Thursday, August 7, 2008


Suddenly the world seems like a brighter place to live. Feeling floaty and almost light headed now because my boss has just left the office for the day and would not be on leave tomorrow and only back to work on Monday! (Or maybe lightheaded because of the prawn we took for lunch just now..hhmmm). So, with the cat away, the 3 little timid mice suddenly become great big rhino and grow horns! We were discussing that maybe we should all go back earlier too today instead of waiting for 6pm.

I was happily agreeing with them when I suddenly realised that I don’t have my car with me! Babe is driving my car. Darn! So, since I can’t reap the benefit by going back early, I must have something to make sure that at least I get something right? What I did? Tell my colleagues that if they want to go back early, they need to think of something to bribe me lar, OF COURSE! LOL~! Or else, only they enjoy, me ler??? I even sms my babe to tell him the news but no response from him at all! Hmmpff!

Oh perhaps I should go and walk around Jusco and see if anything look interesting? Eiks! I better not, or else might end up like this afternoon. I went to Jusco this afternoon with the intention to get some vegetable to cook for dinner tonight. End up, saw the big nice fresh prawn for sale for RM16.89 per kg. Those prawns are bigger than my thumbs although it says the size is M. Usually, places like Giant and Tesco, M would be half the size. So, I bought some about half kg worth since we have fridge in the pantry. Will just keep them in the freezer compartment till I am ready to go.

But on the way back to the office, suddenly had the inspiration to cook the prawn in the microwave! How did we do it? Well, first clean the prawn thoroughly. If you can wait, cut off the ‘antenna’ first lar. I can’t wait, I just cleaned them and put everything I want into a plastic container (Can use any plastic container lar as long as microwave safe. We improvise and use those round plastic disposable container that we got when we had our tofu fah yesterday). Added some water and was hoping that there is some salt in one of the cupboard, and then I can borrow a pinch but since none available except pepper, will have to make do with that. Microwave it at high for 2 half minutes.

By the time 2 minutes is up, the fresh smell of the prawn and pepper start to hit us. Thank god we only have another 30 seconds to wait before it ready. Even without salt and just pepper, the water that the prawn was sitting was taste sweet and great! That was how fresh the prawn was. I had some leftover salad sauce from yesterday, and my colleague agreed that the prawn very well with the salad sauce.

I seem to get the same compliments every time I made that salad sauce. It is a really simple dip. All you need is mayonnaise/yogurt, honey/ condensed milk and mustard sauce. Get about 2-3 spoon of mayo or yogurt (usually I will use half portion of each and mix them together) and about half spoonful of honey or condensed milk. Mix these together. And finally add about half teaspoon of mustard sauce. Mix well. You taste abit and depend to your preference, add more honey/condense milk or mustard.

Might make this for dinner tonight for our prawn! So, will take some pic and update it if I am hardworking enough tonight! In the meantime, you will just have to make do with your imagination! :P


Nick Phillips said...

Since I'm into salads and all that, I just might try making that salad sauce of yours :D

Oh and I can't eat prawns la, I'm allergic to them. If I eat them, I will die ... urrrmmm, not really la, but my throat will swell up and I'll have difficulties breathing!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
WOW! Sorry to hear that you are allergic to prawns! I love prawn but I am also allergic to some types of prawn, specifically udang galah. I won't die or anything like that but I will get allergic reaction, i.e. eyes swell up like a gold fish and itch almost everywhere. Some painkillers does that to me too only the effect is worse and last longer (last one was about a week!)

Yar, pls do try the salad sauce and tell me how you like it ^_^