So, he sent me to work first and then he goes to his. AND since he starts work at 8am, no choice but for me to go to office super early lor.

I don't really mind actually because it gave me extra time in the day to do my own stuff. Initially thought I will sit at McDonald and enjoy my breakfast while reading my books. On a book called The Historian by Elizabeth Kostava, very good book! Really worth it especially since I bought it a Tesco book fair for less than RM10. Anyway, decided not to do that today because I remembered that one of the colleagues promised us tomyam fried beehoon for breakfast and another colleague will be bringing us nasi lemak for lunch!

So, the lunch is here since the colleague also usually arrive at the office before 8am. We had this nasi lemak before and really love the taste. The rice taste very coconut-ty and bursting with flavors. The side condiments are of course the red hot sambal. It is the sweet sour spicy type of sambal which as usual, abit too spicy for me. But my other colleagues love it. The portion is fantastic though and really worth it for RM1.50!

Nasi Lemak still steaming hot

My nasi lemak
(hahahaha...notice the difference? Yup, NO SAMBAL! I will take a quarter spoonful or maybe less from my colleague later! grin!!!!!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Short Talk: Reminder to Self

Must remember to take pic of the apartment, semi-furnished! Promised RK to do this for sooo long but keep forgetting! hehehe...


Wow! I am got the same tag from two different people, Rose and Billy's mom: thanks you guys! I have not done a tag in a long long long time! Anyway, here goes!

1. When you buy a greetings card, are the words or the picture more important to you?
Gosh! Been a long time since I buy a greetings card since most time use those free e-card! Hhmm..I guess both words and picture important.

2. What's your favorite kind of cake?
I love rich moist chocolate cake! So predictable right? hahaha

3. Do you ever make gifts for people, if so what, or do you buy them?
If I do make, it will be something I bake

4. What's your favorite holiday?
All holidays are great actually but I particularly enjoyed my trip to Tenri Nara, Japan. Only wish my babe was with me to enjoy it together.

5. Are you going on holiday this year?
Yes, planning to go Malacca for daytrip with a group of babe’s friends next weekend.

6. What was the best party you've ever been to?
Best party? Too many (and too long ago) to remember! haha

7. If you are married, describe your wedding. If not, what would your ideal wedding be like?
If you asked me this questions last year, I will tell you that I would love to have a garden or beachside wedding. But now, I think a simple church wedding will do. Rather save the money for other stuff! Too worldly for you?

8. What's the most romantic thing that's ever happened to you?
Most romantic? I think it would be when babe proposed! He didn’t go on bended knees or stuff like that. There wasn’t even a ring but I guess it was romantic because I was not expecting it.

9. What's your favorite girls' name?
Mia and Alexandria

10. What's your favorite boys' name?
Ian, Alexander and Ryan

11. Which celebrity would you like a dream date with?
Alamak! This is a tough one for me because I am not really into celebrities. Hhhmm…..skip?

12. Which female celebrity do you find beautiful? Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston?
Angelina Jolie but I think she is abit too skinny....

13. Which male celebrity do you think is attractive?
Again, ALAMAK! Hahahaha! SKIP!

14. What is your best character trait?
Cute and adorable????

15. What is your worst habit?
Impatient– I have problem with patience too! I am the one that get frustrated faster and more often than babe most of the time!

Not gonna tag anyone but anyone that feel like doing the tag, feel free to copy them :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Best Chicken Rice In The World (and some say the Universe!)

Hehehe! Nice topic or not? Not going to post long long lar. Just sharing a couple of pictures of our Sunday dinner when babe declare that the chicken rice I made is nice and can cook again because he likes it. That is good enough for me to declare that it is the best chicken rice in the world (and some say the universe)!

Shall I share the recipe? hhmm....if I share, will you promise not to tell anyone? hahahaha...OK! OK! I share lar but some might already know the secret to making good chicken rice is not the chicken broth! The secret is adding butter, ginger and pandan leaf!

