Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2nd last day

PHEW! FINALLY, tomorrow is the last day of work at my current company. Immediately after that, Thursday will be my first day. And guess what, I have not start clearing my cubicle. I think I have a couple pair of shoes under my desk and some girlie stuff in the drawers! Oh, and also some containers and cups in the pantry. Hope I wont forget anything. Feeling kind of weird actually because till today, I am STILL doing work and STILL redirecting my colleagues to the new fella taking over the job.

Guess they are still trying to get use to not having JenJen around to ask question that they can get answer to almost instantly. And I can see the new fella is getting really stressed out now with the amount of work that he took on. I think he is already wondering what did he get himself into. I keep hearing him sigh and say "so much to do". All I can say is that I been doing it for more than 1.5 years. Just need some getting use to of course, all the 12 items in the list that our US boss told him he need to make sure he pick up and do.

Anyway, colleagues brought me out for my farewell lunch at Italiannies today. The food was so-so & nothing to shout about but we had great fun laughing and snapping lots of photos. 3 of us brought DSLR cameras and another a G9. We are slightly high and excited with the cameras and it being the 2nd last day for me. I think we were easily the noisiest crowd there. But who cares. We had fun. We can see the waiters and waitress had fun watching us making a fool of ourselves. HEHE!

Then, we walked around 1u for awhile to walk off our lunch and take some more photos. After that, of course back to office. That is where I got bombarded with lots of last minute questions from the guy (I call him puppy because he sit next to me and sharing my desk since the day he arrived from Taiwan like a lil faithful puppy!) and Merv also started to get worried.

Something that he said got me thinking because I was wondering why he is asking me all this questions that puppy should do. Turn out he is worried because they have been taking it for granted that I am here and based in the same office and it a simple matter of walking over to my cubicle if he need any information or do some brainstorming. In order word, took me for granted la! :P HAHA! But I am ok la. At least I know this people will FEEL the lost when I am not around. HEHE!

So, I sent my farewell email too already to the colleagues. Monday was emails to vendors and customers. And since Monday, been getting lots of emails, skype and calls asking me if puppy is taking over my job responsibilities, what is my role now. I think most of them expect either I got a promotion or transferred to another department especially since our co just bought over a company in Taiwan.

Some were pretty shocked when I said I resigned and last day is on 30 Sep! One vendor even go as far as asking me how come I NEVER mention to her that I am leaving. All I can say is that it is not my decision but my boss requested me not to mention anything to anyone of the vendors and customers yet till Monday. No idea why and not keen to ask as well because I might be shocked by the answer as usual.

A colleague who is the boss of the engineering department even ask if I am really leaving because he heard I resigned but thought I changed my mind because nothing seem to be different! I guess they are shocked because I still go about doing my work till well, today! But no choice. I simply cannot just let go like that la especially when I imagine my poor customers and vendors. Not to mention all the hardwork to pull in deliveries. So, while puppy work hard to download and assimilate all the information, I had to be the temporary firewall. HEHE!

YAR YAR! I am sot already with excitement! WOOHOO!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stupid stupid stupid

It is less than a week to my last day of work in this company and yet the COM still have the ability to irk and makes me feel like screaming at the top of my lung in frustration. Imagine this conversation among all the other members of the team and also a colleague from Taiwan that is going to take over my job scope:

COM: You are not suppose to contact end customer A.
Me: Yar but customer told us that we can contact his end customer A. He gave the authorisation to end customer A to communicate shipment with me.
COM: But this is not acceptable. You are not suppose to deal directly with end customer A. You should only deal with customer.
Me: BUT customer AUTHORISED and gave the permission to communicate on shipments related to this product.
COM: No. Can you guarantee that customer will not refuse to acknowledge the shipping arrangement made by you via the communication with end customer A. Can you be sure customer wont do this?
Me: ****PENGSAN AND 3-LINE". But COM, customer told me via EMAIL cc all the bosses that end customer A can deal directly with me.
COM: There is an email? Does the email cc his boss?
Me: Yes.
COM: Then it is ok.


