Thursday, October 30, 2008


I am so angry at AirAsia right about now! I received an sms at 9.29pm just now and the sms read like this:

Urgent! AirAsia Flight AKXXXX From Penang to KUL(LCCT) on 31OCt08 is now retimed to 10.30pm(2230hrs). For more info pls call 60387754000 or 60386604343.

My flight was originally at 9pm tomorrow night it is delayed by 1.5hours! I have already make all the necessary arrangement, late check out, taxi and so forth so that I can be at the airport with sufficient time to go through the traffic jam if there is any. Now, everything is all messed up. End up, I will be waiting at the airport for more than 4hours based on the current retime! What in the world am I suppose to do at the stupid airport?

To make matter worse, I called the numbers given in the sms and was promptly informed by the electronic machine that the operating hours is between 8am to 9pm. If that is the case, wouldn't it reasonable to make sure that the passengers received them BETWEEN the time so that they can actually CALL to ask for more information???? What is point of sending out the sms AFTER the operating hours!!?!?!? I really don't get it.

When I checked online, there are actually only 4 flights out of Penang to KUL(LCCT) tomorrow. And the flight immediately before the 9pm one is at 12.25pm! That means I will need to leave the hotel by 9.30am if I want to be at the airport with sufficient time to check in. After all, counter do really close 45min before flight time right?? So, this mean that AirAsia is forgiven for retiming ANY flight they want and MERGE it with a later flight but we are not allowed to check in if we missed the 45min marker even by 5minutes??? Also, I am pretty sure I can't leave at 9.30am since I have to call in to join a conference call at 9am tomorrow morning! SHIT!

To hell with Fernandez promise to keep to below 2 hours delays or they will pay the passengers. So what if you are THE fastest growing lowcost carrier in Malaysia now. If there is another lowcost carrier that is more efficient and on-time with the price to match, I bet AirAsia would not have any loyal customers at all! It seems that the word 'flight delay' ties really closely to EVERY AirAsia flight. I hope when he go blog hopping, he stumble on this!

Yes, I am fuming and hopping mad. Wouldn't you be if you know that you will be wasting time because someone wants to make more profit instead of keeping their promise??????

Penang Assam Laksa

Short one, just to show what I had for dinner last night at Gurney Drive. Yup, made it after about 20minutes walked from the hotel. I was a little too early because most of the stalls were still not opened or just getting ready to open. Was thinking of having the famous Penang fried kueh teow but it was not open yet. So, had this instead, Assam Laksa. The taste it not bad. Noodles in thick spicy sourish gravy with a fishball and hardboil egg. It tasted abit like the belacan beehoon we have in Kuching but the gravy is thicker here. So, the photo to share:

Only 1 photo you ask me? YAP! Pathetic I know but was too tired to take more. Big battle at my vendor and aching feet makes me less than excited to take more photos. Maybe tonight if things are good and I can get back to my hotel with rejoicing heart.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

God is Testing Me?

Here I am in, in this stupid lonely hotel. I never thought I will say this but I HATE TRAVELING ALONE! The taxi picked me up from the apartment at around 1.30pm. Arrived at LCCT at 2.30pm. Queue to check in for more than half hour because the conveyor belt to scan the bags are jammed for more than 20minutes and another 5minutes before finally my turn. Actual queue at the counter was only about 5minutes! So, only done check in by 3pm.

And AirAsia being what they are, lowcost carrier which promised to reduce delay to below 2hours, DELAYED for about 30minutes. So, I can't claim my RM300 (?). They got us to board the plane at 4.30pm and only took off at 5pm. Half hour in a super crowded plane is no fun at all! To make matter worse, they merged earlier flight going to Penang with the one I am on. So, it is super super crowded. Arrived at the Penang Airport around 5.45pm, took my bag and then taxi. Taxi to hotel cost me RM38. Then another hour to arrive at the hotel, i.e. around 7pm.

Then I discovered that I have to put RM1,400 as deposit and all I had on me was RM900. I also just reduced the limit of my credit card in my effort to control my spending! GGRR!! I was under the impression that this is company trip, so the company should be the one handling all this right!? JIAK LAK! After handing over all the cash I had on me, I realised that I do not have any for my taxi tomorrow and it is already 7.30pm! ARGH!

What do I do? What else can I do? Left my bags in my room and when down to look for ATM lar. The nearest atm do not have MEPS! Only can use for visa! What kind of bank is that? The kind that is for rich rich rich people that I am not (YAR I AM MAD!). So, I walked and asked direction. Then half way through, it hit me that I shouldn't be asking any tom,dick, harry or jane where is the nearest bank! I mean, that would really be asking for trouble right???

So, I thought I just walk. I am bound to find a bank or something somewhere. After a few minutes walk, I can see the Shell station in a distance, about 10min walk. Normally, petrol station will have atm right? So, I walk and walk and walk. To make matter worse, it actually started to rain while I was halfway there! God must be really really testing me. Here I am, in a place that I never been to, and he decided this is the time to throw all the obstacles at me!

