Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Night I Got My Friends Pregnant

Sooooo..long weekend and guess what we decided to do? BBQ Gathering of course! It is actually an annual thing that babe and his friends usually do on the eve of Merdeka Day (Independence Day). When he and his buddies were younger, this were one of the excuses to get together to drink and get really really drunk. But nowadays, with most of them married and with kids, it is more a get-together to catch up, chit chat and see what each other is doing.

And this year, this 31 Aug falls on a Monday, I decided to have one at our place for my friends. It is sort of a semi-potluck thing where everyone bring a little something. (I think the friends are curious to see how in the world do people do bbq in a apartment balcony! HAHA). Anyway, gathering started at around 6.30-7pm but preparation for me actually started much earlier.

We (yahh, babe and I) woke up at 7.30am (again, yah!!! He woke up at 7.30am on Saturday!! HAHAHA!). We went to the market early in hope to buy nice cuts of pork and whole pieces of spare rib for the bbq that night. Also, we wanted to get some crab to cook for lunch. By the time we arrive and parked, it was actually already 8.30am. Unexpectedly, there are actually a big crowd of people! The market was so jam packed that there are actually human traffic jam at some part of the market. Really didnt expect so many people to go early to the market.

Anyway, we did our pork shopping, bought the crab, crab with roe some more! Usually, we discovered that it is really hard to find female crab for sale. What more, those with roe, even much harder to get. So, imagine our surprise that not only there are female crab for sale but it is full of golden orange roe! Simply cant resist it. We got a 1kg (4 crabs) for RM28. We also bought some lectuce to have with the bbq pork tonight.

The previous time I went to the wet market alone, I saw a coffee shop selling dimsum in the heart of the wet market! Imagine, stacks and stacks of steamed dimsum just beside the stall selling roast pork! So, this time since I went with babe, decided to seek out the shop to have our breakfast. That is when we discovered that there are 2 dimsum shops and the one that we went is one of the older better ones (PHEW!).

How they serve? Well, you dont have to go to order. They will actually bring you trays and trays of the steamed dimsum and those more fusion ones on a tray and you choose what you want. Babe and I went a little overboard and actually had 6 dishes at the end of the day. Let me see, deep fried radish cakes (3pieces), yam puff (2pieces), salted egg with pork dim sum(3pieces), hakaw (4pieces), normal pork dimsum (3pieces) and steamed marinated pork rib. Total damage was RM17.90 which is cheap if you ask me because that mean on average, each set is less than RM3? Cheap for KL price la ok!
Restoran Hong Kong Dimsum at Menjalara wet market

The empty dimsum trays! :P

By the time we are done and reached home, it was 10am. Keeping the stuff and do this that and cook the crab, 11am. Babe decided to clean the aquarium since we are having at our place at night. He want to show off his koi! haha! By the time we are done (noticed I say 'we'? Yah, had to help him with the aquarium cleaning...), I took 2 hours nap. Apparently I really 'kong-ed' out because I didnt even know babe came to the room for a nap too!

4pm, woke up and start cleaning the house and set up the balcony for the bbq pit. Went out to buy some ice, charcoal and soft drink for the night too. Friends start arriving at 6.30pm and guess what time the last friend left? 5.30am! Nope, not a typo error. Phew! It was tiring but super great fun! Great success judging from my friends bulging groaning pregnant-looking tummy. And of course, the numbers of empty bottles also great testament of what happened :P

So, the pictures:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Short talk: I DONE IT!!!!

YAHOO!! I DONE IT! I officially tender my resignation today. And as expected, the bosses did all their best to sweet talk me to change my mind. But as I told them, I do not believe in counter offers or taking back my letter because the decision to tender was not taken lightly. I am not the type to decide to resign for no reason at all or just simply because the job came along. If opportunity did not come knocking, I would not have tendered la. But with the situation here and the good opportunity with the new company, it was a hard but simple and straightforward decision. Let just say that there are more pros to taking up the new position than cons.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Homemade Apple Pie

Have always wanted to bake apple pie but never got around to doing it. Today, finally I happen to have all the ingredient except shortening in the house. So, after dinner, we went to the supermarket and got my shortening. Since babe want to watch football, I decided to bake the apple pie tonight. The crust turned out really nice and yummy. The fillings abit too sweet for my liking so I changed the below recipe to 2/3 cup sugar instead of full 1 cup. Gentle reminder, when making pie crust, always try to keep the crust as cold as possible to ensure fluffy crispy light crust. If for any reason that the crust not bake immediately after being removed from the fridge, then pop them back into the fridge again until ready to use.