Case2, came meeting, same group of people:

COM: Lets have training 10am to 12noon today for him.
Me: Can we do this after lunch? I need to call customer for urgent shipping matter.
COM: Why do you need to call customer?
Me: Customer requested I call him once I have the final quantity for shipment today so that he can give me the final instruction.
COM: But shouldnt customer have provided you the shipping instruction earlier?
Me: Yes, normally they will but because this shipment is urgent and they need to know the final quantity so that they can make intelligent shipping priority to their end customer.
COM: No, this is not necessary. This is why I want to be in the training so that we can make sure no last minute things like this done. Send customer email to tell him the final quantity and ship tomorrow.

ARGGH!! ARRRRRGGGGGGGGH!!!!! First of all, customer said it is important and I have already promised customer that I will call him to let him know the final shipping quantity so that he can give the correct shipping instruction. Second of all, just because you are the boss does not give you the right to preach one thing and do another thing. What happen to 'think for the customer'???? Third of all, stop be so blardy unprofessional. Just because the candidate that I introduce for this job said that bosses need to be supportive and respect his subordinates AND you felt it is hitting a sharp arrow at you, it does not give you the right to be so idiotic and try to get at me at every opportunity.

I do not have control over what she will or will not say to you during interview. And so what if she said that? It is the TRUTH! BOSSES NEED TO BE SUPPORTIVE AND RESPECT HIS PEOPLE! JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT AND FEEL THAT SHARP SHARP ARROW SHOOTING & SHITTING AT YOU, not my PROBLEM!

Thank GOD I did not change my mind about leaving this stupid job. I think I am really stupid to let this get to me like this when my last day is 30 Sep! IF it was not for the benefit of the customers and my team members, do you think I will even bother??? This is not very nice of me BUT I hope whatever bad karma will go to you 100x worse than the way you treat your subordinate! STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crazy Old Man

I know I will be leaving all this behind in less than two weeks and I should not let it affect me. But it is pretty hard not to feel hurt and unappreciated when I been working hard to make sure that me resigning would not affect the team much. So, it is really upsetting to hear someone said straight to my face in front of other members of the team that he thought I no longer consider myself part of the team. And this is simply because I have not been keeping him in my email loop!

Really hurtful and irritating especially when I have done nothing but THINK of the team! If I do not consider the team, why the world do I bother to push the vendors so hard the last 2 weeks to pull in the deliveries so that it will not clash with the golden week holiday in China early Oct! In fact, in each meeting that we been having, I have been reporting improvement that the vendors were able to make in the delivery schedule after monitoring, pushing, begging and even threatening!

Did he think that the job just get itself done if I dont do anything about it. Did he think that if I do not put any effort to THINK of the team, things will somehow be ok? BLARDY IDIOT COM! And just because someone that I recommended for to replace me said during the interview that a boss need to be supportive and respect his people, I am automatically the prime suspect for such statement. Or perhaps I am the one telling my friend to say that to him? AGAIN, BLARDY SHALLOW COM!

To think that I actually have regrets for resigning from the company last few days. Talking to R about the potential that this company has and the career prospect, it makes me think perhaps I can reconsider my decision. But after today, it has reaffirmed my decision is the right one for me. No more doubt. Just a positive outlook of the next adventure in my career.

Sometimes I wonder, why the hell does the company do not do SOMETHING drastic already. How many more good people need to leave the company before anything will be done? Yar, it is easy to find a replacement but can the company be sure that the replacement will be as good as the person that they are replacing? And even if the person is, will he or she be able to work well in the team as we are now?!?

But I cant help thinking, did they dont even know how lucky they are to have this team? The few things that kept me going when I came home too stoned and tired to even cry is my husband, my friends and my team members! The only few regrets that I have about leaving this job is leaving the guys from my team to suffer. I hope and pray they know when to get out when things get too unbearable and have the strength to fight back. DONT LET THE BLARDY COM BULLY YOU GUYS!

I still cannot understand why God gave me COM though. Perhaps it is to make me look within myself, learn and know when to accept defeat. Perhaps it is to show me how 'unique' a boss can be. Or maybe so that I know myself better and push myself to higher level? Or it is simply to remind me of my goal to climb the career ladder?

Looking at the big picture, I know I have gained more than I lost. I can just imagine, 10 years from now, looking back into this chapter of my life, I will smile at my foolish optimism and naiveity.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Short talk: Desperation

OMG!!! I am so bored!! SOMEONE please rescue me!! It is not that I have nothing to do. I did all of it per usual but I think it is because I know that I will not be doing it much longer and hence, no challenge to make things better, i.e. now just keeping it at status quo, and hence, no challenge, no stress equals to BOREDOM! Life have no meaning la without aim and goal! I cant wait till it is my last day and I start at my new place!