All you have to do is, melt the butter, fry the ginger in the melted butter and add in the rice that you have already cleaned earlier. Then put into rice cooker and add pandan and chicken stock (yar, chicken stock, no broth needed) and salt to taste. Cover the rice with slightly more water than usual (if you want to use the chicken broth also can but not essential lar). Then cook like normal lor.
Chicken rice

Tomato and egg soup

Baked potato

You can stop drooling and go back to whatever you are doing just now.... :P

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bursting like a Hippotamus

I am so stuff and am regretting eating so much during lunch. Well actually, I think it was because I drank too much! You see, our boss treat us to lunch today and it was to a thai restaurant! Almost all the food there is spicy (for me anyway) that I end u finishing 1 cup of pineapple juice and 1 cup of ice water! After that, ate/drink water chestnut with coconut milk dessert some more! The food was great but really too spicy for me. And as you know, dishes like green curry and sweet sour fish goes well with rice. So, overdosed on the rice abit too much as well. So, imagine, water+rice+curry+etc swimming around in my tummy and trying to find space in that little bag. BURP! oops..sorry!

I really feel like groaning and lying on the floor like a beached whale! Maybe I should consider getting myself one of those small pillows to put on my chair to support my back. Since I moved here, I have yet to buy myself a pillow like what I did when I was working in Kuching. Also have not made my office cubicle more homey by putting up some decoration. I guess I am taking my sweat time. Not sure why. Maybe just want to make sure that I will get my confirmation letter first. Not that I have no confident that I will get it but I just want to be sure, you know…

Anyway, the offer letter that I received from company stated that salary will be reviewed upon confirmation based on performance. So, I am very curious and excited to see what kind of increment they will give me. Not expecting parallel increment to our petrol, i.e. 41% but at least a certain percentage that tells me my 3 months plus of head-cracking and hardwork to set up the system in the organization works! And my contributions so far are appreciated. And that I am working above expectation! If they dare to give me a miserable sum of RM100-200 increment, I think I better start considering other options right? Even fresh graduate will not be satisfied with that!

Everything is going up in price. What I budgeted before I decided to accept this position might seems insufficient now. Abit scary actually and really need to make sure that we cut as much unnecessary expenses as possible. Babe was commenting to me that it seems that we are spending more on food since we moved to the new apartment. I admit that I tend to cook too much at times but the intention was so that the food can be recycled for the next day! Theoretically, it is a good plan because it will mean that I do not have to do too much cooking everyday. However, in practice, it still need some fine tuning!

Why do I say that? Well, I always cook for two days portion but some how, after we finished our food and I keep the leftovers, it seems that it will only be enough for ONE person’s meal! Usually, after I cooked, I will just plate everything in one plate. So I guess, if I intend to eat for 2 meals, from now on, I will need to keep half in the container first and just serve half. That way, we will not only be able to control the portion but also our weight! (Which reminds me, better start going to the pool at our apartment! Paid for it liaw right? Why waste?haha)

Already two weeks at the apartment! How time flies! We enjoy and like the place very much. Our bedroom, even without aircon and the fan just at #1, is very cooling. I think it has something to do with the jungle around us and the fact that our apartment is situated on a hilltop. Been cooking everyday since we moved in actually. Enjoying the freedom of doing whatever I want, whenever I want. Not to mention, dress however I want without worrying that it will be insulting to others. And also, sit/ lie wherever I feel like it. I think these are the most liberating things in the world! Hahaha

Planning to go watch movie at The Curve with babe tonight. We have not decided between Hancock and Batman. I prefer Hancock though. It will be something different than the normal superheroes movies that we always seem to never outgrow! Especially babe! You should see his face when Superman movie was out that time! Like a little kid in a grown man body! So excited and can hardly wait to go to the Cineplex and watch. After watching, can see his eyes shining like a 10-year-old! HAHA! Man, never grow up one!

Anyway, still deciding also to eat at home first or just go out and eat. Most likely eat at home lar since want to save money. Watch movie sure will spend another RM20-30. So, better just eat at home! Still got abit of leftover from last night. Some rice too. Maybe will do fried rice with garlic and egg if I am hardworking enough. If babe don’t want, then he eat the plain rice, I will eat the fried leftover rice. I don’t mind. Prefer just put garlic and fry actually without the egg. Eh Didi, suggestions for your, garlic fried rice! Very simple to make but very nice. Just chop garlic finely (a lot of it!) and then fry in oil till fragrant, add rice and salt to taste. If you want, can also add eggs lar but I usually don’t. Prefer it original! Hahaha..

Anyway, share some baked potato pic with you. The potato I bought from Jusco yesterday and we were pleasantly surprised at the buttery soft texture. I used the leftover bacon oil from previous leftover and mix with olive oil and some salt to taste. Lazy to grind the black pepper or else should put some to make it more fragrant!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Traffic jam AGAIN! HHMPFF!!