I can only say thank god that He is at least protecting me and make sure that nothing bad happens to me. I mean, I practically walked at the side of the road for more than 30minutes - ONE WAY! Some parts of the road are really dark and as I go through them, I was thinking to myself, if anything happens, who shall I blame first? Thank god I was able to find the bank and it happens to be the bank I need as well. I would have settle for any bank at the time as long as I can withdraw cash! They can charge me all they want!

So, bought dinner and went back to the hotel to arrange for my transport to Kedah tomorrow. Guess how much the lady at the counter told me the taxi was? RM140 for an hour rite!! That is one way. So, returned trip would be RM280! Crazy or not? I mean, I take taxi from my place to LCCT took slightly more than an hour and it only cost me RM80.

Thank god I have a colleague that is from here and he started to furnished me with plenty of local taxi. Finally found one that is willing to accept RM90 for one way. So, return is RM180 and for tomorrow till Friday, that means RM450 + RM140 (since I already stupidly book the taxi from the hotel for tomorrow morning) = RM590! This not yet include the taxi to and from LCCT. Should be another RM80-100. So, total taxi for my 4 days 3 nights here is RM770! Hotel is RM660+. Luckily can claim!

I guess I should thank God that He is taking care of me in his own way. I mean, after this, I will definitely know what to expect for my next trip here. I am sure it will be pretty soon lor. Already know one is planned for somewhere middle of next month. I think I am turning into a regular high flyer? Right now, I don't know if I am enjoying it or not. Too damn frustrated and still numb from the expenses inccured on the trip. I will let you know once I start travelling more. Tomorrow evening, if enough time, will be going to Gurney drive, which I was told about 10-15walk from here?

Working from home

Leaving for my business trip at Kedah today. My taxi will be picking me up at around 1pm today. So, had the privilege to work from home today while waiting for the time. I can hardly believe I am saying this but I am BORED OUT OF MY SKULL! I can hardly wait for the taxi to be here and for me start my journey. This time, I am venturing out alone and fighting the 'war' on my own. On one hand, I am cherishing this because I will be able to show my ability and also have some time alone after work. Meaning, I can go to the cafe with my book to have a slice of cake and coffee if I feel like it. Melancholic but fun :P

On the other hand, I feel sad about leaving babe all alone here. I been stocking up the fridge with cooked food so that he can heat them up for his dinner. The dishes are all PORK of course, pork leg soup, pork kicap (soya sauce) with ginger and three layer yam pork. Contemplating cooking some vegetable for him and keep it in the fridge but I think better not since vegetables wont keep for long. So, just pork. Of course, if he want, he can actually cook some simple vege on his own. However, knowing him, I doubt it!

Also, the second thing is the pressure I am feeling lor. Feeling kind of stressed out in case I don't get the result I am expected to get from this trip. I mean, I will of course perform to the best that I can but sometimes, the best is simply not enough. This job is really stressingme out alot! I mean, I am actually comtemplating going into another field but at the same time, sayang also want to change because I actually enjoy the crazy pace the job demand. However, recent days, I am really wondering if I am cut out for the job. Perhaps I am only suitable to work in a fab environment and not fabless?

Really don't know what to think lar. See lar how it is. Perhaps things will start to mellow down slightly next year? I just need to stop taking things so seriously and accept the fact that I am not perfect and no ability to control EVERYTHING! ARGH!! Hard hard hard hard....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crab With Egg Stirfry

FINALLY! Woke up early enough this morning to go to the wet market at Menjalara. Actually, we went out and came back around 2.30am and was wondering if I am able to wake up at all to go to the wet market. But somehow, my subconsciousness must have been thinking of the juicy yummy crab with egg too! *GRIN*. So, I woke up at 10.30am and babe of course still in bed sleeping like a big piece of wood. He didn't even know I went out I think.

The wet market is located about 10minutes drive from the main road. The main purpose of going there was to look for mud crab, i.e. those black color crab instead of flower crab from the sea. From what I understand, it is pretty hard to find them here in KL. Back home in Kuching, we can sometimes see people selling the mud crab at the side of the road. Usually, depending on the size, the crab are sold between RM14-18 per kg.

Anyway, the wet market. It is actually slightly different than the wet market back home in Kuching. It still have all those stalls with wooden tables under a few big umbrella trying to shelter from the big bad sun. The difference is in the arrangement of the stalls! Totally no organisation whatsoever. In Kuching's wet market, the same kind of stalls will usually be pretty much stick together at one place. But here, a stall selling pork will be wedged in between a stall selling chicken and vegetables which might be next to the a stall selling tshirts.

Walk a few feet down, you will see a stall selling cooked pork dishes in front of the seafood stall! And then there is the dry goods stall such as dried mushroom, nuts and so forth. Which might be next to the stall selling vegetables with salted fish? In short, CHOAS! HAHAHA! There is actually a stall in the middle of all this selling fried banana fritters (cucur pisang) which is opposite a stall selling a few different kinds of ginger! Of course, there are plenty of people everywhere but surprisingly, I do not see any flies around.