2 cups Flour
1 tsp Salt
1 tbsp Sugar
6 tbsp Butter
6 tbsp Shortening
6-8 tbsp Iced Water

5 Green Apple (Peeled, Cored and sliced soaked in water mixed with lemon juice)
2/3 cup Sugar
2 tbsp Flour
1/ tsp Cinnamon
1/4 tsp Salt
1 tbsp Cider Apple

1. Preheat the oven 400 degree F.
2. To make crust, mix in large bowl, flour, salt and sugar. Add butter, shortening and ice water. The texture will be slightly crumbly. Make into a ball and wrap with plastic wrap. Keep in fridge for at least 20minutes.
3. Prepare the fillings by combining sugar, flour, cinnamon, salt and vinegar.
4. Drain the sliced apple and mixture from #3 to the above. Make sure all apples slices are rubbed with the mixture.
5. Take dough out from fridge and divide dough into 2 equal half.
6. Roll the first half into 1/3inch thick flat pancake. Line the pan.
7. Pour the fillings into the pan.
8. Roll the 2nd half into 1/3inch think flat pancake again. Cover the apples.
9. Bake in the oven at 400 degree F (or 200degree celcius) for 40-45minutes.

You can get a picture instruction from here:

Friday, August 21, 2009

Food Porn

One day, I was so 'bored' after work that I just had to do something to de-stress or risk going crazy and start jumping around. So, since it was weekday and baking anything will take too much time, I decided to do something different for dinner. Took almost 2 hours to prepare everything and by the time we finally sit down for dinner, already 9pm but nevermind, totally satisfied and babe also enjoy the food very much. So, what I did? Photos to show you and make you drool:

Rice with bacon bits

Vege & Egg Salad

Bacon Cheese Chicken
(This is the one that took me a loooonggg time)

Then one day, an ex-colleague decided to come back to visit and actually bring some souvenier from her hometown. A huge big loaf of bun (as big as a loaf of uncut bread) that the filling is full of chicken curry! Yap, not the dry chicken curry but those with gravy! It even have instruction on how to cut the bun to ensure that the taste is maximise! Good idea if you ask me. I wonder if i can bake something similar..hhmmm....

And on one fine day in the office, one of the colleague decided that she is so stressed that she need to cook and feed us! (Yar yar, we all have the same tendency to cook when we are stress). anyway, this is different because we are in the office and how in the world do you cook in the office???? Well, just go get all the ingredient you need to make maggie goreng and use the microwave to do the job! I must say, the maggie goreng was fantastic! If you dont believe me, look for yourself.

The things that a microwave can do! I think I will try to cook some roast chicken wing and drumstick with bake potatoes next when I ever do get that stress at the office. But then again, how long will I have to be stressed there????? :P hahhahaha

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am soooo bored!!! I have lots of work to do at office but I am feeling so damn bored. Well, I guess the more accurate description is I am sick and tired of it. When la will all this end! GGGRR!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

SOPAPILLAS (Deep fried bread)

Nothing much happened today since its Saturday. It is one of those Saturday that babe is not working. And I realised that if he is not working on that day, I will for sure wake up early than necessary. Like today, I actually woke up at around 8am and laze on the bed for half hour before deciding that I will not fall back to sleep again. So, got up and went to the living room for some tv-time. Less than half hour later, babe is awake too! Now, that rarely happens ok! Its weekend and babe woke up before 9am?

Anyway, K sms around 9am-ish and said that she is coming to my area with her nephew for breakfast, wondering if I want to join her or not. Bet she didnt think babe would be awake and coming for breakfast too! HAHA! So, we went to this Indian cafe and I had rawa thosai and babe ate the roti telur. We shared a piece of vada and each have a glass of teh tarik kurang manis (pulled tea less sugar). K's nephew sure had lots of fun running around the cafe. Normally, this would not be a good idea but apparently K's sister, i.e. the mother to her nephew goes to the cafe often and the workers there know the kid pretty well. So, he had lots of fun teasing them and they teased him right back! HAHA!