I really don’t know what in the world are we doing. I left for work earlier than usual this morning hoping to avoid jam but it turn out that I arrived work later than usual! The jam was really bad this morning and upon turning on the radio, the traffic reporter told us that there are again roadblocks! Like I said, what in the world are we doing? Are we anticipating some kind of monstrous gigantic demonstration or something? Come on!! As if we are not stress enough having to wake up early to go to work. We have to face the unnecessary jam!

I was lucky that I am staying nearer to work now but still, what normally takes me 20minutes, took me more than 45minutes today! And I think I am very lucky because my colleagues needed almost two hours to arrive work, fighting through all the jam. I do understand that this is a precaution taken due to the ..ermm..not so rested political situation now and I do not grudge them for having to do roadblocks. But why in the world do we need to have roadblocks during the most peak traffic! They think those demonstrators no need to go to work one ah? Don’t have bosses that they have to report to? OK, I am being naïve and maybe demonstrating is ‘work’ to them but they can’t all have those special jobs right?

I am normally very mild mannered and pleasant gal (cute too! Don’t forget that!BLUEK!) but it irks me to see our time wasted like this. And I also normally don’t like to get involve in politics much but can’t help myself. Our political arena is turning into a big drama series with lots of climax and surprises. To be frank, I don’t even dare to ask my friends overseas what they think because I am pretty sure that we are the joke of the world now, giving every a good big laugh! I wonder when will all this end and let everyone goes on with their life already. So, the petrol price goes up, we complain, we moan and groan and then we get on with our lives lar! What else do you expect to do? Miracle that the price will actually go down by RM0.50? Pleasant dream but time to wake up!

Eiks! I better stop or else I might get more than a tap on the hand for speaking my mind. Anyway, babe is still at home. He is still on MC! That means that he on sick leave for 5 days!! Whole week off, sleeping till noon everyday! But good also he is at home. I just have to sms back to him and ask him to take out food from the freezer for dinner tonite. Then by the time I got home, already defrost liaw. Or else, usually I will have to soak them in water when I go back to speed up the defrosting process. Not so good ler. Nutrient lost to the water! Already asked him to take out the fish for tonight dinner by the way *smirk & wink*

Already told babe that I will cook cabbage with oyster sauce and fry the fish for dinner. That plus the mushroom chicken soup last night should be enough lar. If not, then I will just pop some chicken nugget into the toaster, less oily (and less cleaning) than using deep fry! Hehehe! Babe say he is eating burger patty with gardenia white bread wor now. I am so jealous! Sms him whether he did extra or not for me tonight, so far he no response. I wonder if he gone back to sleep again. Still thinking if I want to cook chicken rice this weekend and do some tempura onion rings and stuff. Just hope babe won’t ask me to do the chicken drumstick wrap with bacon again. Not healthy lar, all those oil!

Maybe I should just do steam chicken with white rice instead. Healthier choice bah…. YAH RIGHT! No way, will cook all out full authentic chicken rice, i.e. rice cook with chicken broth, chilli with garlic and lime and those thick soya sauce! Oooooh, must remember to make salted vegetable soup as well. And get the baby kalian, boil and toss with fried shallots, olive oil and oyster sauce. That should compliment the chicken rice very well! Alamak, am I making you guys drool? Don’t worry, I will remember to take pictures of the gleaming juicy chicken with the sexy rice and delicious baby kalian that is all accompanied by the steaming hot soup! HEHEHEEHE I AM BAD! BLUEK!

Dinner - 16 Jun 2008

This is going to be a short short one because I just want to share the picture from our dinner last night, i.e. the first time I use my new Elba Electric Oven. The oven is more like a toaster oven to me because it can adjust temperature but it is different abit because can adjust top, bottom or both top and bottom heat on. Nothing too fancy about the dinner but babe ate alot of rice! I think it has something to do with the bacon oil which he sprinkle liberally on his rice!

Chicken drumstick wrap with bacon (Are you drooling yet??)

Chicken drumstick wrap with bacon
(Close up very blur. Wanted to take more pic but babe cant wait)

French bean (I think thats wat it call :P) fried with eggs

Chicken mushroom soup (been thinking of this for a few days!)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Where Kepong Pork Market?????

Normally, I look forward to going back at the end of a long working day. Today, I am so not looking forward to walk back to my car at 6pm later! So far away! I should have listen to my heart this morning and wear the comfortable sport shoes instead of the platform shoe. Now I am paying for my vain-ness. But at least will be walking there through the mall first and can still let my eyes roam and enjoy themselves. Just hope that I won’t be tempted to get anything.