I mean, at the wet market, you will usually see flies lingering around somewhere. Oh yah, the ground are actually DRY! Guess this might have contributed some to the fly-lessness but pretty hard to believe huh a wet market that is actually dry! Anyway, done my marketing in less than an hour. Bought 1kg XL white prawn - RM20, 1kg mud crab(about 4 pieces medium size ones)- RM28, 1 container of yam pork belly - RM8.50, 1 bitter gourd and 2 petola - RM6, 1 slice of pork belly and some pork rib - rm26.

So, around 11am, I actually finsihed shopping. However, I only managed to get home around 11.45am. 45minutes to reach home. Why? BECAUSE I LOST MY WAY!!! *SOB SOB SOB* I have a map with the way to go back until the main road but from the main road, I am SUPPOSE to know how to go back to my area using the back road! And OF COURSE I didn't know or else I won't be lost mar! Usually, babe will be the one driving when we used the backroad home a few times. So, I didn't pay much attention lor. I almost wanted to call babe for rescue but in the end, managed to get to the normal main road, instead of backroad.SIGH!! WASTED HALF HOUR!

By the time I am home, already almost 12noon and I think I must be slightly dehydrated and low sugar in my system because I was feeling so tired and shaken. Good thing babe have some coca cola in the fridge. Babe only woke up about half hour later when I am ready to kill the crab! He, of course, didn't believe that I went to the wet market by myself and managed to buy the mud crab. AND he laughed when I told him I lost my way for half hour!! GGGRR!!!

Killed the crabs, clean them and crack their big claw. Of course, when I was sticking the knife into the bellies, I did feel like a murderer. I mean, the crabs were practically scrambling and trying to run away from me. If they can talk, I am sure it will say DONT EAT ME! HELP! But, the memory of those tender juicy white flesh dripping with sauces and eggs just makes me drool and forget the fact that I am killing something that was alive. This is what I call the POWER OF MIND! HAHAHA!

So, Crab with Egg Stirfry is the version that we usually can find in Kuching but over here, I got this feeling that most people have no idea that it can be done this way. Besides the famous chilli crab, there is also the cheese crab and salted duck egg crab which have some gravy so that the fried bun can mop up the juice with it soft yummy flesh. At first, this is very refreshing but after a while, we really miss the dry stirfry type where the eggs absorb all the flavour and some of it stick to the shell of the crab.

So, this is what you need:

1. 4-5 cloves of garlic - chopped
2. 1 thumbsize young ginger - sliced
3. 1 lemon grass - smashed
4. 3 chicken eggs
5. 1kg mud crab - cleaned and claw cracked
Black pepper, salt and chicken stock powderfor taste.

Heat about 3-4 tablespoon of cooking oil in a big wok. Throw the chopped garlic, sliced ginger and smashed lemon grass and fry till fragrant. Add the crabs and stir it well, add about 1/3 cup of water and cover the wok. Leave it for about 10minutes, stirring it occassionally. By this time, the crab should be turning red. Push the crabs to the side of the wok and make a small space in the middle of the wok. Add 3-4spoon of cooking oil and crack the eggs into that. Stir it slightly till the eggs are slightly cook. Then mix EVERYTHING together, the crab and egg. Add black pepper, salt and chicken stock powder. DONE!!! GO GRAB THE PLATES AND START EATING! HAHA

Saturday, October 25, 2008

To bake or not to bake?

Guess what are my plans for the day or the long weekend? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! HAHA! Today is a extremely lazy and relaxing day. Main reason is because babe had to go to work today for half day. So, that meant that I can go back to sleep after I made him breakfast instead of us waking up around noon where after which babe will be tempting me to go window shopping! hahaha... So for his breakfast today, he wanted half boil egg with his usual hot milk tea. So, we woke up at 6.15am (YAR! That is not a typo! Insane right for me to wake up so early but if I don't, babe will not have any breakfast! Lazy bum him).

After a hug and goodbye (good nite..hehe) kiss, I went off to dreamland and only woke up by the ding dong from my handphone. Rozzy sms-ed that she just ordered laksa from my friend's stall at Taman Megah. Oh did I mentioned that it was already 10.30am+? So blissful was the sleep that I didn't even dream at all! After sms-ed back and forth awhile with Rozzy, started cleaning up the apartment abit.Babe as usual, left at least 3 cups/glasses around the living room and our foldable dining table. I decided a long time ago to stop nagging. Give up!

So, clean those and start to prepare for lunch. I tool out the pork leg when woke up early this morning. So, it is nice and defrost now. Babe want his kicap (soya sauce) pork soup. Recipe is super simple, just clean the pork leg and heat up some oil in the wok. Stir fry the pork over high fire for awhile. Prepare a pot of water and pour the fried pork into the water (oil and everything). Add a big head of garlic and black pepper to the soup. Cook over slow fire.

