Friday, August 8, 2008

Till Death Do Us Part

It is Friday I know, I know, my post this week seems to be start with reminding you all what day it is...). And it promise to be a great day! Not only it is the last day before the weekend is here, but my boss is on leave and our weekly conference call with our boss overseas at 9am today has just been postponed! Ate a wonderful breakfast that one of my colleague bought for us. And we are planning to go out for a great lunch later.

Planning to go to this place called Izzi Pizza ( that seems to have some great promotion ( One that stick to the mind is the 65% discount if you are using citibank credit card but there are of course terms and conditions that applies. However, I think those are reasonable terms and conditions though. We are planning to have the RM12.99 per person for starter, main course, dessert and soft drink for our lunch today.

Some more, if we can hussle seven people to go out for lunch today, the 7th person will eat free. this means that plus tax, one person pay about RM12.80 only instead of RM14.94. Thats RM2.14 savings per person. Not much but with inflation, every dollar and cents count. There are a few other interesting promotion as well, eg. buy one pizza, free one.

I am still listening to the, the Lie Detector Test program. Getting pretty hooked to the program. Yesterdays was abit boring because well, nothing happened! No drama, nothing. Yar Yar, very mean of me but the whole idea of listening in to this kind of program is because you want to hear about other people's woes, problems and drama right? (Gosh! I am showing my true colors and turning into a mean mean mean person??)

Today program has another husband and wife couple, married for 10 years with kids. Apparently, the wife felt that the husband has been abandoning the 3 kids and her, i.e. not doing his fatherly and husband duty as he should. She felt that there is very love in the relationship and the romance has died. So far, the program has been very tense and the husband is getting more and more nervous with each question. At one point, the DJs are even asking him if he is he alright because he was breathing really heavy and fast, i.e. nervous.

The answers he gave to all the questions are the 'correct' answers but the lie detector machines are seeing through him at every point and calling him a liar! The machine shows that he love his wife still be he felt very stress going home to the wife everyday. He rather be at work. He regretted marrying the wife and he has been unfaithful to her. DJs asked the husband 3 times has he been unfaithful and he answered no, but the machine found him to be deceptive.

Asked the husband if he wants to be with the wife for the rest of his life and he said yes, and for once, he is faithful to her. Then ask him, if the wife will stay with him for the rest of her life. He said confidently yes, machine say that this is the truth. And final question, whether he will improve himself after all this and he said yes, machine once again found him to be telling the truth. And it ended with that. Phew!

Through all this, I admire the wife because she basically also said that she will stay with the husband despite knowing the truth that the hubby has been unfaithful to her and regretted marrying her. The reason? For her kids~! I have mixed feelings when I hear this. On one hand, why should the husband be given a second chance if he is not even doing what he is suppose to do as a husband and father. On the other hand, 10 years is a long time to throw away.

It seems that in most cases, the wife will always think of the kids first before deciding whether to end a marriage or not. Where as the husband, well, I really don't know what they are thinking. Are the caveman gene so deep in their DNA that they just can't help their urge to conquer more than one woman after certain time? It seems that it is no longer surprising to hear a husband after x-time of marriage, somehow, have mistress at one point of their life!

Of course, I am not saying all husbands are like that. I am just saying that it seems to be turning into a trend. Anyway, as I was saying again and again, if you can't handle the truth, then, for godsake, do not register yourself and your whoever for the lie detector test. You might not like the truth as much. It is one thing to suspect something but totally something else to have your suspicion confirmed, especially on national radio!


Nick Phillips said...

I suppose if you're true to yourself, then there is nothing to worry, ya?

But sometimes staying in marriage just because of the kids may sound noble but not very wise. Well, that's my opinion anyway :D

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
That was the 2 words that I was looking for, noble vs wise. Actually, in all this, I think the most pitiful would be the kids. How come only the parents get to decide? I mean, if the wife is staying in the marriage bcos of the kids, then shouldn't the kids have a say in this too? For all you know, the kids are more likely wiser and accept or prefer the parents to be living separate lives!

Rose said...

Lets just hope that both of them working it out after that lie detector test. It may seem unfair to the wife, but we dont know the real story behind it right??

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Yap, u r rite! For all we know, the wife is abusive kind? hmm...