SIGH!!!! I am actually FB-ing, FV-ing, MW-ing and YV-ing! All the -ing! And oh! BLOGGING! DAMN! Have not done this for awhile already. And I am also eating more than usual because I guess I am filling boredom with food? But even that is not curing it! HOW AH?? HELP!! Another 7 days of workday to go!!!

I know, crazy! Got pressure and stress also complaint. Dun have also complaint! But that is human nature la I guess :P

Short talk: Happy Talk :P


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Guess what! Guess what!!! Something really exciting (and kinda scary too) happened while babe and I went to have bak kut teh for our dinner. It involves 2 big cleaver, a broom, big stone and a car! Oh, and 2 ladies! The story goes like this, babe and I were happily having our big bowl of bak kut teh at this place in Kepong called Ka Ka Bak Kut Teh (or in Mandarin it was actually Jia Jia Bak Kut Teh).

Half way through our meal, suddenly we hear this really loud honking. When we looked around, we realised that there was this red proton saga parked right in the middle of the road, blocking the other cars that is parking there from leaving. So, being the most natural reaction, the guy who is driving this old model of mercedes honked to get whoever the owner of the car to drive away. I think he must have honked for more than 15minutes and from the sound of the honking that is getting louder and longer, he is getting really impatient.

Suddenly, we hear this loud shouting from the 3rd floor of the shoplot! I think the Indian lady was shouting something about dont bug me. Go talk to the shop owner. And so on. She sound really angry and looks likes someone that has just been woken up from her sleep. That is what babe and I thought anyway, i.e. the long loud honking has woken her from a much needed sleep perhaps or a really bad day? Anyway, the car did stopped honking for a short while. Shocked from being screamed at for no apparent reason. I think he is also worried the crazy woman might just throw something down and damage his car.

But after awhile, he decided to start honking again. This time, the lady that runs the bak kut teh(BKT) shop came out and look around. She then too start shouting and this time from the road up the shop house! Apparently, the red proton saga belongs to the first lady that shouted from the 3rd floor! WOW! NOW we understand why she was shouting. The shouting match begins then and it start to escalate.

Suddenly, we saw the 3rd floor lady coming down the stairs and start to charge at the bkt lady! And to make matter even more dramatic, the bkt lady was carrying TWO big cleaver!The 3rd floor lady actually took some stick and tried to hit the bkt lady with it. I mean, this two women wa really going at it and really did seem as if they are going to hurt each other. The weirdest part it, no one except a Bangladeshie that is working there did anything at all.

By this time, the crowd has gathered, including those from a restaurant nearby! I saw the Bangladeshie made a phone call. And from the chaos, I was able to made out that he called the owner of the bkt shop. From the bits and pieces I heard, it seems that this has happened before! Anyway, after a while, the 3rd floor lady decided to go back to her place and start shouting from the balcony and have shouting match there. Some where, some how, the bkt lady decided to call the police. Shouted rather loudly and tell her kuli to call the mata (police in hokkien la).

The 3rd floor lady of course wont admit defeat. She too want to call the police. In fact, that is exactly what she did and had a loud conversation from her balcony in Manglish (Malay + English), I think for the benefit for the rest of us down here. At some point, she put down her phone and actually shouted at us, the customers and scolding us for supporting the bkt and eating there!

BKT lady got angry and started to shout at her again. And somehow, the thing got so heated that the 3rd floor lady started throwing things down from the balcony in her attempt to hit the bkt lady I guess. By this time, the cars that was being blocked by the red proton saga somehow managed to get out and move their cars away. If not, I am pretty sure those cars will have some dent by now.

Anyway, at first, she only throw those mini empty plastic flower pots. Then, suddenly as the bkt lady walk away, scolding all kinds of things at the 3rd floor lady, something really big and heavy landed at one of the table that is just 10feet away from me! Thank god the table was empty and the stone didnt hit anyone. It was actually a really big piece of broken brick! By then, people have actually left or moved table, leaving one corner of the bkt place empty.

I actually wanted to ask babe to lets go. But babe said she wont hurt anyone la. If she did, when she came down the first time, she would have went amok and hit the bkt lady with the broom or whatever she can grasp her hand on. I guess I agreed with babe on that point but sometimes when people anger boiled over, they might not know what they are doing. Anyway, we kept a pretty close eye on the 3rd floor lady to make sure that she is not throwing anything else that might hit us.

