Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Nothing much to report except that I am super super super busy at work and SUPER SLEEPY!! What a combination. Early morning wake up can feel as if my eyes are all swollen from sleepiness. Cant wait till I go back to Kuching on Thursday evening. My aim is to sleep, eat, spend time with parents, meet friends and do absolutely nothing else. Of course, that is just me saying la. Most likely dad and mom will get me to do all the cooking when I am back since they say they miss my cooking (err...) and dont know what other errands that need to be done within that short short time. All the same, I just cant wait. Not even gonna bring my office laptop with me! WAHAHA (EVIL LAUGH)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

MJ is dead..so??

Since babe is working, had to wake up super early again today, 6.30am, to prepare his breakie. Normally I would go right back to bed and doze for another few hours. But today, after tossing & turning for 30minutes, I decided to forget it and just wake up. Good thing too because I finished frying beehoon for our lunch by 8am-ish and cleaned up the kitchen. After that, basically just laze around in the living room with a romance novel.

Nothing interesting on the telly. The only thing on is either rerun of some old sitcom or tribute to Michael Jackson. If I am the one holding the remote, I will not bother to watch la. I know alot people gonna kill (but please dont spam my blog..) but what is the big deal!! Ok, so he is the King of Pop. He changed the face of music or something like that. And he passed away. SO? He is still human right? So death is natural course of road for a human being. As far as I know, no one has found the magic pill of immortality yet.

I am not being mean and God rest his soul but...but.....I really DONT GET IT! I guess I am just tone death as babe always tell me. Ok, so I do admire the fact that he was famous and performing for millions (and making lots of mullah) when most of us don't even know what we want to do the next hour. He did have some songs that I like and think is pretty decent but other than that, all this hype and googoo gaga and insane insane ...ah..I dont even have the word for it.

Anyway, apologies to all Michael Jackson fans that came across this posting of mine today. Not my intention to be mean. Death, no matter whose is always sad. So, I am offering my own prayers, may he RIP.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ruckus Muckus Fuikus

The wind has been blowing gently today and I am on MC. Initially, I thought, GREAT! Now I can sleep and take the much needed rest. Somehow I am always tired nowadays and two days ago, I was so tired after work that I actually dropped a bowl when I picked it up. I mean literally dropped the bowl. If anyone taped it, he/she would thought I intentionally drop it. Guess I just didnt know my own strength..erm..weakness. Yesterday night finally just couldnt tahan anymore, so went to bed at 9pm and promptly fall asleep the moment my head hit my pillow. Babe was kinda upset because no one helped him with the laundry but I need to take care of myself first for a chance, you know..

Anyway, as I was saying, MC today, sleep but guess what, it just didnt happen! Sigh!~! The apartment upstairs must be doing some renovation because the banging and drilling started at around 9am and goes on till 5pm! For those staying in apartment or condo will know that the sound is so loud that it is as if the renovation is happening in your own living room! I cannot even hear my tv and the volume is twice its normal level. I just hope that tomorrow, I will have the energy and patience to deal with whatever that God decided to throw my way.

Again, this makes me start to day dream about having financial freedom to just not work and be fulltime housewife. The very thought of being a millionaire. Must get babe to go buy the lottery ticket this weekend! HAHA! Of course, one must have backup plan and mine would be to switch career again from a business planner to something more administrative. Perhaps human resource, customer service or administrative related. Something near to where we are staying now or near to where hubby is working. That would be perfect of course but as we all know, life is never perfect. So, for now, I will visualise, dream...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Boring, Routine, Stress, = SIEN!