After breakfast, went back and sit around doing nothing much. Had a super lazy Saturday morning, tv on in the background. Me reading my book and babe playing with his computer game. I tried to take nap at around 1pm but somehow, I just couldnt fall asleep! So, decided to go online and search for recipe to make fried bread. The fried bread recipe that I am looking for is actually those bread that is served with the chilli crabs here. But somehow, I cant seem to find it. Perhaps I didnt get the name right or something.

Instead, I came across this recipe for SOPAPILLAS, another version of deep fried bread. With the author promising nice yummy fluffy bread, I decided to try it. After all, the ingredient and methods are so simple. Worst, if it didnt taste right, I will just dump the whole thing away.

But the recipe turned out really great! Very pretty and puffed up. Making it a small parcel that lets you almost anything you desire in them. Babe and I had great time eating it with canned curry. It will go great with tuna, chicken, minced pork or anything that you can think of. This is definitely a recipe that allows creativity!

The ingredient:
4 cup all purpose flour
1.5 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 pkt active dry yeast
1/4 cup warm water
1.25cup warm milk
Cooking oil or lard for frying the bread

1. Combine the dry ingredient, flour+salt+baking powder
2. Add the yeast to the warm milk and water
3. Make a well in the middle of the dry ingredient and add the yeast milk water. Mix everything together and start kneading. You will need to knead the dough for about 15-20minutes to ensure that the smooth texture later.
4. Make the dough into a round ball and leave in the bowl and cover with a wet towel for about 15-20minutes
5. Roll the dough to about 1/4 inch thick or slightly thinner. Dust the surface slightly and cut into pieces about 4x6 rectacgles or triangles. Gently put all the cut pieces back into the bowl and cover with the wet towel while heating up the oil.
6. Make sure that the oil is really hot. Place 1 piece of the flatten dough into the hot oil gently. To make sure the dough puff up, hold the dough gently in the oil for awhile. You should have the dough puffing up like magic.
7. Fry till both side are golden brown and remove from oil. Place on paper towel to absorb excess oil.

Note: You might want to half the recipe if you want smaller quantity. The above batch will allow you to make about 20-25pieces of sopapillas.

And here is what you will get:

Happy trying!! :)

Friday, August 14, 2009


10.45pm, Friday - in the living room and blog hopping while babe sleep on the bamboo mat in the living room and watch Shanghai Noon. Yar, the show that has repeated a thousand times. Ok, no a thousand time but at least a few hundred? Dont know why in the world do they repeat some of this movies so many times! As if we dont know or watch it already.

Anyway, babe is suffering from gout pain on his right feet again! He has been in pain since last Saturday and got abit better on Tuesday when he took some anti-inflamation and painkiller that the doctor gave him on Monday when he went to collect his MC. Dont really know what is the matter. Getting kinda worried because he is getting his gout more often in the pass few months. We have been controlling our food and making sure no beef or lamb (which is why I still have so much lamb slices in the freezer!). Mostly we eat chicken and occassional pork nowadays. And he is taking oat every morning except weekend.

His blood pressure has dropped to pretty normal level but somehow the gout just keep coming. We suspect it is the hand held massager that we got from OTO a few months back. It seems that he will get really bad gout everytime he use the massager on the base on his feet. So, we decided to stop using that and see what happen. But in the meantime, he just had to ride out this gout episode till its over! Sigh....So worried about him la! Trying to make him to go exercise with me more. Maybe yoga but now is not a good time to start and join a new yoga session since we might move soon.

Am thinking of moving nearer to where babe is working now since I will most likely be working somewhere near there too in a couple of months. I am still waiting for the bloody offer letter that I have been expecting since Tuesday! No idea why so long, either too many red tapes with many layer of approval or people are just taking their sweet time. (Although the hiring manager actually told me he needs someone in 'yesterday'). I guess he is the only one sensing the urgency? DRATS!! I just hope I am not going in for another cleaning crew job.