In the end, the reason for such fury was because she felt that because of the bkt doing business there, the customers are 'taking' her parking. In actual fact, since it is a shophouse, there is not reserved parking. I mean, any sane normal person would actually just move the car and parked in the space that was vacanted. No big deal right? If she wanted a reserved parking space, perhaps she should have looked for a higher end place to stay? Anyway, since I do not fully know what is going, I will reserve my judgement to myself. For all I know, something the bkt lady did previously provoked this resentment.

Babe and I certainly had some excitement and our adreneline pumping slightly. The drama and the hot bkt! What a combination :)


The smurf-song keep playing in my head!!! I cant get it out!! ARGGH!!! It keep on going 'lalalalala' over and over and over again. If you know the smurf-song, you know how irritating this is if that is all the music that keeps on going on like a broken record and you just cant turn it off!! GGRRR! This is all my babe's fault! He was teasing one day by lala-ing the song and since then, whenever I want to lala-ing, automatically this song will pop up!

ANYWAYYYYYYYY, today is Tuesday and it will be the weekend soon! I am going on leave this Friday for the pre-employment medical check up. Been given strict instruction to start fasting from 8pm onwards. Apparently it will be a very complete check up that will start at 9am and most probably only finish around 2pm. And it is at Subang Medical Center. I was told that I must remember to bring the letter from my new company or else I will have to pay RM500+ first and claim later. DEFINITELY will make sure I remember to bring the letter. No way la, RM500! Crazy!

And then it will be the start of a long weekend since Monday and Tuesday next week is public holiday. At first, babe and I thought we should go to Cameron Highland since we never been there before. Maybe for a 2night, 3 days stay. But in the end decided to forget about it because for one thing, it will be peak season and for sure there will be surchange on top of the normal price. For another, it will definitely be super crowded! We both do not like to go for holidays at crowded places.

So, what do we do then? I am thinking of baking up a storm and babe is thinking of bbq (AGAIN!). Babe and his bbq! He is going gaga over bbq-ing. But I dont mind. It mean that I can stock up on my smoked chicken again. Good for making salad. And bbq should be healthier than deep frying right? Anyway, up to him la as long as he clean up the bbq pit and balcony after that. Me, as usual, have to wash up la, what else!

So, I am thinking of baking but not sure if I will or not because might end up being super lazy and just decided to forget it la. I still have some three-layer pork and spare ribs. So might just roast that in the microwave oven again like I did for the Special Crispy Roast Pork. I dont want to grill or roast the sparerib as I think it is tastier if can smoke it on the bbq pit! Oh well, see how la. I guess most important is have fun! :P

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Special Crispy Roast Pork

Remember I said that babe and I went to the market last week and bought one big slap of three-layer-pork because I wanted to try and make the special crispy roast pork? Well, I didnt do it last week because I wanted to look for the string to tie the pork but dont know where to get it. Finally, today, I decided that since I cant find the string, why not use babe's bonsai's wire to tie the pork up. All I need is something that is strong enough to hold the peice of meat together and not melt in the high heat of the oven.

After searching online for tips to make the pork skin crispy, I finally tried to make my first crispy pork using the convention microwave oven. I must say, it did turn out pretty good although there are still some parts of the skin that didnt crackle as well as I want it to be. What really surprised me was that the pork didnt shrink as much compared to when it is layed out flat.

If you want to attempt this, must make sure you get a really good piece of three layer pork with not too much fat or meat. Equal balance will ensure that the taste is superb and light as well. The pork was marinated with just salt, pepper and butter. And I only marinate the meaty part and left the skin untouch. When ready to cook the pork, I run hot water over the skin. You will see the skin actually shrunk slightly. Then pour some vinegar or lemon juice over the skin and rub some salt over the skin.

Bake the pork skin side up at 200 degree celcius for about 2hours. Every half hour, take the pork out and brush some vinegar or lemon juice on the skin and continue baking. As different oven behalf differently, make sure you keep a check on it. If any part of the pork is ready but others not, cover the ready part with aluminium foil (shin to avoid it from getting burn.

So the results to share:


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crazy brazy arazy?

