Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lend Me Remote Control?

Feeling abit depressed today. Don’t feel like talking much about it here as it is too personal. Anyway, I think talking about it will make me even more depressed. I know that all things will pass and most times, I abide by that principle but how I wish I have a remote control that I can press ‘fastforward’ and things will pass faster and in a blur. Which reminds me, I have not watched the movie ‘Click’. That is where I got the idea of fastfoward time by the way.

I actually sms babe just now to ask if he want to watch Dark Knight after work today. We initially planned to watch it this Friday but since I am not in the mood for anything else, I thought might as well go tonight so that I won’t affect others with my depressing mood. What better way to hide them than sitting in a dark room with lots of other people and watch something from the world of fantasy! But turn out there is only one showing tonight after 6pm, i.e. at 9something. By the time we finish, would be midnight already.

Maybe that is good too. Then we can go buy our ticket first and have our dinner somewhere nearby after that. Walk around a little and then should be just nice to go for the movie. Or else, we can always buy the ticket, go back home for dinner and then come out again around 9pm-ish! But I only got ‘See 1st' sms back from babe wor! Hence, don’t know will go or not! Babe use that phrase so much (see first) that I get very irritated with him sometimes. Men! Never can make up their mind! Hhmpf!

Aiyah, enough lar for now. Will write more when I am in a better mood! I write too much now, you all more depress than me!


Rose said...

Men. they use those phase too much i dont think they know the real meaning of the phase!! Hope you get well and feel better tomorrow

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Still sick but not sick enough to get MC to sleep in at home! But abit better mood today!

Nick Phillips said...

Hey Jen, not all men use that 'see first' word, you know. I don't :D

Anyways, I hope whatever it is that's bugging you goes away real soon.

Things always have a way of working themselves out, so cheer up, ok? Here's wishing you a better day tomorrow. Besides, the weekend is almost here :D

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Things are still in tangle and knots. I am still trying to unravel them but then, ITS THE WEEKEND! yahoo!