Friday, August 22, 2008

Himalaya Anti Dandruff

I finally had it with the dandruff! No matter how I wash my hair, somehow, the very next day, I can see dandruff and the hair get super oily by evening too. I was using Rejoice Anti-Dandruff shampoo but it seems to have very little effect. I was already thinking of going back to the medicated super expensive shampoo (don't remember the name. The bottle is blue!). Then, DD told me that her friends the Himalaya shampoos are good for dandruff and pretty cheap too, RM18+ per bottle.

By chance, I happened to passby a Himalaya shop while walking to Giant supermarket on Wednesday. I told my dilemma to the lady there and she recommended a few items and the price tag added up to RM50.

This is actually packed in a transparent zip bag. Handy to bring along if you are travelling.

Need to rub this into the scalp and leave it for a few hours. Instruction at the back says best to leave it overnight but I cannot stand the smell. Wash off with the shampoo after one hour! Pretty hard to remove. I need to lather the hair with shampoo two times before it is completely gone.

Not unpleasant smell from this shampoo. In fact, it smells abit like Johnson baby shampoo.

Have not used this yet. But was told to apply to the tip of the hair once or twice a week after the hair is dry from shampooing.

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the product so far. I washed my hair on Wednesday after applying the oil. Washed my hair too yesterday but this time no oil. So far, no visible dandruff (yar, it was that bad) and no itch! I am glad to say that this is RM50 well spent money!

p/s: This is not a paid ad. Just sharing what I feel about this product.


Rose said...

Never try this brand so no comment!! But glad to hear your experience here.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Still testing the product out but so far, pretty good.