Oh yah, the reason why I parked so far away? Well, the idiotic management of the mall decided that every Wednesday is free parking day but only from 10am onwards! Oh gosh! How silly is that? I mean, 75% of the people that parked at their parking is usually those working in the building nearby. And we start work at 8.30-9pm. I mean, I don’t care if you want to charge me before 10am, just keep the parking open! Yup, the closed the parking too. So, end up, the whole lot of us either have to park in the building that we worked which charge the crazy rate of RM2 per hour (you do the math, how much at the end of the day), or parked more than 1km away and walk.

Last week, I actually parked inside the office building and move the car 2 hours later, of which I get charge RM3. And then re-park again at the free-parking area at the mall. This week, I decided to be more adventurous, arrive earlier and go straight to the far away parking. Actually, that is the normal parking area for a few of my colleagues but I just couldn’t bear the thought of walking more than 1km daily to and from work and my car. Anyway, it is actually not so bad lar if I have the right kind of shoes on. It might even be fun because I will pass a few shops/stores along the way that I don’t normally see. I am contemplating parking there again tomorrow but I must make sure I bring my comfy shoes!

Another half hour before I leave for work. I am planning to test out my new toaster oven tonight. Want to try that recipe that RK did a few weeks ago, chicken drumstick wrap with bacon. I also have some plans what to cook for weekend already. Thinking of doing chicken rice as well as onion ring! A friend suggested Tapioca flour to make the skin more crispy. So, will be doing that this weekend, if I have the time and energy. Not yet buy the ingredient. Maybe will do that on Friday before I go back from work.

I am still looking for the wet market at Kepong actually. Anyone have any idea where it is, perhaps you don’t mind leaving me a message? Oh yah, forgot to say, the wet market must also sell pork! Hahaha! Our pork supply finish liaw and babe keep on mumbling about where to find more pork and stock up. Worse come to worse, we might just go to ss24 wet market but even that place, I am not sure got sell pork or not ler. Or else need to get from supermarket, gasp, RM25++ per kg! Wonder if I should go online and google, pork market in Kepong!?!?! Hahaha

Right, enough of that for now. I will try to REMEMBER to take lot of photo and share here. Usually I only remember when we finish eating. Babe lar, so hungry that he attack the food the moment I lay them on the table! Talking about table, we have yet to get our dining table. Still considering between getting those foldable plastic type and some plastic chairs or the solid wood table+4 chairs. The plastic table would cost roughly RM60 + chairs RM15 each. So, at the end, should be less than RM100. The solid wood table+4chairs is RM199. Still considering but RK, SK and Didi are all telling me to just get the plastic ones. Then in the future, after more settled and for sure will stay there long, then get the solid wood type.

At first, I think true also what they said but then hor, RK said, life is short! If you really like that solid wood table, then go get it lar if it is within your budget! Wahhh!!!! I can actually imagine that table in my dining area!!! Wah!! I have to think of how to convince babe. Or maybe I should just buy without telling him. I hope he don’t read my blog! He been reading my posting nowadays and then suddenly turn around and ask me, Like that my friend H know liaw that I accident? Hhmm…..babe, can only say, NO COMMENT!!! BLUEK!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Accident :(

So sorry guys! Been very busy recently with work and new apartment. Plus new place don’t have internet yet! Yup, this is the third week. I will not elaborate what happen again but sufficient to say that I have made up my mind to write an official complaint letter to all parties. Initially I thought to just let it go but this is a gross inefficiency and waste of consumer money! So, yup, definitely going to complain all the way to the top and request for compensation for expenses incurred and grievances. I don’t care how long it will take as long as I get rebate for the 3weeks internet that I didn’t get to use but still have to pay, telephone bills, petrol and emotional anxiety that they caused. Yah, don’t mess with me! Hhmppf!

Actually, this was not the only anxiety that I had last weekend. Babe was involved in self-accident on his way back from work! He skidded and fell off his bike! When he came back on Saturday from work around 1pm, I just finished cooking lunch and am expecting him to be home. So, when I heard the grill lock open, I went to open the door for him. I saw in his hand his bike windscreen and first word he said was “accident”. I immediately look at him all over, searching for injury. I saw a big tear on his left jeans! Got him in the apartment, he took off his jacket and again I search for wound. Thank god the only place that seems to be suffering the worse was where the jean tear was.