If you have pressure cooker, of course, it will be faster but I was using a normal pot. So, took about an hour and the half to soften the meat. Once ready, add kicap (soya sauce) and salt to taste. I also added some white pepper powder to add some kick. Babe love this so much that he actually ate 2 bowl of rice.

Oh yah, the kicap, well, it cannot be any kicap. It MUST BE Tongnam kicap that is only available from Sarawak! HAHA! So, whenever there is anyone visiting us, we would request whoever it is to bring for us a bottle. Not sure why, but somehow, the soya sauce here tasted different. And also dont know why, the Tongnam brand never seem to penetrate W. Msia market. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it was not certified as halal? hhmm....

Anyway, now babe is taking his nap on the living room carpet. I am multi-tasking, watching tv and blogging. Tempted to bake something but lazy to clean up!! Oh well, there is always tomorrow and Monday!! YAHOO!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Yar yar, I am posting another one today to make up for the last couple of months where I am been abit slow with my updates. Have not been blog hopping much until yesterday. Finally managed to catch up with some of you via your blogs! WOW! You people can write! So, time for me to catch up with you guys and update you with what has happened in my life instead of whinning on about bigman *grin*.

Let me see, oh, I will be collecting my wedding photos and album on 14 Dec and the gown on 18 Dec. Will be going to Penang next week, flying on Tuesday and back on Friday evening. Business trip lar, not personal one. Not sure if I should look forward to it or not. For sure, it will be hardwork because I will be there to chase my vendors for my parts to be delivered as per my required schedule and not theirs! So, I can imagine war. But hopefully, I will come back with victory and trophies!

Also received a surprised email from an ex-colleague, my previous company sales guy from Japan. He will be in KL on 3 Nov and flying to Kuching n 4 Nov. Would be super nice to meet him up. He was one of my favourite Sales guy back when we were still working for the same company. I made him promised to tell me if he ever stopover at KL so that I can return his hospitality that he shown me when I was in Japan.

27 Oct is public holiday here in West Malaysia in conjunction with the Deepavali celebration. So, it will be a long weekend before I goes off to Penang. I am also planning to take leave on 3 Nov with babe since babe needs to clear his leave before end of the year. He still have extra 2 days. So, 3 Nov take 1 day. Need to pursuade him to go KL so that we can meet with my ex-colleague! But I am not sure if we should drive or take the train. Oh well, will see then lar. Still more than a week away.

Hopefully RK training on 3 and 4 Nov is on. Then it will really be killing 2 birds with one stone. Meeting both on the 3 Nov and catch up especially with RK! I have not seen here since I moved here ler! SK I have seen almost every other month but RK, always say want to come but in the end don't have! RK, hopefully this training trip happens! Keep our fingers crossed!

Wow! That means that after work today, I will not be in the office until 4 Nov!

Caught by surprise

What a week this has been. Been super busy for the last few weeks basically pushing my vendors to get my parts out on time. So stressed out that it has become so normal for me to dream of work at night. In fact, it caught me by surprise when I didn't dream of work last night! haha! I guess all the praise that the bigman gave me during our weekly meeting has gone to my head!

Yar, you guys read right. It is not a typo. The bigman praised me during our weekly meeting instead of the usual critism that makes me want to dig a big hole and bury myself in. He really caught me by surprise and I think also my colleagues. Although, they didn't say it in the past, but from their body language, I can definitely see pity and wish that they can help me but at the same time, am glad that they are not at the receiving end. :P

So, yah, I am feeling light headed abit from that. I really thought I am under-performing and not making progress at all. And this feeling really demotivates me so much that I feel like just giving up and calling it quits. But I guess other than the 'pep' talk from bigman in the one-to-one session, I gave myself a pep talk too. I do believe with him when he said that it is all in the head. When someone feels demotivated to work or too stressed up, then the person will not be able to perform well.

Also, he said still be happy despite all the issues because when you are happy, you will be able to think more clearly and less tense. So, that was what I have trying to do the last few days. I have always work hard at everything that I do but I also play hard! But since a couple of months back, I think I must have shown signs of stress and burning out. But I am glad HE persevere (despite the hard lesson~ sigh).

OK! Enough about this! It is FRIDAY!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taking and Giving Constructive Critism

It was an extremely hard day at work on Monday. Mondays usually are but to make matter worse, my bigman decided it is a day to teach me lessons. I will not delve into what he said but suffice to say that instead of making me more motivated to work (as I am sure that was his intention), he actually making me feel numb that I can hardly think. The numbness from being informed too much about your incompetency in a short period of time (although the lessons lasted in total, more than 3hours in a few sessions.

Those that knew me in real life, especially my ex-colleagues and bosses will be able to tell you that I am one hell of an independent person that enjoy challenges and excel in problem solving. To me, it is not important how I do it, the most important thing is the result. That is the way I work. In the pass, I handle my subordinates the same way. I tell them what is the target and due dates. Then, I will give them a free hand to complete the task unless they ask me for help!

