Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh mY GOD!!!

Gosh! This is embarrassing! Here I was, announcing to the world on Friday that I want to make tiramisu this weekend and guess what I did in the end? Sleep, shop, watch tv and eat! Well, actually, I did think of making the no-bake cheesecake instead but when I saw the price of Anchor cream cheese at the supermarket, I decided to forget it or wait till payday! RM31.50 at Jusco and RM32 at Tesco for 1kg of Anchor cream cheese! OMG~! I can still remember when it as only RM23 when I bake the cheesecake for Chinese New Year early this year! Is this a joke by the supplier but proportionally increasing the price equivalent to the petrol hike??? 40% in less than a year!

It is no wonder those bakery are hiking up the price of their cakes. I am still in shock! I used to help my ex-ex-company (my first job with a college in Kuching) during their charity sale by baking the cheesecake. We used to sell them for RM20 for 1kg-size no-bake cheese cake AND still make enough to cover the cost and donate the profit! Now, I don’t think I can even cover with RM25-30. There goes my ambition to sell cakes as my part-time income. I wonder how much would a layer cake cost now.

The Horlick cake that I never fail to make every CNY is one of those rich layer cakes that I love to make. The ingredient call for an entire small packet of Horlick, eggs and butter. Steaming a cake will take about 3-4 hours and another hour of baking in the oven. So, it is a time and money consuming cake. But I don’t mind baking them because I know we won’t be able to find anything close to it in the market. But I think this year, I might just decide to order if it is cheaper! You know lar, some of the commercial bakery actually use substitute to reduce cost. (Oops, did I let out a trade secret?). SIGH!!! Enough about this!

Let me see, what I did during the weekend besides sleep, eat, shop and watch tv. Friday night, babe and I went to Cineleisure right after he picked me from work. The initial plan was to get the 9.45pm movie ticket for Dark Knight but full except for the first row. So, decided to watch the midnight show, 12.15am! But instead of going back after getting our movie tickets, we went for a walk at Ikano AND we actually walk to Ikea for dinner! Yup, two crazy people went to Ikea just to eat at the cafeteria there. I actually bought Ikea karipap first at the counters near the cashiers because I always see people eating them but usually I was too full to think about getting any. One piece is for RM1 and if you get half a dozen, it would be for RM5.50.

It comes in a paperbag and still warm to touch. Freshly oven bake or deepfried. And let me tell you, it was definitely worth the money! The filling was simple potatoes with curry but they added a twist by including a quarter hard boil egg and this was not spectacular. What was amazing was the pastry! The karipap is so light, fluffy and crunchy, when you bite into it, I was so surprised that my eyes actually open wide and I stare at babe. DELICIOUS! And definitely value for money.

After that, we went to the upper floor for the meatball with mashed potato and chicken with potato. Oh yah, and unlimited refill of soft drink for him and cappuccino for me! I was a little surprised that I can’t even finish the 10 pieces of meatballs (9pieces actually since babe ate 1). Guess I am bored of it already. SOB SOB! By the time we are done and actually got home, it was close to 10pm. Shower, eat junkfood, relax a short while and did some chores around the house. We left the house again at around 11.40pm.

Decided to skip the popcorn since we are still full from dinner. Anyway, was already planning to go to the mamak near our place after the movie! *GRIN* The Dark Knight was really good! If any of you have not watch it, I definitely recommend that you do. I still shivers when I remember the joker evil crazy grin! Definitely planning to buy the unsensored dvd version. Oh yah, the movie was rated U by the way! To me, it should be PG18 or something like that since some parts of the movie are rather disturbing! Really don’t understand our censor board!

Anyway, after movie, it was almost 3am! The movie was two half hour long by the way. And as planned, we went to the mamak shop for supper/ breakfast? There are actually 3 mamak shop near our place or rather 4 if you count the one that open at the sidewalk of this dingy shop that never seems to be open for business. Anyway, we decided to try the one that SEEMS to be more popular than the rest. And oh boy, did we regret it! Not only was the food not nice, something happen that re-affirm my decision to never ever go there again.

Babe ordered Maggie goreng and when it came, the noodle was still raw! You know, when the noodle not cook long enough and still got the crunch factor? That is still not too bad because for all we know, that might be their specialty and some people like it that way. But while I was happily enjoying my roti canai, I actually saw that while the mamak was pouring what looks like soup noodle from the pot into the bowl, he spilled some of the noodle onto the table. Then I saw him use his hand, sweep the spilled noodles onto his palm and throw the noodle back into the bowl!!

I was so amaze and couldn’t not believe what I saw! I mean, when I saw him sweep the noodles to into his palm, I thought he would throw it away! After all, that is what a normal sane hygienic person would do right!? No, he throws it back into the bowl, put in other ingredient, stir it around with a spoon and proceed to look for his waiter to serve the bowl of contaminated soup noodle to the customer! It makes me think what is in my roti canai kosong and the tarik halia! UGH!!! Can feel the stomachache coming just thinking about it. HORRIBLE!!!

That sure teaches babe and me a lesson. If the place looks dirty and yucky, no matter how many people are there patronizing the place, LEAVE or risk getting food poisoning! *shivers!*


Rose said...

Sure a lazy weekend right, Jen? :)

Nick Phillips said...

What a wonderful way to spend the weekend huh Jen? Sleep, shop, watch TV and sleep ... LOL! Sounds like my weekend la.

Oh and I've seen worse things being done at mamak shops that I try not to eat there much anymore ....

Duke said...

yea.. i boycott mamak for almost 10 years when I heard the story of how they do murtabak. I can still feel nausea when I think of it.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Super lazy weekend but somehow, I feel as if I am not getting enough sleep!!!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Definitely a great way to spend the weekend! I can't wait for the long Merdeka weekend! 4 days off since I am planning to take 2 Sept leave! hahahaha

I hope i wont see anymore weird stuff at the mamak or else I will forever not able to eat out!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Duke,
Do I even want to ask how they make the murtabak? Shall I risk not eating at mamak forever???? Sigh! But I do so love the naan and tandoori chicken!