He immediately requested to go to the clinic. Basically when he said that, I knew he must be in great pain or else he won’t ask that. He can be rather stubborn if he wants to. Since this is a rather new area to us, we had to drive around in search for a more decent clinic. When we found one, we were turned away because the doctor was on house call! The receptionist advised us to go to another clinic nearby on the same row. We immediately showed our puzzled look because we didn’t see any clinic sign on the same row other than this.

So we drove around more slowly and realized the reason we didn’t see it. The clinic looks more like air-conditioned tuck shop with the clinic at the back portion of the shop! Looks pretty sleazy to me but since we are desperate and the wound on babe’s knee look pretty bad, we decided to just let them have a look at it. And guess what, there is no doctor around too. So, in the end the nurse/receptionist clean the wound and bandage babe up. Then gave him some painkiller, anti-swelling and antibiotics.

After that we went home, had lunch and babe slept and woke up at 9pm, ate dinner and then sleep again until next day around noon. Me, by 10am, already cannot sleep and woke up. Clean the apartment abit and then around noon, cook bacon, eggs and sausage for brunch. I was hungry lar but was secretly hoping that the smell of food would wake babe up and share them with me (SMILE). Well, it worked because just before I sit down to eat, he came out of the room and say that he also want whatever I am having in double portion! After brunch, we laze around the living room watching Robotech cartoon marathon on the computer. It is a nice cartoon by the way for those that don’t know what this is. I remember watching them when I was a kid in primary school but watching them again now, I realized that I do not understand them much when I was a kid.

Anyway, around 3-4pm, we decided to take a drive to Kepong to try and find the wet market and Giant supermarket. After turning round and round, we almost drive all the way to KL via Jalan Ipoh! But at least I found the dimsum stall at side of the road at Jalan Ipoh. Planning to go there this weekend if babe is up to it. Then we turn around to drive back end up taking the wrong turning which makes us go the really long way to go back, i.e. thru the Damansara toll and come out at LDP, just before the 1U building. So, since we are there, babe say lets go 1U. I was hoping to find to wet market to buy some fish actually.

I think we left 1U around 5-6pm. I keep on asking babe whether he alright or not. Leg pain or not, etc! I even told him to sit outside the supermarket while I go hunt for the groceries but stubborn him say he is alright and no pain! (I wonder if the adrenaline still rushing and hence no pain yet?). Anyway, I bought my toaster oven (finally! Hehehe) and a great big cleaver that I been eyeing on. Then went home to cook dinner. By the time we reached home, we realized that babe knees is bleeding slightly through the bandage!! And he still say no pain. But I can’t do anything since I didn’t want to open the bandage and cause more damage.

On Monday, during lunchtime, went home, pick babe up and we went to the first clinic that we went to on Saturday since that place looks more reputable and cleaner! This is when we were told that the antibiotic help babe much with his knee injury as it is for cough!!! At this point, we really tempted to go back there and scold but decided not to. (Instead, I will just scold here: *$%$%!% ggrrrrrrrrrr). So babe have MC till Wednesday and he have to go back to the clinic again then to clean the wound and bandage it again. That is when the doctor will decide if he will need more MC. The way I see it, I think he will have the whole week off!!

Anyway, babe is at home now, lazing around and enjoying the feeling of being at home where as everyone else is at work! I love that feeling! Planning to go back around 5.30pm today just in case there are more roadblocks and bad traffic jam again. Don’t want to take the risk especially since the debate on the fuel hike will be on tonight. Too bad we don’t have any tv yet or else can watch the news! I wonder what outcome is expected from this debate. Personally, I think this is a waste of time because I feel not much will come out of it lor….But then, that just my opinion. What will actually happen, we will only know tomorrow! Eh friends, if tomorrow holiday, remember to sms me ah! Hahahaha (wishful thinking!)

Nevermind, daydreaming better than nothing. What to cook tonite? Hhhmm.....

p/s: I finally did scold babe for driving too fast after everything gone and done with. He ah, tell me, he accident not because drive too fast but because too slow. He thinks me three year old ah?? hhmppff...Tonite go back scold again. Oh yah, lucky his jacket thick or else sure even more road rash! When we went back from the clinic on Saturday, upon checking the damages to his jacket, we saw that the seam on both side of his jacket all open and the cotton inside showing! Imagine if he had been wearing the normal thin sweater. I think he will end up hospitalised! Thank God he just got away with knee injury and minor scrap and bruises on other parts of his body!! Cannot, tonite go back must nag again! hhmpff!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I really feel like screaming and shouting at those idiotic streamyx people! As mentioned in my previous post, I am feeling really frustrated with the service that this people provide. Not only are they over-charging us to use the internet just because they monopolizing it, they are expecting us to bow over and let them walk all over us. I went to the TMPoint in Puchong on 30 Jun 2008 to request to transfer my phone line and streamyx account to my new place. It was simple enough and very fast too. The girl at the counter told me that if no issue, I should be able to get my steamyx connection in a week maximum. I was already rather unhappy that I need to wait for one week. On top of that, I still need to pay for the streamyx although I won’t be able to get connected! But then, it is their policy, fine! I accept and hope that by some miracle, it will take less than a week.