Right now, I really feel like a handicap. I mean, I know I am capable of doing it but my hands are being tied on one side and only allowed partial usage of my full capability. I seriously cannot perform as well as I want to be in this circumstances. To make matter worse, I am an almost perfectionist! Not a total perfectionist because that would make me unbalance and end up in the mental hospital. But I take pride in my work! However, after being bombarded and put down so many times, I seriously am getting so stressed and depressed that I think babe is at the receiving end of my bad mood (SORRY BABE!! MUCKS!)

But I guess there are some consolation in all this because I know that he is not targeting specifically. Actually, to be truthful, I actually admire bigman because he is full of wonderful and creative ideas that I believe others, including myself will not think of in that way. That is what I call really thinking out-of-box which I believe is from his many years of experience in our industry.

I know that whenever he nag, his intention is good. He just wants the best for the company because ultimately, whatever achievement we make for the company, we will benefit too in term of bonuses, increments, trainings and other benefits. HOWEVER, I think I will never be able to comprehend or agree with the way he deliver the message. No matter how hard I try not to take it to heart, as human being, it is really hard to not feel hurt when being criticize as if the world is going to end because of my action (or supposedly non-action).

Hence, that is why I say it is a love/hate situation.I love the challenge this job gives. I enjoy the colleagues and working evironment. I just hope my bigman will be able to understand the way I work and change his method of motivation! One of my colleague suggested that we should voice out what we think. But I seriously don't think bigman can accept criticism even when it is constructive. Even during meetings, sometimes when we try to explain things, he will comment to us not to try to proof him wrong. End up, we just feel better not to say anything and just go ahead to do whatever we do...

I really don't know if I will be able to last very long here with this kind of work condition. But as most people say, this is really not a good time to change job. A company might look rosy now but no one know what can happen with the world economic situation now. And worse come to worst, company will try to keep lean and retrench those last in as usual. So, I just have to bear with it, don't take things personally and use my blog as the sounding board! So, watch out people! You will be reading more posting complaining about bigman!!! :P HAHAHAHA!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Being Professionals: What does that mean?

What a day to come to work... I don't know about the rest of you but this morning, when I woke up, the first thing that I thought of is,'s Monday. And the only that got me out of bed today is the fact that this weekend will be a long one since next Monday is Deepavali holiday. So, that mean that I will have Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. For friends in Sarawak and Sabah, do not despair because when you are having you Gawai holiday, we here still have to work ~T_T~

Anyway, what have I been doing the last few days? Let me see. Oh, yah! We went to the bridal house to choose our photos for the album, frame, etc on Saturday. Our appointment was suppose to be 12 noon but babe being babe, we woke up at 11am-ish and only left the house at around 12noon. Then we went for breakfast/lunch/brunch at Taman Megah. Babe have his usual fried tomato kueh teow and me, I ate the crispy pork kueh teow. We also managed to tapau two packets of kolo kueh teow for later.

We arrived at the bridal house around 1pm and immediately, the lady usher us to a flat screen computer and to my surprise because there were well over 100 pieces of photos for us to choose. Based on my initial calculation, I thought we have about 80+ only. Anyway, we were abit irritated because the lady seem to be in a hurry and keep pushing us to be fast. But as this is not something that you nickels for, we took our sweet time in deciding which pic to choose from.

After looking at the pictures for more than 2 hours and FINALLY agreed on the which 45pieces of photos to choose from, we came to the following conclusions:
1. The photographer always have a theme in mind. So, if you have anything specific, discuss it with your photographer. A good photographer will always ASK what you prefer. Our photographer didn't do that! While doing make up, the photographer of the other couple would actually come into the make up room and chat with us, i.e. getting acquianted. We only see our photographer when everything is done!

2. It was pretty easy for us to choose just 45 photos out of the 100+. Reason? The photos were not that great and hence, making it easy for us to eliminate the other 2/3 of the photos. Although there are a few that we like very much but I was not expecting to be able to decide on 45 photos just like that. I mean, shouldn't I at least have some dissappointment that I can only have 45? Granted there are a few that I would like to have in the album on top of the 45 but it is not as if I really must have them! Babe agreed with me. Conclusion, lousy photographer...

3. Good customer service and professionalism by everyone else can easily be destroyed by just a single person.

As I mentioned, the photographer is pretty cranky and impatient. Giving instructions as if we are dummies but how in the world would we know what does the phrase "I am your mirror" meant! Or please turn to your left, right, bla bla bla and when you did turn to left, he will be making comments such as "Haiyooo..why put your hand that way, etc". At the time, we just bear with it and attribute his behaviour to being essentric as some artist can be. But now, I think he was just not putting his heart into taking our photo!

I know myself very well and that I am not as pretty (or have the slim figure!) like most brides but I thought that is the challenge? If I am able to take good satisfactory photos of myself with my handphone (for babe last time lar when he was in KL and me in Kch), shouldn't an expert with a superbly expensive camera be able to take even better photos? I guess through all this, my greatest regret was not being more assertive and tell them exactly what I wanted. But the bottomline is, someone that has choosen photography as a profession, should at least be more professional right?