Was just thinking back of what my daily work-day routine is since moving to KL. Have pretty much settled into it and getting used to but this morning, was extremely blur till I even forgot to brush my teeth *BLUSH!* Didnt even realised until around 11am-ish in the office. No wonder I feel weird this morning. Not sure how the heck I can forget! Still trying to digest and so this is my normal daily workday routine:

6.18am - babe alarm goes off
6.20am - my alarm goes off
6.25am - shower, put on my contact lense, brush teeth, get dressed
6.40am - prepare babe's breakfast (oat & tea) and lunch
6.45am - lie down in living room till babe is ready to go
7.05am - Out of the house together with babe (he send me to work first before he goes to his)
7.25am - reach office or mamak depending on my mood
9.00am - work
11.30pm - lunch
1.30pm - work
4.30pm - Teabreak
5.00pm - work
6.00pm - babe pick me from work
6.30pm - reach home
7.30pm - cook dinner/clean kitchen
8.30pm - dinner
9.00pm - finish clean up after dinner & watch tv till bedtime..
(let me see:
Monday - Leverage and House
Tuesday - Ghost Whisperer and CSI/NY
Wednesday - Pua Chu Kang and CSI
Thursday - Bones and Criminal Minds
Friday - Eli Stone, Boston Legal, Stark)
12midnight - sleep

And the routine begins....

Of course weekend is totally different. Which is why I always say 2 days off per week is NEVER enough! Sure wish that we are millionaires! Then no need to do the work that do not like. Only work because I feel like working and enjoy the job. Oh well, I can wish and dream cant I? HAHA!

Short talk: Sick?

Is it possible to be physically sick just thinking of work and the weekly meeting we will have today? I guess it is or else there wont be stress-related illness such as high/low blood pressure, headache, migraine, fatigue, depression and so on. Actually, I cannot even distinguish between stress related feelings and being really sick anymore. All seems to be jumbled up and mixed up. I am feeling super tired and exhausted but it can be because today is Monday?

Today, my nose are stuffed up and my throat itch. Started last night right after dinner actually. And my head feels heavy. The body is cold but forehead is slightly warm. Can anyone stressed till get fever? Anyway, will see how it goes today. If by lunchtime, still like this, will take MC and go home to sleep.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chocolate Almond Cake

Woke up pretty early with Babe today being Saturday and all. Both of us slept pretty early last night, just before 1am and end up waking around 9.30am (Yar, thats early for Saturday when we both not working la:P) Anyway, after having a cuppa each and share a ham sandwich for breakfast, I finally just couldn't sit still and not bake/cook something. Was watching Jamie Oliver Pukka on Astro last night and he was making this really simple looking chocolate almond cake. And since babe also love chocolate cake and I am still experimenting with the microwave oven capability, I decided to check if I have enough stuff around the kitchen to bake the cake.

I must say, the cake turn out SUPERB! Very moist and chocolatey with small chucks of almonds for extra texture. Babe enjoyed it so much he had two slices of it with another cuppa of coffee. Hopefully, there are still some leftover for me to bring to office Monday! HEHE!! Here are the photos:

The Recipe:
200gm butter
200gm Caster Sugar
200gm Flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
3 eggs
3 tablespoon cocoa powder (disolved in just enough hot water)
100gm smashed almond
100gm smashed chocolate bar

The Method:
1. Preheat the oven to 175 degrees
2. Cream the butter and caster sugar. Beat till slightly fluffy and pale.
3. Add the flour and baking powder to the butter sugar mixture.
4. Add the eggs and mix well
5. Add in the cocoa mixture and stir.
6. Add both the almond and choclate and mix well.
7. Pour into a well greased 8 inch baking tray and cook in oven for about 30min at 170 degree.

Cake is ready when the toothpick inserted through the middle of the cake comes out clean. To make the topping, just melt 100gm butter, 100gm dark chocolate, 100gm icing sugar and 4 tablespoon milk. Melt over boiling water in a pot. When everything is melted, just pour it over the cake and let the magic work! :)

Friday, June 19, 2009


Life is full of twist and turns. Sometimes the road is straight and easy. Sometimes, the road is so full of sharp broken glasses that you have to pick your way through them carefully or else risk being cut. But if you are never experience hurt before, then how would you know what being safe mean? If life is always full of goodness, then how would you know exactly what is the definition of goodness. Of course, to me, this is all nonsense because I for one, am willingly bask in the glory of goodness without any complaint at all especially now.