On and off, when I was in US, I will ask babe if the technician has called him to arrange for a time to install the phone line at the new place. He said no and even when I came back on the 5 Jul, we still did not get any phone calls. We decided to go to TMPoint again since babe and I was not working that day (Babe MC but can still go check his bike tyre, go TMPoint and go shopping with me!! LOL!). When we got there, we waited for about half hour before we get our turn at the counter. I told babe he should ask since he look more garang (fierce)!

We actually not sure what happened but after we asked, the girl checked something on the monitor and then make a short phone call which no one pick up. And then disappeared into the back room for half an hour! After that, she came back, looking rather flabbergasted and told us that the appointment center has closed for the day (it was after 5.30pm already, we arrived around 4.30pm. So you can imagine how long we waited). Then she proceeded to explain that since it was Friday, they can only send the request on Monday. Again, we were unhappy about this but we did not create a scene. Instead, we told the lady that we will definitely be writing an official complaint about this.

At the time, I was not seriously thinking of doing that. After all, if they can come on Monday, then I might be able to get my internet connected before the end of the week. Then comes Tuesday, I call the helpdesk center (or whatever they call it) to enquire as I did not received any calls from anyone although the lady PROMISED that someone will call me on Monday. The lady at the helpdesk center told me that the technician will call me soon today and gave me his number in case I wanted to contact him. I called the technician (blardy rude by the way), he told me that he can’t do anything because he have not received his work order. He told me to call the helpdesk again. So, I did and this time the helpdesk said I need to call the appointment center to enquire. And so, I call them too. And guess what, they told me that they have not received any posting from the TMPoint in Puchong and advice me to call the helpdesk once again.

At this point, I was already almost screaming and actually told them to stop pushing me around ask me to call another number. I think I must have scared the lady because she immediately said that she will get back to me once she find out and get the necessary people. Finally, she called to say that the technician will come to the apartment on Tuesday morning. Again, I was frustrated and told her we are working and there is no one at home. So, she requested that I call the technician after 6pm to arrange for another time. At 6.30pm, I called the technician and told him have to be after office hours. Wah, that blardy rude guy say “I also want to go back home”.

Again, I was rather angry and rudely ask him what he suggests. I think he must have known I was mad because he agreed to come after 6pm after that. And I thought that is settled and at least I will get my internet before the end of the week after taking into account the 3 days to get it activated. Little did I know, more things could go wrong. This morning, the technician called me very early in the morning and found out that the address is inaccurate. Whoever key-in order must be half asleep or something because he/she missed out the apartment name! So, again, the technician can’t come today. And again, I called the helpdesk center to complaint. And again, I was told they will call me back. That was before lunch and it is already 5.09pm. No phone call so far.

When I was talking to the helpdesk center, I was determined to write an official complaint letter to the TMPoint in Puchong and copy to the consumer right association as well as the TMPoint headoffice. Babe was saying that I should copy to TV3 too but I doubt that will do any good. If I think that it will, I would have done that! That was how mad I felt. To make matter worse, when I asked the helpdesk for the contact number in TMPoint Puchong as I want to talk to the customer service manager and make a complaint but I was told that they are not able to provide the contact number. So I asked him, does that mean that I need to go personally to TMPoint Puchong? And he said yes. So I asked him again, so you mean that I need to go there personally to complaint and make scene?? Are you sure? He laughed rather uncomfortably and I can feel that he wished he had not answered the call! SIGH!