Anyway, if I do get this job and accept it, it would mean the logical and cost saving option would be to move nearer to it. At the moment, babe going to work mean:
1) I had to wake up early and arrived office by 7.30am eventhough my official office hour is 9am-6pm
2) Babe had to drive 45minutes just to get to work
3) Average tol per day to and from work is RM10
4) Average petrol per week to and from work is RM80 (this is after petrol price dropped to current level. When it was at its peak, had to pay a whopping RM120-150 per week)

But moving to the new place although would be great because it will deminish all the above and we can get a proper landed place to rent, it would also mean that we will be far away from everything and everyone we know! Now, whenever I want to, I can just drop by at 1U or Ikea or Curve. All this places just minutes drive from my current apartment/condo. It also mean that it is easy to meet up with Tif whenever we want to for dinner or meals. And on top of that, SS2 and Taman Megah is simple affair.

Moving to the new place would mean learning everything new. It is almost a totally new world. I know that I told the interviewers that distance is not a problem. After all, I flew over South China Sea to KL and work. But frankly, the distance scares me. Would I at the spur of the moment decided to drive to 1u for shopping? Would I have the time? Would I find new short cuts from there to Sunway? Or is there any cool movie places? Of course, Tesco, Giant and Carrefour are there but then again, it would not be the same. ARGHH!! Changes changes! How hard it is to accept changes?

But on the positive note, I will out from the dominating COM (you figure out yourself what COM means ok! ^_^) And I will have a more productive life with manageable stress. At least I will get myself back. Yup, the super confident lady that knows EXACTLY what she want to do with her life. One month ago, about now, I wont be able to tell you what I said 30minutes ago is true if COM just ask me the 'are-you-sure' or 'why-you-do-that' question. I know, I shouldnt have let this affect me but try having those comments that makes you feel stupid thrown at you everyday for 1.5yrs... And then tell me it shouldnt affect me!

Anyway, today, the old akak (some1 in HR la) also dropped me a stupid insensitive skype. I was on mc since Wednesday and turned out she decided she wants to talk to me about the change in reporting structure for me, the day that I was down with really bad sorethroat, running nose, teary eyes, i.e. flu. Short of a fever, I would have believe I have the dreaded H1N1 (Luckily its not or else I would be in hospital?) Thursday, still bad, so still on MC. Friday (today) went back to work, saw the email sent to me on Wed by old akak stating that she wanted to see me but I was on MC again (as if I intentionally go on MC or is it better I just go to work and infect everyone?). Decided to pop in her office to talk to her in my super sexy voice and asked if she want to talk now. She told me that she have an interview at 9.15am and told me she will skype me later once she is done.

I say fine. What else could I say right? So, 11.45am, still no skype from her, we went off to lunch. I got back, skype message received at 11.55am, from old akak of course, apologising not able to meet me today since she need to catch the afternoon flight back to Singapore but she will be here on Monday and will meet me then if I am in! BLARDY BULL POOP! (Yes, Bull poop sounds nicer that BS right?) What does she mean with that? She hear me with my flu-strucked voice. Even the vendors are in shocked that I am in office today.

Another good motivator for me to say sayonara eh? To tell you the truth, if it were not for COM, I wouldnt mind staying at all. At the time where other semiconductor companies are retrenching people, they actually gave us bonus and increment. Company sounds stable despite all the capacity problems with the vendors but finding ways to solve the problems are actually very satisfying. Money was good but then again, money isnt everything especially when it starts to effect health and mental state. It aint worth the pain and suffering no matter how much I love this job! (Pain and suffering = high blood pressure, low immunity, hormone inbalance that cause period delay..just to name a few). So definitely not worth it! Correct or not? COLLEK COLLEK! :P

As I was saying in one of my other post, life changing experience this week and even better one next week. Everyday is a lucky day for me because I am letting it happen. And everyday, something good happen because I believe it will happen no matter what. As one of MelancholyThong said give thanks to God, life is good because I can still afford to rent a good apartment, can afford to go out and buy food from the market, still have friends that truly care for me, know love through babe, still can afford to pay crazy prices just 2 simple slices of nyonya kueh. So, give thanks. Oh! And still have job to go to! :P

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Short talk: Tired of waiting

Getting super tired of waiting for this people to finally call me. Since Tuesday till now still nothing. When I finally called them just now, she said will call me at 5.30pm but end up nothing! I am seriously wondering what is going on and whether I am really going to get it or not. Oh well, I guess I just need to trust the LOA and God. Whatever happen will happen. If nothing happened, then there must be a good reason for the LOA and God to not it happen. And I am pretty sure there are plenty of other stuff around.

