Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I wish to wish on the wishing star!

Today is officially I worked in this company for 4 months and I am waiting for my confirmation letter, which is one month overdue! I just hope that this means that my boss is fighting for my right to get higher increment than usual! LOL~! Wishful thinking perhaps but I am definitely working hard here now. In fact, this company does not believe in honeymoon phase at all. We prefer to hire people with a lot of work experience and can just come in and start work right away. We do have a few fresh graduates but 90% of the people here have many years of work experience behind them.

I guess, being a small but growing company, this is how it gains its competitive edge. By making sure that it human resource are of the elite group, the know-how is already there. In other word, the company strategy is to ‘purchase’ knowledge and implant it into the company. Of course, eventually, the company would have to split its strategy to start hiring people to train them up as getting the best-of-the-best might eventually be too costly or saturated the breakeven benefit! Of course, being one of the first few in this company does have it perks and benefits. Smaller company means less redtapes, less procedures and also more chance of being recognize and promotion! All we need to do is make sure that the company is profitable!

WOW! Reading back what I have typed, it is a mindful for me too! So, feel free to scroll down immediately and just leave me a comment already! *BLUEK!* My head is actually filled with things that I need to do, i.e. what is expected of me but at the same time, I can’t help but think of ways to try and improve the ways things are done here. My ex-colleagues in Kch will tell you that I simply cannot sit and wait for things to get better if I can or know how to improve it. Of course, in Kch, I had a great team of IT people to support me with some of the ideas that my crazy mind can think up.

But here, there is not IT team at all to help me. And me, half tank (or rather, half full) on matters related to programming, am really stucked. I have a few reports that I know I will be able to make more efficient by automate it but with no programmer to help, I am basically stucked! I mean I can do simple macro but that is basically the limit of my knowledge. I was contemplating to take up some program language courses and even went as far as to suggest it to my boss.

Initially he agreed but eventually he decided that perhaps I should seek our sister company help and see if they can help me. But the thing is, I know fully well that they will not be able to provide me with the support that I require. After all, why should they help me when this is added job for them of which they will not derive any benefit from at all. Hence, I am backed to square one! I have created a few reports manually or rather semi-manual since the macro takes care of half of the work.

But, I want to fully automate it. Let me tell you, it is really frustrating! On top of that, I have one project after another piling up. Of course, as time goes by, additional responsibilities, new projects, new reports requested and so forth. Sometimes, I simply do not know what to do first. At times, I am so blurred that I just decided that I need a breather! Which is why I am pouring myself into my blog here now! I know that I should start to be more organize in a way that I can prioritise each and everyone of my projects. But even thinking at the height of the mountains that I am going to leap over, I am already feeling blurred and stressed!

Gosh! I better takes things one at a time I guess or else the stressed might just start to eat me alive! I was complaining to RK, SK and DD that I am getting gastric for no apparent reason, i.e. pain even when I ate or not. At times, in my keenness to complete my report/macro, I even forgotten to drink water for the whole morning or afternoon! No wonder I start to feel the beginning of a sorethroat. Good thing babe and I managed to find a stall near our apartment that sells coconut drink. We bought 4 big packets from 4 coconuts! Cost us RM10 but it was worth it.

He is also starting to get headache caused by pain in his gum. I think perhaps because heaty due to not enough water and the weather. Or maybe because of the durian we been taking last week. But the durian was so cheap mar!!! 50% discount and there was even 2 pkt of super grade durian for RM20! *BLUSH!* No wonder we are getting sick huh? There are still some more in the fridge but I think I will make them into tempoyak this weekend and keep it. Rather not risk taking them unless I want to go on MC! *evil grin* LOL!

Of course, there is actually another reason that I am reluctant to eat the durian! Durian = FAT!!!! Some of you might know why but others, I guess I will tell you more on the news when it is more finalised and all parties are ok. For now, it is a big big big secret! So, people (you know who you are) you are sworn to secrecy!!!! GRIN!!!!


Rose said...

sound like u work pretty hard over there, Jen. Dont worry, it pays off at the end of the day!!!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Hopefully that is true.