So, here I am, still feeling frustrated. Babe said I should do exactly what the helpdesk guy said, go down personally to make the complaint and create a big scene. But I am reluctant to take time-off to go there. Not nice to always go out during office time to do personal stuff right? I already took 1 hour off the Friday before I go travelling to settle the apartment stuff. So, I guess I will wait till tomorrow and see what happens. If I still cannot get the line installed by tomorrow, I will definitely be doing something! But no matter what happens, I will still be writing that complaint letter and copy to as many people as possible. Hhmpff!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Unreliability of TMPoint

It is 7.54am and I am in the office. Nope, there is no weekly conference call meeting, it was canceled since we had our big quarterly meeting last week. So, what am I doing at the office so early in the morning? Well, because it was raining. Yup, raining and that is why I am at the office before 7.30am in the morning. What does rain has to do with anything you ask? Well, you see, when it rains, babe can't ride his motorbike to work especially when it rains super heavy like this morning. So, instead, he had to take my car. And since I had no idea what the taxi number is, he sent me to work first before he goes to work all the way at Klang!

I don't mind actually because he drives me all the way up to the doorstep of the office building. So, that saves me the 10minutes walk (although I definitely need the exercise! Gosh, maybe I should go swimming later). And also, I get to go online and blog without feeling guilty since it is not officially office hours yet. We were actually planning for me to take the cab and babe the car if it rains. But since we not yet look for the number to call. So, today mission would be to get a taxi number so that I can call them to pick me up if it rains. hehehe!

As mentioned, I can't blog from home yet since the internet not connected. Speaking of this, it just got me really mad! Actually, I went to the TMPoint just before I goes off for my trip last Monday. The lady at the service counter where I submitted my form promised me that it will take only one week to get connected again. After coming back on Friday, babe mentioned that no technician call him yet to get the line installed. So, off we went to TMPoint personally to ask since babe said that it is pointless to call the helpline.

When we got there, there are at least 8 people in queue in front of us and it took about half hour before it was our turn. I got babe to ask the lady at the counter all the questions since I think he look more fierce than me! (HEHE!). We can see that the lady was really flabbergasted and anxious. She called somewhere once and then suddenly disappeared into the back room, leaving babe and I waiting there for at least 20minutes while she try to get it sorted out.

After 20min, she came out, apologise and informed us that the technician is not reachable at the moment as it was already after 5.30pm. She promised us that she will make sure that the technician contact us first thing on Monday (which was yesterday) to arrange for a time to install the line AFTER office hours. But they didn't call! So, I will be calling the customer service up later to give them a piece of my mind and ask if they will be providing me rebate for the delay! Gosh, and this reminds me to go online and look for the number to call.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Finally, a place that we can call “OUR PLACE”. I tell you, the first time babe said ‘our place’ to me in our conversation, the feeling I had then was indescribable! Nothing is more wonderful than finally having a place that we can freely do whatever we want no matter what the time is. I think some of you out there might be able to relate to what I am saying. The reluctant feeling to leave home to go to work in the morning. The anxiousness and excitement to go back at night. Thinking of what to cook for dinner and what to do after that. Deciding between getting the toaster oven now or the rice cooker first. Wondering if the rectangle table with four chairs can fit into the dining room. Constant daydreaming about going home (yup, it is finally called home!) to be with babe.

We promised ourselves that we would not go out the whole this week, including weekend. Instead, we will spend time cleaning up the apartment. Need to sort through all the things that we semi-hazardly packed into the boxes, luggage bags, plastic bags and paper bags! Abit frustrated yesterday when we realized that we can’t find some of the stuff that we need without going through numerous piles of items. Now, the store room and the spare bedroom looks like the hurricane just went through it. Babe already sms just now to say that we need to sort out the things abit.

Still feeling tired from the long flight actually. My colleagues agreed that it is easier to adjust when you are there than when you come back. Well, to be honest, I did enjoy the trip but I just wish that it is longer so that I can fully enjoy it instead of just two days which were ACTUAL WORK full day. Basically, there were no sightseeing at all and I only get one hour plus shopping trip at the mall before going off to the airport. But despite that, I did manage to get some stuff! LOL! I found this shop at the mall where everything is US$8.98 and less. So, what a gal does when she see that? But I did control myself because essentially, US$8.98 still means RM30.

What I bought? Let me see, 1 jeans and 1 short pants for babe, 1 jeans, 1 work pants and 1 spaghetti straps for me. Yar, I control myself really really really really hard! But that 5 pieces of clothing, after convert, mean spent RM150 already! I am wearing the work pants now. Althought it is cheap, I find the quality not bad. Even the jeans looks sturdy and strong. My colleagues were teasing me when I told them the price. But I think it’s not bad. After all, it is Sarah Jessica Parker line of clothing!! *GRIN!* Wait till I have the mood, I will snap some photos and show you guys. No promises but I will try lar!

