Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Nonsense

I know what you are thinking. ANOTHER ONE? I know, 4th posting of the day. I didn't lost track of time or anything. Just that the previous 3 posting was not consider real postings. You know, my usual long winded narrating my whole life to you as if you are my walking diary. So, stay tune for JenJen's daily update in life-showcasing: joy and dilemma!

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OK OK, enough nonsense rubbish from me. Lets get on with it yah?! Can't believe I can be so loso and actually write one whole paragraph of junk! Anyway, did I tell you that it is FRIDAY TODAY???? OOpps, more junk. Sorry~! BUT I CAN'T HELP IT MAR!! Been looking forward to today since Monday. And even more look forward to next weekend when we have three whole day off! Am already planning with babe whether to take 2 Sept off as well or not. Then we can whole four days to laze around.

But was also thinking now if I should take on the 5 Sept since SK is coming on 4-6 Sept with her hubby and bb. Then on that Friday, I can bring them go round and eat till our tummy burst! In fact, was already planning that the first night we go to Izzi Cafe at Uptown or the Shogun, the Japanese buffet at 1U. Aiyeh, my DIET!!!!! Wah..really hope will win that Celebrity Fitness contest. Then at least I can actually do something about losing weight!

It is not that I didn't think of doing some exercise or something lar. But usually when I go back, already after 7 at night. And somehow, somewhere, sure got something to do that is more interesting and distracting my attention from exercising! I also did think of joining yoga classes or something but cannot find one near us lor. If want to join fitness centers, so expensive and if don't go, wasted!

ANYWAY! Today is FRIDAY!!!! Oh, I said that already? Sorry. Super duper excited about the weekend. Not planning to go anywhere special but sure am glad not having to get up early and go off to work. Dragging my feet through the week. We were suppose to go collect our sofa on Sunday but the owner sms last night and request if we can delay that since her own sofa only coming in on 30 Aug. We of course are ok since not in a hurry anyways.

Other than that, perhaps try and bake the brownie cheesecake, IF I can find all the ingredient. I finally am able to accept the reality that the cost of cream cheese has gone up 40% in less than a year. And babe also been giving very not subtle hints about long time not eating the no-bake cheesecake. Yes, hinted again! So, with the initial shock of the price over, time to bite the tongue and just go it! Babe, this is only once in a blue/green/purple moon only ok! So, better appreciate it. (Yar, he reads my blog occasionally now! Very eager to sit near me whenever I am online at home! HMMPF!)

It is raining rather heavily outside now and I hope it will rain as well tomorrow and the day after. Somehow, I realised that it almost never rains during the weekend. I guess the God of Rain and Thunder must have exhausted his supplies of water and spears during the week. Or maybe he is just tired from pouring all those water onto earth? Oh NO, I am imagining things and talking junk again! But what if there is really a God of Rain and Thunder looking down at me while I am typing this (yes, he have x-ray eyes) and smiling away because someone acknowledge his hard work? LOL!

Babe just sms me that he is on the way to pick me up. Guess I better keep this short and sweet. Hopefully there is not too much jam for him to drive all the way from Klang to here. But I heard that the nkve is usually pretty clear at all times unless there are any major problems. Seldom jam eventhough when it is raining.

Anyway, I am glad babe is driving my car to work instead of riding his bike. Or else I will be worried sick again with the slippery road and his tendency to drive super fast! I can only thank god that it is not one of those big bikes with super big engines that he has been telling me how cool about! I think I might even hide the bike keys if he does have one of those! Oops, better stop here if I want to make it short and sweet (AND CUTE!) :P


Dav DiDi said...

Amoi, I saw there is Mayfair contest dare to lose .. ha ha ha ..i think its a free contest to dare u to lose weight oh ..can win something some more ....

Me long time didnt go aerobics liau ..kee escape .. gonna continue my aerobics for health reason liau ..kekeke... must stay healthy .. he he he ...

some more, if i manage, i'll stick to my previous target..meaning i got 3kg more to go .. ha ha .. but all those pujian i get lately really makes me too ss to continue aerobics..haha..chammm

Jen's Place said...

Hi Didi,
HAHAHA! I thought what.

ERr....I dun believe in lost weight centers such as Mayfair or such places. Better lost weight thru conventional way, eat proper diet and exercise!