10.18am and I am done with most of my work for the day! I was actually at the office before 7.30am and started work almost immediately (almost la..make a cuppa thick coffee to jolt me awake first!). I purposely skipped my usual routine of going to the mamak for breakfast before coming in to the office because I want to catch my customer in US before they finish work for their day. And since I was already in the momentum of things, decided to complete other tasks pending for the day too. So, now, I am left hanging with nothing much to do. Guess the coffee turbo charge me more than I know it will! :P

So, now, I am sitting here, counting down to my last day. Today is 10 Sep, mean that another 20days to go out of which only 10days is actual work-day. Others are either weekend, public holidays or me clearing leave. And at the moment, still no news of the replacement. I guess next week must really start handing over and 'training' the rest of my colleagues in my department to take over my work. Hopefully, they will get someone in soon. Pity my colleagues! On top of what they need to do, now added responsibilities but not choice and this is not long term!

I am also excited about the weekend. Already thinking and planning what to cook and bake! Going to try and make the crispy rolled roast pork this Saturday. Cant resist after seeing some really fantastic photos that makes the saliva start drooling even when I just think about it now. Will make sure babe take lots and lots of photo and share it with you all. Make you guys drool too. HEHE!

Babe has also been asking how come I don't bake chocolate cake anymore. EGAD! I thought he was the one that told me dont bake. And then suddenly asked me how come I dont bake anymore. I asked him that and guess what he answered me. "Dont listen to me la" 0_0!!!!!! HAHA! MEN!!! So pretend one! Want to eat, just say la! SHEESH! So, I am planning to bake flourless chocolate cake and also if got time, the rich chocolate cake that I made that time. I have a few bars of dark chocolate and also rum & raisin dark chocolate in the fridge which I purposely bought during bargain time for baking.

Am also tempted to make chicken curry pie. Remember the apple pie that I made a few weeks back? Well babe was saying he likes the crust but not the filling since he is not a fan of baked fruits. He suggested putting canned chicken curry in the crust instead.

But I am thinking, instead of the canned chicken curry, why dont I make my own with chicken, potatoes and some leek? That should taste ok right? Or maybe I shouldnt risk it and just use the canned ones? Or maybe instead of making pie, I should make small pastry puff with the chicken curry? That would be interesting. But not sure babe will agree with me or not. I still prefer apple pie!

I was also exploring the net for making chocolate from cocoa bean at home. Blame it on Astro. I saw this cooking show on Astro Travel & Living channel 703 (cant remember the name of the show). It is the show where this guy is a chocolatier and makes his own chocolate. He actually went and buy his own whole container of cocoa bean to make high quality 100% cocoa chocolate. 100% cocoa chocolate mean that there is nothing else added to the chocolate other than cocoa, no sugar nothing. So, it does not taste like our conventional store-bought chocolate that has sugar mixed it in.

Instead of sweet, the 100% cocoa chocolate is really bitter. He was trying to promote using chocolate in cooking. Yap, not just baking but COOKING! In one of the show that I actually managed to catch, he was coating pigeon with a layer of melted 100% cocoa chocolate and wrap the chicken with streaky bacon. He then bake them in the oven! I know, the idea of chocolate, meat and bacon, weird combination!

But seriously, I think it is pretty cool and am interested to try the idea. But where in the world am I going to find 100% cocoa chocolate!? So far, the highest cocoa contain chocolate that I ever seen is 90%. And I am not so sure this will work because there will be some sweetness in the 90% cocoa chocolate and this is the not the taste that I desired to go with my meat and bacon! Sweet, bitter, meat?

ANYWAY, enough about food for now. I will definitely share photos if I do go crazy with baking and cooking this weekend! ADIOS!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Double Jeopardy!

YAWN!!!! Wednesday! Thank GOD! I am starting to go out of my mind although today is just the second day of work for this week. Lots of things to do as usual. The one day yesterday actually felt like a few days. But I got 2 happy news yesterday from two different colleagues/friends.

One of the colleague in my department apparently thought I am just 27/28 instead of 32!! HAHA! Well, has been a long time since anyone think that I look younger than my age. I think it has something to do with the stress that I put myself in. (Yar, I am the one that put myself in that stress level because no matter what, emotions and feelings are determined by me la no matter what the external factor that cause it).