I know I shouldn't let a single person upset me and spoil what I think of the bridal shop. Because to be frank, everyone and everything else was perfect. The make up artist was wonderfully friendly and gave me alot of advice on how to take care of my skin to ensure that it will glow on he actual day. The lady that helped me dressed never once give up when the clothes does not fit right. Instead, try to think of ways to make it look great. The seamstress, bless her, was able to repair the tear caused by previous wearer and make it totally invisible!

But with so many competition in the bridal market, I am expecting the bridal shop to be very careful in choosing one of the most important person in their whole package, i.e. the photographer...the one that will churn out their product and in turn the pull-factor for future customers. So, I can only say this, will I recommend Love Vision Bridal House to my friends? The answer is: If any of my friends are interested, Love Vision will not be the first thing that came to my mind.

Now that I got that out, I am feeling much better. I wonder if K and S would be interested to test their photography skill and take some photos during our wedding day! I mean, photos with pose, i.e. arranged pose and not those candid ones... HAHA! Who knows, we can start up a partnership and do freelance photography? Sigh....Now I can understand why some of my friends are talking about doing another photoshoot during their anniversaries!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Moaning, Groaning, Estasy?

I often wonder what is the meaning to our life. I mean for at least 5 days a week, we will force ourselves to wake up at the crack of dawn. And then force the depressing thought of having to go to work out of our mind and then while on the way to work, trying really hard to keep our cool and not swear at the other road users.

When we are finally in our office, we look forward to lunchtime. During lunchtime, we will be hoping that when lunch is over, we won't fall asleep from being too full. Once lunch is over and we are back in the office again, we will count down to when it is time to go home! Of course, when it is finally time to go home, then it will be wondering what to have for dinner, i.e. buy food, cook or not. Next, if you are like babe and I, we will be arguing who will clean up after dinner and who will iron HIS work clothes for next day and who put the laundry into the washing machine.

All the while, when this happens, we will glue ourselves to whatever tv program that is on and caught our interest at the moment. When the clock strike 11pm, we will tell ourselves, just finish the last part of the movie then go off to bed. And of course, the whole routine start itself again the next day, IF it is a workday!

No wonder we girls are always dreaming of marrying golden tortoise whereby we can be sau nai nai (housewives) and simply relax at home or do whatever we want at whenever we feel like it. (Of course, the reality is fulltime housewives have plenty to do!). And the guys I suspect will forever be hoping to strike it rich with the lottery or suddenly inherit unmentionable amount from their long lost relatives somewhere in the world.

Having said all those depressing things up there, I am actually pretty happy with my life now. Seriously, I am! It is true! How can I not be happy when I have great friends all over the place that sincerely cares about me. How can I not be when I have parents that is forever supportive and love me very much. How can I not be when I will be married to the man that I love. How can I not be ....and the list goes on. I guess I need to learn to be thankful for what I have instead of moaning for what I couldn't have.......

Wedding Photo Shoot Day!

Errr, Is this really only Wednesday? It felt much longer than that this week already although the time seems to be flying by. I think I am contradicting myself but some of you will know what I meant. The week is moving so slowly but time seems to be flying so fast daily that there seems to be not enough hours in a day to complete everything. The last few days starting Sunday has been crazy.

Sunday, 12 Oct, as most of you know if my wedding photo shoot day. Babe and I cleverly went to bed at 11pm on Saturday so that we can wake up nice and early the next day but well rested. Woke up at 9am, shower and get all our things, then off we go for our breakfast at Tmn Megah. Babe have his usual fried tomato kueh teow from our friend stall selling Sarawak laksa and stuff there. I opt to have something lighter, 2 slices of toast with kaya and 2 half boiled eggs with super thick coffee and milk.

If given the choice, I would chose not to eat anything but we were specifically instructed to have our breakfast. Guess they don't want either of us to faint from lack of sugar or something! But the thing is, I have this tiny iny little problem that if I have anything before 12noon, I will definitely need to visit the loo! Sigh.....

Anyway, by the time we are done with breakfast, it was only 10.30am and our appointment with the bridal house (BH) is at 11am. Taman Megah to SS2 takes about 10minutes drive only. But since we are not willing to sit at the coffee shop for too long especially with the crowd that day (seems that everyone misses local food after being back from their hometown!), we decided to drive to the BH and wait there lor.

We arrive outside BH around 10.40am and true enough, its not open yet. But there are a few of the staffs waiting outside having their breakfast. The owner of the BH arrived at 11am sharp. The first thing that they ask me to do when I got there was to changed into my white wedding gown that I want to wear for my outdoor photoshoot. I chose the one that I planned to wear for my church on 29 Dec.

But thinking back, I kinda regret choosing that because I should have worn the tea ceremony dress instead for outdoor shoots since outdoor is suppose to be more casual. Babe was wearing his white shirt and jeans. Gosh, I really don't want to imagine how the photos will turn out. Me in the full glory of the wedding gown, with full makeup, hairdo and veil in the garden, sweating! Thank god the makeup artist put something on my face to reduce sweating and oil, or else for sure all the makeup melted.

