Friday, August 8, 2008

Lets shout about LUNCH!

I am so sleepy now! Must be all the carb and sugar that I had for lunch just now! It was a great fantastic lunch by the way but I think we ate way too much and laugh/talk even more than usual! But it was really fun and by the time we are done with all the food, we actually felt that some of the food had digested due to our non-stop laughter and chit chat!

Since it is Friday, we decided to go out for our lunch. We made of pact not to bring any food from home today! We were really spoiled for choice and can't decide what to have. It fact, we originally planned to visit Canton-i for our lunch but changed our mind when a colleague informed us that it is very pricey for local chinese food. Instead, she recommended this place called Izzi at Uptown.

So, as I mentioned this morning, we made up our mind to go there especially with all the great promotion that is happening for the month of August. The best is of course 65% off the ala-carte menu if you have citibank credit card. Even if you don't have citibank credit card, don't worry. You still can get 50% discount but promotion limited to this month only. But we have our eye on the promotion set lunch there this month which includes starter, main course, dessert and drinks at a mere RM12.99 or less than RM15 if include the service charge and tax. And the most important part, the place came highly recommended by our colleague and she was right!

Ceaser Salad - very nice and plenty of parmesan cheese on top!

Izzy dough ball - So-so only but bread lovers would love the warm bread which melts butter

Springroll - ok only to me

Mongolian chicken with rice - abit too spicy for me but my colleagues love it

Pizza - basically just tomato and cheese on very thin crispy crust. Very nice!! If plain pizza at Izzy tasted this great, what about those with meat or seafood...yummy!

Noticed that there is no dessert pic? Err, we were too excited when we saw the cakes that we just can't wait to get started and forgotten all about taking pictures! I had carrot cake which was simply yummy. It is filled with lots of carrot and nuts. The moment you bite into it, it just seem to melt in your mouth. The choc fudge is worth trying as well. It has a really rich smooth texture that will have you going at it again and again. The brownies are actually walnut brownies that is filled with nuts and dark chocolate.

All in all, it is definitely worth our RM15 per person. Definitely will be going back there again to try their other stuff.


Rose said...

Wow! You having a great Friday feast hor?? hmm.....Hope to try this outlet out during my next visit to KL! and you been my tour guide. hahahah

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Ate abit too much I think but it was fun ^_^.
Yes, we should try it the next time you are here!z