Just really short talk because I am actually still on MC today. Since yesterday ler. Got really bad sorethroat and flu. Went to the doctor and since no fever, he dont think it is H1N1. Just asked me to rest and gave me antibiotics for the inflamed throat. Now, throat is better but nose still running and I am super super tired as if I had run 100m dash a few hundred times. Sweating alot but somehow feel like cold sweat. Dont know how to explain. Plan to sleep right after this. Hopefully tomorrow will be well enough to go to work.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Short talk: I DID IT! YAHOO!!!!

PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY! HAHAHA! party but I definitely feel like dancing, jumping, skipping and sing at the top of my voice. Having a really really really hard time to control myself and making sure that I dont just scream at the top of my voice. I can almost hear the music of joy being played by the angels in heaven rejoicing as I am rejoicing! AND I am actually working harder and more efficiently that I did since the beginning of the year.

All I can say is that LOA (Law of Attractions) works! Trust me! Go google it, try it out. I can guarantee you, no regrets! 2 friends introduce this to me when I was at my lowest point of my life! Yar, that is right, LIFE and not just CAREER! So, I thank them for watching out for me and introduce to me this most wonder thing called LOA. So, R and K, thanks!!!!! HUGS!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Second First Time - Steamed bun

I bought a packet of pau flour the other day with the intention to make some steamed pork bun this weekend. But today babe is working, so cant go to the market to buy minced pork. Initially thought of going tomorrow but I simply cannot wait. I decided to try and make the steamed bun anyways with different fillings instead. I just want to make sure that I got the recipe for the dough right. Did a little research online and got a few steamed bun recipe. AND it turned out great! The bun was soft and yet chewy. Texture is great! I just cant wait till I get the minced pork tomorrow.

So, to share the recipe for the steamed bun dough:
350ml - Lukewarm water
3 tbsp - white sugar
1/2tsp - salt
2 tsp - instant yeast
1.5 tbsp - cooking oil
600gm - pau Floor

1. Mix the lukewarm water, white sugar and salt together. Add the instant yeast. Let the mixture activate and become slightly frothy (about 10-15minutes).

2. Add oil to the water mixture.

3. In a large bowl, add flour and make a well in the middle. Add liquid and gradually mix in the flour. Knead till dough is elastic, smooth and no longer stick to hand or side of bowl.

4. Make into 2 ball and leave in the bowl. Cover with wet towel and leave the dough to raise to about twice the size (about 30-60minutes).

5. Divide the dough into smaller balls and knead some more. Flatten into a rough circle. Put the filling in the middle and gather the edges. Put on cut parchment (baking paper). Leave to raise for another 20minutes.

6. Steamed for 10-15minutes.

YAHOO! Tomorrow gonna make the steamed pork bun!!

Saturday morning ranting

YAWN!!! Just woke up 45minutes ago. Well, not really true. I woke up at 6.30 this morning! Yup! Had to la because babe working today. So woke up to make him his oat and milk tea breakfast. And then sit awhile to chat with him before I go back to bed. I think it was roughly 7am by the time my head hit the bed. Wouldnt have woke up if babe's darn handphone didnt make those beeping noise that handphone makes when it running out of battery. SHEESH!

Anyway, I am awake, I look at my kitchen with the intention to clean and re-organise it abit. But then decided, uggh, forget it, breakfast first. So, I am having my coffee with pita bread now while washing Cook's Tour on Astro. I did make myself useful though, I clean whatever 'litter' that babe left around in the living room. Litter= old newspaper, empty ciggie box, empty cups, receipts, old lottery tickets and so on. I am suppose to vacuum and mop the whole place next but for now, I am going to enjoy my breakfast and do a little surfing.