Oh did I tell you that the one tiny bottle of thing cost RM25 and that is for one time use only? YUP, RM25! I don't know about the rest of you but I cannot imagine one time application on the face that cost RM25. Anyway, I rather not think too much because if I do, then I will be thinking, GOSH! we paid RM3188 not just for the photos but for the experience as well. I mean, with the advanced technology of photoshop, I am pretty sure someone somewhere out there could have just crop your face from a pic somewhere and paste to a photo with someone wearing a wedding gown.....

So, like I said, we are actually also paying for the experience, i.e. for the many first times such as:
1. I got fake eyelashes
2. Got my eyebrows shaved and shaped
3. Babe got his eyebrows shaved and shaped too (GRIN!)
4. Full make up although my face itch after that..ugh!
5. Wearing wedding gowns instead of just seeing them in photos or on someone else! (What else!)
6. Know what the photographer meant when he said 'mirror me

and bla bla bla bla. If I list down everything, I think you guys will fall asleep.

We finally only finished at around 6.30-7pm. Mean 7-8hours of makeup,photoshoot, fake smiles and so on. Oh, and being scolded by the photographer. Although I don't think he is as mean as what I hear the photographer from Jackie Studio in Kuching can be, I would have preferred if he is more understanding and patient! Oh well, I guess if the photo turn out fantastic, I will forgive him. Will be going to BH again this Saturday to select the photos so that they can touch up with photoshop and put them into album or frame or whatever.

Through all this, I learned a few things. Hope this will help others that is planning for their photo shoot.
1. Packed something for lunch. Sandwiches would be the easiest. Some BH have delivery service from cafe around but usually those are super over priced. Anyway, you don't need the added stress of thinking what to eat...
2. If you have something in mind or would like to wear your own clothes for some of the shoots, tell the makeup artist in advance as she will be the one planning your whole journey.
3. Ladies, invest in a stick on bra unless you don't mind letting those helping you dress see your assets^_^

Oh gosh!I think I better stop here. Will continue again when I have time to tell you about the last two days. Better not continue in this posting or else it will be super long! MUCKS!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Tea Ceremony Dress?

WOOHOO!!! Finally got the dress that I will wear for the tea ceremony at my house after church on 29 Dec 08. Not only it is in white, it is also the design that I want but also super cheap! RM49 only after discount. I did saw something at Forever21, a white dress that is for sale at RM199! The dress is pretty versatile and unique because you can make it into a normal straight dress or into a fluffy dress. The secret? A few string on the inside of the dress allow you to tie the bottom part of the dress to makes it look fluffy and hence more elegant!

But, although this is a once in a lifetime experience, ie. getting married, I am not sure I want to spend RM199 for a dress that most likely I will only wear it once or twice. I am glad I hesitated because I did almost decided to just buy the dress from Forever21. In fact, I would say I am extremely lucky and the angels must be looking out for me^_^

I intend to wear a scarf over the dress to jazz it up abit. Perhaps something in powder pink or baby blue? HHhhmmm or maybe romantic purple? HAHAHA! Have not decided yet. But I will go light with the jelwery though because I think some of the relatives will be presenting jelwery during the tea ceremony. So, the dress:

I am already imagining wearing this with my white strappy for outings! HAIYAAAAA HAVE TO TAHAN AND KEEP FOR TWO MONTHS!!! BLUEK!!! hahaha

Friday, October 10, 2008

Short Talk: ASTRO!

WAHAHHAAH! I suddenly realised that we will be having our Astro installed next week!!! We applied just now at 1U when we were shopping for our stuff. Astro were having a roadshow there together with Crime Investigation network! So, FINALLY LAR! Ada Astro next week!! HAHAHA! I AM CRAZY!!

ShOeS sHoEs ShOeS sHoEs

MAMAMIA!!! I can't begin to tell you how busy I have been. Work has been crazy. Rushing from one thing after another and basically not much time to do anything else, including blogging. It has gotten so stressful that I have even begin to leave the stupid laptop in the office so that it won't taunt me when I am at home trying to take a rest! Thank God weekend is finally here. Although time seems to fly and seems that there is never enough hours in a day to do everything, time is also not moving fast enough to get to the day that I want it to be.

Get what I mean? No? Then you have never experience what we call the ultimate BUSY-NESS! And I hope that you are thankful for that everyday that you not experience the full sensation of super busy! Even back when I was in Kuching, there were pressure and stressed but I think even that has not reached the ultimate level. I think it has something to do with the fact that there are others that I can refer to for help.

Here, basically, my boss told me in not as many words that he will not defend me if anything goes wrong. He will definitely let me take the rap if anything goes wrong and it is my fault. He will also nag and talk about everything that he thinks is right although it was obvious incorrect! But who give a damn about that now right? I am getting married in less than 2 months!! And having the photoshoot this Sunday!!!

