Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finally, a life!

YES! I finally got it! It was hard to believe that I am actually that lucky! I was online the day before yesterday hunting adpost as usual for any interesting bargains. Was especially keeping an eye out for sofa, or more specifically Ikea sofa which has the 10 years warranty. Previously, I did find one but by the time I managed to convince babe to go to Ikea and see the brand new thing AND agree to buy the used sofa, it was too late. The owner sold it already and removed the ad. I have actually lost all hope of finding another one like that. Instead, I talked to myself to settle for something simple but good quality used sofa. Failing that, we will just buy the actual new sofa from Ikea for RM549 *GRIN*.

But two days ago, I saw this ad that stated some furniture for sale, including sofa, sofa and fridge and the address happens to be at the apartment near ours! So, of course immediately I send a sms and hope that I am not too late because the ad was posted four days ago! Then yesterday, the owner called me and we had the usual chit chat of a stranger, awkward! Anyway, at the end of it, I found out that the sofa is actually the Ikea sofa that I been eyeing on and the tv is a 29inch one! Wah imagine my excitement. So, we made arrangement for me to her apartment that night to view the ‘goods’.

Babe of course have a thousand and one questions that I can’t answer such as: why she selling? Is she single? What race is she? How much she want to sell? She have anything else not?She have children? and so on! How I know the answer lar? I not interview her mar. Plus the moment I know what sofa it is, nothing else matters! I just want to go and see and negotiate a price! And also, I am not looking to BUY her, I want to buy her furniture mar! Why do I want to know if she is single. CHEH! Hhmpff!

So off we went last night and I am glad that it was really easy to come to an agreed price! And she even throws in a freebie for us, modern rocking chair that is almost new. Apparently, she is changing her furniture for bigger ones since the family is growing. She actually already ordered the new sofa but have not request the shop to deliver them since no space in the apartment. Hence, she wants to sell off the old ones urgently. She also happens to be a very kind and nice lady with kids by the way. She even offered to find some guys to help carry the sofa with us back to our place this weekend! So, I will be able to post a picture of the new sofa & rocking chair soon! At least, with that, the apartment will look abit more homey!

The next thing on the list is the tv and tv rack. I am also thinking of a long coffee table but that can wait. Also need a water heater in the bathroom but since we can boil water to take bath, for now, that is onhold first too. Still waiting for the confirmation letter from the company and also the increment. Then will go ahead and subscribe to Astro. Babe is dying to watch normal football! Hahaha! We also feel like living under the coconut shell because no updates on world events since no tv to watch news and only get newspaper on weekends.

But need to budget properly first especially since we have big plans for end of the year. Well, actually not our big plans. More like our parents. Got a distinct feeling of being manipulated into it! Remember I was saying that babe and I planned to register first and then push our actual church and dinner reception to next year. Well, babe’s mom called one day and told him the church is booked on 29 Dec, 10am! OMG! That is less than four months away? And nothing is planned or agreed on yet! And the next call was actually to tell babe that there will be 18tables from their side. Need to ask my parents how many from their side. *BREATH HARD!!*

WOW! Steamrolled! Hahaha! But I guess she knows us better than we know ourselves. If it were up to us, we would have just gone back and sign at the registrar office so that we are official husband & wife in the eye of the law. Church and dinner reception will most likely be pushed out indefinitely or until we decided to have children. Talking of children, right after the mother informed us she booked the church on 29 Dec, the first thing that I said to babe was I do not want to have children immediately! I know that would be the next thing our parents will be asking! Like babe’s sis said, they can ask but they cannot plan it for you when to have babies! LOL~ So, no babies for at least the first year of marriage and that is including not getting pregnant. Maybe (big MAYBE) pregnant during the second year (or maybe third year).

Seems like Dec is a long time away but have absolutely NOT prepared anything on my side. We will leave the church and dinner reception arrangement to the parents. As this is a mix-marriage, I have no idea how they will do it. Do we have tea ceremony? Or just go church and then go back home? Do we have specific time for the groom to come pick the bride? Or as long as we get to the church before 10am is fine? What other requirements? I remember when I was sort of helping out with friends wedding Chinese style, there seems to be so many things to prepare for the day itself. So many things to buy for the bride & groom bedroom too. And the car and the things the bride need to bring when the groom come and pick her up and so forth! Oh well, I will leave all this to the parents.

Like I said to my friends, we will go back to attend only! Hahaha! But I am planning to rent the wedding gowns from KL and take wedding photo here. Budget not more than RM2,000 for gown rental and photo, enough or not? My colleague say not enough. At least need RM3,000. But I don’t plan for elaborate wedding photo bah. Just something simple so that I can show my kids in the future that this is your mommie and daddie. Maybe one big one for the wall and then a few small ones. As for gown, one for church, and maybe two for dinner. Should be more than enough right? Also don’t want those big bulky fluffy gown with skirts that you can hide 2-3 people in with room to spare. Am I being to simplistic?

Then, there is the issue of corset, undies, jewelry, shoes and any other items that might be needed. For now, I am trying real hard to keep my head above water and BREATH! Not get me wrong, I am happy and excited but also nervous and worried. After all, it is a once in a lifetime thing. If you have been a frequent reader here, you will know that I am not good at waiting (often looking for the phantoms magic remote control!). I will the day will come and go but while waiting, I just can’t help getting hyped and worked up thinking about the preparation! Oh yah, did I mention how much all this will cost!! *GASP!*

BREATH!!!! DEEP BREATHH!!!! See how crazy I am getting?????


dumb-baker said...

Jen Jen,

Congrats!!! Big Congrats! Must have a blast night on 29 Dec ya!!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Baker,
Thanks! HEHEHE!

I hope will be a blast too! But for sure will be super tired but HAPPY! HAHA!

Rose said...

Er, may I ask why ur babe need to know the seller's detail ssssssooooo detailed?? hahaha! Sound like interviewing people. ;p

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Yah lor! I also ask him that. He say if know the person in more detail, then we will know the condition of the furniture. As if lar! Haiyaa..oredi wana go see, still ask so many questions! Looking for wife oso din ask so many questions! LOL!

Sumuk said...

Congratulations dear :D

Happy planning! Try not to miss the planning itself. It is part of the whole fun of getting married, which is also once in a lifetime ;)

Jen's Place said...

Hi Sumuk,
Thanks babe! :D

Hahaha! I say I dont wanna get involve but hor, I think they will sure ask the both of us to be their middle-people...passing messages and questions! BLUR-nya..

Anonymous said...

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Jen's Place said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for the link. Will check them out later.