Saturday, March 22, 2008

Travelling at Warp 9 and Above

It is 11.32pm and I am at home in my bedroom blogging on a Saturday evening. I guess it might have sounded pathetic but I am seriously happy to be home actually. It has been a very tiring few days. And I thought holidays is for resting and napping! It all started since Wednesday night when we had our department dinner at The Junk. That is of course when I started my crazy ride on the super duper warp 9 Enterprise spaceship. Yap, it does certainly feel like I am running and rushing since that day. Actually, thinking back, 10 years ago, I would have no problem going out every night and coming back at wee hour in the morning. And then still have the energy and concentration to attend classes. After that, go back home to go chatting on IRC. I wonder if this is a sign that I am getting old and just time to settle down? hehehe (babe, are you panicking?)

Anyway, Thursday night was the night that we went to Sidewalk. That is also the night that the toilet at my house got blocked! I am telling you now, the next time you have a blockage in the toilet, be smart and call the plumber immediately as soon as it is polite to do so. I wish I was that smart. Instead, I let my mom talked me into letting her unclog the toilet. And guess what happened? I think I rather not describe too much but suffice to say that my bathroom and kitchen was not a pretty sight! You see, the toilet tricked us on Thursday night into thinking that it has cleared itself. In actual fact, it is silently plotting to get back at us at the next opportunity that it got, which happens to be Friday, 21 Mar 2008~

What is the significance of the date? Not much other than about 31 years ago on that day at 11am, my mom gave birth to me at the Sibu General Hospital. So, that day, 31 years later, my mom & I had to clean up the horrible.....ok..going to stop here. I promised I will not describe it. I will only say that I am so desperately in need to get away that I actually went online hotel reservation! Yup, that was how desperate I was. It was a good thing I did too because I might not have found this amazing sites that offers fantastic deals not only for resorts, motels and hotels but also car rentals services and so forth.

I was chatting with Rebeena the other day about her trip to Thailand and it really sounds very tempting to me. I mean, I felt like immediately going on line and book the next flight there. Of course, with the relocation to KL, getting married, etc, it might not be anytime soon. But then, there is no harm browsing around and searching for good deals. What I like about the website is that it is pretty user friendly and give me the flexibility to mix and match between the different activities and hotels/motels based on my budget. Not only that, I can actually compare the different hotels that the website have to choose the one that I feel is the most suited to my needs. Maybe I can persuade babe to go on a honeymoon there? Not to Phuket for romantic beaches silly, can do that anytime. I want to go somewhere I can shop till I drop...haha

Anyway, let me get back to the topic again. So, on Friday, got up at 7.30am expecting a call from babe soon. After all, although it is public holiday in Sarawak and I could have sleep in, not everyday is my birthday and it will be the first birthday I will be celebrating without my babe near me. So, I definitely expect him to be the first one to call and wish me happy birthday. But you know what? Not only did he only call me at 6 something in the EVENING, he had the gall to laugh when he found out that I am angry. How can I not be angry when his excuse for not calling me was because he was busy at work and he didn't call me early in the morning because he didn't think I will answer the call. GGRR! He can be such a jerk sometimes but what to do, who ask me to sayang him so much. Sigh~

So, Friday was almost ruined had my family did not decide to have a bbq that night. So, off we go for brunch at Ipoh Town Coffee at Boulevard. I been there once before for the nasi lemak and ice blended white coffee. Personally, I didn't think it is worth it but since dad want to try, off we go then. Dad had loh mee, mango juice and kopi O. Mom had nasi lemak special and iced white coffee, sis had chicken kueh teow and coke. Bro ate soft boiled eggs with garlic toast and hot kopi o. I ate curry mee and iced white coffee. The 2nd time there to affirmed what I said about the food there not so great but the portion for loh mee and curry mee are really huge! Total damage was less than RM50. So, price wise, not too bad considering that it is a franchise.

Saturday, today, marked the 20 years anniversary since my grandpa pass away. So, my aunts, uncle and cousins came from all over to visit grandpa graveyard. As usual, I didn't go. Only my dad and bro went at around 7.30am. I went out with mom to buy the stuff I needed for tonight potluck. Then mom got a call from dad saying that we are all invited to my uncle's shop at Padungan for dinner tonight at 6.30pm. Aiyeh! Double book liaw! Potluck with the gang is at 7.30pm. So how? Like any good daughter (Ahem!), I went with my family for dinner first and then arrive late at the potluck.

Better late than never right? The gang has of course eaten their dinner by the time I arrive around 8.45pm. Could have been earlier have I not went to the wrong house. I actually stepped into the house and open the front door already. Yap, the door was unlock and there was no noise at all from inside the house. And no, I did not step in because when I open the door a crack, I can see a altar and I immediately close the door back up and got out of there because I can sense that something is amiss. Turn out, Alan's place was a few house down. I can only thank god that no one was there and I was not stupid enough to just walk in despite the altar. Can you imagine how embarrassing it can be? My ears burning even as I typing this and imagining it!

Ok, enough for now. I think I have mumble more than my share tonight. That is what happened after not blogging for a day! I will upload some pic from the dinner at Phaw-Phaw, Padungan where authentic Philippines food are serves. And also some pic from the potluck! But that will have to wait for tomorrow. Good night people! JenJen signing off at 12.22am!

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