Let me see, what else did I get! Oh yah, jelly beans, chocolate coated gummy bears and chocolate coated pretzel. Have not tried them yet. Don’t know nice or not but since I spend US$15+ on them, should be pretty good right? Also, on the way back, at the Taipei airport, bought some iron eggs (centurion eggs lar!U think is what eggs????) and dried scrimp. Finally, at KLIA, bought the duty free liquor requested by babe. Don’t remember what was the name but it was whisky and recommended by the lady there. She said that it is a 13 yr old whisky, special edition and can only buy from duty free shop. So, I got it lor instead of the usual black label that babe wanted. Also bought a bottle of bailey, chocolate mint flavor. Can’t wait for an occasion to open that and try it!

Ok, enough for now. I think my brain still abit frozen by the chilly weather in US and on the plane! So, I better stop here before I start to mumble incoherently. MUCKS PPL!!!

p/s: No internet at home yet. Maybe will only get connected next week. So, no posting from home and only minimal in the office! Hence, be patient yah!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Short Talk: Who gave them the right? US for 2days and I have been at the butt of fat joke/comments more than once already! I think I counted 3 so far. And I always thought people from US are more polite than that. The jokes/comments are indirect but all the same, it is what it is! The conversation goes something like this:-

XXUS: So, are you originally from KL?
JenJen: Oh no, I am from Sarawak.
Boss: Her hometown is the furthers!
JenJen: Yah, need to cross the sea.
Boss: Only way to go from and to is by plane.
JenJen: Yup, unless wanna swim.
*smiles all around at the joke*
XXUS: But you should have no problem swimming. Wont feel cold with all the extra protection.

GEEZZZ!!! What right does this people think they have to say what they did just because they think someone is big size???? They don't hear me making bald jokes/comments at them do they? Or hear me asking them how come they talk funny! Or how come they are Chinese but can utter a single Chinese word? GGRR!!! HHMPFF!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More mumbling about SLEEPLESSNESS!

I am in my hotel room now and it is 11pm(Tues) US-time and 2pm (Wed). Planning to go to bed in another half time or else I will end up being super blur when I go to the office tomorrow at 9am. Yup, we still need to go to work at the US-office like normal eventhough we are suppose to visit the vendor tomorrow afternoon and will be leaving for the airport to fly back tomorrow night. Am not looking forward to the long trip back (sigh)!

Still feeling very tired as I only sleep an hr on the plane. The next time any1 envy me for going to US for such a short trip, i will tell them no need to envy. 5 days, only 2 days in US and the rest of the time in airport/plane. Let me see,
Home to Airport = 1 hr
KLIA waiting = 3hrs (Reached airport early bcos the driver drove reli fast)
KLIA - TW = 4.5hrs
TW Airport transit = 3hrs
TW to San Francisco = 11hours
San Francisco drive to Santa Clara = 0.5 hours
TOTAL = 24hours
And I woke up at 6.30am on Monday, mean that 6.30am to 12noon = 5.5hours

Total 28.5hours??? And then after we check-in at 10pm, we went for late supper and only got back at 11pm. I only finally sleep at 1am after checking my mails and going online to catch up with my work. So, honestly, the next person that tells me they envy me taking long flight by plane to US, I will make sure that I told them that they are crazy!

Anyway, let me share some pictures of my hotels with you. I really like it as it is really big. And I absolutely LOVE the weather here! Summer but so cooling and deliciously chilly! Even now, I didn't on the aircon but instead, open the sliding door leading to the balcony. I will definitely miss this weather when I go back! Ok, enough loso from me, here are pic:

The Hotel
Double story chalet style. Some rooms has two bedrooms and some only one (like mine)

The view from the door of the room

Each suite have private kitchen complete with EVERYTHING. I want my kitchen to look like this!!!!

Kitchen even have oven. In the cupboard there are knives, eating and cooking utensils, measuring cup and so on

Fridge, dish washer and Microwave

King Size Bed and 5 pillows!ALL FOR ME ALONE! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Popcorn, instant decaf coffee and coffee for the coffee pot, hot choc, salt & pepper shaker. YAP, I took everything except the salt & pepper of course! hehehe

Grocery List if you want the hotel to help stock your kitchen for you

I guess all I can say is that, the next time the company wants to sent me here for a longer trip, a few weeks maybe, I don't mind staying here again. ( I am not sure babe will agree with me on this though! hahaha!) The service is great and the place is fantastic! Thanks to Marriot Residence Inn at Santa Clara, it has made my super short trip memorable.