I am at the point where I couldnt care less about what happen anymore. All I want is out or else I will go crazy. Is this wrong for me to give up? Is it wrong for me to call it quit? I am never a quiter but when life throws me so many(too many) sharp glasses that it is seriously affecting my health, then it is wrong for me to call it quit. Cant God just give a little and help me for once? Have I done something wrong and so sinful that I am being thrown into one challenges after another? Or maybe God has turn his face away from me and do not care anymore? Call me crazy but this is what I feel.

My heart was pounding so heart yesterday because of the sadness that I was feeling. My brain simply cannot think at all. I mean, by right, after the 2hours lesson, my brain should be active and think non stop about it. But the truth it, I cannot think and cannot even talk about what happened to anyone until this morning. I dont even have tears to shed even when I tried. And believe me, I tried last night. But no matter how hard I tried, only a single drop heart wrenching was squeezed out of me. And yet, that did not give me any consolation or relieve that I sought after a good cry. I think I am emotionally empty now for anything that is related to this job.

I am not asking for pity. I am not asking for comforting kind words or looks. I am just pouring my feelings the only way I know how effectively, through writtings. I need a solution and need it fast before it start to consume me from the inside out and leaving me an empty husk. Because that is what I will turn into if heartache and anguish do not take me first.

Monday, June 15, 2009

What if....

Babe and I watched 'I am Legend' last night. Yar, I know, old movie but we only managed to sit down and watch it yesterday. And to tell you the truth, I think it is a big mistake to watch it last night. Not because the movie was not good but on the contrary, the movie was too good that it was actually making me toss and turn in my bed. Keep waking up because I was dreaming of a actual plague that wiped out the entire world! I am in a rather sensitive depressing mood recently. So, maybe that is why this movie have such a great impact on me.

My subsconcious mind must be playing the 'what if' joke on me. I am having a splitting headache and nausea this morning. And extremely tired. All I want to to do is SLEEP! In fact, I actually fell asleep on my desk when I rest my head for a while on my arm. No joke, really slept to the extend of almost REM state. You know, the floaty feeling you get when you were jolted suddenly awake just before you fall into deep sleep, i.e. between conscious and subsconcious.

Too bad I cant take MC or not my own boss. Or else I would have definitely decided to stay at home to sleep today. I almost wanted to tell babe this morning that he can go off to office on his own. I will find my way to mine later at 8.30am, i.e. another 1.5hours of sleep. But the hassle and also remembering I have so much to do at work to catch up with my 2 days half day leave last Thursday and Friday make me cancel that idea. Not keen to get another 'whack' from boss for not being prepared for the 2pm weekly meeting today.

So, my 'what if' question today is, what if some virus wiped out the entire nation with only a few people immune to it. And those that is not immune or dead, is infected in such a way that they turned crazy like dogs with rabies? Will you be able to survive on your own? How long before you get crazy and start talking to a basketball with face painted on it? Just thinking of it makes my stomach sink to the pit and my heart pound loudly! (Or maybe that is just my nausea? sigh)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Butter Cake with Cream cheese cocoa topping

This is really a back dated post that I should have uploaded a long time ago. Well, I guess better late than never. I was in one of those mood that day to bake something or go absolutely mad! So, I faithfully browse one of the baking book that I purchased recently at a book sale, trying to find a recipe which I have all the ingredient ready at home. Like I said, I will go absolutely mad if I have to wait because I need to go to the hypermarket to get the ingredient. In the end, I found a simple dense butter cake which the recipe promised to be absolutely heaven. Modified it abit by putting some cream cheese topping and cocoa powder on top for that rich heavenly taste.

The result, on the first cut & taste, it was abit disappointing and then I realised this is was of those cake that you have to let it sit overnight in order for the oil to seep out and make the cake absolutely heavy and rich! Glad my colleagues enjoyed them but I dont think I will make this one again. Abit too long to wait to reap the result for my taste. Anyway, the photos to share:

A success story!