Back to the topic, yar, been awhile since anyone thinks that I look younger and dont believe my actual age. I remember when I was working in Kuching, in my late 20s, people always mistaken me for college students. I remember once, when I was in the airport getting ready to fly to KL to meet babe for a holiday, me with my laptop backpack, in jeans and tshirt, queuing up to board the plane. Like everyone else, we sort of feel like kindred spirit after having to wait for hours due to flight delays.

One of the lady queuing in front me with a kid chatted with me. The usual small talk between strangers, i.e. where you going? What you doing there? Where you studying or working? Although for my case, it is always where you studying.... So, when I tell them no-no, I am working and I am in my late 20s, that usually got them looking at me all over and trying to assess if I am bluffing. I will then whipped out my business card and hand it over! That was fun and good old days. So, it just goes to proof my theory, stress and demotivation makes one look older! So, cheerios people! Smile more and be energised!

The second happy news that came was from K. Apparently she was having a private chat in one of the meeting room with her superior and suddenly her boss ask her, Jen resigned? (No idea how he knew but he knew anyways). K confirmed that I hav resigned and he said 'Jen has been handling a lot of things ..and from what I know she is very efficient". WOW!! My nose grow really big with pride! HAHA! Even manager that dont deal with me at all knew that I am efficient! That really boost my confidence!

So, that was yesterday. I wonder what other good news will come my way! :P

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Crab Murderer?!?

Live crab are normally feared by those that have never conquered them before. I think it got something to do with the big sharp claws that once clam down on any part of you, will never let go until it is dead or its claw chopped from its body.

I remembered a lady asking me at the wet market while I waited for the seller to pack my crabs, "Hard to kill?" To which I answered, "No, very easy! Just flip them over and use poke a sharp knife into their belly". The response I got, the most intensely disgusted scared face!

Well, I think that is alot more humane compared to Chef Wan when he showing Bobby Chin how to cook fragrant crab on Astro. He just put on some thick gloves, hold on to the live crab and snap the big claws from the crab. Next, he took a kitchen scissor and cut the legs off. And finally, peel off the shell. All this while the crab is very much ALIVE! I wonder if Astro edited out the shrieking of the crab!

Since we got crabs from the market again today and babe is looking for opportunities to test his new camera, decided to show you guys how I kill and prepare the crabs.

The crabs all tied up by the seller esp the claws! So, no possibility of snapping at you unless you untie it. Flip the crab over on its belly. I use a thong. You can use anything that can help to aid you to turn the crab over and hold on to it. Even a strong spatula is good enough. And if you are really brave, your hands!

Pludge the knife deep into the belly of the crab. That is the softest part of the exterior shell. Usually, if this is done right, it will be dead in less than a minute. (Well, almost dead!)

The murdered crab! You can see very clearly here that their claws are still tied up. I am not taking any chances until I am sure they are fully and truly dead!

Once confirmed its dead, grab the bottom part of the shell and the legs, peel the top and bottom away. With some muscle, it should peel away like the above. It can get 'stucked' abit but dont worry, just pull in opposite direction until the shell gives.

There are some sponge like material on the inside and you need to remove this. Some believe that this part of the crab will cause you food poisoning or worse. I use a rough kitchen scrubber to clean out the last bit that might stick pretty hard to the crab.

You will need to wash and clean the shell with the scrubber as well. Get rid of those 'white' thing in the shell. I usually leave the rest intake as I like the texture but some prefer to just get rid of all the inerts.

Since I have 4 medium size crab, I decided to cook two variety, i.e. (1) Stirfry crab with eggs and (2) Stirfry crab with dry scrimp paste and belacan.

The ingredients

The 2 crab dishes

Stirfry crab with dried scrimp paste and belacan

Stirfry crab with eggs

Friday, September 4, 2009

Who loves you the most?

Got this very meaningful sms from K today. Cant help but want to share with all of you because it is so true. Hope you are all also as lucky I am

They love you but they are not your lover..
They care for you but they are not from your family..
They are ready to share your pain but they are not in your blood relation..
They are..friends!!

True friend:
Scolds like a Dad!
Cares like a Mom!
Teases like a Sister!
Irritates like a Brother!
and finally loves you more than a lover...

Do you know the relation between your two eyes?
They blink together,
move together,
see things together,
Sleep together.
Though they never see each other.
Friendship should be just like that.
Life is hell without friends.

Cherish your friends!

I am ever so lucky because I have not 1 but a few good friends! Thank you for caring, loving, sharing, teasing and irritating me! :)