We have actually started hunting for the stuff that we need for the photoshoot since last weekend. It is not much things to get but in our quest to find the perfect everything, it seems to be taking longer. Although babe was able to get all his stuff within 2 outings, I am still short of a dress to wear for the tea ceremony and another shoe to wear with the evening gowns. But all is well, since I did get the super high heels (high for me anyways) in white at a super reasonable price.

My white strappy from Escarli, RM38.85 after 50% discount. Cheap hor? And it is simple enough for my taste. I didn't realised that it is on 50% until I pay for these babies!

From the toes and feet mark on the shoes, you can see that this is an old shoe. I seldom wear this except for special occassions. So, if I still can't find something suitable that babe likes as well, will either just get another strappy or wear this with my maroons and blue evening gowns

This is from Nose and I don't remember how much it cost but I only worn it once because it is rather uncomfortable! Babe say so ugly and look like slipper. Haiyaaa... I like it because of the shiny bling bling. Thinking of bringing this as well tomorrow in case we need it^_^

Actually, I did see a few strappy in gold or silver or black that I like but babe say why not get one that is covered all, i.e. pumps. Those that knows me will know that I HATE pumps but since babe like it, and if we can find something that I like and will wear again after the wedding, why not...

Wish I can take pic of the wedding gowns and evening gowns I chose and put it here. Oh well, just have to wait till AFTER I get my photoshoot touched up pic :P

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let Get Mean

Busy busy busy drowning drowning drowning fainting fainting fainting palpitating palpitating palpitating insomnia insomnia insomnia stress stress stress! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

PHEW! Glad to have that out of the way. Now I can type properly for the next 15minutes or so I guess. As you guys can see from the above, it has been a super duper busy week at the office. Hang on, it is only TUESDAY!!! SHIT!~ I am so looking forward to the weekend. Not only because it is the weekend but because the photoshoot is this Sunday. Wait a minute, I am not looking forward to it. This mean that my weekend is basically gone?

Have not even found my white or cream color shoes yet for the photoshoot. Babe of course got all his stuff already, white shirts, black pants, socks and shoes. I need to go get my shoes but damn lazy lar. I guess I will either just go around during lunch or go to The Curve after work today or tomorrow and just grab that pair of shoes that I saw there.

I was initially thinking of getting extra pair perhaps in silver just because I feel like getting an extra one. But in the end, decided to forget it. Too much hassle and time involve and definitely not enough energy and even less free-time available. In fact, I feel so blurred out that guess how I am actually releasing my stress.. COOK! Yap, babe says I am insane because here I was complaining I am super tired and starting to feel sick, and I insist on cooking dinner on workday.

Well, I am more sick of eating outside food and paying crazy price even for economy fastfood. So, yesterday marinated ikan kembong with salt, pepper, assam jawa and tapioca flour. Then fry those. And made soup with pork, pickled salted vege, cabbage and tomato. Surprisingly, babe actually had two bowl of rice. I guess he must be very sick of eating out too.

So, tonight, depending on my mood, might be cooking again. I took the chicken out from the freezer already last night and left it in the fridge. So, by the time we got back this evening, it should be all thaw out. Was thinking of marinating it with some sauces and put it in the oven to bake. But on second thought, perhaps I will just steam it and turn the rice into chicken rice. Oh well, see my mood tonight. I might just change my mind and ask babe to drop at the economy fastfood and pack food home...

Hei, I am a girl ok. A girl is entitle to change her mind whenever she want. It is our birth right! hahahaha!! OK, I better stop here before I insulted even more people.......

Friday, October 3, 2008


WAHH REALLY NO MOOD TO WORK! It is Friday morning, 7.42am and I am all alone in the office as usual for this time of the day. And although it is a Friday, which usually you will see me jumping up and down with joy in my blog. But today is one of those sluggish day that I absolutely wish that I am at home doing absolutely nothing. The last two days seems to have passed in a daze with so much to do and overdose on sleep. I am not even sure I can recall fully what I did except that I slept till 2pm yesterday! *Sigh~!*

Of course, I can give excuse and say that it was because the day before I slept at 3am but errmm..that would mean 11 hours of sleep without waking up? And after 2 days of waking up when I feel like it, suddenly having to be yanked awake by the alarm clock this morning was not pleasant at all! ARGGH!! I hate work!! LOL~!!!!

I guess I can at least look forward to tomorrow and sleep in while babe have to go to work. It was suppose to be his weekend off but his malay colleague swapped with him. That mean next Saturday would be an off week for him. GAWD!! All I feel like doing now is SLEEP! As I was walking into the dark office just now, I was even contemplating just dozing off at my desk for an hour or so before everyone else arrive.

Been out shopping or rather attempt to shop to hunt for the stuff that we need for the photoshoot on 12 Oct. We have everything now or rather babe has all his white shirts, black pants and shoes. I just need to find my white high heels! I saw one at The Curve for RM55+ but was hesitate to get it yet in case I see something better. I guess I should have just bought it in the first place and save the time running here and there.

ARGHH!! Still have 10hours and 9minutes before I can officially forget all work and say HOORAY!! IT IS THE WEEKENDS!!! SOMEONE SLAP ME!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!