Finally! I made my first ever rice dumpling! I know, I know, the festival is over a few weeks ago but I was travelling then to Penang and chasing after the vendors for my wafers. A couple of days ago, I finally bought the bamboo leaves, glutonious rice and alkaline water to make ki chang ( plain alkaline rice dumpling). Reason for making ki chang and not other chang. Well, for one thing, this is the first time ever I attempt this and I didnt want to waste the ingredient for bak chang in case it didnt work. Second thing was of course ki chang is babe's favourite chang.

Anyway, I am glad to announce that after a few 'talk only', FINALLY got my ki chang done. I started around 10am this morning and get everything ready. Finished wrapping around 25pieces ki chang with 1kg glutonious rice. By the time I am done and ready to boil the chang in he pot, it was already 12noon. Boiling took about 2-2.5hours. So, everything was done at around 2.30pm. The chang is not hanging on the back balcony door to dry out before ready for babe to try. I also melted some gula melaka and coconut milk to go with the ki chang later.

All in all, of the 25 chang, 2 chang was undone while it was boiling and another 2 undone when I lifted the whole bundle out from the pot. So, total 4 damages! Which is not bad for my first attempt I must say! HEHE! So, there are the photos to share my pride and joy!

Did I make you drool yet? My next project would be a Foochow chang, i.e. peanut mixed with the glutinous rice. And next is the bak chang, chang stuffed with soya stew pork, mushroom, chestnut and salted eggs. Anyone interested to help me? YUMMY!!!! Hehehehe!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

EXHAUSTED.....ZZZzzZZzzz Needed

So DAMN tired recently. All I feel like doing is sleep! The weekend was great. Saturday, one of babe's friend managed to get those big thick bamboo to cook pansuh (chicken/pork cooked in bamboo over open fire). So, invited a few of us to his place to have the feast together. It was damn good. But I was just too tired to take any photos of it.

Anyway, we went back pretty early that night, around 11pm. Yar, that is early because normally when babe and his friends have gathering, we will normally only go back after midnight. But that night it was because there were some perishable food in the car for my next day laksa + potluck lunch.

So, Sunday laksa + potluck lunch was great! Again, I totally forgotten (and too lazy) to take any photos. I guess I will just 'borrow' a few from the friends later (if I remember!). Start cooking around 9.30am and only finally done around 12 noon. It was great and fun. A good getting to know each other and our families session. After everything was done, it was around 4.30pm and after leaving all the dishes in the sink, all I want to do was sleep!

Never did I know I can feel so exhausted. I meant, literally dozing on my feet tired. I think age much be catching up with me. I slept from 6pm and babe finally woke me up at 8pm. Watched a little tv and had something light, then off to bed again. The next day, (MONDAY!! UGH!) again, I was having a hard time to keep my eyes open. I almost wanted to take leave but our US boss is here. Soooooo, thought I better just take some coffee and bear with it la! :P

Friday, June 5, 2009


WAHH I AM SO LAZY WANNA WORK TODAY!!! Keep imagining how nice if I don't ever have to go to the office again and yet still have enough money coming to allow babe and me to live a luxurious life, luxurious by our standard la. Not by a billionaire standard.(Although I dont mind being a millionaire!! HAHAHA). Ah.arhhhhh..it can happen, I just need to believe and let it happen! WAHAHAHAAHAH...ya, crazy already because it is a Friday and weekend is just round the corner.

This week has been a super fast week though. The days, tough as it is, goes by daily at the speed of a bullet train. Lots of things to do but hardly feel the time goes by. But in all this, I still have this sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach as if something big is going to happen. (Errm..of that could be indigestion!!) Anyway, normally my intuition is pretty accurate. So, we will just wait and see la what happen.

Looking very much forward to this weekend especially Sundays. The makan geng is coming over to my place to potluck. I will be cooking Sarawak laksa and the geng bringing assorted dishes. So, tomorrow will be full day. After morning appointment, then planned to go to the wet market and supermarket. Also, need to clean up the home abit (BLUSH). Been lazy to clean up much last 1-2weekends.

So tired and exhausted recently. All I want to do is sit and do nothing. Or better, SLEEP! Babe is starting to call me a pig again! Oh well, guess we will know and be very sure after this Saturday appointment. YAWN!!!