Tuesday, March 18, 2008

JJ & Rudy - Gotcha! @ Malaysia 1st Breakfast Show

What would you do if you received a call on your handphone from a total stranger? Would you let your guard up and be on high alert? Or would you scream and shout at the stranger?Or would you flirt with the stranger? I think even before we continue with the conversation, I would at least get the person's name and how the hell did he get my contact number. Unless he give me an answer that I am satisfied with, I will promptly stop the call. I am not sure what the girl must be thinking when the caller is obviously dilly-dallying and trying not to answer in a straightforward manner of who he is and how he get her number. And no, I would not settle for something flimsy such as "I got your number from a friend and who the friend is, it is not important". This is exactly what was said on Hitz.fm for the Gotcha! program thingie that they air every morning around 7am.

The last few ones were rather funny as it was nothing more than pranks for laughs. But the one that I heard this morning got me thinking. One of the guys called a girl and proceed to flirt with her. I am not sure if it was JJ or Rudy that called but he was using his deep sexy voice which sounded like ah mo to flirt with this girl call Lavonia aka Lovey. And the girl, I believe was a more or less a party girl type was very flirty to the extend that I actually feel the hair on my arms stands because it is so ughhh~! I might be imagining it but the conversation sounded like a double edge sword with very suggestive suggestions!

When the conversation got really too much and too hot, the DJ finally asked if she is staying in Subang and that his dad's name is XXX. That is when Lovey started to get a little worried. And the DJ puts the father on the line! I can hear that the father sounded so disappointed that his 'little' girl sounded like a slut and lied about going to tuitions when she was actually hanging out with her friends, dancing and partying. OUCH! The father must be really heartbroken. I mean, you can actually hear his voice breaking up!

JJ & Rudy, it is fine to play pranks on people for fun and called to Gotcha! but when it comes to family relationship, please, I BEG you, please do not play with that. I know you think that you are doing some good and being saints with the aim that it might help girls such as Lovey/Lavonia to change for the better, but remember, you are not God and you definitely have no right to air and to me that is a very serious breach of privacy. Also, I really hope that you will not regret this one day when you are looking back because things ain't always what they seems.


Nick Phillips said...

Whoa, they actually did that? Man, that was an awful thing to do. Yes, I agree with you, while pranks and stuff are alright, but let's not infringe into people's personal privacy. My respect for them has gone down a few more levels. I didn't like them to begin with!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Honestly, they are ok but abit obnoxious at times but I understand, they are in entertainment business. But, there is a line that should never be crossed no matter what...