I guess from this moaning and ranting, I HATE housework. I mean, if I have to do it, I will because I cannot stand too long living in a messy house but it just irritating because I didnt know till after living with babe that HE is such a messy person! GGRR!!! I told him pretty much the same thing too and he just gave me his cute smirk and smile. SHEESH! HOW TO get angry at that goofy smile ah? So, in the end, I just decided to clean the house once a week instead of picking up after him everyday. Too tiring la!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cannot sit!!!!

ARGHH!! Can hardly sit still since Tuesday. I feel like jumping up and down, dancing, skipping like a little gal. So so so excited because I got this feeling that I will get a life changing event happening latest by next Monday! Dont ask me how. I just know it! I just cant wait! Can someone help me make the time go faster? Can can can can? I will be most grateful! HEHE!!!!!! Hhmm...they might even call me tomorrow yar! hhmm..hahahaha ok ok..enough!

Anyway, was going home yesterday evening and while babe was driving, noticed the sky was really beautiful and the sun wan shinning behind the cloud. I dont know but somehow I just feel so fortunate to be alive! It makes me remember the most important thing in the world. It makes me remember who is the master of my feelings, anger, happy, sad, upset and so on. Each of this emotion, we are the one that control it. We are the one that decides if we want to be angry at the way people is treating us. OR we want to ignore it and take it as a lesson.

I know, it is not easy, no no..let me rephrase, it is DAMN difficult thing to do.But I think the most important thing is to remember that we are the one in control and make a habit out of it. Oh, I am not asking you to be this crazy person that always laugh and smile. I am just asking you not to let emotion overwhelmed you. Life is just too short for that. You never know what will happen next. Look at Yasmin Ahmad...

So, since I decided to cherish what life has to offer, I decided to enjoy the food too! hahaha!! :P

We been to this place called KTZ a few time. In fact, the first I went there was with Tif, a friend of mine and her parents, godmom and aunty. Fun time and super yummy dessert. I ordered peanut with black sesame porridge and trust me, it is SUPERB!!! It is like eating creamy peanut butter mix with black sesame drink. You just need to try it. But bewarned though, the bowl might look small but this is super super filling and rich dessert. Its like having the super rich chocolate cheesecake.

We actually went there 2-3times already and today, went again. I ordered black sesame with glutonious rice and another colleague of mine ordered bubur kacang. But suprisingly, the dessert actually have little coconut milk in them. Normally, such dessert will be loaded with unhealthy coconut milk! So, at least we dont feel so guilty la.

Ok lar. Now that I have disperse some of my extra hyper energy, I can sit down properly and watch criminal mind on astro :P hahahaha

Monday, August 3, 2009

Penang Trip (Part II) - Food & Places (New Photos added)

Basically, this trip to Penang is really a makan-trip. From the moment we start from my place, all the way to Penang and back to KL again. On Saturday, K came at 7.45am. Initially, we decided to have breakfast near a Indian cafe near my place. This place serve really mean rawa thosai. But babe complaint and said why want to go so near to eat when we can that anytime of the week. And so we agreed only to have breakfast at Ipoh town. At around 8.30am, we passed the signboard that says 168km, i.e. more than 1.5hours away. Babe got the shock of his life because he thought Ipoh is just about half hour away! HAHA!

He starts to complaint that he is hungry and if he knew its so far, he would have said ok to breakfast at Sri Dsara! HAHAHA! K and I had a good laugh. So, in the end, we stopped at one of the R&R with the intention to see if there is anything to buy but even the buns were not heated yet. So, babe have to settle with a bottle of soya milk. We continued and stopped at the Tapah R&R. Babe ate nasi lemak. K and I had so vada and karipap.

Half hour later, we arrived at Ipoh town. That was around 10.30am. We stopped at a foodcourt and babe ordered wantan mee with soya sauce chicken feet. K and I had something lighter, some dim sum and yam puff.

We finally arrived at Penang and meet up with R (another colleague) and his family for lunch at One World food court. Didn't take any photos since K cant bring down her camera due to super heavy rain (R said we are the rain bringer since Penang has not rained for awhile). The rest of us were just too excited about the food and completely forgotten to take photos. We ordered Curry noodle, persembul, hor fun, chee cheong fun, yam cake, oyster omelette, bubur kacang, bubur cha cha, ABC ice kacang and chang. All this for 2 kids and 5 adults. (Dont ask me how...)

Then, we went off to Keh Lok Si temple (Spelling??) and this are the photos:
Entrance at the top-finally!

Miniature pagoda

Bonsai - dunno how old it is but its about 3-4feet tall and superbly beautiful

Hundreds and thousands of turtles!

I like this photo the most! Look at the cloud behind it...

View from the pagoda and temple

Jade teahouse

Jade moon

Carved pillar

Carved pillar close up

Beautiful carved God

Beautiful lights as offerings

Golden encased buddha

Carving on the ceiling

Arch with beautiful blue flower and wind chime

By the time we are done with the temple and sent R and his family back, only checked in at around 6pm and finally got to our apartment at 6.15pm. Rested and showered. Babe took a short nap and then R called to go for our dinner date- Bak Kut Teh! Super yummy! R ordered the bak kut teh for 6 person. It came in a large claypot and lots of pork meat and spareparts (internal organs), mushroom and beancurd skin. We also ordered 7 bowl of yam rice and 2 plate of steamed iceberg lectuce topped with bak sang (shredded crispy pork). All this was just for RM59! Can you believe it. If in KL, order for 6 person and you will end up paying RM80-100!

After dinner, R sent his kids back and we went off to Bailey's pub for some drinks. After that, we went to Kayu for maggie goreng and teh tarik! HAHAHA! Terrible huh? I told you this is a real eating-trip. We got back to the hotel at around 1am. K went straight to bed. Babe and I stayed in the living room for a shortwhile to unwind and watch a little tv. 1.30am, we went off to bed too. Next morning, R called at 7.45am to make sure that we are awake to get ready for our dim sum breakfast date at 8.30am.

The scene at the dimsum restaurant...only 1 word to summon it: CHAOS! Lots and lots of people queuing/fighting to get a share of the dimsum, which is self-service. They give you this little card where the person will tick when you choose any of the dimsum. Then, later, count everything together. There seem to be every kind of dimsum imaginable. From the original steamed dimsum to fried dimsum to Hong Kong chee cheong fun to porridge! 5 adults and 2 kids, eat ate 30 portion of dimsum (err..not sure what you calling it, types?). Total damage = RM83. I only managed to take round 1 of the dim sum and after that tuck in and eat like nobody's business. The 2 boys/kids were really enjoying and eating too! HEHE!

After breakfast, we decided to go around town. We stopped at one of the many many different surname jetty and walked down this rustic truly first-time experience little jetty. At the end, we can see the sea and more house on stilts! Really rustic and!
Also stopped at one of the famous temples in Penang. Lots and lots of smoke because of the all the incense and joss stick that were being burned.

After going round the town, since its still early, we decided to drive all the way to Batu Ferringhi just to see and come. We are finally back to the hotel again at 12.30pm. All three of us took an hour nap and check out at 2pm. Went to Kapitan for chicken and mutton bryiani rice for our lunch. The bryiani was really yummy and worth the RM7.50 that they charged us. Even babe who is not really a fan of mamak food was impressed. The only regret was that they didnt serve us in claypot as they are suppose to because they ran out of pot. So, the rice somehow looks less when served on the normal mamak plate with partition.

After lunch, it was around 2.30pm and off we went for the trip back to KL. Did a few pit-stop at some of the R&R but basically we just want to get back to KL fast to rest. Reached my place just before 7pm. K left her car at our place, so she drove home from our place.

All in all, it was a really fun trip but very tiring. I think we try to pack too many activities into the 2 days as if we will never come back to Penang again! Next time, I think we will just concentrate on 1 or 2 activities and other time, we will try to laze around in the nice service apartment and enjoy it more! Also, must try to have more than 1 night! Haiyaa..really sayang lar didnt enjoy the service apartment more! The pool!! HAIYAAAAA!!SIGH!! Nevermind la, there is always next time. For all you know, babe and I might decide to move to Penang and stay there instead.